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We’re in the calm before the storm. A constitutional crisis is on the horizon and is heading our way, when it breaks it could threaten the entire basis of the devolution settlement and undermine the foundations of the British state. It could be the thread that unravels what passes for a Union and leads to another independence referendum. So in this period of relative calm, it’s perhaps a good idea to get back to basics, and to restate the fundamentals of Scottish independence.

Contrary to the much propagated myth so beloved of British nationalist politicians and the British nationalist press, the number of Scottish independence activists who want independence because they hate the English can be counted on the fingers of a boxing glove. The number who are actually prominent and influential in the campaign are even fewer than the number of people who’ve sat through a speech by James Kelly MSP and thought, “My. That guy is charismatic.” People don’t want independence because they hate anyone. That’s a convenient bit of disinformation put about by those who don’t want folk to engage with the independence debate, a bit of disinformation that feeds into a long standing English prejudice against Scotland, that Scotland has no culture or identity of its own other than an atavistic hatred of England, that Scotland can only be defined by reference to England. Independence isn’t about defining Scotland by reference to England, it’s about defining Scotland by reference to Scotland. That’s why British nationalists are so afraid of it, a self-defined Scotland is a Scotland that doesn’t need Westminster.

The real reason that the vast majority of independence campaigners seek independence is because they are dissatisfied with Scotland. It’s because they recognise that this country has so much in the way of potential, but that potential is being squandered. Scotland possesses an embarrassment of natural and human resources, but those resources are being wasted and the country is riven with inequality, scarred by social injustice, and debilitated by poverty.

Scotland is marked by poverty, but Scotland isn’t a poor country. Scotland possesses resources, talents, skills, and opportunities which most countries would envy, but they are being wasted. The products of our labour, the capital and skills that Scotland produces are being syphoned off. Scotland is not a poor country. It is an impoverished country. When British nationalists tell us that we can’t afford independence, they’re telling us that Westminster has ripped us off for centuries and we need to stay with those who’re ripping us off. It’s like telling someone with a lodger who robs from their wallet that since they have no ready cash they need to keep their lodger.

The impoverishment of Scotland means that those kids playing on the wasteground in one of Scotland’s big housing schemes still face the same restricted and narrow life chances that their parents and grandparents faced. They are capable of so much better. They deserve so much better. We all deserve better. Independence campaigners seek independence not for its own sake, but because they want to make Scotland a better place, because they want a Scotland where all of its citizens can reach their full potential.

Scotland needs independence because Scotland is broken and it needs to be fixed. For generations the people of Scotland have waited for Westminster governments to fix this country, but they’re the ones who’ve created the problems. They’ve had plenty of opportunities. All the way through the Thatcher era we waited patiently, praying for the Messiahs of Labour to deliver us, and when the day of redemption finally came we got Public Finance Initiatives, we got the war in Iraq, we got the tombstone teeth of Tony Blair. Now we have Jeremy Corbyn preaching salvation through the British parliamentary road to socialism, but even if he does get elected he’ll only offer us five years. Then it will be back to Tory business as usual. Scotland has a natural left of centre majority. The only way to keep the Tories at bay for good is through independence.

Scotland needs independence because it’s the only way to ensure that we get governments which reflect the needs and desires of the people of this country. Brexit has illustrated the democratic chasm that exists in the UK. Scotland is not an equal partner in a family of nations. When it doesn’t suit the interests of Westminster, Scotland can be ignored, sidelined and ridiculed. Right now the interests of Scotland are subordinate to the internal party needs of the Conservatives. The political imperative to keep the lid on internal Tory divisions is greater than the need to ensure that Scotland’s needs are met. We’re being dragged into a damaging hardline Brexit, because it suits the Conservative party, and Scotland isn’t being consulted or even kept informed. It’s a disgrace, and it traduces what passes for democracy.

All this is happening because Westminster politicians cannot be held to account by the people of Scotland. As long as Scotland remains a part of the UK, we will be governed by people who are not accountable to us. That means that they will not listen to our concerns, will ignore our voices. Scotland needs independence because politicians of any hue cannot be trusted. We need to keep them close to us, so that their arses are within kicking distance of our feet. It’s a lot easier to do that in an independent Scotland where the government is elected by the people of Scotland, is accountable to the people of Scotland, and where it is constrained by a written constitution which places sovereignty firmly with the people.

