How propaganda works

Over the weekend, as much of Scotland was covered in ice and snow, those of us who are dog owners still had to struggle out and slide about on the ice-rink that pavements and side-streets had been turned into. Not that I’m really complaining, the Spanish born dug loves snow. It seems to hold all sorts of interesting smells for him. It takes about twice as long to do the usual walk as it normally does, and not because you have to carefully and slowly pick your way across the icescape. It’s because the dug is insistent that every patch of suspiciously coloured snow, and a lot of patches that aren’t, has to be sniffed, licked, and pushed about with his muzzle. It must be a dug thing.

The other day, the walk that was taking longer than usual took even longer than usual because I got waylaid by a guy who lives around the corner who is always keen to share his opinions about Thattessempee with the world. You always know that it’s going to be a negative opinion, because anyone who habitually prefixes the names of the SNP, or Nicola Sturgeon, or any other prominent independence supporting politician, with “that”, is using the demonstrative pronoun with an implied sweary word between the ‘that’ and the name.

Like a lot of people who are British nationalists because British nationalism isn’t nationalist at all, he is quite convinced that his negative view of Scottish independence in general and the Scottish government in particular must be shared by everyone, and he has not the slightest hesitation in broadcasting them to each and every passer by. The possibility that any of the passers-by might be of a different opinion has clearly never occurred to him. After all, it’s not like Scotland is chock full of independence supporting newspapers or Reporting Scotland is always banging on about how Scotland would do so much better as an independent country. If a particular point of view is consistently sidelined and is largely invisible in the media, people who hold the point of view that does monopolise most of the column inches and the airtime are going to conclude that theirs is the voice of reason and common sense that is shared by all sensible thinking people. Why shouldn’t they feel confident about sharing it with a random passer-by.

So there I was, slipping about while the dug lunged off at some other extremely interesting patch of snow, when the neighbour, who had been clearing the snow from his car, shouted out. “Here!” he said excitedly, “Did you know that that Humza Yousaf has got his street gritted! Outrageous, so it is. That transport minister can get his own street gritted but we cannae get ours done.”

Now I don’t know about you, but personally I’ve never been of the opinion that it’s outrageous that streets should be gritted after it’s been snowing. On the face of it, you’d think that it might be far more worthy of outrage if streets hadn’t been gritted. And that’s really what was exercising the neighbour. We live in sidestreets. This isn’t a bus route. It’s not a main road. They are not streets which lead anywhere, and Glasgow council didn’t grit them, preferring to concentrate on main roads, bus routes, and roads leading to train stations.

What the neighbour was so annoyed about was that Thathumzayousaf had had his street gritted, but the neighbour’s own street hadn’t been gritted. He was certain that the council had gritted Thathumzayousaf’s street and driveway in an instance of microcorruption, that it was Thatessempee doing a backhand favour for one of its own. Humza Yousaf’s street had been gritted but his hadn’t. It gave him something to feel victimised about. He was convinced that I was going to share his sense of victimhood and outrage.

The immediate source of the neighbour’s ire was a short passage in a report in The Sun about people being stuck on the M74 in the recent blizzard. At the very end, the report including a snide wee paragraph which mentioned that streets in Clarkston, where Humza Yousaf lives, had been gritted. Humza Yousaf can get home, the report sniffed, but travellers on the M74 can’t. The report didn’t actually say that the very street where Humza Yousaf lives had been gritted but that’s the way my neighbour chose to interpret it. Neither did it matter to the neighbout that road gritting is the responsibility of the local council and that Clarkston is in East Renfewshire. The gritting policies of SNP controlled Glasgow council have absolutely nothing to do with what happens in Clarkston. None of this mattered to the neighbour. Neither did it matter to him that a nearby street which remained ungritted just like his own is where an SNP MSP lives. All that was important was that he had a grievance and that grievance was validated by what he’d read in the press. In his eyes an SNP politician had got something that he hadn’t. Thatessempee ate my hamster.

Back in the real world, it’s hardly surprising that main roads in major urban areas get gritted before roads which are deep in rural areas. Urban areas are where most of the gritting lorries are based. They’re where most people live. If main roads in urban areas are left ungritted and the council instead concentrated on gritting rural roads, there would be even more of an outrage in the press. However the Sun’s wee dig about roads in Clarkston where Thathumzayousaf lives being gritted before roads that cross hills and mountains far from urban settlements was purely about stoking resentment in those who are looking for something to feel resentful about. It succeeded.

