A question of trust

The hapless contingent of Scottish Tory MPs aren’t happy. Partly they’re not happy because by definition being a Tory in Scotland means that you’re a miserable bastert who thinks that everything in Scotland is a bit crappy, but mainly they’re not happy because of all the delays to changes to the EU Withdrawal Bill. Amendments to clause 11 of the bill are necessary because, essentially, the Tory government is saying that Holyrood needs to trust it to deliver all the extra powers that will flow from Brexit, but Holyrood trusts the Westminster Tories like you can trust a naked man who offers you a shirt. It’s not like Scotland has trust issues with the Conservatives, it’s just that we know better.

Now the deadline has passed without any of the issues which prevent the Scottish and Welsh parliaments from giving their approval to the EU exit being addressed, and none of the amendments which could ensure approval from Edinburgh or Cardiff have been introduced into the bill. This is despite repeated assurances from Theresa May that her government would introduce the necessary amendments. She hasn’t done it, so you can see why this lack of trust thing is a bit of a sticking point. No one is especially surprised that the Tories have gone back on their word to Scotland. It’s not like this sort of thing has never happened before. They say that trust is like a rubber, it gets smaller after every promise gets rubbed out. Westminster’s rubber got very tiny a very long time ago. There are subatomic particles which are larger.

We’re now in negative trust territory, the default assumption is that Westminster Tories are lying. If you want people to trust you, it helps to be honest and open, and that’s something that Theresa May is constitutionally incapable of. When Theresa May starts a statement with “I’m perfectly clear” everyone knows that what is about to follow is less clear than a cryptic crossword clue written in Hungarian with every second letter missing. Although to be fair the Hungarian cryptic crossword clue is at least is a problem which has an answer. Theresa May has no answers for anything.

The government claims that there are some perfectly understandable reasons for the amendments not being brought forward, the dog ate its homework, there was an earthquake, the previous minister responsible was far too occupied watching porn on his computer, they were too busy with an entirely pointless reshuffle after the minister for watching porn had to resign, the last minute realisation that Christmas was at the end of December threw all their plans into disarray, and anyway it’s only Scotland so who gives a toss really.  Besides, it’s hardly their fault that David Mundell is useless and has less authority in cabinet than the potted plant that sits in front of Theresa May so she doesn’t have to look at Michael Gove across the table. Of course it’s their fault, but there’s bugger all that Scotland can do about it so it’s not like they can be bothered to care.

Even Tories are upset now.  Scottish Tory MP Paul Masterton complained in the House of Commons that he’d been given assurances from the government that the amendments would be brought forward to the bill, but the government had failed to do so. A constitutional crisis is looming, and even Adam Tomkins, the Tory MSP for saying IT’S THE LAW! admits that it’s the fault of the Conservative government.  Earlier this week the Holyrood constitution committee, which includes Tory MSPs, agreed that the bill as it currently stands is incompatible with the devolution settlement. Boiled down to basics, it turns devolution on its head. The underlying principle of the devolution settlement is that all powers which are not explicitly reserved to Westminster are devolved to Holyrood. The effect of the EU bill gives all the powers currently exercised by the EU to Westminster even though they are not reserved powers. Then Westminster will decide all by itself which, if any, it will allow to be devolved.

After the deadline for amendments passed, Scottish Tory MPs had a meeting which lasted for two hours, an hour and three quarters of which were spent trying to see if any of them had a spine before it was decided that they didn’t and the last quarter hour asking each other if any of them had any football fixtures coming up. Now they’re saying that they’re frustrated and angry, and are demanding a meeting with the party whips. It’s not clear what they think that a meeting with the whips is going to achieve, other than giving them something to tell the press. It’s not like the whips are able to bring the bill back to give the MPs another shot at it. The MPs aren’t frustrated and angry because their government has betrayed a promise, they’re frustrated and angry because now everyone who hadn’t already realised it can see how useless they are.

Funnily enough the MPs weren’t too frustrated and angry before the deadline when they could actually have done something about the situation, which does tend to imply that their frustrations are nothing more than gesture politics and a desperate attempt to look like they’re not the useless wastes of space. So that’s Scotland’s cohort of Conservative MPs working for Scotland within the Union there. They voted for earlier stages of the bill because they thought that their government would implement the necessary amendments, but they also thought that if you planted a feather that it would grow a chicken. You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time unless they’re Scottish Conservative MPs.

