How to train your bandwagon

This week we learned about the real priorities of the British nationalists in Scotland. We learned what they get really outraged about. Apparently it’s far more worthy of condemnation that a comfortably off person has to pay £30 a year more in tax than it is that a person struggling to get by on disability benefits loses £30 a week. For the past few days the press has been full of manufactured anger about the so called tax bombshell on high earners, even though a far larger number of low paid Scots are going to pay less in tax. Some people who are already pretty well off, who bring home a lot more than the average earner, are going to find that they’re losing out by a few pence a week. You know, the kind of money that you can lose down the back of your sofa without even noticing it. You’ll have to earn almost £100,000 a year before you’ll be £1 a week worse off. Let’s be blunt here, if you’re earning £100,000 a year and you begrudge paying £1 a week in order to help provide basic services for people a whole lot less comfortable than you are then you’re such a selfish and uncaring git that you’re probably already a Tory politician.

But according to the British nationalist press in Scotland it’s really bad that people who are already comfortably off are going to be asked to make a tiny sacrifice in order to help pay for public services for people who are considerably worse off than they are. That’s worth days and days of newspaper headlines screaming about how unfair and wrong it is, in those same newspapers that couldn’t be bothered to report the recent study that showed that the Conservatives’ austerity policies and the restrictions they have caused on social care spending have cost the lives of 120,000 people.

Tory MSPs and MPs competed with one another to display their gross ignorance and stupidity on social media, safe in the knowledge that they won’t be held to account by the greater part of Scotland’s traditional media. Giving us a cheap laugh at how dumb they are is about the only thing that they’re any good for. That’s a statement that applies equally to Scottish Tory politicians and to their media apologists. It’s a field with much competition. Annie Wells implied that only people who earn more than £33,000 a year count as hard working. Because clearly if you’re slogging your guts out on a minimum wage job and have to take an extra job in the evenings delivering pizzas in order to make ends meet and make sure that your kids can have a couple of Christmas presents then you’re just a slacker.

However there has got to be a winner, and Dean Lockhart won the prize. Dean is the Tory list MSP for Mid-Scotland and Fife. The sole justification for Dean’s existence on this planet is to give fellow Fife MSP Wullie Rennie someone to feel superior to. You have to say something pretty dumb indeed in order to make Wullie Rennie come across as an intellectual giant and a great moral authority, but Dean takes it in his stride. At least Wullie could have an alternative career as the driver of the number 17 bus to Kelty. That involves negotiating from point A to point B. Dean would struggle to find his arse even with the aid of a map.

Dean told us on social media that 393,000 nurses, police officers and train drivers are going to face a rise in their taxes. Since there are only about 17,500 police officers and 60,000 nurses in Scotland, that must mean that there are over 300,000 train drivers taking trains through stations with Gaelic names. And as we all know because the Conservatives tell us so, if you put Gaelic signs on things they automatically stop working. So it’s not like we have any working trains anyway, but still. However since ScotRail’s rolling stock consists of some 264 diesel motor units and electric motor units, that means there are almost 1200 drivers per train. Who knew? Every little boy is supposed to want to become a train driver, but this is ridiculous. Dean’s approach to numeracy makes Jackie Baillie seem like the winner of the Fields Medal, the Nobel prize of mathematics.

Obviously the real reason why there are delays to ScotRail services is because there are hundreds of train drivers having a square go in Waverley station as they fight to get the chance to drive the next train to Helensburgh Central. You might think that the train on your morning commute is overcrowded, but really it’s because of all the spare drivers. Not that you’ll be able to get a train now anyway, since according to Dean all those train drivers are just going to turn their trains around and take them straight to England. That Humza Yousaf has got a lot to answer for.

