Going on the offensive against the offensive

The Daily Mail has today published an apology for its front page screech that Nicola Sturgeon was personally going about the country and ripping Union flegs out of the hands of poor wee sowels whose only crime is to oppose independence, because she hates the English. Or something like that. We’re still waiting for apologies from The Telegraph and The Express, which also indulged themselves in the attempt to strangle Thatessempee with the fleg. What we can sure of, is that when or if those apologies come, just like the apology in The Daily HateMail they’ll be buried somewhere inside the newspaper and won’t receive anything like the same prominence as the original lie itself. All those people who were outraged and angered by the false news plastered all over the front pages will remain outraged and angered.

I’m looking forward to seeing the BBC hunt down Murdo Fraser and the other Conservative politicians to whom it gave airtime in order to spout how angry they were about a story that turned out to be a fake news story that was propagated by their own party, and holding them to account for it and giving their retractions equal prominence with their allegations. It’s maybe just as well I have no plans to go holding my breath. Yet there is a real story here, a story about an anti-independence party which governs the UK, a party which in the very week released a blatantly false story which fits every definition of fake news, also announced a new initiative to help prevent fake news. It’s reasonable to ask exactly how a party which is happy to indulge in the promotion of fake news is in any position to protect the public from fake news. It must only be fake news that the British nationalist parties don’t like that counts as fake news.

The British nationalist media in Scotland haven’t exactly covered themselves in glory this week. You might think that when a political party publishes a press release accusing another political party of something, that it’s basic journalistic practice to contact the party which is being accused to ask them for a comment, to ask them whether there is any truth in the allegations. The British nationalist media in Scotland is so eager to publish SNPbad stories that they don’t always do that. If this story about the supposed policy change by Nicola Sturgeon to prevent Union flags flying from Scottish government buildings was the only instance of the British nationalist press in Scotland not bothering to check their facts before rushing into print, a simple apology might be enough to overlook the matter and to put it behind us. But this isn’t an isolated instance.

There’s a definite pattern to SNPbad stories in the British media in Scotland. The same papers which didn’t bother to check the veracity of the flag story didn’t bother to check the truth of the story in 2015 about Nicola Sturgeon supposedly wanting a Conservative government. They just printed the story and to hell with the consequences. The same papers which are eager to contrast the performance of the Scottish government in running some public service with the equivalent public services elsewhere in the UK when Scotland is performing more poorly than elsewhere in the UK are strangely silent about performance measures elsewhere in the UK when they attack the Scottish government for perceived failures in a public service even though Scotland is performing better than elsewhere in the UK. The default assumption of the British media in Scotland is that if there’s a story then there must be an anti-SNP and anti-independence angle to it, and if they’re given a story by the British nationalist parties which attacks independence and the SNP, then they’re going to run with it irrespective of the truth.

David Mundell isn’t for apologising though. His cheerleaders in the Daily Mail have apologised, but David is still banging on about flags and demanding that the SNP stop banging on about flags. There isn’t a hole in Scotland that David won’t stop digging for himself. It’s not like he’s got a great deal else to do. This is what passes for a day job for David Mundell. His day job is to distract attention from the fact that his party is disrespecting the results of the 2014 and 1997 referendums by undermining the principles of the devolution settlement. Anyway, it’s unreasonable to expect an apology from David Mundell because that would imply that he has some functioning self-awareness, but the only reason he can continue in his post is because he makes Murdo Fraser seem like a beacon of reason and common sense.

Here’s hoping that the Scottish government is learning the lesson that the rest of us have known for too long. The media in Scotland is overwhelmingly biased against independence and it’s not a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory to point that out. It’s a simple objective fact. Only two newspapers in Scotland support independence, even though that’s a constitutional view shared by half the population. The vast majority of the press, and the broadcasters which take their news agenda from the anti-indy press, is determined to do all it can to paint independence in a negative light, and its default instinct is to run with any story that is bad for independence or the SNP even if that story turns out not to be true.