If we want a country that truly reflects our values and how we see ourselves and wish the world to see us, we need independence. If we want to walk in peace amongst the nations of this Earth, we need to get rid of Trident. We can’t do that with Westminster. If we want to spread the message of tolerance and respect for migrants and those who choose to honour us by making their lives in Scotland, we can’t do that with a Westminster which pursues a xenophobic Brexit. If we seek to build a better country for the future, we can’t do that by being enthralled to the past in a UK that fetishises WW2, the Empire, and Royalty. If we want to reach out to the world and to be a part of it, we can’t do that by reducing ourselves to what we can see through the narrow and constricting letterbox offered to us by the UK. If we want to look in the mirror of politics and see a true reflection of ourselves, we need our own mirror.

Independence campaigners want independence because they recognise that their maws and grannies were right. Those strong women knew that if you want something done, you need to dae it yersel. We need to fix Scotland ourselves. Let’s get working. We have a DIY project to attend to, and we’re going to make something beautiful.

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  1. More towns are talking about opening Indy Hubs in the east and asking Blether-In Forfar for advice! Our time is coming and I believe it will be sooner rather than later. #Referendum2018

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  3. That’s a keeper Paul. 🙂

    We have to learn to say – It’s not about you. It’s about us. About how we want to be defined. About how we want to be governed. About how we want the world to see us and about how we want to live. It’s about being better than we are and as good as everyone else.

    There are two paths in front of Scotland’s electorate. Only one offers Scotland’s population true self determination. The means to effect that real change. Both a beginning and a means to an end. The other? Well, the other will see you governed by those you didn’t elect. The other will see your needs, aspirations and identity, defined and determined, also by those you didn’t elect. You know. The status quo.

    The treaty of union does not stand for unity. Anything but these days, and frankly I doubt it ever really did. It is and always was a political construct and has bog all to do with the real ties that bind. Family, friendship, empathy. Fellow feeling. If there’s any doubt about that? If there’s any doubt about the idea of unity as envisioned by the two political parties who have enjoyed the votes of the UK’s populations for generations? The two parties, their system of government, their practice of politics and the lives to which they have become accustomed?

    Make sure you’re sitting down and have all throwable objects out of arms reach.

    (add http:// before the address)

    What kind of government would you rather have? What kind of country do you want to live in?

  4. Every time I think you’ve ‘peaked’, Paul, you manage to surpass yourself. Such an excellent post I’m spoilt for choice looking for “quotes” to use when I share it about. Thank you for being our voice and proving that it is the voice of reason.

  5. Very well explained…essentially, what sort of Country would you want / prefer to live in.?

    ‘where the government is elected by the people of Scotland, is accountable to the people of Scotland, and where it is constrained by a written constitution which places sovereignty firmly with the people’…

    what is unreasonable or unusual about that for any Country? ..all that needs to be done is to lend your support to it as the need arises… and come it will for a’ that…and simply vote for it.

  6. Very well said, Paul. Thank you.
    I’m pretty sure that had Scotland been an independent nation at the time of the Iraq war, we would not have been rushing to sign up with G W Bush. Tory Blair was a damned disgrace.
    And let’s get rid of Trident, and invest in something useful, like health or education.
    The world needs to evolve into a peaceful cooperative sort of place, or we’re finished.
    Scotland can do it’s bit by being a forward looking progressive peaceful place.
    Our kids and grand-kids need a future to look forward to.

  7. I totally agree with all that you have written Paul. Well done you.

    If you ever needed to know what we are up against in our struggle for freedom the BBC showed us yesterday, Monday.

    In the morning news programs they repeated the ‘devolution causes division’ piece when the MOD is ow going to have to compensate Forces personnel for the higher taxes if they live in Scotland.

    Then on the main 6pm news and again on the 6.30pm Beeb Scotland there was no mention at all about the HMG going to ignore Wales and Scotland by stealing powers via the EU withdrawal bill. They ignored the statement by Mike Russell.

    This is proof that the media is complicit in misinformation and propaganda. This to me is scary. My wife and I who live in the east had to use a west coast word to explain how we felt. That word is ‘raging’.

