Jaffa cake nationalism

There was a truly vile front page headline in Sunday’s Express newspaper. “NEW FEARS OF MIGRANT VIOLENCE” screamed the rag in huge lettering. It’s pretty damn close to an incitement to racial hatred. Most people don’t read further than the headline, certainly not in a busy supermarket where all that could be clearly read without buying the paper and giving money to a morally reprehensible Express.  All they’re going to see is a headline which screams that migrants are going to get violent.

The story itself was about the recent agreement between Theresa May and the French President Emmanuel Macron about the refugee camp in Calais. The British and French governments have agreed to speed up the processing of migrants who qualify for asylum and to speed up the deportation of those who don’t. It is expected that the number who will qualify for asylum and will be allowed into the UK will be small. The rest are at risk of being sent back to their home countries by the authorities in France, with the complicity of the British authorities.

Despite the usual media depiction of those who seek to come to the UK as economic migrants, most of those who eke out a thoroughly miserable living in the camp are refugees from war-torn and violent parts of the world, fleeing repressive dictatorships, unstable regimes and terrorism, or outright war. They are people living desperate lives, driven to the margins, yet the British government has no sympathy or compassion for their plight, an attitude which is reinforced and validated by the cruel and nasty tone of the right wing British press.  The Express screams about supposed migrant violence while ignoring the very real violence that has been done to migrants and to their countries.

This is the very same press which last week howled in outrage at a supposed slight to the British fleg and the British monarchy by the Scottish Government. It is a fact that the Scottish Government didn’t change its policy regarding the flying of the Union flag from government buildings. It is a fact that the great majority of migrants existing in the misery of the Calais camp are fleeing from violent and repressive countries, countries which are all too often violent and repressive because Britain has been selling their governments arms.

So what we have is a right wing British press which glorifies a flag and a monarchy, which demonises vulnerable minority groups, and which is none too concerned about the actual facts as it rushes to blame, to divide, and to foster hatred. We have a British Government and ruling party which colludes with that press, which supports it and feeds it stories, which is strengthened and empowered by its lies and by the division that it foments. All that is straight out of the blood and soil nationalism playbook.

I’ve blogged about this before, but it’s worth repeating. As supporters of Scottish independence we should not unwittingly collude with opponents of independence and allow them to frame the terms of the debate. Opponents of independence want to talk about Unionists and nationalists. Opponents of independence want to pretend that the Scottish constitutional debate is a debate between nationalism and non-nationalism and that to be a Unionist means that they get a free pass from the evils of nationalism. It isn’t and they don’t.

The Tories, with their red white and blue fetish, their obsession with the monarchy, their demonisation of the marginalised and the migrants, their hard Brexit and their nostalgia for an Empire that’s long gone, are nationalists from their core to their fingertips. They are right wing nationalists. They are divisive, inward-looking, reactionary. Their Brexit project is a fundamentally nationalist project. You cannot support or defend Brexit and claim that you’re not a nationalist. That means that the Labour party is every bit as nationalist as the Scottish National Party that Labour affects to be superior to by virtue of Labour’s supposed non-nationalism. Labour claims to believe in the solidarity of working people, but Labour’s solidarity stops at the English Channel and the Irish border.

The debate in Scotland is not a debate between nationalism and non-nationalism, this is a debate between two different visions of the future of Scotland. If one side of this debate must be characterised as Scottish nationalist, then the other side of the debate must be characterised as British nationalist. And it’s British nationalism which is far more likely to indulge itself in divisiveness, in fomenting and fostering the demonisation of minorities and marginalised groups. It’s British nationalism which obsesses about flags. It’s British nationalism which gets angry about perceived slights to the monarchy. It’s British nationalism which is far more prone to preaching a doctrine of exceptionalism. British nationalism sees itself as being such an exceptional nationalism that one of its core myths is that it’s not nationalist at all. I’m sick to the back teeth of opponents of independence who drap themselves in Union flags and then claim that they’re not nationalists.

In Scotland, that doctrine of divisive British nationalist exceptionalism turns especially toxic. Ask yourself. Who in Scotland is obsessed with the Union flag and the monarchy? Who in Scotland has traditionally railed against migrant communities and preached the politics of hatred and exclusion? That’s the gallery that the Scottish Conservatives are playing to. British nationalism in Scotland is Jaffa cake nationalism. It has an orangey bit in the middle. The difference between Scottish nationalism and British nationalism is the difference between apples and oranges. There’s no such thing as an apple bigot.

