The real lesson of WW2

It is an accurate assessment of British politics that if the answer is Theresa May, then you must be asking the wrong question. Unless that is the question is, “Who is the British politician least likely to give a straight answer to a straight question?” Or possibly, “Which British prime minister is most likely to have her Madame Tussaud’s waxwork figure melted down in ten years time because people ache to expunge her memory from their consciousness?” Or even, “Who’s the prime minister who promised an impression of Margaret Thatcher but actually delivered an impression of comedy matron in a Carry On movie, one of the ones from the 1970s when they’d stopped being funny and were just sleazy and embarrassing?” But other than that, Theresa May is invariably the wrong answer to the wrong question.

The Tory party is teetering on the edge of explosion, which under normal circumstances would be a good thing. The problem however is that they’re hell bent on taking the rest of us with them. The entire UK is being held to ransom by a small group of far right Conservative MPs for whom the hardest possible Brexit is an article of faith. Negotiating with them is not possible. Compromises with them are not possible. These are people who have never changed their minds since Margaret Thatcher became leader of the Conservative party and they dropped any pretence of the paternalistic One Nation Conservatism of the first half of the 20th century. They were wrong then, and they’re still wrong now. Theresa May is staking her job on placating them, and to hell with what’s good for everyone else.

This is the Conservative party which says that it damages the national interest to release the UK government study which demonstrates that any form of Brexit is bad for the national interest. The biggest threat to the national interests of the UK is the Conservative party. They don’t give a shit about what’s best for most people in Britain, and they care even less about what’s best for Scotland. They’re pursuing a Brexit that will benefit only the rich and the well connected.

The cultist Brexiteers of the Tory right are sure as hell not trying to take the UK out of the protections afforded to ordinary workers and citizens by the human rights and protective legislation of the EU in order to transform Britain into a paradise of civil liberties and employment rights. They’re not taking the UK out of the EU in order to strengthen protections against the exploitation of working people by global companies. They’re going to destroy what public services remain. They’re going to sell out what public assets are left. They’re going to offer lucrative contracts to their friends in big business. For Scotland, the Union for the few means inequality for the many. The Britain for the rich means impoverishment for the masses.

But it’s what the people voted for! They cry. The people didn’t vote to see their real income fall. They didn’t vote for their children to live in penury. They didn’t vote to lose their jobs. They voted on the basis of lies told to them by liar in chief Boris Johnson, a man who isn’t even capable of being honest about what his name is. His full name is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, and his friends and family call him Al. Boris is just a character that Al invented, a carefully constructed cartoon as a vehicle for his rampant ambition. So Al insists that Britain must be outside the customs union, outside the single market, and he insists that’s what people voted for. It isn’t. The people had a chance to vote for the hard Brexit of the Conservatives in June 2017, and they looked at it, they looked at Al’s alter ego Boris, they looked at Theresa May, and they stripped the Tories of their majority.

It’s not even that this government doesn’t know what it wants out of Brexit, what kind of Brexit that it would like to achieve. It would be bad enough if Theresa and her co-conspirators were simply clueless. But they do know exactly what sort of Brexit that they want, and they know that it doesn’t exist. They want a Brexit that allows Britain to leave the customs union, to leave the single market, to be free from all and any EU rules and regulations, but to still enjoy the exact same access to the EU for trade and services that Britain has just now. They want to restrict the right of EU citizens to settle, work and live in the UK, but for British citizens to have the exact same freedom of movement and settlement that they currently have. And they know that the EU will never consent to any of this. But facing up to that reality means that the Conservative party has to face up to the extremists in its own ranks. We’re being governed by cowards and liars.

Facing up to that reality means facing up to the truth that Britain isn’t special. Britain isn’t great. It’s just a middle ranking European country with a WW2 fetish about a plucky little island that stood alone. The hard line Brexiteers forget that Britain didn’t win the war all by itself. It only won because it was part of the Allies. The clue is in the name. If you want to win you need friends. All that Brexit is achieving is to destroy what friendships that the UK has left. This isn’t a plucky little island that’s punching above its weight. It’s an international laughing stock.

The question for us here in Scotland is just how bad does Britain have to be, just how low does the UK need to sink, just how much damage does the Westminster government need to wreak, for people in Scotland to realise that even a bad independence would be better than this shit. Just how bad do you think independence is going to be if you still think that it’s going to be worse than the multicoloured fuckstrosity that the UK is dumping on our heads. Right now we’re trapped in the back seat of someone else’s car crash. With independence we control the steering wheel. With independence we can have allies. With independence we can protect and defend those good aspects of the British state that the Tories are hell bent on destroying, the NHS, free education, public services, the social security network, a society that cares for the weak and the vulnerable.

We’re in for a rough ride, but there’s one thing we can all be quite certain of. However bad things get in the UK, however low this state sinks, however much national humiliation is heaped upon it, the Conservatives will protect themselves and their friends in the city, and Scotland – along with Wales, Northern Ireland, the North of England, and working class communities in the south – will pay the price of Tory hubris. It doesn’t have to be this way. Scotland has a way out. Let’s take it. Let’s learn the real lesson of WW2. Let’s protect those social gains and benefits that our grandparents won after the war. Standing alone and isolated doesn’t win you anything. Let’s connect Scotland to Europe and to the rest of the world.

