A metaphor for the UK

Back in Scotland, jet-lagged, with a cold, and depressed because my significant other is significantly very far away. But hey, all is just wonderful in the wonderful world of wonderful British politics, so that makes up for it then. Or it would, if we all possessed similar nervous systems and the same ability to comprehend our surroundings and circumstances as an amoeba. So just like a UK cabinet minister then. These people make Donald Trump look like he’s a political giant.

The biggest and most important development is of course that Scotland in Union is no more in union with itself. At least that’s the biggest and most important development for those of us who really do work our wee socks off in a real grassroots movement. According to a statement from the Unionist grassroots organisation, stop laughing at the back there, there has been no break up, it’s just that some people who were formerly associated with Scotland in Union are now going off to do something else British nationalistish. This is of course not nationalist at all, because it’s British and being British gives you a free pass from the evils of nationalism. That’s what makes British nationalism better than the nationalism of lesser nations.

This is all a bit like saying that you’re not divorced from your partner, you’ve just both been sleeping with other people, living in separate houses, and are no longer on speaking terms with one another. Or in other words you are in the same kind of marriage that you typically find amongst senior members of the royal family. That’s how Liz and Phil have managed to stay lovingly wed for 70 years, and clearly Scotland in Union are adopting the same successful tactic. If that’s their model for keeping Scotland in the UK, we’ve probably got more in common with them than they would care to admit.

The break up that’s not a break up at all is because the people who haven’t flounced off didn’t do so because they were upset that Scotland in Union hadn’t been making a positive case for the Union. They are perfectly happy with the positive case that’s been made so far, which essentially boils down to “We hate the SNP. Westminster has half-bankrupted Scotland so it’s only fair that we let them finish the job. Did we mention that we hate the SNP?” They’re upset that Scotland in Union has been ignoring Brexit because it’s a galactofuck that Scotland voted against by a much larger margin than it voted against independence. From an outside perspective it’s the most sensible thing about the frothing tendency, as Brexit does make it rather difficult to argue that Scotland benefits from the strength, stability, and certainty of the UK. You can’t really look at Boris Johnson, David Davis, and Michael Gove and say that with a straight face.

However it is a fair point that Scotland in Union has been ignoring the obvious. After all Scotland’s supposedly leading grassroots Unionist organisation has also been ignoring the fact that the only real grassroots Unionist organisation in Scotland is the one that puts on citrus fruit themed parades around June. They’re also ignoring the uncomfortable truth that for a bunch of people who hate nationalism so much, the real blood and soil out and out fascists are all very much on their side of the political divide.

The group that hasn’t broken off is calling itself Unity, which is a strange choice of name for a bunch of separatists who want to split off from the other Unionists and split off from Europe, but who are we to judge. Their grassroots activity so far has mainly consisted of putting some memes out on social media about how Brexit is going to be great and Scotland has to suck it up. Scotland is loved and valued in the Union, as long as we shut up and do as we’re told.  It’s about as convincing as a declaration of undying loyalty from Michael Gove.

Back on planet Earth, or at least what passes for it in the wormhole leading into a dimension in which nothing makes sense which the UK has fallen into, this week has been a week of repeated humiliations for the British government. There have been even more humiliations than normal, even for this lot. There was the commissioning of the Royal Navy’s brand spanking new aircraft carrier. Only the nearest it’s got to an aircraft is a wee remote controlled drone that the captain’s wife is giving him for his Christmas. Phil Hammond admitted that the British government hasn’t actually decided what it wants to get out of Brexit. David Davis admitted that those impact assessments he’d been assuring us all were incredibly detailed have as much existence in this universe as Michael Gove’s reputation for loyal friendship. And Theresa May got slapped down by Arlene Foster when Theresa tried to sign a deal which would have seen Northern Ireland effectively remain in the Customs Union and Single Market but the rest of the UK leave it.

