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Oh dear gods. You stop blogging for a couple of days and in the meantime the Scottish Unionist establishment and their media pals go into a collective fit of hysterical meltdown because a private individual decides to take a gig with a telly channel which is owned by Russia. Alex Salmond, let us remember, holds no political office. He is perfectly at liberty to do as he pleases. Personally I’m not champing at the bit to appear on a Russian propaganda broadcaster which puts a favourable gloss on state inspired homophobia and attempts to justify Russia’s illegal war in the Ukraine, but then neither am I champing at the bit to appear on a British propaganda broadcaster which puts a favourable gloss on the state inspired xenophobia of Brexit and which attempts to justify the UK’s illegal war in Iraq.

The editor of The National is often asked by the BBC for the contact details of National writers so that they can appear on the Beeb when a pro-independence commentator is required to be outnumbered by three or four Unionists. He always gives them my details, as I live in Glasgow, and as well as writing for The National I have a degree of prominence within the independence campaign. Not once have the BBC ever contacted me with a view to putting across the pro-indy view on one of their programmes. And it’s unlikely that they ever will, since I’m one of those people that former BBC Scotland boss Ken McQuarrie once referred to as “those bastards from Newsnet”. I wear this as a badge of pride. Russian TV wouldn’t have been my choice, but it’s hardly surprising that some people in the independence movement look elsewhere for the platform which is so blatantly and obviously denied to us by the British media.

All sorts of pundits and politicos who have themselves been quite happy to appear on Putin TV have lined up to condemn Alicsammin for producing and appearing in a new chat show on Russia Today. If hypocrisy had an actual physical smell, instead of just a metaphorical one, by now the entire country would only be inhabitable if we were all wearing gas masks. As it is, the deluge of criticism of Alicsammin’s decision from people who’ve been perfectly happy to appear on RT when it suited their own agendas is like standing in a downpour of month old Jackie Baillie.

Yes, yes. We KNOW that Russia Today is a propaganda outfit. But we also know that about quite a lot of other telly broadcasters. If the BBC’s coverage of Scotland and its independence movement had been the very epitome of fair handed neutrality, then perhaps, just perhaps, those who’ve leapt on His Eckness’s decision to produce and present a chat show for RT might have something approaching the moral high ground that they could stand on. That is, if they hadn’t been so eager to appear on RT themselves when it suited them. But you certainly don’t get to stand on the moral high ground when you are happy to prevent Scotland getting a public service broadcaster of its own. Scotland is woefully represented in the media. The critics do their damnedest to ensure that Scotland has few outlets for pro-independence views, and then do their damnedest to damn anyone who chooses an outlet which is less than ideal.

Scotland’s media is hideously biased and one-sided. We live in a country where approximately half the population are in favour of a particular view of the constitutional settlement – they back independence – yet only one daily and one Sunday newspaper out of some thirty odd publications agree with them. Meanwhile we have a state broadcaster which takes its news agenda from that highly skewed and biased pro-UK print media. And that’s before we even start to consider stuff that British nationalists want to dismiss as tinfoil hattery.

There are many and copious examples of egregious and obvious BBC bias, despite the fact it’s a supposedly neutral national broadcaster that we are legally obliged to pay for if we own a TV set. RT is likewise propaganda, but we don’t have to pay for it under threat of imprisonment. The BBC takes Scotland’s money and pumps us back propaganda in return. RT does it for free and unlike the BBC they’re happy to give pro-independence views an airing. At least if you want independence from a state that Russia seeks to weaken. RT is biased, but let’s not kid ourselves on that the BBC is much better when it comes to the Scottish independence movement.

One of the clearest and most blatant examples of this came during the independence referendum campaign. A Conservative MP, Rory Stewart, was given your money and my money to write and present an hour long “documentary” which aired Rory’s frankly asinine view of ancient history, which supposedly demonstrated that Scottish nationhood was a fiction. Rory, who spent much of the documentary assuring us in his Eton vowels that he was really Scottish, is an establishment figure to his very fingertips. Can you imagine the BBC commissioning a known supporter of independence to produce an hour long documentary during the indy campaign which demostrates that a sense of Scottish nationhood is far older and far more organic than Britishness? No, neither can I.

