Extra cherries on the Brexit cake

The Prime Minister Theresa May delivered her much anticipated speech on Brexit on Friday, in which she was expected to lay out some detail about what sort of Brexit the UK hopes to achieve. This was Theresa’s long awaited “Road to Brexit” speech, a phrase which half the country can no longer hear without humming along to the song Road to Nowhere by Talking Heads.

You knew that the speech was going to be full of meaningless guff as soon as she started because one of the first things she said was “I want to be straight with people.”  That’s always a bad sign from Theresa May.  She was going to make a pitch to the entire UK to get together behind her vision of Brexit, so there was a lot of waffle of the sort that you get from a reality show contestant who’s making a plea not to be turfed out of the competition. About the only thing that Theresa May didn’t mention was that the EU should give the UK everything it wants on Brexit because the UK’s wheelchair bound grandmother died of cancer, while Theresa told us with tear streaked cheeks that keeping her career alive was the most important thing in the whole world. We already know that’s the most important thing in the whole world to Theresa.

The people who Theresa May smeared as “saboteurs” and citizens of nowhere are expected to wave Union flegs and smile and get behind her. Just because. There was nothing in the speech that might count as a substantial concession to the half of the UK who voted to remain. There was certainly nothing which counted as a concession to those parts of the UK, like Scotland, which voted to remain. We’re all expected to shut up and do what we’re told. Yes, you’re going to lose your rights as EU citizens. Yes it’s quite likely that you’ll lose the right to work and settle freely in Europe. But taking back control! Sovereignty of Parliament! Trade deals with Burkina Faso and Belarus!

There was bugger all that counted as a substantial pitch to remain voters, and there was precious little of a pitch to other EU countries either. May’s pitch to Europe is that the UK expects a soft Brexit without having to comply with any of the necessary conditions of a soft Brexit, and it expects the EU to come up with a mechanism to make that work. She wants a soft Brexit, but also a hard Brexit at the same time. She wants no hard border on the island of Ireland, and no customs border in the Irish sea but she still demands that the whole of the UK is going to leave the customs union and the single market and there’s no plan for how to achieve any of that. She wants a free trade deal that encompasses finance and broadcasting as well as other services and manufacturing, she wants no trade tariffs, but she also wants no membership of EU agencies, no EU regulation, and full and free access for the UK to EU markets, but no plan on how any of that might be made to work other than a vague hope that Michel Barnier is actually Santa Claus.  Brexit is a big problem that the British government expects the EU to solve.

After all that what we’ve learned is that the British government still expects that slogans on the side of a bus are realistic options. The UK remains as delusional as ever. It doesn’t matter how many times that the EU tells the British government that it can’t cherry pick, that it can’t have its cake and eat it, that leaving the customs union and the single market mean tariffs, customs checks, and trade barriers, the British government still thinks that sticking its fingers in its ears and going la-la-la we’re not listening is a valid negotiating position. The UK remains so arrogant, so out of touch, so lost in its own reveries of lost Empire, that it actually believes that it can dump all the problems caused by Brexit on the doorstep of the EU and expect the EU to solve all of them. The UK doesn’t merely want to have its cake and to eat it, it wants that cake to be full of eggs and cream but still to be suitable for vegans.

So in summary, the British prime minister wants the UK and the EU to remain close. She wants them to retain free and unhindered trade in goods and services. She wants no border on the island of Ireland. She wants the UK and the EU to have regulations that work in harmony. We already have all of this. It’s called EU membership. The only person who is more confused than the Prime Minister is ITV’s political editor Robert Peston, formerly of the BBC, who when asking a question introduced himself as “Robert Peston BBC”. Theresa was delighted as it proved she’s not the only person in the room who was living in the past.

The reaction from the EU hasn’t been positive. A prominent German politician, Manfred Weber, remarked that after hearing Theresa’s speech he was even more concerned than he had been before. “After what I have heard today I am even more concerned. I don’t see how we could reach an agreement on #Brexit if the UK government continues to bury its head in the sand like this.” Guy Verhofstadt, who is in charge of Brexit in the EU Parliament, released a statement saying, “We can only hope that serious proposals have been put in the post. While I welcome the call for a deep and special partnership, this cannot be achieved by putting a few extra cherries on the Brexit cake.”

