Brexit fantasy politics

The British government has after all done an impact assessment of the effects of various Brexit scenarios on the UK economy. It’s just that they don’t want anyone else to see it because there is no universe in which Brexit is a good thing. Not even that Mirror Universe in Star Trek where everyone is the evil twin of their character in this universe, which must mean that Mirror Universe Jacob Rees-Mogg has somehow crossed into our reality. Although to be fair that probably also applies to every other member of the Conservative cabinet who isn’t actually a lizard alien. Except Fluffy Mundell, who comes from a parallel universe in which everyone is a stuffed toy.

According to the study which was leaked to Buzzfeed, there is no such thing as a good Brexit. The British government is like an unfit and overweight late middle aged man with a bad back who is about to go ten rounds with the world heavy weight boxing champion and who is telling us that he’s going to get the best possible outcome. Which in this instance would be to come out of the process with two black eyes, incipient brain damage, at least one remaining tooth and a jaw that’s broken in only three places. That’s punching above your weight for you.

Back in the real world, under every scenario, under every set of circumstances, Brexit damages the British economy. The softest possible Brexit in which the UK remains a part of the EU Single Market and the Customs Union causes the least amount of harm, but it still causes harm. Under this scenario growth in the UK economy would be down by 2%. Theresa May’s favoured solution in which the UK negotiates a bespoke deal with the EU causes more harm, growth would be down by 5%. And if the UK leaves the EU with no deal at all, then growth would be down by 8%. Since UK economic growth is currently only around 0.5%, even the softest possible Brexit is still going to see the economy shrink, which means job losses, increasing poverty and deprivation, blighted lives, and destroyed opportunities. All this is before we even start to consider the political impact of Brexit, which will be measured in the destruction of the devolution settlement, the stripping away of employment and consumer rights, and isolation in a xenophobic fleg waving state that has to suck up to Donald Trump. But Jacob will still have his listed Georgian mansion and his British pride, so that makes it all OK.

The economic figures in the British government study are not dissimilar to the figures produced by the Scottish government a couple of weeks ago detailing the damage that Brexit would do to the Scottish economy. At the time, the Conservatives accused the Scottish governnment of ridiculous scaremongering, all the while knowing that their own figures were showing the exact same outcome. Someone ought to ask Ruth and Fluffy about that, only they probably won’t because the someone in this instance is a Scottish media which isn’t inclined to ask hard questions of Ruth and her pals. Ruth will reply to the question with a statement saying, “Scotland doesn’t want another divisive independence referendum,” and most of the Scottish media will nod in agreement.

Now the more swivel eyed amongst the Conservatives, which to be honest is most of them, are trying to downplay the UK government study by claiming that all government forecasts are wrong so this one doesn’t really matter. Iain Duncan Smith said, “I would observe that almost every single forecast coming from Government, and most of the international organisations, has been completely wrong. We should take this with a pinch of salt.” We will bear that in mind during the next Scottish independence referendum when Iain and his fellow Brexiteers make dire forecasts about the economic ruin that independence will bring about. That’s a quote which is going to come back to haunt them.

The SNP, Labour, the Lib Dems, and some pro-remain Conservatives have called on the British government to release the document officially. The government claims that it’s not in the national interests to do so. Apparently it damages the national interest for us to find out just how much the government is damaging the national interest. Iain Duncan Smith thinks that we should ignore the report because it was deliberately leaked as it showed that Brexit is a bad thing. We should only pay attention to reports that Iain likes, like the one that says that Brexit will deliver a Union fleg bedecked unicorn to every household in the land and the one that says that you can still have your Brexit cake after you’ve eaten it. Iain and his friends think that Britain can have fantastic economic growth and a secure and strong future by trusting in Donald Trump to give us a great deal. Iain is equally confident that you can get a PhD in social care policy by relying on a two year old with attention deficit disorder as your main source of information. A two year old goat, that is. At least that’s who seems to have written his plans to rewrite the benefits system.

But never mind. Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has a solution. Gavin wants us to pull down all EU symbols immediately and fly Union flegs everywhere to restore British pride, because he’s not a nationalist at all. And it helps to get him a wee headline that distracts attention from his on-going difficulties about allegations of inappropriate behaviour with a junior female colleague which led to his resignation from his post as a manager in a fireplace manufacturer in 2004. Calling Gavin publicity hungry is a bit like describing a plague of locusts as slightly peckish.

The British government doesn’t want us to worry too much about the report that the British government is so worried about that it won’t publish it. The report doesn’t include details of the super dooper special deal that Theresa is going to negotiate on our behalf with the EU, so that’s OK then. That would be the super dooper special deal that the EU has been saying since day one of the Brexit negotiations that Britain isn’t going to get.

