No time for talking about talking

Theresa May’s government has a perfectly logical and rational response to critics who have pointed out that her own government’s impact assessment of the economic effects of Brexit, which was recently leaked, have shown that there’s no scenario under which Brexit is beneficial. That logical and rational response has been to point out in return that the impact assessment only deals with scenarios which might occur in the real world, and that it doesn’t take into account the British government’s preferred scenario, a bespoke deal which only exists in the imaginations of people who write editorials for the Daily Mail.

Under this scenario, the EU is going to grant the UK free and unfettered access to the Single Market and allow Britain to do as it jolly well pleases. British citizens will still have the free right of movement and settlement in Europe but EU citizens will only be allowed here if they register with the Home Office and are accompanied everywhere by an offical ringing a bell and shouting “Unclean!” Britain won’t have to comply with any EU rules or regulations, and countries all over the globe will fall over themselves to give Britain highly favourable trade deals because they are all jealous that they don’t have politicians like Jacob Rees Mogg. There will also be free sparkly unicorns, and the British economy will be underwritten by the bottomless pot of gold that will be found at the end of the rainbow on an invisible Irish border. Meanwhile no British holidaymaker will ever find that their sunbed has been reserved by a German because we won the war. So it’s totally realistic and a hard headed assessment of the UK’s true potential outside the EU. The only surprising thing is that the British government didn’t include it in the super secret impact assessment that it might or might not have done.

The failure of the British government to include their favourite scenario in their impact assessment may, or may not, be related to the fact that the EU has been saying since day one of the negotiations that the special deal that the UK says that it wants is not an option. The special deal is a convenient fiction which exists purely in order to stop the Conservative party tearing itself apart. It is as fictional as Theresa May’s strong and stable government. Not even Theresa has the foggiest idea of what this supposedly special deal might consist of. She does plan to talk to the EU about talking about it though. So that’s OK.

Recent reports in the German press claim that when Angela Merkel met Theresa May at the summit of EU leaders in December, she repeatedly asked her to detail the deal that the UK wanted from the EU. Yet all Theresa would say in reply was, “Make me an offer.” Merkel pointed out that it’s the UK which has chosen to leave the EU, the EU doesn’t need to make any offer. The UK demanding that the EU make it an offer is a bit like someone who has announced that they’re going to leave a party because they don’t like the food, the choice of music, and frankly find some of the company a bit unpleasant, demanding that the host make arrangements for them to leave. All the host has to do is to point them in the direction of the door. Theresa May seems to think that she possesses sufficient bargaining power to demand that the host pays for a taxi, and will still let her drop in whenever she pleases for free snacks and drinks.

The Scottish government is threatening to publish the report if it receives a copy. As it should. If the British government’s own studies show that British government policy is going to damage the country, we have a right to know about it. It’s our jobs and livelihoods that are on the line. The leaking of the Government report which shows that there’s no such thing as a good Brexit, and that Theresa May’s government is fueled by fantasies and wishful thinking, has opened up the rifts within the Conservative party. The Brexiteers are becoming ever less tolerant of those who don’t share their delusional beliefs and wish to destroy anyone who threatens to block the path to the One True Brexit. And these, by the way, are the people who accuse Scottish independence supporters of being cult-like.

Despite the threats to Theresa May’s leadership, the one thing that unites the Conservative party is a determination to avoid another General Election. The chances are that the fractured and fractious party would lose even more seats to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party in England and Wales, while in Scotland a recent opinion poll shows that the Tories are at risk of losing five of their newly won seats to a resurgent SNP, which would also pick up several seats from Labour.

The Tories have shown themselves to be as effective at speaking up for Scotland’s interests in Westminster as a company whose employees are all supposedly self-employed on zero hour contracts is at defending worker’s rights. They’re now paying the price in opinion polls. The Scottish Tories are the definitive toom tabards. Without their “we don’t want another indyref” mantra, they have nothing. Despite a media whose idea of a hard hitting interview with Ruth Davidson is to photograph her posing with a barnyard animal, the Scottish public have not been fooled. Ruth is aw mooth and nae troosers. Her job is to ensure that Scotland is compliant with whatever her bosses in Westminster want.

One of the things that those bosses want is to overturn the devolution settlement. The Scottish parliament is facing an unprecedented danger. The Tories are using Brexit to rip up the principles of devolution and grab power, not for Westminster, but for cabinet ministers who won’t even be held to account by Westminster MPs. All the while they demand that Scotland respects the results of the 2014 referendum, they are pissing all over the promise they made in that vote to increase and strengthen the powers of Holyrood and to entrench the permanence of the Scottish parliament. They are traducing and undermining the result of the 1997 referendum when Scotland voted by a large majority for the devolution settlement that the Tories are now destroying.

