The year of the dug

恭喜發財 Gung hei faat choi! Happy Chinese new year, and we are now in the year of the dug. According to one Chinese astrology site, the year of the dog is the year for fighting the political causes that you believe in passionately, which seems appropriate for this blog. Not that I believe in astrology, but then you were expecting me to say that because I’m a Virgo. However the astrologists, perhaps for a change, do give some good advice – this is a year for pacing ourselves, for slow and steady growth, and above all else for hard work.

By the end of the Year of the Dug, there will just be a few short weeks left before the UK leaves the EU, taking Scotland with it. We’ll be out of the EU and into the Year of the Pig. You only have to glance at the Conservatives to see how appropriate that is. This coming year is certainly going to be a year for fighting a political cause. It’s in this Year of the Dug that we will build our campaign for a Scotland that decides its own path and is not led into piggery by Tory Brexiteers. We can win the campaign that is coming, but we need to prepare ourselves for it. We have work to do.

The first thing we need to do is focus our efforts. Above all else that means putting an end to the divisive and harmful infighting that blighted our movement last year. This is a grass-roots movement, a mass movement, a national movement. That means that by definition it’s going to contain people that you disagree with, people whose views you may find objectionable. The only thing that we all agree on is the core defining issue of the Scottish independence campaign, and that is that we all believe that the only sovereign body in Scotland should be the people of Scotland, all of us who were born here, all of us who have chosen to live here.

Being Scottish isn’t about your genes, it’s not about your ancestry, it’s about living in Scotland, identifying with Scotland, and sharing the future of Scotland. Above all else, Scottishness is a state of mind, and it’s one which is contagious. Collectively we are the Scottish people, and we are the only ones who have the right to decide what path Scotland takes, what kind of country we want to live in, what choices we want this nation to make. We agree that it’s for the people of Scotland to decide, that the people of Scotland are the only sovereign body and not a parliament on the banks of the Thames in which our representatives are a small and permanent minority which can be sidelined and ignored, but what we don’t necessarily agree on is what choices the sovereign body that is the people of Scotland should take.

A striking thing about the movement for Scottish self-determination is that it is characterised by people who are not demanding independence because they believe that Scotland is better than anywhere else. They’re certainly not working for independence because they hate the English. The overwhelming majority who are involved in this campaign seek Scottish independence because they recognise that there is so much that is wrong with this country, and it needs to be fixed. This is country which is scarred by inequality, riven by social injustice, divided by access to wealth. This is a country whose assets, resources, capital, and people have historically been bled for the benefit of the economy of London and the south east. Scotland isn’t a poor country, it’s an impoverished one. Scotland is a country where for too long people have learned to be passive, to be quiet, to dree their weird. That needs to change, and the only ones who can change it are ourselves.

A Westminster which makes political choices in its own interests, without considering Scotland’s needs, without listening to Scotland’s voices, isn’t going to fix those problems. All too often that Westminster parliament and the parties which inhabit it have a vested interest in ensuring that Scotland’s problems continue. The only people who are going to face up to Scotland’s problems, to tackle them, to solve them, are the people of Scotland.

These are things we can all agree on. What we don’t necessarily agree on is what the solutions are. But it’s unproductive, it’s self-destructive, for our movement to tear itself apart on questions which we can’t start to address until after independence has been achieved. Before we can argue about whether we want a shot on the swings or the roundabout, we have to get to the playpark. First of all we need to establish the principle of the sovereignty of the people of Scotland.

In this coming year, we need self-discipline. This isn’t about egos, this isn’t about personalities. This is about building visions of a better Scotland. Refraining from attacking other independence supporters doesn’t mean “wheesht for indy”. You can still, you should still, put forward and develop your own ideas, and if those ideas are seen to have merit then others will adopt them. You can do that without getting into fights with other independence supporters who have different views. The only people who benefit when independence supporters attack one another are the British nationalists. All of us who seek independence have a common interest in showing up the shortcomings and contradictions of British nationalist arguments, if there’s any verbal attacking to be done that’s what we should be attacking.