Brexit is fantasy politics being played out by politicians who are determined to use it to further their own ideologically driven destruction of the welfare state and public services. The Tory right don’t want Brexit challenged because they’re using it to mount a coup. Labour are trying to be all things to all people on Brexit because deep down, Jeremy Corbyn wants out of the EU in order to pursue his own fantasy politics all the while depending on the votes of people who want to remain in the EU. Morally, ethically, economically, Scotland needs to get out of this mess. Westminster has lost all touch with reality.

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0 thoughts on “Brexit fantasy politics

  1. Where do you come up with this stuff Paul but honestly if was a fitba macth the uk would be 2-0 down coming out for the 2nd half. one more slip up and the eu has all but won

  2. The worst government in living memory and Labour still cant land a blow on them , week after week they stand at the dispatch box and listen to total pish emanating from some tory and they take it instead of summoning the speaker to order the lying bloody tory arse of the day to answer a question , and a truthful one with no bleedn shenanigans .

    Labour in Scotland surprise everyone with a alternative budget , aye alternative bleedn reality more like , my response would be a sheet of A4 with P.F.I printed on one side on the other side would be One Billion Annual Interest to be Paid curtsy of labour in scotland .

    • I think the point is that Labour don’t want to land a killer blow on the Conservatives. [I never use the word “Tories” for Conservatives because the same word applies to Labour – they vote with them, they abstain for them…, they are them..]

      Labour need Conservative like Conservative need Labour. The other is always the alternative.

      Britain – or whatever it’s called this month – is a shithole of a country to come from. What an embarrassment. I wish I was an Eritrean.

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  4. @ Robert Graham: what you are experiencing is not necessarily the worst government in living memory, but a government under the scrutiny of the public via the internet.Remember the frustration of writing to your newspaper in anger at an article content, and never seeing your letter printed? Not any more, the internet provides freedom of expression.

    SLab, for this same reason are being exposed as bereft of talent. Leonard is simply the current proof of diminishing leadership returns – McLeish, MacConnell, Gray, Lamont, Dugdale.

    Sarwar raising the issue of Islamaphobia yet failing to mention sectarianism, nor having to justify ignoring public opinion over the his support in voting down the Offensive Football Behaviour Act, in his un-interrupted STV opportunity.

    On topic: Brexit will diminish the freedom and living standards of the general public, and enhance the dominance and wealth garnering opportunities of the wealthy.

    • My thoughts entirely on Sarwar, Gavin.. He was given a heaven-sent platform upon which to decry all forms of tribal hatred and he dodged the issue. Same old Labour….. unwilling (or afraid)to face a problem head on.

  5. Cameron tried it on with the EU so there are no secrets in May’s approach , the EU are well aware what’s what & there are no concessions . Irish border hasn’t been settled as yet so there is no moving on to 2nd stage negotiations Cherry Pickers for Hire lol .

  6. When I saw this last night Paul, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    All the while they berated the First Minister, they knew. THEY KNEW, that their own report mirrored Scotgov’s own commissioned findings. The media, without a word of challenge (and mainly because they detest themessenpee folk anyway), simply fell into a queue to lampoon and deride Scotgov’s impact assessment and the FM by turn.

    Blinkered Britnattery at its finest.

    Now it’s not as if there isn’t a fair old pile of evidence to support the theory that UK gov’s practice of politics CANNOT be trusted. The past three and a quarter years haven’t painted the prettiest of pictures of the UK going forward [?]. How and ever, just what will it take? How much more evidence will be required before people drop the red, white and blue tinted scales from their eyes and see this system of government for what it really is?

    At every turn Scotgov called the premise of the EU ref and the following Brexit negotiations right. From the prediction of constitutional crisis prior to, during and post referendum, to the assessment of the non negotiable EU positions and finally the impact report. Do the electorate really want to find out if a concluded Brexit itself has also been accurately assessed?

    UK politics, UK government, is not stable. It is not reliable and it is not broad shouldered in times of economic hardship. And no, it really, really, doesn’t do pooling and sharing. More robbing Peter to pay … well probably not Paul, but you get the drift. Hell, it’s practice of politics is the main source of the economic hardship in the first place. It is a system not run for the benefit of the populations of the UK, but for a tiny percentage of those populations and the preservation of the state construct itself.

    We have an out, a lifeboat, as Scottish citizens. All we require is the will to use it when the time comes. That time isn’t so far off as it happens. Probably worth people having a good hard think about trust and who is more deserving of it in the very near future.

    • Gosh if only we had told them, Sam.

      Ross Thomson was given air time trying to con us that there is a fourth scenario, a bespoke Brexit Deal that will be truly wonderful.

      In order for the great Scottish public to believe this WunderDeal shit relies on us all not reading foreign ‘papers and being kept in the dark about the EU27 position on Divorce from EngWaland.
      The four criteria are immutable.
      CU, Freedom of Movement, Single Market, and ECJ rules and regulations.