    • With reference to my comment above about tax in the Forces. There are around 8000 MOD personnel in Scotland. If you are not an officer then you will not be over £33k per year. Plus living here is cheaper than in the rest of the UK when SG gains are taken into account.

  8. Having read a good few Unionist blogs and FB pages my conclusion is that there are many more Scots out there who hate their fellow Scots than hate the English.

  9. Talking about theft and exploitation of Scotland’s resources, I noticed that the Norwegian Oil Fund currently stands at $1.1 trillion. Whereas, of course, the Scottish Oil Fund stands at bugger all.

    Another point that you raised was Trident. That matter could increase to a deadly status if MayHem and the Tories have their way.

    The English government, in accordance with its instructions from its American puppet masters, are determined to blame Russia for, among many things, the Nerve agent attack on the former Russian spy. This is, of course, without a shred of evidence other than the fact that Russia developed that type of nerve agent in the 1970s; and its formula has been an open secret for at least 25 years. Not to mention whatever happened to assorted weapons after the break-up of the Soviet Union.

    If that stupid woman and the Tories stir things up and involve NATO (North American Terrorist Organization) she could bring us to the brink of war. The problem with that is that their bloody Trident missiles based in Scotland would make us a target for any Russian attack. That means that the majority of Scotland’s population, i.e. in the Central Belt, could end up being destroyed and made uninhabitable.

    This is yet another of the many, many reasons for Scotland to regain its independence and to regain our control over our foreign policies.

  10. Don’t often post comments but I just had to add my voice to those commending you for your insight and brilliant writing.

    Too much time and energy is spent responding to criticism from our opponents; it’s time for the independence movement to start setting the agenda. Anyone who’s seen Michael Moore’s film “Where to Invade Next” will know that other countries in Europe are forging ahead with social policies which will never see the light of day here in the UK. Let’s start painting a picture of what life in an independent Scotland might look like. A positive vision of the future is how we’ll inspire more people to join this great movement.

  11. Things seem to be very quiet on the part of our Government. I know the BBC’s job is only to report pro-British items, but all the same there seems to be a lethargy about. I hope I’m very wrong but I don’t sense much outrage at the British power grab and dilution of devolution.

    • Isa, in a sense you are correct. BBC Scotland refuses to engage in an news that isn’t Brit Nat Good or oh, look, there’s a walrus.
      Tonight they has another 5 minutes on the funding for the Scottish Youth Theatre which was almost a verbatim repeat of last night’s over long waffle with footage of half a dozen kids with guitars in George Square.
      The Scottish public are being deliberately treated like uneducated automatons and fed bread and circus pap on TV and in their newspapers.
      But Brexit will hit, and hit soon.
      It will be a game changer..

  12. There are some beautifully expressed and cogent arguments made here. But I always take issue with this notion: “The only way to keep the Tories at bay for good is through independence”. Scotland’s politics ARE defined by some extent by counterbalancing English conservatism and Labour dined out for decades on “fighting Thatcher” – in which they failed not only by not winning general elections but also by being Thatcherite themselves. Once Scotland has independence its politics will not be defined against England and we can expect a more balanced political picture. There WILL be a right of centre party which will do better than the Conservative and Unionist party but it will be elected in Scotland by people who live in Scotland and it will serve Scotland. That’s the difference. Furthermore to even win independence we need to have on board those who are not struggling or impoverished rather than frightening them into the arms of Unionism with undertones of class war.

    • I’m not sure I can swallow this whole, Ali. As someone who was born in England but later “became” Scottish I can safely say that Independence IS the only way to ensure that we are no longer governed by Tories. Tories in Scotland (that’s the ordinary folk NOT the politicians) really do tend to have more of a social conscience than Tories in England. I don’t think that Paul’s piece invites or encourages “class warfare” and I don’t believe that ordinary conservative (small c used deliberately) voters in Scotland would be “driven into the arms of Unionism” if they weren’t there already. An Independent Scotland will have an electorate which votes in much the same way as it has always done … people’s views will still veer either to the left or the right … but any MPs elected will be Scottish MPs who will do what they believe is best for Scotland, be they left, right or centre. What we must do is to spread this message as widely as possible so that they understand that their views will still be represented in an Independent Scotland. “Class warfare” shouldn’t come into it any more than it does now in daily life.

