What is clear

The infighting in the White House is extremely amusing. Petulantly tweeting that you’re a “very stable genius” is a pretty good indicator that you’re no such thing. And then when you tweet “my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart”, you’re coming across as a teenage Valley Girl upset because her parents have taken away her mobile phone. This is after all the man who’s response to Kim Jong-un’s nuclear threats was to tweet that his nuclear button was bigger than Kim’s nuclear button. Although the truth is that his button isn’t any bigger, it’s just that his hands are really tiny.

Most of the planet is hugely entertained by the huge falling out between Trump and Steve Bannon. It’s like Alien Vs Predator only without the social graces and the pleasant personalities. Meanwhile here in Scotland we have the spectacle of the meltdown of our very own rich and spoiled Valley Girls masquerading as the grassroots, the continuing saga of Scotland in Union being funded by the rich and the titled. There is only one grassroots movement in Scotland opposed to Scottish independence, and that’s the one that marches to the tune of songs about the blood of Catholics. No wonder then that the British state is desperate to pretend that there’s another more respectable one. But we know the truth now, and once uncorked it won’t go back into those expensive bottles of whisky auctioned off at Scotland in Union dinner in a posh London club.

The Scottish media has taken a battering too. A couple of days ago Derek Bateman revealed on his blog the entire “media grid” for the Christmas and New Year holiday period given by the Labour party in Scotland to its pals in the media. Days and days of SNPBad stories all planned in advance to be regurgitated as news. The Scottish media was stripped of its pretence and shown as a willing and uncritical front for Labour party press releases. It showed us the reality, that the news in Scotland isn’t driven by a public service agenda, it’s not driven by an agenda of investigating the power structures of Scotland. It’s driven by the party political agendas of parties which support the British state. It’s not that it’s fake news, but it’s a fake that it’s news.

During the first independence referendum, the Better Together campaign focussed almost exclusively on the economy. That tactic allowed them to present one scare story after another from supposedly independent think tanks with close links to big business, Conservative donors, and the British nationalist parties. It’s very easy to confuse people with a barrage of economic statistics, carefully selected in order to present Scotland as a basketcase. All the while they’re aided by the media in carefully avoiding the question that if Scotland is indeed an economic basketcase then surely that must be the responsibilty of the economic and financial policies of a Westminster parliament which jealously reserves all the relevant powers to itself.

Supporters of the British state are clearly laying the ground to fight the second independence referendum with similar tactics. Let’s face it it’s all they’ve got. If there really was a compelling positive case for the Union we’d have heard it by now. Essentially the case for the Union boils down to the people who have impoverished Scotland and treatedd it as a reservoir of resources, capital, and labour to be sucked dry for the benefit of London and the South East screaming at us that we’d be nothing without them. However they chose the economy as their battleground for a reason, because they could create a barrage of smoke and mirrors to disguise Scotland’s true economic potential. Even more importantly they chose the economic battleground because it was a convenient distraction from the other arguments for independence where the British state has no answers and nothing to say.

The revelations about Scotland in Union’s secret funding from the rich and the titled, and Derek Bateman’s disclosure of the Labour party’s attempts to manipulate the news agenda, with the complicity of the British nationalist press, give us an opportunity to refocus on those other arguments for independence, on what independence is really all about. It’s about equality of opportunity. It’s about democracy. It’s about accountability. It’s about honesty in public life. It’s about living in a country which is run for the benefit of all its citizens, and not just for a few very wealthy people who can afford to throw a few grand in secret at the political causes which benefit them.

If it wasn’t clear before it is now as obvious as Donald Trump’s combover, the cause of defending the rule of the British state in Scotland has nothing to do with what is good for the people of Scotland and everything to do with bolstering the power and privilege of the few who already have it all. It’s equally clear that opposing Scottish independence and defending the British state isn’t about being opposed to nationalism, because there is no more nationalist project in Europe than Britain’s Brexit. Those who claim to oppose independence because they say they hate nationalism might be able to delude themselves, but they’re not deluding the rest of us. It’s clear that only independence offers a Scotland that belongs to all of its people. The British state offers us a Scotland that belongs to a handful of the extremely wealthy who own holiday properties in the Highlands that are larger than West Lothian.