      There will be no ‘cherry picking’, the EU has been adamant about that.

      There will be no passporting of UK financial services. The Transition period will be for 12 months, not two or thee years.

      They keep banging on about Brexit Phase One being a success before Christmas. Garbage of course.
      There is no agreement on the border between Ireland and Norn Ireland. There is no deal on guarantees for EU workers remaining in the UK, or the Silver Sunbathers who retired to the Costas from the UK.
      There is no agreement on the amount of the Divorce Bill either.
      Yet the MSM hailed the Talks as a victory for Treeza?

      Ross Thomson was blowing hot air out his ass, and Mundell and Davidson were nowhere to be seen.
      The Brexshit has hit the fan even earlier than I considered, and I was being accused of jumping the gun.
      Over by October. Independence by March 2019.

      • Ross Thomson… that’s the fella with anger management problems? Or is that faux anger? Regardless, he hasn’t the chops for politics and clearly has little idea of the role of public servant. He and the other twelve have already holed the devolution settlement below the waterline and sold out Scotland’s electorate in favour of the party whip. Probably best ignored.

        Brexit phase one was a humiliation for UK gov as it caved to every single requirement of the EU simply in order to progress to phase two. Mind you. Phase two will progress in entirely the same manner, so….

        The job for UK gov is how to sell this to their electorate. They can’t is the simple answer. This will send their fav go to dog whistle demographic into orbit. If they think politics and society are fractured now, they have no idea of the shit storm that’s headed their way.

        TBF, this is the UK they created. Well done them.

    • The only reason we listen to them? We have good manners. But who, in their right minds, would listen and believe. They have never, EVER been known for their honesty. All through history they could be given top marks in dishonesty – nothing more. There has to be an exit door for our fine country. We’ve been trampled on for too long.

    • Yes yes they was that was obvious but many didn’t bother to see that in 2014 now brexit hitting even before it’s truly begun they can’t turn a blind eye anymore.

  7. I see the Institute of Fiscal studies forecasting on Brexit has been rubbished by the Tories… let’s keep that one in backhand for the next time BBC North Britain uses their studies to rundown Scotland. Meantime, I see BBC South Britain keep dragging out Rees-Mogg “the poorman’s John Major Tory nerd” with his plummy 1930s didactic irredentism.

  8. I’ve never understood the saying “punching above your weight” where it’s said as a virtue. In my experience if you punch above your weight you get punched right back, with a lot more weight behind it.

    The UK may have once been a heavyweight, but it has gradually reduced to something akin to a featherweight these days. Unfortunately we’re being dragged down as well.

  9. Turns out Labour in Scotland have no more regard for the population or their constituents than the Tories so are happy enablers of the Tory grand non-plan.

  10. The Rape of Scotland. Part One.

    This week, because the Dead Tree Scrolls obligingly forewarned us with one of their Anglo Nationalist ‘will say’ pieces at the week end, Ruth Davidson will ‘attack’ the Scottish Government for their mishandling of the Scottish economy.

    Apparently, unlike England, Scotland is going down the economic plug hole, and it’s all that Nicola Sturgeon’s fault.

    So it must have been a bit of a bummer when Buzzfeed leaked Theresa May’s secret Brexit Impact Analyses forecasting The Three Degrees of Separation.

    UK 8% worse off if they walk away with No Deal, 5% if they manage a Norway Deal, and 2% worse off if the UK stays in, but not really.

    But the Scottish Anglos don’t want to talk about the EU. They want their usual wee soundbite on BBC telling Scotland that Nicola and the EssEnnPee are shite.

    Well, let’s see who is pulling money and resources out of Scotland.

    On 13th January 2015, Westminster voted 515 votes to 18 to back George Osborne’s ‘Charter for Budget Responsibility’, which promised to balance current Government Spending by 2017-20189aye richt) by continuing with the Austerity Measures which saw the income of the poor, unemployed, disabled, children, elderly, cut by £32 billion in the lifetime of the Blue Tory/Yellow Tory Coalition of Cameron and Clegg into the next parliament.

    You may recall that Danny Alexander was snapped getting into his ministerial limo clutching a Death List, five hundred thousand, that’s half a million, public servants were ‘downsized’, sacked, let go, thrown on the scrap heap, and Vince Cable sold off the Postal Service to his pals in the City at a billion pound discount.

    Big Danny got kicked out of office in 2015 but got his reward in Neo Conservative Heaven and now works in Hong Kong protecting the dosh of the 1% who own 82% 0f the world’s wealth.

    Vince Cable got his gilt edged retirement package. The 74 year old is now leader of the Lib Dems.

