The upside of a statue to Thatcher

Having voted for the Liberal Democrat Jo Swinson as their MP in the General Election last year, the good people of East Dunbartonshire must have been thrilled to hear that she has proposed that a statue should be erected to commemorate Margaret Thatcher. There’s a priority for you. Jo Swinson was born in 1980, which means that she was a small and politically unaware child during most of the Thatcher era. Mind you, she’s a Lib Dem, so it’s not that unreasonable to point out that she’s still politically unaware as an adult. However her age as well as her anti-independence and tacitly British nationalist politics do mean that she doesn’t appreciate the visceral nature of the feelings that Thatcher evokes in those of us who had adult experience of her time in power.

I went to a comprehensive in North Lanarkshire, and left school in 1979, the year that Thatcher became Prime Minister. Out of childhood, into young adulthood in the ground zero of Thatcherite devastation. Her government and her policies blighted my community and my life, like they did to so many lives and communities across large swathes of the UK. The coming years were to be marked and deformed by impoverishment, the shrinking of horizons, the cruelty of blaming the poor for the suffering inflicted on them by the rich, and a nasty and all-pervasive sexism, homophobia, and racism that was pandered to and fostered by those at the very top of government.

It certainly wasn’t just Scotland which suffered, but in Scotland the bitterness of de-industrialisation was made worse by the fact that not only did Scotland not vote for Thatcher, Scotland had only recently narrowly failed to achieve a devolved Scottish Assembly. In part that was because Labour backbenchers had, to their eternal shame, pauchled the 1979 devolution referendum by insisting that 40% of the entire electorate had to approve the plans. Although a majority voted in favour, much the same majority in percentage terms as voted in favour of Brexit, it should be noted, those voting in favour failed to surmount the artificial 40% hurdle. In the fall-out, the Labour government of James Callaghan collapsed and Thatcher won the subsequent General Election, leading to endless complaints by Labour MPs that SNP MPs had ushered in the Thatcher era by failing to support the Labour government. That would be the same Labour government which had been undermined by its own backbenchers.

However Labour’s devolution bill in 1979 also failed to secure a sufficiently large majority in that year’s referendum because the Conservatives had urged Scotland to reject Labour’s plans for Scottish self-government and promised us “something better”. That something better turned out to be Margaret Thatcher, a Prime Minister who rejected any possiblity of Scottish home rule out of hand, and who stood before the Conservative party conference and proudly announced herself to be an English nationalist. Along with the cruelty and heartlessness of Thatcher’s rule, Scotland also suffered the bitter taste of betrayal.

People self-medicated on alcohol and drugs in an effort to cope with the hopelessness of lives without prospects, of an existence where there was nothing on the horizon but drudgery and struggle. I remember Mikey, one of my friends in Easterhouse who died of an overdose weeks before his 21st birthday, a kid who never had much of a chance in life and who saw Thatcher’s policies snatch away what little hope he once had.

Thatcher’s era coincided with the AIDs epidemic. As a young gay man in a working class community in the West of Scotland, struggling against homophobia and an epidemic which was killing thousands of gay men, Thatcher’s government added Section 28 which legally institutionalised bigotry and hate. I have no patience for younger LGBT people who support the Conservatives, people like Ruth Davidson who say that she hardly remembers Thatcher and that we should get over it. All I can say is that I remember it, and those of my generation can never get over it. You don’t get over witnessing your friends die while the Conservatives fed a gutter press that sought to demonise you. If you forget the bigotry and homophobia that Thatcher stood for, you risk allowing its repetition.

Thatcher’s great legacy was to justify greed, and to turn selfishness into a virtue. She began the assault on the post-war consensus that said that everyone in society has a responsibility to everyone else. Thatcher began a process of undermining the social security network that guaranteed a basic standard of living for all. She sold off public services in the name of an ideology of private avarice. She began the process of widening the gap between rich and poor which has grown into a chasm today.

Thatcher claimed to love the British state, but she hollowed it out from within. All the nationalised companies which once supported a British identity, British Steel, British Coal, British Airways and all the rest, Thatcher sold them off one by one. Now all that is left to prop up a British identity are the armed forces, the BBC, the royal family and the Westminster parliament itself. She destroyed what she said she held most dear, and indirectly paved the way to the modern Scottish independence movement.

We already have memorials to Thatcher. There are the fields where factories once stood. There are the silent streets where shipyards once bustled with activity. There are the quiet homes of grandparents whose children had to emigrate in order to find work and whose houses are never filled with the laughter of their grandweans. There are the graves of countless Mikeys who died far too young. There is no need for a statue to commemorate Thatcher, but there should be a memorial to commemorate her victims.

Still, there would be an up side to a statue of Thatcher in Scotland. It would generate jobs, because security guards would be needed to protect it from angry citizens with hammers and blowtorches, and cleaners would need to be employed to remove the graffiti and the thrown paint. And best of all, if there is to be a statue to Thatcher in Scotland, it will give us something to topple once we become independent.

