Getting Union fleg knickers in a twist

I thought it was only spittle flecked nationalists who were supposed to care about things like flags? After all, that’s what our British nationalism-isn’t-nationalist-at-all friends are always telling us. Not caring about nationalist symbols like flags is one of the many things that they claim makes them morally superior to lesser breeds like Caledonian separatist types. Only nationalists invest pieces of cloth with a mystic style symbolic resonance. Supporters of the British state, not being nationalist at all, oh no, like to portray themselves as being as high above that sort of thing as a flag flying high on a flag pole. So it’s strange then that this week they’ve got themselves all worked up into a spittle flecked paroxysm over a flag. Some of them have been particularly keen to let us know that their opinion and outrage is especially valid because they’re one quarter Scottish. Then they tweet their opinion with the hashtag #dontbitethehandthatfeedsyou and wonder why other people who are at least one quarter Scottish get pissed off with them.

It’s a terrible thing that Scottish people and institutions might want to fly a Scottish flag instead of a British Union fleg. That’s because Saltires are a symbol of nationalism but Union flegs aren’t, because not being a nationalist is what makes a Daily Mail journalist a better human being than you are, vile separatist with your evil plans to tackle child poverty and fund the NHS properly. It’s also because Saltires are, as anyone who reads the Scottish Daily Mail knows, made from bedsheets that Thattessempee has cruelly ripped from underneath little kiddies lying seriously ill in wards in Scottish children’s hospitals where Nicola Sturgeon insists that Braveheart is played on a continuous loop on the ward telly. Every time a Saltire flies, a little piece of the soul of a right wing British nationalist journalist dies. This is a quite remarkable revelation, because most of us never realised that any of them had a soul to begin with.

It’s outrageous then, at least if you’re a right wing British nationalist journalist, that the Scottish government has embarked upon a nefarious plan to eradicate Union flegs from Scotland and replace them with a nationalist symbol. The fleg of people whose nationalism is better than other people’s nationalism by virtue of not being nationalist at all is under threat from Thattessempee, and soon the only non-nationalist national fleg on the planet will be completely extinguished. Well, at least it will be extinguished everywhere in Scotland except on UK driving licences, telly programmes with Great British in their title, military parades, the packaging on Scottish produce in supermarkets, Rangers matches, Rangers pubs, Orange walks, fascist rallies, Conservative conferences, plastered all over the side of Edinburgh castle during the Tattoo, the social media avatars of people who don’t want independence because they hate nationalism except British nationalism because British nationalism is not nationalist at all, the underpants of journalists who write for the Daily Express, suits worn by anti-independence Labour MPs who claim they’re doing it ironically, socks worn by Scottish Conservative MPs who’re definitely not doing it ironically, and flying from flegpoles in the gardens of private individuals who donate to Scotland in Union and who want to wind up their independence supporting neighbours. But apart from that, completely extinguished.

What’s getting the Union jack underwear of the British nationalist press in Scotland in a twist is the supposed news that Thattessempee has changed its policy about what flags should be flown from government buildings in Scotland on royal occasions. Nicola Sturgeon must resign / apologise / be sent to the Tower. Scotland is being purged of Union flegs, and as anyone who reads the Daily Mail knows, that’s just a short step from people who don’t vote for Thattessempee being rounded up and put in interment camps, because that’s what nationalists are like. British nationalism might be imposing itself on Scotland and deciding that Scotland’s future is a Brexit future even though most people in Scotland oppose that, but it’s always British nationalists who are the victims. Because they’re not nationalist at all.

Alex Salmond, or to use his correct title, Thattalicsammin, published a statement on Wednesday saying that he’d changed the policy on flag flying on royal occasions back in 2010 after consulting with the Queen in 2009 at Balmoral. Liz was cool with the idea. She was quite happy for the Lion Rampant to be flown from Scottish government buildings on royal occasions instead. The Lion Rampant is after all the standard of the monarchy in Scotland. Despite the fact that Liz herself was fine with the Lion Rampant being flown instead of the Union fleg, there’s not much sign of her being lambasted in the British nationalist press as an evil supporter of vile separatists. Funny that. The only thing that has changed is that guidance to civil servants has been updated to reflect the actual practice of the past eight years.