    Apart from 43 principled Labour MP’s, the Red Tories voted with the Blue and Yellow Tories, and backed more Austerity, rob and starve the poor, reward the rich, fund Trident renewal, back HS2, and, since Scotland voted No in 2014, rip the financial lungs out of the Nats.

    The English, and their Anglo Scot Fifth Column have been busy looting Scotland.

    HMRC, the Tax Collection Agency bit, centralised their business in their brand new centre in Crawley, at the cost of between 2000 and 4000 jobs in Scotland.

    Offices in Livingston, Dundee, Cumbernauld, and East Kilbride, Aberdeen, Inverness, were to close, to be replaced by two Regional hubs in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Tens of millions would be sucked out of local economies, but it would be Boom Time for Crawley, Boris Johnson’s £1 being better spent in Crawley than the fictional town of Strathclyde.

    Michael Fallon got the Big E as Defence Secretary for some alleged naughty behaviour.

    But before he was shown the door he announced that five type 31e frigates would now be built and assembled across several UK yards and not as promised on the Clyde.

    The Red Tory Union Reps are furious and ‘accused’ the MOD of reneging on their promise that when Scotland voted No, BAE would build a £200-£300 million ‘frigate factory’ in Scotstoun. That’s not going to happen either.

    Yet another blow to the Scottish economy by the Ruth Davidson Party.

    From October 2017 through to February 2018 14 Jobcentres in Scotland are to close with the loss of 70 jobs, and ‘savings’ of £14 million.

    Jobseekers are left stranded miles from the face to face services of their nearest Centre, but have to find bus fares to attend interviews or face ‘sanctions’, that’s their money being stopped to you and me.

    The Brit Government attacking the Scottish Economy yet again. Cut jobs, cut job seeking aid.

    When Davidson stands at the Despatch Box at Thursday’s FMQ, and demands answers from our FM about the relatively poor performance of the Scottish economy, I’m sure she’ll acknowledge that the Red Blue and Yellow Tories Down There are doing their best to suck even more money out of Scotland.
    I’ve kept you long enough for now, dear Reader. I’ll be back shortly when we shall discuss the Slaughter of Scots Innocents, commonly known as George Osborne’s Charter For Budget Responsibility.

  11. The Rape of Scotland. Part Two

    Despite George Osborne and Cameron hightailing out of Dodge to avoid the Bunglefuck of Brexit, the former Chancellor’s fiscal responsibility Austerity measures still went ahead.

    The welfare changes that came into effect in the first week of April 2017, and included:

    * Housing benefit for 18-21 year-olds abolished
    * Child tax credit claims limited to two children
    * Eldest child premium scrapped
    * The so-called “rape clause” came into effect
    * Bereavement allowance cuts
    * ESA benefits reduced for work-related activity group

    Meanwhile Theresa May was declaring herself the champion of families ‘Just About Manging’.

    Universal Credit continued its roll out, with reports from the pilots of massive rent arrears and unacceptable life threatening delays in payments

    A house bound stroke victim is advised to go to a food bank, and another ‘customer’ was asked if she had considered killing themselves.

    It is estimated that the Austerity cuts in Scotland will achieve £1 billion in ‘savings’ over the lifetime of the English parliament.

    Of course the Scottish Government, Local Authorities, Food Banks, and what is laughingly called the Voluntary Sector, Charities to you and me, will pick up the slack.

    The 18-21 year olds denied Housing Benefit are now a homeless problem for the Council Social Services, the same council will need to chase Ruth Davidson’s UCS precipitated Rent Arrears, our already stretched but remaining doggedly Publicly Owned Health Service will have to meet the cost in staff and money to counter the deprivation, illness, and death caused by the English Government’s enforced impoverishment of Scots citizens.

    One study says “the over-sixties – and in particular care home residents – have borne the brunt. The critical factors it identifies as leading to so many of them dying needlessly early are cuts to social care spending .
    It’s worth bearing the latter in mind because Brexit, of course, is squeezing the supply of nurses as EU nationals resident in these islands understandably vote with their feet.”

    It is estimated that 120,000 UK citizens have died prematurely since the introduction of ‘Austerity’ in 2010.

    Using the 8% population figure, that amounts to 9,600 Scots killed by the Red Blue and Yellow policies of an English Parliament which pull Davidson’s, Rennie’s, and until recently, Dugdale’s strings.

    Children, widows, the sick, the disabled, families on low wages, zero hour contracts, single parent families, rape victims, are relentlessly targeted while JK Rowling and Alistair Darling, who got a 5% reduction in their taxes, attend fund raisers for the Filthy Rich to back Better Together Mark II, and Johann ‘something for nothing’ attends a ‘Robbie Byrne’s’ supper with Liar Carmichael, and The Queen’s bigot Murdo Fraser.
    I presume shebrought a long spoon with which to sup at that hellish table..

