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Across the road from my flat, there a tree with a plastic bag caught in its branches, blown there in the high wind. The plastic bag is full of nothing but air, which makes it exactly like Richard Leonard delivering the latest party political broadcast for the Scottish branch office of the Labour party, although to be fair the plastic bag is considerably more animated than Richard could ever manage. Eventually the bag will work its way loose of the branch, it may even fly high, but Labour in Scotland will be stuck on a minor branch forever, flapping about uselessly in the breeze. Even those who still vote for the party have given up wishing that Labour in Scotland will ever get any better, they’re just hanging on in the vague hope that it might suck a little bit less. And they’re still constantly disappointed.

It would be churlish to doubt Richard’s personal commitment to redistribution, to social justice, to equality, to challenging deprivation. It’s just that he delivered his piece to camera with all the passion of a nodding dug on the parcel shelf of a car, and with remarkably similar gestures to one of those animatronic figures you find at the entrance to a ghost train ride in a tired seaside town and with an equally predictable lack of thrills. The only thing stopping him from nodding his head as he robotically moved his arms up and down was that there was a big red scarf wrapped several times around his neck, which had the unfortunate effect of making him look like he was in the process of being given birth to by a large wooden plank. Richard clearly lives in a house without mirrors.

It was so boring that all over Scotland people were wishing that he’d go and play with matches. It was so boring that we were longing for a David Torrance lookalike. Anything, anything to break the monotony. Even James Kelly doing an impression of that boring guy in the pub who pontificates at the end of the bar about the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act would have been a relief by this point.

For those of you who had switched over channels, gone off to make a cup of tea, or were banging your heads off the coffee table in frustration, the basic message of the broadcast was twofold. Vote for us because we did stuff seventy years ago, and vote for us because we promise to undo all the stuff that we did when we were in power the last time. Labour is apparently the champion of equal pay for women, even though it was Labour controlled councils which were the worst offenders in paying female council employees less than their male counterparts and which fought tooth and nail to prevent them getting redress. Labour is opposed to zero hours contracts even though they first mushroomed under the last Labour government. There’s also going to be lashings of jam, better public services, a higher living wage. It’s going to rain gold coins from the sky and everyone with an ironic beard and tattoos will get free avocados.

Oh, and they don’t want another referendum. Richard didn’t say why. Just because. I always thought that Iain Gray was the least exciting and least charismatic politician in Scotland, but even he could work up a bit of enthusiasm when it came to bashing Thatessempee. Richard can’t even manage that. He only won the branch office leadership because Labour MSPs hated him slightly less than they hate everyone else in the party.

Just like the Tory party broadcast the other week, Labour’s offering failed to mention the single most important issue facing Scotland and the rest of the UK. Brexit was notable solely for its absence. This is not unconnected to the fact that Richard voted along with the Tories in Holyrood for Scotland to suck Brexit up, but it has even more to do with the fact that Labour’s policy on Brexit manages to make that of the Conservatives appear principled and well-thought through. If you want an example of naked opportunism, you could do a lot worse than look at a Labour party leadership trying to attract support from people opposed to Brexit while at the same time pursuing Brexit as relentlessly as the Tories. Labour is so full of crap it makes a toilet jealous.

Under Jeremy Corbyn the Labour party has set up no less than eight policy commissions in order to consult with party members and help to determine party policy for the next general election. There’s a commission on the environment, one on the economy, one on justice and home affairs. There’s a commission for everyone, except there isn’t a commission that’s dealing with Brexit. When asked why Labour wasn’t developing a policy on the most important and pressing issue facing the UK today, the party replied sniffily that its international affairs commission was dealing with Brexit. Which would be fine, only the international affairs commission has made it clear that it’s not accepting submissions about Brexit. Brexit isn’t on the agenda for the commission’s next meeting. Just like their party political borecast, Labour wants to pretend that Brexit isn’t happening.

But Brexit is happening, and because of the economic damage that it’s going to inflict Labour won’t be able to afford all the jam that it promises in its party political broadcasts. What makes it even worse is that the Labour leadership can’t, or more likely won’t, tell us exactly what it is that they want Brexit for. At least the Tories can come up with some reasons for why they want Brexit, they might be stupid reasons, they might be lying reasons, they might be utterly unrealistic reasons, but they do have some reasons. All you get from Labour is the shuffling of feet and looking elsewhere in the hope there’s a cute wee kitten to act as a distraction.