It’s good that the Scottish Government went on the offensive with this piece of British nationalist fake news. For too long the SNP leadership has played softball with a media which does not have the slightest intention of playing fair with them. Being conciliatory with the media only encourages them in their reprehensible behaviour. They know that there are no consequences. It’s time to get loud. It’s time to go on the offensive against the offensive.

This isn’t about intimidating or silencing the media. Quite the reverse. It’s about ensuring that they do their job properly. Maybe the next time they get a press release from the press office of a British nationalist party accusing the SNP or the Scottish government of something, they will check the facts before rushing into print, and won’t just take the Tories’ or Labour’s or the Lib Dems’ word for it. It’s not just Thatessempee which needs to be held to account. But as the old saying goes, one swallow does not a summer make, and it’s going to take persistence and consistency in strong responses from the SNP in order to stop the right wing press in Scotland swallowing Tory press releases without chewing them over first.


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  2. The English owned and controlled MSM cannot help lying, it is a major part of their genetic makeup. The Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Danes and Normans (all of the same ethnic stock from north Germany) are genetically programmed to invade, destroy and conquer other peoples and nations. They then proceed to loot and pillage these countries and subjugate the people, and, to ensure their success, take over by force the governance of these countries.

    What most annoys these barbarians is when any countries they have subjugated try and assert their independence. They went to war with the Americans when they objected to English dominance, and have resorted to gunboat diplomacy with a good many of their colonies. Even that fat drunkard Churchill tried his damnedest to prevent India achieving independence (as well as trying to prevent women being given the vote).

    Now the English are left with very few colonies, though only their Scottish colony remains the goose that lays the golden egg. They have continually lied by claiming that they subsidize Scotland, and that we are too wee, too poor and too stupid to govern ourselves. The fact is that it is Scotland that prevents the English from being a failed and bankrupt nation. If anyone doubts that they should, for example, check how much Norway has banked in its oil fund for the time that the oil runs out, and compare that with how much Scotland has in its oil fund (nothing, as it has all been stolen by the English).

    In addition, of course, the English cling on to the belief that the Empire and the Raj still exists, and refuse to accept that they are now a second rate country with third rate armed forces. They desperately want to hang on to their position as a Permanent Member of the UN Security Council, but without their Scottish colony to prop them up they would be voted from that position, and forced to accept their fate as a second rate, failed and near bankrupt country.

    I, like many others in Scotland, am sick of being treated like a colony, and having the Butcher’s Apron raised above my head. I want our independence, and I want it now. The English will, of course, try and prevent this with their blatant lies and propaganda, and claim that only they have the right to allow us to have a referendum on our freedom. This latter claim is in total breach of international law as we have the right of self-determination.

    Saor Alba

    • Although I can agree with some of your sentiments I have to disagree wth your premise that it is because they are English that we are governed as we are. The English are not genetically programmed to be domineering. History is about human behaviour in particular circumstances and unfortunately our social behaviour is very ancient and often produces disastrous results since that same human behaviour evolved in smaller communities. Much of the tragedy of human history is caused by primitive social behaviours trying to cope with huge nation states. The history to which you are referring is common to many peoples in the past who now comprise the populations of the world.

      What you are referring to is how elites behave throughout history and the present elite which governs the UK, whether English or Scottish, uses the same basic tools to manage their populations as were used by the Roman Empire, for example. Dominating the narrative has always been part of that strategy ( and in the past, actual replacement of people as well as the occasional massacre as a stern lesson of terror.) Unfortunately, in other parts of the world we can see this brutal control being exercised in the present – the horrendous example of Myanmar currently.

      In so-called modern democracies, the elite has to be a little more circumspect in its exercise of power. Enlarging that elite to co-opt those who will strive to protect them such as, currently employed by the present state so that those well-paid servants in the media wiil act as protectors of their common purpose, was again something which you will find in controlling elites throughout history. But you will also find that energising and exacerbating local grievances ( an example of this being the blatant encouragement of sectarianism ) is all part of the old tactic of divide-and rule. I could go on and on about this, since it’s one of my hobby horses but I’ll spare you all the other examples of ancient behaviours and their consequences, which are still current. I’m sure many others could come up with their own examples.