    It is estimated that the English Government has ‘saved’ £5.1 Billion in betraying 60-62 year old women, who have become known as the ‘WASPIs’; Women against State Pension Inequality.

    These women are now suffering severe financial hardship because of heartless Ruth Davidson’s Government’s fascist attack on the Common People.
    Yet more money sucked out of Scotland to help build London Crossrail.

    Time for another break, my friend. I’m nearly there. We voted 62% Remain, yet Ruth Davidson blames us and not Brexit because our economy may be faltering.
    Back again soon.

  12. The Rape of Scotland. Part Three.

    There are of course areas where the English Government is investing in Scotland.
    Mundell is beefing up his Scottish Office.

    He spent more than half a million on Magnus Gardham and his Propaganda Team already, and rumours abound that he is expanding in Leith, with talk of 100 civil servants being recruited to prevent the 111 areas not reserved to WM in the Withdrawal Bill ever reaching their rightful home, Holyrood.

    It is reported that the MOD is advertising 1000 construction jobs in the Helensburgh/ Dumbarton area to expand the ‘relatively remote’ Faslane base to accommodate the nuclear powered attack subs currenty staioned at Devonport.

    Without a by your leave an English Parliament is sending more of their Armed Forces North, in the arrogant assumption that an expanded English Faslane would be ‘too big to sail’ when Scotland reaffirms its Self Determination.

    We’d be stuck with them for decades.

    In December 2016, the Scottish Government prepared a comprehensive report, an alternative arrangement for Scotland trading within the CU and Single Market, while still remaining part of the UK, and England and Wales Brexited fully, but this comprehensive document was rejected instantly by David Davis in a one sided curt reply to Mike Russell last January.

    The Brexit Impact Analysis compiled then, and more comprehensively developed this January, set out the financial social and political negative implications of leaving the EU.

    It was again rejected out of hand, and our Dead Tree Scrolls had a field day quoting the Red Blue and Yellow Tories.

    The BuzzFeed News website reports the Whitehall analysis found growth over the next 15 years could be up to 8% lower than if the UK stayed in the EU.

    Hundreds of thousands of UK jobs will be lost.
    EU Firms and workers are voting with their feet.

    In Scotland, £9 billion will be wiped off our GDP, 80,000 jobs will go, families will be £2500 worse off, because of Ruth Davidson.

    Am I being too cruel? No, she epitomises the boneheaded obdurate mindless attitude of our English Overlords.

    We voted Remain, and remain we shall.

    I’ve kept you long enough, my friends.

    England is looting Scotland.

    EU workers and companies are leaving the UK. Ruth Davidson, Willie Rennie, and ‘wealth tax’ Leonard are killing our economy, not the Scottish Government.

    I refuse to let England drag me out of Europe.
    Sorry for the length of this.

    • As I said above Jack, the evidence of UK govs folly and falsity is more than piling up at this point. It’d take a post three times the length of yours to do it justice simply as a list, and would probably fill a book with all details, character involvement and context added.

      People can’t keep hoping for better from an establishment and system that considers them a disposable asset at best, or not at all at worst.

      Saw this on twatter last night, but it’s Ruth at her own predictable best so…:

      Just add http:// before the above address.

  13. I thought that I’d ranted long enough, Sam.
    Of course there are hundreds more examples. PFI, and so on.
    It is coming up ‘media could not be played’ when I click on Ruth’s image.
    Perhaps AI is developing self censorship.
    I’ll catch it by another route.

    Alarmingly, once you scratch the surface of this Bobo Doll in khaki, and actually demand answers from her, she disintegrates into a chubby faced giggling school girl, terrified that we’ll find out that it were she who raided the Tuck Shop during the night, and that she was lying when she pointed the finger at that bright young student from the Upper Fifth, Nicola Sturgeon.
    She has no authority, has no insider knowledge of how Brexit is going, and is ignored by London now.
    Yet Herald Ruthland gives her a headline and prints her ‘serious look’ portrait.
    For no reason sourced, the Herald declares that Ruth has predicted a softer Brexit than everybody expects, and that there will be a long Transition Deal.

    Which is of course downright pish.

    The EU27 are insisting on no longer than 12 months transition post March 2019, and since time is running out on any deal, the most likely Brexit outcome is Hard or No Deal.
    But this Herald sponsored fluff gets Ruth front and centre, and the Herald infers that she is at the heart of Brexit negotiations and will look after our 62% Remain interests.
    I have more knowledge about what’s going on in the world than this woman, Rennie, Leonard, and their whole Gaggle of Brit Placemats put together..

    • Jack, you’re wonderful! Thankfully I’m well again and able to appreciate your fantastic posts.

      And a big thank you to Paul for his great blog. Nothing like it for keeping the spirits up.