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0 thoughts on “The real lesson of WW2

  1. Spot on, Paul. When the fuck are the other half of Scotland going to wake up to what’s really going on, and not be lobotomised by the mainstream media? We have a brilliant future ahead of us, and we must grab it with both hands.

      • I would encourage everyone except the genuinely incapable to vote in person if you’re an Independence supporter. I simply don’t trust a postal voting system where a Tory apparatchik can “manage” the ballot.

  2. Good article thanks.
    Just hope that Europe is on side re Scotland. Bit worried re their treatment of Catalonia. However, Scotland does want and need to be connected to the EU and the rest of the world, not isolated. At the moment we have a next door neighbour determined to actually isolate Scotland, along with their own country, against the will of the vast majority of the people. As you say Paul, anyone thinking the UKgov are going to be all nice and cuddly and inclusive, and the epitome of equality is seriously deluded because the opposite is true.

    We have to make a run for it asap, because Scotland is a great country and does not need to be taken backwards in time, it’s been long enough kept under the big, greedy, bullying boots of the UKGov, far too long.

    • At the mo, everybody is keeping their powder dry. They have to. Just like Nicola & Co. But as soon as we have the power, they will be flocking to our door. What’s not to like? Yes, we have our share of home-grown grumpoids who have been raised on a heavy diet of MSM manure, but basically we’re a small friendly outward-looking nation that has always found it easy to get along with others. And the rest of the world knows it.

      We just have to take that first hard step. What follows afterwards will be a relief and a revelation.

    • The European stance on Cataluña is different insofar as the argument is that the EU respects the law. This was not the position the same EU took when they pushed the Ukraine towards independence. How we remember Verhofstadt on the podium in Meydan with his fist raised un solidarity with the Ukrainians…
      It would be good if the SG sounded out the position of the EU, as the legal situation is different. If any change is needed, lets make sure we know what’s up. The EU cannot be taken on the word of one of its reps.

    • The EU is run by the same type of bastards as the Tory party (and its mildly disguised clones), just look at what is happening in Greece, Spain Italy etc. The Eu is trying to destroy the unions everywhere in Europe. Mussoline must be wetting himself !

  3. Paul, I always enjoy your post, but this one in particular has an edge and an urgency about it that compel me to spread it far and wide.
    Things really are that serious now and yet people round me seem utterly oblivious to what’s coming. Go Scotland, take your chance and then at least I will have somewhere to escape to when England finally implodes. I really won’t mind living in a refugee camp near Annan for a bit while the SG confirms my citizenship! 😂

    • Max, according to Project Fear One, 700,000, which presumably included the 400,000 English born Scots, were going to leave Scotland if we had voted Yes to Self Determination in 2014.
      This was one of the many lies which Darling, Brown, Curran, Ian Davidson, and PhatBoy McDougall were churning out and the Herald, Scotsman, Record, and Sunday Post and the English owned Rags gleefully published as the Truth to frighten and bully old grannies into voting No.
      Nonsense of course.
      To paraphrase Nicola Sturgeon, ‘All are welcome. There’s plenty of room.’
      There will be even more room for expansion when we take back the large estates which the Parcel of Lairds acquired by bloodshed and slavery.
      We’ll pay them a good price for the land mind.
      There is no need to resurrect abandoned sheep farming villages miles from anywhere with no access to electricity, water, or roads.
      There’s plenty of land, just off our main thoroughfares, to build New Towns, and factories.
      I suspect you won’t be short of a bed, sir.
      Scotland covers 1/3 of the land mass of Britain, with just over 8% of the population.
      England has 58 million living on top of each other.
      The grouse and salmon get better treatment than the huddled masses in sink estates in Edinburgh Glasgow Dundee and Aberdeen.

    • It’s going to be great to have you, Max. You will not be alone.

      (Ideally we should arrange a swop with a bunch of pathetic Proud Scot Buts. But I fear that England won’t want them once their usefulness is at an end.)

  4. Towards the end of his life, Edward Carson, the Moses of Ulster Unionism, and no bleeding heart liberal pinko, said “What a fool I was! I was only a puppet, and so was Ulster, and so was Ireland, in the political game that was to get the Conservative Party into Power.”

    Nothing has changed. These people use all of us, even (especially) those who want to be the most loyal.

    • Another amazing piece by Weegingerdug….but even in this beautiful writing lies the trouble for Scotland…

      It is so hard for many to even countenance breaking the Union when even ardent Scottish supporters can’t break free of the default language of the Union. The UK has long known that if you control the default language you control the default decision.

      For Scotland to build a broad public movement that sees breaking away from a Union that doesn’t serve its needs as normal, it should never concede the basic narrative frame.

      It is a Union. British/Britain is an irrelevant term for political debates or conversations about the UK. The true silliness of the term (and its deceptiveness) becomes obvious once you replace it with the name of the actual island—“Great Britain”…No one would say Great British politics…once you do that, it becomes clear what is left out.

      The term “Britain” has long been understood as a verbal/political mechanism that allows the English to distort and downplay the other countries/members of the UK. For starters, it totally excludes the Northern Irish, but it is more that that…it is a verbal act of terra nullius on the Celtic/Caledonian peoples.

