For what it’s worth

A guest post by Samuel Miller

Back in May of this year I wrote the post Survival of the fittest. In that post I outlined what I considered to be my own personal summary of the challenges faced by UK society and the nature of the forces ranged against the YES movement, or indeed any movement seeking a fairer, more just system of government. Basically my thoughts on why we are where we are.

I pointed out what I felt were a couple of reasons for that and as a refresher, here’s the second one: “The second reason we are where we are? That would be the fault of the electorate. You get who you vote for. You get the society you contribute to – or don’t, as the case may be. For generations the populations of the UK bought into the big lie of our governance, that it gave a shit, could be trusted, was just the way it was meant to be. We allowed ourselves to be reduced to ‘ists’, ‘isms’ and labels (Makes that whole dividing thing so much easier). We allowed our system of government to take our best and brightest, make over their idealism and turn them into ‘weel kent’ faces we would vote for, perpetuating the cycle of legislative abuse. Worse, we allowed them to tell us who to trust, who to vote for, who to alienate and who to hate.”

For the removal of any doubt. What people are up against today hasn’t become any less frightening:

Poverty, Hate Crime, Austerity UK, Democratic Deficit, Brexit, 

Constitutional Crisis, Eire/NI, Legislative Abuse, Food Bank Growth

That wee list could be endless. You could literally cut and paste linked examples all day and I haven’t even touched on the usual subjects of ‘politics as it is practised’, the meeja, or a host of individual policies and scandals over recent years. If people are looking for something that needs to be opposed. If they’re looking for baddies under the bed, or something to get outraged about, then there are plenty examples to be found. There are people and causes who need help in the here and now. Entire populations of these islands, fractured demographics, oppressed minorities. Y’know, human beings.

Me? I’m easily offended and outraged really. A big softie with the accent on the soft bit, which spookily gets softer and wider the older I get (cough). I get offended when those we literally pay to care for our wants and needs abuse the trust we place in them. I am also somewhat miffed when those we empower put their own population in harms way for the sake of party political advantage or pure greed driven self interest (see under any campaign ever, but more recently both the EU and Scottish independence referendums). When they steal from us, abuse their positions, sign our names on the dotted line for illegal wars, or selling arms to others for their wars and abuses of human rights.

I am particularly offended when I see families in 21st century Scotland go without. When they have to make a choice between feeding the weans or paying the bills. I get offended when those least able to defend themselves are preyed upon by empathy free bastards in government who won’t know a day of hardship in their pampered, besuited, public expense fiddling, thieving, entitled lives. Those … people…, who know full well what they do and why they do it, are a special peeve in my book.

Basically, I get offended by people who harm others because they can, or because it benefits themselves. There’s a name for them. No, don’t tell me. It’s on the tip my tongue. It’ll come back in a moment. To be fair though, you could probably use several descriptors forming extended sentences, so fill in your own preference (though not in comments, m’kay? There may be young impressionable folk under fifty reading).

The buck still stops in the very same two places though. It stops with your system of central government and with YOU. The one we have currently feeds off the other’s compliance, acceptance and division. It needs that mix to continue doing all of the above examples and keeping itself and its patrons in the style to which they’ve become accustomed. That and being nearly totally unaccountable to those in it’s care.

Now you can have a system of government, practice of politics and an establishment which demands your compliance, your loyalty and your obedience. Yes you can. You can have a system that uses intimidation, fear and uncertainty as political strategy and practice against its own population. You can live on a media diet of celebrity get me tae f*** out of here and vote this way because the other team’s ‘the wrong sort’ too. You can continue to be told who and what you are by folk you’ve never met, nor walked a mile in your shoes. You can stay on your knees and get kicked repeatedly for daring to think you’re as good as.