      To digress and take up Paul’s point about the SNP being too complacent about the media. I agree thoroughly with his conclusion that being too concilatory is counter-productive. Whether we like it or not, the anti-independence message is the loudest message which gets through and even those who don’t think of themselves as politically engaged will pick up the mood music. This lack of assertiveness by the SNP has another effect and that is felt by their supporters. I don’t think that I am the only one who feels dispirited by what appears like a lack of fight in our representatives, despite having the best arguments. Let’s hope that the SNP has started to realise this.

    • ‘The English owned and controlled MSM cannot help lying, it is a major part of their genetic makeup. The Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Danes and Normans (all of the same ethnic stock from north Germany) are genetically programmed to invade, destroy and conquer other peoples and nations. They then proceed to loot and pillage these countries and subjugate the people, and, to ensure their success, take over by force the governance of these countries.’

      Utter cobblers.

      All – thats as in ALL humans are programmed in much the same way. If the situation was reversed – the UK government, media, finance etc was based in Stirling, we would have been doing all the same stuff – telling the rest of the UK that they are less, and dependent on us.

      We would do this to retain power for exactly the same reasons as those in power now – because we’re human. People in control want to stay in control – it has nothing to do with nationality/ethnicity.

      • I should have added above that, that’s exactly why we should have an independent Scotland – to be in control of our own affairs as opposed to people elsewhere controlling our affairs for us – because they will always look after their own interests first.

        But it has noting to do with us being ‘good’ and them being ‘bad’.

  3. Hi astytaylor.donald6.and guru.
    I have said it for long enough.the snp.should sue these papers.infact if its possible.can the snp.government ban
    These papers in Scotland.its most days
    Front page.snp. Bad with some of
    Them.and it will continue until the
    Scottish.snp.government does
    Something about it.
    Let’s get out of this discredited union.
    Let’s get rid.
    And tree of liberty.i said about mundell
    Earlier what voters would want that as
    Their mp.whats more who would want
    To vote Tory in Scotland.a government
    That is trying to destroy Scotland.

  4. Good to see the Scottish government getting tough on these British nationalist liars. The ScotGov and pro-indy supporters must keep up the pressure.

    There is no fluffy way to say this: Mundell and his ilk are traitors to Scotland.

  5. They are killing their fellow Scots for blood money.
    We are insignificant.
    No more, my fellow Scots.
    No more.
    There are traitors among us who sell our children to their English Masters for money and power.
    No more.

  6. Well said, Paul.

    The problem though is not just that the print & broadcast media are happy to run the BritNat parties’ Essempeebadness Press Releases, it’s that they DON’T print or broadcast any of the SNP’s ‘Scotland’s Doing Great – Here’s How’ Press Releases. It’s all BritNat parties’ ‘Scotland’s Shite’ and nothing of SNP ‘Scotland’s no’ perfect but we’re way better a picture than the BritNat merchants of doom are painting.

  7. The SNP are WAY too soft. Nicola Sturgeon, a product of holier-than-thou 80s PC-brigade smug political posturing, seems to think that logic and sanity and good manners are going to win over a sick game in which this country is being strangled by people with everything to lose if and when we go independent. She needs to stop dreaming. It’s way beyond madness now.

    These Westminster people (sorry, I should not say ‘people,’ that imbues them with a depth they do not possess; I should say ‘nominally humanoid figures’) despise us, want to frack under our feet, and if they could get away with it a tragic ‘accident’ that wiped out most of the populace from Trident…that wouldn’t go amiss either. I am not joking, either.

    These are the inbred descendants of people who have roamed and ruled and raped the world for centuries. They wouldn’t think twice. They are insane, and cornered…and thus very, very dangerous, stupid and unsubtle as they are. And they should never be thought of in any other terms. Way too many people are still clinging to some sort of us-vs-them political hangover ideology from the 20th century. It’s far more serious than that. Trump and May want to DESTROY their respective populaces in an act of complete and utter psychopathic nihilism. And anybody who can’t see that,. despite the blatant planet-and-poor-people-murdering horror being perpetrated RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR FACE…needs help.

