Good for the goose…

A guest post by Samuel Miller

(Alternatively titled: Karma in action)

This’ll be a short one.

I’m guessing that by this point most readers will be aware of Prime Minister May’s very own bad hair Monday? No? Well it turns out our intrepid PM toddled over to Brussels with a proposal which her best buds in the DUP hadn’t really agreed to. This would be Treeza’s bid to kick start the phase 2 Brexit talks and hopefully avoid economic carnage for the United Kingdom of London. Oh and the baying of the UK public for Tory and more particularly, her blood.

Let’s face it, Cammo dropped a complete and utter wreck of a situation in Ms May’s lap and absolutely nothing has gone right for the new PM from that day forward. I’d feel sorry for Treeza, but, y’know, a. Tory and b. Tory PM. (shrugs)

Aaaanyroads, back to the meat of the matter. The proposal, so far as we’re led to believe, would allow that “the British government would commit to maintain the full alignment of single market and customs union legislation that might potentially create a border.” The DUP, for their own reasons (not going there), didn’t like this idea and before the PM could even finish her pre lunch aperatif, the anchors had been applied and the proposal removed from the table (Did it even make it as far as the table?). So far, so straightforward.

Now it gets interesting, because as you’re all no doubt aware, the very fact that Northern Ireland had been granted an exceptional status deserving of a custom brokered solution made a few bods sit up and take notice. Not least us obviously. Now comes the bit we’ve all been expecting from pretty much day one. The looming constitutional crisis.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan made a pitch for exceptional status as did First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones. How and ever, it should be pointed out to Mr Khan that London is not a country, it is a city within a country. A country which voted for Brexit. Equally Mr Jones should be aware that Wales also voted for Brexit. I have every sympathy for their position and only the most reclusive hermit living in a cave in Cape Wrath could fail to have noted that the economic ramifications of Brexit are going to be fairly grim to say the least.

No. I’d say there are only three bodies that Ms May will have any real worries over in the immediate aftermath of this remarkable clanger. The DUP natch, since her government relies on their… support? The hard line Brexit lobby of her own party and of course…

… First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish Government.

Whichever way you cut it. Northern Ireland required an exceptional status to square a circle and one was drafted to suit, even if currently rejected.

Scotland, unlike London, is a country and unlike both England and Wales did vote to remain. The whole current situation is so convoluted, with parties, cliques within parties and cliques within cliques, the permutations for outcomes at this point would give a mathematician a migrane. Reminds me of something…

Cue the popcorn.


Our host should be returning in the next couple of days so this will be my final post. As always, I’d like to thank the readers for bearing with my rambling and for all the great comments. See you below the line.

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  1. Many thanks for your enjoyable articles. It’s good to have such able writers as yourself and the Dug to keep us updated on the ins and outs of our long struggle for independence.

  2. Haha, popcorn at the ready. Could be a bit of a rollercoaster coming up. Always enjoy your wee stints on WGD when Paul’s gallivanting. Like you say there’s so many permutations it’s impossible to call. I’ll feel a sense of schadenfreude if I didn’t know how bad this could get.

    • TBH, on Ms May I had something *slightly* different penned under points a. and b. originally, but younger eyes under fifty and all that (cough). 😀

      • I thank you for your concern for younger eyes (cough). Being older and wiser, I expect most all your readers caught the sub-sub-sub text…

  3. We should also take careful note that conceding the possibility of such a deal flies entirely in the face of their outright rejection of the Scottish Government’s post brexir referendum claim that such an arrangement, for Scotland, was possible.

    Yet another case of everyone has rights but the Scots.

  4. Don’t post often here but always read the articles. Good job again as stand-in for WGD,

    I doubt there is any grand plan, fact is there is no plan and never has been. Tory arrogance had them believe that they bcould just leave everything to the last minute then railroad all the other players into their solution. Truth is they have failed and it’s back to the drawing board.

    The fireworks have yet to start, should be a good show. Is there any popcorn left in Scotland?

  5. Jackie Bird opened Distorting Scotland with a headline that Ruth Davidson had accused the FM of ‘weaponising’ Brexit as a tool for her independence obsession, followed by a film clip of Ruth talking vacuous unchallenged pish.
    There was only one tool on display tonight.