Or you can stand up and TELL them you’re as good as. You can have a system that earns your vote, your loyalty, your appreciation and is obedient to the mandate you give it. You can have a government which offers care and aid to all of your population without favour, where and when it is needed. You can have a system of politics that rejects the tools of intimidation and fear because that’s how you want it. You can have a government that’s within the reach of the toe of your boot when it steps out of line, or when it’s politicians feel like dipping their sticky digits into the public kitty.

That choice is entirely up to you.

In the run up to Scotland’s 2014 indyref, many pro indy writers and bloggers wrote of what they feared was the future of a Scotland which still remained a UK partner. Throughout the YES movement we all had some pretty dark thoughts on the potential of that no vote given the nature of UK politics tbf. Back then it was on the horizon, something waiting to happen, but which we hoped would not. Personally, even in the aftermath of the vote, I hoped we were wrong, that the worst wouldn’t, couldn’t happen. Well, it’s here now and happening all around us. I also very much doubt it’s even close to the worst of the hardships and challenges our electorates have to face.

It’s not rocket science. We do this together. We work together to fix this, or we lose more than you can possibly imagine. We dump the rosettes, the petty grievances, the chips on shooders. We win by celebrating our differences and knowing that we are accepted by each other as a whole package. That’s kinda what it means to be a community, a population. We come from every walk of life imaginable and these days a fair few points of origin, but we ARE Scottish citizens. We are Scots. Think about that for a second. Really think about what it means and what it could mean.

You either govern for ALL, or you’re not fit to govern. Equally you either want a system of government capable of that, or you don’t deserve one.

I’ll leave it to readers to make their own minds up of course, but I know what I’d rather have.


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  2. Has there ever been a political system that actually worked FOR the people?
    Where politicians were accountable to the people more than they are to the lobbyists, special interest groups, or whichever corporation “sponsors” them or guarantees them a cushy job on retirement?

    You see any system that allows the players to decide the rules and rewards is kind of always going to become a farce. The lunatics are running the asylum. Where else can employees decide they’re own pay rises?

    I agree with you, we are being told how to run our lives by people so far removed from our lives it is probably impossible for them to relate.
    Yet they still claim to be qualified to do so.

    They govern for self interest. For careers, for profit, for personal gain.
    The most base human instincts perverted by no real need for that degree of selfishness and too much power with no responsibility beyond being sacked.
    Not much of a problem if you’re a millionaire.

    Now imagine a principled politician (I know I know) motivated by a desire to actually achieve something that would be appreciated by the country, not the rich bit. instead of seeing what they can get from the system.
    A system that had no debt to rich powerbrokers in turn trying to get even richer.
    In short the system rewards greed. For personal wealth and self aggrandizement. An ego maniacs dream, a megalomaniacs dream.
    And the ones that can change it? They’re the ones running the system and making the rules.
    And there is no way they want it to change.

  3. Well said Sam. You couldnae go and knock some heids agither because they surely need to realise the priorities are here and now and we need the strength of us all fighting the bampots not each other!

    The REALLY silent poor and disadvantaged don’t have time as billions more is taken off them to ensure the small % of the richest most privileged continue to be so!

    The constant attacks on SNP and Scottish government is unrelenting too as BritNats try to pretend everything in the garden is rosy, but this is a fight we HAVE to win or those who are desperate will be even more of a target.

    Happy St. Andrew’s Day to all Scots…wherever you came from or wherever you are.

  4. A well reasoned piece Sam. As is always the case, it seems to me that a good chunk of us have so little interest in political and social events going on around them that they cannot react to vote for change as they are not up to date with the ‘now’ and the ‘maybe’.

    No political system can ever be ideal to everyone as you know but it has to be better than this disaster we have now. Westminster has been a disgrace for as long as I have been around. I hope that when we get independence that we have good MP’s at Holyrood, more than is there at present to govern us. No list vote hangers on would be great, and if for PR reasons we must have them then they must only be allowed to stand for one parliament in their whole lives. No more M Fraser for one.