    And please, don’t give me any crap about ‘paranoia’ or ‘conspiracy theory believer’ or any such condescending and insulting shit. As Hunter S Thompson sagely pointed out to his mad attorney, Oscar Zeta Acosta, there is NO SUCH THING as paranoia: when you fuck with the government on the level that Acosta regularly was, they REALLY ARE out to get you.

    This country needs to grow up and get tough. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Moral superiority means NOTHING when your enemy just wants you dead for your resources…and for their own psychopathic pleasure. Because these people are NOTHING like you or I, people, let’s face it. Don’t project. The clinically insane have no consciences. They do have the media, though, and bootlickers, and comments section trolls, and a pathological urge for more and more money…as they burn the planet to get it. You better believe it.

    • I very much agree with you. We need, SNP attack dogs. I remember Tommy Sheridan once totally destroying Willie Rennie, in an Indy debate. As he continued his attack on wee Willie, Willie’s face became bright red. Tommy, was wiping the floor with him, causing Willie excruciating embarrassment. The whole hall was encouraging Tommy, with great roars of approval.
      Nicola is great. She would be a superb leader of an independent Scotland. However, she thinks she is dealing with normal people, where she can win, by using logic and facts. She isn’t and she can’t. It’s about perception. And, the perception is, that the SNP is always on the defensive, against Unionist attacks. People think, well if these Unionists are so angry with the SNP, then there must be something to it.
      When one thinks of the total shambles of the Tory and labour parties, the Brexit fiasco, the failure of both Public Services and Private companies in England, then gaining Independence should be a walk in the park. It isn’t, because the SNP are too nice and too decent.
      The SNP needs to show that the Unionist parties are vile, untrustworthy, anti-Scottish, incompetent fools. They need to challenge the bias of the BBC in BBC interviews. This should be easy. I don’t see it at FMQ’s. I don’t see it in BBC interviews. I find watching BBC interviews of SNP politicians and FMQ’s uncomfortable. The SNP always under attack, always on the defensive. The people who should be made uncomfortable, are the Unionists.

  8. Well said Paul.

    Something I’ve posted elsewhere before, but one other thing our media tend to forget in their rush to irrelevance. Speaking truth unto power isn’t the sole preserve of the media. It is also a basic right of the person in the street and the media themselves do represent power. They can stand to have some truth about their performance put their way.

    Both the political class and the media seem to believe that the general public should be on the receiving end of both political legislation and media pontification without right of reply or redress. NOTHING could or should be further from the truth and if they think that small factoid has escaped the notice of at least half the Scottish electorate, then they’re in for a rude shock.

    Today people have a platform to make their opinion and critique of both our politics and media (non) representation known. When we have been placed in harms way. When we have been on the receiving end of punitive or poor legislation. When we have been misled, misrepresented, alienated or disenfranchised by a complicit media. We can and will make our feelings known. When power/s won’t give people a voice? It’s been my experience that people will eventually find a way to make their voice heard regardless..And if they still won’t listen?

    As an end user of both media output and political practice, in what purports to be a democracy, people can and will use their ballots against those who cause them harm. Equally they can and will withhold financial support from a media which deserted them when they were needed most.

    Maybe they should really think about that in the coming months.

    What we’ve seen this week from unionist media, their politicians and their support has been nothing short of an utter disgrace. They basically made shit up. They made it up to foment mindless anger, hatred and to smear the name of Scotland’s First Minister, her party and the bulk of the independence movement. There is no excuse, no explanation and no clever semantic argument here.

    It was an act of pure malice. No more, no less.

    Partners. Equal partners. Stay with us.

    To say those words ring somewhat hollow today is a bit of an understatement.

      • Thanks Wendy. It really is a pretty inescapable conclusion to reach whichever way you cut it.

        What is more likely? That these editorial departments and the politicians who used the story for their own ends were completely unaware of the true facts behind the issue, or… Or that they knowingly took these actions with no care whatsoever for the public ramifications? If the latter, that would be pretty cold.

