The Brextremism Bill

This week the only de jure sovereign body in the UK is debating the Brexit bill, that is, those parts that the de facto sovereign body, which would be the cabinet, lets them have an influence on. They’re debating this because Brexiteers MPs insisted that the EU referendum was fought in order to ensure that the House of Commons was the only sovereign body in the UK because that would be democratic, but those same Brexiteer MPs are now determined to ensure that the House of Commons doesn’t get a say on Brexit because if they did it would be deeply undemocratic. If you’re confused don’t worry, because you’re a whole lot less confused than the government.

MPs didn’t decide on a great deal, except that they did decide – and by a very large margin – that consent for Brexit shouldn’t be required from the devolved administrations. You’ll have had your self-determination Scotland. Remember all that stuff about Scotland being an equal and valued partner in a family of nations? Remember when all those MPs took a train up from London to come to Glasgow to tell us how much they loved Scotland and wanted us to lead within the UK? Looks like those MPs have very short memories. Scotland can lead within the UK, but only in the sense that Westminster can shove us off the cliff first using a cattle prod.

Are you feeling loved and valued? Mind how we were told that if we voted no in the independence referendum then we’d be in the privileged position of a wife who was going to leave her husband but had changed her mind so was now able to call all the shots in the marriage? How’s that working out then? There’s a fair bit of calling the shots going on here, but none of it is coming from Scotland. We’re being told we don’t even have a right to an opinion, never mind a veto.

MPs also debated the really important and crucial stuff. Getting the consent of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland doesn’t count as important, which is why telling us that our consent is not required was passed with a minimum of discussion by a humungous margin of MPs who don’t represent Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland. Incidentally, Scotland’s cohort of Tory MPs voted for Scotland not to have a say. So that’s them standing up for Scotland’s interests. We should consider ourselves lucky they did that much, but then there weren’t any football matches needing a referee that day.

Far more crucial and important was the exact time of Brexit. Theresa May wants it to be written into the Brexit bill, because having it enshrined in an inflexible law is going to give Britain the flexibility it needs to negotiate. Or something. Asking for logic where Brexiteers are concerned is a bit like expecting a wooden bread board to have all the functional abilities of an Apple iPad Pro because both of them are rectangular. Brexiteer MPs have the same approximate shape as rational human beings, but that’s as far as it goes. At least the wooden bread board was once a part of a living, breathing, and vital system, which is a hell of a lot more than you can say for your average Tory MP. The only reason the date and time is being put into law is to provide a weak PM with some protection against the frothier Brextremists on her back benches.

Labour MP Frank Field intervened to insist that when you buy a house you have a completion date, so we need one for Brexit too. Although he was a bit upset that we’re going to be leaving the EU at midnight Central European Time 29 March 2019, because that seemed dreadfully unpatriotic. Britain invented time, damn it. Brexit means Brexit means Greenwich Mean Time. We’re going to exit the EU at midnight Central European Time 29 March 2019 at which point the clocks will be turned back two centuries so Jacob Ree Mogg will seem cutting thrust and modernist. There hasn’t been a bigger useful idiot than Frank since the Labour party in Scotland decided to side with the big drinks companies and oppose minimum pricing on alcohol. That’s Labour in Scotland, determined to stand up for your right to get pished and sing sectarian songs at fitba matches. Although right now they have other issues to fill their shot glass. I’m eagerly awaiting Jackie Baillie’s demand that Alex Rowley stand down as an MSP.

Anyway, the thing about buying a house is that before you buy it at the very least you make sure that it’s got access to the rest of the world. No one except an idiot commits to buying a house without first making sure that there’s a driveway, or at the very least a door, through which supplies and services can get in and out. Oh wait, there’s our problem right there. We’re being governed by idiots. MPs like Frank, who really should just save everyone the bother and become a Tory, want us to commit to buying this house even though we don’t know if there is any access to it, we don’t know if it will provide adequate shelter, and we have strong grounds for believing that the running costs are going to be ruinous.

Yet the Brextremists are still popping up in Parliament to claim that after Brexit Britain can reduce costs by slashing all those tiresome regulations that are so expensive. You know, regulations like those about having more expensive fire-resistant cladding on social housing. Despite their claims that Brexit isn’t about reducing workers’ or employment rights, the Tories are remarkably reluctant to accept any of the amendments to the Brexit bill which ensure that workers’ and employment rights won’t be affected. Funny that.