This year we need to be visible. You might not like rallies, but that doesn’t mean attacking those who attend them. Not everything in the indy campaign is about converting No voters. We also need to think about our own morale and our own resolve, and when you are an activist in a movement which is under seige by an overwhelmingly British nationalist media, you need the comfort, strength and support that comes from being in the presence of others who share your dreams. Because we are all too often marginalised and sidelined by the media, it’s all the more important that we raise our profile and become visible to the wider community. If you don’t like the idea of rallies or demonstrations, we always need more Yes hubs, we need more canvassing, we need more public events, we need more street stalls in town and village streets. The best form of criticism is to do your own thing and to make a success of it.

We need to support the existing pro-independence media and to encourage and support new initiatives. It is ironic that independence supporters spend far more to support anti-independence media than they do supporting pro-independence media. We need newspapers like The National, we need glossy magazines like iScot, we need video projects like Broadcasting Scotland, Indylive, Phantom Power.

But more than anything else, we need more yes groups. There is already a network of groups across the country, but there are still gaps. By the end of this year we ought to have local groups in every town and district in Scotland. Those groups are going to be the backbone of the coming campaign, and local activism in those groups will do infinitely more for the independence cause than picking fights on Twitter with people who have Union flegs in their avatars because they say they’re not nationalist at all.

Above all else, that’s the message of the Year of the Dug. Get involved. If we want to change Scotland, we need to do it for ourselves. Get involved and change the world.

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  2. AUOB May 5th Glasgow.

    Let people know there’s a way out of this epic galactofeck. Let them know they’re not alone and that we can use their help. No vote wasted.

  3. agree with everything you wrote Paul but am worried about the timing .
    I have been for quite some time.
    For example “By the end of this year we ought to have local groups in every town and district in Scotland”.

    I would prefer that to read “by the beginning of this summer”.
    Possible? Probable? I don’t know.
    Your timetable is undoubtedly more realistic but .. .I just have this feeling of urgency that I can’t quite shake off.

    I am more and more convinced IndyRef2 has to happen before March 2019 and to be quite honest I would prefer autumn 2018.
    With an announcement soon.
    Maybe after these May local elections, particularly if they go our way?

    The EU and Westminster have to be informed that they cannot automatically factor Scotland into any plans and agreements they are setting up. Because after those plans and agreements are set up and sent round the EU for ratification (autumn 2018), our window of opportunity will have slammed shut.

    The EU and Westminster need to be told that the Scots are going to make their minds up definitively on such and such a day – and then may the vote go with us!

    • Aye, the timing bothers me too. Part of me thinks “Naw, come oan noo, who kens best eh, you or Nicola Sturgeon ?” but like you I have feelings of unease about waiting too long and missing our chance

      Once March 2019 comes I just think it’s going to implode – I want #ScotRef in Sept 2018, I’ve been saying that date for a long time.

      On the plus side, it does look like DUP support for Theresa might not be a given, due to collapse of talks – why did May go all the way tae Stormont just to announce there wasn’t a deal eh ? From what I’ve seen on t’interweb looks like all’s not well in DUP land & until they have an agreement, there’s no £1billion sweetener from the tories. So no majority in WM.

      Aye, Theresa oot, chaos at WM & a cheeky #ScotRef victory in the autumn. Mebbes I’ll be able tae sleep at night then 🙄

  4. We need to engage with as many people as possible. I was at a university course on Saturday and in the break pulled out my National. The woman next to me wanted to know what it was about so I explained and handed over my National. Maybe a convert?
    If you can afford to have cards or fliers printed (about £10 to £12 per 500) designing them is easy on the commercial websites. You could have cards with the addresses of pro-Indy sites. Indy Poster Boy is another possibility because of all his down-loadable material.
    I leave my cards on public transport, in library books and they can be handed out to anyone you meet who might be interested in learning more.
    Even if you are limited by age or infirmity, we can all do something.