    I think that once independent we should change the name from MP (currently MSP) to something related to governance and responsibility. To me the word ‘parliament’ is tainted by Westminster. As an example maybe MSL would be better, Member of the Scottish Legislature or even RP, Representative of the People. .

    Thank you Sam.

  5. Thank you, Sam. Beautifully put. Thanks too to Mogabee – happy St. Andrew’ s Day to all Scots, wherever you came from, or wherever you are. Ours is a nation, ours is a community, so be welcome. Being Scottish is a state of mind, and a d*amn good one at that once you throw out the Cringe.

    I didn’t put that all that well – I just wanted to emphasise that being Scottish is a positive thing, an asset, and what we are seeing from the regime at Westminster is the acutely negative side of English culture / society / politics. I am not being “anti-English” when I say that – my English friends loathe the regime at least as much as I do – because good people everywhere, from any country, from any background, are a joy to be with. It’s a state of mind, and having shared values.

  6. Great polemic, Sam.
    Happy St Andrew’s Day to you and all on here.
    We have reached the end game. Brexit has destroyed the UK.
    We voted 62% to remain, we are advised by ‘respected’ gurus that Brexit would be a disaster for Scotland. 135,000 jobs to go, each family to be £2400 per annum worse off, £9 billion to be wiped off our GDP.
    I read somewhere that wages will not recover until 2032, yet because the voters of a foreign country to the South of us are xenophobes and Imperialists, we are expected to meekly follow them into the financial, political, and social wilderness.
    I now consider the English Parliament as my enemy,and England and Wales as hostile neighbours attempting to bully and threaten us,as we even consider an alternative path.

    Davidson Dugdale, Rennie,and the gang of Unionist zombies deny that Scotland is a separate country, independent still, despite an ancient crooked deal cobbled together by a bunch of Lordly crooks 310 years ago.
    So called Unionists are traitors who are not looking after Scotland’s interests; they are in the pay of their English Masters, and give not one fuck about the death, starvation and poverty which they visit upon their own countrymen and women now, justifying their evil betrayal by hiding behind the corrupt WM system, gleefully presiding over the absolute destruction of my country, your country, their own country, Scotland come March 31st 2019. I say ‘gleefully’. Watch them all laughing their fucking heads off each week at FMQ.
    They are my sworn enemies, traitors in my eyes. I couldn’t even be in the same room as any of this lot now.
    I have no more tolerance or patience.
    They disgust me, and would sell us all to England as colony slaves and serfs.
    Roll on Indyref 2.

      • It says it all, Kenzie, that you and I were taught all about English history at school, that the acronym cabal is burnt into our brains.
        Just think, we will shortly be entering the reign of Charles III: it just seems that we are going backwards into the Dark Ages, doesn’t it?
        I attended a ‘Senior Secondary’ where we were brainwashed to develop as the next generation of Scots professionals, but subservient and obedient little UK citizens, where London was our capital, God was exhorted daily to save the queen through the medium of daily prayers to a white Christian God, the only route to eternal salvation denied to the infidels, the heathens, be they Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, or heaven forfend Communist Socialists.
        And the UK indoctrination continues to this day.I caught snippets of FMQ on Distorting Scotland tonight.
        Davidson and Rennie, in Arch Right Wing Brit Nat Scotland Hating Collaboration, have reverted to type, and demonstrated their amateur sub County Council gutter level of potholes and pissoir politics with which they are most comfortable, by SNPBAD the closure of part of the Queensferry Crossing for snag list repairs to the surfacing.
        This would never have happened if the Yoons were in charge. Which is strue. They would never have built it in the first place.
        TV reporting of this amateur shambles of Yoon pointless heckling designed to undermine the day to day governance of our country, Scotland, was the main headline on Sally Magnusson’s 6.30 p.m. bulletin.
        Davidson’s and Rennie’s nonsensical soundbites was deemed more important by BBC TV Scotland’s Politics editor than the vital meeting between Swinney, Russell, Mundell, and Greening meeting today on the 111 areas of EU legislation which are devolved to the Scottish Government.
        That would be the ‘Wee things’ as Lamont would say, like Agriculture and Fisheries.
        It is more important to give Davidson and Rennie a wee rant than to inform the Scottish Public about the UK ‘power grab’?
        I genuinely feel that we are in a fight for our very existence as a country; that ‘country’ being Scotland.
        Rennie, Davidson, and Leonard are intellectual and political midgets who spout streams of undiluted nonsense on a daily basis, which is allowed to stand unchallenged by the media, the commentariat in our Universities, Charities, and Religious Organisations, despite the viciously harmful consequences to our people and prosperity of their mindless tripe.