After Arlene sank the agreement that Theresa had reached on Monday, she then refused to take Theresa’s phone calls in a snub that even Michael Gove would have thought cold. There was poor Theresa, left looking foolish in front of the big boys and girls of Europe by a woman whose party makes Jacob Rees Mogg seem terribly daring and modern. This is how politics in the UK is conducted these days.

Hello, you’ve reached the office of Arlene Foster. I’m sorry I can’t take your call right now as I’m in a meeting to discuss how NornIreland can’t be allowed to diverge from the rest of the UK except for gay marriage and abortion rights.
Press 1. To hear Ulster Says No in every European language. Except Irish.
Press 2. To listen to a rousing selection of marching tunes from the Apprentice Boys flute band.
Press 3. If you’ve got another £1.5 billion to give away.
Press 4. If you’d like me to bring down your government.

By Friday, an agreement had been cobbled together. The man from the BBC said that there had been concessions on both sides, by which he meant that the UK had agreed to everything that the EU had demanded, and the EU had promised that in the next round of negotiations it will supply proper Belgian chocolate biscuits instead of those cheap bourbon creams from Aldi. And this first round, remember, was supposed to be the easy part of the negotiations for the UK. Britain has never been more screwed.

For Scotland what all this means is that the UK can no longer threaten an independent Scotland with a hard border, with economic sanctions, and with threats of military intervention. A Scotland which is part of the Customs Union and the Single Market will enjoy the same access as Ireland. Some in the UK voted for Brexit because they fondly imagined that Brexit would allow Britain to bestride the globe like a colossus. Instead it’s revealed the colossal weakness of a friendless and isolated Britain and one colossal humiliation after another while British politicians froth on the sidelines. We don’t have to be a part of this. The case for independence just got stronger. No wonder Scotland in Union is splitting up. It’s really been a metaphor for the UK this whole time.


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0 thoughts on “A metaphor for the UK

  1. Relieved you’re back in the country Paul. Thought they might do that “revoke your passport” thing and not let you back. Welcome home:-)

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  3. It came to me this morning, the UK or at least the Powers that Be, are suffering from Phantom Empire Syndrome. It’s gone, well and truly long gone, but they still feel as if it’s there, they keep trying to wiggle all those long lost possessions and decayed influences. Bit sad really.

    Anyway, good to have you back WGD, Fàilte a-staigh!

  4. Qelcome back Paul. Just keep your cold to yourself please! Good to see you’ve not left your wonderful acerbic humour on holiday!! Brilliant start back young man!

  5. Dear Dug,

    I must take exception to your unacceptable denigration of amoeba in this article. The merest cursory glance through any natural history encyclopaedia would prove that amoeba have been providing a sterling service for aeons now; they are unparalleled experts in the breaking down of detritus and dead things (I imagine they have their ever attentive eyes set squarely on the laboour party branch in Scotland, and what remains of the tories. I have it on good authority that they have no appetite for libdem liars). To compare them to the incompetent and vacuous unionists in any part of these islands is just plain wrong. Amoeba are much more adept at what they do than any unionist entity by far, and your comment takes the “far wide of the mark” biscuit.

    This brings me neatly to your statement referring to “..cheap bourbon creams from Aldi.” It is my contention here, that the bourbon creams dispensed by the celebrated German vendor are, in fact, far superior to those provided – at a much inflated rate, I might add – by the likes of Asdash or Tescoc. Your attitude to cut-priced crunchy confection smacks of elitism and has no place in an impoverished society. Shame on you Sir!

    I shall be scrutinising your missives more closely from now on and, should you err so shamelessly again in the future, I shall have no choice but to report you to the suitable authority. Perhaps Mr. Macart should take over your blog indefinitely, eh?

    Oh, and welcome home. You’ve been sorely missed.

    Yours sincerely,

    A Moeba.