    “‘Frankly she should stop trying to leverage, weaponise Brexit as a tool for her independence obsession, and make sure we work together as one United Kingdom to get the best deal for all of us.’
    Ruth Davidson a MSP, in a country which voted 62% abandons her constituents to the mercy of an English Brexit.
    No live interview with Glenn grilling her.Just a wee free SNPBAD swipe courtesy of Donalda as we eat our humble pie from our laps.
    What a great stint sitting in, Sam.
    Thanks for your usual superb articles.
    See you at the far post for the next corner.

  6. Ms. Davidson, as ever, following strategy orders from her superiors in Westminster.
    What a great supporter of Scotland and democracy she is.

    Thank you for your well written and enjoyable posts.

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  8. Good post Sam! Karma sums it up. The whole agreement debacle just demonstrates how covert and blinkered the Tory government is.

    1. Win unnecessary election with reduced majority, but still PM
    2. Try to persuade a loyal but difficult group to prop up your government
    3. Get screwed to the wall by same group for a sum of £1billion – good negotiators!
    4. Crucial negotiations arrive in which that group is intimately involved and has publicly set red lines against the third party
    5. Engage in negotiations with third party without involving the group. No need.
    6. Do not tell the group what the negotiations are moving towards. No need.
    7. Group learns of substance of negotiations by a tweet from a connection of the third party
    8 Group says “Aye! Ye think so, do ye?” and refuses to accept the negotiated outcome.
    8 Negotiations come to grinding halt, while government tries to persuade, then has to accept that negotiations are a bust flush. Huge embarrassment.
    9 Find that the person you most fear/dislike is the one person who makes a comprehensive, cohesive and inclusive suggestion.
    10 Call up your faithful potential replacement and tell her to stymie said person.
    11 Potential replacement (Hon Colonel) weaponises her statement (again) shouting about opponent weaponising Brexit. Looks like an idiot as her statement is at least 12 hours and several weeks too late! But the faithful cheer.

    You couldn’t write it! Brexit the gift that keeps giving – in so many unexpected ways.

    • Ruth Davidson may be considered by some as a traitor to Scotland and its People.
      Some may say that, but I couldn’t possibly comment.
      To be accused of being a traitor to the people of the Land of your Birth is the ultimate condemnation, Non?
      I’m sure her parents love her.

      Jackie Bird, Glenn Campbell and Nick Eardley, well done you Yookish puppets.
      Suddenly everything is that nasty Nicola’s fault?
      I look forward to breathing the free fresh air of independent Scotland.

      • A case of Quislings to the left of us, Quislings to the right of us as the English controlled MSM volleyed and thundered; and the Quislings lined up for their OBEs and knighthoods from the benefits scroungers in Buck House.

    • I very much doubt that the DUP will ever see a penny of that money. Tories, being Tories will find a way to screw them.

      • Kenzie, there is no Stormont Administration into which HM Treasury would pay this mythical billion.
        The billion pledge was not directly to the DUP, but to the MI Assembly, which as we know is suspended, and won’t reassemble any day soon now.
        The Union is crumbling. Ruth Davidson is touting for a seat in England because she knows the Yoons Up Here are living on borrowed time.
        When Scotland resoundingly votes Yes then Davidson Fraser Tomkins and Carlaw , plus Rennie, Mumbles Bumbles the Gentlemen Farmers and Liar Carbuncle will be consigned to the dustbin of terrible mistakes, more affectionately known as the English House of Lards.
        There is after all, no magic money tree.
        Davidson and the 13 Blue Tory Placemats are actively working against the will and well being of the People of Scotland in favour of the wishes of England. There’s a name for that. Treason.
        And Mundell and Ruth never got a penny for Scotland. They’d rather sell us out for their own advancement Down There.
        It is the End Game for the Yookish ProudScotsBut Fifth Column.
        Another GE before Christmas?

  9. The brexi-shambles continues to amuse on a daily basis. Schadenfreude to all those who forced heartless and cruel cuts on a huge proportion of the population. When I’m inclined to feel sorry for TM I remember the sorrow she (and her cronies) have inflicted on the young, the old, the vulnerable and the disabled. I wish all tories the Christmas they so deserve.
    Thank you for standing in for the dug again. Always enjoy your articles.