According to reports there are now 21 Tory MPs who are prepared to vote against the government’s insistence that the time and date for Brexit must be enshrined in law even before we have a clue what sort of Brexit it’s going to be. However it’s a terrible attack on democracy to question Brexit or to try and ensure that it doesn’t turn out to be an epic act of self-harm. The Telegraph says that this makes you a mutineer, and your photie will be plastered all over the paper like one of those wanted posters from the Wild West. How quickly Brextremists and their pals in the press forget that it wasn’t so long ago that an MP was shot and killed by a right wing terrorist. Democracy in this country is at serious risk, but not from those who question Brexit. It’s a risk from the Brextremists and their cheer-leaders in the media.

Phantom Power sent me the latest instalment of his Journey to Yes series last week, although for some reason his email ended up being caught by my spam filter so I’ve only just seen it. You may have seen this video elsewhere by now, but if you haven’t it’s well worth a viewing. I met Bryce in Fife a few months ago when I was doing a talk in Charlestown.

Bryce says Yes. Bryce believes true independence for Scotland can only be achieved for with a commitment to abolish the British monarchy who he sees as an unaccountable and undemocratic institution that isn’t fit for the purposes of a modern progressive society. The breaking Paradise Papers scandal that exposes the questionable financial practices of Prince Charles and the Queen only serves to underline the point. Bryce is also one of approximately 60 thousand people living with autism in Scotland and his experience has left him disgusted with the inhumane Tory welfare reforms. Bryce backed Brexit but is open to a reformed Europe and believes Scotland should decide on its relationship with the EU after independence. Some may remember Bryce from his appearance on the BBC Scottish Leaders Debate during GE17 . He gives his impressions of the show and his memorable encounter with Ruth Davidson.

Bryce is a member of Republic UK:

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  2. Clocked the vote result last night Paul and basically was sick to my stomach.

    I’m not big on the ‘I told you so’ school of persuading folk, but it’s not as if it wasn’t posted out there for people to see.

    Let’s be absolutely CRYSTAL CLEAR – Self determination – means just that. It’s not a serving suggestion. It’s not clever semantics for mibbies aye, mibbies naw. Without it you determine NOTHING. You give up your right to make choices for yourself. You allow and empower others to make your life choices for you and no that doesn’t mean you pass the buck on responsibility.

    They needed your vote to perpetrate this injustice. They needed your vote to underwrite their actions. We are ALL ultimately responsible for the choices they allowed us to make and when we put our mark on a piece of paper we are ultimately responsible for the wars they wage in our name and for the economic suffering they inflict on others through appalling legislation. We give them the power to exercise THEIR will.

    You get who and what the majority vote for.

    Those bastards have just told you that your opinion means nothing. They’ve just told you that your devolved government, your bestest home rule ever, is basically worthless and that as a nation partner your active participation is not required. Just hand over your taxes, your resources and your obedience. Oh, and by the by vote for more of the same every five years or so (or don’t, cuz your akchul vote is bloody worthless anyhoo). Or unless of course we feel like extending our governance by way of a state of emergency we create ourselves and throw the odd snap election your way.

    Today’s ‘United’ Kingdom…. does it bear any resemblance, ANY at all, to the vision of the UK going forward painted by Better Together, HMG and their dog whistle meeja three years ago? Personally, I’d say no. No, it bears no resemblance in any way shape or form to the pledges made or the assurances given to Scotland’s electorate. I’d say that by any reasonable measure, those pledges and assurances were binned as rapidly as possible when no longer required, had petrol poured on them and a flamethrower applied to hide the evidence they were ever made.

    If yesterday’s actions in the commons, THAT *&^%£** vote, or Labour’s appalling abstention, leave you feeling as sick as I hope it does, then you know what to do.

  3. It only gets worse, more psychotic and dismissive as it goes along. England is now cannibalising itself, colonising itself because it can’t handle the fact that there is nobody left to wave a flag of hate and murder over anymore…except Scotland. Empire 2.0 ma hairy bahookie.

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  5. Much is made from time to time by the UK government that Brexit must go ahead as it was the democratic will of the people who voted in the referendum.