        An old question to be sure, but would the UK political class use people like this? Put their own in harms way for political advantage/expediency?

        Worth a thought for the readers.

  9. Scotsmanic, NS is not way too soft.
    She is an astute politician playing the long game.
    It will go down in history as the Scottish Press’ and Broadcasters’ shame that they have rolled over and eagerly collaborate with an evil post Empire Oligarchy riven with corruption, greed, sexual perversion, bigotry, warmongering bloodlust, and downright psychopathy.
    They are killing tens of thousands of our poor each year to reward the already filthy rich.
    The President’s Men ‘charity’ do sums up th fall of the English Empire.
    We shall be free, soon, by relatively peaceful means. We are righteously angry.
    Neil Findlay backed the Bigots Charter yesterday and hailed it as a victory for the ‘working man’, Not the women mind. They’re getting their bums felt by Neil’s Filthy Rich Better Together partners, the same mates who refuse to provide state aid to a family unemployed who happen to have more than two kids.
    Mundell is deliberately starving kid 3 and 4, for his rich pals.
    NS knows what she’s doing.

      • Indeed, Kenzie.
        Thatcher tried to tax the very air we breathe with her poll tax scandal.
        Her evil spawn don’t even blink when they take away disability benefits, vehicles, and spare bedrooms use to store bulky essential medical equipment or a bed for an overnight carer.
        Your uncle raped you? Prove it.
        This is ‘Britain’, the country that doesn’t even exist.

        They don’t see it as ‘stealing’, Kenzie.
        Mundell is a willing Uncle Tom, happy to do the bidding of his conquerors.
        The so called ‘Socialists’ of the Red Tories gladly sacrifice Scottish lives to maintain a Union that is now as corrupt as Rome in the Last Days of Caligula.
        The Mad Emperor made his horse a senator. Theresa May gave us Boris Johnson Foreign Secretary.
        They steal our oil, resources and Lairds still occupy land which they procured by bloody conquest in the 16th and 17th Century.

        Not until late into the second half of the last century did we, the people, challenge their Oligarchy.
        It is bubbling up nicely.
        The worm has turned.
        We shall soon be Free.

  10. Another great post Paul. I’m delighted that the FM has gone on the offensive, and even more delighted that Iain Dear in his grudging apology dropped the culprit right in it! There has to be a fundamental rethink about how the SNP gets the message out, because what they are doing now isn’t working. It didn’t work during the GE and isn’t working now. I agree with most of what JGedd says, especially the last paragraph. The anti-SNP message is coming across loud and clear, while a balanced truth isn’t. The unionist cabal are even more vocal and downright unpleasant. I don’t presume to know what the answer is. I just know that it feels as though we are constantly on the back foot, which seems to be making a lot of people frustrated. Surely the PR folk can come up with a way of counteracting the constant negativity. If we can’t show the reality how do we win the next referendum?

  11. Scotsmanic”s observation is correct, and we must never forget it : “These are the inbred descendants of people who have roamed and ruled and raped the world for centuries. They wouldn’t think twice. They are insane, and cornered…and thus very, very dangerous, stupid and unsubtle as they are.”

    The 2014 result was won by lies, threats and vote rigging. That was kindergarten behaviour, and merely a presage to what we will get the next time.

    We must not be seen to be weak. We must be, as Nicola Sturgeon said recently, assertive.

  12. is all this the product of fluffy’s extra 70 Scottish Office staff, i wonder, or are they up to something much more sinister ? looks like the endgame beckons

  13. What about the express.or.The mail.putting this on the front page
    Tomorrow.my other half appointment
    Queen Margaret hospital.dunfermline.
    Fife.today Fri.26.jan.appointment time
    10.am.called in by consultant 9.45.am
    Consultation with doctor.for her ongoing
    Illness.left doctor.into treatment room
    For blood tests to be taken.left hospital
    10.10.am.in car 10.15.am.absolute
    First class.thats Scottish national
    Health service.oh that’s snp bad.if
    Express.or mail.want anymore details
    From me.or maybe.ruth Davidson.
    Willie rennie.or dick Leonard might
    Want to mention (.my other half.) at first
    Ministers questions next Thursday.
    They can get in touch and I will give them
    All the details.(.a fat chance.) oh of
    Course that’s got to be.snp bad.