      • Sure, class war is hyperbole, but nevertheless how does “We’ll never get Tories” appeal to the percentage of the Scottish population who might vote Tory? (even Scottish “tory” with a small “t”?). In 1950 45% of people voted conservative and even into the 70s it was more than 30%. Thatcher was a turning point. The main point as you say is that Scotland elects democratically accountable (unlike MEPs for what it’s worth) representatives who govern Scotland, whatever flavour we choose. This article I’m sure represents an argument to be made to swithering ex Labour voters but we need as many as possible on board – before, during and after independence.

  13. This is one I made earlier.

    In the ‘sixties, Barry Bucknell had (mainly) men doing it for themselves, on the cheap, using plywood and hardboard to cover up period doors and fireplaces, to ‘modernise’ older properties. He is accused of ruining 100’s thousands of solid Victorian doors and earned the nick name ‘Bodger’ Bucknell.

    In the ‘nineties many young couples prised off the hardboard door panels and had the original frames dipped in acid to remove the layers of white gloss and return the doors to their magnificent splendour.

    Fanny Cradock was in the kitchen, nagging women (mostly) to do it for themselves.
    She gave us the disgusting prawn cocktail and green piped mash potato.
    It came as no surprise to learn that she (allegedly) kept going on a diet of uppers and downers.

    Percy Thrower was the first gardening expert, telling us off for damaging our plants by faulty and careless pruning.
    I blame him personally for Garden Centres and Gardeners’ Question Time. Did we really need to know the Latin name for a Petunia?
    Coming out of the ‘austerity’ ‘fifties, Britain was urged to get out there and do it for ourselves.

    With varying degrees of success.

    In the mid ‘eighties Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin were urging Sisters to Do It For themselves.

    But then, ahem, we got the Spice Girls, Madonna, and Kylie Minogue. Oh dear.

    Paul, as usual, touches a nerve.

    We cannot sit back any more and let ProudScotBut bufoons lie, threaten, and bully us into quiescent acceptance that England has the right to dictate Scotland’s Future because of a 300 year old stitch up by Scotland’s Robber Barons, for money and land..

    Scotland is doing it for itself.

    I personally refuse to give up my EU citizenship.

    I personally will not be stopped from travelling across Europe by some English civil servant stationed at a Scots airport or ferry terminal.

    England voted to leave the EU, as did Wales.

    We didn’t. Ergo, the 300 year old Union contract has ended, and England and Wales have my permission to go their separate ways, and morph into the US 51st State.

    Take all you nuclear arsenal with you.

    Scotland is a wealthy First World country.

    We have 5.5 million citizens rattling around on 32% of the land mass of Great Britain.

    There are 58 million English citizens sitting on top of each other Down There.
    In the London area they are eating each other in a Soylent Green dog eat dog Living Hell.
    What Ruth, Mundo, Scarf Leonard, and Oor Wullie will never tell you:-

    Scotland has 61% of the total sea area.
    90% of all fresh water.
    65% of all natural gas production
    96.5% of all crude oil production
    81% of all untapped coal reserves
    62% of all timber production
    46% of total forest area
    92% of all hydro electric production
    40% of all wind, wave, and solar energy production
    60% of all fish landed
    30% 0f the total beef herd
    20% of the total sheep herd
    9% of the total dairy herd
    15% of cereal holdings
    20% of all potato holdings
    100% of a multi billion pound Scotch whisky industry (not ‘whiskey’ ,Blair MacDougall)
    £17 billion construction industry
    £13 billion food and drink industry
    £10 billion business services industry
    £9.3 billion chemical service industry
    £9.3 billion tourism industry
    £7 billion financial services industry
    £5 billion aero service industry
    £4.5 billion whisky exports, the biggest UK Food and Drink export
    £3.1 billion life sciences industry
    £350 million textile exports
    Over 25% of all wind and energy potential in EUROPE
    Five of our Universities appear in the WORLD Top 100
    (My thanks, Les Bremner, for the figures)

    We are already doing it for ourselves.

    Scotland has never been in a trading deficit, ever.
    We owe no man or woman for our continuing existence.

    We are not being subsidised by our neighbours to the South Far from it.

    We have food, water, and resources aplenty.