The truth is that the policy actually changed almost eight years ago, and Conservative MSPs and their pals in the press have only just noticed. Never mind the facts, but – to use the phrase beloved of the BBC – critics say it’s a whole lot easier to blame Nicola Sturgeon for things and to whip up something to feel aggrieved about than it is to admit that you’re terribly slow on the uptake or to acknowledge that the thing that you claim is about to destroy a British identity in Scotland has actually been going on for almost eight years and we’re still having British symbols rammed down our throats on a daily basis. It’s a lot easier to blame Thattessempee and create some faux outrage than it is to admit that you care so much about your precious fleg that it’s taken you eight years to notice that it no longer flies from government buildings on royal occasions.

Anyway, isn’t grievance mongering and seeking victim status supposed to be something else that only vile nationalists engage in? Hmm. Remind us now, just who here is getting really upset about flags, claiming victimhood, and inventing things to be angry and upset about?

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0 thoughts on “Getting Union fleg knickers in a twist

  1. They truly are a shower of hypocritical, shoddy, wossinames.

    When I clocked the latest example of metrocentric fuckwittery this morning, I literally had to rub my eyes and read again. I couldn’t believe the idiocy involved. Then came twatter and the even more thoughtless and diabolical comments of folk who didn’t even understand what they were talking about. They just piled onto the coat tails of the Torygraph and Mail faux outrage.

    Not one of them thought to pause for even a second and consider the significance of the queen’s colours/royal standard in Scotland. Not one thought to ask did Nicola Sturgeon order any damn thing? No one seemed to bother finding out whether permission or consent had been sought and by whom? No, just having a bit of a rant was the order of the day.

    Torygraph and Mail… that’s yer right wing British Nationalist unity right there in a nutshell. Accent on the ‘nut’. Mainly just shouting at folk to do as they say.

    Well, no. No, not anymore.

  2. I don’t want to be the first to comment, but…

    The flegs issue today really is a prime example of Fake News. Post a lie, your opponents must react and deny the lie – aha thinks the general public, no smoke without fire.

    “Every time a Saltire flies a tiny piece of the soul of a right wing British nationalist journalist dies”.
    prime stuff, even poetic.A keeper.

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  4. The unionist parties have a hard job every day working out what the bad SNP have done, they are bound to get it wrong now and again.

  5. Excellent Paul.

    I saw that hastag, ‘dontbitethehandthatfeedsyou’. Ha ha! Just wait, these Britnats will get the shock of their lives when Scotland says ‘aye’ and they have to be nice to Scotland to keep the lights on in the rUK.

    Hopefully someone in the know will play around with that falsity on twitter and turn it right back on these stupid ignorant British Nationalistsis

    A fleg, a nasty, symbol of bullying, a symbol of colonisation, all over the place and like s***e it’s very difficult to get it off your shoes. When I see the Britnat fleg everywhere it fills me with disgust and I am sick and fed up of seeing the horrible thing everywhere. In NE England, we never felt ‘proud british’, that’s something that the people down south seemed to need to make them feel, well, secure or something.

    Their insecurity is showing through big time. People and their allegiance to the Britnat fleg is not about how great their country is ie, England, it’s about a massive insecurity complex. The insecure can get nasty, when cornered, that’s the problem.

    • Nice one, Hetty! I’m with you all the way, there. When I see a Saltire, or even a Lion Rampant, I think of all that is good about the country I love. When I see a Union flag, especially when it’s in a private garden or on a private house, I think of yobs, thugs and skinheads!

      • You never said a truer word. I automatically think of the thugs who follow the orange order, and the bigotry of the Orange Order itself. It only inspires fear, hatred and violence. I can’t see a union jack without feeling sick. If we ever get free of the UK, I’d like to see them on a bonfire while we all have street parties.

  6. Yet more savage indignation from the master: great stuff. The Yoon media now simply seem to be reduced to spewing out lie after desperate lie. Yesterday it was the Oxfam Lie, today it is the Flag Lie, and tomorrow, what?

    My money’s on “Putin recites Burns in the Bath in Bizarre Sturgeon Sex Ritual”.

    I’m beginning to wonder, “What do they know that has them panicking so much?”

    • There’s probably going to be ‘ate my hamster’ in there somewhere as well. I have come to the conclusion that yer average yoon press have gone, (to coin a technical phrase), totally mental.