    The people were lied to from day one about the benefits of leaving the EU so voted for something that was never going to happen in the way it was portrayed by the liars. The liars who saw pound signs in front of them and huge hedge funds and a UK tax haven.

    The people unwittingly voted for the wishes and will of the liars and as far as I am concerned that is not democracy. It is fraud on a grand scale.

  6. What you have is a UK gov that triggered A50 for the benefit of the cheap seats. It did this before it was ready to do so. This was demonstrated by a 58 page impact study that was mostly filled with blank pages. The impact to the UK, in terms of treaty obligations, the wider economy and its standing with the EU has not been examined. It has been said that UK gov spent more time examining a brexit No deal option than it did trying to figure out how to achieve a deal. Given how little was in the study then its clear that they haven’t put any thought into a No deal either.

    Since then the UK gov, the UK media and a large cross section of the English electorate have descended into a dark farce. Its a grim danse macabre with union jacks on. Its Oi Oi Saveloy triumphalism. The Uk govs approach is to invoke the spirit of Churchill and world war 2. The press amplifies this and attempts to demonise people who think this will end badly. They are treating it like a life or death struggle. The will of people against the dark tide of foreign interlopers.

    While in Europe – they see it as a purely administrative affair. And are quietly working to ensure that the impact of the UK leaving with no deal is minimised. Waiting on the wings now, are Canada, china and Japan looking for closer trade ties with the EU. Looking to take the UKs market share with the EU. The German car industry is not coming to the rescue. Banks are looking for safe harbor.

    The commonwealth nations I hear you say? The commonwealth is really a small trade block nowadays. It uses the UK as a means for access to markets. Now the UK is trashing their economies as well as Scotland’s not to mention its attempts to blow a whole in Ireland’s economy is some ridiculous hope that it would force them to quit and rejoin the union.

    Hope in labour did someone say?

    They heroically abstained. Largely because they are in favor of Brexit and won’t do anything to interrupt its progress. Their ability to hold in check the stupidity of the tory cabinet was flushed away in favor of allowing the rank incompetence of May and her party of clownshoes to continue unabated. Just as the yoons left Scotland at the mercy of the tories. Labour has left the UK at the mercy of Brexit.

  7. This is why I keep saying you can’t trust the English and the stupidity of the southerners always seem to prove me right

  8. Watching the slow motion car crash that is Brexit, I find my mind entering a strange schizoid state; one half watches with increasing incredulity and some anxiety as the bumpers crumple, the windscreen pops out, the crash test dummy Maybot lookalike is flung forward as the airbags explode, with the inevitably of more of the crash still to unfold; the other half is eating popcorn with the exit clearly marked and just has to wait for the correct moment – probably just as the adverts come on, to get up and get out. But some of the audience, about half of them maybe, don’t realise they can leave this viewing and can have much more uplifting and enlightening experience at the independent flea pit just down the road.

    The antics within the big hoose by the Thames may be upsetting, but it is more upsetting that the msm is, probably without exception, complicit in perpetuating the myth that it will be alright on the night. A myth, supine politicians, as fully paid up members of the flat earth society, buy into. Thus, there appears to be absolutely no preparation for when the cliff edge become a reality – no consideration of the resources required to do, as a stand-alone country, all the stuff which done with the EU to harmonise rules and regulations. To get a flavour of the stuff not being thought about, have a look at

    But, we have plan B. And getting uptight and upset about the apparent lack of plan A is missing the point. When the final reel of the car crash flickers to a finish, assuming no-one presses the rewind button and we are forced to sit through it all again (a sad possibility), Scotland, as a nation, has to be able to, and ready to, quite possibly at short notice, point to the exit and next door where the feature showing has a happy ending.