    Tonight on channel 4.news.telling
    About patient from England. Getting
    Knee surgery in France.through the
    UK.NHS.oh that’s ok then.but regularly
    At first ministers questions.the snp.
    Scottish government is hounded if
    Patients have to travel from one area
    To another in Scotland for treatment.
    But oh that’s snp bad.
    For goodness sake people of
    Scotland waken up before its to late.

  14. Jackie Bird put the record straight, BBC style, on the news earlier today.

    It was Alicsammin wot done it in 2010. No mention of the Queen in relation to any of this therefore leaving the viewer, in particular Unionist supporting, with a lingering SNP Baad taste in the mouth … along with the truth sticking in Jackie’s craw.

  15. “Unless you have a free press in your country, there is no need to buy newspapers and there is no need to watch the news because there is no need to listen to the lies! And you already have one real information: You are being deceived by the people you are governed! This is an enough information for you!”
    ― Mehmet Murat ildan

    A poem that says it all

  16. I wouldn’t be so sure that viceroy fluffy isn’t working hard for the glory of empire. What about all the new blood in the “Scottish office” readying for the impending coup to close Holyrood

    • If they are stupid and arrogant enough to try it (and they most certainly are), we must do everything physically possible to make Scotland ungovernable for the occupiers; passive resistance, disrupting lines of communication, and probably broadcasting too.
      I’m not sure how we go about some of that but it’s what we may

  17. It looks like Magnus Gardham is editing the Herald Britland from the Scottish Office. How else do we explain why their online blurb headlines with Mundo The Michty refusing to budge on the fleg issue?
    What an odious little man he is.
    The Red Tory Unionist Shop Stewards of the Teaching Unions have submitted a 10% pay rise bid and threaten strike action.
    Good little Red Tory Place men, these Union Reps get full coverage in Gardham;s Herald.
    I say give them their 10% and watch while they try to educate youngsters whose families are being starved by Mundell, Davidson, and Two Jobs Tomkins.
    We still have Yoon appointed execs running our institutions, in Education, Health, the Police, and public services like Social Work, Care for the elderly, libraries and so on.

    They are dedicated to destroying Scotland, and serve up the carcass to their English Overlords, in this case Jeremy Corbyn.
    Children starve while Yoon Shop Stewards threaten their education.
    Leave those kids alone.

    • PS. Since 49% of teachers may support Independence, why not treat this clearly Yoon motivated strike threat as an assault on Scotland, motivated by the need to please the Yoon Reps’ bosses in England?
      Two weeks paid holidays at Christmas, a week in February, two weeks at Easter, 6/7 weeks in the summer, a week in October, and public Holidays, May Day, the September week end, and an index linked pension…
      But if you are the third child in an unemployed family, you get nothing. Ruth Davidson expects you to starve.
      What madness.
      Sack your Reps, guys.

      • As a retired teacher I know that teachers have to work 7 days a week now, to just try and keep up with the modern day demands placed on them. I have been retired from it, for the past year. Looking back, I have no idea how I managed to survive. People no doubt think of the holidays. Teachers have to mark exams and prepare throughout Christmas. Also, go into a Secondary school in the summer nowadays, and you will find teachers preparing for the next session.
        I would love to see teacher’s critics, have a go at it. Yeah, just try a month. One has for instance, perhaps 28, 13 year olds in front of you. All with different needs and desires. Some don’t want to be there at all, but have been pressured into attending. Some, have no interest in the particular subject you are teaching. Some, have been up to 2-3 am on their X-box and can hardly keep awake. Some are determined not to learn anything at all. It’s uncool, you see. They’re also determined, that no one else is going to get an education.
        Just imagine how you would cope with that, every working day. On top of just creating order and a learning environment, the pressure is on to top last year’s results. It’s probably the only profession, where one’s customers/clients can actively work at, trying to stop one doing one’s job. Try and be the pupils friend and you’re dead. Try to be stern and aggressive and you’re dead. If one stands in front of a class and one is not prepared, one is dead.
        A tightrope has to be walked everyday. Always remembering, that it only takes one pupil to disrupt a lesson. Remember, one pupil with issues or a grudge can ruin a teacher’s career. “That teacher touched me”. False claim, but the damage is done. The pupils know, that there is no real deterrents in place now. Management support, isn’t consistent and unreliable.
        I have real sympathy for today’s teachers. The stress levels are off the charts. I must have been doing something right, lasting over 35 years. However, many don’t last any time at all. I would not like to be starting a career in teaching nowadays. Today’s teachers should be given Medals of Honour, not criticism.
        I will tell you this though. They won’t go on strike to follow the unionist agenda, of the Red Tory collaborator, EIS GS Larry Flanagan. His political posturing and adventurism is anathema to Scottish teachers.