Just like the Tories, Jeremy Corbyn and Richard Leonard both want Brexit to happen, maybe if Richard had told us why then the party political borecast might have been marginally more watchable. But then that would have entailed Labour dealing with reality, and that’s the one thing that the Labour party in Scotland can never face up to.

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0 thoughts on “Party political borecast

  1. Watched the broadcast and it was a complete bust/pish , and when Lenoard started to spout crap about all the fantasy things labour was going to produce.

    Well I absolutely believed every word, so later on I fully expect my unicorn to arrive on my magic carpet and park beside labours magic money tree.

    Honest it will happen !!!!

  2. I had not seen the broadcast then read WGD . Of course I just had to watch it, All I could see was the scarf….., the plank…….hahaha …..ooh you are awful Paul, wonderful as usual! Can.t wait for indy.

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  4. I hold no brief for Labour in Scotland and the mind-bogglingly forgettable Dick Who is an excellent archetype for them. BUT [you knew there was a but coming, didn’t you?] I think I have figured out why JC and his Branch Office are so pro-Brexit. Under current EU rules it would not be possible to re-nationalise any of the industries which used to belong to “we, the people”. JC has promised that they WILL be re-nationalised … hence, Brexit must go ahead. He’s between a rock and a hard place. I have little sympathy for him but I CAN see why he does what he does and drags his Branch Office with him, kicking and screaming.

    • I commented on this idea some time ago Wendy when I compared Corbyn to the idiot that used to be called Michael Foot, a failed Labour leader from the past. Nationalise was his mantra as it is Corbyn’s, a man with old ideas in a changing world.

      You hear this call of ‘nationalise’ with respect to the railways. Anyone who has travelled by train for a long time will tell you that ‘British Rail’ was a disaster. Only after privatisation did we get trains that did not have gaps round the doors, windows that were drafty, and smelled. Trains are also better at time keeping now, the service is run more professionally and the train staff are sober and dressed properly. My wife travelled over forty years on trains everyday between Fife and Edinburgh. She knows how bad the trains used to be.

      Nationalisation has a place in health care but is not a fix for everything. Rant over.

      • The “Railways” are nationalised.

        Network Rail is a part of Department of Transport of the UK Government.

        The Trains and the services are privately owned but subject to government control down to the smallest detail as set out in binding contracts.

        I’m not saying this because I support the present system, in fact it’s fairly mad!

        • I know you just showing how stupid labour are on the system take jeremy corbyn he promises things to Scotland we already have thanks to the snp but Leonard should be putting his master stright as he lives here but no that Yorkshire moron is just as clueless.

  5. Dickie is no orator ….I cringe every time he gets to his feet in the Scottish Parliament to make is weekly contribution. The only thing that makes it bearable is the glint in Nicola Sturgeon’s eye as she moves easily in for the kill. Both labour and Leonard are an irrelevance to Scotland. Although they prop up the tories and they no longer hide it, especially in our loacal authorities. They have become Traitors to socialism.

  6. I’ve got family visiting, so my eye’s not on the ball. Paul, as usual you don’t pull any punches.
    I cannot imagine any one with a modicum of street smarts believing in the North Branch guff and having any faith in the latest in a long line of utterly useless and insincere leaders.
    Are there really tens of thousands of sentient beings in Scotland backing this bunch of Never Weres?
    This man Leonard gets to lie with impunity.
    But he is not alone. Our Dead Tree Scrolls and broadcasters aid and abet mediocrity and shallowness, as long as it is Brit Nat vapidity.
    Can any one hold their hand up and say that they would be comfortable with Leonard, Kelly, and Findlay governing Scotland?
    What a ridiculous notion.
    See a specialist if you believe that Ruth Davidson and Murdo Fraser are your Holyrood wet dream team.
    Can you imagine Rennie Bumble Mumble Crumble and Stumble running the Scottish Economy?

    By the law of diminishing returns, we have been lumbered with 60 odd Brit Nat politicial failures who are in place because their Parties have run out of patsies mug enough to sit on their arses doing nothing but shout EssEnnPee Shite every now and again.