The Scottish Conservatives know all this too. They seek to defend the UK by pandering to bigotry, by demonising and fostering hatred against migrants and the poor, by winking knowingly at sectarianism, and by accusing their opponents of their own sins. All this comes in the very week that the Tories along with Labour sought to win a cheap point against the SNP by giving a nod to bigoted chants and sectarian singing at football matches.

Calling opponents of independence “Unionists” means that we are agreeing with their myth that Scotland is a partner in a Union, when the reality is that Scotland has been incorporated into a unitary state with exceptionally strong centralising tendencies where Scotland is a permanent minority, marginalised and ignored. Calling British nationalists “Unionists” means that they can continue to hide their nationalism from themselves and from the rest of us, sheltering their nationalism behind weasel words and lies. The only non-nationalist options in the Scottish constitutional debate are not caring whether Scotland is indepenendent or a part of the UK, or to campaign actively for the abolition of all states and to seek one-world government or world communism. If you actively oppose Scottish independence, if you campaign for the British state, you are a British nationalist.

British nationalists might like to pretend that they’re not really nationalists, but those of us who campaign for Scottish independence shouldn’t let them get away with it.


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0 thoughts on “Jaffa cake nationalism

  1. “I’m sick to the back teeth of opponents of independence who drape themselves in Union flags and then claim that they’re not nationalists.” And so say all of us, Paul! I am disgusted with people who should know better, who scream and rage that “ThatNicolaSturgeon”, “ThatEssEnPee” and even I myself are “traitors”. That’s what the National Socialists in 1930s Germany called anyone who disagreed with their narrow, bigoted view of Germany’s future! And in any case – how can one be a traitor to a make-believe Union to which one does not subscribe? Another brilliant piece, every word of which I agree with wholeheartedly.

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  3. ‘The Express screams about supposed migrant violence while ignoring the very real violence that has been done to migrants and to their countries.’ You should have added ‘by England’ to the end of that sentence to make it complete, in context.

  4. It is a great pity that the recent furore about “the Union Fleg” has failed to make one important point. Reference has been made to the Royal Banner (or Standard) with it’s Lion Rampant emblem but nowhere, that I have seen, is it made clear that we have one monarch but two separate monarchies. The correct flag to be flown in Scotland on royal occasions is therefore the Lion Rampant not the union jack or, indeed, the saltire.

  5. Brilliant piece – if every right thinking person in UK could read this and really digest the meaning we would be living in a far fairer, humane society.Just a pity that your pieces don’t make the headlines rather than the dangerous racist tripe that does. What a shit country we have to live in.

  6. Yet again a brilliantly expressed article nailing it on the head. I think the saying BritNats is getting old, as Britain became ‘old’ long ago, they just won’t grasp the idea and move on. Those Nationalists with the squishy bit in the middle have no flavour for the future, their sell by/use by date is long out of date, and it is now the time we offered up a fresh taste for all.

  7. Yes, there are a lot of strange things going on at the moment. For instance, it’s OK for the Britnats to want to leave the Union of the EU, because they want to run their own affairs and “Take back control”. But of course, when Scotland wants some of that, i.e. leaving the rotten union of the UK, to take control of our own affairs, then we are very bad people.
    BTW, I’m sick to the back teeth, of being sick to the back teeth.

    • agreed ! its not a nice thought to have the orangey bit in the middle crew who have given the uk a 1.5trillion pound debt rule our future !

    • Wouldn’t ‘English Nationalists’ be closer to the truth? The other bits are just the vestiges of former Empire, and serve to allow the English to avoid being, well, openly English, just another medium-sized European country. They no longer punch above their weight, but coming to terms with that reality will be a prolonged and painful process. Poor dears! What say we just quietly tiptoe away and leave them to their private grief?

      • No. I think they are ‘British’ nationalists. They do, of course, conflate ‘England’ with ‘Britain’, and, this, unfortunately prevents the articulation of what a humane England is, and could be, like.

        I imagine that many of us, like I, have family and friends in England – and not all of them are people who were born in Scotland or are of recent Scottish ancestry – and spend a fair bit of time in England. My experience is that the majority of the people I meet in various parts of England are pretty decent people. However, many have a difficulty in articulating what being English means, that is, if they think about it at all.