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0 thoughts on “The upside of a statue to Thatcher

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  2. Paul I’ll see you tonight, but there is no excuse for ignorance she knows what shes doing and probably a member of Scotland in the Union.

  3. Paul she is a small and poltically unaware child now , if she is unaware of the devastion Thatcher  caused to Scotland .

  4. Definitely, Paul. The upside lies in the great television spectacle it will make when it’s toppled on Independence Day. Just like that giant statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad. I’m sure I won’t be alone in lining up to beat the statue around the head with a shoe on that day.

    Others have suggested that the burnt out shell of the Grenfell Tower makes a more than suitable monument to Margaret Thatcher.

  5. I mete her a couple of years ago at a Thomas Muir of Huntershill rally in Edinburgh and asked her about her Cooncil’s willful neglect of Thomas Muir’s House in Huntershill, Bishopbriggs. She tried to blame it on the SNP.

  6. I remember that evil woman very well, I remember the overwhelming sense of hopelessness in Scotland she created.

    I doubt theirs a hell hot enough for that bitch, good riddance and screw any statue to her in our country.

  7. Another of her legacies is Nicola Sturgeon, whose hatred of what she had done to Nicola’s community drove and still drives her politics.

  8. Anyone who read my post on this site, The Reluctant Anorak, will be aware of my own background history and feelings about the Thatcher years. To say that she and her government devastated communities, lives, hope, is NOT an exaggeration.

    Ms Swinson is in the wrong and I don’t think I could trust myself to elaborate any further without using really short words and phrases.

  9. The penultimate paragraph encapsulates the legacy of Thatcher perfectly. However, if a statue of this vile creature is erected it will be a handy place to attach dog poo bags.

  10. Phew – Jo Swinson, a clueless Brit, no experience of the hell that was Thatcher.

    My idea is for a toilet atop any Thatcher statue. Bury the statue deep, and voila, two birds – one stone (dump) every day – forever.

  11. If Swinson persuades the powers that be to put up a statue, it’s pretty much guaranteed it’ll be demolished within 24 hours of being unveiled.

  12. The poll tax was dumped on Scotland first as an experiment. The argument for the poll tax ran, stereotypically, along the lines of – a little old lady living alone off a meagre pension (in a muckle mansion up Morningside) had to pay so much more in rates than a fully working family of four or more (in a coonsil hoose). I will let you disassemble the logic. The experiment was destined to failure because, apart from the immorality, it had a built-in inflation ratchet and was going to blow up at some point anyway. After riots in Edinburgh and London, Thatcher was disposed, and the poll tax replaced. Unfortunately, our Scottish government, knowing full well that the current system is flawed, has been very timid with replacing the current community charge with, perhaps, a land tax. Along with the poll tax, Thatcher introduced the right to buy for those in coonsil hooses – which was fine those buying at a very discounted rate, but the money earned was not allowed to be reinvested in more housing, leading, inexorably, to a shortage of social housing and the rise of landlordism.

    A statue with the arms spread out to grab and sell off the next piece of Scottish infrastructure would be a handy place for pigeons to roost and crap.

  13. emglands longest pm who scotland never voted for in all that time having a statue of the evil woman that even every english outside the conservatives hated with a vengance they as well partyed the day she died she was not liked one bit so why erect a statue of a person so vile and hated is pure insantity then thats to be expected from the 3rd backstabbing party of england dont forget the lib dems allowed the students south of the border suffer tuiton fees when they said that wouldnt happen under them in 2010 once in coalition that went out the window stright away.

  14. With all the madness going on in Miss Swinson’s beloved UK right now she thinks it appropriate to suggest a statue of the most divisive British politician of the late 20th century if not of all time. I’ll say it loud and clear: Margaret Thatcher was a monster who demonised the poor, gays, foreign people, unions and many, many more. She supported fascists in South America, ignored paedophiles in her disgusting party and would have been happy to see Nelson Mandela hung. She was a scumbag. I hated her then and I hate her still. Aye Miss Swinson, put your fucking statue up in Scotland and see how long it lasts.

    On a related note, come independence there will hopefully be quite a number of other statues coming down. Dinnae you worry about it though Jo as I know you live in Bath and only appear up here for photo opps.

  15. A heart-felt and painful account of the dreadful Thatcher years. The only crime you omitted, I think, was her slavish support for the fascist Pinochet. Section 28 was an appalling law and contributed mightily to human misery.

    As for Swinson, she should stick to calculating her expenses more accurately. To think the electorate of East Dunbartonshire had a real MP in the previous parliament but chose to bin him for this shallow little chancer.

    • It’s something I will never understand. I thought Swinson, was dead and buried as far as the voters of Dumbartonshire were concerned. She hardly visited her constituency, when she was the MP, first time. But no, some how they decided to eject a chap who did everything he could for them, both individually and collectively and elect her instead. They should maybe, think carefully about buying their Daily Hatefests and watching BBC, then perhaps, just think for themselves.