But it gets a whole lot murkier. Rory Stewart denies he has any connection with the intelligence services, despite the fact that Craig Murray asserts that he met Rory in Rory’s capacity as an intelligence services officer when Craig was the British ambassador in Uzbekistan. So it’s germane to ask just how this documentary of Rory’s came to be commissioned. Where did the first approach come from? How was it decided that this “documentary” was a good idea? Who considered that it wasn’t an attempt to influence opinion during an important and politically sensitive time in Scotland? Whatever the details, what happened was that the BBC broadcast an hour long propaganda exercise presented and written by someone apparently connected to the intelligence services during the Scottish referendum campaign and this propaganda piece was presented to the viewers who had paid for it as a historical documentary. There was zero attempt at balance elsewhere in the schedule where a pro-independence supporter was given an hour to air their views. Isn’t that precisely the sort of thing that supposedly only happens on Russian TV?

Apparently Alex Salmond’s own production company is going to be responsible for the entire content of his new show. He claims it is not going to be censored or directed by RT. However we all know that RT is a propaganda outfit. Few would pretend that it was anything else. But that means its bias is open and honest. You can make allowances for its bias and apply the appropriate mental filters accordingly. It’s not presenting itself to us as a neutral and unbiased purveyor of truth. And it’s not demanding that we pay for it on pain of imprisonment.

Most people won’t care who broadcasts Alex Salmond’s new telly show. They’ll watch it or not depending on how good it is. I wish Alex had chosen a different TV platform, especially during a time when Russian manipulation of the media is such a topic.  I suspect that one reason he chose RT was precisely because he knew it would send his critics in the monstrously biased Scottish media into the paroxysms of hysterical hypocrisy that we’ve witnessed over the past day or so.  And in that respect, if nothing else, it’s job done.

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0 thoughts on “Alexandrevitch Salmondov TV

  1. I believe he made the deal with RT because it was not taken up by several of the other TV companies it as offered to. Not that there was any collusion to freeze him out, oh no! But if you want to produce a TV show and only one company is offering to take it up what else do you do.

    Beside most reasonably neutral folk (those who look at different sources for their info) realise that RT though biased, allows a real voice to people who otherwise get very little or no showing on the main media here. That they do this because they know these alternative voice upset the Brits is neither here nor there, the fact is they are given an outlet otherwise denied (and without being interrupted or talked over every 5 seconds as with the “unbiased” BBC).

    A pat to your dug by the way.

  2. See Foulkes in D Express calling him Traitor, calling for resignation from Privvy council ..despite ‘Although members of the Privy Council are appointed for life, only Ministers of the current Government participate in its day-to-day business and they are accountable to Parliament for all matters conducted through the Privy Council’. 😀 :D

  3. I have to say that now you don’t have to pay the TV license to own a TV in the UK now , only time you have to pay is if you watch live TV as it is being shown , or use the iplayer . All other outlets for on demand programs can be watched . That goes with ITV hub , 4od , my5 , Netflix , and Amazon .

    There is always more ways to get news as we know , than through the so called national broadcaster. I look forward to seeing some of what Alex has to say , without the edits of the BBC.

    • I believe your info is wrong John.
      If your equipment is “capable” of viewing BBC channels you must pay the TV licence.
      Just saying that you don’t watch BBC is not a valid reason not to pay

      • You are no longer obliged to pay for a licence just because you have equipment that is “capable” of viewing BBC channels. That outrageous ruling has changed. Only if you watch live TV – TV programmes as they are being broadcast, on any channel – do you have to pay for a licence.
        Although why anyone should have to fund the BBC when they choose to only watch non-BBC channels is a mystery to me. I myself do not watch live TV. I have informed TV Licencing of this and they are satisfied that I do not require a licence. They have told me they will “check up” on me in two years time to see if my circumstances have changed. They won’t have. They will never receive another penny from me. Ever.

      • Absolutely not true. You can unplug, cut your aerial, and if not they have to prove you are watching ‘live’ UK TV. Our aerial was so old it stopped working, far too costly to fix and have never looked back. I just tell tvtax people they would have to pay me to watch their disgusting bias and propaganda, which is actually the case. I don’t even listen to their pathetic bias on the radio, there is so much and so many more ways to get your news and info, or to watch films, documentaries, etc etc.

        Cut the aerial wire, get fibre broadband, and an alternative like netflix, not perfect and there are others, watch youtube, Open Culture, DVD’s, you can’t move for DVDs in the charity shops..

        ditch the bbc, and also as far as I am aware and I am pretty sure it why there is no one in the jail for not paying the tv tax in Scotland, you cannot be locked up for debt in Scotland, only for non payment of court fines..