The Fluffy One, Scotland’s very own stuffed toy masquerading as a Scotland Secretary, has said that it’s “regrettable” that the amendments couldn’t be tabled in time for the Report Stage of the Bill due next week, but insisted that the changes could be made in the House of Lords as though that somehow meant that there’s nothing to worry about. Kicking the issue up to the Lords means that Michele Mone has more of an influence over the fate of Scotland than any of Scotland’s MPs do. So that’s reassuring. Scotland’s elected representatives won’t get to scrutinise the amendments, but an unelected chamber where there is zero SNP representation will. How’s that valued and much loved equal partner in a family of nations working out then?

Scotland’s getting screwed over yet again, this time because a Tory minister resigned in order to spend more time with his computer. Even porn gets a higher priority from Westminster than Scotland does. It’s the closest Scotland is going to get to a stiff resolve from this government. But not to worry, the Tories have pinky promised that they’ll absolutely, definitely, positively, without a shadow of a doubt, get all this dealt with in the Lords. The new Minister for the Cabinet Office, David Lidington, swears blind that the government is committed to working with the devolved administrations to find a solution that is agreeable to all. And it’s not like there’s any reason not to trust them is there? Scotland can place absolute trust in the Conservative government, we can trust that they’ll lie to us and screw us over.


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0 thoughts on “A question of trust

  1. Surely most people can see exactly what the WM Government is about. They seem to believe that trickery and the telling of lies is clever and amusing. The honest people of Scotland haven’t a hope of success while mixing with such types. Our only option is a total break from such crookery.

    Independence can’t come soon enough for me.

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  3. Mundell didn’t even get a seat of the Front Bench today; he was cowering on the sidelines, an insignificant little figure who has as much use a water pistol in a bush fire.
    WATP Two Jobs Tomkins was on Brewer’s Droop feigning ang…well.. irritation that the Porn Denier’s resignation had fecked up the timetable, hence the slippage, hence …aye richt.
    That Fat Foulkes, a-slumber, a bunch of Anglican Kind Hearts and Coronets Bishops, and Toby ‘Jugs’ Young’s favourite pair, Mone the Michty will decide our fate.
    Fuck devolution, fuck, democracy, fuck Scotland, fuck the citizens of Scotland.
    Mundell who heads the Dirty Baker’s Dozen of Blue Tories Up Here will vote with the Government and pass the buck the he HoL where the landed gentry of Scotland and their inbred cousins down Sarf will decide our fate.
    I seem to recall Gordon Brewer forecasting that we would get a ‘shedload’ of new powers when we left the EU.

    Oops, perhaps not.
    Lord Ian Duncan, recently installed at the bloated and pointless Scottish Office, whom we rejected at the ballot box last year, and who was ennobled for his abject failure, will now decide which returned non reserved powers will come to Scotland. It sure as hell won’t be the 111.
    I give up. I’m all for immediate backlash revolt. Over Christmas, it was upside down stamps on Christmas cards.
    It’s time to up the ante.
    A letter of protest in the strongest possible terms to the Findo Gask Thunderer?
    Seriously, this is the last straw.
    Set Indyref 2 in motion now.
    The Yoon politicians Up Here don’t give a tinker’s curse about our country, think nothing of insulting our dignity, and will vote as they are told by their colonial masters next week, like the wee lapdogs they are.
    Where’s Ruth hiding? In Essex?


  4. Trust is in short supply right enough. It takes a long time to earn and a heartbeat to lose. Ditto with respect.

    That’s the thing about the political union in general. Once you’ve woken up to its rampant injustice, its abuse of power and trust, then the closer you look at things you once took for granted, the more you find they were never worth trusting in the first place.

    Once you see a thing for what it is, it cannot be unseen.

    The unionist stance is no longer trustworthy or stable (as if it ever were). The media have been degraded, compromised and left pointless as a public asset. The establishment parties have been caught so very many times in the big lie and their word broken on so many occasions, their stock as administrators and guardians of our democratic process has become all but worthless.