        • Really? I thought it was a vaguely folky pop group but can’t think which one.
          “… just give a wiggle, split right down the middle, then there are two of me, both as handsome as can be, here we go slithering …” etc.
          Come to think of it, sounds just like the Tories right now — LMAO!

          • I think you are referring to the words of the Very Cellular Song of 1968 by the Scottish Incredible Sting Band. They were the leading band in psychedelic folk. Superb multi-instrumentalists who brought together traditional music and contemporary, experimental music to pioneer the World Music movement. They were the only Scottish band to play at Woodstock.


          • OMG! That long ago. I don’t think I caught up with them before the ’70s. Odd how snatches drift back … “Well I was a young man, back in the 1960s, we made our own amusements then … but hey you young people, you just do not know …” Oh dear, and it’s all coming true!

          • The incredible String band for me attempted, often successfully, fusion of Celtic surrealism in its musical form with various other genres, African, Medieval, Gregorian Chant etc.

            The common Celtic surrealism part was similar and perhaps influenced by others like Ivor Cutler and has a common surrealist heritage in art and literature.

        • ‘Who’s that knockin’ on ma door, Can’t see no one right now.’
          The IBS has a song for every occasion.
          Pests. Sidetracked again.
          I’m on youtube, ‘October Song’.
          Sometimes I wish I could murder time.

          • What’s odd is how certain lines and verses are somehow still floating around in my head, long after I’ve forgotten where they came from. You’ve just hit on another one :
            “I met a man whose name was Time, he said ‘I must be going’, but just how long ago that was, I have no way of knowing,
            Sometimes I want to murder time, times when my heart is breaking, but mostly I just stole along, the path that he is taking …”
            At least that’s how I remember it.

          • Now that was something by Dylan, and yes, it stuck, although the remainder of whatever it came from was (for me at least) unmemorable word-salad. All about growing old and cynical IIRC. Well, I suppose we’ve arrived there by now. But the kids are always enthusiastic, “hope springs eternal”, as they say. Best not to put them off trying, after all, who knows? …

          • Hmm … I remember that title but can’t recall the song itself. But what it has brought to mind is Cousin Caterpillar (was that one of theirs??) “My cousin has great changes coming, one day he’ll wake with wings!” “Oh happy we, could we take each change so easily”. Such an odd mix of the outright silly with the profound 🙂

  6. Welcome back. 🙂

    Not a great time of year to be apart from those you care about. Other than contracting the lurgie, I’m hoping you managed some quality time regardless. 🙂

    Kicked off a bit in the past week to be sure and yes, it’s pretty much turning out exactly as expected. Bugger! Running out of popcorn and firewater again. Really need to stock up this weekend.

  7. The DUP who brought us No Playpark On Sunday, and Yes You Can Play in the Band As Long as You Play the Lambeg have now brought you Schrodinger’s Border

    Marvel as you cross Schrodinger’s Border, oops is it there, is it not there ? It’s the DUP’s equivalent of Ayrshire’s Electric Brae – am I going up, doon, in the EU, oot the EU, in the Customs Union or no’ ?

    Whit aboot duty free ? Can I take ma litre bottle of Chanel No5 over the border fae Ireland into NI, into/out of the EU then hop on the ferry tae Scotland which IS NO DIFFERENT TO NORTHERN IRELAND because Arlene said so, NO SURRENDER ?

    What about my dozen French penpals who came in the minibus with me fae Dublin via Belfast tae Cairnryan ? Are they exercising Schrodinger’s Free Movement of People ?

    Arlene hen, ah think ye should huv a wee word wi’ the Downing Street cat 😁

  8. Great to have you back home, my lad.
    You’ve missed some grade A Jackie Baillie strength pee.
    I caught Ruth Davidson on Distorting Scotland at half tennish tonight.
    Can she really be that thick? Apparently.