        It is designed to clog up our communications network, to deny the people of Scotland having access to real news, on current affairs like the harmful outcomes of Brexit, or who will be Ra Gers new manager. (That last bit was a bitter sick joke.)

        They are the enemy of the peop[le of Scotland. The ‘country’ to which they refer does not exist, nor did it ever in the eyes of millions of Scottish citizens. The United Kingdom is NOT a country. Their ‘country’ of birth, where they were born, educated, or having settled here, is Scotland.
        They were elected by the citizens of Scotland to serve Scotland, not England.
        Ergo, they are my enemy when they fail to protect Scotland.

          • I should really agree as my grandmother came from Duntocher, but I feel I must dissagree on this occasion.

          • I knew there was something that I liked about you, wm!
            C’mon the Widow Twankies!
            I see that the Scottish and Welsh Governments are opposing WM’s Brexit package, and backing both sides of the Ireland in opposing a hard border.
            We must have access to the Single Market and Customs Union.
            Why would any Scottish Politician back and English front loaded Arch Right Wing Parliament in condemning 145,000 Scots to the post EU sack, and deliberately shave £9 billion off our GDP in lost trade with the rest of Europe.
            As things stand, we shall be landlocked, unable to travel, work, or settle in Europe from April 2109 unless an English FCO Border Controller grants us permission to do so.
            An English pen pusher can stop us moving freely throughout the Free world?
            I don’t think so.
            I’m sure that there’s not a cigarette paper’s width between your view and mine on this.
            Duntocher is one of three excellent wee villages down our way btw.
            You come from regal stock, my man.
            We shall be free, and very very soon now.

  7. Sometimes it pays to get “down and dirty” in political terms, if only to get the attention of those who say they aren’t interested in politics yet are willing to be screwed by British nationaist polticians 24/7.

    If the brexit disaster continues and Scotland is dragged out of the EU single market and customs union then Holyrood has to get “down and dirty”. Laws made by Westminster which harm Scotland must be ignored and/or fought. Peacefully if possible.

  8. A stonker of a post, Sam, and one with every word of which I agree. We, the electorate, must take our fair share of the blame for where we are now – and play our fair part in ensuring change for the better in future.

  9. A wider audience is required Sam ,
    Half of scots appear to be in a bloody dream world , Brexit is happening it isnt going away , so hiding under the covers won’t help , the one and only life boat we have is named the S.S Independence , and god help us all if the unionists sink it by lying through their teeth assisted by the BBC , oh dont go dont leave us they said then when they finally scared enough people , Off came the mask , hours after a NO vote cameron told us what we were getting ,and that was F/ALL because we gave away any right to fight back we bloody surrendered.
    Despite the warnings of what was to come if we voted NO the cowards went ahead and bottled it , a criminal act of self harm , if it happens again this place will become an industrial desert with no hope , no future , last to leave turn out the lights and let the cowards slide under a rock .

  10. Bravo, Macart. I agree with every bit of that. I know we are supposed to grit our teeth and remember that there are potential Yes voters out there waiting to be wooed – though, personally, I haven’t met any – but it still grates that a proportion of the electorate voted for a pig-in-a-poke, despite the fact that the warnings were there.