The Conservatives met with representatives of the Scottish government today in Edinburgh. There was no deal on the power grabbing clause in the EU Withdrawal Bill. When asked about it, all that David Liddington would do was to prattle on about how much Scotland exports to England. He’s going to talk about talking to Scotland about how to make sure that the bill can be made to meet the objections of the Scottish government. However his government deliberately delayed introducing changes to Clause 11 of the bill in order to kick it up to the House of Lords where the SNP has no representation. The UK government has not got the slightest interests in listening to Scotland, in doing what Scotland wants, or taking Scotland’s views into account. The clock is ticking. As Mike Russell pointed out, there is no longer any time for talking about talking.

The Union is dying, and it’s the Tories who are killing it. With every refusal to concede to Scotland’s legitimate demands, with every slight, with every deaf ear that they turn to Scotland’s voice, another independence referendum becomes more likely, and it become more likely that the UK is in its final days. Independence is Scotland’s rational and logical response to Brexit.

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0 thoughts on “No time for talking about talking

  1. AIUI the options that the UK gets to choose from at this point are basically :-
    1 Remaining a member of the EU.
    2 The Norway/Switzerland option.
    3 Something like the Canadian or Japanese trade deals.
    4 The no deal WTO option.

    Now obviously option 1 isn’t on the table for this government (and if I was going to be fair, it would be hard to square that with the referendum result and the fact that they’ve already done an Article 50!), and whilst option 2 aught to be given serious consideration they can’t for internal-to-the-Tories reasons go there. Jeremy Corbyn wouldn’t be in favour of it either, partially because it would still come with lots of those EU rules relating to state subsidies and nationalisation without compensation and partially because the ess-enn-pee seem to be in favour of it.

    So that leaves us with 3 or 4. Various parts of the Tory party are sure we can somehow simply get a “Canada Plus” deal however as I believe the Canada deal has a clause that if the EU negotiates a better deal than the Canada deal then Canada automatically gets that deal instead? (And the Japanese deal has a similar clause.) Since I doubt the EU wants to go there, that would mean negotiating a deal that was “Canada Plus” in some areas and “Canada Minus” in others so as to produce a deal that was better for the UK but worse for Canada than the existing Canada deal. Only of course there’s no real time available to achieve this, and the UK doesn’t exactly have a lot of friends & allies in the EIU at this point.

    So it’s either Canada/Japan or WTO at this point? With a small chance of a “WTO Plus” deal which is better than WTO but worse than the Canada/Japan option I suppose?

    Of course this is all goods news for Theresa May – no-one else in the Tory party is going to want to the PM that has to pick up this poisoned chalice, so she gets to keep the keys to No.10 until the worst of the pain is over. At which point they can hope to replace her and get the credit for “rescuing” things – though if the next general election is close by that point they may prefer to have her lose said election and then replace her?

  2. ‘Meanwhile no British holidaymaker will ever find that their sunbed has been reserved by a German because we won the war.’

    You can pay for them in advance on holiday now before you leave the country. Hurrah for good old Brexit!

    Dunno why you keep using unicorns as a symbol of fantasy stupidity. Who, er, made that nonexistent creature Scotland’s national animal…and why? Can we have a vote to get rid of it? It’s embarrassing.

  3. Very well said, Paul.
    The Conservative government in the UK is so far beyond the pale, as to be out of sight. Gone.
    (Though to even speak of a “United Kingdom” is ludicrous now.)
    The “United Kingdom” is done.
    I cannot believe that Scotland can take this anymore.
    We can either lie down and die, or stand up and live.
    Time will tell, but I know which way I’m voting in the next independence referendum.

  4. Absolutely spot on as ever Paul. I’m sick to the back teeth hearing about the Tory ‘special deal’ with the EU. What part of ‘no’ do they not understand? Let’s face it, the EU have been telling them no from pretty much day one, but these incompetent idiots just don’t seem to get it! AAAAAAAAARGH!!!

    • Many expletives come to mind, but I will leave you to stew in your own pathetic juices. However, I do think Holyrood is too timid in these end-times dealings. They need to go straight for the Holyrood jugular 24/7.