    No hard border between The North and the South of Ireland, while evry country in the Yookay leaving the EeYoo on the same terms, which is good news for Scotland as we trade 4 times as much with the rest of the UK than we do with that nasty Europe Place.
    Apart from the fact that her mouth opens and illogical nonsense spouts forth, unchallenged by Sally in the hot seat, she repeats the lie that Scotland’s main export market is England, with absolutely no statistical evidence to back this up.

    Even if this were so, Scotland having the same EU terms as N I, no hard border with the EU, remaining in the Single Market, would not affect trade with Engwaland come April 2019.

    She really is a very stupid wee woman, whom the BBC, as per, give free rein to churn out ridiculous lies and exaggerations at will.

    The main Yoon TV outlets are declaring May’s Dunkirk as a triumph, when in fact the EU27 have today wiped the floor with her.

    Arlene is still not on board yet, and Davis looks ‘under the weather’ every time he appears on TV now.
    The talks have stalled, It’s just a big parked bus, so that they can all go away and enjoy Christmas.
    In England, everything stops for 3 weeks, starting now.

    Indyref 2 October 2018 is nailed on now.

    This time we attack, and attack, and destroy political idiots like Davidson, Murdo Fraser, Willie Rennie, and Liar Carbuncle.
    WE call them out for what they are ; dangerous fools who threaten our health wealth, and way of life.
    They are killing tens of thousands by state engineered poverty as it is.
    Labour Branch Office, and the Marxist Brothers Corbyn and McDonnell we can ignore.
    There is no Red Tory party now. Just a bunch of sad old Trot Throwbacks.

    I vote that Paul, Derek Bateman, and other firebrands be co-opted onto the Attack Yoon Propaganda Team now, and start dismantling the idiotic nonsense like Ruth Davidson’s burble tonight,very publicly and with maximum ridicule.

    She is just not very bright, and it is beginning to show. It’s time we made this public.
    Giving her unchecked airtime is like throwing a packet of razor blades into a kid’s cradle.

    I no longer shop in English based supermarkets, or any English based provider of goods and services if it can be avoided.
    Doubtless if a Scot shops at a local ASDA Davidson would count this towards her mythical ‘4 times as much trade’ figure.
    It’s a lie, will some journo pull her and Wullie Rennie up on it? Or better still keep them away from the BBC, the champion of truth and justice?
    Lidl and Aldi are my shops of choice now. Great biscuits and French loaf.
    And of course my local Scottish butcher.
    October 2018, Freedom Day.
    Welcome back, Paul.

    • Come, Come Jack. You are being uncharacteristically kind to Ruth. Her stupidity/ignorance has been there for all to see for some time now. 🙂

      • Kenzie, this insignificant little microbe actually thinks that England and Wales would cease to trade with Scotland if we voted for independence, and joined the EU, as some sort of ‘punishment’, visited upon her fellow Scots through her agency, as the willing and vindictive handmaiden of her WM Overlords.
        In the form of a pointless playground bully girl threat, she argues that the rest of the EU 28, Scotland having joined seamlessly as the 28th nation state, would allow EngWaland to boycott goods from Scotland as part of any trade deal the EU brokers with EngWaland post March 2019.
        The woman is clearly in a padded cell of her own making.

        The ‘4 times as much trade with rUK than Europe ‘ myth is unfounded and there are no reliable stats, just like the GERS nonsense, upon which to base this assertion.

        If the Yoons have based this trade dependency figure on any thing, does it consider a Scots shopper, buying Scottish produce from a Scottish branch of Somerfield, to consume in Scotland, as the Scottish farmer, or distiller, who supply the Scottish supermarket branches with produce as ‘trading with’ rUK, and so on?
        It is a fake stat, invented to imply that Scotland is reliant on English and Welsh consumers buying our stuff.

        rUK will continue to buy Scots no matter what we decide post Brexit. Remain within the UK, under a hard Brexit regime, in the UK, but with ‘special SM CU status’ within the EU, or the ‘no hard border’ SM CU option being peddled for NI and the Republic.

