Being deafened by the “silenced”

The job of most media commentators in Scotland is to criticise the SNP.  To do so they use a Scottish media which overwhelmingly takes as its starting point that British nationalism is the norm and is a norm which is not nationalist at all. The job of the media in Scotland is to judge Scotland by the standards of Britain. Their job is to shoehorn criticism of the SNP and Scottish independence into any topic you care to think of. Their job is to undermine Scottish self-confidence and instill in us the fear that we couldn’t cope as a normal nation. But don’t you dare criticise them back, and for the sake of all the gods don’t dream of mocking them. That means you’re a tyrant who is silencing them.

The state capitol building in Hartford Connecticut has a domed roof covered with golf leaf. It’s a big building, it’s a big dome, but the amount of the precious metal used to gild it works out at a couple of gold coins’ worth. That’s because gold leaf is incredibly thin, a mere couple of hundred of atoms thick. If you could cut a leaf of gold leaf into cubes with the length and breadth equal to the thickness, each would be smaller than a virus. A single gold sovereign coin, if beaten out into gold leaf, could cover the floor of a room in your house. That’s how thin gold leaf is, but it’s still a whole lot thicker than the skin of your average media apologist for Scottish Unionism. And unlike British nationalism, gold leaf won’t tarnish.

One of the iron-clad laws of Scottish politics is that those who have greatest access to publicity, to the media, and to the corridors of British power, are those who complain most about how they are being silenced. Generally it turns out that they’re being silenced by people who write blogs which get only a fraction of the readership of a newspaper, or by ordinary punters who tweet mockery. Public figures with a platform in a national newspaper and who make regular appearances as a commentator on the telly are being bullied because a granny in Grangemouth tweets a cutting remark. Oh the irony, the British state with its military fetish, its nukes, its Brexit, its nostalgia for empire, and it’s complaining that it’s being bullied by a guy in Invergordon with an internet connection. The privileged always regard a challenge to their privilege as discrimination. The privileged are always the first to rush to claim victim status.

They’re being victimised and silenced because they no longer can lecture us without push-back.  Their definition of democracy is one where they should be allowed to tell us how bad an independent Scotland would be without being challenged. Dare to challenge, and there will be anguished articles in several newspapers and right wing magazines bewailing how silenced they are. Talking heads will pop up on politics programmes to lecture us about how they’re being silenced. We’re being deafened by the silenced. The bullies are complaining that the bullied are threatening them.

Those who are really silenced, those who really struggle to make their voices and opinions heard, are being told by those who disproportionately dominate the mass media that the silenced are silencing those with the megaphones. People who oppose independence are far more likely to be given a platform than those who support it. Scotland has a legion of Conservative commentators, far out of proportion to the number of Conservatives. Meanwhile the likelihood of a pro-independence voice in Scotland being granted access to the TV, or to the vast majority of Scotland’s print media, is directly proportional to that voice’s willingness to attack and criticise other pro-independence voices.

It’s now day three of The Biggest Scandal in Scottish Politics Since Last Week, beardy-glasses-guy-gate. The SNP party political broadcast featuring a beardy guy with hipster glasses, who may or may not have been based upon the Herald columnist and proponent of SNPbadness David Torrance, has spawned outraged articles in the Herald, the Scotsman, the Times, the Express, and on Saturday Stephen Daisley piled in with a piece in the Spectator. That’s the Daisley who was silenced by the SNP and who told us all, at great length, about how silenced he was in his columns for the Mail and the Spectator. No doubt there will be more pieces decrying the SNP’s intolerance of criticism in the Sundays.

Mind you, for a party that’s supposedly intolerant of criticism it does seem to come in for an awful lot of criticism. It is impossible to open a newspaper or view a news broadcast in Scotland without being subjected to a barrage of stories telling us just how terrible the SNP is. So it does appear that what those who complain about the SNP’s supposed intolerance of criticism are really upset about is when the party turns the tables on its critics and gently takes the piss out of them.