That’s how propaganda works. It doesn’t always have to lie. It is just sometimes selective in what information it tells you. It was no lie that streets in Clarkston got gritted. Streets in every urban area in Scotland got gritted. But when tagged on to the end of an article about roads which had been impassable in a blizzard, the information that streets in the urban area where the Transport Minister happens to live had been gritted was turned into yet another stick with which to beat Thatessempee. And these are the people who complain about grievance mongering by independence supporters.

That’s why it’s all the more important for those of us who support independence to speak up, to challenge, and to contradict the misconceptions, misinformation and partial information fed to our neighbours, friends, family, and colleagues. As a movement we need to get visible, we need to get active. And we need to get loud.

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0 thoughts on “How propaganda works

  1. GettNg to folk tending to be old at that, who read the daily rags to get their staple news as well as the traditional TV channels are the ones we need to target.

    The online media won’t reach these people. Bill board campaigns by all in the Indy movement. Bus stops, trams and buses.

    It has to be visible and not just by the SNP.

    I am sure there must be money in the campaign chest for this???

    • Not much point moving to leafy Clarkston, I can assure you that the side roads are only now clearing of snow and ice, mainly because the ambient temperature has risen above 5 degrees celsius, not due to East renfrewshire roads department.

  2. Absolutely well said. Anything for another good all round SNP bad story. I remember family came up in 2014, and more than one saying, ‘I divint like that Alex salmond mind’. When I asked why they had no idea, non, nil.

    OK, today I received a letter from a friend who voted no and would do so again. They are a caring, thoughtful person, for sure. But, they read the UKok rags, the right wing ones to boot, and to them the UK is all as one, really, Scotland hardly exists. They seem to have little idea and no willing to see that indeed we have a Scottish government, or that devolution exists.

    It is very strange, and NHS ‘crisis’ in England, is a ‘crisis’ in Scotland even though personal experience tells them otherwise. The letter included articles cut out of the ‘torygraph, and the Metro, about the perils for tenants living in private lets, and council lets. The Sunday Torygraph delights in telling us that, ‘tenants in unfit for habitation will be bale to sue landlords’.

    I hear that it was the tories who voted for any laws re ‘fit for human habitation’ to be scrapped. The Metro snippet tells us that ‘as many as 24% of people renting in private property in Scotland have not had a carbon monoxide alarm fitted according to a study’.

    No idea which study it is they refer to of course. It goes on to say that ‘UK legislation demands that alarms are fitted where solid fuel’ appliances are installed. ‘Landlords in Scotland are required to install CO alarms where fixed combustion devices are used’ but and this is the interesting bit, MP Eddie Hughes, Project Shout ambassador, is proposing a change in UK LAW to ensure it becomes mandatory for landlords to install alarms in all properties’.

    Now, I must look up Eddie Hughes and Project Shout. It seems very confusing, Scotland has requirements set in law, but, what about the UK LAW. I suspect the ‘UK legislation’ is an EU directive. So, ‘a study’, ‘UK lehislation’, ‘UK law’, but in Scotland, ‘landlords are required to install…’
    So, no ‘law’ in Scotland mentioned, so who then ‘requires’ this essential safety measure be put in place. See what they did there?

    As you say Paul, propaganda comes in many forms and relies on peoples’ belief in the media and that it will not be used to confuse, conspire, or deliberately mislead them. Those who rely on the mass lies being piped into their living rooms as well as the imagery and printed headlines in the daily rags, are seriously at risk of brainwashing. I fear for some it is just too late.

    You are right, we have to shout louder, much louder.