  10. Jackie bird can in the words off Mrs brown feck off. Bicth she is another of englands puppets I’m getting sick of them running down Scotland left and right and imperials calling me a facist because I give them the same shit they’ve been giving us really makes my blood boil they’re lucky there not worth punching or I’d punch every britnat hypocrite that bad mouthed Scotland.

  11. The difference mainly is Scotland doesn’t have an EU state fighting it’s corner as does N. Ireland
    The Irish have been unwavering, with the EU in their corner.scotland has been sidelined, alas

  12. Certainly could never feel anything but contempt for May and her government, I mean regime. As for Labour, an utter disgrace of a useless, faux left wing bunch of troughers if ever there was, including of course their faux branch in Scotland.

    We have a Tory millionaire puppet at the helm, who snaps her fingers and untRuth of North britain jumps, shouting and spouting verbal abuse at the SNP, to the delight of the bbc and britnat media in order to detract from the absolute shambles of Brexshit. Davidson is the darling of the bbc, just what is going there!

    As has been pointed put, the EU27 are silent when it comes to Scotland.
    Has T,May and her dodgy crew already done a deal and sold Scotland off cheap?
    Who would say no to oil, fishing, land, water, minerals, renewables, and much more?

    Re the DUP, just what is going on? Who is running N.I? It’s all a can of worms.

  13. Read this:
    In it it say s
    One big suspicion in Dublin (and Brussels) circles is that London is deliberately trying to isolate the Irish issue from the other two.

    This is being done, suggest some officials, by putting forward an irresistible offer on the financial settlement and citizens’ rights, thus putting unbearable pressure on Leo Varadkar to go along with a less than robust deal on the border.

    EU sources say that won’t succeed.

    Is it possible that the events on Monday were part of an attempt to get that pesky border problem moved to phase 2? Is it possible the DUP were in on it? Given the timing of the fatal phone call…………..

    It would also explain why Juncker and Barnier gave May a bit more time, as it keeps the heat on UK/May and off Varadkar.

  14. It seems plane that the May told the DUP that they could have a soft border with Eire but didn’t say that they would have to have a hard border with the rest of the UK. She probably hoped that by the time the penny dropped everything would be signed and sealed. Of course anyone who had been thinking about solutions for Scotland would see that this was the case. I think that the attacks on the SNP tells us who blew the gaff.

  15. Hold the presses, the delectable Arlene is on the phone telling Mayhem what she wants to happen next, I wonder if the DUP have got their hands on the bung yet.

  16. It’s comforting to know Irelands equivalent of the KKK & the flat earth society, the DUP are having more say in the Brexit talks than the Elected Scottish Parliament.

    Oh it’s great being part of the Union eh ?

    Nicola call Indy ref 2 and let’s get to f/k out of this Farce it’s now becoming silly .

  17. Thanks for your contributions. As for the Colonel & the bigots, (nice wee name for a band?) Oh, what a tangled web we weave………

  18. Even if a deal was done for Scotland, would we believe they’d keep to their word? I wouldn’t. The ONLY solution for Scotland is Independence
    I enjoy your articles

  19. Thanks for your posts Sam. Excellent as always.

    I was at the doctors this morning to give a blood test. Whilst there the radio was blaring away with the BBC Scotland morning chat show about Brexit negotiations. I was really dismayed at peoples ignorance of events. Even worse they did not have anyone on who could give considered balance. It was like a comedy show. Kate who was the commentator.

    I also think a GE may be possible early next year. I only hope that the 500,000 SNP supporters who could not get out of bed the last time set their alarm clocks just in case.

    As you all agree above Theresa called this chaos herself with the last GE. No sympathy I am afraid. Let the chaos happen as far as I am concerned. Good for the indy vote.

  20. Having listened to mayhem’s stuttery feeble defence of Mondays catastrophic events that were headlined as – negotiations on Britain’s withdrawal from the EU – or a better title would be a total f/k up in progress in Brussels . Totally denied by a PM who is that removed from real life as to be on an different planet from the rest of us .