All these things are clear, but clearest of all, shining like the beacon of truth that will illuminate that path towards Scottish self-determination is the truth that our campaign is the moral one. We are the ones who walk in the open. We are the ones who walk in honesty. We are the ones who walk in the grass. We don’t hide. We don’t dissemble. We don’t pretend to be something that we are not. The campaign to keep Scotland under the thumb of Westminster does all these things. The question that will be put to the people of Scotland in the coming independence referendum is how can you put trust in people who don’t trust you enough to tell you the truth about themselves? A vote for independence is a vote for self-respect, a vote for accountability, a vote for equality. A vote for independence is a vote to ensure that the path that Scotland walks will be a path that’s chosen by the people of Scotland, a path that leads to equality of opportunity, to fairness, and to a better country for all of us.


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0 thoughts on “What is clear

  1. We are on the side of the righteous!!

    It all feels like the ones backing this union of unequals have shot their collective feet as they trip over the threadbare rug! So little for them left to do apart from shout and fall to the floor.

    Their case for the union is no longer…

  2. Another excellent post Paul! And hasn’t it been a strange old week? Who’d have thunk it, that someone from SiU was annoyed enough to leak the donor list, complete with names addresses and the amounts donated, and that someone else in the media leaked the “Christmas Box” of SNP Bad stories? Not so paranoid then.

  3. Excellent Paul, the Britnats are bricking it. Your article says it all very well, as does Derek Bateman’s.

    Some people are being fooled by the Britnat media, and the UKOK state, but the blinkers are getting pretty threadbare for many at the same time.

    Scotland is on a modern, forward looking, life affirming path, and people can see that and know that deep down. That is what will ensure that the people of Scotland will ultimately decide that to caste adrift from the ruinous, sinking ship of this so called union, is the only option for survival.

    Simple really.

  4. First Class, Paul! Not for nothing did our parents tell us that “The truth will always come out”. Thanks to you and Mr Bateman some very telling truths are now “out”. We must ensure that they are broadcast as widely as possible.

  5. Folks, I know that many of you are frustrated at the slow pace toward IndyRef2, but BREXIT has to run its course first – we still don’t have a clue what the final outcome will be (and WM has even less of a clue). There are certain circles (N.Ireland, Single Market, Immigration) that just can’t be squared – a huge disaster looms but people prefer not to think about it, hoping that it will go away. The yoons are panicking and have made big mistakes, mistakes that will come back to haunt them in due course.

    You want to win? You know what we have to do? Simple really, very simple – just keep going! Never give up and eventually the dark forces of unionism will finally destroy themselves.

    By just keeping the dream alive, by refusing to return to the box, you are causing the union untold damage. Most yoons are sneaky but they are not that clever and the law of unforeseen circumstances usually ensures a spectacular backfire to their sneaky plans. Also, be confident that the SG is playing this correctly, quietly putting the pieces in place for a spectacular checkmate. But the game has to be played first, and it is a game (of sorts).

    Hang on, stay the course, and we will win. I can’t say when but we will win. 🙂

    • Well said, Luigi.
      Paul’s piece here just about sums it up.
      The Filthy Rich in their gated City suburb mansions and the Robber Barons who carved up Scotland among them 300 years ago and still ‘lord’ it over us in the 21st century while over five million of us are crammed into little pockets of our land existing on top of each other, will do anything, pay anything to maintain the status quo.
      Apparently one of North Brtitish Branch office’s planted stories is a downright lie, bu appeared in the Dead Tree Scrolls unchallenged,
      ‘Hundreds of enigineers’ are no facing redundancy at Babcocks.
      Well done, David Clegg and Tom gordon for printing lies to furter the Yoon Cause.

