Reasons to be cheerful in 2018

Sorry about the lack of blog posts over the past week or so. On a whim I decided to spend Christmas with my significant other in the USA because otherwise it was looking like I would be spending the holiday by myself. So thanks to @PaulaHoneyRose the Belle of Brechin who agreed on extremely short notice to look after the dug over Christmas and allowing me to spend the holiday with Peter. And thank you also to the regular readers who emailed asking if I was OK because they were worried about the lack of posts. Nice to know I was missed! Normal blogging service will now be resumed.

One of the best things about my recent trip was that I’ve now actually managed to get on the telly. Peter and I went to a shopping mall just before Christmas Day to get some last minute presents, and were sitting in a big queue of traffic to get out of the car park when we – or rather the car – got filmed by the local TV channel doing a piece for the evening news about the Christmas shopping rush. Admittedly you only caught the briefest of glimpses of me sitting in Peter’s car, but that’s a damn sight more TV exposure than I’ve ever managed to get in Scotland. So if you’re an independence supporter and you want to get on the telly, you can either slag off everyone else in the indy movement and you’ll be on the BBC as soon as you can say, “That Stu Campbell is a bastert”, or schlepp across the Atlantic and sit in a traffic jam in a shopping mall car park in Connecticut. Personally I prefer the latter, and not just because it means I get to spend time with my partner.

Despite a few entirely unnecessary bouts of infighting, and despite a British nationalist media which is determined to claim that the wheels have come off the cause of independence, this has been a good year for the indy movement. Next year promises to be even better. While we’re getting on with the business of building and strengthening our grass roots movement, it’s the British state which is increasingly wheel-less – although to be fair it has being doing an impression of Del and Rodney’s Unreliant Robbin’ for quite a while now. That rickety excuse for a vehicle is going to look like a Maserati in comparison to the broken down contraption which will be all that’s left of the British state once Brexit starts to bite.

Although the SNP failed to win the Scottish part of 2017’s General Election by as crushing a margin as they won 2015’s, a circumstance which our not at all biased oh no media tried to spin into a victory for Ruth Davidson, opinion poll after opinion poll confirms that support for independence remains in the high 40s. We’ve had nothing but SNPbad all year, and the desire for independence remains undented. No wonder the British nationalists are keeching themselves about the prospect of another referendum. The big selling point of the Better Together campaign in 2014 was why risk the security and stability of the UK for the uncertainties of independence. Now there are no countries in Europe facing a less secure and less stable future than the UK, and it’s independence which offers certainty and safety.

Paradoxically, the independence movement is now able to mount a convincing argument that the only way in which Scotland can preserve the good aspects of the British state – the NHS, free universal education, a decent old age pension, a comprehensive social security system, employment rights, free and untrammelled access to the rest of Europe – is by voting for independence. All these things are at great risk under the Tories at Westminster, and all of them could be lost with their plans for Brexit. There’s precious little certainty left in the British state, but we can all be certain of one thing – the Tories aren’t pushing for a hard Brexit in order to improve our employment rights and deliver us better social security. So if you want to protect and defend what is good about Britain, you need to vote for independence.

If you hate nationalism there is no place for you in the insular and inward looking Britain of the red white and blue flag wavers who want to cut us all off from the rest of the world in order to sell everything that’s not nailed down, and most things which are, to global companies while feeding us on a diet of glorification of the military and royal events. Brexit Britain is about suspicion of the foreign. It’s about retreating into a nostalgic romanticised past that never really existed. It’s the attempt to reverse the direction of the planet so that the sun hasn’t set on the Empire. It’s about immersing yourself in a narrow nationalism whose distinguishing feature is the claim that it’s better than the nationalisms of lesser nations because it’s not nationalist at all. It’s the nationalism of blind stupidity. The future of Britain was summed up in 2017 in that photo of Theresa May alone and friendless at a summit of European leaders. It’s only by voting for Scottish independence that you can vote against parochial nationalism. Oh the irony. And the British nationalists have done all this to themselves. They’ve surrendered all their strengths and all their arguments and delivered them to the independence movement.

Meanwhile the British state has destroyed anything approaching a carrot to offer voters in Scotland. Whenever an apologist for the British state makes a promise that Scotland is going to get some new power or new investment or more jobs, all we have to do is to point out that they said the exact same thing in 2014 and it turned out to be a lie.