    England is making money opening doors for each other and charging each other for the ‘service’.

    We Scots are in hawk to no man or woman. We are a self-sufficient modern democracy, which London is hell bent on holding on to as an occupied colony.

    They plunder our wealth, rape our land, and with the excuse of Brexit, will eventually close our Government down, and destroy our Society for profit; if we stand by and let them.

    The Red Blue and Yellow Scots Brit Nats are the enemy within.

    They lie about their own antion’s ability to function independently of England.

    They know the figures which I quote above.

    But they are Unionist puppets, and their wages depend on them betraying their country, Scotland.

    Yes, Paul we are doing it for ourselves.

    But not by covering up the cracks with cheap plywood or hardboard.
    Edinburgh will not be the new London. We won’t be having a tier of Lords ‘lording it’ over us.
    We shall not be cooking up a Independence gooey mess, a carelessly tossed together prawn cocktail.
    A government of the people, elected by the people, and accountable to the people of Scotlasnd. ‘I like that’.

    We shall prune the Flower of Scotland carefully, so new shoots will grow and prosper.
    Old Percy would be proud of us.
    Paul you grow in strength with each paragraph you pen. Thank you.

  14. ‘Independence campaigners want independence because they recognise that their maws and grannies were right. Those strong women knew that if you want something done, you need to dae it yersel.’ Why is everything in Scotland is always reduced to bring aboot women these days? Why don’t men count in Scotland anymore? Don’t Scottish faithers and grandfaithers want independence? This divisive sexism needs to STOP.

  15. Wonderfull post paul one of your best, and I think the point you make about having the elected gov. of Scotland close enough to kick arses, and I would add help us keep any corruption under control, is one of the most important about getting independance. Let us get started and do it ourselves. Jack’s comment above about Scotland being one of wealthiest countries around is true, and we have to convince the doubtfull NO voters in Scotland, this is the case.

  16. Those with ambition in Scotland want a nation for the future. England wants to retreat into a mythic past. These paths are irreconcilable. We cannot do both. So be it.

    Currently the UK is being led by fruitcakes who will eventually drown in an ocean of their own contradictions, lies, stupidity and just petty minded evil e.g. universal credit, hot meals for poor children, etc. etc. etc. A single vote of no confidence will bring their house of cards down around their ears in the twinkling of an eye. Even their dimwitted supporters will eventually twig to what a complete shower of blithering incompetents they are. The problem for the UK is that those waiting to pick up the pieces afterwards, are just be as deluded. They also want to retreat into the past. It can’t be done. It would require the rest of the world to agree. They are all fantasists.

    If Westminster succeeds in re-writing the Scotland Act without Holyrood’s consent, you may as well shutter the place. It will become a façade and meaningless talking shop. Filled with non-elected cronies of the ruling class. The D’Hondt voting method virtually guarantees it.

    There is no future in this vision. Only continual decline.

    The independence of Scotland will be a historical fact one day. Sooner or later. There is another opportunity upon is. Let’s make it sooner, for all our sakes. Even for those of us afraid to take the plunge. Ten years afterwards, they will wonder why they opposed it.

  17. Have a read of this.

    Remember the OBR was a George Osborne creation and that it regularly forecast doom and despair for an independent Scotland back in 2014. These same forecasts were widely and gleefully used by our Unionist media. Here’s how Energy Voice reported today’s story:

    ‘A new report predicts UK oil and gas revenues will be £400million higher every year from now until 2023 – in the latest sign that the North Sea is on the mend. In its fiscal and economic outlook, the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) said its revenue forecast had been revised upwards due to higher oil prices, increased production and lower costs. The Oil and Gas Authority recently lifted its long-term forecast for North Sea production by 2.8billion barrels of oil equivalent to 11.7billion barrels.’

    They then predict tax revenues of £1 billion for each of the next five years.

    Here’s how I do the sums:

    11.7 billion barrels at $60 per barrel, at least, equal total revenue of $702 billion. Production costs estimated by the BP chief, last year, to be no more than $15 per barrel equal $175 billion. So that’s $527 billion or £376.83 billion, in profit, before wages and shared dividends yet the OBR thinks we only get £5 billion in tax revenue. Isn’t that a bit low? UK corporation tax at 20% would give us more than £75 billion. What’s going on here?