    • “What do they know that has them panicking so much?”
      I am wondering why we believe all these Tory polls that has had the numbers wishing Scottish Independence bouncing up and down between 43% and 48% for so long now. Why should they tell us the truth about these when they lie about everything else just to depress us?

      • Mainly that the gap has narrowed to 1% give or take error. Polls can be fixed, but only in the phrasing of the questions and of course the open (cough) interpretation of pundits. That the results of the polls show a steady increase despite such an obvious ploy tells you quite a lot.

        As it should.

        If this were a normal political situation and you were a party gaining 4% in three years and in the teeth of the most appalling propaganda campaign in UK political history against your opposition, you’d be quite chuffed at the progress. It’s taken the establishment with all its power and control of 97% of the media three years to lose 4% of its majority. Bear in mind that’s losing 4% without any coordinated YES campaign and without any major right of reply or media redress.

        Now that’s got to hurt.

  7. you know, some people might have felt that I was being a bit harsh telling Palntation Quay Imperial Stockade to shut the fuck up,and questioning the talents of Ruth and Kezia the other day.
    Turns out that I was being a far too kind.
    BBC Radio Jordanhill’s Gary Robertson runs with the ‘fleg’ story via a What the Papers say segment, then reports that the EssEnnPee are refuting it.
    It’#s a lie, but that doesn’t concern Gary and the Yoonies at PQ.
    Robertson, you confirm what I observed t’other day.
    Why don’t you shut the fuck up, pack up your stuff and move lock stock and smouldering barrels back to the Motherland.
    You broadcast English propaganda to me, who pays your wages.
    Aye, right.
    Davidson has been in hiding.

    We might want to ask her about Brexit and what the Ruth Davidson Party’s 13 numb nuts are up to betraying Scotland?
    But there she is making a twit of herself spreading the MSM lies.
    She’s probably upset that she didn’t get an invite to Big T’s Robbie Byrne’s night, bless.
    Then again she might have wrecked the place, got drunk on bottles of Buckie, and/or stole stuff, just like we Scots do when let loose from our pens.

    Dugdale takes the prize. Not only does the Daily Raggard Police Gazette give her free rein to talk pish about Children’s Health Care, but she too makes a Twit of herself telling NS off for taking to the ether to refute the Dead TreeScrolls flag lies, when she should have been getting on with the day job, which apparently includes helping Humza out with a snow shovel or gritter lorry.

    This little chancer, this political failure, this carpetbagger, who swans off to the US for CIA backed Leadership Courses during an industrial crisis, who makes a humiliating fool of herself in the Jungle for Money while still collecting MSP wages that her accountant can write off to charity, while defying her own whip, and insulting the Scottish electorate, doesn’t give a toss about ‘the day job’.
    Some may call her a selfish self centres idiot. Some may say that; I couldn’t possibly comment.

    Just when I thought that last week’s Yoon Madness, Coca Cola Hamilton’s Torrance outrage and Kelly’s No Budget farce, would take some beating, the Yoonies duly oblige.
    Hearteningly the Yoons show little sign of not making an utter fool of themselves on a weekly basis now.
    They have nothing left with which to threaten us. Their game’s a’ bogey.
    The Butcher’s Apron is stained with the blood of millions of innocents.
    If I had my way…..

    Davidson, Roberston, Dugdale, well done you…

    • And in other news, I’m thinking of building a wee brick BBQ in the back garden this summer.
      I shall of course be christening it ‘The Queen Elizabeth II BBQ’.
      Paul, stop being so outrageously excoriating. My ribs won’t take much more.
      A tip to all vendors of food and stuff. It is many years since I’ve bought anything with a Union Flag on the packaging.
      Anecdotally I am aware that there are many more who find even the sight of this symbol of military subjugation repugnant.
      Team GB, Lewis Hamilton flying the fleg, the Tax avoider,or is it evader?
      Last night of the Proms.
      A Mass Orgasm of Imperial England.
      The Victoria and Albert Museum in Dundee? What n insult to the people.
      Looking forward to FMQ tomorrow. Potholes, Police, and Wullie’s Mental Health.
      Roll on Day One of Indyref 2.

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  9. I am proud of Scotland and our flag. There are more being flown now than ever, as you travel, you see them.

    Good article Paul, serious and funny.