Scotland didn’t rate a mention. The Conservative government’s assault on the devolution settlement wasn’t worthy of any justification. At the end of her speech, Theresa was asked about Scotland by a questioner, and how Scotland could be reconciled to Theresa’s vision of Brexit. She chose to ignore the question and instead we got some patronising guff about the need to keep the UK together. She doesn’t care whether Scotland is reconciled to Brexit or not, and the harsh reality for people in Scotland who still oppose independence is with the way that the UK is constituted, Theresa May and Westminster governments don’t need to care whether Scotland is reconciled to their decisions or not. Scotland will do as they say, and Scotland will have no means of expressing its disagreement. How’s that equal partner in a family of nations working out then?

So here are five key points for Scotland to take from Theresa’s speech and the Brexit process:
1. Scotland’s voice counts for nothing in the UK. Our vote to remain is ignored by the Conservatives.
2. Scotland’s interests will always be subordinated to the interests of the ruling British party.
3. The British government will use Brexit to undermine and weaken the devolution settlement.
4. The British government will lie, dissemble and cheat, because it expects that there’s nothing Scotland can do about it.
5. If we want to change this, it’s up to us. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do.


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0 thoughts on “Extra cherries on the Brexit cake

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  2. Excellent post Paul , surely none of us should be surprised at the guff T M utters. Does she think the EU is bluffing ? or this this her master plan for a hard brexit then to blame it all on the remainers and that divisive SNP.

    Meanwhile our First Minister is getting on with the day job and will stand up for Scotland . Time is marching on and will see this Rancid Unions demise.

  3. Nothing new then, as expected. It’s beyond belief that anyone could think the same old platitudes are the details we’d been assured would be revealed this afternoon.

  4. “Insanity: doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results” (Albert Einstein).

    Substitute “saying” for “doing” and “answers” for “results” and you have Theresa May.

  5. “If we want to change this, it’s up to us. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do.” Indeed it is and indeed we are!! This post shows the massive gulf between a nation with integrity and intellect [Scotland] and our Colonial Masters who lack both and always have done. The Maybot’s lies and waffle were so laughable I couldn’t stay with it until the end. I held on until about halfway through point 4 and then gave up.

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  7. By this time even the most dyed in the wool scottish unionist voter must realise something isn’t quite right in these talks about negotiations about talks .

    We had today on the daily politics programme four english woman discussing Mrs Mayhems current speech , her third such speech that told us exactly what the first two did and that was f/all .

    The one glaring omission in all this useless talk is a Scottish voice , have we all disappeared haven’t we been invited to england’s party , even westminsters stooge in the scotland office Fluffy didn’t appear in the photo opportunity at Mrs Mayhems country seat , maybe he was as usual making the tea while ruthie baked the cakes for the adults .

    A whole country suddenly disappears and no one notices now thats a first .

  8. Theresa’s problem is that she imagines the United KINGDOM is a family of nations. It is in fact only the father and mother that comprise the adults in the marriage with four child nations as the fruits of the marriage of the two adult kingdoms. Trouble is that three of those child nations belong to Father England from previous marriages and Mother Scotland is childless but being treated as just another dependent child by Father England.

  9. I don’t think any of us missed the comment on powers, especially agriculture and fisheries.

    It took PM May approximately half an hour to throw the phase 1 agreement, GFA, devolution settlement and indyref 2014 assurances under a bus. We’ve gone from the bestest, easiest Brexit ever, with exactly the same access for our businesses, to ‘here is what we want to happen’. Oh and I’m the PM of the whole UK and don’t anyone forget it. The not so veiled references to the home nations’ grievances and worries couched in only the thinnest of wonk speak.

    You’ll have had yer ‘union of equals’ then.

    As for the five tests? The five red lines? Dear God! The hubris on display was simply mind boggling. This was a cake and eat it speech. I very much doubt that the EU sees things in quite the same way as Ms May and her government.

    The Conservative government, firstly under PM Cameron and latterly under PM May, have driven a JCB through each and every standing and binding agreement with the home nations to enact the folly that was a UK ballot on EU membership and now bring about a Brexit outcome.