    • I simply won’t allow English Mp’s and Fascist pol;itical Wing of the Monarchy/Nobility/ Rich Oligarchy to frog march me and mine out of the EU.
      62% of us voted Remain.
      It traitors like Mundell Davidson Rennie and Coca Cola Hamilton believe that we are just going to mildly accept this, they have another think, and it will be their last politically, coming.
      We shall have an Independence Referendum.
      We shall present the facts to our fellow Scots who are swithering.
      Lord knows, there is a massive body of evidence that leaving the EU will destroy England and Wales, which will become Caymans 2 for the rich folk, and a frayed at the cuff Dickensian middle class, keeping the lid on the pressure cooker that will be the poor Great Unwashed, always on the brink of armed insurrection.
      Vote No next time and you work ’til you drop, and everything will cost a lot more, and you can forget travelling and working in Europe.
      The car manufacturers will leave, finance house are already picking up sticks, and 3 million vital workers will vote with their feet and head back to mainland Europe.
      It is madness, and nobody heading the Blue Red or Yellow Tories seems capable of halting the destruction of England and Wales.
      We have an option, independence. I look forward to Blair The Fat One spouting Project Fear 2, or Lords Darling and Reid lying about how wonderful it will be to be enslaved by England and out of the EU.
      We are fighting for our lives; it’s as simple as that.
      And by ‘fight’, I mean ‘fight’.
      I doubt that I could be in the same room as some of the Blue Tories these days. They are out to destroy Scotland.
      No more Mr Nice Guy.

      • While I’m mostly on the same page as you here, there’s just one point of the above I need explaining, if you could, please :
        If “3 million vital workers will vote with their feet and head back to mainland Europe”, surely that will mean 3M job vacancies, and the employers will probably have to raise wages to fill them. So how will that lead to Dickensian levels of poverty?

        • It will take years to fill the skills gap and that’s if you can persuade people to fill the places absented and if the necessary skill sets are available. Businesses already teetering through rising costs and who would be forced to pay higher wage rates will be dangerously close to collapse. Couple this with tariffs for export/import and you can easily see a perfect storm brewing.

          It’s not about could a UK out of the EU free market survive. Yes it could… eventually. It’s about the pace of adjustment and restructuring of an entire economy to suit a new landscape. It’s about restructuring your entire society to accept a new economic culture and reality. Something that took decades to build in the current instance, will require decades to replace. There is no replacing those skill sets or filling those posts overnight.

          As for what happens in the meantime? The fall will be steep and brutal.

          • Thank you both! And just to avoid any doubt, I’m agin Brexit!

            But if I’m confused many others will be too.

            We’re led to believe that the country (well, England at least, or parts thereof …) is flooded with cheap unskilled foreign labour, depressing wages and pushing up unemployment etc. But if as you say we depend on skilled foreign workers to fill gaps, then I don’t see the problem, since why should such people either want or be obliged to leave the (r)UK? Who are these folk in any case, and why don’t we train enough of our own? Again, the impression has always been that we train and export many specialists etc.

            If wages are pushed up then there’s less to hand out to the bosses and investors, so a fairer distribution of wealth??

            If exports and imports are restricted due to price etc., then we simply end up buying e.g. more British cars and less from abroad. At the very least that should save on transport costs and pollution?

            Most of the adjustment problems you highlight would mainly result from a Hard Brexit, though I admit that seems to be the way we’re heading.

            TBH, I’m more concerned by all the rights and conventions that WM are busily trashing under cover of the Brexit Bill …

          • Och, Marco, I know that you are on the wind up here.
            EU Doctors, Nurses, engineers, R&D personnel, University lecturers, teachers of Foreign languages, specialist care workers, and a whole raft of professions and highly qualified workers as well as hundreds of thousands of hotel staff, agricultural workers, and so on, are about to leave England and Wales. We even have the time and date for their departure: by 29th March 2019 at 11.00 pm.
            The FCO are frog marching Euros out of England as I write.
            On ‘rights and conventions’, you are correct of course. England will retain control over the devolved Parliaments post EU as never before and our civic and employment rights will disappear faster that a report to the Met Police on child abuse at WM.
            There is much work on the impact of Hard Brexit on Scotland economy on the ethernet. Briefly, we need immigration to thrive.
            Look it up, you’re big enough and ugly enough to do the leg work yourself.