  10. Good grief, how desperate are MSM and the opposition parties going to get to find SNP bad news? Is there really nothing else happening in the world today other than the Royal Standard being flown in Scotland, with the express aproval of the Queen? I’m no royalist, but the unionists definitely are, so how do they get round the fact that the Queen agreed with Alex Salmond that the Lion Rampant should be flown in Scotland on royal occasions?

  11. Caught Sky news last night and the woman who used to be a Labour advisor was on.
    She read out Nicola Sturgeons tweet stating categorically this story wasn’t true. Without batting an eyelid she then went on to explain to the viewers, this is all part of the disruptive narrative basically of those seeking Independence.
    I’ve never understood why anyone watches millionaire ‘journalists’ and commentators review the newspapers of millionaire owners and pay for the privilege.

  12. Look! Squirrel
    (unemployment figures down)

    Look! Squirrel
    (Oil over $70 a barrel)

    Look! Squirrel
    (Scot. Gov. does planning in case Carrillion fails)

    Look! Squirrel
    (Renewable energy jobs boom)

    Look! Squirrel
    (Number of students at uni. Up by 10%)

    Look! Squirrel
    (Bridge opens on time and under budget)

    Look! Squirrel
    (SNP in Embra tried to halt tram project)

    Look! Squirrel – or faux outrage – or flegs – or snow – or teeth – or teachers – or trains – or nurses – or, or, or… it never bloody ends.

    Fortunately, on twitter, the fleg thread soon unravelled.

  13. They are like drug addicts got to have there daily dose of snpbad even if it’s fake news as long as the message is snpbad they don’t care it’s madness.

  14. Brilliant article, The problem is that the broadcasters are relying on the media for there information, media know that the broadcasters don’t question the media or the persons involved, just like today they never got in-touch with the Scottish gov before uttering this utter garbage this need to stop, But this issue was deliberate Tory propaganda & fake news through the media to damage Nicola & Party.

  15. OH f/k get me out of here .

    This daily dross and piss propaganda dressed up as news

    Look chaps you have been pushing union -union -union bloody union since 2013 most of us aint listening dont yah feckin get it , it aint working , now go and do something productive

    Thanks to Bill McLean on wings he quoted an Indian Politician and his thoughts on Britain

    Up to date version

    England’s word is worthless ” DO THEY HAVE TO KEEP PROVING IT ” Yep 24/7 relentless tripe
    they control the horizontal – they control the vertical – it’s all theirs and it still hasn’t worked Now that must Trouble them – tough shit eh .

  16. The bullshit symmetry principle:-
    ‘The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it.’
    Alberto Brandolini.

    Print a lie broadcast a lie, and sit back and watch valuable Government time and energy taken up to refute it.
    Distorting Scotland and the LibDem PPB tonight took bullshittery to a new level.
    Nuns break down at child abuse enquiry. Heroin addicts to get a Drop in Centre. a 14 year old boy stabbed at a Barmulloch school. What a shit heap Scotland is.
    BiFab bailed out by the BAD EssEnnPee last year are in trouble. A German firm suing them for non payment..maybe, but we don’t have any detail. Alan Ritchie Union Rep assured by firm that this is a normal contractual dispute, but Jackie Bird muses that there are ‘many unanswered question’. Are there, Jackie, really? Really?
    I seem to recall that it was General McArthur who first coined:-

    ‘Everything before ‘but’ is bullshit’.

    Scotland’s unemployment is up by 1000, and stands at 4% compared to the rest of the UK’s 4.4% announces Jackie B ‘but’ overall figure of people in work down 2%, and ‘concerns’ over Youth Unemployment, followed by a wee piece with the Prince’s Trust and some hapless youngsters.
    Scottish exports to the rest of the World booming, and they can’t get enough of our salmon outside the EU, so we’ll be rich as Croesus post Brexit.
    BBC Brexit Good Bullshittery at its best.

    The figures for 2016, export ‘in value’ to rUK 60%, the EU 23%, Rest of the world 17%. So not the ‘4 times as much bullshit peddled by the Yoons.
    Of course BBC’s intrepid reported did not point out that those encouraging exports would at least remain the same if we remained within the EU as an independent country..

    Then they did the ‘fleg’ controversy to death. Mundell in HoC, Murdo the Queen’s Eleven at Holyrood.
    The Bullshitometer was going through the roof.
    I am unmoved. BBC PQ why don’t you just move South and be done with it.