        Her nasty little soundbites and threats to Scotland on BBC Scotland News are broadcast unchallenged, like a Big Brother broadcast to the workers.

        Ergo, Sally Magnusson fronted a programme threatening her fellow Scots with a lie, and Brian Taylor compounded the fake stats in his voice over piece by not challenging his ex colleague Blawhard’s baseless nonsense.

        Davidson crumbles and mumbles and grins that inane panic laden grin when she faces a ‘live’ interviewer who asks difficult questions, like, what clour socks did you put on this morning.

        This week, BBC Scotland, her mates, her former colleagues, gave her free access on film to spout her nasty narrow ProudScotBut Brit Nat crud.
        It was all Nicola Sturgeon’s fault; her obsession with independence was fecking up the Brexit talks. Aye, right.

        It is clear that Davidson must be protected from herself at all costs.
        I repeat, her intellect has the depth of a fruit fly’s belly button, Kenzie.

        I can’t imagine that she is ‘Big T’s’ best friend now that she stabbed her in the back over Brexit.

        As I observed before, we have thrown more out the road to get to a fight, Kenzie.

        On the Indyref 2 Campaign the YES Movement must ensure that Glenn Campbell, Gordon Brewer, Tom Gordon and the Brit Nat Gang are not allowed to muffle the Independence message.
        No more ‘leadership debates’ front loaded with Brit Nats, on the panel, in the audience, and chaired by bought and paid for Brit Nat Propagandists.

        Perhaps in old age I am mellowing, K?
        No, she is stultifyingly bad.

        • Jack, you give her more credit for the depth of her intellect than I would. To me, she is an empty vessel; good only for making noise. Nothing else.

          You, on the other hand, are obviously a well read man.

        • I suspect that Greater England may, post-Scottish independence, want to import some (most) of our oil. As they will have little or none of their own!

          But them I’m being daft – of course they won’t. They are going to tell the private sector oil producers – ‘we’ll take any of your oil from the market but not if its from Scotland’.

          And as I posted elsewhere in January, 2017 :

          “Boris Johnson, the Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary, gave his first major policy speech at Chatham House on 2 December, 2016 (https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/beyond-brexit-a-global-britain ). I extract a couple of relevant gems:

          ‘… it is our historic post-Brexit function, as the PM has said, to be the leading agitators for free trade.’

          ‘… seizing the moment to campaign for openness and open markets across the globe beginning with some of those dynamic commonwealth economies that are already queuing up to do free trade deals.’

          But of course all this ‘free trade’ commitment would, exceptionally, be put to one side when it comes to England’s nearest neighbour and fellow member of The Commonwealth.

          And for Scotland alone, England would renege on The Commonwealth Charter: ‘The Charter expresses the commitment of member states to the development of free and democratic societies and the promotion of peace and prosperity to improve the lives of all peoples of the Commonwealth’.”

  9. Welcome home Paul. As you can see Sam did a great job running your blog.

    Agree with you that the UK government are pathetic. Lots of it has come to the boil this last week. They have been shown as even more incompetent. The WM media is still not having a go and are hinting it is all the EUs fault. The Guardian is more direct which along with the National is having a go at Brexit risks.

    Away from the political news more and more about businesses starting to move.

    Good news Scotland in the Union is having a tad bit of bother. As for the DUP they are not done yet.

  10. The Brexit referendum was a choice between ubernationalism and internationalism.
    Scotland saw right through the Brexiteer bullshit!

  11. The iconography chosen by UK unity really doesn’t match their guff about Dawn breaking.

    It’s kind of in the North West. Even worse when you play the video they punt. Not only does the sun rise in the west but it then consumes the planet in a ball of fire.

    All in all if that’s Earth it’s either being viewed from a weird angle or it’s in a parallel dimension.