        I think it is incumbent on those of us who live and work in Scotland, Ireland and Wales to help our neighbours develop a vision of England and to debunk the British/Rule Britannia/Union Jack/Bulldog Breed/Their Finest Hour/John Bull/stout yeomanry/etc myth which pours out daily from all aspects of the media and from the big institutions. If you visit the Houses of Parliament or St Paul’s Cathedral, for example, you see how much this British myth is promulgated. The Napoleonic Wars were a genuine existential threat to the British ruling class, and, having survived this ‘close run thing’, they began to project this ‘sceptre’d isle’ image, the pink bits on the map ‘over which the sun never set’, the creation of traditions to mark big state events, such as the visit of George IV to Edinburgh, choreographed by Sir Walter Scott, who did much to create the British identity (even though a case can be made for him as being pretty strongly Scottish and of creating the Scottish myth, too.)

  8. Yes, they are British Nationalists. Conservative, Labour and Libdem. This isn’t about political ideology, but constitutional identity and self interest. You couldn’t put a fag paper between their constitutional aims and tbf, the width of wet bog paper separates their political ideologies and their practice of politics.

    Raging face, sad face, confused face, but essentially the same face. British nationalism.

    Every single one of them courts and encourages the worst votes of our electorate whilst paying lip service to inclusion and pursuit of ‘one nation’ unity. Their idea of such ‘unity’ is apparently to shout in your face very loudly DAE AS YER TELT! Every single one of them, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, have used the media to engage with this demographic and manipulate their hatred for their own political benefit. They did so knowing the outcomes they desired and without care for the societal consequences. Personally, I don’t think there is any other way to interpret these actions as other than pure self serving malice.

    As for our media? Our watchdogs? Those who should be holding this behaviour to account? Not only absent without leave, but seemingly complicit. I had thought the job is to protect and inform the population without fear or favour. Apparently though, the job is really to protect the status quo, the social and political establishment and the corporate bottom line.

    Who knew?

    Basic humanity isn’t a serving suggestion. It’s something you constantly work at and a bit like like respect and trust? It can take only a heartbeat to lose when not constantly practised. Something the establishment parties and their media seem to have forgot.

    • Yes, Macart, that is wonderfully well said. “Basic humanity isn’t a serving suggestion”.
      I was out for a wee ski at the cross country trails the other day. Lots of snow in Western Canada right now. Bumped into a couple of fellows and skied along with them for a while. One of the chaps was 75. An ex-railroader. He had lived in Asia for 20 years after retiring, and now back home in Canada. So he’s seen a fair bit of the world in his day.
      It was interesting to hear his views on the UK. “Going down the toilet in a hurry”, would sum it up.
      Dis-May, the clown Johnson, and the rest of the gang. The fact that the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia is heralded as a great boost to trade, said it all for him.
      “Scotland needs to set itself free” were his parting words to me. I wept a wee tear. If other people can see this clear as day, why can’t we? (By “we” I mean Scottish people. And by Scottish people I mean those who were born and brought up in Scotland, and also those who have chosen to come to live in Scotland, no matter where they are from.)
      At the local “coffee house” event last night, I stood on stage and read a poem by Robbie Burns. “Red, red rose”. Burns was a great man. A poet and philosopher and visionary. He is an inspiration to us all. He loved humanity, and he loved nature, He wouldn’t kill a mouse.
      Contrast this with the powers that be in UK, and USA, who would drop bombs on everyone if it were profitable. For goodness sake, wake up, World, wake up, Scotland.
      As far as rags like the Daily Express goes, please throw them in the bin at every opportunity.

      Thank you WGD for another brilliant article. We all need to raise the bar.
      And call out the right-wing gutter press for what they are. Peddlers of propaganda and hatred.
      All the best.

      • Appreciated and couldn’t agree more. People need to call it for what it actually is and the effect it has on society.

        Strip away the semantics and the politico speak. What are they actually saying and doing? If the answer is (as in this case), alienating, disenfranchising and demonising for political gain, then words like unity and union DO NOT apply. You’re not really calling for unity whilst alienating and refusing to represent half your population. You’re telling them to shut up. You’re using intimidation and implying the threat of violence. You’re using dog whistle tactics to enrage a support you’d throw under a bus in a second, whilst sowing fear and doubt into your intended opponent.

        They call that politics. There is another name for it though.