    Watch the LD PPB if you can. I watched with slack jawed disbelief.
    It’s a cross between the W1A series and the Fridge magnet tea lady.
    IT is an unmitigated disaster.
    Off for a pint.

  17. What an absolute stonker of a piece, Paul! It ought to be published in every Scottish newspaper and on every Scottish website … and played on a loop throughout all BBC and STV “news” programmes. Absolutely brilliant. This piece … and the comments … have had me laughing, applauding and practically bouncing up and down in my seat. I think I’ll need to take a wee tranquiliser now …

  18. “What’s getting the Union jack underwear of the British nationalist press in Scotland in a twist is the supposed news that Thattessempee has changed its policy about what flags should be flown from government buildings in Scotland on royal occasions.”

    NI went through the same sorta brou-ha-ha over the Fleg a few years ago – google Fleggers!
    Here was Jonathan Swift’s response at the time!

    A few satirical songs made the rounds at the time – here’s one!

  19. New false news

    Jacob Rees-Mogg Suggests Sending French ‘HMS Victory’ Flag To Show ‘By And Large We Win The Battles’

    Next stop the Scottish Parliament, no doubt.

    You’ve been telt

    Laugh, it can’t be made up and make any sense.

  20. No need to fly the Union Flag at all these days. It gets more exposure than at any time in history. Just go into any supermarket to,see it lining the shelves. Interestingly, St George’s cross is nowhere to be found. Why is that?

  21. The question of the legitimacy of flags is of little concern to those folk who haul the Union Jack up every day to fly over the people of Rutherglen. It flies from the Town Hall for 365 days and there is no sign that it will not continue to do so for the next 365 days.

    The unionists of South Lanarkshire have nothing to fear …..indeed their flags flies more often than that in Belfast.

    • Think of the poor squaddie on guard at Edinburgh Castle who has to take down at night and put up early am the butcher;s apron. 400 feet above Princes Street and no matter the weather, up there it’s always windy. Scare doesn’t begin to describe it.

  22. Just watching mundell on Scottish
    Question.have you ever seen his
    Likes.what sort of person votes
    For the likes of that.?????.
    Sad sad sad.

    • Something hilarious in the failure of purportedly “loyal” followers of the “Queen’s XI” failing to recognise the Royal Standard. Does MF think the Queen wears an Orange sash ?

  23. So for 8 years those shits at D&G Council have been flying the apron when they should have been flying the Lion Rampant. Canny wait tae see their wee faces noo:-)

  24. Looking forward to my wife’s Daily Mail this morning after their stupendous mistake yesterday. Must have a huge front page apologising for their Nicola error!
    That’s what they say they will do for all errors they make, but of course if there is any apology it will be three lines on Page 49. Aye right…….

  25. Looks like rather than having the wider publics interests at the fore The Unionist Bloc at Holyrood are just intent to try and damage the S N P government by any and all means possible, possibly assisted by the Greens , this is the offensive behaviour act . Debate
    If the vote goes against the government I would ask those responsible Ok what’s your recommendation for a replacement, or is it like Labours view of the intended budget sweet F- All ? As usual

  26. My old banger’s getting on a bit. An 06 plate, it is probably the same age as me in car years.
    But it has to last, since I can no longer walk the length of myself without pain.
    I have not applied for DLA or PIP or sought financial support for a disability vehicle, for a variety of personal an ideological reasons, not the least of which that I would not subject myself to the ordeal of a private assessor vetting my application.

    Private Companies’ main revenue stream is to make money by rejecting claims, and clocking up ‘benefit savings’ for the Blue Tories, which I am sure was the ‘At no cost’ pitch that ATOS peddled to win the contract.
    If I applied, and they knocked me back, they would make money from the DLA or PIP I wouldn’t get.
    Anyway, I took my old jalopy for its two monthly spin around the policies to give it a bit of a run, and charge up the battery.
    I listened in to FMQ.
    Ruth Davidson had dragged out Dobbin the Polis and was flogging that tired old horse to death for the umpteenth time.
    Never mind that there are Police staff’s professional, lives at stake. Ruth likes nothing better than gnarling away at a dead corpse.
    It uses up valuable FMQ time and avoids talking about the Bunglefuck of Brexit, the Filthy Rich Presidents’ Men ‘Charity’ fondling scantily dressed women at £120 a pop, or Scotland’s unemployment down to 4% , England’s up to 4.4%
    That other Dick, ‘The Scarf’ Leonard, and the ‘pathetic attention seeker’ Wullie Rennie, and Neil Bibby all went with the RA hospital children’s ward closing, despite ‘liar’ Sturgeon’s promise to keep it open.
    Oh dear, a Lib Dem calling any politician a liar.