Hysterical voices like the Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton have complained about the “tyranny” of the SNP. In Alex’s world, tyranny is when a party produces a video featuring a guy who bears a passing resemblance to a right wing columnist who’s a pal of Alex’s. If Alex had never stoked the fires by submitting his ridiculously petulant complaint to Ofcom, the entire episode would have passed as nothing more than a little bit of piss-taking on Twitter. Instead Alex wants to liken it to the oppression of journalists by authoritarian regimes. That’s the very definition of victimhood seeking.

It has all been counterproductive. All that has happened is that a party political broadcast which would have struggled to have attracted an audience of a few thousand people will now be seen by considerably more. By complaining loudly and vociferously that they’re being silenced, the apologists for British nationalism have only amplified the audience for the video that they claim is silencing them.

The real silenced in Scotland is the half of the population who support independence but who rarely see their viewpoint given airtime or column inches in a Scottish media which is overwhelmingly British nationalist in outlook. When apologists for British nationalism complain that they are being silenced, what they really mean is that they are appalled that other voices, voices which disagree with them, demand to be heard as well.

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0 thoughts on “Being deafened by the “silenced”

  1. Rule one in the British Nationalist Big boys book of political media, is of course Accuse your tiny outnumbered opponent of what ever it is you’re doing to them.

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  3. Paul I’m just in from the rubadudub.

    I am sick fed up of giving these idiotic chancers a veneer of respectability.
    The\y are out to destroy Scotland.
    We are at war.
    More tomorrow.


    Metrocentric fuckwittery and political bumtrumpetry gone overboard. Tyranny? Victimhood? Totalitarian regimes? They have no idea what these terms mean. That they use them so casually against their own opposition in Scotland (of all nations on earth), when a simple perusal of any news channel can show you the reality in action across a fair chunk of the globe is beyond tragic. In fact it’s downright insulting.

    Countries where journalists risk a tad more than the cutting edge wit of that granny from Grangemouth when speaking truth unto power. Countries where ‘dae as yer telt’ means that ANY variation from the instruction by the ruling body of the population means jail time at best or massive armed repressive reaction at worst.

    Fair to say, that if the SNP are a repressive regime, then they are particularly shite at it. Why there’s not a gulag to be found anywhere. No access to the meeja and therefore no meeja to control or send out waves of mind altering propaganda. No riot/shock troops (other than that granny) to beat people senseless in the streets or whisk them away to the aforementioned gulags in the middle of the night. Not even the odd sinister bloke in a long black leather trenchcoat, who could probably throw you a right unnerving stare if you broke into a spontaneous rendition of Rule Britannia.

    Pretty fecking rubbish at the whole tyranny thing if you ask me. Shoddy standards of oppression all round.

    Howzabout this though. As an end user of both media output and political practice, in what purports to be a democracy, yer average punter in the street reserves the right to take the pure pish when media commentators act all up themselves, or when the political class act like complete twat hats? Howzabout we vote empathy free, thoughtless and careless politicians into oblivion with our ballots? Howzabout we simply withhold our cash and support from a media that deliberately places our population in harms way?

    We can do those things with nary a harsh word said you know. That would save the poor dears from having to put up with that granny’s harsh critique.

    • Sam, Paul, you have summed it up perfectly.
      They are too big, too rich, too clever to fail.
      Or so they think.
      Coca Cola rose without trace, ponces about in Edinburgh society, the darling of the afternoon tea set in Auld Reekie’s leafy suburbs, while refusing to take responsibility for his party’s coalition with the blue Tories, a Partnership from Hell which killed tens of thousands and reduced Scotland to near fatal insignificance.
      Along with the rest of the Lib Dem Famous Five, Rumbles, Bumbles, Humbles and Crumbles he lolls about on the Holyrood benches, laughing his fucking head off, and contributes less than nothing to the good governance of Scotland.
      His hands are smeared in Austerity blood.
      260,000 Scots children live in Yoon engineered poverty.
      Half a million of our citizens live in grinding penury.
      They are a Better Together united front whose sole aim is to destroy democracy Up Here.
      They are the enemy within.
      We have loosened the Establishment’s vice like grip on communications once and for all.
      We have destroyed the Inner Circle.
      And by Christus, they don’t like it one little bit in the Morningside tearooms.
      In twenty years time youngsters will laugh at the notion of print media with the same incredulity and derision with which we view town criers.
      Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye.
      Your days are numbered.
      So says this grizzled frae Glasgow.
      You’ll have had yer tea.