  12. Welcome back Paul, I had cause to spend some time in Connecticut working on a technology transfer one Fall.

    I suppose the big story there just before you left was Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as being the new Israeli capital.

    If de facto reality is the justification he is using to do that then I expect any day now he will be announcing that the UK American embassy is to move from London to Belfast.

  13. Welcome home Paul . As others have said Macart did a great job filling your shoes.

    I just read your piece in the National and I hadn’t realised that you would not be able to marry in Scotland without having to part thereafter – I should have .

  14. Firstly, welcome back, bogies and all. You have an excellent article in TheNational highlighting establishment hypocrisy whereby a retired unemployed sudjer can easily bring in a resting American actress for purposes of matrimony.

    The meeja are being strangely quiet over Brexit, possibly because they don’t want to understand the implications of what’s going on – or they do. The Govefish’s praise for the Maybot is surely a distraction while, round the back, he is busy sharpening one of his dad’s filleting knives.

    The document issued by the EU: https://ec.europa.eu/commission/sites/beta-political/files/1_en_act_communication.pdf has, within it, some telling passages…

    On Northern Ireland: “United Kingdom committed to maintaining full alignment with those rules of the internal market and the Customs Union which, now or in the future, support North-South cooperation, the all-island economy, and the protection of the Good Friday (Belfast) Agreement”. How does this square with Northern Ireland being an integral being part of the UK which is simultaneously leaving the internal market and Customs Union?

    On citizen’s rights: “enable both Union citizens and United Kingdom nationals, as well as their respective family members, for the rest of their lives, to continue to exercise their rights derived from Union law in each other’s territories, where those rights are based on life choices made before the date which the Joint Report calls the ‘specified date’”.

    On payments: “United Kingdom payments arising from the financial settlement will become due as if the United Kingdom had remained a Member State”.

    Which sort of means the UK government has agreed to pay the club fees and abide by the rules in exchange for occasional use of the toilets – the outside ones – in the woods.

    Anyhoo, where does this leave Scotland? Certainly no worse off. As has been highlighted elsewhere, some of Bittertogether’s legs have been lopped off. It’s basically a waiting game, waiting for the period of jolly festivities (Bah! Humbug) to pass before internecine warfare breaks out within the tory party as reality starts to bite. Tick Tock. Haggis nuggets and cranberry crisps at the ready.

    • Well, I would have never have guessed, “The U.K. is, unequivocally, the party that gets fleeced in this divorce.”. If that is what winning is like, I hate to think what losing looks like.

      • Pretty much what we’ve been saying for the past year. There was no scenario, no cunning negotiating strategy, no way in which this was ever going to produce the deal the UK had before the trigger was pulled.

        As for the mental cases who touted ‘let them whistle’? The ‘walk away’ half wits? (No names no pack drill Bojo) Again there was no scenario where the EU would or could ever let that happen. They have their own democracies and populations to answer to. The UK would have been dragged ignominiously through international court and would have lost BIG time. Same deal had the Good Friday agreement collapsed or EU citizens rights had been abandoned or abused. Carnage.

        The EU has the clout of twenty seven nations behind it. The worlds most prosperous trading block. That some EVER thought there would be a different outcome is quite staggering, but there’s no telling some folk. (shrugs)

        Then there’s this.


        • Its always good to know what is worrying the unionists,so i read and listen to their unionist UK column,two days ago (wednesday) actually i think it was, they were dicussing brexit and were inferring that the UK was not leaving the EU. more like feeding the whole of the UK a red herring
          ,and change the name only game.
          This worries me if we are still in the EU but under new laws bought in by the back door,especially after the way we watched how the EU dealt with Catelonia and how westminster backed them up.we may end up in the same situation, have you ever watched UKcolumn on youtube, there’s a lot you have to ignore including david scott as he often takes the truth for a joy ride,around bends and twists you would,nt believe and gives the bbc a good race at our exspense, I do not post or comment regularly as i had quite a bad eduecation and only learnt my
          abc in secondary school,so i defintely wont be regular on the indy posts.but i do what can elsewhere at meetings or posting snp leaflets through doors.
          I was wondering if you be kind enough to check out the veiws of uk column if you have the time
          an see if i got it wrong or do WE the indy movement have something to worry about in the near future.