All we’ve heard for the past few days have been complaints about the “Nat tax”. If the Scottish government had decided not to raise income tax on the highest earners, we’d currently be up to our ears in complaints from the exact same people that the Scottish government wasn’t even using the powers it currently has, so why can it possibly want more devolution or independence? This is the trap for the Scottish government that David Mundell boasted about. And it’s not like he’s the brightest bulb in the lobby. Meanwhile nowhere, but nowhere, over the past few days has been any clear exposition in that selfsame media that the only reason there is any need for this tax rise on the highest earners is because of Conservative austerity and the UK government’s continual assaults on the Scottish budget. That’s a Conservative government whose yoke Labour campaigned to keep Scotland under, and now the hypocrites complain about SNP austerity.

It wasn’t for nothing that the only tax powers that Westminster agreed to devolve to Scotland are powers over income tax, the one tax that directly affects wage earners in their pay packets. It’s proof that the British nationalist parties have never been remotely interested in providing a devolution settlement that is good for Scotland. All they’ve ever cared about is a devolution settlement that is good for themselves and their own sectional and narrow party interests. Not even the existential threat of the 2014 referendum and the continuing prominent role that the independence question plays in Scottish politics have been able to shake the British nationalist parties out of their self-serving complacency. The past few days have proven that there’s no hope for them. But there’s still hope for Scotland.

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0 thoughts on “How to train your bandwagon

  1. I’ve yet to hear anyone complain to being burdened by the new tax rises…cannot wait to set straight those who have sniffed the ink of newspapers and start to moan.

    Been away this past weekend and missed all the debate on the budget, but believe me, rich folk won’t be troubled by any of these squabbles apart from a raised eyebrow at initial news stories!!

    A storm in a teacup springs to mind about the furore…

    • There was no debate, mogabee. You missed nothing.
      Murdo Fraser and Richard Leonard, two unelected and indeed unelectable arseholes spouted irrelevant nonsense, to scripts, which were so out of touch with fiscal reality when Del Boy blind sided them from the despatch box, that even their own teams were burying their heads in shame and embarrassment.
      The new Branch Manager of the Red Tories actually read falteringly from a script, which made his risible attempt at faux outrage at SNP Bad Austerity and Tory cuts even more insincere and farcical.
      He clearly is way out of his depth.
      WE can only hope that he is one of the well off who will up sticks and move to England because of the SNP’s ‘broken promise’ on taxes. Davidson’s already getting fitted for a safe seat in Sussex after all.

      They really do think that we are mugs.

      We all knew that the Smith Commission, followed by his Smugness’ Lordly Vow Met presentation, and the ensuing filibustering jape in The HoC when Better Together turned all their gunboats on Scotland the Colony, were a pointless waste of time, energy and broken promises.

      Any one out there who voted Tory, I mean this lot of mean spirited right wing fascists, not the cuddly wee Ted Heath version, did so because they want to remain at the top of the dung heap, and have no problems with the Ruth Davidson Party’s Slaughter of the Innocents and destruction of Scotland.
      You voted to kill your fellow citizens. well done.

      Well, I beg you, fuck off to England, and let the rest of us get on with attempting to live in a civilised society.
      Let’s hear it for the little guy, ye Cardinals Moderators. There’s still no room at the fucking Inn for 20% of our population.

      This in not even a question about Independence, or England dragging us out of the EU.
      Where is this lot’s grasp of decency, morality, or, I’ll even take charity?

      Are they cold selfish bastards, who would fence themselves in Behind gaited communities, and hire an army of Lord Reid’s G4S guards to keep the rampaging mob of the Great Unwashed at bay?
      I’m beginning to think so.

      The BBC in particular this week has been shameful
      Come Independence, I’d close down England’s Propaganda wing completely.

      People are dying of Unionist diktat, yet the usual Pacific Quay crew spout lies, distortions, and most tellingly, are silent on any criticism of the Yoons Up Here, or Down There on College Green.

      I know, I rant, but that odious wee woman Annie Wells is the perfect example of the hapless quality, calibre, intellect, and lack of morality of your typical Scots Yoon.
      People are dying; it’s their own fault, according to the Tories. Those lazy bastards who earn less than £33k need to be more aspirational apparently.
      Tar and feathers springs to mind.
      Perhaps this option will be one of the new wave of sanctions when WM ‘take back control’, right up there with Gove’s determination to scrap the Working Time Directive.
      They are coming to get us.