  18. I cannot understand why, instead of continuously moaning about the disgraceful output from the BBC, people continue to pay for the privilege of being lied to, misinformed, misled etc. I have not paid this for a few years now, and have no intention of doing so. Starve them of their much-needed revenue. Believe me, they need it.

    • Kenzie I can only speak for myself. Am retired so am home more to watch stuff. I don’t watch news or e.g. Question Time but do greatly enjoy drama and documentary broadcast by the BBC. Hence I have decided not to off my nose to spite my face and continue to pay the licence. Just look forward to the time we have our own broadcaster with a more balanced news output and also buys in said dramas and documentaries

      • Fair enough, Hazel. My understanding is that the licence is only mandatory if you watch live or recorded live, programmes?

    • PS: I have had the ‘enforcement officers’ visit several times and I always say to them “I have two things to say to you: (1) I don’t need a TV licence and (2) I will not answer any questions”. I then close the door. There’s bugger all they can do about it. They will try to engage you in conversation in the hope that you might slip up. Just close the door.

  19. Seems to me that the usual suspects in UK politics and the media are hell bent on stirring up the natives. For their own benefit of course.

    Fleggate? Seriously? Measured against the Brexit galactofeck, austerity legislation and collapse of UK politics which they have visited upon the populations of these islands, it’s a piece of coloured cloth which gets their knickers knotted?

    I think it was aptly summed up in one of Stu Campbell’s graphics in yesterday’s posting… BOLLOCKS! I think that was the word. Yes. BOLLOCKS!


    They want and need the natives at each other’s throats and no, I don’t reckon they give a shit about the incalculable harm this causes to our society. They are, after all, who and what they are.

    So rather than play their childish and, let’s face it, sociopathic game. What say we respond in the usual manner? What say we keep it calm. Keep it sarcastic and above all treat the whole idiocy with the contempt it deserves. Staying calm about now strikes me as THE thing which will screw up their day most.

    Don’t buy into the narrative they set. Don’t buy their media at all (and it is THEIR media). Walk away and discuss grown up stuff while they have a rant in their sandpit.

    We’ve got better things to do and a whole lot of their mess to clean up elsewhere. You know, actually helping people in need. That kind of thing.

  20. I appreciate the Scottish government is doing a good job at governing, and quietly planning for IndyRef2. However, it always seems to be on the defensive, which is not good at all. The SG really has to take the initiative more often. The release of the paper outlining the detrimental effects of BREXIT was a good start, but more is needed. At this stage, there should be a trickle of reports and releases stating exactly what is going on. As for getting the media attention, get clever – become outrageous and the media will do your heavy lifting for you. Do not fear their ridicule – the important thing is to set the agenda and get people talking about what you want them to pay attention to, not continually defending against fanatical attacks from the yoons. Time to be bold.

    A Celtic Bridge feasibility study is one idea. Another may be a big promise that pensions and working will increase following independence – get some experts to back it and the yoons will go ballistic. This is fine, because the main point is it gets covered and people start wondering what will happen to their pensions post BREXIT.