          • Again, many thanks! No really! I wouldn’t dream of winding you up, perish the very thought!
            I am indeed an adult (and probably not the prettiest thing in sight) and I think reasonably well educated, but not a macro-economist or politician. Just like many I imagine, utterly confused.
            Why on earth would the government want to run out of town e.g. foreign language teachers or medics with skills that can’t be replaced? Generally the Tories, if not all politicians, act ultimately in their own interests, so what’s in it for them? I’m baffled, honestly …

          • Marco, we are all baffled.
            WM has gone insane, seems to be the only answer no matter how frightening that conclusion is.
            They have no answers to anything Brexit yet. The Irish border, the ‘ex pat’ Brits settled in the Costas, who face what? Eviction from Spain, hefty medical bills, a shrinking GBP pension?
            Similarly the 3 million plus EU nationals working here, many who have formed partnerships, married or lliving with UK citizens and perhaps have UK born offspring are in Limbo.
            The FCO is throwing them out NOW, 15 months before EngWaland leaves the EU.
            My wife is Irish..I’ll miss her.
            It will be a disaster if Engwaland leaves the EU with No Deal or the Hardest Brexit.
            Very few with brain cells dispute this, unless you live in the Bash Street World of Lord Snooty, Jacob Rees Mogg.
            It take 7 years to train a GP.
            Indyref 2 by October 2018 is my bet as the disaster of Brexit unfolds, and Honda and Toyota start to move to Poland.
            To use macart’s phrase: it is going to be a clusterfuck.

        • Think about Humpty Dumpty….that “Nursery” Rhyme isn’t about an egg…it’s about the meltdown of any society or business ….it can never be “put back together again”.

    • I read your linked article slowly, twice. What a f#####g disaster for us all. The trouble is most people will not read this. Not good news but this will help by late 2019 when we all see the effects building up.

    • crabbitgits, ( love the nom de guerre btw).
      the 62% who opted to Remain within the EU, have no alternative but to explore the option of Self Determination if we want to ‘take back control’ of our destiny from the Madhouse and xenophobic right wing and far left wing zealots running WM in London.
      The ProudScotsBut Brit Nats, which include all hues of the Blue Red and Yellow Tories Up Here completely ignore the fact that 45% voted Yes 3 years ago, 62% voted Remain last year, and that Holyrood is being governed by pro Independence parties, elected by Scots citizens.
      What Ruth and Kezia (well, we’ll stick her name in to represent the Red Tories for now) and Wullie refuse to do is acknowledge that in the mix, Yes/Remain Scots citizens’ rights, choices, and, through the ballot box, their instructions to their representatives are being completely ignored.
      We don’t want a Brexit of any shape or form. We want to remain withing the EU. Proof, if proof were needed that we are being governed by a foreign parliament, one for which we did not vote, who, despite a litany of promises and reassurances, voted yesterday to exclude Edinburgh, Cardiff, and God Help them Belfast, from any involvement in negotiating the terms of Brexit.
      We are being told to shut the fuck up.
      Scotland is a colony of England, held in subservience by force and numbers.
      Well, Ruth, Wullie, Anas, I ain’t gonna cooperate.
      You are treasonous Fifth Columnists, selling your fellow Scots for money.
      We shall have our Referendum, and we’ll win it.,
      Once a free nation again, I’d support any bill offering Ruth and Co resettlement grants
      to move down to the Green and Pleasant Engwaland.
      ‘The UK voted to leave the EU’, gets repeated and repeated, as if we will eventually wilt, turn on our backs and wave our hands and feet in the air like dying flies and just give up.
      Scotland is a nation, not a colony of the Brit Empire. We voted to remain within the EU, and remain we shall.
      The UK dies 29th March 2019 at midnight CET.


  10. There;s no real problem with Brexit and the slide into Franco/Rajoy-style authoritarianism. We just need to contact Eddie Izzard or Trinny and Susanna and they’ll show how Scotland is leading not leaving.

    So, that’s all good.

  11. It is clear that the majority of Tories are acolytes of disaster capitalism. Driven by their own insatiable greed, they will break anything if they figure they can make a buck out of it. It is only a matter of time before they sell us the rope to hang them with. Figuratively speaking.

    Meanwhile, the nations of these isles, and many of our trading partners, will be bankrupted by their actions. Will we have the fortitude to exact justice upon them for their crimes?

    I suspect the same establishment that created these monsters will once more cover for their delinquents by blaming innocent bystanders and\or squirrels. It has always been thus for the Brits, it seems. Even unto the middle ages.

    It is getting harder and harder to argue with the idea that the majority of people on these islands are literally insane. Actually voting for people who don’t seem to be able to tie their own shoelaces, much less run a modern nation state. Clearly, the classical education the ruling class receives is no longer fit for purpose.