  16. Paul, you brought tears of rage to my eyes.
    Thank you for reminding me of what a Tory really stands for; oppression, suppression, and slavery.
    Jo Swinson is an out and out mindless idiot.
    Thatcher suggested that they capsize the craft of the Viet Nam refugees as they made for Hong Kong.
    She just loved apartheid S Africa.
    She is surely rotting in her belief system’s version of hell; nice subject for a commemorative statue?
    I cannot comment further, other than to observe that no contractor in his or her right mind would take on this commission.
    And if I hear of another New Build hospital or School or bridge named after Lizzie or her Offspring…..

  17. Expenses scandal?

    It might be prophetic but I just googled Swinson and it comes up Former MP. Give the lass a break her home counties hubby must have indoctrinated her…

  18. Once again the dug demonstrates his ability to draw all the threads of a topic together, to say I enjoyed reading this would be a stretch, in the 80s I was in my thirties so I well remember the horrible atmosphere we were living with. I once declared to my other half that I would avoid saying the woman’s name, I lasted for a while but eventually realised it was easier to enter into any conversation that included her and her deeds by making it clear who I was talking about. You have brought all sorts back to mind, de-industrialisation, poll tax, no such thing as society, section 28, the list goes on, it’s disturbing but it’s right that we should be reminded because as far as I can see the current bunch are no better. I would like to be charitable towards ms Swinson,that’s she is doing this to mark women’s achievements, but she has it wrong, a statue of this women would be the most unwelcome thing I could think of, however it might prove a rallying call for the move towards independence.

  19. Well FWIW I voted for Indy back in day, where as you say, Labour stole the result. Just imagine how things might have been, how close we came only to be cheated out of the result. Grrrr! And you wonder why some of us are grumpy old buggers 🙂

    If it’s not entirely OT, and if you get through the poor sound quality for the first couple of minutes, it’s worth listening to what this speaker has to say about Narratives and how they can change :

  20. Is it true that Swinson lives in Bath? Do her constituents know this?Regards the Thatcher statue, Is Swinson maybe swaying her hips to the Tories for a comfy seat in England?

    Paul, I viewed Thatcher as evil, but the union leaders were so so stupid, wielding their power on their road to nowhere, they played into her hands. I grew up in the era of four-in-a-block council housing, of job stability, I’m well into my retirement years and despair at the future prospects for the medium-talented youth. Independence is an imperative to enable us to remedy neoliberalism.

    Self- medicated on alcohol and drugs is a keeper.

    Thanks to Brexit revelations I think we are on the last lap of our journey to independence.

    “We are not leaving the EU”, seems like a good slogan.

  21. Thats got to be up for the worst idea of the year award, no-one not even Tories can think thats a remotely good idea.

    However I think its an excellent proposal, it would be as popular as the Duke of Sutherland statue.

    It would remind working class pro unionists how great and successful the union has been for the Scots.

    Lets get it built.

  22. Hi Paul

    Just writing to tell you how much I enjoy your posts, you lift my spirits every time.

    I long for the day we can rejoice and dance in the streets, It’s people like you that give me hope.

    Keep up the great work.

    Stuart ________________________________

  23. Jason Smoothpiece…..I’d forgotten about the Duke of Sutherland statue…….let’s make it second on the list for demolition.

  24. Bless you Paul. You put it into words for the rest of us. She did so much damage, without remorse or feeling of any kind it seemed to me. We are living with some terrible legacies still.

  25. The Dug does it again with a super post that neatly sums up the horrors of Thatchers reign. It’s bad enough having that horrendous statue of Donald Dewar at the top of Buchanan st but a statue of Thatcher in Bishopbriggs. They struggle to put one up outside Westminster. Swinson is a complete idiot who will lose her seat at the next GE.

    Thatcher got lucky on two fronts – 1. the Falklands war – it is often forgotten that the economy was in such a mess that she was odds on to lose the next GE. 2. Scotlands oil helped pay for all the millions unemployed and helped turn the economy around.

    • That wasn’t luck. The Falklands War was arranged and engineered by Thatcher and her cronies. Previous wars were arranged and any future war will be arranged.

      Wars are arranged by posh buggers for stupid buggers to kill poor buggers. It generates much money and lowers the unemployment figures.

      For ‘buggers’, you can substitute your own suitable descriptive word. I’ve tried to keep my comment quite gentle.

  26. This post made tears spill down my cheeks, bringing back bad memories of the Thatcher years. how could anyone who ever lived in Scotland during those years, or since, even think that we should ‘get over it’. Anyone suggesting a statue of Margaret Thatcher is put up anywhere in Scotland really doesn’t have a clue, and are less than politically aware. Who would take on a commission like that anyway?