  14. In Sunday’s Observer,a unnamed Tory insider was quoted as saying that Ruth Davidson’s arrival in a safe seat in England would be “a game changer” in the question of the UK Tory leadership.

    I look forward to this prospect, if only to test my hypothesis that Ruth will be “fund oot” very rapidly in a situation where she would not have the cover of a supine mainstream press and the risible BBC Shortbread, and where her Macavity impression when difficult issues arise would be utterly impossible for a UK leader.

    Remember too that many English commentators are unaware that Ruth’s electoral success hasbeen based on positioning the Scottish Tories as a single issue party and you can’t run any country on that basis.

  15. It really is a total mess, well for some. I read yesterday that. guy who advised TMay, a hard brexiter, has bought him and his family EU citizenship. Oh aye, apparently with lots money stored in Malta, or whatever other connections, he could get EU citizenship no probs. I will find and link to the article later when I ave time.

    So who’s putting their ever fewer pennies on a bet that the gits running the show will be out like a shot when things really go to pot, more than they are already.

    It’s a nightmare for many, but apparently not those creating this dreadful scenario, and as Macart points out, the English, ie, UKGov are creating economic hardship and poverty, and destitution. For a government to do that to their own people is utterly criminal.

    • Hetty, Boris Johnson holds dual nationality. He has a UK and US Passport. He was born in NYC.
      One of BBC Scotland’s regular Go To Professors, part of a small list of Brit Nat experts. academics, Professor Michael Keating, who is always available with a ready too wee too poor too stupid too illegal quote holds 3 passports if memory serves. UK Canadian and Irish, I think.
      His bio boasts that he speaks English French Spanish and Italian. Now there’s irony, bach.

      The Filthy Rich won’t be blocked from living working (sic) and moving freely in Europe after Brexit Day.
      FI Drivers draped in Union Flags will still channel their bloated earnings through Monaco, David Murray will still tend his vineyards and Fred Goodman, remember him, will still loll in exiled luxury a la champagne in France.

      The people who will lose out, be worse off, who will be held under House Arrest in Empire 2 as England erects barbed wire fences around its borders and beefs up border guards on the perimeters of its last colony Scotland will be the ordinary Mac Joans and Mac Joes, Hetty. You and me in other words..
      JK Rowling, Lords Darling, Reid, Robertson and McConnell, and a whole legion of ProudscotsBut millionaires who made their pile on the back of oppressing their fellow citizens for half a century will not be impacted by any form of Brexit.

      It is the little guy, the one the Red Tories are supposed to represent, who will be punished severely for daring to vote Remain.
      Davidson, Rennie, Leonard, Findlay, Tomkins, and Rumbles, Mumbles, Crumbles, and Bumbles, good little Anglo Brit attack dogs that they are, will get plumb jobs in the New Order keeping us all in check.
      It’s the rich wot get the pleasure, it’s the poor wot get the blame.
      Well, not if we can help it, hetty.
      I’ve said too much on this topic already. Sorry..

      • Why hasn’t amber rudd deported him then as his country of origin is the United States of America but then most Americans do have a phobia of clowns.

  16. Thanks for another great post WGD and to Jack for a triple whammy of supporting posts – excellent writing, full of compassion and truths. Noticed on the BBC Pishwash news site this morning that BP are opening up another two major oil fields that have appeared out of thin air in Scottish waters! There I was thinking it had run out.

  17. I met a person in a local shop I had noticed before. Without prompting he asked me if I thought Brexit was a mistake. After I gave him my view it was obvious he was a leave voter with some serious doubts. I think I scared him. Such is democracy, people vote without a clue based on media brainwash overload.

    An old phrase comes to mind, “to late Ethel”.

      • Spring is in the air, Les. Time for a creamy pint of stout Doon The Watter soon now.
        My scribbles are littered with ypographic terrors. but I have no probs if someone wants to spread the word according to Jake.
        The facts and dates and quotes are accurate..
        Les, the Dunoon Postal Ballot Report will be invaluable next time.
        Talk to you soon.
        Bridie, chips and a dark pint..mmmm.

    • Jan, as I sit at my kitchen table, here in Alberta, watching snow fall, I thought the same. Reading the Trilogy has brightened up a minus 24 degree day. Published as pamphlets, easier to read than an actual book, for some, easier to stick through letterboxes, to hand out at the bus stop. They say it all, in from the hip straight speak.
      Jack, if you are willing to try this…..lets Fund raise. There has to be a printer there in Glasgow who has a “shop”, who could run off a few thousand. The bigger the order, a lesser cost.
      Thank you for all the info.,Jack. It makes gritty but good reading.