    George Orwell did have one or two troubling ambiguities – no one is perfect – and he did work for the BBC propaganda unit during the war, but for the Far Eastern section, mainly dealing with India and what was – for the British war effort – the worrying Indian independence movement. When he left the BBC – and Room 101 – he remarked that he thought that propaganda was ineffective against people who already had strong convictions.

    Most of us here recognise that BBC news content is so obviously biased against Scottish independence that it should cause revulsion in anyone of a questioning intellect. Yet we also know that it does work. It is comforting confirmation to the British Nationalist contingent that the establishment is on their side, the right side, and for those who so lightly gave away their country’s chance to be independent, it soothes away any pang of buyer’s remorse they might occasionally experience.

    I am tired of continually excusing electorates for their choices. We have to live with those choices and so will children yet unborn. I can’t help it, there are times when I just despair of those who will not see. And yes, small countries are usually more comfortable to live in principally because of the question of scale and proximity of government – near enough to kick if necessary.

    • JGedd, I have found by experimenting with different approaches to win people over that the sentiments in your last sentence are the most efficient.

      Small is accountable. Small can change to suit the people. Large is unaccountable and frequently corrupt.

      I quote my personal experiences of being in Iceland and the Isle of Man. I even won a profoundly Unionist man round by this approach. He became thoughtful, and then he talked of doing business with Denmark over many years and how he had personally seen that country changing its fortunes.

      • Agree this is good approach. Also to get someone to use web sites such as ‘talking up scotland’. Positive message does it.

  11. A most excellent article!

    Things are getting worse in UK. Councils wanting to fine rough sleepers? Fascism is already here.

    We should never assume that the UK seniors are ethical and reasonable. They aint.

    • “We should never assume that the UK seniors are ethical and reasonable. They aint.”

      You’re generalizing. Many of us geriatrics are very ethical, and very reasonable, and many of us are aware of how our country has been used, abused and exploited by the English.

      I am aware that there are some geriatrics who, like myself, were brainwashed by the English when we were young, and were taught only English language (even to the extent of getting hit with a blackboard pointer for daring to speak Gaelic), also we were taught only English literature and English history. Many of us, though not all, admittedly, saw through this brainwashing and moved on, but don’t class us all as idiots.

      • Guga agreed – I dont know when this assimilation started in scottish education , pupils being taught what was essentially another country’s view of our history , this didn’t happen by accident this is what the Empire always normally did , undermine ,any conquered countries history , and culture , remove any identity and history , its for their own good was the excuse .

        Today we have all our contact with the outside world filtered through england , we are allowed to view their culture , their programmes , their news is not our news , their england – cricket team – rugby team – football team etc and so the list goes on , and the best joke is we get to contribute to the cost .

        Better together my arse we are a nation slowly being eradicated , its not by accident we have union jacks everywhere , the english have taken this flag as their property it means england , even scottish produce have country of origin as britain , so we now have british Whisky , british haggis , brittish shortbread etc , if its not confronted we will disappear and become greater england .