  27. She’s my MP and is one of the most shallow politicians that you could meet. She has one principle and that is to do what is best for Jo Swinson. This latest brainwave gets her into the newspapers and that’s it. She wants Westminster Council to agree to the statue due to Margaret Thatcher being a woman and being significant. Hitler was significant to the history of these isles but I don’t see anybody proposing a statue to him any time soon. As for Thatcher being some kind of feminist icon, the devastation that she caused to women was catastrophic. There was nothing feminine about her.
    Swinson should cross the floor and join the party she felt so comfortable with in coalition, it’s her natural home.

  28. Great piece Paul. Absolutely superb. I look forward to retweeting this when somebody who knows how to upload it (I don’t) puts it up. Thank you Gail Macfarlane

  29. I left school in 1979 as well Paul. A year later my Dad was dead at 56. Most of the people I knew were self-medicating, myself included. A number of my school friends joined the forces because it was the best chance of a career, don’t know how many survived it.

    Thatcher the milk snatcher, remember that?

    I suppose I’ve got the old harridan to thank for politicising me beyond the education I had from my Dad (he was a communist), but I’d rather have had a decent start in life than all those years of poverty. I remember eating rolls on monster munch (how ironic) for dinner. What started for me in ’79 has led me to my unshakable certainty that only an independent Scotland can create an environment where our young folk will flourish and where all our people will be valued as highly as they deserve.

    One more big push and we’re there.

    • I have to dissent on the milk thing. I remember school milk, warm and horrible and made to drink the stuff. I now know why I hated it and have never just drunk milk: I’m lactose intolerant.

      We had emigrated to NZ in ’72 so avoided Thatcherism but from far NZ when I heard she had abolished school milk I thought ‘good’.

      I appreciate the nutrition argument, I’m a Biomedical Scientist now, but I still hated school milk with a vengeance.

  30. I remember joking (in a black humour way, don’t read on if you are easily offendable) that when Thatcher died it would provide a great business opportunity, why not lay on bus trips from former pit villages for day trips to go piss on her grave. She could surely only applaud the entrepreneurial spirit that would make such plans a reality.

    Probably not a surprise she was cremated.

    Btw there already is a statue of Thatcher inside the House of Commons. Bit of a shock to the system if you are not expecting it.

  31. O/T

    What the Westminster Tory government are attempting is naked theft.

    We pay our representatives to get loud when an injustice is being done to the population of Scotland and their interests. The repatriation of powers not reserved by the devolution settlement?

    THIS is one of those times.

  32. The buffoon that is Jo Swinson has reignited my visceral hatred for Thatcher and reminded me why I despise the Liberals.

    My grandfather won three medals in WW2, two of them for taking over when his officer was killed during a landing on the Flanders coast. He died early because Tory spending cuts forced him home out of hospital too early. The nurses were embarrassed telling us he shouldn’t be going home, and he died within a few days.

    That’s what your fucking Thatcher statue means, Swinson, you ignorant clown.

  33. I had to check the calendar to see if it was April the 1st .

    A statue to Thatcher in Scotland would be as welcome as the one of Donald & even the Ed Stone .
    But seriously if this is true ,if this is one of her priorities then the good folk who voted for her will be very proud of their choice , with everything this tory regime are doing this is the best she can think of , then i really despair , and the thought of us actually paying her and she comes up with tripe like this just makes it worse .

  34. Well written. Leaving school in 1971 wasn’t much better. At least then I could get a regular menial job then, to tide me no regular jobs exist

    • ‘Mr Davis admitted Mr Varadkar would “jump on me for saying it”, but insisted it was a “very open border” about (apart?)from some “choke points”.
      Sam, this man Davis has obviously lost his mind.
      US Homeland Security is reported to now number 1,000,000 officers..that’s a lot of ‘choke points’.
      I’ve crossed from Canada in the States quite a few times over the decades. Frictionless it ain’t.
      If this is Davis model for the ‘invisible’ border between the North and South of Ireland, then No Deal it is.
      And we can kiss goodbye to the GFA and the CTA.
      There will be border guards, barbed wire and the Army.

      She Who Lights Up My Every Moment is Irish.
      I’ll miss her when they come and drag her to Troon and chuck her on to the first Cattle Boat bound for the Emerald Isle.

      It is breath taking arrogance that this idiot sits in front of a Commons Select Committee, surrounded by his Brexit Bagmen, and blandly dismisses a question on Brexit with a curt:- ‘I cannot remember them all.’
      He will send them a list of course.
      We couldn’t make this up.

      • Jaw dropping isn’t it? The go to chief UK negotiator has lost track of the points of disagreement between the EU and the UK… FFS!

          • Oh dear, if only we vile laptop cybernat warriors huddled in the basements of our mothers’ houses in our underpants had warned Ruth Davidson and Mundo the Michty that those Evil Furriners were going to stick it right up ’em.

            Freedom of Movement, ECJ rules, FISHING…or No Deal.