          • No need to check out the column. In the first instance the UK is formally in the process of leaving the EU and there are only two possible outcomes to that process: hard or soft brexit. Hard brexit = no single market access and no membership of the customs union. Soft brexit either is or would be remarkably like the Norway option. No voting rights on the EU’s institutions, yearly contributions, legislative cooperation and access to single market and CU. No one truly has an inside track as to the eventual outcome only lesser or more informed speculation.

            The first option will bring a degree of economic carnage to the populations of these islands not seen in a very long time. The second will see a large (though lesser) degree of economic damage, a far poorer settlement for the UK regarding its market access and a massive lessening of its influence. As of this moment, the declared intention is still to leave the CU and single market, but with some form of preferential access (unlikely). The trade negotiations will not begin until UK gov are singing from the same hymn sheet sometime early in the new year, therefor no clear outcome can be inferred until that stance is known and negotiations begin.

            Regarding a stance on the EU for those who wish to see Scotland return its legislative powers to its own parliament? I’d say this is a pretty good argument right here:


            and that is whether you are YES leave or YES remain.

            On the second issue. No, the Scotland scenario for independence would not follow the Catalan experience, though I’m sure there are those who would wish otherwise. The legal and constitutional basis is entirely different and already has set precedent to call upon. Scotland is a nation with historically recognised borders. It is party to a bilateral international treaty which technically would be a matter of dissolution, not secession, should Scottish citizens wish to return all legislative powers to their own control.

  15. Welcome back to the Grand Duchy of Ruritania. You’re just in time for to commemorate Princess Diana’s millenium win over France at the Dunkirk Football World Cup in 1940 and 1966. We’re having a street party to celebrate. Come along to Wootton Bassett and help kick in some migrants.

  16. Nearly right on this one, Paul:

    “…Britain to bestride the globe like a colossus”

    should read:

    “…Britain to bestride the globe like a colostomy”

    Because all Greater England ever does nowadays is shower shit on these islands, and on the continent and the world in general.

  17. The target of all the lies is always the SNP. Rubbishing their record on Government. When the opposite is the truth. On just about every measure our Scottish Government is doing much better than other parts of the U.K.

    The SNP have always said they have to demonstrate competence in Government. Our Unionist media are working to make people think they are incompetent.

    Instead of seeing our parliamentary vehicle to independence being diminished daily

    The YES movement need (something to do) to counter the lies and set the record straight.

    Irrespective of how soon Indyref2 is we need a national campaign to counter the medias lies. Many benefits will flow from this.

    • Just caught Brewer’s Droop. One of the new Dim But Nice Tory Boys surfaced; Paul Masterson? Can’t be arsed looking him up.
      Scotland doesn’t need a different immigration policy from EU xenophobe England because it’s all about fruit pickers, whether here or in Lincolshire.

      What he really meant was that, yes, Scotland desperately needs inward migration just to stand still, but I’m a Unionist Tory, and (1) No more devolved powers, and (2) my job as a Brit Unionist is to take every opportunity to weaken Scotland, and destroy the Scottish economy since Scotland is designated a glorified Grouse Moor for my Elitist English masters.
      Idiot and placemat.
      If Wullie Rennie were a paint colour, hewould be battleship grey.
      He really is the dullest little man imaginable.

      • Getting stuff through doors is easy. Everybody’s local SNP Branch will have leaflets and will be delighted to have volunteers deliver them.

        That is up to us. We can either complain or we can work. If we are not physically capable of delivering them ourselves, then we motivate others to do it.

        The next, and final, Referendum will be won or lost by our efforts.

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