  3. The person I care for lives in a street(a cul-de-sac) which has apparently not been adopted by the council and therefore belongs to the Housing Association.(Although they won’t allow anyone to have an untaxed car sitting in the street). They sent a letter this year informing tenants that there would now be a service charge for supplying grit (which is presumably already paid for through Council Tax). Said grit is delivered to a grit bin at the end of the street and residents are expected to grit pavement and roads themselves. On asking whether residents would be given the relevant health and safety training I was met with a blank stare. I worked for the local authority for a while and would not have been allowed to clear a path without proper training – in case injury were to happen to me or to someone else – had I not done the job properly. There are only a few people in the street who are physically capable of doing this job and I’d be happy if any one of them were to be given an appropriate remuneration or a discount off their rent to undertake training and do this task when required. A job which needs done is a job for which payment should be made. The street currently remains ungritted. The main road, however, the main bus route to the nearest town, which is 17 miles away, has been passable for all but the very worst of times – and who can seriously expect the gritter drivers to be everywhere at the same time? Living in a rural area we make sure we are prepared for all eventualities and don’t travel anywhere unless we absolutely have to. Even the dog was confined to the garden on Sunday because I was scared that he would pull me off my feet on the ice – and he’s no where near as big as The Dug. (He was frantically catching up with his p mails when I took him out today). Do I care if Humza had his street gritted? I couldn’t give a toss. I’m glad he is able to continue to travel to Parliament and carry on with the great job he is doing.

    • I have to disagree with this, Weechid. Residents and shopkeepers should be clearing the footway in front of their premises. My local Council has provided bins with salt/grit which are easily accessible.

      Your reference to H&S does a severe injustice to an important Act which has been of great benefit to people in workplaces. As a TU rep at the time of its introduction during the 1970s, the spirit of the Act was about all parties taking a reasonable and constructive approach, recognising that each of us has a responsibility for ourselves and others. It was not to become a means of petty cavilling as you are doing.

      Clearing freshly fallen snow is relatively easy, especially with a snow shovel. Getting a bucketful of grit from the local grit bin is an easy task and then scattering it on the footway, is similar to using the bucket and spade I used on Ayr beach in 1950!

      The selfish SNP basher whom Mr Kavanagh encountered ought to have been clearing snow from the pavement as well as from his car.

      I live in a cul de sac. I am 70 and, fortunately still pretty spry. The bucket of grit was sufficient for 60metres of pavement in front of 3 closes with a total of 30 residents. A bit of neighbourliness helps those who are unable to do things easily for themselves. It also keeps me out from under my wife’s feet!

      • It’s blame culture which has become rampant in the last generation. Better to let sleeping snow lie than to shovel it aside and then have to take personal responsibility for any accidents that subsequently accrue.
        On my mum’s street a year or two back I shovelled off packed snow and ice outside her house and put down salt. I was the only one. A couple of neighbours told me not to. Grit/salt hopper at the street corner notwithstanding …
        PS gritting roads on TOP of snow is pretty ineffectual. It really needs to go down just before the snow arrives.

        • PS can anyone inform me? References needed, to avoid false news. When was anyone last sued or prosecuted for clearing a path?

          • It’s an urban myth. You could only be prosecuted if you did something really stupid like pouring boiling water on the path to melt the snow and then letting it freeze into sheet ice. And even then only if someone was actually injured. Responsible path clearing carries no danger of prosecution.

          • I think it is more likely that someone might sue if they slipped on a path on your property which had not been cleared. However, I cannot recall any case.
            Should any of these cockamamie cases get as far as a Sheriff, then fact that the person was trying to do the right thing and had no malign intent, would figure largely in the thinking ….. case dismissed!

    • Oh for heavens sake, what is so wrong with residents taking responsibility for their own area? Some years ago during a gale a large tree came down in the cul-de-sac where I live completely blocking the road out. Lots of trees had come down on main roads and it was obvious that “our” tree would not be a priority for the council workers. I set about it with a bush saw and axe and after a couple of hours enjoyable effort had cleared sufficient away for the road to be passable. As far as snow and ice goes, the cul-de-sac is never gritted. The council have provided a grit box and we grit the street ourselves – it does not take long. As for summer weeds in the gutter, well a couple of sessions with weed killer and that is sorted.
      Health and safety? Oh for heavens sake!

    • We have a dedicated pavement snowplough in our village. It’s driven round all the pavements, even our cul-de-sac which only has ten houses in it. It spreads grit behind it as it clears. The first morning we had the snow it had already been round past my house when I first looked out at 7.30 am. A few days later it came past mid-morning when I was clearing my drive, and the driver very kindly modified his route to make sure he didn’t plough me in.