            London’s Finance Empire will not get free access.

            Cue the Big Money Men moving to Dublin, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and soon, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness or Dundee?

            And all those Fish Moguls Up North who voted Tory and Leave are about to be sold down the river?

            Yet Davis blurts out ‘I cannot remember them all’ when asked by a Select Committee to list the Stumbling Blocks.

            This makes One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest look like a sensible option to any form of Brexit.

            They ain’t going to even make it to the Easter Break before it all collapses.

            Money does not need a passport; it will be flooding out of London as I write.

            Good luck with Trump’s car and steel tariffs Dr Fox.
            I propose a statue of Boris atop the white cliffs V signing the Mainland.

          • > Oh dear, if only we vile laptop cybernat warriors huddled in the basements of our mothers’ houses in our underpants

            Gulp. Hastily removes underpants.

          • They may have been busy attempting to foil the continuation bill…. or sorting their sock drawer.

            One or the other.

          • Well, it doesn’t take much for a sock drawer to become totally unmanageable as we all know.
            Perhaps they are coordinating their next FMQ FOI Education Health Police Pissoirs or Potholes three pronged Better Together attack on that evil Nicola Sturgeon with that Dick, ‘The scarf’ Leonard, and Oor Wullie, a’body’s Wullie.
            All of this is ‘way above their pay grade, and they know it.
            I had a wee titter when Camouflage Ruth assured Gordon Hang On A minute last Sunday that she had spoken to Big T, and Davis, an BoJO, and submitted her tuppence worth to the Brexit strategy.
            Either serious self delusion, or she really is strak staring bonkers.
            EU27 have spoken.
            You could hear a pin drop in WM.

    • Yes, more bizarre and shambolic by the day, but this Tory-/English(=British)-nationalist driven epic clusterf..k makes an independent Scotland more & more likely. Every day a bit more and this time, in Indyref2 I’ll expect nothing less than an overwhelming “Yes”. Hopefully 60%, maybe even 65%?

      An independent Scotland, with its own curreny, in Europe, by 2020! Sounds good, doesn’t it?

      Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP have exhausted all their options on this Union. I think Independence is inevitable now – the sooner the better. The longer it takes to get there, the more it will hurt Scotland. Scotland wouldn’t even be in this position if we were indeed equal partners in this union. Just empty slogans, so many broken promises and countless lies. At some point it has to be enough. This so-called precious Union is over, it is just a question of time now and it appears to me it always existed mainly for the benefit of England.

      Scotland can’t allow to be “chained” to a Brexit-UK and a UK economy with already nearly 2 Trillion in debt. Dragged out of the EU by irrational right wing nationalism of its southern neighbour and plunged right into a deep recession for the next five, ten or even more years? Scotland surely doesn’t want to go that way and deserves so much better…

      Scotland is a very rich country (people should be more aware of that), little relative debt and vast resources. Vast resources that the UK/London/Westminster will continue to need, use & waste to pay their debts and to finance the brexit-stupidity. Enough with the plundering of Scotland’s resources! The people of Scotland don’t want to leave the EU, we want to be good neighbours & partners. We want to continue to be a part in our family of European nations as a respected member and country.

      Just look at the overwhelming wealth of Norway and or just look at Ireland. It clearly shows how much can be done if money is invested wisely and clever politicians make the right decisions. There’s no reason why an independent Scotland can’t do the same -not one! With a fully and newly diversified economy, an independent Scotland even has the potential to have amongst the highest per capita incomes in Europe.

      It’s time to break the chains…

    • If, and I mean if, he has a list why did he not have a copy in his pocket?

      Anyway, where are his advisers? Where are the civil servants? They should be in the same room to support him. Is he deliberately flying solo? If so, why?

  35. On topic I have no views about Thatcher other than that she was very unpopular for obvious and known reasons. She is the past. Forget her. There has been lots of divisive and useless leaders.

    Lets move on to a new country with parties and politicians who represent Scottish only parties. No more second fiddle to the Brit Nat’s. I can hardly wait.

    I recall, as a 19 year old student nurse in the mid 1970s going on a protest march in Aberdeen, callng for better pay in the NHS. Nurses, porters, cleaning staff, kitchen staff all shouting the above slogan.
    All of the above mentioned staff could go on strike, except nurses. Guess who had to cover for extra duties to cover for portering, dishwashing, cleaning on top of usual duties. Pay was….
    (OK, inflation, but…)
    £28 a MONTH.
    This senior citizen does not wish for a return of those days, I have my daughters’ and granddaughters’ future to consider.
    Thatcherstatchue doesn’t even merit a parking cone on the head.

  37. o/t – we have just now at Holyrood the meeting of the Finance and Constitution Committee, it’s becoming obvious that the labour and Tory mouthpieces are grubbing around looking for anything to try and score a hit any hit on the Scottish government and their actions in the emergency legislative consent program ,

    Some are asking questions that they don’t really understand and they seem believe that the minister is expected to help them out by making their question seem credible .

