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I need to apologise to readers because over the past couple of weeks blog posts haven’t been as regular and frequent as usual, and not because I’m fending off abusive emails from people who are outraged that someone dared to criticise the poppy cult. Well I say “fending off”. What I really mean is blocking their email addresses so that future communications from them will go directly into the trash, and setting up filters to trash emails using certain key words and phrases typical of abuse so that they’ll never reach my inbox in the first place. You’d think from these people that the only enemy that the UK ever fought against was yer actual Nazis. Funny that they claim that Britain only fought wars in order to ensure we all have the right to self-expression and then they’re outraged and angry that anyone actually uses it.

Unfortunately over the coming weeks it’s likely that I’ll only be able to post about two or three times a week instead of posting almost daily as I once did. I’m pretty inundated with other pro-independence stuff. You know, like meeting with my Russian handlers, at least according to the frothing British nationalist Steve Sayers. Apparently I’m eager to work with authoritarian governments which don’t respect the right to self-determination and which enforce oppressive laws which discriminate against LGBTQ people. Who knew? Anyway, the British state is perfectly capable of falling into a moribund disrepute without any assistance from the Russians.  It’s been doing a marvellous job of self-harm these past months, and not a Kremlin spook in sight.

But back in the real world, and not the insane fantasy universe of British nationalists (who aren’t nationalists at all because they’re British) in which the British state and its supporters are poor helpless victims, I’ve been doing a lot of pro-independence events of late, some of which involve overnight stays. Since I’ve also got to write for The National, and for iScot magazine, this eats into the time I’ve got to write blog pieces. When the blog started I could post daily because I was a full time carer who couldn’t get out of the house as I was looking after my late partner who was in the final stages of dementia. Now I’m out and about speaking to local groups all over the country, which is great, but it does reduce the available time left for blogging.

On Friday I was in Rothesay, and had to stay overnight because the last ferry is at 7.30pm. Then on Saturday I had to get an early ferry so I could get back to Glasgow in time to feed the dog before taking him to Edinburgh for the afternoon session of the SIC Build Conference. He was deeply impressed.  So impressed that he decided to have a snooze on the stage of the Usher Hall.  Alex Salmond was very impressed with how the dog sat down immediately on command, although I didn’t want to point out that had more to do with the dug thinking there was the prospect of another bit of chicken kebab rather than the undoubted leadership abilities of the former First Minister.

The Conference went really well, there was a fantastic turn out, and a lot of great ideas came out of it. We’re determined to ensure that the momentum keeps going with the local groups conferences, the first of which is in Dunblane on December 16 and which is now fully booked. There will also be local group conferences in the New Year in Inverness for the north of Scotland, and in Dumfries for groups in the south. I’ll post details of those when they’re confirmed.

The only way that the Build Conference could have been any better would have been if the British nationalists’ favourite Twitter troll Brian Spanner had sent one of his incarnations along. A Brian was present at the last Build Conference in Glasgow in December last year, and I was gutted that he couldn’t take some time out from bravely making anonymous apologies to the women he’s been abusive towards in order to come along to this weekend’s conference in the Usher Hall. It was already an important occasion in the progress of the Scottish independence movement, but if a Brian had returned to it it would have become a truly epic event of global historical importance. It would have been the first time ever that sick had returned to a dug.

This coming week I’m in Cambuslang on Monday 6 November, speaking at an event organised by Cambusland SNP in the Cambuslang Institute at 37 Greenlees Rd, Cambuslang, G72 8JE. Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start. On Thursday 9 November I’ll be speaking at a showing of the London Calling documentary organised by Clackmannan North SNP at Tillicoultry Golf Club. Then on Friday 10 November I’ll be speaking at the opening of the Yes Hub in Montrose, which is at 10 George Street Montrose at 7.15pm. This is followed by an event at the George Hotel in 22 George St Montrose, DD10 8EW. Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start. On Wednesday 8 November I’m attending a meeting of the SIC committee to discuss issues arising from this weekend’s conference.

On Saturday 11 November I’ll be at the Yes Bar in Drury Street in Glasgow from 7pm along with Greg Moodie and Chris Cairns for the launch of Chris’s new book of cartoons, Send in the Clowns.  The book will be available on the night, and from all good bookshops as of the 11th, and you can also get a copy on Amazon.  Buy a copy, cos he’s got a lion called Hamish to support.