    Carmichael the Fib Boy.
    Get caught speeding and lie that you wurnae driving. Chris Huhne?
    We will scrap tuition fees.
    Clegg was ‘sorry’.
    Paddy Pantsdown. Norman Scott/ Jeremy Thorpe. Cyril Smith. I could go on.

    Willie Rennie was calling Nicola Sturgeon a ‘liar’.

    Let’s smother the good news that a brand spanking new Children’s Hospital has opened up, probably nearer to some of the young patients who would have been in the old RAH catchment.
    Kill the good News SNP GOOD by screaming about Union Jacks and children suffering at Sturgeon’s hands.
    They are a even more disgusting form of political low life nowadays.

    They will do anything say anything, threaten anything and destroy Scottish Society in the process, just to keep their grubby blood stained wee pay packets .
    Let’s hope James Kelly doesn’t get stuck on a subway from Merkland Street to Coupland Road on Old Firm Match Day any time soon.
    He panders to his Ooh Ah Up Ra Ra psychos by ruining a perfectly decent piece of legislation which is not ‘contrioversial’ as BBC PQ frames it, but is supported by over 80% of Scottish football supporters.
    The Yoon Opposition at Holyrood are beyond redemption.
    What a waste of space and oxygen.
    There’s a funny noise like a tin full of safety pins rattling about coming from the engine? Perhaps not. It could be the death rattle of the Uncle Toms.
    They are the enemy within.
    The Elite’s cannon fodder.

    • This Unionist Bloc at Holyrood are taking money under false pretences Jack , they act as one so should be treated by the media as one party , this three Tag team Fiasco needs lancing , this Boil on our arses is a total affront to Democracy

      • Robert, they are killing tens of thousands of Scots every year. For that alone, may they be consigned to eternal damnation and perpetual suffering and torture.
        Or alternatively, fuck off to their Motherland and raise bees in Chrolton Cum Hardy, a living hell for many.
        Le jour De Gloire est arrive.

        • This is the faceless tories at work, it is in their interests to devide and win the argument, they have been at it for decades and are that good at it, the so called Scottish branch office of the Labour party canny see it. What better way to do it than encourage a plonker in the SLab party to oppose a perfectly good bit of legislation and get the rest of the Unionist parties to back him. Tory’s and Labour in the same camp. I know thousands of real labour people who will be turning in their graves tonight. This Labour lot have no chance against the faceless Tory’s talk about being used.

  27. The Cons.lab.libdems.will do and say
    Anything to try and destroy the snp.
    And until people wake up things will
    Not get any far as the budget
    Is concerned.i would not bend over
    Backwords to suit the greens.i would
    Let the cons.lab.and lib dems.bring
    The government down.and if it went
    To the people.i reckon the snp.
    Would come out on top with a majority.
    And the quicker we get out of this
    Very undemocratic. Rubbish union.
    The better.roll on Indy ref.2.

    • I tend to agree Joe , we won’t get fooled again with the line ” lend us your vote SNP ” , That’s how it went , you are going to walk it so what’s a few votes , well we now see what the plan was and it was promoted by the right wing media with the assistance of apparently Independence supporters , and a prominent blog who give the game away with some of their articles and views of some contributors .
      This British Unionist Bloc will do anything to stop Scots finding out what is actually happening ,
      As for the Greens , fair weather friends who will disappear without trace in the next Holyrood election , because SNP supporters will never go near them again

    • Joe, if in October say, NS intimates to our English Oppressors that she intends to hold Indyref 2 because it will be clear by then that the Brexit Bunglefuck will leave Scotland in tatters, and Mundo the Michty relays the message from his Puppetmasters that ‘now is not the time’, perhaps then ‘would be the time’ for the SNP Administration to resign en masse, and trigger a Scottish GE, with the specific manifesto policy that a vote for the SNP is a vote for Scottish Independence; or at least our Government, the only Administration that millions of us now consider the legitimate Government of Scotland, should threaten it, if whoever is the English PM then, and it certainly won’t be TM, still thinks that England ‘rules’ Scotland and we will just do as we are told.
      There will never be peace in Scotland until we are rid of the English yoke.