    The New Breed of WM Brit Nat MPs who have joined Union Jack Murray, Liar Carmichael, and the Quivering Wreck Mundell on the Gravy Train to London, are equally as feckless and distinctly third rate placemats.

    Yet tthis bunch of dolt heads are immune from criticism by journalists, broadcasters, and political pundits.
    Defending the Union trumps all other shortcomings, like being as thick as mince.
    Being a complete fool is a side issue if you can scream EssEnnPee Bad on cue.

    Holyrood is in recess. What are all these List Brit Nat Numpties doing this week? They don’t have constituents, we voted them out but some how they are still there; so they won’t be in their surgery answering a pile of mail from Us Scruff.

    Specialist subject? Potholes and pissoirs.

    It is a modern day scandal that we allow this electoral system to continue.
    Fat wasters lolling about on £64,000 a year plus exes., while we only pay GPs an average of £80,000 to look after the health and wellbeing of our citizens.
    Come the Revolution…
    Back to being the Perfect Mein Host..later.
    Brilliant, Paul.

    • “Can any one hold their hand up and say that they would be comfortable with Leonard, Kelly, and Findlay governing Scotland?
      What a ridiculous notion.
      See a specialist if you believe that Ruth Davidson and Murdo Fraser are your Holyrood wet dream team.
      Can you imagine Rennie Bumble Mumble Crumble and Stumble running the Scottish Economy?”

      When you put it that way, you realise that anyone who thinks these idiots are worth voting for and good for Scotland must want rid of Holyrood and want to be governed by WM. Crazy!!

  7. I’ve carefully considered Mr Leonard’s performance since his … elevation, and without knowing the man’s personal commitments to whatever, I’d say he’s merely dishonest. Probably with a fair sized portion of disingenuous thrown in for good measure.

    So, no. No, I don’t agree to going quietly toward Brexit. No, I don’t believe Labour’s jam tomorrow promises. No, I won’t live with or accept this bullshit idea political union anymore. There is no union. There is no unity. Union implies consensus, partnership, fellow feeling, tolerance and understanding. Not something many of us have experienced in recent times.

    Basically, I’m not suicidal enough to walk toward a water filled pit hoaching with ravenous piranha and throw myself in because someone tells me to, seemingly on the grounds of…unspecified reasons and FURREN!

    If there is anything the past three and a quarter years has confirmed without any shadow of doubt, it is that this political ‘union’ is based on intimidation. It is based on the othering and alienating of demographics. It is divide and rule. It is aggressive asset management. It is little empire, false entitlement and societal dysfunction on steroids. It is about those who have power willing to throw those who do not under a bus to suit their own needs at the drop of a hat.

    But mainly, I don’t feel like going quietly anywhere.

    • Yes Sam, but this union had consensus, partnership,fellow feeling, and were agreed that they would use the rest of our ansesters, to work towards their fortune by building their UK and their Empire. This union was formed by our masters and lords of the land over 300 years ago, in their interests and their interests only, and is not an equal modern union created for the good of its members like the EU, and they are still at it, roll on indy2.

  8. I’ve got to agree with Jack Collatin , Moby Dick and his shower of incompetent harpees are an embarrassment to the good people of Scotland , have liebour voters no long term memory do they not realise the destruction they and their TOLIE compatriots have visited on Scotland and the Scottish people . I must admit when I watch FMQ I am both embarrassed and outraged that apart from the SNP MSP’S and.certain Green MSP’S the standard of the rest of these imbecilic self serving cretins leads me to despair . Can you imagine what people in the rest of the world think of Scots when we suffer the likes of Baillie , Kelly , Fraser , Rennie et al impersonating politicians

  9. The bit that surprised me was that he got a degree from Stirling uni and then I did a quick check and his Wikipedia entry says he ‘studied politics and economics’ it doesn’t say he got the degree.
    He obviously hadn’t studied presentation skills .

    Awkwardboy , ‘witches knickers ‘ is a new one on me – I rather like it!

  10. Council by election yesterday, Bonnybride & Larbert (due to untimely death of incumbent) was SNP hold, Tory second, Labour a very poor 3rd, UKIP 4th (with 35 bigots voting for them). Turnout was miserable circa 25% despite SNP control of the council being at stake. Disappointing that the average punter is not enthused enough to turn out and give the Unionists a good doing at every opportunity but a win is a win.