      I tied to comment on D Bateman’s excellent article outing the fascist propagana conspiracy of evil between the North Briton Gang and our Blahs, but since I don’t do FB or Twit, I ask Paul’s permission to post it here, since I know WGD is required reading for all of us with any sense of justice.

      “Derek, well done,
      It has been apparent since late 2013 that the Brit Establishment has flooded the media with tons of cash so that loss leaders like the Record, Scotsman and the Herald can act as compliant mouthpieces for the quite frankly useless Red Blue and Yellow Tories Up Here.
      It is criminal in the truest sense of the word that the Fourth Estate in Scotland covers up graft and corruption, imbues fairly rank rotten Party Leaders with super powers, and diurnally prints lies, distortions, and threats, while a fifth of our population lives in constant poverty and deprivation because of Davidson’s, Rennie;s, and Leonard’s Yoon policies.
      They genuinely don’t care who dies or suffers to save their rotten Union.

      We neurotic paranoids have been banging on about this for years now.

      I stopped taking the Herald after 50 years in 2014.

      We are as suppressed and starved of information with the same severity as N Korea, China, Russia, or Iran.
      We are still naming Battleships and Hospitals ‘The Queen Elizabeth’,

      I could not share a room with any of these toadies.
      Tens of thousands die of poverty and neglect, disabled citizens have had there vehicles taken away from them, and the North British Labour Branch Office comes up with this crap, and Clegg, Brewer, and Gordon , or the teaboy, dutifully churn it out.
      In any other country, we’d be in active revolt by now.

      With your permission I cut and paste my post in WGD yesterday. The editing of their rags also reflects this quite clear conspiracy to fool the public all of the time..

      “Herald Britland has started the new year at its most pathetic. Australian Aborigines don’t want ‘Scots’ nuclear waste. See that Nicola Sturgeon dumping Scots waste on the natives of Australia, a maligned and persecuted people whose own white insurgents Government branded Aborigines as sub human fauna like Koalas or kangaroos until the mid ‘sixties.
      it is of course the English Government’s nuclear waste.
      Scotland is a nuclear free zone, and shall remain so as long as I have breathe.
      The ‘Scots’ Government have no power to deal with England’s toxic rubbish, and the Herald knows that.
      But that’s not how their headline reads.
      Another Scotland is shite headline.
      Small businesses are bailing out through lack of confidence in the economy. A photie of Nicola Sturgeon shaking hands with the Chairman of the SSME, thus associating NS and the SNP with the collapse in confidence.
      The article of course refers to the Brexit disaster.
      Brexit which of course is the apocalypse visited upon us by the Devil’s Harpies, May, Gove, Davis, Johnson, Corbyn, Cable, Davidson Carlaw Rennie and the Grey Faced ex ‘union activist’ who heads the newly formed ‘North British Labour’ Branch Office.
      But Small Business crisis headline alongside a snap of Nicola? Job done; it’s the bad SNP’s fault yet again.
      Then we have Larry Flannigan Red Tory Shop Steward of the EIS on BBC Scotland all day, and featured in the Herald under the quotes;’ enough is enough’, and threatening strike action without so much as consulting his members, and it’s all that fucking Bad SNP’s fault yet again.
      If it’s that bad why aren’t teachers flooding South to the green lanes of Old England to EIS heaven?
      We are three days into the year proper, and the Dead Tree Scrolls are ion Yoon Overdrive.
      I am minded to write to every firm advertising in this poisonous little soiled nappy of a rag, declaring my intention to boycott their products for supporting a poisonous gaggle of Yoon Propagandists who belittle the country and the people in which they try to do business.
      Warning:- if you are a restaurant advertising in this rag, don’t expect my business.
      No more Mr Nice Guy.
      How many Yessers still use Barrhead Travel? How many Barrhead staff who voted Yes against the boss’s wishes still work there?
      It’s time to hit where it hurts.”