Later this month I’m speaking at an event in West Linton on November 22 by a local group interested in Scotland’s future. It’s at the Graham Institute (aka the village hall) starting at 7.30pm. Then on Friday 24th I’m speaking at a St Andrew’s dinner organised by SNP Arran on Saturday 25th November. It’s at the Kinloch Hotel in Blackwaterfoot. The following day, Sunday 26th November I’m speaking at the Three Nations St Andrews dinner at the Mediterrannea Restaurant, 4 Viewfield Place, Stirling FK8 1NQ, starting at 7pm. And the day after, Monday 27th November I’m speaking at the St Andrews dinner in Deeside, at The Boat Inn, Charlestown Road, Aboyne AB34 5EL, organised by Pensioners for Independence and Aberdeenshire SNP. Tickets for this event are available here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/st-andrews-evening-with-guest-the-wee-ginger-dug-paul-kavanagh-tickets-39020414109?utm_term=eventname_text

Then after all that I’ve got a week’s holiday before ploughing straight back into it all again. There might not be quite so many blog posts as there were when I started this blog, but rest assured that I’m still as committed as ever and working harder than ever before.

Over the past few months I’ve increasingly come to believe that during the first independence referendum we were debating whether Scotland should become an independent country, but now the debate is about when Scotland becomes an independent country. One thing is certain however, it won’t become independent if we sit back on our behinds and do nothing, we need to put the work in. But it’s work that’s going to pay off with the prize of a better country. Let’s get busy.


The Wee Ginger Dug has got a new domain name, thanks to Indy Poster Boy, Colin Dunn @Zarkwan. http://www.indyposterboy.scot/ You can now access this blog simply by typing www.weegingerdug.scot into the address bar of your browser, the old address continues to function, the new one redirects to the blog. The advantage of the new address is that it’s a lot easier to remember if you want to include a link to the blog in leaflets, posters, or simply to tell a friend about it. Many thanks to Colin.

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0 thoughts on “Busy busy busy

  1. Wow, you really are busy, busy, busy!! Well done Paul; with tireless people like yourself working so hard, indy WILL happen this time. Keep up the good work.

    • Just want to say thank you Paul and the dug, you are doing an amazing job out there and your writing is fantastic and you’re right we all need to do more and make our country whole again x

  2. Sam, can you step up to the plate in the interim? Please!

    Paul don’t wear yirsel out! Good luck with the visitations!

    • I second that “don’t wear yirsel out”. Pace yourself with care, we need your input and inspiration, but the last thing anyone wants (Yoons aside!) is for you to burn yourself out just as the campaign reaches a critical stage.

  3. Grass not growing under your feet. Your wee dug is brilliant – and so are you! Enjoy your well deserved holiday.

  4. Good to watch your contribution yesterday from the Usher halls , looks like the Dug was really impressed as well ha ha ,
    I wonder how successful your blocking filters are on Chrome I gave up its like the Spam know what you are doing and slightly change every time they are blocked so the whole circus starts again ,

    Anyway the best i got out of yesterdays outing was “WE ARE NOT ALONE” so many folk coming together with one aim , i for one got a real lift and to hear so many ideas on how to improve communication between local groups , in fact with the INDY-APP instant access to the nearest group .

    You and Leslie make a good team maybe next time you can do the running about with the Mic ha ha yeh ok Leslie your bad Hip we know we know ha ha .

    Anyway excellent day if more people watch or hear this they will never go back to the unionist self imposed prison , the trick is to get them to listen just once ,, and that would be it , just listen .

  5. You are tiring me out Paul just reading your article above. Reminds of when I used to work!!

    Well done you, and Ginger.

  6. Inspirational, WGD.

    Sorry to hear about the abusive emails you’re receiving. The Poppy is now openly being used to prop up British nationalism. British nationalists seem determined to live the world wars over and over again. This nostalgia is a sure sign of britnat desperation.

    Glad to read about future conferences in Inverness in the new year. Will watch for details.