      • also anyone therefore with a mobile phone would be required to pay tv tax, most r now ‘capable’ of viewing tv! Oh and you can watch parliament tv without a license at all, live. I have known several people who do not watch tv, but who have a tv to watch er..DVDs, be harrassed horrendously by the UKOK GOV tv tax. Harrassment is ILLLEGAL in Scotland, even if perpetrated by the TV tax, they can only contact you a certain amount of times and you can request, get a legal order that they cannot come into your property, ie past the garden gate!

      • No, just don’t watch or record live TV. You don’t have to get rid of your telly or even unplug the aerial. Just don’t watch it. That includes RT of course.

        • Just go to the BBC site and state you do not have a telly, which I personally don’t. And run a VPN on the net.

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  5. Heh! Certainly set the cat among the pigeons. 🙂

    One thing I’ve noticed from the past couple of days fevered meltdownomania and that is WHAT people are discussing. They’re openly questioning the nature of the media and its relationship to government. All media, all government. The nature of the governments, the hypocrisies of their political class and their use of media.

    Some folk, (if they were watchful), might think a stone has just been nudged off the top of a hill.

      • He doesn’t even have to do anything controversial, just be said to be and the publicity (good and bad) will do the rest. 🙂

        It gets people talking and more importantly… thinking.

        • Newspapers, radio, TV:- Eck is morphing into the Tartan Murdoch.
          He’ll be advertising for journalists, presenters and editorial teams soon.
          Downsized and rightsized Yoon hacks need not apply. The Findo Gask Advertiser is a Yoon Diehard’s only option.
          I sincerely hope that Salmond presents a Leaders’ Debate during the Indyref 2 campaign and stuffs the audience with Yes punters; after all BBC and STV got away with it, and QT is now a weekly Brit Nat Rally.
          I’m thinking of putting a CV together.
          Lovin’ it.

  6. Had to comment on this: ‘those bastards from Newsnet’ gave me a glow of pride. Even though I’m now ex-NN I’m still going to wear it like a solider wears their medals. Ha! Good old Ken. It always did give me a bit of a kick to know we pissed them off so much just by writing words on the interweb. Huge shout out to all the other Bastards out there, past and present 😀

  7. If Russia is trying to destabilise Europe then why are we going ahead with Brexit? Is that not a bit more fundamental than a tv show by Alex Salmond or am I missing something?

  8. Alex obviously saw what the rest of us saw during indyref – the referendum was lost due to unrelentingly negative media bias.

    So he goes and does something about it. He produces his own show and he is negotiating to get on board at the Scotsman. Good on him. Independence won’t happen by sitting around on our arses dancing to the unionist narrative. For another example of someone walking the talk look no further than WGD himself.

    Unionists see this, maybe more clearly than independence supporters, hence the hysterical over-reaction.

  9. Hi Paul, Just for balance maybe you could do an article on bias in the US media, one prime example being CNN. I am old enough to have lived through a good part of the Cold War and I was in a position to know all about state produced propaganda on both sides. The present hysteria in the UK and US media over Russia is just an updated re-run of that time. Just for your information (and I don’t have any connection with RT) there has been not one single actual fact produced to prove that Russia was involved in altering or effecting the US election, nor the French election or even the Brexit referendum. Whereas there is plenty of proof that the US government has been deliberately manipulating elections throughout the world since the the 1940’s and if they did not get their way covertly well they just created a nice little war to ensure their that they got their way; this also included the Brexit referendum, see which gives details of just one scheme first uncovered by the Guardian. I am surprised that you have been taken in by this mainstream media hysteria about Russia, but it can be persuasive if you don’t look behind the stories being pumped out on a daily basis. For your information I have found that most of RT’s output has been factual correct and can be and is easily verified, whereas when you check out the output of the UK and US media it quickly becomes apparent that it is all smoke and mirrors.
    We live in dangerous times and if the propaganda (what we called in the good old days “Information Warfare”) which is being produced on an industrial scale is widely believed then we are being led by the nose into a new European or Global war on the basis of lies; after all we are still living with the effects of World War 1, almost one hundred years after it supposedly finished

    • Well said Iain. The demonisation of Russia!