      This is far more efficient than expecting everyone to do their own patch of pavement. It simply isn’t the case that everybody is able to do that. What if you have the flu? Have to leave the house at 6 am to get to your shift work? Are a frail old lady? Have a garden that doesn’t just face a stretch of pavement, but backs on to the same again the other side? Or are in a sizeable plot on a corner, as my elderly neighbour who lives alone and was recently hospitalised for three months with a serious stroke does?

      Lobby for your own wee snowplough. Ours keeps the village moving when it snows, and whizzes past me clearing the pavement in seconds, when it would take me a lot of effort to do the same.

  4. Just for a bit of broader perspective; here in Tory controlled Carlisle, we haven’t had any meaningful snow but last Wednesday for example, we had a very severe overnight frost and a heavy sleet shower about 5.30 am which immediately froze. It was kinda interesting getting to work on the bike. The main roads were clear OK but the paths were a skating rink. The cooncil clearly got caught wi their Alans down because none of the residential bus routes had been gritted which gave me an entertaining morning getting my passengers round town, Scandinavian ice speedway style.
    I blame the SNP for the state of Cumbria’s roads because… because… NICLA STURGEON! 😉

  5. It seems to me that anti-Scottish individuals and media outlets are getting more and more shrill. Sheer desperation on their part.

    Stay cool and display on yourself, car, house windows pro-Scottish posters, stickers, badges etc. If some fowk politely enquire why you’re doing it just say you’re fed up with people doing down Scotland, and offer them a spare sticker and tell them about pro-indy websites like this one. If a rabid Britnat spits bile at you… smile, and wish them good day.

    • Thumbs up Dan ! WGD stickers ,INDY 2 infinity and beyond, IGAFAS (i give a f about ) scotland stickers , YES scotland ! evolving Not dissolving ! stickers
      And lots more ! lets get em goin ! give us your scots humour input guys and ladies

  6. Och. Paul, you are debating politics and the Meaning of Life with a laddie whose world view appears to be based on hacks’ out put scrawling for a Blah that headlines its online contribution:
    “The Scottish Sun – Latest news, sports, showbiz, and celebrities.”
    The ‘news’ today appears to be a Police Gazette special: a gang of thugs getting banged up fo 1000 years or some such.No politics, mind, but some bums and tits of course.
    Ii may be argued that there is a core million Scots citizens who are ‘set in their ways’, ‘belong’ to their own wee circle, their clique, whose lives are determined by their upbringing, religion, or brainwashed prejudices.
    They are Brits and will die Brits.
    It is clear that even you sense that this person is a lost cause, a dog whistle Yoon.
    Fair enough.
    As long as Ranjurs fly the Jack and bless their Queen, and Sellick hoist up the Tricolour and the Directors like Lord Reid and Brian ‘Nuke’ Wilson remain strangely silent as their ‘family’ sing songs glorifying our sons being killed for well, no reason at all, and the knuckledraggers cram the bleachers and buy their £2,50 pies, and replica kits, then Scotland will always have a significant minority who will go to their graves, bitter disillusioned Brits/Irish loyalists.
    I’d even go further and suggest that your companion is one of the Faithful.
    It is being discussed more regularly on here, and across platforms online.
    How do we counter the madness and bitterness of the Unionist Hacks and Broadcasters?
    I propose a ‘Shirt Off Our Back’ Action Day since our English Overlords are now taking the shirt off our backs to pay for Murdo The Queen’s Eleven (see what I did there?) Fraser’s ‘Vanity Projects’ like HS2, London Crossrail, and The Bomb
    Some time in May, when it will be warmer, why not organise mass Nude- Ins, across Scotland, in Princes Gardens, George Square, the Dundee Waterfront?
    One Day in May to gather in our tens of thousands, strip off, starkers, the message being, that they have stripped Scotland bare. enough is enough.
    I’m too old perhaps, but I’m willing to give it a go.
    Can you imagine BBC Distorting Scotland ignoring such a gesture?
    Jack Bird wouldn’t know where to look.Aye, right.
    The facts, the bare facts.

    • Thanks Anne. This needs spread far & wide. I’ve posted it on twitter. We’ve known for some time that Mundell is ramping up the SO both at Westminster and in Edinburgh. It is very worrying.

    • Not surprised by this, if true. Now I could be wrong, but I do not recall any time Mundell saying that those powers exercised in Brussels at the moment would be coming to Holyrood (though in all probability some might), but to Scotland.