    • I share your concern about voter apathy. People do not seem to realise that it is not just General elections you need to vote at. I wonder how many people in the ward were not even aware that there was an election. At least the status quo was maintained.

  11. Everything you say Paul it true. I find it weird that the Labour and Conservative recent PPB’s did not mention the ‘clusterfuck’ that is Brexit. I have never been a labour supporter, I never will, but find it weird that they seem to have no message at all against the policies of the SNP, which I support. ‘No referendum’ from the Conservatives and ‘No comment’ from Labour just about says it all.

  12. There is cynical calculation going on. Labour knows that elections are won and lost by how England votes, although it had for long relied on (took for granted) a big tranche of seats in Scotland and Wales. Its conduct in 2014 alienated many long-time Labour voters, such as I (although the disenchantment had begun to set in about 15 years earlier) and it has seen its seats in Scotland tumble and a drift of a number of its voters to the Tories. However, such was the hubris and sense of entitlement of Scottish Labour that its response to its massive loss of votes to the SNP and Greens and to not voting was to INSULT this huge number of people by calling them deluded. It is a Mafia mindset.

    Now, to be charitable, in England, Mr Corbyn managed to enthuse a large number of people, particularly younger voters who had disengaged. He made, initially, some tentatively conciliatory noises about Scotland, but was quickly silenced by the hellish legion in our neck of the woods. Mr Leonard stood, partly, to try to lance the boil of bile that was Scottish Labour. Although he won, he still has a very large tranche of implacably SNP_UR_PURE_BASTURTS MSPs on his benches, so, he is pretty much hemmed in. Sadly, I do not think he is much of a politician and does not make a very convincing case for what he believes in. THE COLONEL is a politician and presents a strongly sound bite case, aided by a drooling, compliant media. She has made statements about the customs union, for example, (but whether she will stand by them is another matter, since Mrs May could be defenestrated). Poor Mr Leonard does not even have that.

    Ironically, most of the Labour MSPs are probably anti-Brexit and Mr Leonard is trying to maintain the UK Labour , ‘STAY_SHTUMM_AND_WE MIGHT_WIN_THE NEXT_ELECTION’ stance. But, as people get increasingly leery about Brexit, more of them are asking ‘What will Labour actually DO?’.

    The unfortunate Mr Leonard is caught amongst rocks, hard places and his own mediocre presentational abilities and a shallow understanding of Scotland, despite having lived here for some time and having attended Stirling U.

    • But, Marco, Boris declares that post Brexit we will still get ‘cheapo flights and stag dos’, and still be able to travel abroad, work abroad, and settle in the Costas without pesky visas and such.
      Either this man is the biggest idiot in Christendom or he genuinely believes that the EU will crumble under the might of England and agree to anything that the Blue Brit Nat Tories insist upon.
      They don’t need any distraction. They are stark staring bonkers around whom the sun orbits.
      We must go now. Indyref 2 between October 2018 and March 2019.
      All EU citizens working here have a vote, and our 16-17 year olds.
      This madness has to stop.
      Mundell and Davidson are simply English Establishment court jesters.
      They actually believe that if they assure us that Brexit will present challenges and opportunities and that Britain will be great again on the world stage. meanwhile, car workers are losing their jobs as production is transferred from the Midlands of England to Spain.
      As an opening salvo, may I suggest that every Scots pensioner receives a leaflet setting out the state pensions in the EU 27 and compare that with the starvation rates of the English provision.
      I cannot believe that we Scots will meekly stand by, like persecuted colonists herded to railway depots to be ‘relocated’ from Europe into Fortress England.
      This is a life and death struggle. It’s time Scots citizens faced up to this.
      They will destroy Scotland wilfully, if we let them. I for one won’t let them.
      Where are Davidson, Mundell, and Lord Ian Dunkin Donuts this week?
      On their holidays.

      • Agreed Jack. This is the most rapacious and corrupt government (Kleptocracy, really) that I can remember and yet, the Liebour party, pinning their hopes on that Hypocrite and Liar, Corbyn, can’t even lay a glove on them.