      Aye right.

  2. Annie Wells, ex-Marks and Spencer cushion plumper needs tae think before she tweets. Never mind engage brain before opening mouth. She should carefully remove the one, let’s be kind, two brain cells that are floating around her skull in jelly, place them in a plastic bag, seal it up, lay it carefully on the kitchen worktop, raise her rolling pin over her heid, pause…..then bash the little feckers tae a pulp. Then, put the rolling pin back in the drawer, scrunch up the remains of bag and brain and stick it in whichever bin is nearest.

    Then she can go about her business as a tory moan-drone because friends, let’s be candid here, who the feck amongst us is going to notice the difference ?

    • Posted most of this elsewhere Molly, but more than happy to re-post on that statement.

      That Annie Wells quote is quite the tweet, but as it turns out she’s merely parroting (willingly) the words of others. No shock there then.

      On the thrust of that tweet though. I’ve cleaned toilets, cleared land, worked in kitchens, pubs, clubs, office admin, re-educated myself and began a new career and been self employed. All over the course of the past thirty seven years. Safe to say I’ve put the hours in.

      I don’t grudge more fortunate folk their success. Wouldn’t mind a bit of that fortune masel’ tbh. I’ve never got anywhere near £30K a year in my life to date and never will. Never owned a house or a new car and get my togs off the sales peg in TOFS (XL natch). I may still have shit under my fingernails, but no one tells me that I haven’t worked hard, that I haven’t had aspirations or that I’m less than any other human being because I don’t earn what they do.

      Pretty sure I’m not alone in that criteria.

      Ms Wells and all the others who got behind that appalling statement should hang their heads in shame.

      • Molly, Macart, great posts.
        It is incredible to think that we have 50 odd unelected numpties doing their darnedest to destroy Scotland and in the process condemn tens of thousands of their fellow citizens to early deaths just to keep Scotland a subjugated colony of England, a imperial war like country which continues to rape our land of its wealth and resources.
        If I believed in a Hell, I’d damn this lot to perpetual fire and brimstone suffering.
        Or I pray to the Patron Saint of Cock Ups to cause tem to forget to take the wee plastic bag with the giblets out of the turkey before they cook it on Christmas Day.
        I observed elsewhere that we live in the genteel relevant poverty of retirement yet still pay full CT: a good complaint I know.
        Over 2/3rds of my CT is spent on Education and Social Work services.
        Neither of these essential areas benefit me directly. Yet I gladly and willingly contribute to their upkeep.
        After all this year’s dux in my local secondary might be my GP in 7 years time.

        I ‘wonder how it ever got this crazy’.

        The Eagles. ‘Lying Eyes’.

    • Ha well said Molly’s mum!
      I hear the Sunday rags have gone all quiet, as was pointed out on WoS, the Britnats are struggling to go totally SNP bad on this issue, so they blank the ScotGov on any achievement that is in fact in the interests of Scotland and Scotland’s people.

      It is outrageous for the Britnats, to have to actually work to do down Scotland, when it could all be so easy, if only the SNP didn’t exist!

      Britnat MSPs on a free ticket to a good living, who prefer that our vulnerable, sick, and disabled are left to rot. Immoral, criminal and cruel, is how the Tories and their Red Tory supporters conduct themselves. Disgraceful.

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  4. Poor Dean Lockhart’s originally from Larkhall and fully supports the rights of those denizens who need to practise walking in July, something the rest of us can accomplish effortlessly all year round. ‘Nuff said.

    His comments on tax are laughable and an embarrassment to his Maths teacher, who, I hear, has purchased a large number of brown paper bags so he can get on with his Christmas shopping.

    The scandal is that all the MSM simply lied and made stuff up because Mackay completely wrong-footed them. We don’t have a free press in our country, we have a Yoon propaganda network.

    • I wish I could Jan. I read some goon comments and read others ramblings on various Indy blogs. It really angers me. Angers my wife also as I mumble about it most days.

      Still today later on I am going to see real life in the form of the latest Star Wars movie. At least it will all be forgotten for a wee while.