      We all need to take a better look at the utter nonsense coming from the uk and Scottish MSM, their bias and omissions are appalling. RT gives balance our MSM propaganda as does some other news outlets.

      Great article but a question ….you said you wished Alex had chosen a different media platform to broadcast his show, can you suggest one? I can’t think of one that would allow an independence voice on their precious airwaves.

  10. Actually RT has considerable content that has nothing to do with ‘Russian propaganda’ and is not controlled by them. The shows Politicking and Larry King Now are two excellent examples, both independently funded and produced and then licensed to RT just as Alex Salmond Unleashed is going to be. I strongly suggest some of their shows as balance to corporate/ state controlled channels, and watch all of them with an appropriate grain of salt in mind.

  11. Very well done Alex. I’ve thought that he could be of enormous help to the yes movement since he lost his seat in Westmonster, and now he is proving to be just that.

    Come on Angus Robertson, let’s hear it from you too now that you are no longer shackled by parliamentary rules.

    • I agree with you Anne. Alex is one of our best politicians – in or out of Westminster. I’m thankful that he continues to work hard with all those of us who are determined to regain our independence+.

    • My sentiments precisely, Anne. I reckon ‘Eck will do the movement as much (if not more) good from outside the parliamentary bubble as he did within it. And like you, I want to know what Angus is going to contribute now that he’s no longer shackled!

  12. It has been a fun day on the Internet watching the yoon hypocrisy frothing away. I even ended up watching RT for a while, but it didn’t really match the experience of twiddling the bands on a steam driven short wave radio and listening, briefly, to a bored announcer’s endless litany of workers’ achievements, tractor production, glorious leaders and five-year plans. Mind you, the World Service was almost as boring with clipped voices describing jute production in a hot and steamy foreign place which was probably not Dundee on a rare day. Then I found Radio Caroline.

    So, Russia Today is broadcasting to the United Kingdom and the British Broadcasting Corporation World Service is broadcasting to Russia. However, RT in the UK is licenced by Ofcom and must abide by the terms of the licence.

    What the frothing yoons failed to think about, probably, is the excellent publicity they have generated. Ignoring it, saying nothing, keeping quiet and many would not have heard about Eck on RT. Which goes some way to prove the paucity of talent displayed by your average yoon scribe who seem to mostly type to the word count and add in bile, spite and whinging as required by editorial policy. And then they moan about not being taken seriously. Really!

    • As a regular ‘tuner in’ to RT for a few years now, I can assure you that “endless litany of workers’ achievements, tractor production, glorious leaders and five-year plans” gets, unlike the days when Radio Caroline was on the go, nary a mention these days.

      The BRIC countries have embraced capitalism, at least in respect to the extent of using the simple (to them) rules of that game to their own ends.

      With every new game play, from the AIB funding of the Silk Road upgrade to a gold backed Yuan challenge to the hegemony of the petrodollar to the buying up of key European and American companies the BRIC v Anglo/American match is a bit like watching Boris Spassky playing Joey Essex at chess.

  13. In my opinion, this plan of Alex is just another planned move to counteract the Main Stream Media onslaught that will be coming to a town near you the minute Nicola fires the starting gun , yes the party have listened and listened and slowly getting their ducks in a row to mount a successful indyref2 campaign , the constant poisonous venom from better together and Gordon Brown did have the desired effect in 2014 , but Alex and co have them sh—–g themselves just now and him not even an MP or MSP, the starting gun hasn,t even been fired and already he has been accused of Treason.

    R T viewing numbers will swell , and his comments or accusations will not be audited or misquoted , I say” cmon the Salmond.


  14. Yes RT does, of course, give the Russian POV but IMO it is far more comprehensive in its coverage of world events than the BBC. Time and time again I have been informed of facts on RT which illicits the question why isn’t UKMSM covering this? IMV the UKMSM are far more culpable of censorship by omission than RT.

    Also, in regard to your article, I would remind people that Rory Stewart recently called for the killing of British citizens who fought for ISIS rather than let them return home. i.e. effectively a reinstatement of the death sentence.

    • I thought that inciting anyone to violence or, even worse, murder was illegal. In which case, Rory Stewart should be arrested and tried (something he obviously wants to deny to other people who may be guilty of offences). Has he been reported to the police for committing such crimes?

    • RT certainly proved its worth for me on 1st October when the horrific events unfolding in Catalonia were televised all day, while not a peep on the BBC!