    People are not however, powerless. They can make the change they want and need. They can be the change and put their own house in order. They can make the changes that their public servants refuse to make after being granted countless opportunities.

    People need civic unity, not political union. A government is not a country and the machinery of state does not make a country. People do. All the population of Scotland need do, is decide that they can be better, want to be normal, grown up and make decisions on their own behalf. When we make that choice? All the policy wonks, sharks in suits, meeja and right honourables in the land can’t stop them.

  5. I am so disappointed at every non SNP MP at Westminster. Bastards all.

    I twigged why the devolved power amendment bill was being tweaked in the Lord’s. Exactly as you state Paul. Devious does not come close.

  6. You would think the people’s paper, the Daily Record, would headlining this betrayal of the people of Scotland, detailing the arguments and setting out what is wrong.
    However the Daily Record is a bag of shit, and the editor a bag of fetid wind.

    • But, Brian, the Daily record is a Seeer of Truth, a Righter of Wrongs, The Little Guy against the Big Guy. Or maybe not.

      Yesterday’s headline featured the outrageous scandal of a 49 year old joiner (no don’t laugh; titter ye may, Missus, this ain’t funny) who was made homeless after losing his job and spent the Christmas period in a wee tent in -7 degrees while that heartless bastard Nicola Sturgeon made herself an Espresso from her £ 1000 coffee percolator or some such shit.
      According to Curtice’s Blue Tory sponsored poll which concluded that
      despite 62% of us voting Remain, most of us don’t want Freedom of Movement or ‘the’ Single Market headlined the Herald Britland today, and was used by the Loon Yoons on TV throughout the day as proof that we are now behind Brexit and just want that lovely David Davis to get on with it, because we are resigned to our fate as an occupied colony of Merrie England.
      That will be fucking shining bright! They argue that they have bored us into submission!

      There now look what they made me do. I’m writing in exclamation remarks.

      As Sam points out above, trust takes years to earn, a millisecond to lose.

      This bunch of Yoon dunderheads Up Here, and the 23 who now find themselves sitting in WM have only one unifying agenda. Destroy the Independence Movement, and ensure that Scotland remains a militarily occupied colony of England and its riches continue to be plundered by English insurgents.
      We would be fucking mugs to let this continue when England leaves the EU.

      I refuse to be dragged out of Europe, to be held prisoner in my own country, subject to the rules and regulations of an English Overlord.

      Come the end of March 2019 I shall not be free to move work or settle in Europe because English xenophobes, racists, and a FPTP Fascist Government, and their Fifth Column traitors Up Here force me to be a prisoner in my own country.

      I could of course seek political asylum elsewhere or choose to remain in the wonderful country of my birth, Scotland, and fight.

      I choose to remain.

      This land is my land, the Woody Guthrie version, not the knuckledraggers of Parkhead
      and their conservative Board of Lords and Billionaires’ balderdisation.

      The last straw has been laid on this camel’s back.
      Michelle Moan will decide my fate?

      I don’t think so.

      Rise up, Scotland, the hour is at hand.
      What price tomorrow’s FMQ will feature A&E waiting times, Police Scotland, Willie Rennie, who took £29 billion from our poor in Coaliton with Ruth Davidson, banging on about mental health provision for our citizens in the hope that none of us will make the connection between him driving hundreds of thousands of his fellow Scots into crippling life destroying poverty and the overwhelming mental health damge he has inflicted upon many of our most vulnerable, to give the Rich a 5 % bung.
      He is recorded as claiming that the Austerity package of Cleg’s and Cameron’s Double Act was a ‘success’.

      I have had enough.

      I’m sure there are millions more just like me.
      Rise up, stand up, remaining on our knees while Professor Tomkins destroys our country is no longer an option.
      I think you can tell. after today’s farce, and MSM coverage, I am ragin’.
      Thank god for Paul, his pooch, Sam, and WGD Diehards.

      • Well said Jack, and Paul. Don’t suppose that. this will be reported on or questioned in the state run right wing, disgusting so cakked media.

        More and more people in Scotland are though waking up to the obvious attempt to undemine and diminish the SNP and the Scottish parliament. It was fairly predictable on 19/9/2014 as far as I could see.