    • With Henry VII powers, the Government can send Michael Russell to The TOWER, perhaps he could even be hanged, drawn and quartered, and pieces sent to be displayed in Glasgow, Edinburgh , Aberdeen and, Dundee and, perhaps also, Stirling, Perth, Inverness, Ayr and Dumfries, if you use the accountancy methods employed by the Office for Budget Responsibility – they are within the ‘margin of error’.

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  6. And so it begins.

    You have summed it all up perfectly, Paul.

    We need only keep our cool, and watch while the Brexit Bunglefuck implodes.

    I’ve come over all allegorical, the only way that I can keep my cool.

    I think that I was about 8 or 9 years old when I first developed my life-long passion for the written word.

    6 decades later Chez Nous is stuffed with books horded over the years. I love books, so there.
    (He is obsessed. Mrs C.)

    I still harbour a rapidly fading ambition to write The Great Scottish Novel.

    When we were young my parents were great readers.

    Unlike Philip Larkin, my mum and dad did not feck me up.

    Far from it.

    In the mid ’fifties there was no cable TV.

    Bruce Springstein’s ‘57 Channels and Nothing On’ was an ennuie’s nightmare 50 years into the future.
    There was the radio, and a good book out of the library to keep our parents amused.

    As a young lad I genuinely believed that you had to have two first names to become an author.

    Tragically I only had one first name, so I was doomed.

    My parents devoured books by authors who all seemed to have two forenames.
    A J Cronin (of course, a Cardross boy.)
    G K Chesterton
    H G Wells (Science teacher’s Periodic Table Joke: source of Mercury? Hg wells. But it worked.)
    J B Priestley
    P G Wodehouse
    Arthur Conan Doyle

    They both had had the most basic education, they married in 1940, when my father was home on leave. My mum was 19, my dad, a coppersmith, 21.

    I can see them now sitting in the comfy armchairs in front of a roaring coal fire on a winter’s night as we children trotted off to bed, each engrossed in a book and each other’s company.

    I am sure that my dad’s world view was influenced by the analytical skills of Sherlock Holmes and Father Brown, his phlegmatic opinion of bunkum, by Jeeves’ take on the human condition, and his political outlook, such as it was, from Cronin’s ‘The Citadel’.

    I defy any youngster not to be fascinated by titles like:- ‘The Red Headed League’, and ‘The Club of Queer Trades’, even in today’s digital world.

    My dad invariably sensed when we were being sold a pig in a poke.

    The origin of ‘pig in a poke’?

    In the Middle Ages con men would sell slaughtered cats and dogs as pig meat in a bag or ‘poke’.

    ‘Being sold a pup’, and ‘letting the cat out of the bag’ derive from the same medieval con game.

    My pop chuckled at the thought of the public buying a bar of chocolate ‘aerated’ with bubbles of air for the same price as a solid chunky bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk.
    The thought of gullible punters paying for fresh air tickled him pink.

    Similarly ‘Nothing acts faster than Anadin’ was seen as the nonsense it clearly was. If you take ‘nothing’ for your headache, it will act faster than Anadin, according to the company producing Anadin?

    ‘Kills 99% of all household germs’, was another non-guarantee of hygiene safety that got to him.

    He passed away over three decades ago, but as you can see, he, and my sainted mum, are still in my thoughts to this day.

    I know for certainty what he would have thought of Brexit.

    We are being sold a pup. Butchered dog sold as prime pork.

    Buzzfeed’s expose of the Cabinet’s own negative Impact Analyses has let the cat out of the bag.

    We are being sold a chocolate coated confection of air bubbles and are expected to pay through the nose for it.

    Nothing acts faster than David Davis’ EU Exit Negotiating Team.
    So he is doing nothing.

    We have had nothing but political inertia since June 2016.

    The boneheaded obduracy and inactivity of May and her Darling Duds will precipitate the No Deal that the Right Wing Tory zealots want.
    The House of Lords will kill 99% of germs festering in Clause 11 of the Withdrawal Bill.
    It’s the 1% that they miss that will kill Scotland.
    Mike Russell had had enough by today’s meeting with Liddington today.

    As Watson said to Holmes in ‘A Scandal in Bohemia’:-
    “”When I hear you give your reasons, the thing always appears to me to be so ridiculously simple that I could easily do it myself, though at each successive instance of your reasoning I am baffled until you explain your process. And yet I believe that my eyes are as good as yours” .

    The good doctor could have been talking about my dear old dad, or Paul, or Sam, or Derek, or Stu.
    Now that stroll down memory lane helped calm me down.
    Please forgive my indulgence.