      Paul, frighteningly they aren’t even trying to hide it any more.
      Tom Gordon really does get his instructions from Richard Leonard, gets the tea boy to cut and paste the lies, and hey presto, a day’s work done.
      Money For nothing, while hundreds of thousands of our children starve.

  6. Great work from a master wordsmith, you are spot on that WM don’t want to discuss the responsibility they have for the disaster that they have created.

    Look at all their promises not worth the newsprint that they spew it onto.
    It’s a disgrace that these so called news papers and the BBC get away with blatant lies and deceit with the backing of government in WM that cares nothing about Scotland and her people. Education is tainted with lies and supported by propaganda media.

    Scotland stand up and take back what is yours, it’s your country and your people, you are not subjects of an unelected family, living off your labour, you are citizens of Europe and the world.

    Look at New Zealand, if they can do it where they are in the World, why can’t Scotland. Don’t listen to the too small, too weak BS.

    The only ones who say that are either stupid, Ignorant or are subsidising Scotland in Union…..

  7. I think a big big problem for us is not the Orangemen/women that wehave to convince they are beyond the pale in any discussion about anything/anywhere,it is about trying to convince the many die hard old labourites whos collective heads are as far into the sand as the orangers,I know I have family close friends that won,t listen to anything clinging to the belief that old labour will somehow rise from the ashes,if they do have dialogue with you and the facts are presented to them they just shut down/shut up,it is very frustrating but they won,t change.

    • I went to an interesting talk recently about “Framing and Reframing”, which discussed the way people become entrenched in their views if you just try to “correct” their facts; the recommended alternative approach was to try to get them to see their facts in a new light. For instance, instead of regarding tax as a burden/imposition, describe it as “a subscription to a civilzed society”.

      That might not work with your family and friends, or it might be difficult to find a way of reframing their particular views, but as a general principle it’s something that makes sense ot me, and which I intend to try.

  8. Heh. That economic battle ground of theirs isn’t looking all that great either.

    Unless of course, they can explain away the £1.7 tr debt and rising, which was supposedly meant to be disappearing around now. That was Camo’s promise back in 2010 wasn’t it? Unless they can explain away austerity legislation and the issue of human rights abuses against the disabled levelled by the UN toward UK gov. Unless they can explain away Brexit and capital flight, the ending of the pensions triple lock and the desperate search for trade partners.

    Then of course there is immigration abuses and the flight of skilled labour (also impacting the economy) and the rise of right wing extremism and xenophobia. If you’re ‘the wrong sort’, then the world becomes a frightening place. If you’re poor, disabled, furren. If you worship the wrong god. If you love the wrong person. If you don’t wave the right fleg at royal baby showers.

    That’s today’s UK. Not exactly the vision of better togetherness going forward sold to Scotland’s electorate three years ago, now is it? Not exactly something to make you feel all warm, fuzzy and bursting with pride. SUPPORT THE UK STATE and be all you can be.

    And what a state it’s turned out to be.

    As for Scotland in Union?… Run by the connected and wealthy. Financed by the connected and the wealthy. All for the benefit of the connected and the wealthy.

    There’s a pattern there.

  9. Thanks guys for the the great words WGD ,Luigi,Jack,Melvin to mention a few !
    Regards Melvins comments on NZ , NZ is only just ONE of the former colonies who have left the union and became sucsesfull independantly , there is many more that have left or were thought to be of no more value to her majesty and westminsters clutches and were easily “released ”
    The biggest point to be made here is that NONE of them have a rejoin underground or above ground movement to be reconnected to westminster and its rules ! I have had many discussions over scotlands indipendant struggle with expats from all over the english speaking world and after they enquire about my stance on indy and i inform them of my resolute yes opinion they will qoute the only source of information they have on the matter which is the BBC for eg to query my choice , however it only takes one question in reply to them that asks
    A moments silence and the conversation is over ,

  10. Thank you Paul. With a Westminster regime that is so amoral, even evil, Scotland’s independence is a moral imperative as well as an economic and political one. We really do have to keep to the moral high ground, and not sink to Their level.