    I think its time for the subdued stature speaker Mr Bercow to remind the PM that its PMs questions and not PMs snide remark avoiding any answer time , Mrs Mayhem was preceded by that champion of Scotland’s interests Fluffy Mundell – just like Mayhem without the humour ,

    This speaker needs reminding its 2017 and not 1817 ,get shot of the useless bloody tripe like referring to the honourable member , when the questioner really means that lying b/rd who asked a stupid bloody question previously needs locking up , introduce some life into the proceedings

  21. bjsalba – you were calling it right May has said the Irish border issue will be settled in phase 2.

    On a morning where David Davis has brazenly admitted that there are no impact assessments after stringing everyone along for a few months May seriously thinks the Irish will trust her assurances that the border issues will be sorted in phase 2! If this lot said the sun would come up in the morning I’d be checking when I got up – thankfully the Irish and the EU seem to have their measure

    The arrogance of this government, and the brexiteers, and what they are allowed to get away with by the media is utterly breathtaking. There really are no words left to describe what is going on and the fact that half the folk in Scotland still think we are better to be governed by this bunch of lying, obfuscating, arrogant, juvenile, sneering morons propped up by a sycophantic media really makes me despair sometimes. This is when sites like this are so important – I know I’m not alone in my feelings!

    • Oh come on Fiona say what you mean , stop sitting on the fence Ha Ha , my thoughts exactly , but you manage to express it better than I ever could without swearing. Ha Ha .

  22. Got this link courtesy of Alex Wright on Derek Bateman’s blog. Some interesting info on shadowy connections of backers of Brexit. The article finds a common purpose in supporters of Brexit being that of “disaster capitalism”. The super rich actually want this chaos since they can make rich pickings in the catastrophic crisis which would hit post-EU Britain. If you read this, you will find that you probably ‘knew’ this, it just provides the names – many of whom you will recognise – and the wheels-within-wheels might make you dizzy.

    • JGedd, as you observe, we are already aware that Gove Johnson, Fox, and May’s husband are in it to reduce the UK to a rust bucket 51st State of the US.The Yankee billionaires will hoover up billions as our assets plummet in value; it is safe to assume that the Car Giants will leave England for Dublin and Warsaw.
      All that lovely real estate and plant machinery will be bought up at bargain basement prices.
      The value of houses will plunge through the floor, and negative equity tsunami will make the ’08 Crash look like a little financial turbulence.

      “George Monbiot opines;
      “Ripping down such public protections means freedom for billionaires and corporations from the constraints of democracy. This is what Brexit is all about. The freedom we were promised is the freedom of the very rich to exploit us.”

      I keep banging on about the English Establishment being more destructive than any terrorist attack.

      130,000 dead in the last 4 years of Tory Lib Dem, or as we know it in Scotland, Davidson and Rennie Austerity measures: starve the workers and reward the rich and watch thousands die for no reason other than they are poor.
      It is only the tip of the iceberg.
      Our vast oil and gas resources are being sucked out of the ground by multinationals for nothing. Free oil and gas to the billionaires!

      David Davis has just admitted that he is a serial liar.

      There are no 58 Impact Analyses.

      We haven’t one shred of Brexit groundwork upon which to base negotiations.

      Davis should be sacked immediately, but that won’t happen.

      He’ll be working for Morgan Stanley or one of the Rotheschild outfits afore long.
      His job is to ensure that Brexit will be a social, financial, and civic disaster.

      From June 2016 to December 2017, there has been no work done on the impact of leaving the EU. None, zilch, who cares, we are all well off millionaires anyway.

      Now we know.
      It’s official.
      Davis’ job is to drive England over Beachy Head to its certain death as a nation.

      The Blue Tories haven’t a clue what will happen come April 2019.
      The bigger the disaster, the more the rich will be rewarded, the more the rest of us will suffer.

      Scotland must get out from under this pile of horse shit now.
      Indyref 2 by October 2018. There is no time left.

      As for Corbyn, and Cable, a 69 year old, and a 74 year old, will they, like me, even be on this planet by April 2019?
      Perhaps they will, but their favourite niece will be cutting up their meat for them at the dinner table by then.
      They have no dog in the EU fight.
      England has gone absolutely mad.