        Words cannot express adequately the depths of sorrow that I feel for my grandkids.

        We have to get ourselves out of this mess which is not of our making.

  13. Talking about voter apathy, surely this was the main reason that SNP lost 21 seats at the last GE. That together with the ingrained notion that Westminster is not that important to Scotland. The loss of 500,000 votes may have included closet Tories in the North-East and advocates for JC in the former Labour heartlands, but surely the main bulk of lost votes was apathy. It disnae matter.

    • Hi Bill
      Based on analysis of the GE last year the majority of people that could not be bothered to vote were all SNP supporters. I suspect they thought ‘Oh well we are going to win anyway’ and got complacent. Idiots as every vote always matters.

  14. “Ireland will not be the collateral damage of Brexit” says the Leader of Sinnfein on the Alec Salmond show.

    That should be our mantra too, say it Nicola please:-

    Scotland will not be the collateral damage of Brexit.

    Get up on posters, leaflets, and somebody please, write a song about it. Brexit is a looming disaster for the common really is a serious issue.

  15. The SNP have to get tough now, really tough. There is just too much at stake now. Sound management and cautious politics with a nice, positive message were fine and worked really well to get thus far, but the time is now upon us when the Sottish government have to take off the soft gloves and hammer home just how serious the situation is. Media attacks and accusations of scaremongering will inevitably appear, but the SNP should no longer fear these. The British nationalists are completely discredited and it wont take much for WM to implode. The SNP has to learn to box clever and set the agenda, not always be seen to be responding to it. The media like to be in control but their strong British nationalist instincts means that they can be baited to do the heavy lifting for us, if we set clever traps.

    I am very proud and grateful for what the SNP (and Greens) have done thus far. I do hope they realise that we are entering a new phase that requires a change of tac. Get tough, get clever and set the agenda. 🙂

  16. I never thought that I would hear myself say this.

    It flies in the face of the old adage, ‘never interrupt your enemy while they are making a fool of themselves.’

    But it has to be said.

    I know of no one who wants to look on with ‘I told you so’ smugness from the safety of a reinvigorated newly Independent Scotland while England and Wales are destroyed by Westminster/ Elitist idiots, zealots, carpetbaggers, nincompoops and poltroons. The list, as they say, is not exhaustive.

    Even if it means delaying independence,I passionately believe that in the short term, and I stress the short term, we may be compelled to make sacrifices, to defer Independence, in order to lend our support to the good people of England and Wales, and not just those who voted Remain, and join with them in demanding a second Brexit Referendum. We must help our neighbours save the Leavers from themselves.

    It is clear that May, Fox, Johnson, Davis, Gove, Corbyn,and the Rees Mogg Maddies are trundling inexorably towards the cliff edge without a clue what lies on the rocks below or how to prevent complete and utter disaster; the destruction of the UK.

    All of us will suffer, the ‘all of us’ being the vast majority, the Hoi Polloi, the Great Unwashed, but not the 1 or 2% Filthy Rich who are convinced that they ‘rule over’ us, who control our money, our media, our politicians,who are rich enough to pay scant disregard to borders, visas, or impending state engineered poverty, deprivation, homelessness and unemployment. Their lofty towers will never be down-razed.

    We have been made aware through Scottish and English Impact Analyses that any form of Brexit will be very very BAD indeed. There is no upside to leaving the EU.

    There is nothing in it for us. Leaving the EU will destroy lives, cripple the UK economy, and plunge these isles into isolationist Victorian darkness and despair.

    The 10% who own more of the country’s wealth than the bottom 50% will weather the storm.
    Most have a ‘small island of lawyers’ who are working on protecting and increasing the wealth of their privileged clients as Davis and Johnson blunder their way towards inevitable abject defeat and humiliation.

    Money doesn’t need a passport, or a work permit, or letters of transit.

    We Scots have an escape pod, and now really is the time.

    However, if there were a glimmer of a Fightback Down There, if there were a sign that the moribund Remain Movement was beginning to rise up and scream ‘No!’, I for one would hope that Scotland, the 62% Remain and rising, would lend its support, and join in with English and Welsh Remainers working towards reversing the whole Brexit Farce.