      And fitting into the Tory mantra that they want to protect (yes I know) and make these uniform in application [of these powers] across the UK at the same time… it seems to me that their plan is to “devolve” them to the Scottish Office… ie to Westminster’s man/woman in Scotland… perhaps Ms Davidson herself from her safe constituency seat in England?

      Certainly explains why amendments to the withdrawal bill are being left to the Lords. So, yes, SOS for Scotland will need more civil servants.

      Does this make me feel any better? Short answer… NO.

      • Perhaps they are pitching Devolved Lite post Brexit?
        The 111 returned powers will ‘sit’ with Mundell’s Scottish Office, and Gardham and his £600,000 Propaganda Division will sell it as ‘the nearest thing to Home Rule’ and all that guff.
        Farmers and fishermen beware; they are about to slash your subsidies and support the day after Brexit.
        Don’t say you weren’t warned.
        Where have Davidson and Rennie disappeared to?
        I doubt that a recruitment drive for 100 WM lackeys could be kept quiet,but,

        • Pretty much Jack.

          If Westminster was serious about strengthening devolution and “The Union”; one way they could do it, would be to have the SoS for Scotland, Wales and NI being appointed by the devolved parliament/assembly of an MP of their own choosing.

          That MP, would in essence be appointed to the UK cabinet by that devolved institution.

          If laws can vary, and a wee bit of taxes and benefits can be tweaked across the UK. Why therefore can’t the returning powers from Brussels not also be tweaked accordingly to suit Wales, NI or Scotland?

          Unfortunately they do not do devolution. What they do do is smoke and mirrors.

          On the plus side, unionists do make the case for independence EVERY SINGLE TIME.

          They need to do something to justify having an SoS.

          • Shagpile I posted over on WoS about the abject quality of the Yoons supposed to represent Scots Up Here and Down There.
            Davidson, Rennie, and Leonard, Mundell Murray and Carmichael.
            In my day thye wouldn’t even get an interview when I was hiring.
            They really are of a very poor standard.
            Like the hacks at our Dead Tree Scrolls, if they were any good they would be heading for London and the Golden Gravy Train.
            I am coming to the view that Magnus Gardham runs the Svottish Office and edits the Herald, times and trims Mundo’s beard. He and his team are getting paid a fortune..for nothing. Since Devolution there is no role for an SoS and certainly not a Scottish Office with hundreds of staff and canopes.

  7. Paul that reminds me of a certain barnsley troll who hates what I share on Fb because he believes everything the media tells him like the sun does. cant accept the fact he sold out his own country of England back in June 2016 by voting leave that brexit nothing but a power grab even though I’ve shared the evidence there is to prove it. honestly they are like roaches of late no matter how many times there arguments are defeated they keep coming back and they never accept they are wrong even with evidence saying they are.

  8. “That’s why it’s all the more important for those of us who support independence to speak up, to challenge, and to contradict the misconceptions, misinformation and partial information fed to our neighbours, friends, family, and colleagues. As a movement we need to get visible, we need to get active. And we need to get loud.”

    Completely agree. Before 2014 I generally avoided rows with what we now call Yoons in social situations because I did not want to spoil a night out or a party or whatever (not that that ever stopped them from displaying their ignorance and bile).

    Since then I have never backed away from correcting their lies and have found they generally collapse like pricked balloons once you start to take the initiative and ask them to name the sources for their claims. Their normal reaction is spittle-flecked nonsense but their responses are usually incoherent and make them look ridiculous.

    Challenging Yoon mince often has an effect on the quiet witnesses of these spats, who get the chance to hear an alternative and reasoned POV and perhaps acquire a bit of confidence themselves to move from No to Yes.

    All of us have the responsibility to do this: at the bus stop, in the office, down the shops, etc. After all, just about everyone btl here and on Wings is much better informed than the frothers you hear sounding off like Paul’s Grit Bin Man.

    A two-pronged attack from our two best bloggers and us committed Sma’ Folk would be extremely effective in my opinion.

    • There are some Yoons who get pretty Volant when losing a debate those are the worst to wacth out for as when the argument is lost they are willing to use there fists.

      • That’s true, Robert – although they tend to ‘signal’ that they are of this nature in various ways. Attacking someone physically for their political beliefs is technically a hate crime as I understand it. I’m pretty good at ducking and blocking, but it’s a risk for sure.