  7. Whenever I get weary, whenever the BritNats get me down, whenever I feel like I felt on 19th September 2014….whenever I think, when the **** will we ever be independent……I read your blog Paul. You are the inspiration/virtual hug/kick up the ass I need

    Thank you 🙂

  8. Good to hear you been rattling the imperial britnats cages Paul well done keep it up people like you and wings over Scotland Almost got us freedom from those westminster bastards excuse my language but they are and they’ve been afraid ever since hence the conservatives anti snp campaign of 2015 blocking of full fiscal autonomy twice condescending Scotland at every turn and down right hate towards us at pmqs when the tory prime minister is on the receiving end of there own screw ups glad your words hurting them harder than any punch could

  9. Don’t apologise for the reduction in blog posts, Paul. (a) you are busy with that which is uppermost in all our minds, i.e. Independence and (b) that which is worth having is worth waiting for – and your blog posts are definitely worth having!

  10. Hi Paul, was in the yes bar at the weekend, it was as welcoming as an empty fridge. Not very patriotic but hopefully they will up their game for you and the dug. Keep at it as it’s always a pleasure reading your incisive views.

  11. Lovely to meet you and Ginger yesterday at a hugely positive event. I look forward to seeing you on Thursday in Tilly.

  12. I think we all understand the predicament of keeping things in balance Paul.
    I am pleased with and grateful for whatever you have the time to write.
    Other important and necessary tasks need attention as well if we are to win this prize. I hope to come to a number of the events you have listed.
    Regards to the dug.

  13. Hope you’re finding time to keep in touch with your partner in the USA too. We really do appreciate all you do. In my small way I’m trying to wear down some friends who are resisting the call, but with your inspiration it will happen!

  14. So pleased to see that the fight for independence continues, and that there are loads of village hall meetings going on around the place. Well done, Paul! and Wee Ginger Dug. Supporting you and the Dug from afar, but with the Indy movement in spirit. xoxo

  15. Have you read Brian Wilson’s latest in the Hootsmon? He should never have taken so many drugs when in the Beach Boys!

  16. Thank you for so ably assisting the cause of independence. Look after your health particularly your blood pressure.! Good luck with all your involvements.

  17. Keep on keeping on chief. I wish I could do even half as much as you. We need guys like you more than ever to fight the good fight. The biggest lesson we should have learned from the 1st time round is that Westminster will never play fair and just let us walk, we are going into the future battle hardened not fatigued and a lot of that is down to all the alt media so big thanks for your efforts. Just remember to let your hair down every once and a while 😁

  18. Your site, Paul, is a catacomb for the intellect of those Scots citizens of Independence mind and others, who regularly gather here, and talk independence, self determination, and yes, hypothetical ‘insurrection’,‘sedition’, ‘separation’, and ‘revolution, ‘velvet’ or otherwise.

    On a day when Murdo The Queen’s Eleven all round nasty little sectarian bigoted asshole Fraser, lies through his twisted teeth about Cellik supporters not observing a minute’s silence up at Perth, where else can free men and women come to get at the truth?

    This disgusting little rabble rouser is surely the inspiration for the ‘seven in a row’ OBF terracing chant, composed by the yobs to commemorate his monumental 7 failed attempts to get elected before being handed a Tory Ticket For Life and £1200 a week of our money plus expenses.

    We have literally dozens of Murdo Frasers, unelected placemats, who are useless bloated not very bright idiots given their wee invite to the Yoon Party for one reason only; to bench fill, shout down democracy, lie at will, and avoid squeezing a fine young maiden, or lusty stable boy on the knee or bum.

    Our MSM support the Far Right Red Blue and Yellow Tory British Nationalism.
    We are living in Fascist Britain right now.

    Our Dead Tree Scrollers actually churn out State sponsored propaganda now.
    Scotland has been airbrushed out of the UK ‘family of Nations’picture.
    England/Britain is ramming through Brexit/No Brexit.

    Norn Irn’s Parliament has gone as the DUP hand Direct Rule to WM on a non-Gaelic Speaking Plate.

    I’m sure some sad little hacks still convince themselves that it is all mere farce, a ‘Freddie Starr ate my hamster’ game, and that their job is to write any old toss, just to sell ‘papers, to get people to watch and listen; and ‘it’s just politics’, and they’ve got a mortgage to pay, kids to put through school, and a bar bill at the MSM Watering Hole to pay.
    They are not purveyors of truth; champions of The Little Guy any more.
    They can sit with Just A Minute Brewer on State Sponsored TV and lie, besmirch, and preach sedition against the elected Government of Scotland.
    I will not name names; there is no need to. With a remarkably miniscule exception, our newspapers and TV are in the hands of the English Establishment.