    How many of them. How many people paused even for a moment to consider what they were participating in? What they were dead set on taking a wrecking ball to? Did people honestly think there would be no consequences to UK government endangering or breeching agreements with the home nations? Of forcing a vote on those nations who argued against having it?

    A vote brought about by power/ideological struggles within the Conservative party and a campaign fought by both sides which brought shame to the UK as a whole. And yet today, were you to casually view recent media fare, every other soul out there is the bad guy. The EU is the bad guy because… reasons and furren. Then of course Scotland, fav scapegoat of the UK media, also because…reasons. Oh and grievance monkeys apparently. Don’t forget the chippy grievance monkey angle. Never occurs to the hard of thinking that there may actually be a considerable fucking grievance to answer. Next we come to N.I. and the R.O.I.. Well who really cares if the UK fucks up a couple of decades of people not killing each other. That GFA is getting in the way of a right royal Brexshit. Also? We’ve slipped a £1bn bung (OF YOUR CASH BY THE BY) to the DUP of all people, to keep things sweet and Tory government rolling along.

    This is before we get to the ‘day job’ politics of Conservative government. Y’know, the daily trudge of austerity ideology, greed, scandal, patronage, self entitlement, arrogance and ignorance. Before ALL of that. We have the biblical rolling clusterfuck that is Brexit.

    The media and their chain tuggers really, and I do mean REALLY, need to have a long hard fucking look in the mirror after today’s offering from Mansion House. Be aware, that the EU and those nations who voted remain are NOT at ANY fault here and I very much doubt that the former will be impressed with today’s speech, or that the latter will be dragged willingly into this epic omnishambles.

  10. Indeed. Her fifth “test” is no such thing – it’s an aspiration at best. By framing it with “..in doing these things…” means this is her conclusion – but it is utterly meaningless. Weaselwords as usual.

  11. I note today that Michael Russell, and then Nicola Sturgeon have expressed themselves in somewhat more direct rather than diplomatic language today, and I’m pleased. That bunch of Westminsters simply cannot be trusted.I baulk at the prospect of another Indy referendum where all the media chicanery and electronic subterfuge of the British state can be employed by them against us.

    Scotland voted by 62% to remain in the EU. A mandate,it is the duty and responsibility of the Scottish parliament to deliver that mandate and ensure that Scotland remains in the EU.

    And yes I am appalled by the behaviour of the Spanish government, and dismayed by the response of the EU. As EU members we can state our views and effect change. In a non-Eu member UK we will be helpless to defend against Perfidious Albion.

    It really is that serious now. So, whether you are shy, a bit lazy, or not interested in politics, it is time now to assert ourselves and publicly campaign for the Scotland we have and want to retain. Join your local Yes Group, if there isn’t one, form one.

  12. ‘Now is the winter of our discontent’

    Some hard facts: Scotland voted by 62% to Remain in the EU, the Scottish Parliament also voted 69 in favour, to 59 against – and therefore obtaining the Mandate to hold a referendum on Independence.

    We now have a clear picture (as clear as it is ever likely to get) of what Brexit looks like..no representation at the table of Scotland’s democratically expressed wishes, no inclusion of Scotland, no mention of Scotland, no future for Scotland….

    .so let’s use that mandate…..it’s about… what kind of Country do you want to live in?

  13. Lol, Theresa May wants to leave the EU while still remaining in it.

    Scotland really does need to choose a better future path, for if we don’t do it now, we may never get another opportunity to do so.

    Nicola, over to you.

  14. Brilliant article, WGD. Westminster treats Scotland with disdain then expects us to support their xenophobic British nationalist ambitions.

    Nae bloody chance!

  15. It is surprising anyone is surprised that the Maybot, having relocated from the AECC bus shelter, delivered anything other than vacuous nonsense. But there is plenty of it about.

    In Grauniad land, Severin Carell is trying, desperately, to big up the chances of the UK government taking the Scottish Government to the Supreme Court over its continuity bill, but actually avoids writing anything definitive… ‘Legal and political sources have told the Guardian it is highly likely that Richard Keen QC, the UK government’s Scottish law officer, would ask the supreme court to strike the legislation down,’ and ‘A legal source said…’ Yeah, yeah. I call BS. What a waste of virtual ink. A different, and, I would suggest, more useful source of information is Andrew Tickell in The National who writes ‘May’s Westminster’s parliamentary sovereignty … would allow a London majority to ram through David Davis’ Bill whatever MSPs and Welsh AMs make of it – but she also knows it is increasingly doubtful the House of Lords would support her legislation with the democratic assemblies of Wales and Scotland in open dissent.’