    • Imagine if thousands of WGD and Wings supporters bought boxes of Business Card Stationery and printed their own cards to be scattered the length and breadth of Scotland.

      A site could be set up where people could submit their designs for card content which, if people do not want to produce their own designs, formats could be downloaded and printed on their own printers.

      Printers with double-sided facility could produce cards with twice as much information.

      • Let’s start with:-

        We keep being told that Scotland is a finaNcial basket case dEpendent on subsidies paid for by English Taxpayers.

        If that is the case why are our colonial masters so desperate to hang on to Scotland?

  5. The Rainbow Sign. Part One of Three

    In 1814, when the British Empire was taking on the US in the Battle of New Orleans to claim by violent means that city and the territories which the US ‘bought’ from France under what is known as ‘The Louisiana Purchase’( Yes, they were all at it, in the Days of Empire: selling land to each other without so much as a ‘by your leave’ of the local proles. France needed the money to fight wars.) an eminent Scottish pioneer in photography and physical optics, David Brewster, began work on a wee novelty which I feel sure most of us have enjoyed toying with during our formative years.

    Brewster derived the name of his invention from the Greek; ‘kalos’ , ‘beauty, beautiful’, ‘eidos’, ‘that which is seen: form, shape’, and ‘skopeo’, ‘to look to, to examine’.
    Like me, I’m sure many of you have marvelled at the ever changing array of colours and beautiful forms produced by the humble kaleidoscope.

    A Christmas stocking filler in pre Game Boy Days.

    Perhaps we Scots weren’t ‘too stupid’ back in them thar days.
    See us Scots, see inventions, we wur pure dead brilliant, so we wur.

    In Paul’s excellent piece, (he is at his stonking best these days, peaking at the right time, yes?) ‘The Year of the Dug’, he exhorts us all to get our Independence act together. Now really is the time.

    ‘Above all else that means putting an end to the divisive and harmful infighting that blighted our movement last year. This is a grass-roots movement, a mass movement, a national movement. That means that by definition it’s going to contain people that you disagree with, people whose views you may find objectionable.’

    In short, during the upcoming Self Determination Campaign the Yes Movement must don an amazing technicolour dreamcoat.

    One of Scotland’s strengths is its incredible diversity, its ‘coat of many colours’, a vibrant inclusive nation brim full of ideas, resourcefulness, and among Yes supporters, drawn from all backgrounds, beliefs, and political affiliations, an ever changing kaleidoscope of beautiful forms and patterns. We thrive on change and innovation, be it in renewable energy advances, or space exploration.

    We must use our diversity as a strength, not allow the Brit Nats to exploit it as a weakness.
    Paul again:-

    “It’s in this Year of the Dug that we will build our campaign for a Scotland that decides its own path and is not led into piggery by Tory Brexiteers. We can win the campaign that is coming, but we need to prepare ourselves for it. We have work to do.”

    Indeed there is work to do.

    • Another first class blog paul, I think the YES movement have somehow got to find a way to link together the individual units to become a collective movement. A collective DIY YES club that members could join from all the different units, this would give us a voice, and a guide to how many supporters there is within the movement. Lets get independance then we can sort out all our differances as to how we run the country.

