Happy 1000th to The National


They said it wouldn’t last, that it would disappear just as soon as the Yes movement evaporated away after the No vote in the 2014 referendum, but 1000 issues later and The National is still going strong. Congratulations to Callum Baird and all the team for working their wee socks off to produce the only daily newspaper that gives the views of half the population of Scotland a fair shake of the stick. And as a special incentive to support the paper, if you subscribe you can get a bottle of The National’s very own exclusive Still Yes whisky.

We complain a lot about the media in Scotland, especially those of us who support and campaign for independence and feel frustration that our opinions struggle to get heard against the constant barrage of SNPbaddery and scare stories and threats telling us that Scotland would uniquely incapable of doing all the things that every other independent nations manage to achieve. However it’s a fact that those of us who support independence are still far more likely to spend our hard earned cash supporting British nationalist and anti-independence news outlets than we are to support the few pro-independence outlets that we do possess. If you support independence, there’s only one daily newspaper for you, and that’s The National.

The National faces difficulties that other newspapers don’t face. It’s a national publication so doesn’t have the regional focus of the Herald, based in Glasgow, or the Scotsman, based in Edinburgh. The National also faces the concerted hatred of British nationalists who resent the fact that one single daily newspaper dares to break the anti-independence consensus they’d enjoyed for so long. Callum Baird, the editor of The National, has been called a conspiracy theorist by certain Scottish journalists for stating that people actively hide copies of The National in shops in order to make it more difficult for customers to find the paper. But the reason Callum has said that is because when he and I do public meetings of The National Roadshow events, readers have told him that they’ve caught people in the act of hiding the paper! British nationalists in Scotland feel so threatened and weak that they’re scared of one single daily newspaper. Let’s give them something to feel terrified about.

As a regular columnist for The National, I’ve got a vested interest in supporting the paper, but the fact is that having a daily print newspaper gives the Yes movement a toehold in the mainstream media that we wouldn’t otherwise possess. That gives us a legitimacy and a credibility that we’d otherwise struggle to achieve, particularly since prominent independence campaigners are less likely to appear on our TV screens than those who support the British state or who are happy to criticise the SNP and the vast majority of the traditional press has no interest in giving the cause of independence a fair hearing. The National gives us a national platform and a voice that we would otherwise be deprived of.

Since The National pays its contributors, it helps to support a community of pro-independence writers and journalists who would otherwise be marginalised and ignored. Writing for The National gives me a little bit of financial security and that’s what allows me to write and campaign for independence on a full time basis. I’m proud to be associated with The National, and proud that it speaks up for Scotland.

If we want to see another 1000 issues of Scotland’s best newspaper, we need to support it. If we want to see the front cover that we all long for – SCOTLAND SAYS YES – then we need to support The National. You can subscribe to the digital edition or subscribe to the print edition. Or you can order a copy from your local newsagent and then you never need worry about it not being available.

Support it, buy it, share it. Here’s to another 1000 editions.

Click the following link to subscribe http://www.thenational.scot/subscribe/

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  2. Major problem for me in setting up a sub is the need to use PayPal, which is a no no for me. otherwise I would give it a shot.

    • I buy my electronic copy and do not pay by PayPal. If you look there is a direct option where you can use a credit card.

    • I wanted to pay by PayPal but could not. I was told that PayPal is not available so I paid by card. But I will still buy a paper copy when I am able so that I can leave it where others may read it.

  3. Been a subscriber since Day 1 Paul and a lurker on your blog. The only newspaper I read. I look forward to another 1000 editions.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 I

  4. Having been a digital subscriber from day one I was disappointed when renewing my subscription 2 months ago to find that the renewal option I used previously (fixed time and payment) had been removed so that the choice is now restricted to automatic roll-over renewals. I am totally opposed to this sort of payment for anything on principle and so, sadly no longer subscribe. I had some correspondence with the subscriptions department to explain my position but they did not budge.

    My Sunday Herald subscription is due for renewal in the next couple of weeks and, if I am unable to renew on a fixed time/payment basis, then that will be another lost reader.

    I know that I am not the only former subscriber for this reason.