  5. Pretty much.

    Just been up in Glasgow for the past couple of days visiting family. Saw some folk on the streets that may focus the minds of the poor outraged dears. They were young. They were old. They wore their desperation like a coat. They had caps and paper cups at their feet. Some sat on flattened cardboard to keep themselves off damp and frozen paving and few could or would meet your eye as you came close. Even fewer passing by met their eyes. A Christmas shopping weekend after all.

    So the media. They want you to feel outraged on behalf of folk earning, what to most, would be small fortunes. Oh the humanity… etc. No, I’m not terribly impressed either.

    Those folk driven to desperation and poverty over the past ten years of Tory austerity. The people driven into starvation and death? Seems the empathy free arseholes who run these titles have nothing to say on their behalf. What about UK gov’s handling of the economy? What about the legislation they’ve passed (with the full powers of central government), which have brought misery to millions?

    The Mail, Torygraph, Express and ALL the rest can go an take a flying f… fudge tae themselves. They don’t get to dictate who is a fit government. They don’t get to tell folk who is and who isn’t fit to administer any damn thing.

    Every single one of them has done more than their fare share in utterly fucking up the politics, economy and society of these islands. The day the last lights go out in their editorials is the day folk should get their best party togs on.

    We decide. We choose. We can choose to see what others tell us to ignore and tell the bastards where to stick their order and their idea of what constitutes ‘decent society’.

    We can change this, because we have to.

    • Homeless and poverty is awful. Saw a graph yesterday on a tweet on the WOS website. Showed levels of homelessness well down on when the yoons ran Holyrood. The figure was 8000 now down over 100% on 2007. Still to high, you will never remove it of course. Hopefully an Indy Scotland can build the economy so that this blight can be sorted.

  6. “Let’s be blunt here, if you’re earning £100,000 a year and you begrudge paying £1 a week in order to help provide basic services for people a whole lot less comfortable than you are then you’re such a selfish and uncaring git that you’re probably already a Tory politician.”

    And that’s about the size of it. Truly sad, but sadly all too true.

    • Marco, the extra £1 a week ‘helps provide basic services’ for the top earners too. If their houses catch fire, or they are mugged, in a car crash, slip on the ice and break their expensive legs, I have yet to read that there is a private Fire Service, Police Force, or emergency ambulance service and an emergency number/App that the Big Earners phone.

      JK Rowling for all her wealth benefits from shared communal values and principles.

      Indeed the New Billionaires wealth is an online imaginary fiction.
      Can we imagine Bill Gates turning up at his bank with a big barrow and withdrawing ten billion dollars in twenties? Aye, right.

      The real wealth of our country lies in its people and valued social institutions.
      Ruth Davidson is hell bent on destroying Scottish society.

      It’s only since the antichrist Thatcher, and her Devil’s Spawn, Blair and Brown, that publicly owned institutions and organisations like libraries, warm safe waiting rooms in railway stations, public baths, and a roof over every citizen’s head were treated like commodities that were subject to the Tories’ (of all three hues) Free Market rules.
      Care home for the elderly not making money? Close it down.
      Community centre a loss maker? Close it down.

      Or in Jackie Baillie’s neck of the woods,hot school meals too expensive. Serve cold sandwiches to five year olds in mid winter insted, because it is more ‘cost effective’, and would count as ‘efficiencies and savings’ that a £5000 a day consultant would recommend to Labour Councils, good little red Tory Collaborators that they are.
      ‘Value for Money’, close down banks, ATM’s in villages, shut Post Offices, because they are not making a profit.
      In the 38 years since Thatcher emerged from the Devil’s womb, public service, and public servants have been treated abominably. Inded her Government’s mantra was :- ‘Public bad, private good’.
      Tell fucking Syd.
      It was open season on public services. They were subjected to ‘the rules of the market’ and sold off to the City.
      NHS England is being sold off bit by bit.
      Selling Mars Bars and waiting times at A&E: same difference. If you are an Annie Wells ,that is.