    • Forgiven, it’s probably something about this time of year that brings on nostalgia. Mind you, it’s not what it used to be.
      BTW thanks for the Hg Wells joke, despite three science A-levels I’d never encountered it before.
      High time maybe for someone to show the dog the rabbit? 😉

    • Another damn fine article Paul that gets right to the heart of things.

      And talking of “getting to the heart of things”, I loved your recollections of your Pa and Ma, Jack. I have similar happy memories of mine. Bless them all, for they gave us an awful lot.

      Let’s hope we can also give our kids something worthwhile. And we all know exactly what that should be…

  7. I don’t know what this Tory government is up to, but whatever it is, it’s not going to be good. They may be incompetent, they may be divided but rest assured there is plan. Their paymasters will have a plan. There is no way on this earth that these disgusting people will allow another independence referendum. They will shut down our parliament, you can already hear the worm tongue media whispers of Scottish Government costs, and how long before Anus Sarwar aims his anti-racism project squarely at the SNP?

    This isn’t going to end well.

      • I hope you’re right Jack, but I rather fear there will be no democracy where the outcome is not as they desire. We came within a baw hair of winning the last referendum; I don’t think they’ll give us that opportunity again.

        • Also don’t underestimate the effectiveness of them playing the “Racist-SNP Card”. There’s a large tranch of blinkered BritNats in Engerland who project all their own unconscious racism and feelings of national superiority on to the Scots. (Just had a cartload of it thrown at me elsewhere online, and TBH I was shocked by its strength and the obvious conviction behind it).

        • Stoops, England is not in the position to ‘give’ Scotland anything.
          Hence my therapy of strolling down memory lane. What would my dad have done in this situation?
          There have been con men snake oil salesmen and carpetbaggers throughout the 300 year history of this Union, which, remember, is a political construct; unless of course you believe that we are a subjugated country forcibly occupied by a foreign power?
          It is beginning to feel like that, for sure.
          But we are not.
          I sometimes use the ‘colony’ analogy as hyperbole on here.
          Let them try and thwart the will of Caledonia.

          • Unfortunately they are in a position to give (or not give). Where was the will of Caledonia when they reneged on The Vow? Or when 62% of Scotland voted remain? Remember “Now is not the time”? What did we do about that?

            In the eyes of these people Scotland voted away its right to a say in 2014, they’re not going to give it and I don’t think we’re going to take it.

            As I said, I hope I’m wrong.

          • You are wrong, Stoops.
            I just caught the tail end of Sally Magnusson’s Late Bulletin,

            Mike Russell and John Swinney meeting Mundo the Mindless and his English Puppet Master.
            Russell confirmed what we all knew. We can’t go on having meetings about meetings.
            18 months of nothing from May’s Government.
            The sight of Mundell in the background watching on as the English Minister tries to tell us what’s good for us via Magnusson’s wee propaganda piece says it all.

            Mundell is a lap dog.

            We are being sold a pup. What’s in it for Scotland after Brexit is a candy coated box of air bubbles.

            Of course BBC Distorting Scotland gave more air time to the lie that Scotland exports 4 times as much to England as it does the to the EU.

            Soon, there needs to be a piece of work done to expose this ‘4 times as much’ lie.

            Perhaps BBC Scotland with its 700 strong news and current affairs team could be commissioned to do the research? Aye, that’ll be shinin’ bright.

            Even if it were true, which it certainly is not, EngWaland would be negotiating a Trade Deal with the ‘EU28’, with Scotland’s interests iafter joining the EU as the successor state part of the EU end of Brexit talks..

            Stoops, Scotland is an ‘independent’ nation, in a political Union with three other nations, for the meantime, that’s all.

  8. Still waiting on both the Conservative government’s and the media’s apology to both First Minister and Scotgov. Not only was Scotgov’s impact assessment freely and TRANSPARENTLY open to public perusal, but it was spookily mirrored by UK gov’s own leaked version.

    I suspect holding your breath won’t be an option.

    Prediction: Phase two will mirror phase one talks in which the EU (quite rightly) stuck to their guns and UK gov were compelled to concede on every relevant point.

    The EU need offer precisely NOTHING. They aren’t the bad guy in this instance. They didn’t initiate this epic galactofeck. They are the existing club (with rules) which the UK is leaving of its own volition. No one forced the UK to do this. There was no Jackboot on anyones neck and no transgressions against anyone’s sovereignty that wasn’t freely agreed to. The UK had one of the best deals of any member state. That’s gone and won’t be coming back. Even if, under whatever circumstance, Brexit is miraculously avoided at the last gasp (and that’s quite an if), the UK WILL have lost it’s opt outs and privileges of forty years.