      Resign, Davis, you liar and fraud.
      Rant over.

      • Rant entirely understandable, Jack. I’ve been tearing my hair out over here screaming at the TV “Can’t you say what this is all about you stupid sheep!” It’s playing hell with my blood pressure. I don’t want to see the Land of my Birth go over Beachy Head – but “You can lead a horse to water …” Please God the waverers and switherers in Scotland are finally taking this Galactofeck in!

      • Trying telling that to barnsley folk they think they are fine and england won’t die as its to strong I knew the whole time I was raised down in England it was finished it never recovered from thacther they pretend they did but it’s crap as barnsley is one place thacther scars still exist today.

  23. I heard a snatch of John Beattie this lunchtime in which he was bewailing in hurt tones that people accuse him and the BBC of bias. I was remined of the interview he conducted on GERS figures between Prof Murphy and that eejit whose name I forget in which said eejit was given a belting by Prof Murphy. Two weeks later he had on a former Scottish Government employee who was involved in collecting the figures to try to rescue the situation in talking up the validity of the figures. Nobody else to argue the other side.

    Bias, Mr Beattie? Surely not!

    • He seems a reasonable affable big lunk, who has the mellifluous tones of a lay preacher delivering Thought for the Day..
      And yet, if he argues that BBC Scotland, the Northern Branch of the English Establishment is not rabidly anti Independence, then perhaps like George W he was playing too much football without a helmet.
      By now nobody believes the GERS stitch up.
      You’ll be telling me net that David Davis’ team of three million civil servants hasn’t produced 58 Brexit Impact Analyses and that May and Co haven’t a clue what will happen at the end of March 2019.
      BBC Scotland is a Yoon hive, Mr Beattie. I know that, you know that, we all know that.
      So enough of your wide eyed faux surprise.

  24. I can’t believe that half the people in Scotland still believe that we are better together. That would imply that at least half of the Scottish population are wealthy and that is definitely not the case. Even those who are ‘comfortable’ at the moment must surely soon feel the effects of the total debacle in Westminster!

    • That’s why it’s at 47% now more are turning but I think the truth is higher but we say it’s 47% to let English like may show there true colors again and again because as we know once it’s reveled to them is 51% or more for independence they will start begging again like shameless Cameron did in 2014.

  25. Scientists conversant in Chaos Theory would have a hard time making any sense of the present political situation. Perhaps the practitioners of quantum physics would have more success. The DUP want Northern Ireland to be in ‘regulatory alignment’ with the rest of the UK – except when they don’t, viz same sex marriage, abortion law and over 20 differences in employment law. To you this may seem a tad hypocritical, but we will let that pass. Strangely, they don’t seem to be able to simultaneously accept the same quantum state of regulatory alignment with the rest of the island of Ireland despite wanting that state to exist – welcome to qubit politics where regulatory alignment can be in multiple states until examined at which point it ceases to exist, pushes up daisies and falls off its perch. From within the mind of a flat earth creationist this probably all seem quite reasonable and normal.

    But in the real world, such as it is, this will have to be sorted and of the many possible outcomes ranging from Brexit abandonment to the cliff edge, one will include Northern Ireland remaining in regulatory compliance with the rest of the island of Ireland with goods, materials and services conveyed from that domain to the rest of the UK being subject to inspection. And, if that happens, Scotland will want its own version of the same. Thank you.

    Meanwhile, I am getting fed up with popcorn and wonder if there is a Scottish substitute. Haggis nuggets or Aberdeen Angus flavoured kale and neep crisps perhaps.

    Thanks to Macart for looking after the dug, a good job well done. I see the dug’s minder is visiting Elgin – 7.30pm at the Inkwell on Wednesday 13th December.

    • Nice observations on the DUP and non regulatory compliance. Flat earth society says it all. How can people with brains vote for them?

      • She’s had a rough week right enough. Clearly she can’t be thinking straight congratulating successful separatists. 😮

        That or, y’know, the other thing.