  15. RT has some good stuff, albeit, as you say, it is a purveyor of propaganda, just like the BBC. Abby Martin was on RT. If any of you have not seen her work, look her up on Youtube, on The Empire Files. She also does a superb podcast. Her work on Israel has been exemplary political journalism, and eye-opening, not to mention utterly disgusting.

  16. I did watch Anna Arqué. She did well, considering the fact that she was not speaking her own language and seems to have been thrown in at the deep end. I wonder how many from our own ranks could present as well in Catalan. Perhaps the dug’s Valenciano is near enough.

    I can’t help though wondering if this is her birth name as it bears a striking resemblance to Ana Archy.

  17. yip, how many tunes made it to no1 because it was banned by the BBC?.
    as annoying as it is i wouldn’t stress to much much about the BBC, basing my observations on the non political turned political forum i visit, it’s my little window into middle Englands political and social thinking, views of that organization uk wide, have changed considerably due to brexit, pity it took something close their hart to convince them but hayho. i think Salmond, intentionally or not has played a blinder here, if he gets the interviews he will get the viewers. social media will make sure of it. it will bring him and us to a different audience, .all good.

  18. I was a bit disappointed with Nicola Sturgeon’s response. OK, she maybe couldn’t have gone so far as to state that the BBC, as state sponsored propaganda supplier, is no different from RT. However, she might have highlighted the hypocrisy of parties that have had representatives appear regularly on RT. She might also have questioned why no other TV channel was prepared to give air time to a high-profile independence supporter.

    Alternatively, she could have responded (as, in my view, she should have when Kezia asked her in parliament about WoS) with ‘why are you asking me to comment on the actions of a private citizen? Its a free country and I’m not responsible for what anyone outside the SNP/Scottish government says or does.”

    • It took wings to find that out by scrolling news feeds and twitter ruthie and rennie tweeted back by a spudnik journalist about ruthie appering twice for interview and 3 lib dems one being that lyer Carmichael on spudnik news

  19. Nearly choked myself laughing Friday night when Reporting Scotland stated that Alex Salmond should have taken his show to a channel that would provide more balance than RT. Hilarious coming from an overtly biased against indy channel known as the BBC whose Scotland branch news content is deplorable and if they think it is balanced they are delusional. I think Nicola may be playing a little bit of good cop with her comments -being not too anti establishment whereas Alex doesnt need to care. I would have preferred it wasn’t on RT but needs must although I hate Putin’s action about a lot of things. Of course if we could create our own tv channel we wouldn’t have to put up with this farce of a situation of being stuck with MSM propaganda or going to RT

  20. I went to see Alex Salmond Unleashed In Edinburgh (Yoon City) and it was bloody good and a lot of the stuff was not political
    More power to Alex and you WGD

  21. All that said, George Galloway has some great guests on his shows, people who know what they are about. Going Underground, another great show, shinning the spotlight into dark recesses that the BBC dare not go. Camp too I like. So although this is hosted by a country you might not be happy to see Oor Eck on. It is another platform for a different opinion. To ignore is simply not to understand.

  22. RT is a obviously biased propaganda channel – is it really ? , All i can say is watch it make up your own mind .
    I believe personal views of a country’s stance on one section of the community should not cloud judgment on everything else , RT are not the Russian government as far as i have seen they dont promote the views of the more obnoxious sections of that government .

    As i have said watch it make up your own mind they offer an alternative view of the world different from that we have so far been used to

    • RT is not bad I agree. I also like Al Jazeera and The Irish news service. All are good for world news. Worth a read of the English versions of the German and French newspapers.

  23. Paul the “illegal war” in the Ukraine you refer to is USA driven corrupt to the core,Russia moved in to protect Russian citizens and retain a naval “out”in crimea,how many overseas bases do the Russians have,compare with the yanks who will bring Armageddon on us no doubt.We in the UK slavishly follow the mad men of the USA we do so at our peril.

  24. Somewhat baffled by WGD’s largely though perhaps not entirely negative portrayal of RT. I mean you’d think they’d been filtering CNN or something through to him while he’s asleep. Of course RT isn’t completely unbiased and it would be unrealistic to imagine that any news channel could be but in comparison to the blatant bias of the bbc stv etc ad nauseum it’s miles better. When I first discovered it in 2010 I knew right away that i no longer had any need for the bbc news channel, not of course that I ever had any real “need” for it.