  5. Fab article, spot on comments. Always fascinating to look at how these tyrnanies operate. Textbook psychology stuff I would have thought. Tyrants ,play the victim, blame the people they need to be rid of, win win.

    More, encore, more! And it’s only third week in January. Only 345 days or so to go, plenty time for the Britapnats to think up some more silliness. It’s why these Britnats are there and why they are paid a nice big fat wage as well. Meanwhile people are going hungry, people are homeless and it’s actually 2018.

    Nice one British nationalists and your dodgy pals, way to go eh! Keeping Scotland poor and begging, it’s been a long time. Scotland has had enough, stand on your own two feet now England, honest you will be fine! 🙂

  6. Brilliant. (I finally manage to say after picking myself up after falling off my chair laughing. Though my sides are still sore.)

    And dead on target.

    Hell’s grannies (fae Grangemouth even). Now that was another Monty Python sketch. Instead of history being repeated as farce, it seems that now, farce is being repeated as history!

    • This is the thing, everything is the wrong way around, all twisted. Rich is the new poor, innocent the new guilty, environmental activists the new enemies of the planet, the powerful the new oppressed. The ugly the new beautiful, the devils are the new angels. The parasites the new philanthropists.

      It’s a topsy turvy world for sure. Wait, is this earth, or a parallel universe!
      Oh and old is the new young. Crikey, hope we don’t see the dead becoming the new living! Argh! Help!

      • Hetty, Under Blair, the unemployed became ‘job seekers’, the bog poor, ‘less well off’, a burning passion to join the rat race was ‘aspirational’, and the country constantly referenced by that Dick ‘The Scarf’ Leonard today on Brewer’s Droop, wasn’t Scotland, it was the UK, a political construct of 4 nations, which is not ‘the country’.
        He means of course ‘England’, his England, as ‘the country’ who out vote us all on everything.
        He heads the Red Tory Branch Office, yet he ignores the 62% Remain vote.
        I look forward to the day when they pack their bags and head back to the Motherland.
        A thought; when will the Yoons reclassify the homeless as ‘house seekers’?

    • Brilliant, and it’s true that it works. I never listen to/watch PPBs from any party because they are normally the most boring thing out there, but, because of all the furore, I did watch this one (and enjoyed it). I suspect that there will be many more who are the same.

  7. With this PPB the SNP have stumbled on to a winning formula IMO.

    With the weight of the yoon media against them, the SNP have to be clever and use judo techniques – use your opponents weight and strength to turn the tables. The way this is done is to be controversial – trigger the usual Pavlovian responses from yoon politicians and their media chums and suddenly a barely noticed PPB goes viral.

    Another technique the SNP could use is to be a bit more outrageous and “visionary”. For example following Boris’s idea of a channel bridge, why does the Scottish government not commission a feasibility study of a connection (road/rail bridge tunnel link) between Scotland and Ireland? And publicise the fact that you are doing so. Boy would the yoons scoff – the media would have a field day. But that is the point – it gets talked about and for every person rubbishing it, there will be two others that (whatever they think of the idea) admire the Scottish Government for its vision. How about planning to electrify the entire rail network by 2040?

    So come on Mr Yousaf et al. – become outrageous – come up with some really daft transport plans (that may not be so daft after all) and stir up the yoon media. Get them talking about it – that’s the point. You have demonstrated competence. The public now need to know you and your SNP colleagues have vision. 🙂

    • Well said Luigi, et all..
      electrify the rail network by 2040?
      And could we utilise these wind turbines that’d are paid to be idle when power is not required.. SNPs fault of course.. But the taxpayers money still ends up in some landowners fat pocket more often that not-funny that..
      If our wind farms could be linked to an electric rail network covering the country perhaps it could work as a national grid for Scotland sending surplus green energy where it’s needed for trains or wherever at the time it gets generated??
      Thanks Paul, a star turn as always- treats for the Dug..

  8. As usual- fantastic. Your last two blogs have really made me laugh and I will seek out the PPB which I normally wouldn’t do!