    On the question of a border, or not, on the island of Ireland between the Republic of Ireland and the northern bit, which is currently still part of the (not very) United Kingdom, the vacuity continues. However, the Irish Times tells us the DUP may have blown it. After embarrassing the Maybot last December and again more recently by collapsing Stormont talks there maybe a payback. New elections in Northern Ireland could provide the undoing of the DUP.

    Elsewhere on the Internet, on a different channel, in reaction to the ongoing vacuity, there was, this morning, an outbreak of surrealism, or perhaps hysteria, on eureferendum.com…

     There is a plan, a cunning plan, with a neep
     A magnificent neep
     An enormous magnificent neep
     The swedes to the rescue then

    As has been said elsewhere, I will get my coat.

  16. What an absolute fiasco. Fly to Dublin from wherever and make your way into Northern Ireland. Hike, hitch or get the bus or train. Better still make use of Theresa May’s “Trusted Traders Scheme” from the Republic all the way to the UK mainland. And vice versa? My head’s bursting trying to figure it all out. Unravel Treeza May’s load of old tommy rot. I’m now seriously thinking of sending Barnier a sympathy or get well soon card.

    • And from the EU side they note the UK is the continent’s biggest importer of counterfeit goods. They are worried that these will be trafficked into the EU via the Irish Border. An unregulated, unpatrolled international border with no agreements on either side will be a magnet for all manner of shady shenanigans. Never underestimate human greed allied to a nefarious instinct in coming up with lucrative wheezes.

  17. I am not dismayed (no pun intended) by any of this. Reading the speech carefully there was nothing new, just more words. Her crap talk was a Brexiteers dream list and a total misunderstanding of the facts of the world we live in. Total barking mad.

    Nothing has changed. The EU must think the WM numpties
    are on the yellow brick road.

  18. Just think of the jobs boost in Stranraer, Cairn Ryan, Troon, Holyhead, and Liverpool.
    Thousands of border guards, and immigration types checking passports, sifting out the Lazlos, Heinrichs, and Pieres trying to sneak in the ‘back door’ that will be the open border between the Republic and Norn Irn.
    Arlene will be spittin’ teeth that there will be customs and immigration controls between The North and the rest of Great Britain, so she’ll veto that nonsense.
    Curley’s supermarket in the South will be transporting their goods North in jaunting carts, since their will be no scrutiny of small tradersmovements, no checks or balances on their manufacturing and food standards nor duty to pay, as they clip clop to and fro from (London)Derry to Letterkenny.

    Paul, Sam, you both continue to tell it how it is.
    May opened by referring to her five tests as ‘my’ vision. Not the UK Government’s vision, but ‘her’ vision.
    Then she stole Old Commie Corbyn’s clothes and insulted us all by claiming that the Blue Tories were the Party for the Many, not the Few.
    What an evil little liar.
    Unless J K Rowling and Philip Green (both of them) belong with ‘the many’, not ‘the few’.
    It is all going to implode soon.
    No Deal is better than a Bad Deal?
    God give me strength.
    Davidson at FMQ yesterday waffled on about the Scottish Investment Bank..no challenge to the Scottish Government’s Continuity Plans?
    Suddenly she wants nothing to do with being Big T’s BF?
    Our only way forward is through independence.

    • Curley’s supermarket in the South will have manufacturing and food standards since these are mandatory for EU members. It will be us lot who are rushing to the bottom and looking for standard free imports from elsewhere.

      • Curley may have a problem competing on price with the hamburgers made of hormone reared beef and the chicken kievs made from chlorine washed chicken which will trot south in the trotting carts. I give it a week and everything will be stopped and searched. The drone will come into it’s own as razor wire is no barrier, but only for high value, low weight items.

  19. I feel as if I am being run out of Europe by the scruff of my Scottish neck.

    The Mother of Parliaments is no more. She is deceased. The Tories have killed her off nationally and internationally.