    If this is what results from an Oxbridge educational system, I suggest we burn the places down and find another path. That, or take the easier route of cutting these idiots off at a border between our two nations.

    I prefer the latter course myself. Oxbridge is an English institution after all. Leave the English to deal with their own problems. Its high time they did so. We should relieve them of the burden of running our country as well. They’re just not up to it any more. If they were ever. An arguable point.

  12. Ruth Davidson, David Mundell, Jackson Carlaw, Willie Rennie, Mumbles, Fumbles, Crumbles, Bumbles, or what ever his name is, do not believe in a Welfare State.
    They are passionately against public ownership of Health, education, care for the elderly, transport, utilities.
    Since Thatcher, each successive Government has systematically sold off every publicly owned institution, services, and utilities to their pals, cousins, brothers, sisters, and uncles in the Private sector.
    PFI/PPP, are perfect examples of the greedy Oligarchy bleeding money out of the Public Purse and siphoning ‘profits’ into off shore Tax dodges.
    There is no ideological difference between Ruth’s Fascist Right (and ‘fascist’ is no hyperbole) Wing destruction of civic society, and Blair/Brown/ Sarwar neo liberal new conservative claptrap, or Wullie Rennie’s Yellow Book Liberalism. They are all arch Tories out to do the Hoi Polloi down.

    In Coalition with the Blue Tories, Wullie’s WM Mates sold out, abandoned their manifesto promises, sacked half a million public servants, cut welfare and pensions by £29 billion, and sold off the Post Office to a few cronies in the City at a billion pounds loss.
    The 3 WM Parties are now the enemy of the people.
    They certainly don’t give a tuppenny toss about Scotland.

    Brexit is a disaster and millions will suffer, while the Rich will coin it in.

    In Scotland, we are not standing by idly and letting all this happen.

    Richard Branson will not be taking over our A&E and GP practices, Teach First, despite Davidson’s best efforts to pitch for them in Holyrood, will not be privatising Teacher Training and downgrading teaching in our schools, and Lord Reid’s G4S will not be taking over our Police Force.

    I’m all for a border at Gretna and North Berwick now, Waiting For Scotland.
    Culturally, socially, and ideologically we are now a million miles away from those dictating life in Merrie England.
    The Union has gone.
    It is not missed.

  13. Congrats to Eck Sammen on the launch of his new show.
    I doubt that the Yoon Press Pack are regretting their mass hysteria though.
    Great start.
    Egg over hunners of Yoon faces, Lovin’ it.
    ‘The President of Catalonia’. I like that.

  14. Back when the kids were at home they would occasionally opine about their inheritance. I would reply that I was going to leave them debts, they would reply you can’t but you can.

    It is quite simple,on my deathbed I buy a run down listed building with a preservation order on it. The owner would be only too pleased to sell to me. I then bequeath it to the offspring.

    So they have to be nice me, just like the Brexiters are blackmailing the rest of us and cry foul when we object and work against them. The problem is there victory margin was awfully slim and this makes them nervous.

    Similarly if we only squeak over the line in the next IndyRef the unionists will not go quiet into that good future, they will agitate constantly for another referendum after the negotiations with rUK are finalised, hoping to to chip folk from Yes.

    Which is why we need to ensure it is won by more than 2 percentage points.

  15. Whilst the bureaucrats and politicians in the EU avoid the Catalan President Puigdemont as if he had the plague (Belgium excepted), Alex Salmond interviews him. And you know, that is what I would expect of oor Eck, support for a just cause. I really do admire him.

    Today’s FM Question Time was very revealing. The Tories seem intent on reducing Holyrood to a Slap and Tickle spectacle.They sat there laughing, banging their desks, and contributing nothing. Credit to Labour and the Greens for behaving as adults.
    The LibDems have a couple of problems to resolve.
    No1 Wullie Rennie, not once but twice he despaired of the prospect of Alex Salmond “owning” the Scotsman. Is Rennie really so thick that he doesn’t understand that a person can be chair of an organisation, yet may not in fact possess any shares?
    No2 The Cole Hamilton expenses scam, the “conclusion” of nothing to see just will not wash. It stinks.