          • Scott, an excellent thought provoking piece from GB. Unfortunately I have none of the acoounts needed to reply to him, so I’ll reply here, as I know he is an avid reader of WGD.
            “What a lovely piece, GB.
            I was intrigued by your recollections of developing in the the East. Over here in the West, we children booed when old Winnie appeared on the Pathe News in the Children’s Saturday afternoon programmes.
            None of us had an earthly why we did it. We just knew that he wasn’t a very nice man.
            My father was a coppersmith on the Clyde, my mother ceased work when she started a family, period.
            They ‘did without’ to give us all a ‘higher education’, and I can only imagine their sense of bewilderment, helplessness and wonder as their 4 boys spread text books in German, French, Spanish, Latin, ancient Attic Greek, and god help us English, across the beds in the back bedroom as we rushed through our homework.
            Our Shakespeare was the abridged sexless version, and Burns rarely featured at all.
            My old Granny snarled that he was an ungodly ‘womaniser, on the rare occasion his name was mentioned or one of his books accidentally left lying around.
            I read ‘To A Mouse: On turning her up in her nest with the plough, Nov, 1785.’ on St Andrew’s Day morn. It is without doubt one of the greatest pieces of literature ever penned.
            I had a tear in my eye at the end as I considered the many layered messages in such a slight piece of Lowland Scots poetry.A masterpiece from a young ploughman.
            We are an independent nation now; always have been.
            Brexit has destroyed the last vestiges of their crooked wee Union.
            Their ‘wee bit housie now in ruins’ indeed.
            England and Wales are about to wander off into the desert, and won’t be back in forty days time. They will be back eventually, begging to rejoin the EU. Of that I have no doubt.
            We Up Here will not be joining them in their self imposed wilderness.
            There shall be an Indyref 2, and this time we will prevail.
            Wonderful read, GB. Chapeaux. “

  12. One of the most important issues inmo is that we need to radically change our education system/curriculum one that is set up for those of an academic nature,how many would that be?15% tops again inmo,the other 85% are left to struggle.Could we not educate those less fortunate in academia could be taught or educated as to their worth to themselves/to society %ask not what my country can do for me,but what can I do for my country” JFK,we could begin with respect/manners with cleanliness both personnel and our surrounds with meaningful contributions again to ones self and our communities to understand that you must put in before you can take out,there are a whole range that can be taught that would be a benefit to society.With the breakup of the family unit many many of these kids receive little or no education as to what society and their place in it means.

    • Cairnallochy, they have no souls.

      I doubt that there are mirrors in any of the rooms in their houses.

      I still find it difficult to believe that there are hundreds of thousands who live Up Here who care nought for their fellow man, and are perfectly happy sitting atop a pile of misery and state engineered penury, counting their ‘blessings’ while murmuring under their breath; ‘there but for the grace of God go I.’
      I wonder to which ‘god’ they pray who rewards them and their selfish indifference.
      What will it take for some Up Here to realise that the world does not revolve around them?

      I am reminded of the old joke of an atheist who is greeted at the Pearly Gates by an angel who gives him the Grand Tour of Heaven.

      Sumptuous feasts are being consumed by Muslims in their own section of paradise, Jews in another Eden-like garden, Hindus in another and so on.
      Eventually the pair arrive at a high walled enclosure.

      The Angel cautions the new arrival to ‘shush’ as they tip toe past the great gates of the enclosure.

      ‘Please be quiet, my friend. This is where the Christians are billeted. They think that they’re the only ones up here.’

      What doth it profit a man, if he gains the whole world but suffer the loss of his own soul?’
      Where are the Christian sects in the face of mass suffering and state induced poverty in Scotland?
      Child abuse and same sex marriage?
      The Old Order has crumbled to dust.
      The times have changed; it falls to Young Scotland to lead us out of the jaws of this man made Unionist hell.

      • Jack some of the most vindictive people i came across in life were self proclaimed Christians , church every Sunday etc . Tories to man or woman probably ,the right sort , any interlopers definitely not encouraged in their circle ,

        I imagine they same lot being very happy with the American idea of Gated Communities keep out the riff-raff , the plebs , we have the same here without the gates ( yet )

        How Scots vote for a tory when we are confronted by their twisted idea of what is fair defies logic it goes against all humanity all empathy towards other people , its me , me , me , bugger the rest of you let me with my sharp elbows in to the front of the Queue .

        For the tory attack dog Ruth the mooth to proclaim Scots are highest taxed part of the country is laughable , the relevant bit she forgot to mention was people earning barrow loads of cash pay a bit more Boo- Hoo pass the hankies .