      That we need publicly owned, accountable, government financed essential services, that are not to be shut down just because some Tory says we can’t afford them, seems beyond the intellect of hundreds of thousands of Right Wingers Up Here.

      They are destroying civic society.

      The cynical message running through Annie Wells’ tweet is clear. If you don’t earn a lot of money, fuck you,
      Go to charities for your winter coat, a food bank for tinned food, and turn your heating way down and stay in bed in mid winter.
      They are beyond earning any respect from the rest of us. They are quite simply evil heartless sub humans.

  7. Talk about tanks on lawns….All of the newspapers I looked at today in Morrisons had almost hysterical headlines re the nat tax……
    it’s so obvious there is an agreed strategy by the mainstream media and friends, that any ideas that the Scots may have of developing their country are not going to happen…ever.

    It’s the media hysterical headlines that reflect their growing madness and frustration…..there is still a majority to remain in the eu and a continuing and strengthening support for independence.

    Their tanks are decrepit.

  8. Another quality piece, Paul. It’s impossible to disagree with the notion that you need to be serious sociopathic to grudge such a minuscule bit of taxation when already it appears to mean a worthwhile boost to Scotland’s Fire and Rescue service for example. I must however take issue with your repeated suggestions to Wullie Rennie that he become a bus driver. Do you mind? My trade has a reputation to uphold and I very much doubt Wullie even has it in him to find the seat adjustment controls in an Optare Solo or an Alexander Enviro even though it’s probably the nearest bit of equipment on the bus to his bloody brain!

    In all seriousness though, this seems like a decent budget, given the limited controls we have.

  9. Interesting article in the Independent today suggesting that in the EU trade deal horse-trading, farming and fishing are the most expendable areas to trade away to protect the London bankers since they are not seen as high priority by WM.

    Some of our most strident Yoons may soon have more to worry about than a few quid on their monthly tax bills.

    • ‘If you are a couple both earning over £150,000, then bang goes your skiing holiday because of Del Boy’s BAD SNP Budget.”
      The sacrifices that Annie Well’s hard working £300,000 a year apsirationalists have to make, just to make ends meet, to keep the wolf from the door, to put food on the table.

      No January week on the Alpine slopes.

      Time to fuck off out of Scotland, or perhaps in a couple of years’ time when the youngest in finished at Uni.

      What a bunch of heartless tossers these scribes are.
      This was a ‘serious’ observation, btw.
      And Scoop Gordon of the Herald Britland is on the Great Baby Box Scandal in that Dead Tree Scroll today.
      The guardians of truth justice and the Brit Nat Way.

      • On the contra to Ms Somerset Webb’s drivel. If you are on £33k or less and wondering how to make it stretch more these days. Then coming to live in a country where your children won’t have to worry about tuition fees, the elderly receive free care, your prescription charges are met, there’s no bedroom tax and the government actually gives a shit about social justice, may strike you as quite a good move.

        To cap the deal you’d even have the chance to vote to keep those know nothing, arrogant, metrocentric, self seeking twats in Westminster out of your life for good.


      • “Time to fuck off out of Scotland, or perhaps in a couple of years’ time when the youngest in finished at Uni.”

        Hmm … That could be the new Yoon-ionist question when it comes to tuition fees? Do you want to introduce tuition fees at Scottish university now or do you want to wait until Tarquin has finished their eduction first?

  10. Decent hard working people doing important jobs are struggling to survive.

    The holiday and the car are not on the agenda. Aspiration is a laugh when you struggle to pay the heating bill.

    No spare cash for emergencies like the washing machine or cooker failing.

    Of course the working poor can always go to those nice people at Brighthouse who charge outrageous interest on purchases.

    Nice profits to be made off these working poor even her majesty gord bless her and all she does for us, has a few quid invested in the old Brighthouse and why not.

    I hesitate to criticise folk for being poor and for not getting a chance but every Scottish person has the right to vote for independence for our wealthy country and to take back what is theirs.

    Think about your children or grandchildren you have a duty to them.

    The evil red and Blue Tories don’t give a dam about you and your family waken up please.

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