    It will be regarded as no different from any other member state. This alone would still have serious financial ramifications for various sectors of our economy. That’s the bottom line best case scenario for the UK.

    For an independent Scotland that didn’t choose Brexit, there’s perhaps another story entirely waiting in the wings:

    On the back of the survation poll released recently where % EU remain had increased to 66%. That’s a little something to think about.

    We can do this, but only if you want it and only if you help.

    • “UK WILL have lost it’s opt outs and privileges of forty years.”
      And a good thing too IMHO, I’m sick of this “one foot in, one foot out” British pussyfooting around. In or Out and no special deals.

    • My understanding of treaty law is that treaties remain binding, mutatis mutandis, on successor States. The devil is in the details, of course…

      In a nutshell, you can´t get out of international treaties that easily – and you shouldn´t want or need to unless your agreement is excessively onerous. Proper treaties all include provisions on ending them, by the way – one of the reasons we had article 50 at all, I suppose.

      You shouldn´t want to because – just as a for example – if your country were to denounce (technical term) all its international agreements, you would not be able to send a postcard to your auntie in New Zealand to tell her about it because the international post is regulated by the Universal Postal Union in Bern, the international flights to get your postcard there are regulated by bilateral and multilateral treaties, IATA and so on and so forth. You wouldn´t be able to call her up to tell her either, for the same reasons, unless various telecoms carriers were inclined to allow your country to have free phone calls and data links… ITU does telecoms. Don´t bother trying to go there in person by rail and sea either, because the same sort of thing applies.

      Just to make it clear: becoming independent would not mean that all the UK´s international agreements would cease to apply to us, so there is no reason to suppose that the ones involving EU membership would either. The basic principle is simply that international agreements apply unless the specific conditions for ending them are met and the procedures for ending them are followed.

      That principle is one we must thoroughly belabour, to the point of ignoring all attempts to challenge it – when dealing with a party which is behaving in an unreasonable manner, an unreasonable response can be the rational one! Bang on, bang on, bang on, say constantly in public and in private that Scotland has at no point decided to quit the EU, Scotland voted to stay in the EU, Scotland is therefore the successor State to the UK´s EU membership, the principle is clear, the details can be negotiated.

      As an aside, later votes supersede earlier ones, if they did not we would never be able to throw out any sitting MP, never change our government, so the 2016 result trumps 2014´s because it must.

      Bang on about the simple principles ad infinitum, ad nauseam, and for light relief, break out into occasional choruses of ¨We shall not, shall not be removed!¨

      • Edd, just caught up with your excellent post.
        I refuse to leave the European Union, and there is nothing that the bumbling fool Mundell can do to change that.
        these numb nuts actually believe that they can force several million Scots into submission because Englsih folk, by a narrow majority voted to leave.
        It will get nasty. There will be Indyref 2, and we shall triumph.
        Of that I have no doubt.
        And they can stick their blue English passport.
        The UK is dead and buried.
        If anyone wants to follow England and Wales into the US Wilderness as the 51st State, move back to the motherland.
        We shall not be moved.

    • Also the voting intentions of the 16 to 24 age group has gone from 57% to 64% in favour of Indy. My age group, the oldies, has gone up 3% to 36%

    • This would be wonderful if it’s true. I don’t trust John Curtis after all he has just been made a SIR. Make sure of your facts Nicola before going down that road.

    • The uk is finished that’s a certified fact because they never recovered from the thacther Era and have a debt of 2 trillion which still rises as we speak they won’t be getting what they want for London and seeing as everything in the uk depending on London thanks to the English in westminster it’s finished question is do we let ourselves get pulled down with them or not because without independence we will be dragged down with england when its economy dies.

  9. Since Hogwarts is sited somewhere near Mallaig, it follows that Scotland has an endless supply of unicorns, possibly breeding freely in Knoydart and surviving on a diet of counter-clockwise Luinne Bheinn haggises (or should that be haggi?) which they deftly spear during moonlit hunts. This is why the unionists are absolutely frantic over Scotland becoming an independent nation – though the oil helps. And the whisky. And the land area, sea area, fresh water, timber, fish, sheep, beef, rain and wind. No shortage of wind today, and waves.

    Talking of waving, or drowning perhaps, how did the Maybot manage to pass through airport security without setting off the alarms?