    That’s why they hate you, Paul. You seek and speak the truth. You provide this platform to open up debate, to discuss an alternative to continued oppression and subjugation.

    The ‘Paradise Papers’ establish what we already knew. The Rich and Powerful are on track to eventually own all of the world’s wealth and assets, because that’s what Capitalism means.
    The Queen and her dynasty are tucking billions into the Caymans, while her ‘subjects’, the scruff who wave flags at Ibrox and wallow up to their knees in Fenian Blood, struggle to pay their privatised gas bill.
    There are no journalists nowadays. They are to a man and woman agents of the State, the protectors of the wealth and privilege of their Masters.
    I am beyond the passive resistance of the Catalans.
    If any uniformed Establishment thug attempts to smash my skull in the name of Her Maj or an English dominated ‘government’, then I shall resist.
    It is no exaggeration to assert that the tireless devotion of Paul, and the Dug of course, and other online sites, to seek out the truth beyond the lies, to debunk charlatans like Murdo Fraser, Professor Two Jobs WATP Adam Tomkins and James ‘I Will Not Sit Down’ IRA apologist Kelly, and keep alive the goal of an Independent Scotland, are essential and must be protected and nurtured if we are to survive the long drawn out suicide of the English Empire.
    Thank you,Paul, for your tireless devotion to Scotland and its people.
    Just take it easy, will you?
    With all my love and admiration to a true Son of Scotland.

  19. You are greatly appreciated, Paul, for all your fantastic work.

    “Send in the Clowns” by Chris Cairns (with a foreward by WGD) is an excellent book of cartoons with well-written pieces to accompany each drawing. It’s an obvious Christmas present for all o independent mind.

  20. Sorry to hear about the abusive emails, that’s utterly uncalled for. I don’t entirely agree with you about the poppies, though I can see where you’re coming from.

    For me, the individual servicemen and women still need and deserve our support, and the sacrifices that the individuals have made deserves our respect.

    Anyway keep up the good work, and as others have said, pace yourself, you’re no use to us burnt out!

    • Like John we disagreed on your Poppy blog however I uphold your right to your opinion. Pity the nutters that are sending abusive stuff to you do not feel the same. As long as a person does not cause offence to another at a personal level then your should feel safe to write and say what you feel. Well done Paul keep up the good work.

  21. I must watch ‘Britain’s Offshore Secrets Revealed’ Panorama, Part 2, tonight, BBC1 at 9pm. The First Part (broadcast last night), said it would reveal ‘the tv stars on the tax fiddle’. One of these ‘tv stars’ was filmed walking into the BBCScotland building, in Glasgow, but you could not make out even if it was a man or woman.I wonder who it is?

  22. Weel, weel, dinna fash yersel ma loon. We ken fine y’re affa busy.

    A mind back to June 2014; man you were on fire; no sooner had we consumed ane blog a’nither wid arrive oot o the ether. A dinna ken foo ye manage – the dug to waak and, at hame, the telly spikkin awa wi yon glaikit lookin’ quines an loons, hootsmon an ither ill-farrant web thingies needin a keek, an a blog tae screive. An noo y’re weel traivellet trumpin aboot a’ o’er the place. M’be yon Macart weel get a shotty.

  23. Busy weekend, just catching up on reading, your article in Saturday’s National on the Polis gave me a few laughs.
    ” Hi, I’m Wullie Wrang your Better Together MSP, anything you can help me with?”.

  24. Paul

    What a fantastic amount of effort you are putting in for a cause that will benefit all of us. I sincerly doff my cap to your efforts. I’ve always respected your writings but now I’m even more impressed at the work your doing.

    I better get the finger out as I’ve been slacking, same goes for all of you reading, we can do more!

  25. Meanwhile, as the Puigdemont et al affair is a judicial matter in Belgium, and not a governmental one, to sighs of relief by the Belgian PM Charles Michel.

    That maybe all about to change as the deputy PM of Belgium Jan Jambon, fires both barrels at Madrid by saying Rajoy’s “Gone too far” by imprisoning eight Catalan ministers and issuing a EAW for the president of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont.

    This reaction by Jan Jambon, will surely be a major political headache for the Belgian PM Charles Michel. However, on the upside it will be most welcome by Puigdemont and his ministers.
    Don’t be too surprised if the Belgian judiciary declares that Puigdemont and his ministers have no case to answer to.


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