    • Like you I don’t do automatic renewal on anything, so I just took out a digital subscription last year then the next day I cancelled the automatic renewal. I’ve been reading The National every day without a problem and will do the same thing this year when the subscription runs out. Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face!

      • Unfortunately it’s the National doing the self-inflicted nose surgery, Anne. They have also restricted the options compared to what used to be available – all I want is the digital edition, nothing else, with minimum hassle and at least techie things involved as possible.

        The good news is that I checked my SH sub and it looks as if I can still place my 3 month PayPal order. So why not the National is the question.

        • I don’t understand. All I have is the digital edition and it was no hassle at all. I’m in Spain so digital is the only way I can read it.

          • When did you take out your subscription, Annie? The new payment system started about 2 months ago.

          • It was last year, but the only option then was automatic renewal too. As I said I just cancelled the renewal the next day, so I will continue to get it until it’s due again later this year.

          • Up until 2 months ago it was possible to buy a subscription through PayPal for a fixed period of a month, 3 months, etc. That option has gone now. I’ll look at the option you mention where you can cancel a recurring payment. (As long as it accepts debit cards as I don’t use credit cards either.) It’s odd that The National didn’t suggest this to me.

          • I didn’t see any options for a fixed term payment. I used a debit card because I don’t have a credit card.

          • Actually scrap that. I must have done it with Paypal and then cancelled the recurring payment in my Paypal account.

  5. I held on to the first five copies of the National; they are indeed historical documents.

    I buy a copy when I can,but they are mostly gone at my local newsagents by the time I get there just after eight.

    I note that the supermarkets in our area West Glasgow don’t stock the National. Why?

    We desperately need this single bright beacon in a forest of Dead Tree Brit Nat Scrolls.

    Thye Brit Nat MSM report Tomkins and Co are now relentlessly attacking Scotland, our people, and our Parliament ‘from within’ attempting to justify England clawing back Devolution by power grab.

    This from the English edition of the Independent yesterday, the Ides of March.

    “Experts have called on the Government to explain why there were more than 10,000 “additional deaths” in England and Wales in the first few weeks of 2018.

    An editorial published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) showed that during the first seven weeks of the year, there were 93,990 deaths.

    But in the same period over the previous five years an average of 83,615 people died”

    Blue Tory Cuts, backed by the Red and Yellow Brexit Brit Nationalists killed an EXTRA 10,000 English and Welsh souls by cutting funding to reward Big Business and the already Filthy Rich.
    Ruth Davidson’s Party (her blurb) is killing citizens through neglect and enforced poverty in one of the richest nations on this planet.
    Well, if ‘Constitutional Expert’ ,aye richt, Professor Two Jobs WATP Fresh from his triumph in legalising the Billy Boys and Ooh Aah Up The ‘RA Adam unelected Tomkins gets his way, and the SNP stop their 10 years of ‘moaning’ Health, Education, and Law will revert to control from England, and we can watch as thousands MORE of our citizens are killed by Government edict.
    Words cannot describe my rage.
    It’s time to leave this evil corrupt Union.
    We need for the National to survive and debunk Tomkins and Co and their evil dog eat dog philosophy.

    • What gets me is a lot of people in England especially won’t be outraged by this as its nothing to do with them that is sickening to me turning a blind eye while there fellow English suffer because of the conservatives no wonder I left when I did it was long overdue to return home to Scotland.

  6. As Macart just said, here’s to another 1000 – I hope that (a) Scotland will be a nation with a State rather than a stateless nation by then, and (b) that I will live to see both independence and the 2000th edition.

    • The way the conservatives are going independence could come sooner than we think don’t forget brexiteers want brexit at any cost how they going to save the UK when brexiteers can kill it mays gonna have to choose brexit or the UK because they can’t have both the way they are going.

  7. I’m a digital subscriber (I like knowing that i’m helping even if I don’t read it every day). I still try and pick up a hard copy when I can.

    Also a subscriber to the iScot magazine. And I can’t recommend that magazine enough! It is brilliant.

    Both the National and iScot are great reads, and not just because WGD has made appearances in both (although that does help).

    Keep up the good work, WGD. Your blog is brilliant, funny and always gets me feeling good about the cause.