    The Maybot’s latest utterance, that EU citizens would lose their right to settle in the UK after March 2019, during the transition period during which the UK continues to obey all the EU rules, including the freedom of movement, went down well in the EU where the response was, more or less, two words, one of which was ‘off’.

    So, continue to sit tight, watching and waiting for the UK government to implode, or explode, when they get hit by the reality of Schrodinger’s Irish border, or the failure of mutual recognition of driving licences, or planes getting grounded because the air operator certificates issued by the UK will no longer be valid, or the meat export business dries up because the UK is not on a list of approved third countries, and so on. The end will probably be messy and confusing. There may be a run on unicorns. Keep an eye on the davits for when the Indyref2 lifeboat is launched.

  10. Funny thing. Heard a news report on Radio 1 about the potential benefits of Brexit for ‘the country.’ They then interviewed a couple of SCOTTISH fishermen. Funny that, eh? The Westminster scum stole thousands of square miles of Scotland’s fishing waters, just giving them to themselves cos they felt like it, like the venereal parasites they are. And now Scotland is part of ‘the country.’ i.e. England. Subtle and disgusting. FUCK RIGHT OFF.

  11. All the benefits of Scotland ably noted by bedelsten is missing the top class parking space for nuclear subs and their horrendous cargo.

    Good old Scotland…our children’s lives are cheaper and more expendable every day those things sit in their mangy silos.

    Lose their seat at NATO because of those peasant SCOTS ?

    It’s going to be very interesting folks

  12. We constantly need to highlight just what a disaster the UK and the union has become.
    Along with the strap line “We can do better than this”.

  13. My fear, inherent in your Blog, is that, as we are seeing in post after post and loads of articles, the “UK Gov in Scotland” (ex Scottish Office, has the word Scottish in it so must be weak!) is almost ready to take control of “Direct Rule” from Westminster. Or from the Conningselfservatives themselves!

  14. I’ve just caught up with FMQ.
    Nicola Sturgeon used the giggling Ruth Davidson as the mop head, that stultifyingly incompetent Dick, ‘The Scarf’ Leonard as the handle, and the increasingly bewildered Willie Rennie as the bucket, and proceeded to wipe the floor with them.
    Jenny Mara’s body language when Leonard was on his feet blubbering away incoherently from his written-off-the-cuff mock outrage polemic says it all.
    She can be seen clasping her hands in silent prayer hoping that it will all be over soon,that he shuts up soon and stops sounding like a 1970’s pamphleteer.
    Eventually she actually put her finger to her lips in a classic non verbal plea for him to shut the fuck up.
    If looks could kill.
    AS NS observes, just when we thought that the Branch Office could not come up with an even more feckless ‘leader’, up pops the Shop Steward.
    BTW What does Jackson Carlaw find so belly achingly funny about it all?
    His boss was a riot right enough.

  15. Mike Russell has really set the cat among the pigeons with his statements yesterday. 🙂

    Decent piece from indyref2 and PH t’boot, though their warning amounts to ‘I’d be awfully upset’, ‘not in the public interest’ etc. Personally, I can’t think of anything that is more in the public interest than an impact assessment which affects the personal finances of every soul in the populations of the UK. In fact it really doesn’t get more personal than the financial and practical well-being of you, your family, your friends, your community etc.

    Some pain people will put up with because the overall benefits outweigh the costs involved. What happens when there is no benefit, only the pain bit? And not a little pain, but years of financial hardship with restrictions and even reversals of your personal freedoms, choices, your democracy?

    You can see why such an assessment may be tagged as eyes only for government consumption. If people became aware throughout the UK just what an epic economic galactof**k Brexit was and more importantly who and what drove it, they’d be more than a little upset. Make them aware that on top of the financial hardship they face, there’s going to be a roll back of personal and civil rights, political settlements with devolved legislatures and you’re looking at real civil unrest which threatens the state and the system it supports.

    Yeah, you can see why Mr Davis would be a tad…unsettled.

    • “… and more importantly who and what drove it”
      But surely it was ‘The People’ what drove it, in England and Wales at least. So long as Scotland and Ireland somehow get a different outcome which they rightly deserve, then as for the rest, surely it’s simply as case of, “You asked for it, you’ve got it!” As they say, “Be careful what you wish for”.

  16. We all know that a real constitutional crisis could be here soon due to Brexit, caused by an apparent inability of WM to plan and consult. Possibly deliberately.