        What a weird and backward situation we are beinb dragged into for sure.

        • I just watched Sarah Smith report to the English BBC Audience that last week a hundred thousand Scots waited more than 4 hours in A&E.
          Now you couldn’t make up a bigger whopper than that, yet it is nor corrected.
          A young lad called Ally Browne who turns out to be a Brit Union Nat cyber warrior who calls our FM a turd, was featured on BBC Distorting Scotland last night describing the shit treatment he received at one of our A&E departments.
          Shades of the private champagne swilling global trotting ‘nurse’ who was allowed unchallenged to claim that she was so poorly paid, by the Bad SNP of course, that she had to go to foodbanks to survive.
          This turned out to be a vicious perversion set up by BBC PQ to blacken the SNP Govt’s name.
          They are evil incarnate.
          If you were frail, elderly and relied on the BBC, Herald, Scotsman, STV, or the Sunday Post for your information, and felt poorly out of hours, the last place you would consider going would be our A&E departments, if you believed the litany of lies spread by our Fourth Estate Fifth Column of Brit Nat liars.
          You might die because you were lied to by a tv presenter or a journalist in a Yoon Rag.
          Well done, the Brit MSM. You’re terrifying our elderly citizens with your lies now.
          It has gone too far.
          We need out of this corrupt little Elitist Union.

  7. Why is this not the top story on the BBC or any other MSM outlet? Given recent history regarding Davidson and her new MPs this should be manna from heaven for journalists, they should be all over this tearing the Scottish Tories to pieces. But no this is not a normal country and so what do we get, a five minute feature on GMS and then ‘move along nothing to see here’, followed by a special bonus dose of SNP bad in regard to speculation about the Police. The sad thing is it works and most of the people I know are not even aware or if they are do not give a toss; to me it seems that people in Scotland are the frog in the boiling frog parable. So sad that we live in a shell of a country, hopefully people shall come to their senses but I have my doubts.

  8. Reuters report that SG to create new legislation urgently in order to protect our parliament should the amendments covering the 111 devolved powers not be included in the EU withdrawal bill. Let’s see if the Nat media report and explain it.

  9. Meanwhile it would seem that the very minimal amount that the Scottish Tories have done in this area, is resulting in the hardcore Brexiteers claiming that they’re “trying to wreck Brexit”! I guess no good deed goes unpunished?

  10. Not that long ago…. ‘MSPs voted overwhelmingly to support remaining in the European Union in a Scottish Parliament debate yesterday.

    However, seven Conservative MSPs – Maurice Corry, Gordon Lindhurst, Margaret Mitchell, Oliver Mundell, Graham Simpson, Alexander Stewart and Ross Thomson – as well as Labour’s Elaine Smith voted against the motion, although it has been reported that Maurice Corry pressed the wrong button and did not intend to vote against the motion.

    Three other MSPs abstained from the vote: Labour’s Neil Findlay and Conservatives Jamie Greene, Jamie and Alison Harris.

    Conservative deputy leader Jackson Carlaw said although all the parties in the Scottish Parliament were in favour of remaining, he was “advocating a personal opinion” when he spoke for staying in.

    Carlaw gave a passionate speech in favour of the EU, saying he would be “voting for a future that I think is the right one for my sons and for the grandchildren I hope yet to see.”

    He said: “I thought that, while the Scottish referendum was a referendum that engaged the heads and the hearts of people in this country, the arguments in the European referendum would be much more nuanced—that they would be technical and devoid of emotion.

    “Yet, as the vote approaches, I find that I care far more about the outcome than I ever thought I would.”

    Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale also spoke in favour of staying in, saying: “Labour is Scotland’s internationalist party. We believe in solidarity beyond borders. We believe that sharing sovereignty makes us all stronger, wealthier and safer.”

    She said Labour would campaign enthusiastically for the country’s place in the European Union.

    Speaking against the motion, Conservative MSP Graham Simpson used his maiden speech to put forward the case for leaving the EU: “The EU is nothing but a political project. It is a first-class-only gravy train with no stops, where the buffet car serves only the finest food, never mind the cost, and it is one way—to ever-closer union.

    “We have the chance to pull the emergency cord and jump off, to set ourselves on another, freer course, able to spend the fare money—£350 million a week—on whatever we like.