In 2018 the goal for the independence movement is to plan, to prepare, to organise. It’s to avoid getting distracted by the self-righteous outragederatti on social media. It’s to concentrate on making the arguments for a better Scotland, a self-determined Scotland, an independent Scotland. It’s coming. It’s in the air. It’s shimmering before us like a beautiful dream. And we’re going to make it come true. The apologists for Britain live in the past, but we own the future.

The Wee Ginger Dug has got a new domain name, thanks to Indy Poster Boy, Colin Dunn @Zarkwan. You can now access this blog simply by typing into the address bar of your browser, the old address continues to function, the new one redirects to the blog. The advantage of the new address is that it’s a lot easier to remember if you want to include a link to the blog in leaflets, posters, or simply to tell a friend about it. Many thanks to Colin.

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  2. Glad you managed some more time with Peter

    One of the wonderful things about our Independence -apart from Ruth Davidson reaching 1000000psi with her “I said NO MORE INDYREFS” then being punctured on a Saltire and farting her way into the outer Galaxies – will be the fact you & he will be able to be here as much as you like without G4S keekin’ in the windaes 😘

    Braw 😁

  3. No need to apologise.Paul. I’m glad you got a decent Christmas with Peter and I got the impression Ginger enjoyed his wee holiday in Brechin. 🙂 May 2018 bring you, good, health, happiness and the inspiration to keep this great writing of yours coming.
    All the best.


  4. Welcome back Paul glad you had a good Christmas, I wish you all things good in 2018 but mostly I wish that it brings us all closer to our independence.

  5. Welcome back from me Paul. As always Sam kept the flag flying for you magnificently while you were away on American telly.

    I also think 2018 will allow us to really prepare. Next year opinion polls will start to be over 50% or more on a regular basis. Nice to know the yoons will have heart attacks.

  6. Though Sam did us proud Paul, it’s good to know you’re back safe and sound. You’re certainly in fine spirits and ready for the final great push towards our independence.

  7. Good to read your inspirational words ….welcome back and no doubt you had a great time at Christmas…..onwards and forwards to saying goodbyes
    to Big Teereza and pals forever

  8. Welcome back Paul and season’s greetings to you and Peter. Sam did a sterling job of holding the fort as always. I think Ginger did a wonderful job of looking after Paula Rose too!

    We’ve thought we’ve had *big* years in our political struggle for self determination for Scotland, but I suspect the coming year will be the biggest fight with the british establishment we’ve ever had. They will throw everything they’ve got at us, not that they’ve got a lot of ammunition left. It will be lies, smears and disinformation all the way. They *must* keep the waters as muddy as possible to try and keep their support on side.

    I hope when the call comes we’ll be ready and the infighting we’ve seen from some elements of the independence movement will dissipate once we have a target for indyref2.

    As others have rightly said we’ve never had conditions so favourable for independence. It’s so close you can taste it in the air. So can the unionists but it leaves a bitter taste in their mouths because it means an end to their centuries of hegemony. I can’t wait.

  9. I just thought you’d got scunnered and needed a break!!!

    Glad you’re back and readying us for the battle of the century. I can’t wait.. Oh, and Happy New Year when it comes.

  10. Pleased to hear that you had a great Christmas with Peter. You truly deserve it. The dug probably deserved a wee break too and loved being pampered by Paula Rose turning many a guy green with envy no doubt!

    Best of all 2% of Scots now hold the future of the disfunctional United Kingdom in the palm of their hands. If we could reach out to 18% of Scots in the lead up to Indyref1, converting 2% plus is now within our reach. And when that happens “now is not the time” Theresa May will be jolted back to the reality that the Scottish people are sovereign and it’s they who will decide when the time is right not her and her lying, narcissistic cabal.

    All my best wishes for 2018 Paul and a great big thanks for the great work you’ve been doing on behalf of our cause over many years now X

  11. Welcome back old bean, things not going well for the English Nationalists.

    The most glaring thing just now is the silence of the TV stations and the papers regarding:

    The secret writers club uncovered by wings over scotland.

    The secret donors list again uncovered by wings over Scotland.

    The fact that the UKOK Government tried to have the Irish PM murdered.

    Silence, not a word.

    We now live in a failed state, we have a cheek to laugh at North Korea and Spain we are no different no one seems to have noticed. Scary.

  12. Have your partner come to Scotland in future. I genuinely believe America should be boycotted, as it’s a dangerous, racist, homophobic, environment-destroying hellhole of a country that we should not be encouraging by paying to visit it.

    Just a thought for the future. Hope your time over there was pleasant anyway.

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