  26. O/T
    I see that Magnus Gardham is editing the Herald Britland now.
    How else can we explain the ridiculous headline in today’s online Blah that Mundell is to ‘read the Riot Act’ to RBS over the closure of 62 branches in Scotland.
    Only thing is, WM owns RBS and they’ve already stated that they never interfere in the commercial decisions of private companies, so RBS can do what they like.
    In other words, this is a big dollop of Fake News churned out by Mundell’s £635,000 a year Press Office which is headed up by the bold Magnus, this nice we earner was doubtless his reward for his sterling Better Together Herald Britland propaganda and lie spreading during Indyrtef 1, Fake News which the BBC and the Herald’s owner Newsquest are determined to stamp out by employing 140 odd young journalists to fight for Truth Liberty and the Yoon way of life in Blahs throughout the nation.
    Mundell the ATM Champion?
    Aye, right.

  27. I wondered why BBC Scotland breakfast 2 minutes had a ‘good news’ take on Scotland’s A&E figures improving by 9% over the last 4 years while England’s missed A&E missed targets more than doubled over the same period.
    Until the English version from Salford Quays of the same story hit our screens.
    It seems that the BBC have pre-empted the ‘taking back control’ post Brexit Wordl of Westminster and Wooster.
    Their version of the same study has ‘the UK’ NHS failing, with no acknowledging that the Scottish NHS, a devolved service is apparently getting it right while the English fragmented over privatised Health Provision is crashing and burning.
    BBC England, Scotland has its own Health Service.
    I sincerely hope that one of the ProudScotsBut Yoon MPs will be contacting the State Broadcaster before 9 am to insist that the BBC correct this insult to the SHS and the outstanding performance of our terrific hospital professionals?
    It has started. ‘NHS’ to BBC editors and broadcasters includes Wales, Norn Irn, and Scotland’s devolved services.
    The ‘power grab’ and ‘taking back control’ has begun.
    Perhaps Magnus can pen an article for the Scottish Office’s pet Rag, the Herald, protesting in the strongest possible terms, that Scotland’s fully devolved NHS Performance outstrips England and that our neighbours to the South need only look northwards and adopt Scotland’s best practice improvements in English regions.

    • There false pride won’t allow it as from there view that be admitting Scotland is doing better than england is they can’t allow that.

  28. I was disgusted at news coverage about the Scottish NHS improving by 9% as the rest of the UK were negative, about one sentence in the news where you are. I wonder what the coverage would have been like if we were the ones lagging behind

  29. “Both parties recognise that the UK and Ireland may continue to make arrangements between themselves relating to the movement of persons between their territories (Common Travel Area), whilst fully respecting the rights of natural persons conferred by Union law. The UK confirms and accepts that the CTA and associated rights and privileges can continue to operate without affecting Ireland’s obligations under Union law, in particular with respect to free movement of EU citizens.”

    As your heading suggests Sam, what’s good for the goose…

  30. Just wow.


    I don’t suppose the author of the tweet in question (Mr Torrance) will have realised what he’s just said either. He may wish to read it over to himself slowly. 😮

  31. Something missing ,

    All the news channels while lightly touching on deal done , Really ! eh what bleedn deal ? the small point of the detail and whats actually changed since the drama at the beginning of the week , is where ? , how have the difficulties been solved ?

    Now they seem to be moving on to the next stage assuming we are all up to speed .

    I know i am getting on a bit but have i missed something ? , has something happened while i wasnt paying attention ?

    According to a BBC News channel this morning the main sticking point was rights for UK & EU citizens , eh no it f/n wasnt yah dosy bloody imbecile , we know it was the border and you know it as well ,dont treat us like idiots and brain dead cretins , it was played out before our eyes , Arlene- phones -Mayhem walks it was that simple .

  32. Excellent article, thank you so much!

    Some (hopefully good news):

    Quote of the Irish Times:

    “This saga has taken many strange turns, but this is the strangest of all: after one of the most fraught fortnights in the recent history of Anglo-Irish relations, Ireland has just done Britain a favour of historic dimensions. It has saved it from the madness of a hard Brexit. There is a great irony here: the problem that the Brexiteers most relentlessly ignored has come to determine the entire shape of their project. By standing firm against their attempts to bully, cajole and blame it, Ireland has shifted Brexit towards a soft outcome. It is now far more likely that Britain will stay in the customs union and the single market. It is also more likely that Brexit will not in fact happen.”


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