  9. Fantastic! Loved it! So true! People need to know about their projection onto us! Wonderful Keep up the great work! Saor Alba! Elaine 😊

    Sent from outer space and beyond


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  11. Just clocked the video on youtube – for some inexplicable reason, it isn’t being broadcast on BBC Lancashire, which is a shame. One of the funniest pieces of politicking for many a year – clearly the poor boys don’t have a sense of humour or realise they’ve been given a ‘gift’…

    O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us
    To see oursels as ithers see us!
    It wad frae mony a blunder free us,
    An’ foolish notion:
    What airs in dress an’ gait wad lea’e us,
    An’ ev’n devotion!

  12. Excellent piece. And yes, The Libdem guy’s complaints, supported by the MSM will likely encourage more unionists to watch the PBB than ever would have without them. And who knows, some might be convinced by the SNP litany of achievements.

  13. If possible the SNP should now do a follow up ppb of beardy guys ‘Journey to Yes’. So giving publicity to the excellent journey to yes short films.
    I would give a body part to see the yoon press reaction!

  14. Sunday Politics Gordon Brewer had a journalist, with a beard, wearing glasses, appering as a guest speaker today!

    Obviously selected as a dead ringer for Torrance then!

    Question is, was BBC’s Brewer taking the mickey out of Torrance then?

  15. I doubt that the bloggers are done with Alec Cole-Hamilton Esq yet, ACHE for brevity.His behaviour towards Michelle Thomson would be worth a visit. And his “nothing to see here” campaign expenses. Oh and Jo Swinson has swung into action to defend ACHE, aggrieved over the treatment of her colleague, and taking time out from squaring her own campaign expenses issues.

    • Not to mention she’s busy lying about the demonstation at Pacific Quay held to protest against the bias of the BBC. She wasn’t there. But she feels she has a right to push how dreadfully the protesters acted, refusing to let the journos, newsreaders etc out of the building. They KNOW that all that is just a pack of lies from beginning to end. But nevertheless, they feel the lies are worth another punt. And in the same breath, she’s accusing the SNP of closing down freedom of speech. ??? When it’s the public that criticises their lie punting, that’s bullying of journalists, apparently…

      1) It WASN’T the SNP that organised that protest. So they are lying & ‘blaming’ totally the wrong people.

      2) NO entryways to the building were blocked & the demonstrators were held weeeell away from the doors. The Police in attendance made quite sure of that So NO staff members were prevented from leaving the building. NO staff was harrassed or ‘fought to get to their cars’. That too was an absolute lie.

      3) The protesters were in good humour, friendly and there was NOTHING frightening about the demonstration! To suggest otherwise was THIRD whopper of a lie!

      4) The police were there and THEY THEMSELVES remarked how friendly & good-natured it all was and how NO ONE was having any problems or issues about intimidation! So the suggestions it was an unruly mob baying for blood, was a FOURTH LIE.

      These policians & journalists have a platform whereby they can lie with impunity & can and do refuse the ‘other side’ of an issue a platform to give the correct facts. Then think they can make up stories, prevent the other side from protesting about their lies, then step in and shout, “You’re trying to close us down! You’re trying to destroy our right to freedom of speech!” Thankfully, Social media can and does put this right. And so blogs like this are ACE at making fun of their lying nature and showing it up for what it is! While I hate a lot of what he stands for, I DO think that I should be a little less rankled by Bill Gates… 😉

  16. And while we spend all too much precious time and energy that cannot be recouped talking about this waste of space, that other Dick, ‘The Scarf’ Leonard appears on the Brewdog’s Sunday Politics blog, sounding like, and appearing equally as unhinged as, his archetypal Shop Steward hero, Fred Kite played so mercilessly accurately by Peter Sellers, in ‘I’m All Right, Jack’.
    Customs Union, protecting workers’ rights, workers’ jobs, ‘open minded’ about Single Market…..fade to grey.
    As Hang On A Minute mused:
    ‘Why not advocate staying in the EU?’
    ‘Ah, no, ‘the country’ (That would be his country, England’ ) voted to Leave..fade to grey.
    He was mumbling for England now.
    Following Kelly’s Dusgrace last week, The Scarf promises some great tax reforms coming up in 10 days time..wealth tax, penny in the pound…Didn’t they lose last year’s election on this tax grab?