    Ruth Davidson will be well aware of this. Indeed, she was prepared to undermine Scottish society by legitimising sectarianism, homophobia and misogyny with her choice of the lovely Tory candidates. ‘Her boys.’

    There will be no Lazarus rising of the mother of parliaments. Not with folk like Big T and wee Ruthie ensuring its continued demise.

    We will take our chance when the moment comes….hands off my neck you horrible lot!

  20. Great article and comments.

    A waking nightmare indeed. All the while, Scotland, you are persona non grata, being ignored, silenced and sidelined. Feeling cosy, included, part of the ‘family’? Thought not.

    Imagine if things were normal, but no, a total shambles is on the cards and Scotland will need to escape before the UKgov’s no deal, is done and dusted.

  21. Following closely on the heels of Treeza’s ‘my’ Brexit vision, Herald Britland headlines a Ruth Davidson puff piece by referring to the Baker’s Dozen Blue Tory Brit Nats as ‘my’ MPs.
    Perhaps megalomania is spreading throughout the Tribe That Lost Its Head?
    Perhaps Professor Adam Two Jobs WATP Bigot ‘It’s The Law!’ Tomkins should take the bloated ba’ faced self aggrandiser aside and explain parliamentary democracy to her.

    On the day when the arch right wing Borders Bow Group call for their pet poodle Mundell to resign over his feckless performance over Brexit, I doubt that any of the Dirty Dozen pay Ruth Davidson a blind bit of notice.
    Despite reprising the ‘Ruth Davidson’s Conservative Party’ slogan in this week’s LA election, which they lost to the SNP, the new batch of Blue Tories are subject to their English Party’s Whip, Treeza is their boss, not Camouflage Ruth, and would serve her up sizzling on a pierre du feu with an apple in her mouth if ordered to by Central Office.
    Keep up the nonsense, Tom Gordon and Co.
    Davidson has as much chance of leading the London Elite as , David Torrance has of producing a column that is not essentially a bunch of quotes from the ancients.

  22. The entire sorry affair is beautifully summarised by Guy Verhofstadt’s response : “We can only hope that serious proposals have been put in the post.”

  23. I’m trying to imagine the meeting of the editorial board of the Hootsman when someone suggested that they get Brian Wilson to run off at the mouth about that BAD EssEnnPee.

    From his obviously self penned Wiki entry I C&P this wee abstract.

    “A former politician, Wilson holds directorships in a number of businesses and continues to publicly comment on British Government energy policy, particularly on the subject of nuclear power, which he is a supporter of, and has written opinion pieces in national newspapers as well as appearing on television news programmes to air his views. Both as Energy Minister and subsequently, he has called for Britain to retain a balanced energy policy with contributions to our electricity needs from nuclear, renewables, coal pollution mitigation, and gas. He was also chair of Flying Matters which advocated a pro-aviation response to climate change. In April 2008, Wilson became a Visiting Professor in Media and Government at Glasgow Caledonian University. In September 2009, he was awarded an Honorary Fellowship by the University of the Highlands and Islands. Between 2009, and 2013, he was chair of Britain’s Energy Coast, the economic development agency for West Cumbria. In 2017, he became a Visiting Professor at the University of Strathclyde. He was appointed a UK Business Ambassador under the coalition government in a non-political capacity in 2013 and continues to hold that role.”

    Wilson, the man with ten digits on each hand, since he appears to have so many fingers in so many nice little earner pies.

    He is one of Tony Blair’s and Gordon Brown’s New Labour New Conservative Neo Liberal brood.

    He lobbies for nuclear power, sits in the Directors’ Box at Sellik Park, and is yet another fucking failed politician ‘Visiting Professor’ at the University of Strathclyde.

    He is everywhere where influence can be exerted, as long as it’s Brit Nat Blue Red and Yellow Tory Fuck The Bad EssEnnPee influence.

    Well, all you Sellik supporters out there, who may consider voting for Free Scotland, this man lords it over you from the warm seats and the Hospitality Suite.

    Well done, Hootsman. You are agents in your own demise publishing this self centred nonsense. Keep it up. You won’t be missed.

    • Agree with you wholeheartedly, Sam. One of the many New Labour characters who dropped their Old Labour values in order to stockpile a fortune.