    • Holyrood’s FMQs should be as in Engurland on the news channel you should not have to go on a search to find it .
      The quality of Questions sometimes makes it look like a council chamber on a bad day ,
      i mention questions ,most of the time you really have to dig deep to find the question buried in the SNP bad rant ,
      Because of his political affiliations the present presiding officer is sometimes more than happy to let this go , its really simple and the clue is in the name First Minister’s Questions – not anti SNP rant time .
      The noise and desk thumping the tories appear to have directly copied from their friends at westminster , a rabble intent in making as much noise as possible and f/k the electorate , most of these tories have been rejected and are only there because of this stupid voting system we have

    • Ruth Davidson demonstrated what an absolute airhead she really is today at FMQ.
      Jackson Carlaw, who gets more ruddy and bloated every time I see him, (likewise Toodle Oo The Noo Taylor, who needs to lose weight urgently imho) laughed his fucking head off at the rapier like wit of his boss, as she chuntered on about raising taxes and breaking promises, and attempted unsuccessfully to lampoon John Swinney, who is without doubt a genuine honest man, a true gentleman.

      Swinney almost lost it when this childish spiteful wee woman smirked and sneered her way through her series of totally pointless and irrelevant outbursts.
      Scotland is on the brink of Brit Nat engineered disaster and this little turd laughs her way all the way to the bank.

      Tens of thousands die, starve, and live in poverty and the Blue Tories who are directly responsible for the pain and suffering of hundreds of thousands of our citizens, laugh their fucking heads off . It’s all too funny for words if you are a fat bloated Red Blue or Yellow Tory.
      Wullie Rennie from Fife is not interested in Burnt Island jobs going. This little Nobody wants to slag off Salmond, whop is no longer in politics. What another intellectual airhead.

      Toodle Ooo The Noo engineered for Murdo The Queen’s Eleven bigot and all round political 7-in-a-row loser Fraser to get a wee spot slagging off the Bad SNP about taxes.
      Well done, BBC Propaganda.
      Taylor, do you have any integrity left at all?
      BY contrast, Jackie Baillie, and Monica Lennon, actually came across as sensible, aware of the gravity and dignity of Holyrood, and addressing the real issues and crises in Scotland today.
      There may be hope for Labour yet. Spoke too soon; Anas spotted lurking in the undergrowth.

      • They’re children pretending to be grown ups Jack. Whilst they’re fracturing society to line pockets, grow careers and defend the yoonion. Real grown ups will get on with trying to alleviate the suffering and desperation of as many as they can in this omnishambles. An omnishambles created by their own respective London based leaderships and their dog whistle meeja no less.

        It cannot be stressed enough to the readership that austerity UK, Brexit Britain has only one source. The same source that begged the Scottish electorate for one more chance to come good, then promptly forgot their pledges and assurances.

        As for Willie thingy? The meeja’s go to rentaquote? The living evidence that irrelevance walks among us.

  16. What a week in UK politics. What a shambles they all are. They have no idea what will be the effect on the UK with Brexit. If AM do es not offer the EU €60bn within a week or so it is hard Brexit. Read Bedelstens article above.

    Brexit the final end to an empire that started 400 years ago but declined from 1918 onwards.

    I only pray that we all vote YES to freedom from these numpties.

    • The Ayes and the Eyes have it, Andy. We see what they are up to. The 51st State, a tax haven for the rich, and low paid serfs to do their bidding.
      This is the world of Johnson, Gove, Fox, Davis and May’s husband.
      BTW Boris was born in New York. Homecoming for him?
      We shall prevail this time.

  17. Robert Harrison what about the blind stupidity of our fellow Scots Unionists/Orangemen that will gladly follow them over a cliff and as they tumble into the abyss below look up and see that those they followed are on the cliff edge looking down on them as always.

  18. Aye them pesky foreigners are not doing what the torag’s want , how dare they say our illustrious empire needs to start following the agenda , the agenda the empire agreed when it pulled the bleedn A 50 trigger .

    A deluded tory party believing anyone is listening , The EU is not scotland , they unlike scots have to be listened to.
    A master stroke sending Bo-Jo to Ireland he will make a difference , only thing is if they had a chance of agreement that is well and truly f/kd now ,

    They might as had a better outcome if they shoved Arlene Foster of the DUP in the door, now that would bloody scare them , they would be occupied in trying to figure what it was thats been foisted on them .

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