        Personally if i had any input , every area that voted Tory would immediately go the the bottom of every list for everything , special measures would be set up to assist any people in dire straights or yes voters ha ha in these areas . I would make the b/rds squeal until the pips squeaked.

        Vindictive – petty – Who cares – more like revenge .

        • I would go further, Robert.
          Vote Tory and you don’t need to pay any taxes at all. No council tax, income tax, NI contributions.
          Let them turn to the private sector they all love so much for their basic needs.They’d have to erect lamp posts outside their homes, perhaps electric meters on each lamp post?
          No access to the NHS Police Fire Service, schools, sewage, water, and so on.
          Oh and they’d need to build their own bridge over the Forth.
          That surely is the Tory way.

          • Reading your comment, Jack, brought to mind a memory from the run-up to Blair’s first election victory in 1997. It was a little programme (probably Channel 4?) where someone had had the bright idea of commissioning a top investment analyst, someone used to dealing only with the investment portfolios of the super-rich, to do likewise for an avenue of volunteers from a fairly well-heeled suburb in London.

            I remember it for the amusing insights it gave into all the participants. Interviews with the eager volunteers, before the great man gave his verdict on how to handle their finances, revealed that they had all the expected attitudes of what were then called yuppies. All of them thought that they were worthy subjects for the investment analyst and had jumped at the chance to have his free advice, courtesy of the programme makers. They had the fairly repugnant views of the upwardly mobile, typically looking down their noses at those they thought were not as successful and striving as themselves. Their avenue was one of substantial villas on a leafy avenue – obviously even more expensive now than then.

            However, when the financial analyst entered the room to deal separately with each of the participants, it was the demeanour and facial expressions which stick in my mind. The finance expert’s face barely concealed a patrician distaste and reminded me of Evelyn Waugh, arch snob, who, when obliged to enter the second class saloon on a transatlantic liner, was heard to exclaim loudly about the middle-class diners, “Can’t you just smell the poverty?”

            Having been asked specifically to deliver an analysis for these people as he would for his very rich clients – that is to view their finances and give recommendations on how they would manage in a stictly private world (no NHS, children privately educated, upkeep of family lifestyle and mortgages etc.) – his verdict was short and bleak. None of them could afford to live like that, it was well beyond their means.

            I still remember their shock and outrage that they – who saw themselves as able to do without the state, and were the very ones who, for those reasons, wished to dismantle the state – were told quite firmly that they were not rich enough to be independent of state institutions. After twenty years, I still encounter people with those attitudes, even people who are not as well-heeled as those programme participants in 1997.

            The spoiled baby-boomers – my generation – who gained immensely from the welfare state set up after the war, seem now to think that they did it all by themselves and look on sanguinely at the deliberate contraction of state institutions and even often vote for parties which proclaim the need to privatise. Those who worry about the future generations – especially after Brexit – are in despair about their lack of understanding about their own past and the future of succeeding generations.

            (Sorry for long post. Those who hate that – please scroll by – you will anyway. Blame it on pre-Christmas doldrums and general fed-upness with the present situation.)

          • No need to apologise, M Gedd.
            I too was a Baby Boomer, from humble beginnings, whose parents put 4 boys through a higher education,and ‘did without’ so that none of us would have to ‘do without’ when it came to our children’s education.
            How any of these very upright Christians can go to their place of worship of a Sunday, beat their breasts and recite the Sermon on the Mount, and by Monday give their full backing to Parties(yes, you too ,Wullie Rennie) whose satanic policies have rewarded the rich, while starving and killing tens of thousands of the rest of us.
            There can be no other reason for this.
            They vote for selfishness, and condemn their fellow citizens to early death. Hallelujah!
            I’ve checked: there is no line:- ‘Blessed are the well off.’
            Perhaps their Holy Men and Women should remind them that it will be the meek who inherit the earth.
            I seem to recall that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven?
            There’s going to be a lot of well heeled toes dancing to the devil’s tune, aren’t there?
            I have reached the end of my tether. I cannot engage in any meaningful conversation with your modern Red Tony Blair Tory. The least said about the Blue Tories and Wullie Rennie’s sham Tories the better.
            Size, or should that be ‘sighs’ does not matter, or so I’m told.
            Keep it coming, M Gedd.
            Have a great Saturday night. Off to my local watering hole soon, to meet up with the Rat Pack, and talk sedition and kill dead things.