  8. Just collected my copy from the local shop, very nice and commented favourably by the staff there!!

    Bit of a milestone that many said wouldn’t be possible. Well fellow yessers, we have a duty, and I don’t say that lightly, to push the voices of indy whenever and however we can and my contribution is always to buy The National no matter how many times I’m told..”Oh, you’re just helping the unionist cause..” bollox

    Anyone who thinks that can keep their thoughts to themselves…

  9. I have bought and read The National every day since day one except on the odd occasion when none were available during snowy spells. I like the format as it is near to how I would imagine an hourly Scottish news broadcast to be, by not only having Scottish news but also looking at world events through a Scottish lens. I also enjoy the Scottish history tales. I don’t understand why more people who wish for independence continue to buy the pro-unionist papers.

  10. The National is a great read with some of the best journalists around. I particularly like the letters pages and the in-depth historical and feature pieces. I don’t think there is any excuse for being uninformed about the true nature of Westminster politics. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday editions are must reads for me.

  11. Also a digital subscriber from day one.

    I do not have the auto renewal or use PayPal. I pay for a year by credit card and buy my annual subscription on day one of the following year.

    A good paper. I cannot figure out why they do not have lots more subscribers.

  12. Good piece Paul, just one thing:

    A wee mention for Richard Walker, who came-up with the idea of the National and was funding Editor would not have gone wrong.

  13. I was in Waitrose in Morningside this morning, and as is often the case could see no copy of the National. However, I know from past experience where the copies are often ‘accidentally’ hidden behind other papers, and sure enough there it was, behind a copy of the Mirror. I always take great delight in putting it back on display.

  14. I work for one of the big 4 supermarkets and can confirm that multiple copies of the National regularly turn up hidden all over the store. I have photographic proof and just last week i asked one angry red faced old unionist footsoldier to leave the bloody store after i caught him secreting a half dozen or so copies in the paperwear section just behind the andrex quilted.

  15. One way or another this is going to be a fairly important year for Scotland’s population. There is a lot going on in political and legal circles people aren’t privvy to and won’t understand the necessity of.

    Political types best be aware though, that doesn’t make the public stupid. A little explanation can go a long way for people who aren’t anoraks, but who do feel anxious or afraid. THIS is where the msm and establishment parties find fertile ground.

    Ignorance is their friend as we’ve seen time and again. They use people’s lack of knowledge on constitutional law, the Scotland bill settlement, devolved and reserved issues, the Barnett formula to basically make shit up. Like chimps on a sugar rush they chuck pooh in all directions knowing some will stick and become a set myth. They have a media only too willing to disseminate or back their guff up and the popular saturation to spread it far and wide.

    Not everyone is interested in politics or will be engaged by it. Sites like this and our only hardcopy voice, the National, are the only balance and representation near half of Scotland’s population are allowed. They are too valuable a resource and yet with all their power and wealth the establishment are still fearful of them and would step on each and every one given half a chance. They would, without question, deny folks even this route to representation and self expression. Sites like this cut through the wonk speak and translate for folk like us to understand plainly, just what is going on.

    This year, of all years, with Brexit, austerity ideology, a central government set on deconstructing a devolution settlement IT created to suit its own ends. This year, we need to focus on keeping these lines of communication open ordinary folk like us.

    Without them we go back to the days of mushroom farming and sleepwalking toward that cliff edge.

  16. Looking forward to the next 1000, as a not to digital person, I don’t elect to do any financial transaction on line except keeping an eye on the markets. To old to completly trust the digital world, so I will keep buying every edition and shifting it to a prominant position in offending shops.

  17. Never been a fan . . . . Of Still Yes . . . . Implies it’s a miracle that anyone could manage to remain Yes . . . . . For me the miracle is that Scots still vote for Unionist parties

  18. The National needs to be on public display, on the newstands, so, tempting as the digital version cost saving, is I’ll stick with the printed version.

  19. Much as I appreciate what The National has done, and your contributions to it, I’ve not subscribed. Happy to support the Indy movement with cash when I can, but there’s something not right about this paper, for a number of reasons.

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