    • Absolutely, thank you, Jack.
      There is a huge amount of work to do.
      There is also huge potential in Scotland. People hungry for a better life.
      (and sometimes people hungry; which is a damned disgrace in this day and age.)
      We need to get off our collective arses and do something.
      When i was about 17 and skiving off school after the exams were done, sunbathing on the south facing front step, admiring Ben Rinnes, my Dad (who was away back to work at the distillery) said to me, “Aye, son, get off your arse and do something. You’re no staying in this house to laze around”.
      So i packed my bag and left the next morning. And about 2, or 3, nights later i was back, because it was difficult to go out into the world on my own with a tenner in my pocket. (1978). But i got a job laying drainage pipes in a farmer’s field, and after that i got a job for a year in the distillery warehouse, and saved some cash, and after that Glasgow Uni, and so on and so on.
      And my Dad, now 79, thinks that “this country is finished”. And by “this country” he means the UK, because that’s the country he grew up in. And he’s fair scunnered with all the politicians.
      And he never votes. I have never known him to vote in my whole life. (Though my Mother did, and she voted SNP). My Dad throws his voting papers in the bin and says “Waste of bloody time.”
      And he’s worked hard all his life, from leaving school at 15. An apprenticeship in Hall Russell shipyard in Aberdeen, 3rd engineer in the merchant navy on sugar carriers, maintenance engineer at Culter papermill, married with 2 kids by his young 20’s,(number 10, Freddie’s Den, Dalmaik Terrace), legendary Hogmanays, maintenance engineer at Glenallachie Distillery, boilerman with Cochrane Boilers. Even a wee stint offshore on the rigs as a motorman when the distillery closed. Retired at 63, after maybe being out of work for 2 weeks in his entire working life. As fine a man as you will ever meet. Honest and decent.
      And he watches the BBC as Brexit unfolds, and May and Johnson and Gove and Rees-Mogg mouthing off, and says “what a bloody shower. Nae wunner the country is on it’s knees”.
      So bring on the independence vote, and I will ask him, as a favour to his kids, and the future generations not to throw his voting paper in the bin, but to walk down to the polling booth and say Yes. (And i will also return from Canada, before the referendum date, and register to vote. So there are 2 more Yes votes than there were in 2014!)
      There’s plenty of life in the old man yet, by the way. This is not some sort of eulogy.
      After independence we’ll go for a road trip again and see the sights, with fresh eyes.
      Fish and chips at the seaman’s mission in Lochinver, a wee dram in Applecross.

      • A wonderful memory, asty. MY father too served in RN during the war, was a coppersmith on the Clyde, built the Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mary, and the QE2, with a couple of lads giving an occasional hand with the heavy lifting.
        I too had the greatest Dad the Chief could give me. We are standing on their shoulders looking ahead, not downwards.
        We shall prevail this time. There is no other option.

    • Well said, Jack. I agree completely that our diversity IS our strength. Canada is a country that celebrates diversity and inclusion which, I suppose, is why I feel comfortable here for the time being. Whatever I can do from 3,000 miles away, I WILL do to make this Scotland’s year.

  6. As others have put events up here, I’ll do the same.
    April 7th 11am to 1pm – YesM8 – Populate the bridges over the M8 in a show of pride in Scotland.
    To avoid/minimise any problems, we need to know who is interested.
    Contact us on @YesM8Scotland or YesM8 on Facebook

  7. The Rainbow Sign: Part Two of Three

    Well, we all know what happened. The tears were not dry on our cheeks before Cameron stood outside Number 10 at 07.00 am 19th September 2014 and announced EVEL , and the WM guns were re-trained on UKIP and an EU Referendum, now that Scotland had been put back in its box.
    And Auld Lizzie purred.

    The Scottish Affairs Committee was appointed by the House of Commons to examine the expenditure,
    administration, and policy of the Scotland Office :

    Mr Ian Davidson MP (Labour/Co-op, Glasgow South West) (Chair)
    Mike Crockart MP (Liberal Democrat, Edinburgh West)
    Jim McGovern MP (Labour, Dundee West)
    Graeme Morrice MP (Labour, Livingston)
    Pamela Nash MP (Labour, Airdrie and Shotts)
    Sir Jim Paice MP (Conservative, South East Cambridgeshire)
    Simon Reevell MP (Conservative, Dewsbury)
    Mr Alan Reid MP (Liberal Democrat, Argyll and Bute)
    Lindsay Roy MP (Labour, Glenrothes)
    Dr Eilidh Whiteford MP (Scottish National Party, Banff and Buchan)
    The following members were also members of the committee during the Parliament:
    Fiona Bruce MP (Conservative, Congleton)
    Mike Freer MP (Conservative, Finchley and Golders Green)
    Cathy Jamieson MP (Labour/Co-op, Kilmarnock and Loudoun)
    Mrs Eleanor Laing MP (Conservative, Epping Forest)
    Mark Menzies MP (Conservative, Fylde)
    Iain McKenzie MP (Labour, Inverclyde)
    David Mowat MP (Conservative, Warrington South)
    Fiona O’Donnell MP (Labour, East Lothian)
    Julian Smith MP (Conservative, Skipton and Ripon)