      It is no accident that the BBC’s weather map started to diminish Scotland in the run-up to the 1979 referendum…this is the visual form of the same verbal principle. Want to be freaked out about how imbedded these distortions has become? Just look at Ortelius’ 1579 map and see if it doesn’t make your brain do a double take.

      Weegingerdug is one of the best voices on independence (Scottishly laconic, biting, thoughtful, and driven by a collective desire for a better Scotland)…yet even here the “British” term for United Kingdom seeps into common parlance.

      Scottish independence will remain on a knife-edge until it becomes normal for the Scottish to discuss their place in the world with a language that is framed from their own view of the world.

      • Tol,

        BBC Pacific Quay, that English stockade behind which Fifth Columnists and broadcasters churn out an endless stream of Scotland Is Shite garbage, still use that visual perversity of a weather map of Scotland, whereby our schoolchildren will no longer be able to recognise ‘Scotland’ on any map, where Kent is ten times the size of the whole of Scotland, where the Moray Firth is merely a wee strippet of water between Peterhead and Wick, and Ullapool is due West, Berwick due East, and Ireland lies somewhere below us to the South.
        It is designed deliberately to ‘big up’ England, especially the South East and the ‘Home Counties’.

        It is a deliberate slight by Donalda Mckinnon on the people of Scotland, and her ProudScotsBut meteorological team appear to have abandoned their professional ethics in producing this Hall of Mirrors distortion.

        It is a geographical perversion, actual evidence that they will stop at nothing, including falsifying the actual contours of our country, to underpin the gross lie that we are too wee, compared with Mighty England, Empire 2.

        This morning’s 90 seconds of BBC Scotland Breakfast news was wall to wall Scotland Is Still Crap obscenities.

        Numbers of students from ‘disadvantaged’ backgrounds down, and that Bad EssEnnPee are not meeting its targets, mental health of teenage girls scandal, and Sepsis…..

        What a fucking miserable little bunch of toads they must be to churn out this and the Red Blue and Yellow Tories ‘figures released today’ guff press releases.

        The British Nationalists are on the verge of portraying the Brexit wrangle as World War III.
        It’s ‘us’ against the Jerries, and the Furriners.

        We should all rally to the English/British Flag, and fight off the invading Huns/Bosch/ Fritzes/Froggies.

        I’m sure we who will lead Scotland to Self Determination, initially within the EU at the outset, will be branded as ‘Traitors’ by the Daily Mail, and Torrance, Massie, Roden, McTernan, and that incredibly big fat lad whose name escapes me, but you all know who I mean.

        Rees Mogg getting jostled by a bunch of Momentum Militant hoodies in sunglasses is only the beginning.
        Expect reruns of The Dambusters, The Great Escape, and In Which We Serve over the coming months.
        And we’ve got the end of WWI to ‘celebrate’ this year too.
        If they could pack all 5 million of us off to the Americas, Canada and the Antipodes, these Imperial English Warlords would do so. Oil, trees, salmon, whisky, grouse, and stags, Scotland the Playground of Mother England.
        This time, we fight tooth and nail, to win.
        We cannot lose. It would be the end of everything Scottish if we let them drag us out of Europe against our wishes.

        We call out the ProudscotsBut in our midst. We expose their lies, and challenge their threats at every turn.
        No more wee cosy BBC Scotland ‘Leadership Debates’ chaired by Glenn, or Sarah, or Gordon..

        QT Dimbleby is no longer welcome Up Here. Keep your poisonous little Right Wing Fascist Brit Nat QT Roadshow in your heartland, London.
        It has degenerated into a weekly UKIP fascist rally.

        Paul is absolutely right. We are expendable, irrelevant, and will be betrayed by an English Brexit Team for England’s greater good, and Mundell, Davidson, Leonard, Carmichael, Rennie, and Murray will help shove the knives into our back, gladly, willingly, for the love of their country, ‘Britain’.

        • Jack collatin

          A perfect example of:

          …Once you see it, you can’t un-see it…

          I am unsure if you are unhappy with my comment. If so, I apologise, I was not trying to diminish Weegingerdug’s thesis. My comment was only trying to shine a small light on one of the difficulties the Scottish independence movement faces. Everyone has social programming and it is difficult to break.

          Your post is a great summary of part of the co-ordinated and incidental psyop Scotland faces every day. (The one that really gave me chills was the rebranding of Scottish products as British….British Haggis….%#*%!)

          I was not trying to re-litigate the actions of the Unionists, so the examples in my post were only there to discuss how even the most ardent advocates of Scotland re-establishing itself outside the Union retain the social programming. Therefore imagine how hard it is for those on the edge of “yes” who still have to break that conditioning (i.e. those who you need to convince to form a majority).

          Every time Scotland sticks its head up above the parapet, Westminster extracts a heavy price. The confluence of the 2014 vote, SNP success, and Brexit result has deeply unnerved Westminster and they appear to be taking no prisoners this time.

          I fear that some in Scotland are expecting events to remain mainly linear (with the only change being a Scottish Referendum). However, Brexit, the Repeal Bill, and Northern Ireland means even the short term future can radically change the ground (for the better or worryingly and more likely for the worse….much much worse).

          Yes, Brexit looks shambolic and has the potential to drive the Independence movement. However, as a result changes already underway from Brexit, Westminster already has (or is aligning) a host of actions that would make Scottish independence much harder if not impossible.