  11. Here’s one question to ask them on the britnats side if they want Scotland to run its affairs or Leavery it all to england to do as they please and if they reply we’d want Scotland to run its affairs cut them off after they say but like brewer does to the snp on Sunday politics with the line then your on the wrong side and then use the evidence like Mundell and the 13 not caring one bit about Scotland that the 3 English partys want us ruled by england instead of doing things ourselves.

      • I can see why every political party wants to get their oar in, Andy, but the SNP are on a hiding to nothing.
        Our media are dominated by Right Wing/Left Wing Unionists, who have no interest in publishing SNP Good stories.
        A female BBC broadcaster who took Ian Davidson to task was demoted to the eternal damnation of steam radio for life, and the quite disgraceful hounding of SNP MPs embroiled in over bloated unfounded ‘scandals’ by the MSM bordered on criminal stalking, harassment, and downright public lynching.
        They support a Yoon Class who are complicit in propping up the hellish agenda of an Upper Brit Class which is killing hundreds of thousands by Government edict.
        I repeat Ruth Davidson and Willie Rennie support policies that are killing our most vulnerable citizens. They are culpable for tens of thousands suffering and dying because that’s what the English voted for.
        I refuse to be dragged out of the EU when 62% of Scotland voted Remain.

        ‘Britain’ is not my country. If English and Welsh citizens want to leave good luck to them.

        Indyref 2 is inevitable. I have no doubt that the BBC, the commercial channels and Sky, and the wretched little pile of dead tree scrolls pulp that makes up their Scottish titles have already held talks with the Yoon Parties, the Lords and Lieutenants and Money Men, to establish the Propaganda Better Together strategy of lies, threats, and bullying to be employed across all outlets when we announce the start date of the March to Independence.

        I shall resist with every cell in my body.

        As will MILLIONS of my fellow citizens.

        The Poll Tax riots will appear as mild as a works summer outing by comparison with the tidal wave of rage which will greet Project Fear 2.

        Well done, Derek Bateman, and you, Paul.
        I wonder if the Findo Gask Thunderer got Labour’s Christmas Box?

    • Excellent piece, isn’t it, Sam? Proof – if proof were needed – of exactly how rotten, lazy and complacent the press and media have become. Whatever happened to “speaking truth unto power”?

  12. I go online to check out BBC’s offering today:-
    “14.50: Ladies in Lavender. Two sisters (Judi Dench and Maggie Smith) befriend a man who they found on the beach.”
    That’s how low the BBC, one of the guardians of the English language, one would have thought, has slumped.
    Obviously not one of Miss Jean Brodie’s crème de la crème writing their captions.
    Last time I looked, only the verb ‘to be’ doesn’t take an object.
    Looks like ‘Die Hard 4’ on Netflix for me.

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  14. That’ll be that then.


    So, kinder, more honest, politics snubs the other progressive parties in favour of his preferred option. Pretty much the same view as yer hard line Brexiteers in parly. No CU, no single market, but somehow magically retain the benefits of both. Even though the EU have made it perfectly clear that there will be no cherry picking for UK gov.


    How Mr Corbyn’s negotiation strategy would achieve the very opposite of what has been clearly stated as the EU position hasn’t been made entirely clear of course, but I’m sure any day now…

    I mean, for all the world it appears Mr Corbyn’s strategy and end result mirrors the incumbent Tory government’s. The only discernible difference being a slower pace (probably wearing slippers, rather than running shoes) and the appearance of a sad face when approaching the self same cliff edge. Oh, and that slower pace? Mr Corbyn seems blissfully unaware that the EU are fully in charge of the ‘pace’ of negotiation. The UK has near zero input. It can request, but the EU members decide. Brexit for Labour apparently means… well, Brexit.

    Who knew?

    Oh wait. It gets better.



  15. Corbyn & Labours stance on the EU is as baffling as when his scottish representative opens his Gob , totally unfathomable probably even to him .

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