    Murdo looking quite baffled by the whole proceedings , I suppose that’s his usual blank expression on display ,

    Now a Tory asking how much is this going to cost , the cost defending the parliament from attack from Westminster ,oh well I suppose if you can’t think of anything , just query the price , Aye ok why not .

  38. Well. There go what few votes she had in the Kirkintilloch part of her constituency and quite a few in Bishopbriggs. As the subject of Thatchers statue will be brought up adnauseum in any future election, she should at least lose a few votes in Bearsden Milngavie as well.
    Thankfully my own home is now part of Cumbernauld Kilsyth and we no longer have to suffer her.

    • It will hang around her neck like Miliband’s Tablet of Stone, cheekily referred to as his ‘Edstone.’
      Let’s hope the folk in E Dunbartonshire are listening to this dross.

  39. Yep, I remember her evil disgusting attack on the poor. My dad was made redundant a couple of times back then, it was awful, they couldn’t even pay the council rent, but I think it was his self respect that got to him.

    I also remember when she added VAT to (17%) essential utility bills, which we still pay at 5%. Gordon Brown teduced it, but er, he didn’t exactly scrap it, and er, heating and cooking are not luxuries. Git. Didn’t she also take most of freight off the trains and thereby causing hige road use by ever bigger lorries, and which had a knock on effect of more road accidents.

    Hope she is rotting in the worst hell ever, and forever.

  40. For those who remember and lived through Thatchers 80’s, I can recommend a track from a band called The The (Matt Johnson). The track is “Heartland” and the lyrics from that time are prescient for today’s Brexshit austerity UK.

    Apologies if this music isn’t your cup of tea, but it brings back memories for me!

    Anyone who wants to erect statues to Thatcher in the heartlands of the communities she destroyed should learn lessons about the effect the policies of that time really had on those communities. The lessons must include the social costs, the effects on families, as well as the economic costs. They should learn directly from those were most affected, those who had no careers, no jobs, no futures in their communities. 30+ years on and it seems that some lessons have been forgotten, or never learned, by political opportunists.

    • Aye Polscot. I agree. 30+ years ago I left Scotland, reluctantly. But I’ve never been unemployed since I moved to Finland. Must be because we’re not burdened by all that oil. It’s a terrible thing, all those natural resources when you’re not genetically programmed to handle it all.

  41. Re; Brexit, at least we have some nice pals outside the EU, like er, Saudi. Just can’t wait to see what more dirty deals the Tories and their pals Labour, will be making now.

    Forget your human rights folks, or any other rights, nevermind little America, could UKOK become a little Saudi, or both, god help us all! Between the devil and the deep blue sea, such a positive, forward looking UKOK.

    Scotland, get out and quick.

    • Couldn’t agree more , the sight of a PM of this country standing up in parliament defending a country who are exporting a brand of Islam that has caused death and destruction wherever it surfaces , is beyond sickening , its a total disgrace and a stain on everyone in this country , and using as an excuse the amount given in aid to remedy the damage the Saudi Government are causing using arms manufactured in this country is beyond sickening a real Joke .
      Just when you thought the Tory party could sink any further into the gutter they surprise everyone by managing to sink a little deeper , better together my arse .

  42. I, too, was a working adult during the Thatcher years and I will NEVER forget or forgive what she did to both the country of my birth (England) and the country of my heart (Scotland). She single-handedly made it possible for me to lose my job when American organisations bought out IT companies in the UK, and subsequently to lose my home when interest rates sky-rocketed and I could no longer afford my mortgage.

    On the bright side, it was then that I upped sticks and moved to the land of my heart. But what I saw of what she had done there will stay in my mind until I die. And the attitude of some Scots towards “White Settlers” like me was almost entirely her doing, as well. She drove a massive wedge into the cracks between Scotland and England and hammered it home until they were irreparable.

    A statue to that evil woman? Over my dead body!!!!

  43. I was a teacher in Govan in the early 1980’s and will never forget the feeling of helplessness when faced with classes of school leavers there.

    If Ruth Davidson says she has little knowledge of Thatcher then she is a shameless liar.

    I would dance on Thatcher’s grave if it was accessible to the public.

    O/T slightly – the worst teacher I ever worked with, in every way imaginable, was a man who taught Modern Studies in a now defunct Glasgow Secondary. His teaching was appalling, his discipline was appalling and his lack of awareness of his own shocking lack of skill was appalling. I know this because I was brought in to take half his classes off him as he was known to be unable to cope. He was, however, the Education spokesman for the Liberal Democrats of (I think) East Dunbartonshire. So the LibDems obviously haven’t managed to improve the quality of their elected representatives even after all these years.

  44. Pingback: “The upside of a statue to Thatcher” | Wee Ginger Dug | COMRADE BOYCIE: VIVA THE ANTI-tORY / BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION!