      • Molly, your kind words warm my old bones like the chinook winds which will surely blow and melt the snow in your back yard.
        I am flattered beyond redemption that my rants strike a chord.
        As I have observed before I have neither the patience, the droll wit, or the even-handedness that Paul, Sam (Macart) or Bateman demonstrate. nor do I have the IT nous to maintain a blog.
        I am a tub thumper at best, and the ethernet is my virtual soap box on Glasgow Green on a warm Sunday afternoon.
        I still owe Paul from his last fund raiser, ‘cos I don’t trust electronic banking. Cue Bacofoil hat.
        I donated some cash to our local hospice to salve my conscience, and will slip him some readies when we actually physically meet, which hopefully will be soon when we take to the hustings campaigning for Self Determination.
        Fell free to reproduce anything I utter; I’ll take the blame for any flack.
        You’ve put me in the mood to visit my cousins in Vancouver, but in September, not now.
        Keep warm, Molly.

          • Yippee ki-yay, Molly. The Calgary Stampede, like the Pamplona bull running, has fascinated me since I was knee high to a grasshopper.
            I have relatives in Ontario, and more in Vancouver and BC.
            I’ve often hankered to parachute into Calgary as I flew cross country. I’d die a happy man if I could rope a steer, or buck a bronco.
            You are very kind. I may just take you up on your invite.
            Lee’s macaroon bars, Tunnock’s caramel wafers, Ayton biscuits, Lorne sausages, penny caramels?
            In the good old days we got away with stuffing a suitcase full of Scottish goodies for Les Exiles.
            Canada rocks.

          • You could drop in at Lindsay, Ontario, while you’re at it Jack. Mr MicCoinnich and I would love to meet you in person. Can’t promise you any decent ale, though! They simply don’t “do” proper beer here! 😉

          • I’m sure that I could smuggle a bottle of Macallan 12 year old malt through Empire 2 Customs, guys.
            I recall in a job interview admitting that one of my weaknesses was a decent bottle of claret.
            I’m sure that we can rustle up a crate or two of Bordeaux over there.
            It’s ooh soo tempting.

          • You can get a doss here too, Jack. And there’s an unopened bottle of Aberlour in the cupboard. I’d also be happy to chip in a fiver to see the Collatin Trilogy in print as pamphlets! (Heck, make it a tenner!) (and that’s from an Aberdonian,,,)
            No longer in Aberdeen, or Aberlour, but nestled in the Columbia Mts of BC, near halfway between Calgary and Vancouver.
            Independence in our time. I sincerely hope you are right with your 2019 prediction! I’ll be back in residence in time for the vote.

  18. Priceless, Paul! I so wish I had your facility with language, not to mention the brain that comes up with your wonderful analogies. The current Westminster government is surely the most devious, unprincipled and downright mendacious shower ever to have sat in The House … and that is saying something if you know anything at all about history! We MUST take this opportunity to leave the so-called ‘Union’ and navigate our own way in the world. Not to do so would be sheer madness.

  19. What I do not understand is that we have a government in London that is openly trying to damage our country and therefore all of our livelihoods and yet the compliant media says nothing and does not have a go at them. What a shower of losers and tossers.

    Yesterday some MP was still talking about tariff free borders with the EU. He totally ignored all the red lines the Brexiteers have openly stated they have in place regarding negotiations. He is a buffoon that believes his own lies.

    COME ON the media, earn you pay, dig in a report it as it really is. Not just with Brexit but Indy also. Be professional.

    • Andy your plea for the media to be professional will fall on deaf ears. They are well past redemption. When you have a media like ours that is when you know that you live in a FAUX democracy. That is why when negotiating the Vow (Devo Max) the ScotGov should have had a solid red line that Broadcasting etc was devolved. A major mistake.

  20. Well…
    It is surprising that anyone is surprised to learn the UK would be worse off after Brexit whatever the version of Brexit. There is absolutely no chance of the EU (the UK’s biggest trading partner) giving the UK outside the EU better trading terms than the UK has inside the EU. There is no chance of other, non-EU, countries giving the UK outside the EU better trading terms than the trading terms those countries have with the EU. So, potentially, whatever the outcome (and that would include cancelling Brexit) we are going to suffer – unless we, the people of Scotland, manage to launch the lifeboat called indyref2 in time.

    What is surprising, but probably oughtn’t be, is the unionist politician’s unwillingness to acknowledge and rectify their amazing levels ignorance of Brexit issues resorting, instead, to meaningless slogans and soundbites which the dead-tree-scrolls, where most so-called journalists revel in similar levels of ignorance, repeat unquestioningly. Yes, it is complicated, but the information is available on the Internet. Have a look at and, from the menu bar at the top, select ‘Impact Assessments’, or and search for ‘brexit’, or have a look at the ‘wee blEU book’.