  9. I absolutely agree 100% with the article and comments above.
    But. You just knew there was a but coming there 🙂
    While we need to challenge these right wing British Nationalists we are never going to convert them to the idea of an independent Scotland.
    In some regards its wasted effort to even try.
    The people we need to convince are the soft NO’s. They are not dyed in the wool unionists. They voted no for a variety of reasons but British Nationalism was not top of their list.
    Most I suspect voted no because of fear of the unknown. Whether it was pensioners worried about their pension or people concerned about currency, the economy or the supposed deficit.
    These are the people we need to concentrate on. These are the people who we need to have a reasonable debate with.
    If the unionists think they will harden the position of soft no’s by trying to teach them the benefits of hardcore British Nationalism then they and their cause will fail.
    We should not allow these British Nationalists to set the agenda. We should not allow them to dictate the subject of debate.
    But we should not try and stop them from making the mistake they are making. Many soft no’s will look upon their arguments and wish to back off from it.
    Anyway have a great day everyone and Paul, thank you for the work you do.

  10. Excellent article.
    I have two questions.
    How do we combat the media lies when we have no mainstream media outlet?
    How do we educate our own, very significant, orangey bit?

    • The answer to both is basically the same I’d say. Simply by having a presence, which in this instance is online.

      There is no way of taking on the media in its own playground. Not by volume and not by legal redress. It’s a multi billion pound industry which is corporately and politically compromised. No government in the Western world has pockets deep enough to take them on in either form.

      They cannot however, (as yet), control the internet and the rise of the public forums.

      As for educating the orangey bit? It’s taken hundreds of years to ingrain these attitudes and over a century of political/media manipulation to achieve near Pavlovian ballot responses. Time, patience and example is all anyone can do. You can only put the information out there and talk to people. Allow them to experience a different way as it were. It’s just not going to be possible to change everyone’s world view. Over time though? Winning over new generations can be.

      But we are talking about a LOT of time to undo the damage done to those generations.

  11. The Rolls Royce Phantom III of the Dowager Duchess Vol De Terres purrs to a halt at traffic

    A wizened old beggar approaches the car and taps the Duchess’ window pleading for any spare change.

    Her Aloofness orders her chauffeur to give the man some change.
    James, her faithful retainer, hands the wretch a £5 note through the window.

    The lights change and the Great Glorious Beast of British Technology begins to move off.
    The delighted tramp bangs the window and exclaims:-

    “May we meet in heaven, ma’m.”
    “Not if I can help it.” mutters the Grand Old Dame, only half to herself.

    London is the capital of England.
    It is not my capital: Edinburgh is.
    Elizabeth is ‘The Second’ of England; not the British Isles.

    I do not recognise ‘Britain’ as a country. It is not.
    Scotland is a country, as is England.

    When Davidson, Carlaw, Tomkins, Leonard, Findlay, Dugdale, Rennie, Mumbles, Crumbles, Bumbles and Humbles speak of their ‘country’, they are not referring to ‘Scotland’ which is of course ‘their country’ of birth or rfesidence.
    They mean ‘Britain’, often interchanged deliberately or through Freudian Slip with ‘England’, the default option in all those B&W war movies starring Jack Hawkins and John Mills.

    John Cleese described the English Establishment’s attitude to the Anglo Scot within London Society.

    “Why do we let half educated tenement Scots run our English Press? Because their craving for social status makes them obedient retainers?
    Seriously, I’d rather have educated, cultured and intelligent people in charge. Sorry for the elitism.”

    He was responding to an article by Fraser Nelson, the Nairn born Uncle McTom, who regularly appears on the Beeb attacking Scottish Self Determination

    I doubt that the good burghers of Nairn speak with Nelson’s strange and tortured accent. But that’s a field of weeds and bracken to be turned over on another day.

    Cleese’s pompous racism and utter disregard for Scotland, its people, its culture and its heritage has gone unpunished.
    He only echoes what many in the English Establishment, and sadly millions of xenophobes who voted Brexit out of the same sense of English exceptionalism genuinely believe.

    Is it merely ‘banter’, like Ruth Davidson’s extraordinary insult to her fellow Scots at ‘Big T’s Party Conference 2016?
    ““I’m delighted we have such spectacular surroundings,”
    Usually they put the Scots in a place where nothing can be broken. Or stolen for that matter!”
    What a disgusting slight.