    • Brian Wilson just another SLAB timeserver in politics to enrich himself. These politicians never wanted a better Scotland they just wanted to serve themselves first then their party second. Help the people of Scotland you must be joking.

  24. I would think, particularly after this disastrous speech, that there is now a majority for Independence. I say disastrous, because this is the first time any member of the Government, never mind this useless PM, has admitted to anything negative about Brexit.
    We have to face some hard facts, she says. Our access to their markets may not be as great as before. No shit, Sherlock.
    Indyref2 is on the horizon. Is it likely, that Westminster will refuse us an Indyref2 now? I would have to say probably. However, things are different now from 2014.
    It is looking like the Brexit talks, have a good chance of breaking down in acrimony. The UK, are going into the talks, (they’re not negotiations), to “discuss” and “explore” solutions for the Irish border. This is almost 2 years now, since the vote. As WGD says, the Uk government seem to expect the EU, to solve the border issue for them.
    Well the EU have a solution. A very detailed solution. A 120 page solution of legalese text. The EU, are not shy about sharing their exact position on the border with the whole world either. Their position, isn’t going to change one iota. The UK immediately dismissed the EU’s solution. What have the UK Government got to take to the table? Apart from contradictory, airy-fairy aspirations, nothing. Absolutely NADA. So how can these talks go anywhere, without the UK being totally humiliated, in front of the whole world? They either back down and accept the Customs Union or walk out into oblivion. Is there another option?
    Most importantly, how will this humiliation effect Indyref2? I’m not sure. Could we have a referendum with the support of the EU? What I’m sure about is, it’s all good for Independence. In fact, I can hardly believe our luck.

    • like paul said back in 2015 the yoons are the ones destroying the union and its showing even now in 2018

    • We don’t need the support of the EU to have a referendum. We have an absolute right, under international law, to self-determination.

  25. Mmmm… On May’s ‘leave no one behind’ point.

    Firstly, it Seems to me that you’d have to presume that everyone wants to go where you are leading. Clearly, they don’t. Secondly, you’d also have to presume that as a group, the nations involved would wish to travel together. Again, clearly, they do not. Finally, you’d have to presume that your actions in leading those in your care to this point were above reproach, that you had a moral right/high ground from which to make such a statement. No. Not even that. And no amount of using the media to rewrite your history for you will hide that fact.

    Mr Cameron had no right to endanger existing constitutional agreements with the home nations. He had every duty to inform the public as to the consequences of his decision to proceed with an EU referendum against clear warnings of the risk of constitutional crisis. He also had a duty to prepare for the contingency of a Brexit vote. He chose to do… none of the above.

    Ms May latterly had a duty to inform the populations of the UK of the full economic, constitutional and societal consequences of the Brexit vote. Whilst it was still advisory and prior to the triggering of A50 she had the opportunity to inform the public of UKgov’s lack of preparedness for an exit vote. Ask for patience as the relevant impact assessments were performed and fully inform the public as progress was made. She chose to ‘play her cards close to her chest’, ask for trust, trigger a snap election, seek ministerial legislative powers without parliamentary oversight and all in the name of ‘strong and stable’ government.

    UKgov’s humiliation on the international stage during phase 1 talks have become the stuff of a diplomats worst nightmare. Phase 2 as of yesterday looks no better and the populations of the home nations are no wiser as to their present circumstances, never mind their futures.

    So, given that folk don’t know what the destination is and they have very little reason to trust the one doing the leading currently (She did say she was the PM of the whole UK, yes?). I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if more and more folk didn’t mind being left behind at all.

    The choice is stark. A political union which is no ‘union’ at all, or self government. Why do I say “no union at all”? Union is consensus. It is partnership. It is compromise. It is mutually acceptable feeling and goals.

    Any of that evident in Westminster’s treatment of the home nations recently… or in fact ever? Anyone notice a raft of representation from the home nations invited to Brexit talks for instance? How many political leaders from the home nations are any the wiser today on brexit’s final destination?

    The political union summed up in one short sentence. DO AS I SAY. Not exactly an inclusive philosophy, but then no one could accuse the Tories or their media of being the warm, fuzzy, group hugs type. They’re normally too busy telling you who should be excluded from your life.

    • I started to read some of the ‘submissions’, fynesider.