  13. great article sam. sad to feel the frustration in so many of the comments.

    We can only hope our FM soon gives the signal for IndyRef2. Because Scotland is going to need her Independence. Whatever the outcome of these brexit negotiations, the UK will end up in a bad place.

    Anyway here’s what’s happening in ireland , with history reverberating back to the 1981 hungerstrikers and the 1921 government of ireland Act.

    Best to all – never lose heart or hope!

    • Oh dear, Sam, my poor Irish wife.
      I’ll miss her, you know. She’s been a faithful companion for decades now.
      On the bright side, Scotland can surely get the same deal as the North of Ireland?
      Aye, right.
      As we have observed all along, all we need do is to sit back and watch the car Brexcrash unfold in slow motion.
      Ding dong merrily on high, indeed.
      Indyref 2 now a certainty.
      What will Better Together have to offer switherers now?
      The DUP 10 become an irrelevance if enough WM MPs of all hews toss this No Border Option out the windae.
      It is quite a mess now, isn’t it?
      It is incredible when we consider that the English Parliament could have had a quick win by spending the last 18 months negotiating separately with the Irish Government on the question of the border, CTA etc., and didn’t.
      It’s going pretty much as I expected.

      • Jack who’s the favourite in a square go between the delectable Arlene & Mrs Mayhem ? . By the looks of the DUPs Sammy Wilson interviewed at Westminster a volcano waiting to erupt, his bright red face is a picture oops got dumped Sammy oh dear how sad , how has this catastrophic government held on so long maybe it’s because Labour are even bloody worse than the Tory party .

        It’s like witnessing a really bad horror movie with no Happy ending .

      • Not so much a pickle for them as an entire chutney factory. 😀

        An intransigent DUP tops the list, followed by the idea of NI exceptionalism for the rest of the UK to ponder (not least ourselves) and then the touchy subject of a hard border between all of Ireland and rUK. Where and how do you draw it?!? 😀

        If the whole situation wasn’t so fraught with potential calamity, you’d have to laugh at this clusterfudge.

        • You are right, Sam, it is no laughing matter.
          There has never been any doubt that the DUP and the Norn Irn Loyalists would never agree to a deal that meant that the North of Ireland would be ‘separated’ from the rUK by a Border of Convenience with the South.
          To them that would be the inevitable slippery slope to reunification.
          It has all gone horribly wrong.
          The thing is we knew that 12 months ago and were discussing it on here over the months.
          BBC News 24 are reacting as though it was a surprise, that the DUP resistance had not been anticipated since May had bunged them a billion to play ball.
          10 demented MP’s who believe that Eve was created from a rob bone literally, are holding England’s dangly bits in their hands and have the power to crash England asd Wales out of the EU with No Deal at all.
          Must be terrible having another country imposing their will on yours.

          BBC news readers are feigning surprise and ‘what happens next?’ as though all this was a surprise.
          Get in their, Nicola. Scotland still in the CU and Single Market or we’re off on the Yellow Brick Road to Independence.
          Where have the cackling laughing Scots Tories been hiding today?
          Robert Graham, my money would be on Arlene, but if some one shoved an envelope in her corner before the bell, she might take a fall.
          Another billion for DUP pet projects might save the Brexit day?

  14. Apparently Mrs Mayhem had to break off negotiations to phone the delectable Arlene, oh really her gang of well you name it they represent it and all hate based, her gang has taken control, oh really when did that happen, tail wagging the bloody dug , excuse the pun ginger,

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