    We are grateful to Magnus Gardham,(where is he now?) writing in the Daily Record in October 2011, for the headline:-

    “SNP MP quits Parliament committee amid claims Labour chairman threatened her with ‘a doing’ “

    Dr Eilidh Whiteford MP dramatically quit a Commons committee after claiming its Labour chairman bullied her by saying he would “give her a doing”.

    This was the same Ian Davidson who gleefully looked forward to ‘bayonetting the (YES)wounded’ post Indyref 1 in a Killing Field cull.

    This was the same Ian Davidson who threatened that the only way to keep the BAE Frigate contracts on the Clyde was to vote No, and in the event of a YES vote, he would personally campaign to have an opt out clause built into BAE orders moving production from Govan and Rosyth to England, ProudScotBut that he is.

    A Lovely man.

    His 100% Unionist Committee produced Impact Analyses Papers on the following areas:

    Macroeconomic and fiscal
    Financial services and banking
    Science and research
    Europe and International
    Business and microeconomic framework
    Borders and citizenship
    Work and pensions

    The Mardarins and their minions at the Treasury, Security Services, the Foreign Office, the Home Office, DWP, HMRC, the Foreign Office, BoE, and well, all WM Departments really, contributed to compiling the Reports.

    Of course they started off with Terms of Reference which demanded there be only one outcome, that their conclusions would establish that Scotland would be a basket case and would plunge into Third World poverty and privation without England’s broad shoulders and subsidies.

    Having been given the answer beforehand, all Davidson’s Committee had to do was ensure was that the words in the body of the texts confirmed that Scotland was tooweetoopoortoostupidtooshite to go it alone.

    They were not found wanting.

    Remember Osborne’s Sermon on the Mound. Scotland would not be allowed to use the Pound. There would be no Currency Union. Strictly Ed Balls agreed with him. So did the Hong Kong Banker Danny Alexander. And a right little banker he turned out to be.
    These Papers were used by SPADs to write ‘lines to take’ for their MPs and Ministers.

    The Dead Tree Scrolls and the broadcasters published their daft conclusions and too wee propaganda as though it were the truth and nothing but.
    Glen and Gordon and Brian at the Pacific Quay BBC Stockade warned that we’d be out of the EU, NATO and the Readers’ Digest Book Club.

    You may recall Margaret Curran recoiling in mock horror at the thought of being on holiday in England, taking unwell, and being treated as a ‘foreigner’ at Liverpool hospital.

    I’d venture that Ms Curran would crawl across the border to North Berwick into NHS Scotland jurisdiction these days.

    Darling, Brown, Murphy, Clegg, Cameron, Miliband, are all gone. I doubt that any of them could face lying to us all yet again. Now is the time.

    Remember Rickshaw Man lambasting the dozens of Labour MPs and Shadow Cabinet members when they came North for the day.
    “These lovely people, they have travelled all the way from England to tell us they are better to rule us than anybody else, our imperial masters. People of Glasgow your imperial masters have arrived.”
    Well, no more Mr and Mrs Nice Guy.

    • Yes, Jack. Rickshaw Man – what a wonderful young person! Lost count the number of times I watched his superb performance. So good to know that most of our young people know that independence is imperative.