    • I heard about this earlier Sam. Looks like a wee spat is on the way. WM will be forced to overrule Scotland.

      WM is refusing to let us have 25 of the 111 EU laws that should be for Scotland under the devolution settlement.

      • THIS is the very constitutional crisis which the FM warned PM Cameron about PRIOR to the folly of the EU referendum. This is why the FM argued for an opt out. Now bizarrely this was in order to protect the existing devolution settlement and would have protected the outcome of the 2014 referendum for a few more years. THAT was the duty of the FM, any FM, to warn the PM of these consequences. Even if it went against the grain, it was their duty and it should be commended by unionist politicians.

        It won’t be.

        Cameron chose to ignore the Scottish Government and went ahead with his epic idiocy regardless. He chose poorly and for his own reasons. It is also why I will NOT entertain the people who claim that this was a UK ballot. One out, all out.

        For the record. It was an enforced UK ballot with an unwilling partner who had been categorically assured of continued EU membership. A partner who warned of the constitutional consequences of a brexit vote and who was then ignored. The oncoming constitutional crisis lays squarely at the feet of UK government.

  45. I caught a tweet out of the corner of my scrolling eye that reported Nicola Sturgeon, Ruth Davidson’s AntiChrist, had beaten the queen into a very poor second place with our own wee holy terror Ms Black a close third in a poll to name Britain’s most influential woman on Women’s Day yesterday.
    No, can’t find it any where.
    Not on Sky, not in the Sun, Record, Herald…by then I’ve given up.

    A stark reminder of who controls communications in this Britland.

    Nicola Sturgeon has been a remarkable servant to Scotland, yet Jo Swansong (because surely she’ll be booted out on her neck at the Next GBGE, probably in October 2018 the way things are going.) in representing a Scottish constituency wants to ‘honour’ the most vicious and dangerous politician foisted upon us in living memory.

    If true, and voters choise NS ver Auld Liz, then well done, Ms Sturgeon.

    Mundell was his usual tremor filled self yesterday at the occasional WM Farce dubbed Scottish Questions.
    Apparently he wasn’t at the Brexit Chequers Meeting because May is PM for the whole UK, the Brexit Cabinet Team represents the whole UK, so as mere SoS for the Northern Colony he wasn’t invited, presumably because he doesn’t represent the ‘whole UK’.
    He really comes across as not very bright.

    I can taste the panic and resignation in the air.
    rUK is fecked.

    England will wander off into the desert, contemplating its fate, but not for forty days and forty nights. (ye get my Easter analogy?)
    Brexit is a divorce absolute, not a trial separation.
    Brexit isn’t just for Easter. It’s for life.

    • 1st Nicola 40.3 K
      2nd Lizzie 23.2 K
      3rd Mhairi 20.3 K
      18th Treeza 1.8 K

      Ruth the Mooth is not in the top 100

      Bet Sky didn’t expect that result lol!

      • And i bet SKY buries that result , and its never mentioned again .
        They commended the Scottish government for their action on plastic , but that was soon dropped as well , cant have the Jocks being seen as possibly eh Competent or running a government that actually most of the time works .

        All this propaganda junk is so childish .

    • Its torture watching that snivelling artical , a pointless exercise asking anything all we got was snide references to 2014 ,ok we got it we do know the result , is that all this clown can think of to say its like a bloody answering machine that stuck on the same repetitive message .
      As for the other north British tory lot openly telling lies and being egged on by the other Liar Mrs Mayhem , who continues to say Europe will do as they are told ha ha ,they aint listening Mrs and how ever many times you keep saying the same thing over and over again .

      • Aye, Wendy, it made the National, and that’s it.
        Imagine if Davidson topped the poll?
        We’d never hear the end of it. PM Ruth here we come and all that carap.
        Remember the Herald Britland named Davidson politician of the year last year?
        We never heard the end of it.

  46. BBC Scotland on their 1830 news last night mentioned the EU statement on future reciprocal fishing rights being part of the EU trade negotiations with the UK.

    Then they had the head of the SFA ranting on outside Holyrood about this issue with the emphasis being an attack from the EU.

    Then they showed a clip of Theresa talking about protecting the fishing rights of the UK a week past Friday at her Mansion house speech. The only error was that the clothes she had on were not the ones used during the quoted speech. So it was a different rant.

    This is misdirection and a lie.

    If you read the actual text of the Mansion house speech you will see that she is going to negotiate fishing rights.

    The purpose is to stop fishermen supporting Indy and also keep the being torries.

  47. Thank you Paul. Bulls-eye as ever. I was teaching in FE, in England, during Thatchers’ reign.
    Your word bring back very nasty memories indeed.
    She had that amazing knack all Tories have of bringing out the most unpleasant aspect in so many people.
    Do you recall “we are a grandmother …”.
    Bon courage mon ami.