      Front loaded SNP BAD devolved Government a waste of money, hospitals schools police and Tunnock’s Caramel wafers in chaos and costing ‘me and my wife ‘ increased taxes to prop up the Scots….I gave up after the first ten or so.
      In other words a co-ordinated Brit Nat rant funded by the Dark Money churning out the the usual subjective toss.
      Doubtless they will publish a Report concluding that the ‘vast majority’ of submissions damn the SNP as Bad, and that Devoltion should be scrapped because English Taxpayers are funding an unnecessary tier of Jock Government.

      Perhaps we should take the DUP route and threaten violence if we don’t get our way?

      Boy, wouldn’t they love that.

      May and her Darling Duds are deliberately collapsing the Brexit negotiations.

      No Deal by October, and German, Japanese, French, and Indian Car Makers will begin pulling out.
      Wall Street will take over London Finance Houses, and England will be welcomed as the 51st State.
      May will hold a banquet for the visiting Trump, where Chicken a la Domestos, and Texas Steroid T bone steaks will be on the menu.
      We will be out of this union within 2 years.

      • Read quite a few of the submissions. The level of ignorance re basic facts is appalling. It is quite depressing to read so many that have clearly been brainwashed by the media or are they just paid for trolls?
        I have always thought that there should be an easy 70% majority for independence. The problem is the media.

        Most of the submissions just say pull down Holyrood etc. Holyrood costs too much – totally ignoring the multi billion refurb of the Palace of Westminster.

        There is obviously a campaign underway to destroy the Scottish Government. Devomax what a sad joke. I think it will be independence or bust.

    • I have never seen anything as childish and transparent as this apparent attempt at democracy.

      I have a vision of the proverbial hundreds of monkeys typing at random and producing the complete woks of Shakespeare. In the world of 21st century electronics, it will be serried rows of trolls merrily typing their master’s voice into the ether. In practice it may be an vast collection of employees sitting in pubs or watching television. If it exercises their brain cells enough that the two of them talk to each other, that will at least be a benefit.

    • where do i begin with that drivel on that link geez the utter lies of foaming yoons is enough to make me rage some of these lot are so bad youd have half a mind to kick 7 bells out of some of them the delusional crap spewed would even send the most docile creature into a rage of killer proportians..

      • Sounds like that is the response hoped for by those responsible.
        Don’t fall for it. Keep cool and shame the perpetrators.

    • Aye, but there is nothing on that page where you have to put where you are “calling” from – nothing to say you are commenting from Scotland at all, so all the frothing BritNat comments could be coming from anywhere. We are in Scotland, a country where 50% of the population (at least) want independence, so at least that many must support Devolution yet the comments, as feckin’ usual do not reflect that.

      The comment in one entry “monopolised by the SNP” just blows me away – err, do you mean democratically elected SNP government by any chance ? They didn’t just stroll in there and take everyone else’s dinner money off them ya twonk. This is just biased vox pop on the cheap

      This is just another way of getting “data” which is meaningless, hardly statistically significant yet will be on a graph, table or diagram in the right wing media any time soon

      #Referendum2018 please

  26. Something to consider.

    HMgov’s impact report… pretty devastating. Scotgov’s impact report, also pretty devastating. Both informed by independent reportage from varied sources. A varied collection of economic publications paint an equally grim picture over the past two years.

    So it comes down to this. Support political union, then folk must be aware by this point that they enable Brexit and it follows they would enable untold harm to the economy, prosperity, services, life chances of their respective populations.

    There is no good Brexit. It is beyond reasonable doubt that there would be an across the board contraction of the economies of the UK. Country by country and region by region. Those who would willingly vote in support of this would also no doubt support extended Tory government and austerity ideology. It goes without saying that with contraction, austerity ideology will not simply be extended, but aggressively pursued beyond current levels. Devolution, human and civil rights won’t go unscathed through this process.

    As for societal ramifications outwith the obvious? What can you say that hasn’t already been said about the nature of the EU referendum campaign and its aftermath. Isolation and out of control blanket demonisation of varied demographics won’t go away. There will always be a requirement for another scapegoat.

    So it’s about that time. People need to ask themselves. Is this what they signed up for in 2014? What kind of country do they want to live in? What legacy will they pass on?

    It’s not too late and the population of Scotland do have an alternative option. If we want it.

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