    It will be interesting to hear if the Chancellor uses the same measly figure and if it’s challenged at all.

  18. I don’t know if you’re aware of just how much this site is appreciated Paul. Especially now, when the world seems to have gone completely mental.

    Today, sites should have been buzzing about the Downing street talks on devolution and powers. (slumps) Nope. Not a sausage. Personally, I’m thinking it’s time for a few days break until the red mist clears. I have sock drawers which need rearranging and a bald dome which could do with a wax and polish. There’s a back log of games and sci-fi movies to go through and then there’s the garden…. maybe not that last one. (shudders)

    Anyroads, it IS very much appreciated.

  19. There is a problem that support for indyref2 is not high at the present time, nor is support for independence, or the SNP.
    Ignore polling companies, I have never been asked, have any commenters on this site?
    Indy activists need to get into workplaces such as factories, bus depots, and large employers like the NHS, see what the general opinions are.
    As part of my job (not as a political activist) I have heard discouraging comments about independence, the EU and the SNP.
    What must be remembered is that even though turnout for 2014 was quite decent in referendum terms, 20% either couldn’t be bothered, or were just happy with their lot.
    Let’s not forget that the SNP are far from perfect and last years General Election has shown that support for the Conservatives has not gone away.
    Complacency in Holyrood could well be the undoing of the SNP, they have to rely on the Greens to get things like the budget through.
    The SNP need to be bold, reforming Council Tax was a missed opportunity, as was education reform.
    They need to use what limited powers they have to show what Scotland could be as an independent country.

    • No one is perfect and if they were, I’d be keeping an even closer eye on them. I expect human beings to make errors. It’s what we do.

      Secondly, you might want to rethink that first sentence. Support for the SNP, independence and a referendum are up according to the latest Ipsos Mori poll. Literally too close to call on constitutional matters and way out in front on domestic government.

      • Yet today, despite BBC Scotland Breakfast 90 seconds of Oh, Look A Walrus Breakfast News describing the OBFA as ‘controversial’, which it certainly is NOT in the eyes of 75%-80% of Football supporters, Patrick Harvie and his very own Green Brigade will join the True Blue Loyalist hordes of Tomkins Davidson and Fraser, and their fellow Brit Nat Collaborators, I will Not Sit Down James Kelly, and Oor Wullie’s Five Go To Holyrood, and stab the Scottish Government in the back just to help the Yoons embarrass the Pro Independence Government.

        Mr Harvie, you may not have noticed but your current Brit Nat ‘allies’ voted to remove a hot midday meal from the mouths of one million poor kids down there in the Motherland yesterday; yet another heartless Brit Nat cut by the UCS back door.

        The Dirty Dozen Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party new MPs actually voted with their English colleagues on a strictly EVEL issue, and although their votes were discounted, made the gesture,Patrick Harvie, that they want to starve a million children into subjugation and a lifetime of slavery and channel our wealth to their already filthy rich Lords and Ladies Paymasters..

        These are the disgusting fascists with whom you now side, Oh Green Ones.

        You have killed the Green Vote Up Here, just so that to repeal an Act which was the only legislation standing between Sunday’s evil fascist march to Ibrox and Thug Rule in Scotland.

        Beware the Ides of March, Nicola Sturgeon.

        Who is it in the press that calls on me?
        I hear a tongue shriller than all the music
        Cry “Caesar!” Speak, Caesar is turn’d to hear.

        Beware the ides of March.

        What man is that?

        A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March.

        Today of all days, Patrick.

        It’s not too late: I know that you read this excellent blog.

        ‘Yon Tomkins has a lean and hungry look’.

        From memory, 60 senators plunged knives into Caesar in 44 BC.
        Let’s not repeat history, Patrick.

    • Last two polls put independence support at 49.2% and 48.3% with the usual plus or minus 3% error. Trend is up.

      • Exactly, Andy. This is not the time for Harvie and the Greens to take their ‘eye off the ball’, if you’ll excuse the metaphor.
        Ruth Davidson’s Party clogged up the works yesterday bitterly opposing The Continuity Bill, t o no avail.
        Brexit is the game changer.