        Note that it is never the indy person doing that attacking. That speaks volumes, and again casts us on moral higher ground. I challenge nonsense when I hear it about 50% of the time I’d guess – sometimes it’s not worth it – and you can see the ‘audience’ is not impressed by their ranting in any case. That’s the old ‘not interrupting your enemy as he makes a mistake’ scenario. A skill that can be honed and fine-tuned.

  9. Spot on, Paul! We all need to be MUCH more vocal – and at a much higher decibel level – than has been the case to date. If it comes down to it, soap-boxes on street corners will be the order of the day! If we can’t get our views published or broadcast by the BritNat media then we’ll just have to go back to the auld ways o’ doin’ things.

    • I told him that the Scottish govt doesn’t control gritting lorries. That Clarkston isn’t in Glasgow anyway. That side streets don’t get gritted, not even when an SNP MSP lives there. And that he shouldn’t believe everything he reads in the Sun.

  10. I live in a rural area. To be precise, a rented gaff on the edge of a wood, up a single track road that forgot its own name decades ago. It doesn’t have public transport. Doesn’t get gritted as ANY kind of priority and as a point of fact, I don’t expect it to be either. That’s kinda part and parcel of living in rural areas. Spookily, I don’t blame either the Scottish government or the local cooncil for this state of affairs. I don’t blame them for winter, snowfall, hurricane force winds or strictly come dancing either.


    What I expect of Scotgov and the local cooncil is that main routes of infrastructure are kept open and clear as soon as feasibly possible and for all the obvious reasons. It’s called prioritizing and REALLY, it doesn’t take much intelligence or imagination. Mind you, when propaganda has been so successful in manufacturing a bias, then clearly for some folk… personal bias replaces reason and logic.

    Who knew?

  11. BBC Pacific Quay Propaganda at work.
    Scotland, our Scotland, our vibrant wealthy European nation, a country of 5.4 million citizens yet Donalda Mackinnon restricts televised news to 90 seconds during three and a quarter hours of ‘national’ English hegemony news from Salford.
    In BBC Scotland’s 90 seconds ‘Doctors warn that the Scottish Government have to take measures to improve our children’s health.’

    Apparently we used to have the best child health stats in Europe but we are now ‘gradually’ slipping down the league table.

    Which bright spark at PQ wrote this opening unsubstantiated SNP BAD headline?

    There was a Doc on, didn’t catch his name, and can’t be arsed looking it up. But I’ll put the house on him being a Yoon SNP Baaaaaaddding.

    At the top of the hour, all was revealed by the English Presenters at Salford Quay.
    The English HS is shitier than Scotland”s and Wales’.

    Apparently England’s children’s health is lagging way behind Scotland and Wales, with 4 out of 5 young English fatties (we’re allowed to use that word now?) predicted to suffer life long ill health at a cost to zillions to the English privatised Health Service.

    BBC Scotland, shut the fuck up!

    Stop belittling my country, Scotland.

    Next, crammed into micro seconds, another Yoon Teaching Union Shop Steward claiming that 60% of their membership threaten strike action if they don’t get a big rise. It’s that Bad SNP again.
    Then a wee item on a missing climber and that’s your lot.
    BBC Scotland, why don’t you just close down completely?
    You are a pointless little Brit Nat nark.

    I’d expect my ‘doctors’ to improve the Health of our children, not Mike Russell or John Swinney.

    But that’s the opening salvo this morning.

    Doctors want MSPs to do their job for them?

    ‘Building firms demand that the Scottish Government to build more homes?’
    ‘Chartered Accountants demand that the Scottish Government post more cash books to Trial Balance.’

    I wonder what those lasses really think about fronting this 90 seconds of drivel every morning?
    And drivel it is.
    The constant message for our children every morning as they prepare for lessons in our strike riven schools?
    Scotland is shite.

    • I suppose there will always be someone willing to take the money and read the “news” for Misreporting Scotland.
      The words of Bob Dylan come to mind.
      Propaganda, all is phony.

    • As allways I could not agree more and although I have not got you or Sam & Paul’s way with the written word, I can shout to some tune, and will just keep agressively voicing my opinion as usual. Don’t know how get away with it.

    • Me too, also, as well, forbye, Jack. I often wonder if they sit there thinking ‘what shite’ or ‘I’m doing a real worthwhile job here’?