    One of the (many) aspects of Brexit being ignored is the supremacy of international law over domestic law and that many EU directives, laws etc., are derived from international treaties and those Brexiteers who delude themselves that ‘with one bound we will be free’ will be disappointed to find they remain bound by the same treaties but from a different source – oh, the irony. Hence, for example, after Brexit the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) would still apply in some form because some sort of agreement would need to be negotiated, the alternative being some sort of Cod wars (and you can guess how well that would (not) go for the UK) ultimately ending up in an international court of arbitration which would probably not find in the UK’s favour.

    So, instead of the meeja doing any serious analysis of Brexit, resorting to ‘look squirrel – the trains are late’ instead, bloggers on the Internet are doing their work form them and, coincidentally, hastening their demise – they won’t be missed.

    Meanwhile… excellent rant(s) from Jack – thank you.

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  22. England’s dealings with the EU reminds me of that old yarn of the American warship Captain and his interaction with a Canadian official the conversation goes like this

    This is the Aircraft carrier USS Lincoln – suggest you steer 15 degrees east to avoid collision

    The captain hears on his tanoy sorry i suggest you steer 15 degrees west to avoid a collision

    The irate captain replies this is the most powerful warship in the world you move or i will be forced to take sever countermeasures to protect this ship

    Canadian Official ok carry on This Is the Cape Scott Lighthouse ,

    YOUR MOVE buddy

    more of a tall tail probably , but no more ridiculous than this full english brexit

  23. Some great comments, Jack, thanks and for your amazing posts on this extremely crucial matter for Scotland.

    Robert Graham, 7pm,
    I think that actually did happen, There was possibly a recording of it, if I remember rightly, a couple of years ago.

  24. What we have is UKgov who decided it would rather look incompetent and say it had done no studies at all, rather than admit that it had done them, with the final result declaring that Brexit was an act of insanity. In opposition to them is the Labour party. A party that clearly is salivating at the prospect of the Tories driving the UK over a cliff, because they think they will “win” the rubble by default. A form of leftwing shock doctrine. Reintroduce old school socialism during a catastrophic collapse of the UK economy and all the resultant pain and misery.

    The Tories are desperately trying to convince the EU too let it keep the single market but not pay for it. It wants to have a say in Europe’s future but doesn’t want to pitch in and help. It wants to keep its MEPs and their votes but expects the Eu27 to pay their wages. In short it wants to stay in Europe and pretend that its left. And it expects the EU to be fine with that and pay the UKs way in life.

    Labour wants to crash out. Then, when they are safely ensconced in the rubble. Try to renegotiate their way back in, but with the precondition that the EU must reform as the price of having corbyn; the King of Rubble, consent to joining.

    May though she was playing snap, when she asked Merkel to make her an offer. Merkel who was playing texas hold’em, simply said “your leaving. I don’t have to offer you anything.”
    So no Brexit fans. The German car industry is not coming to save you. Nor are the banks. You cant make any FTAs at the moment, because you are still in the EU. America won’t sell you canned chicken until it sees what kind of deal or lack thereof.

    The UK is not just leaving a single market of 27 nations. Its also crashing out of all those FTAs the EU negotiated with nearly every country on the planet.

    What really scares me, is that the issues are not unseen, so much as they are simply not comprehended. These halfwits and yes include Corbyn in this, either think that its not their problem to fix or its not a problem at all.

    I think it safe to say, that labour in Scotland and Col Ruthless’ Obey your queen and Put Scotland Down Party will be of no fucking use to us. Also who gives a fuck what wee willie and his fanny party think.

    Scotland is being dragged over a brexit cliff by disaster capitalists and disaster socialists.

    But hey, Blue Passports.

    What a bunch of fannies.

    • To paraphrase PG Wodehouse, David, Theresa May looks like a turnip struggling for self expression.
      Ruth Davidson and her Listory Boys really do not operate at any meaningful level in society, never mind Government.
      Leonard is a glorified old style barnstorming ‘everybody out’ shop steward who only got the job because he was no good at his trade, and Willie Rennie is the love child of Ma Broon.
      He is a cartoon.
      None of them have a clue what to do about Brexit.
      I doubt that they even understand what’s really happening.
      Corbyn is a dangerous old Militant who still thinks that there is a USSR and that he is duty bound to bring down the UK Government for Mother Russia.
      Madness stalks the green lanes of Old England.
      They are not going to take us with them into the Wilderness.
      We are better than that.

  25. eh i notice Wullie saved the ferries , where would we be without the Lib dems ? .

    The residents of a village somewhere in scotland are out looking for their pet idiot , here wullie here wullie

  26. as an exasperated Mike Russell said time for talking about talking has become waste of time a farcical exercise in total futility .
    there is no point in communicating with westminster just do it and i suppose they will eventually get the message , if we want to be a free country start acting like one .

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