  8. The Rainbow Sign. Part Three of Three.

    England and Wales are leaving the EU, and they want to force Scotland to join them in what is universally accepted as the financial, social, political, and diplomatic hell that will be Empire 2.
    Govan is not building 13 frigates, 260,000 Scots children now live in poverty, half a million of our citizens are living below subsistence level, and anything relating to Scotland which WM touches crumbles to dust.
    Their own Brexit Impact Analyses clearly spell out disaster for Scotland.
    That fatuous little blob of Blue Tory insignificance has made herself scarce over the last week or so. She is no longer Margaret Thatcher astride the cock and balls of a tank.
    She is Diana Prince of Hearts and land mines, somewhere in a war torn zone.
    What a disgusting little displacement gesture and grubby wee photo op to avoid facing the electorate who pay her wages.
    ‘We have work to do’.
    Let’s get our retaliation in first this time.
    The Scottish Affairs Analyses Papers were prepared before Brexit, May, Corbyn, and Trump, and now provide the YES movement with a collection of battered old playing cards which the Brit Nats have already revealed.
    With EngWaland about to exit the EU some of the claims in the Papers border on the hilarious now.
    It is England which is out on a limb now.
    Now is the perfect time to kick start Indyref 2.
    Today the WM Scottish Affairs has significant SNP input:
    Pete Wishart (Chair) Scottish National Party
    Deidre Brock Scottish National Party
    David Duguid Conservative
    Hugh Gaffney Labour
    Christine Jardine Liberal Democrat
    Ged Killen Labour (Co-op)
    John Lamont Conservative
    Paul Masterton Conservative
    Danielle Rowley Labour
    Tommy Sheppard Scottish National Party
    Ross Thomson Conservative
    Ross Thomson can interpret the Offside Rule for the team, and Hugh Gaffney can be sent out to the local Chinese Takeaway for a carry out supper if they are burning the midnight oil.
    Pete Wishart chairs the Committee, there are 36 Scottish SNP MPs on the Campaign Trail, we even have Welsh Labour on board re Brexit, so I doubt that the Brit Nats would succeed in producing a fresh set of Project Fear Analyses this time ‘round.
    There has never been a better time to reassert Scotland’s Sovereignty.
    May I suggest that crack teams analyse, update and refute the Project Fear Papers. We have some remarkable people across the political spectrum who would make mincew meat of these Papaers now.
    England’s borders, lender of last resort, interest rates, Defence, membership of the EU, currency, and so much more are under threat come Brexit. Scotland has so much more to gain from Self Determination, initially within the EU than going down the International chlorinated chicken Brexit Black Hole.

    But we must all pull together.

    Eye on the prize. A kaleidoscope of colours designed to dazzle the Opposition with our togetherness and ever changing shape.
    A Scottish Government of the people, by the people, and accountable to the people of Scotland first, Thereafter Scottish GEs will reflect the true democratic will of the citizens of Scotland, not the top down diktat via ProudScotBut Uncle Toms from English Governments.

  9. fantastic Paul & wonderful comments btl
    i feel we are increasing in confidence now after too long in the doldrums
    NOW is the time

  10. Another good, if not inspiring, article WGD.

    Totally agree that we need more Yes groups but, these should all talk to each other; raise, and where possible agree,common issues; identify differences, see how we can show the people it is not only a couple of political parties interested in Independence but also, a substantial part of the Sovereign people of this Country.

  11. As an opening salvo – to get a feel for the unity of purpose and direction from the Labour Party in the forthcoming Scottish Independence Referendum – as Jermy’s / the Labour Party’s position is now apparently to abolish University tuition fees ‘in England’ – perhaps Richard Leonard can clarify if this too is Labour’s policy ‘in Scotland’ – a clear answer mind, just like Labour’s position on the EU

    Remembering of course that Labour campaigned alongside the Conservative and Liberal Parties in 2014 and Labour was very much ‘in favour’ of University tuition fees in Scotland at the time (and were at great pains to chastise the Scottish Government for embracing such a socially inclusive policy) and also as a Party were not exactly proponents of Scottish Independence.