    “Leaving would hand this Parliament powers over, for example, agriculture and fisheries. Why would anyone in this chamber not want that?” ‘

    …. Every constituency in Scotland voted to Remain in the EU … and if you think that a situation can persist where an entire Country votes ‘democratically’ on a given subject (whether EU membership or any other matter) and its unanimous voice cannot be acknowledged or accommodated within the framework of a Union… then, if it was not previously apparent, it should now be dawning on even the most stalwart supporter of the status quo, that there is only one logical course open to pursue ….Independence…. its about who decides and what sort of a country you want to live in. The last time the matter was discussed ‘in the chamber’ it went 69 in favour to 59 against having an actual vote.

  11. “He said,Son, I’ve made a life out of reading people’s faces
    And knowing what their cards were by the way they held their eyes
    And if you don’t mind my saying I can see you’re out of aces.”

    Ruth Davidson treading the political boards yesterday.
    It is clear her heart is no longer in being Queen Yoon Bee Up Here.
    Her body language at FMQ yesterday revealed a defeated woman.
    Her big pitch last year at her NBF Big T didn’t work.
    She is back in the boondocks, among the colonial conscripts languishing while May the Darling Duds of May fuckxit big time.
    she was in three part disharmony with two men who are sincerely just not up for the lob, Rennie and Leonard.
    It can’t be long now before she is whisked off to the shires; probably when the next sex scandal hits the fan.
    Rennie is overdue a ‘my office, now’ interview with Vince Cable, surely?
    And Richard Leonard? What an insult to ‘leadership’.
    As Kenny Rogers sings, and We Nats can see, Yoons, ‘you’re out of aces’.
    Davidson will be off on her toes any day now.

  12. So what have we learned about the media over the festive period? Anyone still reckon they are our fourth estate? Our watchdogs? Bear in mind the whole green ink gang thing and christmas box farce is only a snapshot. That’s just this past year folks. They’ve been doing this to their own people forever. Mind you, I suppose they’d have to consider you ‘their own people’ so I suppose they have an out there as far they’re concerned.

    Mind you it really should have been a bit of a no brainer long before those fiascos. Their own echo chamber bias has been anything but quiet. THAT’S RIGHT! I said ECHO CHAMBER, echo chamber, echo chamber echo chamb….

    Y’know, the very thing they accuse independence sites of being. For some reason they believe themselves above that trap. Thing is ANY, and I do mean ANY, publication digital or print attracts its own demographic. People who prefer to read or view the world through a certain window. They’re no different and they’re a LOT less honest about that fact is all. They put themselves on a pedestal and consider themselves above and beyond what? Public opinion of their efforts? A buyer’s right to tell you you’re talking a lot of self promoting, utterly compromised pish and spending their cash elsewhere?

    The media in general, but more specifically the Scottish media have a problem (tho certainly not with self image). These self proclaimed public watchdogs have been absent without leave on the interests of not a minor demographic, but half a nation. THAT is a disgrace and a shame they should never be allowed to forget! As people are put in literal harms way because they’ve been TOLD to lose faith in their public services. As half a nation is demonised and put in harms way because people have been encouraged to hate and alienate. When it’s done in the name of political agenda du jour, (see under Christmas box), then it’s pretty obvious the only thing they are safeguarding is their own interests.

    Bottom line is they certainly do not appear to act as ALL the public’s fourth estate or watchdog. For all the world, it appears they act as such only for some.

    If sites like Wings, WGD, Common Green, Bella and publications like iScot, video production like Phantom Power are echo chambers, then at least I trust them to watch out for my interests and care about the same things I do. I see no reason to trust or support the journalism of what is laughably called the mainstream media.

    S’up to them of course. They could change that perception in a heartbeat. I doubt they will…, but they could.

    • Well put, Sam.
      Davidson, Findlay, Leonard, Murphy, Goldie, McLeish, Reid, Darling, Curran, Lamont, Carlaw, Tomkins, Fraser, Rennie, Scott, Brown, and to name but a few of a long sad line of Yoon Frontmen and Women who have flitted in and out of power since the last World War and who have sold Scotland down the river, using as the basis for their treachery, the false concept that Scotland is NOT a discrete nation, that somehow in 1707, we lost our nationhood to the English because a bunch of psychopath Earls and Dukes ‘sold’ us to England for land and money.