  48. Heads up, gang, especially youse wi’ land lines still and an answering m/c.
    (My mother in law still refuses to acknowledge mobile phones).
    Got back home and there was a message of doom. Some woman booming tha ‘you’ which would be whoever in our household replayed the message ..’you were being sued for something very nasty and if we didn’t call back, the legal costs would soar.
    For a brief moment I thought that I’d made it, that a Yoon was setting an island of lawyers on me. But then again, I vexed for weeks over that imprisoned Nigerian Prince who had millions tied up in Switzerland but with my help and $10,000 ….
    Don’t call the number back. It will probably charge £25 for any mug gullible enough.
    Thatcher’s Britain. Sold off Telecoms…
    Now we are stalked by con men and chancers.

  49. Wow, never seen so many comments for one of your posts Paul!
    In an alternative Star Trek universe the milk snatcher was still in politics and fronted the “bitter together” campaign.
    Result- overwhelming vote for independence
    Apologies but mind kicked into overdrive with all those 80’s references

  50. I too left school in 1979 (4th year). At school we had the option to learn Russian. Think on that! A ‘Higher’ in Russian and that was a big 2000 plus comp, in Greenock. No noo. I could not take Russian as it clashed with French, but still… So I took Latin instead!

    At age 19 my first vote was for the Scottish Assembly and I canvassed and delivered leaflets for YES YES around Aberdeen, my uni town. I wish I had kept some of these leaflets.

    My family were all SNP apart from my dad’s dad, who was a communist. Both my Grandads worked in the Greenock shipyeards, as had their fathers before them and before that they had been cleared off highland estates. A bog standard Scots family…

    But you know, I have to scoff when I hear Labour today saying they were the party of Devolution. That’s not just my memory at all! They were not. They were and are the complete opposite.

    No-one hated and rejected my SNP views as a teenager more than my labour peers. Any tories I met at Uni just quietly laughed at my thoughts on Scots independence but the visceral hatred I received as a young SNP activist in 1979 came only from my many many Labour student peers. I was a political odd ball.

    My Mum brought us up alone. My da was drowned at sea when I was a week old, my big sis 14 months. That was in 1959. With no body ever found of my da, a Scot lost from a Czech reg merchant ship (that’s a strange story) off the Labrador coast, my mum had a real fight on her hand with the then British State simply to access her joint savings and bank accounts.

    You see, in 1959, a man’s name had to be on the bank account and at under 25 with no death certificate as no body, my Mum was left with two babies and no way to access her accounts. She had to get a male relative over a certain age to sign bank deeds for her. She got her dad to do that, eventually. Mum & Dad had just bought a wee flat with a wee mortgage. Mum lost her house as she could not pay the mortgage as everything was frozen by the banks. See. She was just a woman. Thankfully Mum could rely on both sets of grandparents but she did go, once to the local Bru, for assistance. She was treated with contempt and told she was entitled to nothing. The same week she also had the local newspaper reporters doorstepping her with cameras, wanting to take pictures of the babies (me & big sis) for a ‘human interest story’. Ma told them No but they kept coming and even went to try and take pics of us when our Gran was babysitting at her house. My uncle came home from the yards and had one reporter by the throat then. That’s when they got the message to leave us in peace. My mum got a job as a gopher in a local law office, quickly taught herself to type and did shorthand. She bought a wee red mini (hocked everything to get it) to take us to nursery then get to her job. She never asked anything from anyone ever again. She eventually bought another wee flat in her name this time with her own bank account etc. She taught us to be independent too. She took us to Australia when I was 10, didn’t like it and came back to Scotland, alone. We were the weans who came back to our grandparents and I am so grateful my thrawn wee Maw did that.

    For some reason I found Paul’s blog the most moving to date, esp. the quiet grandparents houses. I’ll never forget aged 10 running with my sister up the close stairs to my Granda’s house, kicking on the door (the old brass bell never worked) and my Grandad opening the door to us jumping into his arms. A retired docker, hard as nails, a keen boxer, I remember asking my Mum, why is Granda crying? Mum came back as she could not live without Scotland and her family left here. I’m so glad she did.

    I wouldn’t have missed this for the world. I am so proud to be part of this movement for Indy in this special time in our history, along with such wonderful speakers and writers like Paul. I hope we make it, Paul. Mum’s 83 now, fighting fit and still raring to go. We’ll ndever stop, never give up. No matter what they through at us and I think they are going to through the kitchen sink at us, but we’ll never give up.

    Happy Mum’s day on Sunday, wee Maw, youre my hero. But to me, every day is mum’s day, (at least that’s what she says).

    • Sounds like yer maw did a braw job.

      I was a teen in thatcher days. My sister who I had to share a bedroom. She was a young tory and idolised her, more fool the sister.
      I followed my dad’s SNP mind without fully realising the impact politics has on everything. The tory sister was utterly diabolical and such a snob.
      Ironically, same sister, is, and has been, SNP for some time.

      I shall be first in the queue to toppple a thatcher statue.

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