      • Agree Jack let’s get this piss over and done with , if Scots are so stupid and support this Unionist Bloc , then they don’t deserve a parliament or a country free from English rule , then everyone can stop trying to save them , they want everything that they presently are being protected from to be put in place then they can start paying through the nose for everything , let the market and their wallet decide who gets treatment in their privatised hospitals , I for one am sick of trying to convince idiots .
        Let them explain to their families how they brought all this on themselves , the response will be interesting .

        • Even if it means deferring Independence, I am tempted to let the DK’s and Professor WATP Two Jobs Tomkins, James Up Ra Ra Kelly, Murdo The Queen’s Eleven Fraser and Wee Ruth the Colonel and their Green Brigade/ Orange Order /True Blue Loyalist/ Irish Republican Army rabble of psychopath sorry, electorate,run the country for a wee while.
          Tolls on the bridges, prescription charges, £9000 a year to go to Uni, Virgin Accident and Emergency Units, the Dementia Tax,£30 for a Doctor’s appointment, the Bedroom Tax, ATOS Plus stopping disability benefits for profit.
          Wonderful, let the lunatics take over for a wee while.
          Won’t happen of course. The Daylight Yoons are Night Time Nats when it comes to their wallets and purses.
          Even the English who moved here for a better life would not allow Thacher/Blair Neo liberal policies to be implemented here.
          I am all for controlled anarchy now.
          Non cooperation, civil disobedience, passive resistance.
          Goosy goosy Ghandi.

          • ‘controlled anarchy’ Jack? How do you coordinate anarchists, since by definition they don’t have a ruler?

            Actually, as has been said before, we need a central group such as the SIC who can organise and implement a coordinated independence campaign, with a judicious mixture of fear and personal mudslinging.

          • My poor attempt at oxymoron, Les.
            But you know what I mean.
            Some of these evil people would love the temperature to rise, and violence break out.
            It would give Davidson a chance to get her uniform on and drive a big tank.
            Leaving the toilet seat up in public conveniences, stamps stuck upside down, is anarchic, but won’t change the world.
            Now sites like this….
            Paul is making a difference. He is controlled yet an anarchist too.

  28. Reblogged this on Site Title and commented:
    Just keep thinking about that awful symbol of “Rule Britannia”, all the damage done to rest of the world, while we raised it over every continent. What pathetically rampant anachronistic imperialism infects the angry heads of those who invented this upset? What narrow twisted agenda do they think they are going to enforce on the rest of us? Ridiculous!

  29. Take it you’ve caught the OBFA farce by this point Paul? Words pretty much fail.

    Politics for politics sake and opposition for oppositions sake. Harm to the general public? Collateral damage. Omelette and eggs etc, etc, etc. Just unbelievable idiocy on the part of these… ‘politicians’ and dear God the public are going to pay for it.

    • 66 Unionists and the Green(FFS) voted out of evil intent just to ’embarrass’ the SNP Administration.
      To Patrick Harvie I say: you may not like the legislation as it stands, but there are politically more subtle ways to bring about amendments and change.
      But no, in this year that is crucial to the Independence movement, which the Greens reportedly support, you chose to side with the representatives of sectarian bigots, homophobes, and fascists, and despite 80% plus of football supporters backing the Act (the so called people that the Greens insist should have control over decisions, not politicians) you joined James Kelly, the smirking fool, in the Yoon Lobby.
      I can only assume that you and your Green Quorum saw this as an opportunity to flex your muscles and teach the SNP a lesson; that you are the Keeper of the Indfependence Keys, that you are more powerful than the SNP.
      well, I know many who will never vote Green again.
      You have blown it, Patrick.
      You have given a bigoted idiot his day in the sun. Are you really that politically ‘green’?

      Is this now ‘legal’?

      All together now, we hate the Proddies, Fuck the Pope, fuck the Queen, go back home the famine is over, send the furriners back, they’re taking good protestant Loyalist jobs…
      You voted for people who act and speak like this every day of their lives and twice on a Saturday.

      Shame on you.
      I will hold the leaders of all 4 parties directly responsible for the next stabbing, the next wrecked train, the next mob march rampaging through our streets.
      Shame on you all.
      Somebody will die because of this.