    The Scottish Government needs to be clever and start setting the agenda, not just working hard firefighting and on the defensive all the time. By the time Indy2 comes along, it may be too late to be clever – we need to make yp some ground NOW. 🙂

  21. Marlon, I hope that you spotted my deliberate attempt to ‘goad’ a response from the teaching profession.
    Many of my friends are teachers, and many more are involved in the T&D of adults, who from all accounts are far worse than weans.
    Of course they need long breaks from class time, and not just to mark homework, prep new courses, and recover from some pretty intense coal face interaction with dozens of diverse and variously motivated pupils.
    You describe the Blackboard Jungle. Is it really that universally bad?
    Do Language teachers have much new material to assimilate?
    I can see IT/ Science and so on constantly developing and teachers having to keep up.
    But I digress.
    I wouldn’t teach children ‘for a pension’.
    But my tongue in cheek jibe got a response from you.
    Well done for surviving 35 pretty intense years.

    I postulated that the Teachers Union Reps are long term mainly New Labour appointees and are quite frankly using teachers as baseball bats to embarrass and damage the Scottish Government for political reasons, to attack the Independence Movement, and further the Better Together Unionist Cause. I’d further argue that reps in Health. LAs are Red Tory sponsored agitators too.
    In so doing they damage the health and welfare of our poorest and most vulnerable pupils, patients, and citizens in general.
    I have no doubt that some of the rebellious behaviour among pupils may be attributed to poverty deprivation, and generations of state controlled ignorance and desolation.

    I have yet to hear Flanagan or any TU Reps condemn the Rape Clause, the Bedroom Tax, and the freeze on Child Tax Credits.
    IMHO all workers deserve a 10% Pay Rise, and an index linked pension at the end of gheir working life.
    This country can afford it.
    It should be the basic right for all workers, whether they empty bins, or perform neurosurgery.
    But that’s not the capitalist way.
    Where would the money come to buy nuclear bombs and give massive tax breaks to the filthy rich?
    I cannot believe that teachers of all people demand 10% while a third child in an unemployed household gets no state support.
    Or am I wrong here?

    • Hi Jack. I always read your comments with interest and enjoyment. I suppose, over the years, I have become a little cynical. Teaching does wear one down. No, of course it might not be as bad, as I painted it. However, the numbers of teachers who want out, is large. In my recent experience, teachers over 50 are desperate to get out, taking any available early retirement packages, on offer. Young teachers arrive, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Wanting to make a difference. One can see them being ground down, as time passes.
      As far as these red tory union reps are concerned. It was my experience that the teachers who claimed these positions, were anxious to get away from the blackboard, under any pretext. The number of meetings these reps attend is eye watering. Here, there and everywhere, about Scotland. All on expenses, of course.
      These Red Tory union reps should be told very simply: ” Well when you voted NO in the referendum, you voted for Tory austerity. Therefore, there is a price to pay and sacrifices to be made. As Jeremy, your esteemed leader, said about Health and Education in Wales. It’s the UK government’s fault for cutting the budget. Not, the Welsh Labour Government’s. Same applies in Scotland.”

      • Marlon, as you can see from the time on this post ,it’s late.

        I’ve just arrived home from a night out with the lads, most of whom would not know Schubert from Sondheim. They truly are the salt of the earth.
        I’ll talk to you tomorrow.
        There is much to be done to instil hope and a sense of purpose in our youngsters in independent Scotland..
        A bientot..

  22. Nicola Sturgeon is just another politician playing the game to politicians rules,I would gladly scrap all political parties as they are all “a rose by any other name”,they cannot think outside of their own narrow political agendas,they are to a man self seeking self promoting psycophants,those that set out on this trail who are or have ethical principles are soon swallowed up Mhairi Black beware power is a greater corrupter than money,Common Weal the way forward for me,politics/politicians have failed us over the centuries yet we are still prepared to give them our support,Lemmings or what?.

  23. Love the neologism,’emilytom67′.
    What do you get when you cross a psychopath with a sycophant?
    A ‘psycophant’? Or should that be a psycHophant?
    Nice try, Momentum troll, but no Havana.

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