    She was in good company.
    Kelvin MacKenzie on QT:-
    “Basically, the Scots exist solely on the handouts of the clever English. The money is generated down here and goes up to Scotland.”
    Cleese, MacKenzie and Davidson, so eager to please, bursting a gut to let the Tory High Heid Yins know that she is ‘one of them’, and the Scottish Branch of the English Establishment as a whole, think of ‘Britain’ as England and its colonies, one of which is Scotland, The Grouse Moor, which is full of retainers craving social status, vandals and thieves, ungrateful subsidy junkies who live off handouts from the clever English.
    Those benign English yeomen, thand their leaders, Cleese’s ‘educated, cultured, and intelligent people in charge.’
    England’s ‘broad shoulders’.

    Paul is 100% correct. Davidson, Rennie, and Leonard are not Unionists.
    They are ‘British’, or rather, ‘English’, in the Jack Hawkins ‘Cruel Sea’ sense of the word.
    Gordon Jackson got the odd cameo appearance as a young Jock Matelot in Elstree War Dramas, but it was Mrs Miniver who won the war for England in the rose garden of her SE cottage, with its own jetty on the Thames.
    Poor Gordon played second fiddle to Attenburgh’s Big X in the Great Escape. He was the Jock craving social status, a faithful retainer.

    ‘England expects’, not, ‘Britain’.

    Brexit is England against the world.
    The BBC have made sure of that.

    Christ, they even rushed out ‘Dunkirk’ and a Churchill movie titled, ‘Darkest Hour’.

    The ‘Dunkirk spirit’.
    ‘We shall fight them on the beaches’.

    So while I agree that there is no ‘Union’, that we are in fact an occupied Northern Territory of the English/British Empire, in my mind’s eye, ‘British Nationalism’ is ‘English Nationalism’, as the chilling racist remarks of Cleese, MacKenzie and Davidson would suggest.

    There is no ‘Unionist’ faction any more. They are a Fifth Column within our country, actively working with an English Establishment to maintain Scotland as a colony.
    They are flag waving zealots, who consider the Union Flag their ‘national flag’.

    London is their capital city.

    I haven’t a notion what they think of the saltire.
    In my time, I have lived in the ‘posh’ West End of Glasgow.
    I cannot imagine encountering an elderly widow coming out of Sunday Service in Jordanhill and declaring:
    ‘May we meet in an Independent Scotland soon.’
    Like the Dowager Duchess, I suspect that her retort would be :-
    ‘Not if I can help it.’

    And there are 100’s of thousands just like her.

        • IVS. Loved it, Kenzie.
          The Malcolm Rifkind school of elocution. ‘Lefftenant’, ‘Lawr and Order’.
          The Brit Weatherman on BBC often warns us that we are about to experience some heavy ‘Shahs’, following a period of low lying ‘clads’.
          The new batch of young dim but nice Blue Tory MSP List Boys seem to have attended the Rifkind Finishing School For Posh Boys.
          They sound ridiculous.
          Nobody talks like that naturally. Hence they come across as place-filling thick boys who won’t inherit the Family,Pile, to dim to enter The Professions, no’ fit enough for the army, and couldn’t run the office Tea Club, never mind a Stocks and Shares Portfolio.

          Where to put the idiot child? Into Holyrood. Mother Ruth will look after them.

  12. A we bit o/t

    What’s fluffy of the Scotland office up to at Leith docks ? ,

    Rumour has it a parallel Scottish government in being set up to replace Holyrood , that as in Northern Ireland is to be directly controlled from London , all this pish about running out of time regarding the repatriation of powers from the EU is simply a stalling action to divert attention from what the increase in budget and staff .

    Anyone know who is financing this project , and what exactly is the function of this building , the imminent closure of Tax offices I believe is part of this move to remove the means of running a functioning government in Scotland I wonder why .

    Trust Fluffy and this Tory lot at your peril , an Indian politician once said of the English , the word of the english government is worthless and they continue to provide evidence of it every day .

    They Haven’t changed since these words were spoken all these years ago .

    • Has anyone asked “his Fluffiness” what is going on at Leith? Something must explain the increase in the Scotland Office staff from 5 to nearly 100. It may be just to fight the next referendum or as you say Robert something all the more scary.

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  14. Prediction: Fisheries, agriculture, oil and gas will be the responsibility of this The Leith office administered by Mundell, managed by Westminster, to “ensure a uniformity of policy across our country”. And to provide leverage in negotiations with the EU. if Holyrood does succeed in having said powers returned to Holyrood the UK’s negotiations with EU are diminished.