      • These self same public servants will be the very bods who will DEMAND the First Minister acts to clean up their mess when that very first incident hits the news stands Jack. Just wait and see.

        They won’t accept responsibility for their vote. (They haven’t for any other) Nor did they offer any alternatives or amendments to the existing bill. Their only concern was a hollow political victory and just how hollow that will be to the victims of sectarian violence.

        Still, I’m sure they’ll enjoy their moment and sleep well with job done.

        • Like many, Sam, I’ve been caught up in crowds of these supporters, the poor souls, according to Kelly, whom we are trying to ‘criminalise’. They are hysterical mad drink fuelled psychos.
          I repeat, the first stabbing, we’ll know who to blame.

  30. Robert.and jack.its getting worse by the never see on any any praise or credit.whatever to the snp.the tabloid the gets me can anyone support this vile do they vote Tory.labour.or lib dem.take Carmichael.murray.and as I said before name but 3.mundell who votes for that to be their mp.its enough to make you vomit.i watch him on Scottish questions.unbelievable.
    For goodness sake lets get rid of this lot.

    • Joe, Sally Magnusson fronted another half hour of Scotland Shite, covering Ruth’s valiant performance flogging the Police Horse, James Kelly’s OBF ‘triumph’, and so on…We really are an occupied territory, kept in muted silence by paid Uncle Toms, Lord Haw Haws who diurnally churn out this crap for the good of England, the Motherland.
      It has gone beyond derision. They are contributing to the destruction of Scotland.
      Let’s hope Kelly doesn’t get stuck on the Bridgeton Train on match Day.
      I have no time or patience any more.
      QT from Dumfries tonight will be the usual frightening propaganda fest.
      We are an occupied land now.
      Time for action.

  31. Just watched QT from Dumfries from the QoS apparently because it’s ‘Byrne’s Night’
    There were actually 2 or 3 in the audience with Scottish accents.
    Usual audience stuffed with Right Wing Unionist Brexiteers, clapping wildly, and booing on cue too, and wee Forsyth, a crumpled wizened up bitter Thatcherite greasy spot mouthing the usual pish.
    Three old Unionist Men, a withered old Etonian chairman, and two women.
    They might have well broadcast it from Kensington.
    One question: The obvious plantnt,,a smug guy whom Dumbledor obviously knew, and was addressed by his full name ‘David James’ made up a fifth Brexit Tory member on the panel.
    A farce, an insult to Scotland and its people and sullied the memory of Burns.
    Fiona Hyslop dutifully sat through this nonsense. I’d refuse to take part in any future QT’s if I were a Scottish pro Self Determination politician.
    It is a blanket English Only Talking Shop designed to fool English People now.

    • PS Oh yes, and there was the usual Unionist plant ‘doctor’ at the get go telling England how shite the Scottish NHS was under the BAD SNP.
      24 consultants short in Dumfries apparently..aye, right.
      Why doesn’t the good doctor emigrate to the Motherland down South if it’s so bad Up Here?
      He’d get the ‘opportunities and challenges’ to operate on patients in the Car Park in England.

  32. The Unionists are going nuts, because they are terrified of the EU becoming involved. The SNP have a number of powerful friends in Europe, especially Germany. It would be quite possible, if the question in indyref2 was to include membership of the EU, that we would have EU support. It would be a straightforward matter of the EU, at some point in the negotiations, giving the English an option. The option would be, give Scotland their Referendum, or else………….
    Their is no limit on the amount that individual EU countries, will want out of England. Gibraltar will go to Spain. Financial services, France, Germany et Al. Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Ford will be spread around. Vauxhall, will be stripped and closed, by their French owners. Others including Land Rover, Mini, must follow. This and a hell of a lot more, is going to happen soon. Scotland, so long as we are europhile, is in a great place.

  33. Good old qt…always good for a laugh, except it ain’t funny…studio audience full of English retirees, complete with brexit, ukip, Tory and merry old England ideology…yes so typical of burns night in Dumfries, I don’t think…Michael forsyths rendition of burns finest was hard to stomach..he is the epitome of parcel of rogues but without an shred of awareness that rabbie was summing him up…only reason I watched was it being from Dumfries and our bards special Night. Fiona hyslop n co should boycot this loathsome affair, they gain zilch from it, and would show we ain’t playing by their rules…

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