    The Conservative Party (in Scotland) also actively campaigned, on the same stage as the SNP to Remain in the EU…. where are they now? a Secretary of State for Scotland determined there will be no special deal or accommodation for a Country that voted democratically, overwhelmingly, in every Constituency, including his own, to Remain in the EU.

    So…as things have panned out since 2014, no second thoughts at all, , not one night’s lost sleep as to whether voting Yes the last time was the right decision. .we already have the democratic mandate for this (69/59) .. let’s use it..

    Yes to Independence.

  12. Just accessed BBC I player.
    The English FA Cup, Wigan versus Manchester City is on BBC Scotland, yet we have to pay an American Cable channel to watch the Scottish international Team.
    Why exactly am I paying the BBC money to have English culture rammed down my throat?
    Claire Balding is English tonight as the footie is on. I’m Scottish, but fuck you, Scotland?
    Hope you’re happy at Pacific Quay, lads and lassies.I suppose it means another night off for you lot.
    What a corrupt little Brit Nat stockade.
    Any comment, Tam Cowan and Stuart Cosgrave?
    Talk about rubbing their faeces in our faces.
    Come the Revolution.

    • Thinking of Clare Balding’s scolding of Rhona Martin for saying “Scotland” live in public, I’ve decided to abandon the snow games and stick to the Six (sorry, Four) Nations rugby tournament. Great Britain vs Great Britain was disappointing, but Great Britain vs Great Britain and Great Britain vs Great Britain look promising.

    • Some older people are terrified of the consequences of not paying the BBC tax Jack. I keep telling them that before they can take any legal action they have to prove there is a case against you; do not let them into your house and, do not answer any questions. Follow these simple rules and there is absolutely, sfa they can do about it. Even if they look in your window and see you watching TV (as happened to me) they cannot use this information as it was obtained illegally.

      In my little corner it’s a slow process, but we’re getting there.

      • One of the boons of Independence, Kenzie. We won’t be paying rich BBC Executives by threat of a criminal conviction if we don’t.
        Come on, Tam, Stuart. No comment about Scotland getting the FA, or rather the EFA, cup game on my telly?
        As an aside, our SFA should drop the ‘S’.

  13. O/T apologies

    Call KayE’s Moan-in topic . . Rubbishing the Scottish Government’s budget. . . . two expert guests . . . Struan Stevenson and Andy MacIver . . . .

    Tories to the MAX.

    Apparently ones a lecturer the other works for a kinda PR company

    • I twigged this is well. I even mentioned to my supreme leader, ‘she who must obeyed’, that this will be a farce and an attack on the SG even before I knew who the guests were. Bias from the BBC, surely not.

    • I’ve just checked Struan Stevenson’s wiki page. He obviously wrote it himself. Arch Tory with links to US ‘fundamentalists’..
      MacIver is never off Brewer’s programmes. The Go To ex Tory now PR mouthpiece guaranteed to SNP BAD for appearance money.
      They really are a sad little clique behind the fortified walls of the Brit Nat Stockade on Pacific Quay.
      They will probably need therapy when we ‘take back control’.
      No more Lords lording it over us, no more BBC/STV/Newspaper moguls suppressing the Truth, no more Brit Nat ex politicians guesting on Brit Nat Broadcasting decrying Scotland as too shite.
      This is Revolution; we are driving this lot out of Scottish institutions. I’m sure the Mother Land will welcome them Down There when Scotland sends them packing.

      • I just wonder if these comfortable folk are sleeping so easily now , because always on the Horizon is this Indy hoard knocking at the door , softly for now but , and the , but being it hasn’t went away , despite all the media being against independence the numbers supporting it haven’t dwindled if anything they have grown , the media dare not admit the growing support ,

        I guess the inevitability of independence must worry them after all it’s a natural state for the rest of the world why not us , are we so unique that we can’t run a country just like all the other normal democratic countries , it’s like a drum beat slowly getting more pronounced and a little louder every day .

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