      They put me in mind of yon ‘I’m John McKay and I’ve been a journalist for 20 years’ and I defy anyone who has ever watched him not to piss themselves laughing at his pomposity – insincerity oozing from every pore. STV are just as bad as BBC; two cheeks of the same arse.

  12. Listening to folk just like Pauls neighbour , people with half a brain and whose opinions better be everyone’s else’s opinions ,
    Even after pointing out what actually happend or is happening a brick wall will be encountered , a total inability to absorb whats going on all around if it doesn’t fit the preconceived idea of the world , they i am afraid are a lost cause , years of the Daily Record – Sunday Post – Sunday Mail have taken their toll ,
    They for their own good and ours should be slapped about the head head with a copy of the Sunday Post , and be invited to sit a test in order to be allowed to vote .

      • Andy it’s frustrating and depressing talking to these people , A bit like trying to get a drowning person into a lifeboat when they are fighting you all the way , if it wasnt for the fact their actions impacted me and my family i would gladly push them under , absolutely without hesitation .

  13. I have found the lies that come out of the British Unionist media and politicians to have been helpful of late in my recruitment efforts for more YES voters.

    When I find a person with an open mind who was a No voter in 2014 I mention by various means that we, the Scottish people, are being lied to and are being coerced to the WM view of the world. The debate that follows allows me gently to give examples. I then explain to them how to assess newspaper pieces to see if they are possible fake or not.

    I then give them links to Wing and WGD plus and leave them for a while. I then follow up the earlier chats and see what they think. Sometimes they need a jiffy up to be active but it works. Give it a go.

    • Thank you for that link, Andy.
      We need to engage in some critical thinking, and encourage others to also.
      When I see my sister with the daily suppress i choke on my shortbread…
      (Though pleased to say is a yes voter, despite the crap newspaper)

  14. “But how would we ever survive? ….. there’s something wrong with us! (I don’t know what it is, just that it is – because the bbc and daily rags tell me so..)”
    And so the propaganda machinery continues to condition the gullible and unwitting masses.

    • The extreme Brexiteers are already reacting. The EU will give us no extension after March 19 unless we are in the single market, EU court etc. Looks like they want a cliff edge. Idiots.

  15. Not sure if the need to sniff everything in detail is entirely a dog thing, Paul.

    I had a dog whose modus operandi was exactly the opposite.

    The speed with which he could get to the nearest snowpile, do the necessary and head back to the house was amazing. Any attempt to go any further was met with total resistance.

  16. Speaking of how propaganda works Paul. I take it you’ve seen the utter bollocks printed in the meeja over fleg protocol?

    FFS! 😮

    • There is one change Sam. On the Queens birthday the Union flag is being replaced by the Royal Arms of Scotland, namely the red rampant lion on a yellow background. This is correct I would say as it is our Royal flag. Like you FFS seems about right as a comment.

      • It’s better than you know.

        The change in flag protocol was instituted after a meeting between then FM Alex Salmond and Her majesty at Balmoral back in 2010.

          • Telegraph and Mail… They never let the facts get in the way of a good smear Andy.

            (see under Frenchgate)

            So firstly, Nicola Sturgeon didn’t issue any ‘orders’ and secondly the use of the Lion Rampant was done with royal consent almost a decade ago. Yet we are asked to believe that the media have no axe to grind with the Scottish government.

    • This was almost my response, Sam! I exclaimed [waking Mr MicCoinnich from his post-prandial nap] WT actual F???? Someone needs to explain Scottish heraldry to these noble bastions of the BritNat media! Ye gods and little fishes!

  17. John Robertson’s blog ‘Talking-up Scotland’. Excellent. Well worth adding to the ‘Wee Ginger Dug’ and ‘Wings’ for we independence supporters.

  18. What upsets me – is that yoon supporters of British nationalism, feel they have the backing of the big British state and army and that they can say what they want, wherever they happen to be. I’ve been asked what books I read (?) and had to listen to derogatory remarks of Nicola in a taxi, while I have to keep my mouth shut. Meanwhile as you say the press go on about aggressive Scots nats! My experience, in a middle class area north of Glasgow, has been the exact opposite, and that it is the unionist Daily Mail readers that are the aggressive ones – and I assume its because they have no decent real arguments, and so they have to resorts to base insulting.

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