    He sounds what he is ; an old style Fred Kite shop stewards who is now operating ‘way above his pay grade, rather like the previous half dozen Branch Office Red Tory leaders, come to think about it.
    Brewer tried to lump the SNP Government in with the Yoon Carpetbaggers who conned us into paying for PFI.
    No, Gordon, it was your mate, the other Gordon, the Clunking Fist, who mortgaged our children’s future to hedge fund Offshore shysters.
    The 17 schools which were built with the crumbliest flakiest concrete were built under Labour, as was the Skye Bridge.
    The SNP Government outlawed PFI, and the Right to Buy Council Houses, two of the biggest sell offs under the Blue and Red Tory Governments.
    Repeatedly reminded of this by the SNP Rep, Brewdog didn’t feel the need to ‘hang on a minute, just to be clear, for the avoidance of any doubt, what you are saying is, that the SNP Government saw PFI for the New Labour Tony Blair/Gordon Brown neo conservative con that it was, which cost Scotland tens of billions of pounds, and the SNP Administration immediately moved to scrap the schemes completely?’
    Well, just to be clear, Gordon, there are no PFI/PPP schemes Up Here.

    The Yoons and their wee propaganda progs just look tired jaded and downright irrelevant now.

    • You just got one bit wrong the PfI wasn’t Gordon the vow brown it was his old boss Tony I kill people blair.

      • Robert, if you can get a hold of Andrew Rawnsley’s excellent expose of the Brown Blair Years. ‘The Party’s Over'(?) From memory, it’ll be on Google or wiki.
        AR writes, with plenty of corroborative evidence and quotes,that Brown ran the Budget, and eh and the Treasury kept the Cabinet and his PM Blair completely in the dark about his budget proposals, right up until he announced the Reforms in his budget speech.
        Of corse Blair was the Great Privateer, he went to the US and sat at the feet of Clinton, his Democrat neo liberal hero to learn the ropes before becoming PM.
        But The Clunking Fist was the Chancellor, remember prudence, no more boom and bus?
        That was all Broonie.
        Blair famously took nothing to do with running and managing the economy.
        It was all 100& Brownomics.
        Major of course kicked it all off before B/B and Cool Britannia berthed on the Thames.
        Blair took un to war, Brown took us to the 2008 Crash.
        Peter Mandelson is reported as believing that Brown was not quite right in the head.(ahem)
        His words are much more scathing and pejorative.

        • The PfI was supposed to be Blairs economic miracle jack brown just tryed to keep it going brown was a fuck up himself he had the banks bailed out here when they crashed the global economy yet had the check last year to say they should of been jailed labour are two faced no matter who’s the captain of that junk of a ship.

          • Blair & Brown continued with the atrocities started by their hero Thatcher in the eighties, and proceded to put the final nails in the Labour Parties coffin, and there is no way back as long as they are depending on the London & the south for votes. Bunglefucked I say.

  17. Even Gordon brewer today jumped on that bandwagon of the britnats saying the snp ppb is inaccurate shows how out of touch the opening part of the Torrance lookalike line goes in 10 years what has the snp ever done for us that’s when there record gets mentioned it’s all true take the tolls for example under the snp they went bye bye but before under labour you had to pay just to cross the 4th road bridge and how much depended on the vehicle the baby box is snp that was recently same with the queensferry bridge the english didn’t even know till it was completed so it’s desperation on there part to attack and yes its got more publicity now than it would have if they’d left it alone.

  18. Y’know, another thought occurs. The SNP and the indy movement have taken a helluva beating from both the unionist political class and the media for well over the past five years. Their intimidation and saturation of the narrative has been the daily routine for all of that time. Unchallenged and unfettered. It has of course been specifically aimed at the soft nos of the last referendum. Those who were and are independence ‘not yet’.

    Imagine if you will the effect this has had on their psyche, their opinion and their emotions. They see the Scottish government and the independence movement continually under ideological assault. Intimidation, denigration and disenfranchisement without let up. That’s going to leave an indelible mark, which of course was always the intention. The powers that be are fully aware that those already converted are pretty much a lost cause. A demographic they can never win back under almost any circumstance. These bastards are targeting those whose vote they require to maintain their slim majority.