    Indeed Nicola Sturgeon, Mike Russell, John Swinney, and the Holyrood Administration produced an alternative to Hard Brexit, a substantial body of work, outlining a Scottish alternative to Decree Absolute, which would also work UK wide, if they could get anybody Down There to listen.

    I have many relatives, friends, ex colleagues, who live in England and Wales, and I’d venture that most who read this excellent blog are in the same boat.
    We cannot just abandon EngWaland to its fate.

    But time is running out.

    It is argued that Indyref 2 must be triggered before March 2019, probably between October ’18.and March’ 19. Nothing can delay this timeframe. Therefore there is precious little wriggle room for rUK to change its mind.

    By early summer it will be too late.
    The timetable for Indyref 2 will proceed regardless.
    There’s more to Self Determination than remaining in the Single Market.

    • Pretty much Jack and well said. This isn’t about ‘told you so’. Nor has it ever been about exceptionalism or proving ourselves better than anyone. It’s always been about being better than we are and as good as anyone else. It’s about effective government and societal advancement/empowerment. It’s about real terms survival of our society, its economy and its cohesion at this point. The best thing we can do for our friends and neighbours is offer the best example we can. That there is a different way.

      RE: a referendum toward that end?

      The manifesto pledge is well known, but worth repeating.

      “if there is a significant and material change in the circumstances that prevailed in 2014, such as Scotland being taken out of the EU against our will”

      Latterly the FM’s statement on EU negotiations June of last year –

      That’s the state of play.

      Mr Wishart is for extending that process and continuing along the path of gradualism and Mr Dornan is for using the current mandate, which exists and is beyond question.

      Several questions spring to mind. Do we trust a UK government beyond the current parliament? Do we trust that they will not enact further legislation or employ further acts of media intimidation and manipulation to neuter the Holyrood parliament? Are we confident that sizeable numbers within the indy movement won’t become disillusioned with what they may perceive as a broken commitment? No government. No party’s popularity lasts forever (which is kinda what the opposition’s war of attrition has been all about). How confident are we that voter apathy and constant establishment media saturation won’t finally win out at any future election?

      I’m a huge fan of gradualism. Of leading people to where you want them to be, rather than pushing them. Of building consensus and confidence over time. Sometimes though, events can make a total nonsense of the best strategies. I’d say this is one of those times. Without Brexit and the appalling hardship it promises to lay at folk’s feet, I’d have been prepared to follow through on the gradualist approach. It may have taken five more years. It may have taken ten, but another opportunity would have presented itself regardless and the population would have been more prepared.

      As it is? Brexit is a game changer in more ways than folk can easily imagine. Constitutional crisis throughout these islands as agreements and pledges are shattered. Economic hardship not seen in decades. The threat of rights both human and civil being at the mercy of continued Tory whim and the very real possibility of Holyrood’s powers being lessened or as I said earlier, neutered.

      On this occasion I disagree with Mr Wishart. The impact of Brexit makes it fairly essential that the Scottish Government are seen to act as a government protecting the choice and interests of the population under its care. There will be no mitigating or offsetting the budgetary consequences of Brexit on a Scotland still party to political union with Westminster. No government, of whatever stripe, sitting at Holyrood could.

      It’s beyond party political strategy at this point.

  17. Jack, you do realise that most of those in England do not actually care one bit about Scotland, Scotland’s independence, or people. They are good people, the folks in England where I come from, but, their view of Scotland is subsidy junkie, too poor, too stupid and well, just an annoying appendage. It’s ‘shut up, stop moaning you’s have it good. You have more funding per head than us in England, and you still moan even though we subsidise you’s so you have free tuition, and free prescriptions. Well, we pay that for you so boo hoo, suck it up like the rest of us!’ ‘ And anyways, what will you do, there’s no oil left!’

    People in England generally see Scotland as a pain to be put up with, and they would see it as just if the Scots were hit extemely badly by their hard brexit. People in England, my family and friends, do not want to know about the clearances, the 300 years of colonisation. They do not care if we scream how Scotland is shafted and should be independent. The information they are fed by their media portrays Scotland as scrounging, full of dangerous nationalists, who need teaching a lesson and putting back in their box. They are not bothered about Scots wanting independence, seriously, they would see Scotland treated like Catalonia, and see it as just and right because Scotland is another region, owned by the Brits.