          Beware the “black swan”.

          • On the contrary, Tol, I find your contributions invigorating and thought provoking.
            I ‘get’ what you are arguing about the misuse of ‘Britain’, and the obduracy of some of our fellow Scots citizens who want to remain with the status quo, out of fear, fierce pride in their internalised version of Great Britain, the Royal Family, Rangers Football club, or two world wars and the 1966 World Cup.
            Paul argues cogently that we should call a spade a shovel.

            Iain Gray is a British Nationalist.
            He backs Brexit because that is the ‘will of the British people’.

            The 62 % of Scots citizens who voted Remain, in all 32 Local Authorities, is irrelevant to him, and every man jack Unionist MSP and MP who were elected to look after the interests of the citizens of Scotland, but only if they don’t conflict with the direct instructions of their English Masters.

            They make no bones about it. ‘The Country’ is ‘Britain’, the corollary being that they do not consider the land of their birth, or the land where they have settled and bring up their families, ‘Scotland’, as a country. We are a colony of England.

            Ergo, by a happy fluke, 85% of the electorate of their mythical country, ‘Britain’ (England Plus) are English, so fuck the Scots.

            We are about to enter a period of social, economic, and political unrest, Tol, the likes of which has never been seen on these isles since Cromwell’s Days.

            Pick any of the likely scenarios, Scotland Independent, Scotland says No again, Hard Brexit and Scotland still in the Union, Hard Brexit and Scotland says Yes, a hard border between Ireland and The North, and there may be troubles, or should that be ‘Troubles’, ahead with a capital T, throughout these isles.

            If Hard Brexit proceeds, and I pray to all of the celestial leaders of your particular faith systems that it doesn’t, anarchy will reign.

            For example, if Scotland votes 55%-45% Yes this time, will the 45% meekly accept the outcome?
            Remember George Square 19th September 2014?

            If we vote to remain within the UK, and we are stopped from travelling, working, and settling in the rest of Europe by an English Homeland Security, how will that go down? I certainly won’t accept being under House arrest for the rest of my life.
            There is no one size fits all solution.
            There will be serious social and political upheaval.
            We must be ready for this and more.
            Keep your thoughts coming, Tol.

          • Jack collatin

            I will try and stay on the topic of the Weegingerdug article rather than stray too far onto other issues.

            All the items you point out are already know to those who seek independence. Yes, Westminster reserves broadcasting and Scotland pays for the BBC…Those are not new or emerging variables. Moreover, the biggest group Independence message needs to reach for success are those who consume the BBC. The question for the independence movement is how does it get its message out given the limitations it is under?

            I don’t negate the critique of the existing system (and its distortions). For some, this critique is important reinforcement of the message and helps keep the mind clear to what is occurring. However, it is usually singing to the choir…important to reinforce but it is difficult to grow the movement on this critique. For wider success, the independence movement also needs to construct its own narrative from its own Scottish perspective…One that becomes its dominant language. Notice how the unionist message almost never accepts the premise of independence (For example, even the Scottish Tory and Labor campaigns for the last election was cleverly framed to really be about what they claimed as division of repeating the last referendum not independence itself)

            Of course social media and the amazing work done by Phantom Power, Wings and others is a major part of constructing a Scottish perspective…but it is a self-selecting audience that misses the vital non-digital (older) demographic and as it is digital (viewed ephemerally) lacks the passive reinforcement of more public media.

            Just as India had to be creative to overcome the US’s embargo of Supercomputers….(they developed their own using cheaper parallel processors), the independence movement needs to be far more creative to construct what is in effect a psudo media that in some way can start to counter the known issues. EG. A public art campaign for those ubiquitous Bus Stop advertising posters that are actually a community newspaper…A cake day for every great Scottish history moment….tea and cake speaks to every older person’s normal understanding of social engagement.

            The other item is moving on from the language of Indyref. History has show that fighting the last battle is the surest way to defeat. Constitutionally, Brexit changed everything. Constitutionally, it is possible to construct the narrative that this push for independence is no longer about Scotland leaving the UK…instead, rUK left the Union. As such, Scotland has the right to determine its future.

            I realise, that there are more cognitive steps in that logic…for brevity I have kept it to the gist of the argument….Now, Scotland needs to construct a new narrative…one that puts it in the driving seat.

          • Jack collatin

            I am unsure how to read that reply.

            I was trying to say that part of breaking the “British” default language is that Scottish Independence needs to talk/think as if Independence is totally normal and their staying in such a destructive Union is now so unviable that it is not even acknowledged as a conceivable option. (This is different to acknowledging that some may still want it for other reasons).

            As an example, I purposely left the statement above in an Indyref frame. if I was being consistent I would have stated that idea of the independence choice as:
            ….Scotland abandoning Its future to tie itself to the leaving party is an inconceivable choice….

            As an outsider, I an struck at how often the debate is framed in a similar language and with similar arguments as Indyref….Yes these still exist, but the case for a new independence referendum now is different. This time rUK changed…Scotland gets to own the high ground, yes it could even lay claim to the nostalgic position.

            Not only is this independence choice’s rationale different…as Weegingerdug points out it is now urgent and time critical.