    If this does happen it will be interesting to see if any of the unionist MSP’s have the balls to support us, their constituents, in defying WM.

    Should it happen then SG should, in my opinion, withdraw their MP’s from London and start a six month countdown to independence. Then start a legal action to nullify the 1707 betrayal.

  17. How many times does it require to be slapped in the kisser before a light goes finally goes on .

    If anyone from our government is reading any INDY blog sites they will i hope notice the natives aint f/n happy , distinct grumbling is prevalent on every site

    In short we are bloody fed up pandering to this deaf blind tory government , start doing the opposite of what they expect , dont continue to be nice and pleasant to these bunch of liars

  18. There is only two deals on the table. Norwegian style lite or the full Norwegian. If none of these is acceptable, the UK can crash out and try to negotiate as the third country for some FTA that gives it some access to Europe. The problem is the UK really wants to stay but have the EU27 pay for it. A deal that it can never have. Ever. The Canadian deal is not an option. It never was. Even Canada has said its not an option.

    Meanwhile the A50 clock is ticking. On its due date the UK will be out. Deal or no deal. Transition or no transition. At this stage there is no point in calling 2nd referendum as you are running out of time to hold one. Besides you would need to get the tories and labour to support it. Fat chance there. The revoking of A50 or its extension would buy the UK some time. The UKgov won’t do that of course. To seek revocation/extension of A50, would smack of defeat. An admission of a mistake. The UK would rather lose this fight than admit to the mistake.

    They could ask for an transition period before being removed. But that means staying in the EU and abiding by its rules. Paying its full dues (no rebate) and no say as to how the EU conducts its affairs. Having defined brexit as an existential crisis of National identity, the tory nabobs will never stand for that. Nor would the Corbynistas.

    This collection of twats that call themselves a government are now picking a fight with the civil service. The very mechanisms of government in the UK are breaking down and becoming dysfunctional. And today, the Chinese premier complemented the UK on “side stepping” human rights. Labour? sitting on the sidelines, shouting “For the many, not a few” as if it were a magic charm that ward of evil. No. its a catchy slogan but its a ball-less and spineless little chant of no real substance when it comes to actual policy or a sense of direction.

    • David, ‘the many’ to whom the Red Tories refer are the hundreds of ex New Labour politicians who are filthy rich Lords and Ladies now, or TV pundits living off fat index linked MP and Ministerial pensions, or working for the Man in the Nuclear industry, Merchant Banks, or Right Wing Fascist newspapers as born again journalists or ‘columnists’, or get a wee gig as ‘visiting professors’ at one of our Anglo Nationalist Universities.
      The Anglo Nationalists have a stranglehold on all our major Institutions and Organisations, even today.
      They were appointed to head the major bodies under the old regime, when the Red Tories weighed the votes, and the Blue Tories still held sway, not at the ballot box, but through the secret Establishment clubs and professional bodies. Think works golf outings and Pringle sweaters.
      Not one Scottish University is run by a native Scot.
      They will take some shifting in Independent Scotland.
      It will take a flame thrower to weed out this evil cadre of carpetbaggers and chancers. It’s springtime. Time for some major weeding. Off with the old, on with the new.
      I fully expect Henry McLeish to get a nice little earner heading an SFA Review Team following the ‘was he pushed, did he jump’, departure of Regan.
      Gordon Smith will be back blaming the Catholic Schools.
      It’s what old Labour politicians do. They peddle their tawdry wares around the Anglo Nationalist Organisations in Scotland, touting for nice little earners heading Think Tanks, Reform Committees, and Charity Groups, like two bob hoors on the Broomielaw on a Saturday night.

      The ‘few’ are those with ability, who support Scottish Self Determination, who have been excluded by stealth or brutal culling from the Scottish Establishment, the Dead Tree Scrolls, and our broadcasters, especially BBC PQ.
      The Red Tories are definitely for the many, and not the few.
      Just ask Lord McConnell, Darling, Reid, Robertson.
      When’s Mags Curran’s next appearance on Janice Forsyth’s BBC Shortbread Arts review?
      I sense their panic.
      Now’s the day, and now’s the hour.

      • Surely you mean the Red Tories are for the few, not the many, Jack?
        They keep reminding me of the old song (Tune, The Red Flag): “The working class can kiss my arse, I’ve got the foreman’s job at last”.

      • You are correct, Jack. Now is the day, and now is the hour.
        By the way, I am the head honcho of a think tank in Canada. It is called the Scottish School of Whatever. Our recommendation is that Scotland needs to wake the fuck up and become an independent nation, (That’s the short version).
        We also do recipes for lentil soup. It’s a small scale operation, but we manage.
        World peace would be a good thing, we think.