    My no voting friends voted no to ‘give the union another chance’ in 2014. Look how that turned out, evel, brexit, not one of their faux vow promises honoured.

    Scotland has suffered enough, and is in no position to save the rUK. Scotland has to escape the dreadful disaster of brexit, staying on the sinking ship hekps no one, not even those in England. rUK would push Scotland under a bus to save themselves, be in no doubt about that.

    Independence for Scotland. Unless seeing the end of Scotland as a country, and all that entails, is acceptable. It’s abhorrent to me.

    • Bravo, Hetty! I agree that a majority of the electorate in England could not give two hoots about Scotland and certainly wouldn’t exert themselves to prevent Scotland from suffering a disaster, even if it were in their power to do so.

      I am tired of hearing Corbynistas telling me it’s our duty to “stick together” to defeat the Tories and that when that is done we can go back about our own pursuits. they are deaf and blind to the fact that as far as 62% and counting of Scots are concerned, Corbyn is as much of a disaster as the current shower, since he, too, MUST be committed to Brexit if he is to fulfill his promises regarding renationalisation. Not to mention the fact that Labour MUST have Scottish Labour MPs in Westminster if they are ever again to assume power.

      No – we must ignore the siren song of “Help us defeat the Tories and then we’ll see …” Independence – and the sooner the better!

  18. Sam, Hetty, Wendy, I’m still ‘family-ing’, so I’ll be brief.
    Otherwise the Reason That Makes My Life Worth Living may catch me hovering over the keyboard right now when those square slice sausages, black pudding and crispy Ayrshire bacon won’t cook themselves and our precious guests will have to wait and I’ll be handed my head in a basket to play with…(Aye, right. Mrs C.)
    I am with Sam and Mr Dornan here.
    From the Scottish Government’s own website:-

    “We believe that remaining in the EU and the single market, and continuing to benefit from the free movement of persons, is in the best interests of Scotland and the UK as a whole. Not only does Scotland (and the UK) benefit enormously from the contribution made by citizens of other EU countries, but we also benefit from the opportunity that free movement gives to Scots to live and work in other EU countries.

    We are particularly concerned about protecting the rights of family members of EU citizens, the processes of applying for new settled status in the UK, and continued access to independent judicial redress. More detail on our position can be found in the First Minister’s letter to EU citizens in Scotland.

    We do not believe that EU citizens and their families should see their future rights reduced as a result of Brexit. We will continue to press the UK Government to protect the rights of the 209,000 EU citizens living in Scotland, and the rights of Scots in other EU countries.”

    We need their votes. If we defer Indyref 2 until after Brexit, any date after April 2019, there is a real danger that the WM Government would veto EU citizens rights to vote in the Independence plebiscite. They will have ‘taken back control’ and Scotland would be under the thumb of Westminster with no recourse to EU laws, safeguards and EJC rules.
    I cannot imagine that most EU citizens who have done us the honour to come here, work here, and want to settle here would vote No to an Independent Scotland, to be used as cynical ‘bargaining chips’ by the Brit Nat Blue Red and Yellow Tories in London.
    There is a small window of opportunity over the next few weeks, until the Easter Recess say, when we may consider the fate of the 48% who voted Remain Down There.
    I have worked all over the Uk over the decades and I agree that in the main English citizens rarely think of Scotland in any sense at all, other than as North Briton, as ‘rivals’ on sports days, kilts and country dancing at new Year’s.
    I am more than concinced that we have almost reached Breaking Point; almost.
    I have one more olive branch left to proffer. If The Remain Brit Nats remain ‘moribund’, and I don’t see that Old Militant Commie Corbyn rallying to the EU Remain cause, then my patience will evaporate like the steam from the pot of boiled eggs which I am in great danger of hard boiling right now.
    We are in campaign Yes mode now.
    Remember, this is not of Scotland’s making.
    I’m damned if I’ll go gently into England’s Dark Night.
    By hook or by crook, we shall be Free, by April 2019.
    French Toast, anyone?
    Bisous, mes amis Canadiens.

    • Here here and enjoy the English turn on each other after we gain independence because the conservatives will blame us leaving for them being in the shite I can grantee that and the English will not be able to process that the media they trusted for so long told them a giant pork pie.

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