      Ruth Davidson’s philosophy on life is based on greed, elitism, and suppression of the people by the rich, powerful, and ‘educated’. She is ‘English’, not Scots.

      She has no problem living in the 6th wealthiest country in the world, yet, 260,000 Scots children live in Willie Rennie inspired mentally deranged poverty, 500,000 of Richard Leonard’s ‘many’ have had their mobility vehicles taken from them, their Employment Support Allowance of £30 a week cut, their Housing Benefit stopped, and any third child born into unemployed poverty will be consigned to death and starvation by the English YooKay Laws
      Ruth herself would introduce prescription charges, Adam Tomkins Tuition Fees, and Murdo Fraser would hand the new Queensferry crossing over to his wealthy 4 x 4 buddies by introducing bridge tolls.
      Unionism equates to dog eat dog rat race neo liberal Red Blue and Yellow Tory survival of the fittest Devil’s Own piracy.

      Mundell denies that we are Scots, that this country is a nation, and that we have rights.

      He and his new Lord Ian Duncan are in a English colonial stockade in Edinburgh munching profiteroles and slurping Darjeeling, not to represent Scotland, but to suppress Scotland.

      I cannot live in a land built on greed, and English Parliament engineered wilful and malicious neglect of my fellow citizens.
      Willie Rennie, Anas Sarwar, Ross Thomson, are delighted to defend their Union behind a barricade built of the bodies of our poor, disabled, infirm and elderly.
      The ‘Union’ must be defended, at all costs, even the wilful deaths of your own citizens.

      If I were younger…

      I know many of them have some sort of belief system.
      Imagine when they face their maker, and She asks:- ‘I suffered little children to come unto you, and look what you did to them.’
      ‘Imagine there’s no Union, it’s easy if you try.’

      I do not indulge in hyperbole. They are killing and maiming tens of thousands of their fellow Scots in the name of their Union. I
      Not in my name the names of millions of Scots citizens.

      I find it unforgivable.
      I have had enough.
      May they suffer in their version of eternal damnation.
      By their deeds we shall know them.
      I’m as mad as hell, Sam, and after yesterdays farce at FMQ, I’m not going to take any more.

      And finally, Wullie Rennie, shut the fuck up about mental health. You and your party are a major factor in threatening mental stability in Scotland. Resign and go back to driving buses.

      And in other news, Scotland’s nurses, doctors, paramedics, ambulance crews, policemen and women, firefighters, care workers, social workers, and the SNP and pro independence supporters are shite, because Jackie Baillie, herinafterwards referred to as ‘Research has shown that’,
      says so.
      Of now; rant abated but never quelled.

      • I think most reasonable folk are weary of their self important shite Jack. To the point where even answering their views with any civility has become a struggle. I just have to catch a whiff of some journo sneering or whinging dismissively about new media and my instant reaction is contempt. It’s not (as was)… listen to their point, discuss debate merits or otherwise. No, it’s simply to bypass all of that and go straight to contempt.

        I won’t even consider giving the time of day to those who left half of their public without a voice and actively participate in putting them in harms way.

        In short? They can fuck right off.

        • Exactly, Sam.
          Davidson got a wee cosy chat last night on STV and this morning on GMS with GR.
          I have not tuned in to either.
          She is a busted flush now.
          less than 200,000 watch BBC Scotland. Less than 40,000 listen in to BBC People’s Friend, Radio, presented by the FPs of Glasgow High.
          Yet they still think that they can
          She is consigned to the backwater of the Northern Colony.
          She’ll be off soon. Baroness Davidson?
          They are killing our citizens.
          Go on, I dare them; sue me.
          Your policies are killing your fellow citizens.
          I am champing at the bit.
          Time to get down and dirty with these selfish bar stewards.

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  14. According to the Herald, one Scots Tory MP said “Some of us have stood up and said we would not vote for the bill unless Clause 11 was changed; now we will have to,”

    So … This was a chance to do something principled, that they knew to be in Scotland`s interests, but … nah, they’re not going to bother after all.

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