    Now, were I one of those folk I’d initially feel pretty intimidated. (I’ll get back to that) They’ve been looking for a reason to feel motivated, protected, cared for, wanted. They’ve been looking for some sign that reversing their vote of last time out will mean something better.

    They’ve been looking for some of that vision, that imagination, that hope, Luigi is talking about above. Something for the SNP government to think about given the response to their PPB. People are looking for a government with the ability to stand up on their behalf. To be seen to fight back against the real bullies and stand by their population and their support. That they have the strength and the will to do so in a far more visible and imaginative fashion.

    We know the SNP form competent government. Certainly more competent than anything else in the current UK. We know that outside of the more belligerent of opposition and their support, the First Minister is well regarded as a caring, intelligent and respected leader. What folk need now is something to lift their eyes from ditch that’s been dug for them. A spark to light the bonfire as it were.

    And something more for those soft nos. You’ve been given a lot to think about in the past few years and yes the media assault is most definitely aimed at affecting your vote. How and ever this should give a clue as to how much power you actually hold in your hands and just how much the political class and the media are afraid of that power.

    Think about that.

  19. The British nationalist media is institutionally anti-Scottish. I really can’t see that pro-indy politicians have anything to lose in publicly stating, at every opportunity, just how biased the Britnat media is.

    I wish a pro-indy politician would publicly support the boycott of Britnat media and the non-payment of the bbc tax.

  20. @ Macart – “The Indy movement have taken a helluva beaten…from the media… over these past five years” Yes, and yet we are sitting now at 49% pro-independence. And we Indy supporters do seem to becoming increasingly defiant and dismissive of the Yoons. And the Yoons increasingly discomfited.

    The SNP PPB is superb in it’s content and timing. Brexit truly is a disaster looming towards us so the PPB draws attention to the benefits achieved by the SNP, and we will lose with Brexit,There is little time to lose to campaign for Indy, to shake out the complacency of the 25% undecideds.

    And as for Leonard: a Yesterday’s man, scarf or no scarf. A not very bright cuckoo. As mentioned elsewhere, just as a leopard cannot change it’s spots, a Leonard cannot move from a career long deputy role to being a leader.

  21. Well who knew?

    So we’re all clear then? Labour, once again, reneges on home rule. The federal solution. The VOW a complete lie. Any such pledge made in future by Labour. Any pledge at all of a devolution ‘journey’ whether it be at cooncil level on upward. That pledge was, is and always shall be utterly worthless.


    • Thanks Macart for this and previous posts on this thread – you’re on fire today!

      So Labour backtracks on constitutional change – no federalism in prospect. Who would have guessed? (I wonder how near to federalism the current Labour leadership thinks we have achieved, as promised by Gordon Brown and the Vow?)

      Add this to no abolition of the Lords in prospect from Labour; no change to the FPTP electoral system for the Westminster Parliament from Labour (and Labour still supporting Trident) – always the radical alternative that really, really isn’t anymore! Just a British nationalist party that is useful to sustaining the British establishment, with a branch office in Scotland.

      The emerging preference by Labour for devolution to local authorities/regions across the UK, decided upon by a prospective Labour government in Westminster, rather than federalism, is as much of a ‘one nation’ party policy as we expect from the Tories i.e. diminish the role of our Holyrood Parliament. Labour policy’s only merit would perhaps be the implicit acceptance that the British state would never agree to federalism – never agree to reducing the status of Westminster, the de facto English parliament that rules over us all.

      The Tory/Labour future: Scotland = Yorkshire or Essex or the East Midlands, except when the Rugby Football Union, the Football Association and/or the corporate media see value in having ‘four nations’ in the UK for money-making sporting occasions. A sop to ProudScotbuts at Murrayfield in their kilts and ‘national’ antheming. I am a nationalist for a purpose – and it is most certainly not this!

    • This is why I always say you can’t trust the English and labour is an English party and just like the conservatives labour will sell Scotland up the river all to please their English masters in westminster.

  22. The thing is, if it wasn’t for the SNP/Yes movement, what would Torrance, Cochrane, Wilson and the Massies have to write about?