    The House of Lords, and perhaps even the EU may well intervene in such a power grab by Westminster of devolved powers. An easy question for the EU to ask is “what if Scotland votes for independence and so these powers would not be Westminster’s to use to barter?”.

    So it looks like the time to campaign actively for independence is upon us and so create the uncertainty of the EU’s easy question I note above.If we do not challenge this Leith office strategy then Holyrood will be diminished, allowed to continue, as the wee parish council, so derisively described by Connelly.

    The failure to present this issue before the Westminster parliament was entirely deliberate. The Scottish Gov’t should demand the removal from office of Mundell.

  15. Regarding the comments above on the reasons behind the increase in Civil Servants for the UK Government based in Edinburgh, I posted this some time ago on Wings after reading Craig Murray’s blog.

    ‘On 3rd May 2017 Craig Murray posted a cautionary article under the title “Theresa May moves to replace devolution with Westminster control’. This followed a speech by May in Glasgow (https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/page/6/ ).

    Craig reproduced this extract from the speech:

    “But the devolution of powers across the United Kingdom must not mean we become a looser and weaker union. We cannot allow our United Kingdom to drift apart. For too long the attitude in Whitehall has been to ‘devolve and forget’.

    But as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, I am just as concerned that young people in Dundee get a good start in life and RECEIVE THE EDUCATION THEY NEED (my emphasis) to reach their full potential as I am about young people in Doncaster and Dartford.”

    And she went on:

    “We need to build a new ‘collective responsibility’ across the United Kingdom, which UNITES ALL LAYERS OF GOVERNMENT, to work positively together to improve the lives of everyone in our country. As the Government serving the whole United Kingdom, formed in a Parliament drawn from the whole United Kingdom, the UK Government exercises a responsibility on behalf of the whole UK that transcends party politics and ENCOMPASSES ALL ASPECTS of our national life.”

    Craig’s take on May’s speech was notable. He stated: “In Glasgow today she notified Scotland of a specific intention for Westminster to intervene in devolved areas to ‘improve outcomes’ in Scotland. There is no other possible logical analysis ….”

    And now we have an announcement of a new civil service ‘hub’ – a ‘centre of excellence for public services’ no less – in Edinburgh, for UK government departments as yet unspecified other than including HMRC.’

    When you add this to the possible post-Brexit ‘power grab’; the uncertainties around the soon to be devised Common Framework Agreements; and the tone of this recent House of Lords debate ( https://www.theyworkforyou.com/lords/?id=2017-11-20a.53.0&s=speaker%3A25042#g53.1 ) concerning how Westminster deals with devolved governments, something is afoot. And if we were ever to lose an SNP Government at Holyrood whilst still part of the UK, this progress to ‘something’ to the detriment of Scotland’s status would only accelerate.

    The establishment of the ‘Colonial Office’ in Leith needs careful monitoring – as best we can.

  16. On one of the tv dramas the other night,one of the main characters is accosted on a London street by a drunken homeless Scot,subtle bout of brainwashing,last night a wife bashing violent father a Scot,yet these fcuking idiot unionists still put up with it.

    • So true! We noticed this before we left for Canada. The Scot is almost always the baddy or, to put it another way, the baddy is almost always a Scot! Even Coronation Street had to give the repellent Adam Barlow a Scottish accent …. Pfffft!

    • As usual SNP analysis- Pish – any other comment or detailed figures Cast in Stone even when proven correct the BBC in Scotland do what they usually do and that is ………………… Yep you guessed it SFA it doesn’t surface it will never be seen ,
      We have just now in the house of ill repute ( House of Lords) a government minister defending the total impartiality of the BBC I doubt if his vote of confidence extends north of the border ,

      This BBC propaganda outfit are beyond redemption just shut the place and turn it into a museum of propaganda for people to learn how it was done , how a whole nation were conned into trusting the unbelievable , and with the opportunity of actually paying for it .

      I believe the North Koreans take refresher courses at Pacific Heights on a regular basis just to keep up with the latest methods . Laugh if you want it’s probably true

  17. When I think of EU countries managing and taking in refugees and asylum seekers I think of Italy, of Greece or of Germany. It came as a surprise to me therefore to learn that the UK receives more funds from the EU’s asylum, migration and integration fund than ANY other EU nation.


    Seems the UK uses this money not to settle, support and integrate asylum seekers and refugees but to send them back.

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