        • No, I don’t trust polls, remember the General Election?
          As I said, these polling companies have never asked me, or anyone I know for that matter.
          Comparing me to John McTernan does no favours, as I said in my comment, my experience is of working the length and breadth of Scotland and hearing the “word on the street”
          I am a supporter of independence, and I personally think that in ten years Scotland will be an independent country.
          I think this will be more to do with the rest of the UK leaving the EU than anything else.
          Is it not a concern to independence supporters that the Conservative vote in Scotland increased last year? Yes, the SNP may well be Scotland’s largest party but let’s not forget that Labour once controlled Holyrood.
          Regarding the Greens, unfortunately, to get any further legislation through, the SNP are going to have to rely on their support again.

    • IMO the problem is not a lack of achievement by the Scot gov but the perception held by people and that is down to getting the message out there and counteracting the biased/lying media we have in Scotland.

      • At the end of last year a business with four manufacturing businesses in England (cannot remember its name) stated that due to Brexit they will no longer support the Conservative party and will be moving at least two factories overseas with the loss of about 600 jobs and UK tax revenue.

        These smaller businesses are acting but they are not reported.

        • Anecdotal, so worth what you’ve paid for it, but –

          About six months ago, my husband noticed that his employer was offering fewer posts in London but more in the offices in Paris, Sydney and Dublin. Two weeks ago, my best friend’s husband was told that his division was being closed down at year’s end – he’s been offered a very generous severance package and support in finding a new job.

          They’re both in IT. Husband’s boss has been in London all this week, and we’re waiting to see if the other shoe drops.

  20. Here are the results of yesterday’s, telephone-based Ipsos-Mori poll:
    Should Scotland be an independent country? (Don’t Knows excluded)
    Yes 48%
    No 52%
    Scottish voting intentions for next Westminster election:
    Conservatives 25%
    Greens 4%
    Labour 26%
    Liberal Democrats 6%
    SNP 39%

    These remain reasonably optimistic figures, pre-campaign, but see also these reservations, from YouGov, about telephone interviews based on evidence from the opinion polls which got the EU Referendum so wrong:
    ‘There’s a big difference between the online and telephone polls on the EU referendum – with online polls showing the sides neck-and neck and telephone polls showing about a 15% gap in favour of ‘remain’. Why? It’s striking that both methodologies right across the different polling companies give about the same number to the ‘leave’ campaign, around 40%. The difference is in the ‘remain’ number, which is around 52%, from the telephone polls, but only 40% for online polls.’
    Commonly, telephone surveys generate conservative, negative or status quo returns. Respondents are more likely to say no to a question about a big change of some kind.
    Further, not everyone has a landline to be called on. Roughly 20%, especially younger and economically disadvantaged citizens, do not have one, so cannot be surveyed, and we know that the young and the less-well-off are more likely to prefer independence.

    • The demographics of yesterday’s Ipsos MORI poll are startling. Almost half of the raw sample is over 55, and a third of it retired. That’s the scale of Yes’s OAP problem.

    • Aye, Andy, how many young people have a landline these days? Nobody.
      Whose future is it?
      I’d say it was a safe bet that the majority of the commentators on this blog are over 50.
      If Scotland is to vote Yes to independence it will be the younger voters that carry the day.
      (With a bit of help and support from us older folk…)
      Engage and educate the youth. Light their imagination, and stand clear.

  21. Is it possible that there will be a deal where Scotland stays in the customs union and single market while England leaves? Is that a face saving from Westminster and pushing independence off for a while?

    Just one of the less likely but not impossible outcomes.

  22. o/t – Our State sponsored media the BBC pointing a condemning finger at R T who they call a State sponsored outlet , Aye ok we can all see the difference .
    Any fair minded person who has viewed Alex Salmonds shows on R T would know his show is not a threat to national security , When asked for proof by Jeremy Corbyn Mrs Mayhem she immediately went on the defensive and as usual sidestepped the legitimate question about evidence and instead shot the questioner with her usual Snide remarks ,
    Believe anything this Tory PM says ? aye well belief in Fairies is widespread I suppose and just as justified .

  23. “… Scotland can only be defined by reference to England. ”

    When I finally managed to leave the UK at 21 and came to live in Europe I confirmed what I’d long suspected: England thinks this about the entire world, not just Scotland.

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