    We’re keeping these folk in a job and this is the thanks we get? Charming.

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  24. Good stuff, lads.
    Let us know when the date for the independence referendum is.
    A move back to the independent nation of Scotland would feel like the right thing to do.
    Canada is a fine place, but Scotland is home.

      • Wendy and Asty, forgive me if this comes across as being rude or even critical but I am genuinely puzzled. You say that you will return to an independent nation but you are not coming back now.

        What is wrong with Scotland at the moment which will change after independence?

        • Les, you are forgiven.
          What is wrong with Scotland at the moment which will change after independence?
          Well, for a start, we would govern ourselves. That’s pretty significant.
          Big decisions (for example, will we join in a US led war on Iraq/Libya/Syria/Outer Mongolia/etc, bloody etc) would be ours to make.
          Scotland would be an actual country, with a seat at the table, instead of a colony of England.
          To my eyes and mind, EVERYTHING would change.
          (ok sure, we might still not win the fitba’ World Cup ).
          I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s. Went to Glasgow Uni in the Thatcher years. Felt that things were going off the rails in the early 80’s with the “greed is good” mentality.
          Spent much of my working life in the Antarctic over a 25 year period. (84-09). Largely with the British Antarctic Survey (a fine outfilt, and one which will suffer from Brexit). Latterly flying planes with a Canadian outfit.
          New Labour and Blair lost all credibility, (Iraq war, etc, etc) and I buggered off to Canada in 2002.
          Still with frequent visits to Scotland (family and friends). Was there last week in fact.
          Would I come back to live in the UK with the Conservatives in power? No.
          (May/Gove/Johnson, etc, etc. Not exactly inspiring leadership, is it?)
          To me, Scotland is, and always has been, a socialist country.
          A man’s a man for a’ that. An’ a’ that.
          And the ladies too.
          Good honest people. That’s how I was brought up. To be a decent honest person, like my mother and father, and their mothers and fathers.
          The world has problems, no doubt about it.
          An independent Scotland is not going to be the cure for all that ails us, but it’s a good starting point. People, in Scotland, could work towards a better future for themselves. With an emphasis on the word work. To actively engage in meaningful work; is that not a lovely thing?
          I look at the UK right now and I see people getting shafted, every which way. (Excuse my imagery). It is a miserable government, with a miserable mentality. Do I want to come back to live in Victorian Englandshire? No, I bloody well don’t.
          Meanwhile, the SNP, and the Greens, have a vision of a future. Nicola Sturgeon is far and away the best political leader in a long time. Scotland would do well to remain in the EU, as people wanted. We would do well to be rid of nuclear weapons, as people want.
          Aah, ok, I can hear some Unionist say “we wanted to stay in the UK”. Yes, in 2014, Scotland said “no” to being an independent country, that is true.
          But that was then, and this is now, and times have changed, as they always must.
          And if and when Scotland votes yes in the next referendum, Les, then that will be a game changer. I won’t be the only one returning from overseas.

          Well, that is nowhere near as erudite and eloquent as the WGD (who I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting in Corpach last year), but it is a quick tap over morning porridge in BC. All the best to everyone, and keep fighting the good fight. World Peace and harmony. Slainte.

          • Well said – much more eloquently expressed than I could have managed. Did you live in Corpach at that time? Hubby and I lived at Achaphubuil (just across the loch) and down at Inverailort in the 1990s.

          • A lovely heart felt piece of writing, sir.
            In the second half of the ‘sixties. my older brother, along with most of his mates, my uncle, and his young family, in-laws, and latterly some of my buddies, had to leave Scotland to seek work elsewhere.
            The Brit Establishment could build ships in the Philippines a lot more cheaply.
            Wages were paid in bags of rice, scaffolding made of bamboo.
            No nasty Unions or workers rights to get in the way of making a quick buck for the City’s investors.

            Even then Scotland was a colony of England.
            Hundreds of thousands of highly skilled men and women were simply tossed on the scrap heap by English Governments, as the Red Blue and Yellow Tory neo liberal laissez faire de’il tak the hindmost took hold across the ‘Free’ World.
            ‘Letter from America’ still engenders sadness, quiet rage, and a solemn determination among us who strive for Self Determination. We shall not allow England to treat us as their Golden Cash Cow ‘no more’.