          • Sorry, Tol, ‘The Great Scottish Eff Off’, is my attempt at humour. I’ll get my coat.
            Most of us have always approached Self Determination from the ‘moral high ground’, Sir.
            For some reason I assume you to be a ‘sir’, but I could be wrong.
            It has long been argued that the UK was a political construct cobbled together 300 years ago by an Elite who had ultimate power and control over the rest of us, the Hoi Polloi, the Lumpen Proletariat, the Great Unwashed, the Proles.
            Nobility, the Rich, the Powerful rapacious imperial Merchants controlled our destiny. Back then, I could have been hung for stealing a loaf of bread, sent to the Tasmanian Hell of Van Diemen’s Land for persistent drunkenness, and kept in life long slavery and serfdom by the Parcel of Lairds who sold Scotland off to their English Cousins and in laws.
            Scotland is a distinct nation, no matter how many Fifth Columnists write, broadcast, and proclaim differently.
            We are Free now, always have been. But we will no longer stand by and watch the MP for Solihull position Nuclear Subs in our waters.

            It is inevitable that England and Wales will go their own way, and that it is inconceivable that we will meekly follow England’s lead into the Wilderness as the 51st State of the US.
            I apologise for my whimsy, but baking cakes for old wrinklies like me is not going to do it.
            There are storm clouds gathering.
            It is getting very serious indeed, as many on here have discussed.
            The idea that I would have to seek England’s ‘permission’ to leave my native land to visit, work, or settle in Europe is beyond belief.
            My last word on all of this, ‘Tol’.

        • “Expect reruns of The Dambusters, The Great Escape, and In Which We Serve over the coming months”
          Watched two of them over the Christmas holidays. ‘Great Escape’ must be about due. However much as it’s a good movie, I’d prefer to see ‘The Great Scottish Escape’ about how Scotland escapes the Union. Now that would be a good movie.
          Good comment BTW, fully agree with you

      • Thats very interesting Tol. My wife and I also noticed that the English cross on the Union flag is huge. You wouldnt know there was a Saltire there !!!. Although we don’t want the union Flag wouldnt it be a laugh if we made some with the Saltire on top of the English Cross. That would stir up the crap.

  5. Every time I think you’ve reached the summit, Paul, you manage to climb a wee bit higher. This is a truly “stonking” post. Thank you! Oh – and I am indebted to you for the phrase “multi-coloured fuckstrosity”. I think that will find its way into my prose in due course! 😉

  6. An excellent article Paul. Says it the way it is.

    Many in history have seen the truth about how the UK is governed. It is pathetic and it has always been this way. I think all governments have an element of corruption and self interest due to the fact that they are about a specific party wanting power.

    The trouble is the party self interests of the Conservative and Labour parties are so screwed now they have lost any care they ever had for the people of this land. As you highlight above the Conservatives are run by a cabal who live in cloud cuckoo land and will damage us economically, politically and socially.

    Labour on the other hand also have a cabal that want out of the EU so that they can persue a programme of state nationalisation that is not allowed under EU competition legislation. For Corbyn think of Michael Foot. Both are the same and harbour a weird faith in a workers state.

    I am 100% non religious so I must put my faith in the citizens of Scotland that enough of them will wake up and see the light of self interest for us, a wee northern dynamic people that can be free, can be prosperous and will be socially responsible one for the other. We are economically strong and will be more wealthy if we could build that metaphorical Hadrian’s wall and take back the levers of Statehood.

  7. Paul, thank you for that sublime metaphor, ‘Right now we’re trapped in the back seat of someone else’s car crash. With independence we control the steering wheel.’

    I am completely certain that many people want to keep the status quo purely because they are not comfortable about the ability of Scotland to control its own destiny. We must convince them that having the ability to steer the proverbial ship of state is better than having people doing it by remote control.

  8. Well that’s Tom sorted out.

    Unless someone has viable Dick and Harry options rationality determines that this is the tunnel any serious progressive would be using.

    As long as no one brings the Sheffield Wendies Band along.

  9. That’s the best summing up of the current situation I’ve seen anywhere.

    The greed driven and the ideologues will never and can never change. They are what they are and can never accept that the world changes around them regardless.

    Each for their own reasons, do not care about the lives and hardships of others. They don’t care that the pensioner loses their pension. They don’t care that the disabled, the ill, or in their minds, the weak, are driven to desperation or deprivation. The poor and disenfranchised? Ditto. If you’re weak or unable to fight back. If you don’t have a voice or one is simply denied you, it simply makes the job easier.

    These are the people who drove the Brexit agenda. The same people who pretty much drive any other political and societal agenda in the UK. For the most part, they really don’t care about flags, except when they prove a useful tool in driving their ideologically devoted support. They don’t care about the peoples, the populations of the UK. They are, after all, disposable assets and the poor can always breed more for later use.

    These people aren’t about ‘unity’, service or care and they only use words like duty or loyalty as it suits their purpose or definition. They use those words to alienate. They deploy them like weapons against their own populations to suit their agenda du jour. IF YOU’RE NOT ONE OF US, YOU’RE ONE OF THEM! ARE YOU NOW, OR HAVE YOU EVER BEEN? SACK THE SABOTEURS! THE TARTAN RAJ! THE TARTAN TERROR!

    You get the drift.