    They broadcast points of view and commentary that simply wouldn’t be allowed anywhere on any of the corporate propaganda outlets and produce excellent shows like Crosstalk, Keiser Report etc but apparently that’s not good enough for some. What would they suggest? Close it down, like they’re currently attempting to do in the US right now? You know that country which is all for freedom of speech etc.

  25. Not quite sure what the “illegal war with Ukraine” means. Russia is not at war legally or otherwise with Ukraine. There was a coup in Ukraine that overthrew the democratically elected government. Russia has not invaded or engaged in military action with the Ukraine. Russia had a military base in Crimea which was there by agreement . After the coup the people of Crimea who are mostly ethnic Russians overwhelmingly voted to breakaway from Ukraine and rejoin Russia, which they had been part of until 1954.

    • And the CIA are doing exactly what in Ukraine oh just there to help, Why does Uncle Sam believe that they have a right to have a military presence in every country on the planet , of course the head of the CIA has every right to visit a country that has a border with Russia , just sightseeing no doubt.
      Russia have a long way to go before it comes close to the damage the USA have done all over the world in the name of freedom and democracy .

  26. It says a lot doesn’t it. That Scots need to use your actual foreign news services to get anything decent about Scotland, that isn’t about

    A. How bad the SNP are
    B. Fitba
    C. Murderrr
    D. Obey yer Queen

    The same people who are now coughing up their spleens and colons in a frothing mouthed frenzy of hatred, are the very same nabobs who told us how very VERY bad it would be if Scotland had a single hour of the BBCs output devoted to yer actual Scottish affairs. Some even went as far to suggest we widnae know how to use the cameras…so why bother.

    But now – an actual programme they can’t control. Whose audience they can’t stack to the rafters with yoons. Has literally made them explode in pure, and it must be said, impotent rage.

    I doubt a well funded astro turf campaign could have generated this level of awareness of the show.
    People don’t like being told what they can and can’t watch on the goggle box – I can imagine a lot of folk tuning in.

    They could have given us an hour of decent news coverage. They have stopped being knobs for an hour a day. But they just had to rub their shitty little “Fleg” in our faces.

  27. Paul, if you really believe that RT is biased state propaganda as much as the BBC is – maybe you’d better watch a bit more RT.

  28. Oh how I laughed….

    But then again, I know you wrote this piece with a certain frame of mind to annul the possibility of anyone thinking you were pro-Russia…

    However, I think the talk of Crimea requires a bit more research, perhaps. It’s so far from black and white that western minds may shudder at the idiocy of the entire episode, which begins in 1954 during the Soviet era, and arguably has more to do with Soviet desire for control of the western regions of Ukraine (the mainly Ukrainian speaking areas, from whence the recent rather disturbingly neo-nazi extreme right-wing political outlook hailed). It perhaps should be borne in mind that in 1954 everything was just the USSR, therefore any change of governmental control was rather superficial. Not that I’m justifying it, BTW, just that sometimes there are nuances that can be overlooked if one forgets that Crimea was Russian for around 300 years.

    This article is rather illuminating:

  29. I watched a short snatch of another propaganda channel yesterday. Sadly, I only managed about 3 or 4 minutes before wanting to retch with nausea. It was a show from the Majesty Theme Park with lots of people in fancy dress on a channel called BBC. Won’t be watching that weird drivel again.

  30. Scotland’s A&E. 94%. England’s A&E. 84.9%

    Last week BBC Shortbread broadcast that Scotland’s NHS had missed its target for A&E . .,.,. The figure achieved was not given (so listeners couldn’t see it was a very good performance)
    England’s figure was not given (so no comparison could be made)

    So it’s a case of

    Scotlands NHS failed . . . But we’re telling you nothing else coz you’d see it was a very good performance!

  31. I’ve always had a lot of respect for Salmond but agreeing to appear on RT just seems like desperation to remain noticed.

    I appreciate that other channels may not have wanted his show but if it’s anything like the Fringe Show I’m not surprised it was a non-abashed Salmond appreciation society which I think we can do without.

    He seems to be full of his own self.importance and frankly seems to me to have done nothing but undermine Sturgeon with some of his comments about Indy Ref 2 over the last 12 months, I just hope he doesn’t make himself (and Scotland) look stupid.

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