            Today in Scotland, in many citizens’ eyes an occupied English colony now, I have as much control over my destiny as part of the Unionist version of a ‘UK’ as a lumberjack in Port McNeill BC.
            WE have English Laws for Scottish People every time. That stops now that England is leaving Europe.
            The Unionist Better Together defenders of the Elite, the Privileged, the Lairds, the Dukes, the Filthy Rich, the Established Christian Churches,( it is now reported that 1% of Scots own more wealth than the bottom 50%), will never give up their power, and are doing anything, including issuing threats and warnings of reprisals, to hold Scotland in tow.
            Well it is too late. They have pushed us too far.
            I have a welcome bed in Vancouver, Toronto, Maryland, Philadelphia, Pisa, Brittany, Cairns, Sydney, Amsterdam, and Melbourne, to name but a few wonderful parts of the world who offered shelter to Scots Irish and Welsh citizens thrown on the scrap heap by their English Overlords as they dismantled Industrial Britain in the second half of the 20th century.
            I understand perfectly why you, asty, and Wendy, and tens of thousands more may decide to return ‘home’ when we achieve nationhood once more.
            I can see that there may be an ‘Independence Ripple Effect’ and many tens of thousands of ‘Les Exiles’ will seriously consider returning ‘home’, an unintended positive consequence of seizing the thistle of Self Determination.
            We are ‘taking back control’, asty, Wendy.
            Welcome home, there’s plenty of room.

          • Wendy, Asty, thank you.

            I confess that I was a little ambiguous in my question. What I was trying to ask was not so much what is wrong with Scotland but rather what prevents you coming back to Scotland today. You have answered that.

            I agree. If I lived abroad, I wouldn’t volunteer to be in this rapidly deteriorating midden. But I am here, and have little choice but to work at solving things.

          • I do the best I can from over here, Les. I pay my SNP dues regularly, I support specific campaigns with financial donations and I disseminate “The Dug” and other pro-Indy posts as widely as I can. When we have a date for the next IndyRef I hope to come back to Scotland in time to vote, whilst keeping my Canadian options open in case (perish the thought) we lose again! “Ahm daein’ ma best”. 😉

  25. The hard fact about the mass media in Scotland is that it is not Scottish. The print media is almost entirely English owned, English controlled and has an arrogant English attitude towards Scotland and any idea that Scotland should be independent. As for television media, and that is primarily the BBC (a.k.a. the EBC) and STV, they are also English owned and English controlled, and exhibit the same arrogant attitude towards Scotland.

    The strange thing about all this is that the English (like their American puppet masters) regularly slander the Russians for having state control of their media, and rant on about how the Russians don’t have a free press etc. etc. What exactly do they think about English control of the media in the YUK? Do they consider that it is fair and reasonable to totally control the media in Scotland?

    We are also regularly fed the blatant lie that Scotland is subsidized by the English. If that was true, surely they would be glad to be rid of us. Whereas the truth is that, among other things, all the major construction in the YUK, including, for example, the M25, the HS2 fiasco, and even their nuclear weapons and submarines, are paid for by money stolen from Scotland. We subsidize them, not the other way around.

    The English colony of Scotland (and we are treated like a colony) has only the voice of blogs like the Wee Ginger Dug and Wings Over Scotland, to try to get some truth out to the Scottish people and fight the propaganda and blatant liars that control the English owned and controlled media in Scotland. We have to speak out, loud and often, against these liars and Quislings who, for their own ends, continually disparage Scotland and the Scottish people.

    • Well said, Guga.
      Everyone that is for an independent Scotland needs to up their game!
      (I’ve almost finished chapter one of ma’ book, it’ll be oot soon, inshallah.)

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  28. Surely the way to break the Brit nat’s hold on the media, is for there to be media that is pro-scottish indy? the WGD blog is awesome, but it doesn’t get a mainstream audience ditto that for WOS and the whilst being kind of what we need. Still has one foot firmly in the 20th Century. What we need is high production value You-Tube ‘station’, with pod-casts, regular (daily) output, countering the mainstream narrative. Something akin to the Young Turks, but for Scotland.

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