    They don’t do ‘all of us together’, which is kinda the point of family, community, country and ‘Government of the people, by the people, for the people’. The choice is becoming clearer by the day. There are no grey areas in this. What kind of family and community do you want? What kind of person are you and what kind of person do you want to be?

    What kind of country do you want to live in?

      • Just read the FT piece admitting that independent Scotland would export £100 billion pa, making it the 34th biggest exporter in the WORLD, just behind Denmark..
        Bang goes the too wee too poor bit.
        Of course Mark Carney sees problems if there is no currency union with England and borders are erected. He does not comment on the 27 borders (soon to be 27 when we re-join the EU) through which English and Welsh goods will have to go pass through to sell even the humble Kendal Mint cake,
        Aye, right.
        Independent Scotland, the 34th biggest exporter in the world.
        Oh dear.
        Are we too rich?

    • Brilliant comment, Sam. You have summed up my thinking in a nutshell, particularly about the “disposability” of those referred to as “nett non-contributors” to the wealth of the few. If you cannot, with your labour, contribute to the sum of their wealth then they see no reason to keep you alive. Period. Scotland is better than that.

    • Superb comment. Agree with everything, but highlighting the third paragraph, I have never believed in their so-called patriotism either. It is after all, the last refuge of the scoundrel. There is nothing unifying about their agenda and all the hollow nonsense of flags and pageantry is just primitive dog-whistling.

      And from whence comes all the funding for the TV series, films etc,. on royal subjects past and current? I can’t remember a time when the present royal family received so much attention from the entertainment industry. Together with films about Churchill and Dunkirk, harking back to iconic subject matter resonant with significance for British nationalism, one might begin to suspect a common purpose. All that elite money sloshing about in tax havens looking for a useful project……?

    • And the USA. And China. And Canada. And Australia and New Zealand. And the Free French, and the Free Poles who flew so many Spitfires. And the Resistance movements across Europe. But apart from that, read the Soviet Union.

  10. Nicola needs a partner ! She got a vacant position ? Tae fuck with a CV youd have enough references ! Rock on WGD

  11. The so-called ‘reasons’ for Scotland staying in The Union are only excuses for the purposes of endlessly repeated State propaganda. The intellectual argument for Scotland in The UK has never been made by the BritNats because it doesn’t exist.
    The arguments proferred by Westmminster for leaving the EU are a match for Scotland leaving the Union, as everyone here knows, yet are rarely featured in the State-controlled Media, not unsurprisingly.

  12. With the large numbers of English born voters in Scotland, taken together with the die-hard Loyalists, we are trying to light the Independence fire with too much wet kindling.

  13. Pingback: “The real lesson of WW2” | Wee Ginger Dug | COMRADE BOYCIE: VIVA THE ANTI-TORY/BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION!

  14. The fire is already lit and roaring, the wet kindling cannot dampen the fire suffiently to extinguish the flames,

    Have faith.

  15. K1, I admire you’re sentiment, but the fire is an Independence result in a Referendum. So far, no roar and not enough flames – and still 2 million No voters, half of whom approximately, are hard core Brits.
    That’s a lot of wet kindling.

  16. At the moment we’re still in the Phoney War. Things will soon heat up considerably. Even head-in-the-sand self-haters will have to take notice.

  17. The choice is becoming clearer by the day. Unfortunately, the British Nationalists among us would rather go down with the Titanic than turn their back on their beloved union (a one-way relationship, methinks). After lobbing a BREXIT hand grenade at the feet of their own union, they remain in denial about the damage, the fact that it’s all over (Britain will never be “great” again) and that there is a viable alternative, an escape route called Scottish independence.

    How much more pain will they have to bear (will all of us have to bear) before these deniers finally open their eyes and take their fingers out of their ears? It’s about time the penny dropped.

  18. Careful, manandboy. After 20 years in France, and before that 50 years in England, I CHOSE to live in Scotland 3 years’ ago.
    Damp kindling I am not. Bring on the independence roaring flames…
    Thanks WGD your sanity.

  19. The majority of unionist politicians and their tame meeja cannot, or will not, engage with the complexities of Brexit preferring to live is a delusional world where these complexities are avoided or denied. The biggest denial or delusion is of no (wo)man being an island and the inevitability of obligations which result from interactions with neighbours near and far who might have a view on, for example, the efficacy of the gnirdly-sprocket-wench being offered in exchange for some splung-brackets. The next denial is the advantages of mutually agreeing to standardise the efficacy of gnirdly-sprocket-wenches even though this means changing from British Standard Twitworth* threading to an ISO metric thread, because it is more efficient in a number of different metrics.

    Then we come to semantics where the unionist politicians, assuming the foreigners are also monoglots, think obfuscating ‘a’ and ‘the’ (as in customs union) will fool the foreigners into agreeing with their delusions. I have fond memories of a fun evening many years ago in Mora Youth Hostel with a Bavarian, incidentally called Wolfgang Mozart, who cracked the most appalling puns in English and knew neutered male sheep can be called wethers – ‘Vat’s wrong with Hans? He’s been feeling a bit under the vether.’ (in mock Teutonic accent)

    Another delusion is of EU directives being translated into UK law. Many of these directives originate from standards bodies outwith the EU (aviation safety for example) and it much more efficient the EU standardising than each EU nation having to do their own thing and possibly introducing errors and inconsistencies.