    • Due to the Brexiteers red lines a Noŕweigen deal cannot happen. They can have a Canada deal or a Japanese deal. That’s it. A chart from M Barnier highlighted this in December.

      Three days ago one of the buffoons was saying they would get a no tariff deal. Cloud cuckoo land.

  19. @ Jack Collatin: An elderly man planted a fruit tree, neighbours whispered what’s the point of that at his age? The old man is enjoying the fruit from his tree. Maybe time to write that book Jack.

    Scoops you said it, I thought it – Sarwar and his Islamophobia ploy. Sympathy for poor Anas , and Leonard is hopeless, and he is useless at lying, not a problem for Anas. So seize the moment, play the race card,time for a change. Again.

    What a set of glum Slab faces at FMQs. They know it, we can see it.

    Michael Russell totally nailed it today. Plain unvarnished democracy.

  20. So let’s get this straight. Theresa won’t tell us all the details of this sooper seekrit plan she’s got. The same Theresa whose party and government were demanding that thatalicsammin give an account of what the weather conditions, price of a Greggs sausage roll and exchange rate with Equatorial Guinea was going to be on the 34th Wednesday after independence?


  21. I come to this site regularly for information, humour and re-assurance. I don’t think I’ve ever been as worried for my family and my country since when I was a wean and we got the “Protect and Survive” leaflet through the door. Thanks to you all for your positivity and reasoned assurances that we will make it throught this hell. I don;t think I could stand another disappointment like 2014.

    • XVIII. ‘That the Laws concerning Regulation of Trade, Customs, and such Excises, to which Scotland is, by virtue of this Treaty, to be liable, be the same in Scotland, from and after the
      Union, as in England; and that all other laws in use, within the Kingdom of Scotland, do,
      after the Union, and notwithstanding thereof, remain in the same Force as before, (except
      such as are contrary to, or inconsistent with this Treaty) but alterable by the Parliament of
      Great-Britain, with this Difference betwixt the Laws concerning public Right, Polity, and
      Civil Government, and those which concern private Right; that the Laws which concern
      public Right, Polity, and Civil Government, may be made the same throughout the whole
      united Kingdom; but that no Alteration be made in Laws which concern private Right,…. except
      for evident Utility of the Subjects within Scotland.’

      When the entire Country of Scotland (every voting constituency in Scotland) i.e. including a great many / majority of Conservatives, Labour, Liberal, Greens, SNP and Other across the Land votes to Remain in the EU – the above document (the Treaty of Union 1707, Article XVIII) advises that no alteration shall be to Laws concerning private Right… except for the ‘evident Utility of the Subjects within Scotland’ … a point, in his best efforts on our behalf, the Lord Advocate of Scotland recently put to the Supreme Court) …. it is hardly ‘in the best interests’ / evident Utility of the ‘Subjects within Scotland’ to have their democratic wishes ignored (or not even accommodated in any way) under the above legislation/Union…. is this a Treaty of ‘Union ?. or perhaps more realistically a Treaty of Convenience.that suits, in perpetuity, the party with the 10: 1 majority/representation.

      If the Conservatives are truly a Conservative & ‘Unionist’ Party they, also, need to stand up for Scotland (within The Union) .to protect .’the evident utility of the people of Scotland’
      .. a Union / Treaty document that cannot accommodate / or be applied to accommodate the democratic wishes of an entire Nation is, at least, not fit for the modern (democratic) era. and at worst, a document of enslavement/suppression, indeed by all accounts, upwards of around 47% of the population are to a greater or lesser degree ‘not entirely satisfied with it.’

      If Scotland is indeed ‘the most powerful devolved country in the world’ and an ‘equal/valued partner in this Union’ – why is it then (3+ years on) that when every constituency votes for something…….. it counts for nothing ?…(indeed it should not necessitate the intervention of the Lord Advocate to have to plea for Parliament to get a vote on matters of such importance)..

      the Treaty of Union, as it stands is unfit for purpose… and Independence.offers the only genuine prospect of Hope and escape.

      If roles were reversed and Scotland offered England such a document… would they sign?….would you?. assuming it gets as far as a vote in Parliament, these days, of course.


  22. I see that there was a large editorial in the Financial Times last week titled “The Tories are lying to the country and to themselves”.

    To bloody late a few of the better papers are starting to report nearly accurately.

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