    Then we have historic rights such as those which existed prior to the UK joining the EEC. On fishing the EU notes, ‘the withdrawal agreement or an ad hoc agreement should include clauses establishing transitional periods to enable a progressive and gradual transition from a regime of equal access to waters and resources to a preferential regime based on historical rights and reciprocity (which could be quite similar to the current regime).’

    Boom! The delusionists are not going to get their fishcake and eat it.

    There is far too much noise for anyone to determine what is happening at present. Something has to give and, as Paul says, we are in for a rough ride. Thankfully, our Scottish Government seems to be keeping its cool, biding its time, waiting, as we are, for the moment. Stay cool. Freedom beckons.

    * or British Standard Fine, British Standard Cycle, British Standard Pipe, British Standard Buttress, British Standard Brass, Edison base Incandescent light bulb holder screw thread, Glass Packaging Institute threads, Royal Microscopical Society (RMS) thread, etc. The thing I like about standards is there are so many to choose from.

  20. Off subject, but you may have noticed today, Monday, that the STV and BBC Scotland ran an article on a drop in university placements from lower income background families.

    The data the used came from Iain Gray, Labour. He cannot add up despite the fact he used to me a maths teacher.

    Have a look at


    • Of course,Andy, this was supplied by the Red Tories.’Figures released today’ means that BBC Scotland bends over, offers its behind to the Red Blue and Yellow Tories, shuts its eyes and thinks of England.
      BBC Donalda has been running with this pish all day.
      Jackie Bird presided over a half hour of Scotland the Basket Case tonight at 6.30. A litany of bad news articles describing the unrelenting gloom that it is to live in North Britain.
      Nothing good ever happens in EssEnnPee Bad Scotland. We are shite because Ruth Davidson and Murdo Fraser don’t run the country.
      I am really fucking hacked off by BBC Pacific Quay.
      They are the enemies of the scots.

      • Of course they are nothing but Englands puppets praising england yet bad mouthing everyone else in the uk the bastards never change.

        • Why does the YES movement not get organised, and prepare a couple of weeks asking fellow yessers to boycot all the MSM including BBC & ITV news programmes, these are the main tools of the British Nationalists and I think some form of organised boycotting them, might boost the sales of the National and put some pressure on them to publish the truth. They could organise something every two or three months and even if they could get a percentage of yes voters to take part, and it would be a talking point aimed at the lies they are spouting every day. If enough of us are shouting about their lies it might help open some peoples eyes to it.

          • As we celebrate the centenary of the Women’s Suffragette Movement, another brave woman’s stance 37 years later sparked the peaceful Montgomery Bus Boycott, a political and social protest campaign against the policy of racial segregation on the public transit system of Montgomery, Alabama.
            The campaign lasted from December 5, 1955—the Monday after Rosa Parks, an African American woman, was arrested for refusing to surrender her seat to a white person—to December 20, 1956, when a federal ruling, Browder v. Gayle, took effect, and led to a United States Supreme Court decision that declared the Alabama and Montgomery laws that segregated buses were unconstitutional. It was a seminal event in the Civil Rights Movement.
            Perhaps as the Brexit and Indyref 2 events heat up, we should think seriously of introducing a Boycott of Dead Tree Scrolls, and broadcasters who continue to peddle Brit Nat propaganda threats and lies, and act as agents of the Red Blue and Yellow Brit Nat Tories.

  21. Theresa May was in China last week crowing about her success, in achieving trade deals worth some £9 Billion. In the next breath, she was saying how we would have to leave the EU, to make trade deals with China. This struck me as odd and contradictory. It made me think. Which can be painfull. Because of course, we are still in the EU, yet we are making trade deals with China.
    But after, a far from straightforward investigation, I found that what she really means, is FREE trade deals. This “free” description, is a bit of a misnomer. What does a free trade deal mean?
    May, Johnson, Fox, Davis and the rest. They’re all using this “free” term. I can assure you, you’re not going to find out, by watching or reading your friendly English Nationalist MSM.
    The doyen of a hard Brexit in the Tory party, is Patrick Minford. Patrick the Professor, was the architect of Thatcherism. He was also, an economic advisor to Thatcher in the 80’s. He’s 74 now, but still a right winger, who makes Ghengis Khan look like a Haringay social worker.
    The disciples of Minford, which seem to be the whole Tory party now, want free trade deals with the rest of the world. We never get to know, what this “free” term means. But it is actually, anything but free.
    It means, the UK unilaterally removing all restrictions and tariffs and trying their luck, in the world market. What it means is the loss of all manufacturing and agriculture in the UK. Yes, all. This means the loss of 100,000s of jobs. Professor Minford accepts this.
    At the moment the EU protect us from being in free trade deals with countries outside the EU. They protect us from low standards of products, goods and produce. The customs union in the EU aligns standards and quality to safeguard us. The EU have trade deals, not FREE trade deals, with many countries outside the EU. However, these countries must align their products and goods so that they can sell them in the EU market. This includes China, S Korea and USA. The same standards don’t apply to these countries when they sell their products and goods to countries outside the EU. For instance, Third World countries.
    With these so-called free trade deals though, these protections and safeguards will be stripped away from us. This will leave us unprotected from all sorts of countries selling shoddy, sub standard goods made in sweatshop conditions. Our industries and farmers will never be able to compete with these cheap, sub standard goods, which will flood our market, undermining wages and conditions. This is why our Tory English nats, are in the process of scrapping the EU courts and Human Rights authority in the UK.
    So, when you see a lying, devious, scheming, self serving, Tory ars**le on TV witterring on about FREE trade deals, you’ll know what he means. He means to turn the clocks back to the 1930’s and then ruin life as we know it in the UK, including Scotland.

    • Exactly, Marlon.
      The 28 EU countries, including, England, (I have disassociated Scotland from the UK already), ‘trade’ with China, India, the US, and so on, already, individually, but as part of a trading bloc of 550 million consumers, under the aegis of EU laws, standards, and EU wide tariffs and import/export controls.
      What the Brexiteers want is to have their cake and eat it.
      May has announced that she wants neither ‘a’ customs union, or ‘the’ customs union, but something different again. Watch this space.
      So the agreement that there be no hard border between Ireland and the North of Ireland becomes impossible. She has betrayed her DUP allies, and brought forward the very real prospect of a Referendum to reunite Ireland.
      The Brexiteers want a Free Market, a free for all, no holds barred, sweat shop wages, slipshod standards and poor quality products Britain; the privateers want to churn out cheaply manufactured, shoddy goods that turn a quick profit.
      We’ll be flooded with chlorinated chicken, steroid beef, and plastic furniture which will fall apart in months.
      And Human Rights, workers rights, Health and Safety, will be celebrated in the Swish London Gentlemen’s Clubs as a thing of the past.
      Of course the EU 27 have already told May and Co., that they are not in the mood to ‘offer’ England anything. It is England that is leaving.
      You are correct, Marlon. This is the outcome that the Unseen Elite want. Truth be told, so does that tired old Commie Corbyn. He is still rooting for Mother Russia, and the EU must be smashed.

      They are determined to turn the UK into a sweatshop economy where the Oligarchs reign, and the rest of us are plunged into the 1984 dystopia predicted by Orwell in the late ’40’s.
      Well, Scotland will not be joining them.

    • Many thanks for this Marion.

      The distinction you make between trading successfully and trading (euphemistically?) “freely’ is a really important one. It is not the ‘having’ of trade deals that will be important to the UK but the actual nature of the deals that are struck – to whose advantage/disadvantage within the UK.

      The messages coming from May and Fox regarding trade with China were never challenged, even gently, by the media. They were never asked how all the successes being claimed for their visit were possible whilst still within the EU?

      EU membership does not seem overly to limit or damage Germany’s international trade as these stats on the trade in goods indicate.

      Germany Exports to China were US$85.35 Billion during 2016, according to the United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade. They were (only) c. US$20 Billion in 2003 and have risen progressively for most of the period since since. Germany’s overall balance of trade has been in surplus for decades. (see ( )

      (The USA shows a similarly steep upward trajectory on its trade with China. )

      United Kingdom Exports to China were US$18.37 Billion during 2016, according to the COMTRADE database. (See: ). They were US$5 billion in 2003 and reached as high as US$28 Billion in c.2014. However, unlike Germany, the UK has had a substantial trade deficit now for more than ten years.

      Its not at all obvious that the UK ‘problem’ on international trade is EU membership.

  22. “Intensive talks” start today apparently.


    There’s only ever been one strategy tbf.

    The constitutional damage on Brexit was done the nanosecond Cameron chose to launch an EU referendum. The economic galactof**k the instant A50 was triggered.

    The strategy for UK gov from that point on was how to prevent the politics of the UK from crashing down around their ears. It’s always been about buying time to sell the impossible to a society they fractured themselves long since.

    Their choice.

  23. Yes Jack, and it’s so bad that now even Tory MP’s, who know the meaning of free trade deals, such as Anna Soubry, are openly talking about leaving the party. Anna’s, no friend of ours of course. However, she’s stuck by her principles, unlike Tory Ruth, who has flip flopped more than a dying haddock.
    In fact, I would like to see SNP politicians show the same sort of passion, bravery and fortitude as Anna. Because now, the right wing London press, will be turning all of their guns on her. She knows it and she’s up for it.

    • Oh dear! Now I’m torn between visualising the Tories as a shoal of gasping stranded fish, or a pack of rabid car-chasing dogs … neither being a very pleasant image. At least the fish are pathetic but (mostly?) harmless, whereas should the dogs ever get into the driving seat …

      • Perhaps describing them as dogish, Marco is more apposite,and it combines the two metaphors, gasping fish and rabid dogs succinctly..
        A prickly shark prowling the Continental shelf, active and schooling, the black version of the dogfish is an opportunistic predator and scavenger, just like the ProudScotsBut Yoon MPs and MSP s, Lairds, Baronesses and Dames Up Here over the past 50 or 60 years…
        The Dogfish Yoons: it has a ring to it. The Lutine Bell.

        • Maybe that one was lurking in the murky waters of my subconscious the whole time, Jack. Nicely hooked.
          I wonder, will future politics students spend hours carefully dissecting the pickled corpses of these cold-blooded thick-skinned lower forms? Learning to name all their slimy inner parts the way we did in Biology class? 😉

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