HOOP: Hands Off Our Parliament

There’s an important event taking place in Edinburgh tomorrow. HOOP, Hands Off Our Parliament is a demonstration outside Holyrood to show the Conservative government that we the people of Scotland value the devolved parliament which we voted for, and that we will not sit back quietly while Theresa May and her minions use Brexit, something Scotland voted against, as an excuse to diminish and undermine the devolution settlement, something Scotland voted for. This is Scotland’s parliament, not Westminster’s toy.

Tomorrow’s event aims to form a human chain, hand in hand around the Scottish Parliament in a symbolic gesture of protection. The event starts at 10am and goes on until 5pm. The dug will be there, and so will I, so if you do plan to come along it will be great to meet you. You don’t have to attend for the whole day, just come along and show your support for an hour or a half hour or so. The Yes Bikers will be there, and the event will be family friendly. Assemble outside the Scottish Parliament.

Here’s a rough timetable for tomorrow, supplied by one of the organisers:
10am Assemble
11am Speakers and Music
12 pm Human Chain round the parliament estate. Each lap is 0.4 mile. We hope to get 4 times round.
12.45 Speakers and Music
1.30 pm The Sound of YES Biker THUNDER
2.00pm 101 Saltire Shields in a schiltron without pikes will be arranged defensively along flanked by some YES biker Heavy Horse Power.
2.30 pm Speakers and Music
3.30 pm Arrival of the car convoy.
4..00 pm Speakers and Music

Although this event is being organised by pro-independence campaigners and there will be plenty of pro-independence campaigners there, it’s not in itself a pro-independence event. HOOP is a pro-devolution event, a pro-Scotland event. HOOP is not about demanding something that Scotland doesn’t currently have, it’s about protecting and defending what Scotland has already got. It’s about showing our support for the powers of Holyrood and telling the Conservatives that Scotland does not consent to them using Brexit as an excuse to traduce the democratic will of the Scottish people. Everyone who believes in the devolution settlement and who is opposed to the Conservative attempt to grab powers from Scotland is welcome, whether you want independence or not.

The Scottish Parliament’s Continuity Bill was supported by the SNP, the Greens, Labour, and most of the Lib Dem MSPs. This event is about reaching out across the constitutional divide, and uniting to defend Scotland from a rapacious Conservative government which believes that the result of the EU referendum is the only one that needs to be respected. But Scotland voted by a huge margin in the 1997 referendum in favour of the existing devolution settlement. Scotland voted by a much smaller margin against independence in the 2014 referendum because of a promise that devolution would be entrenched, extended, and that the powers of Holyrood could only be altered by Westminster if Holyrood gave its explicit consent, a commitment which the Conservatives signed up to. Now Theresa May and her hangers on are unilaterally ripping up the devolution settlement. The hypocritical Tories are very fond of telling others that they need to respect the result of referendums, but they themselves have no intention of respecting referendums that don’t suit their interests.

Some talking heads in the media have claimed that there is no massive popular outrage in Scotland at the Tories’ attacks on our Parliament. And sadly that would be true. It’s true in the exact same way that someone who has been cat-burgled isn’t outraged about their losses until they realise that they’ve been robbed. We have a media in Scotland which is overwhelmingly opposed to independence, and which is terrified of doing anything that it worries might assist the independence cause, so it shies away from explaining the full ramifications of what the Westminster Conservatives and their Holyrood allies have in store for devolution. They’re not telling the people of Scotland that they’re being robbed. They’re not explaining how the devolution settlement is being undermined and hollowed out from within.

Of course people in Scotland aren’t going to be outraged about something that the Scottish media isn’t explaining to them. For media figures to say smugly that there will be no massive popular outrage in Scotland at the British government’s attack on the devolution settlement is the very definition of a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you don’t tell people what’s going on, if you don’t explain to them how the hard won Scottish devolution settlement is under threat, if you don’t detail how the Conservatives are cynically violating and ripping up the promises and commitments that they made to the people of Scotland, of course people aren’t going to be outraged. Before you can be outraged, you need to know what’s going on. But if you don’t know what’s going on, then those in power can do whatever they like while the people of Scotland lie helpless and uniformed, kept in the dark by the very organisations and institutions which are supposed to cast light.

It’s up to us, all of us, the ordinary people of Scotland, to do the job that the overwhelmingly British nationalist media isn’t doing. We have a media which is so terrified of independence that it is hamstrung and will not stand up for Scotland even within this so-called Union. Back in 2014 they told us that Scotland as a part of the UK would enjoy the best of both worlds, instead we’ve got the worst of all worlds. The promised security of our place within the EU has turned into a hard Brexit run and organised in the interests of the Conservative right wing. The promised strengthening of devolution has turned into a weakening.

Come along tomorrow and show that you do not consent to the Conservatives running roughshod over the will of the Scottish people. Show them that we do care, that we are outraged, and that we do not consent to their unilateral power grab. Scotland has devolution because the people of Scotland fought for it, campaigned for it, struggled for it, over long and painful decades of Conservative rule. We will not consent to the Conservatives destroying it. This is our parliament, not Theresa May’s.


You can get a full sized copy of the above poster in tomorrow’s (Friday’s) The National. The paper will be there and will give full coverage of the event in Saturday’s edition.


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0 thoughts on “HOOP: Hands Off Our Parliament

  1. I’ll be there. It’s just a pity that the MSM won’t cover the event but I’ll be posting photos on social media. My husband was told by a friend that some people from Catalunya are coming over to join us! #Solidarity

    • That’s excellent if its true that will prove once and for all how inclusive Scotland is and not an isolationist nation like England is becoming.

  2. Will be there with a few friends. Wouldn’t dream of missing it. Expect no news coverage as usual. Hey ho!

  3. I will be there tomorrow myself don’t expect any BBC gits or even those Yoons from Stv either that’s something that can wake others up if shown on TV.

  4. I am a pensioner coming to the event from Hamilton. X1 bus to Glasgow. No cost. Return bus to Edinburgh – Β£1. Many many thanks to the Scottish Parliament for my concession travel.

    Westminster, keep your grasping hands off my Parliament!!

  5. I had it all scheduled out to attend until, a call to assist with my grandson tomorrow. It is a fabulous initiative, so so symbolic, I’m really disappointed to miss out.

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  7. I am so sorry that I will be going in the opposite direction to visit my lovely wee granddaughter on her 5th birthday – I hope it is incredibly well attended and the sun smiles on you all.

  8. Hands off our territorial integrity might be more apt given the current sell out of our Fishermen (dimwits) by the Administrating power in England. The UK looks and feels more and more like Algeria in 1960s.

  9. I’ll be coming down on the bus from Stonehaven with my 2 sisters from nearby Peterhead. We had tickets to see you at The Harbour Lights in Peterhead, Paul, but the weather was against it. Hope to see you there.

  10. While you and the dug are there could you perhaps persuade some people to pronunce the NAME of their parliament correctly? The clue is in the number of ‘L’s. Holy is pronounced wholey NOT and NEVER holly(which is a noxious growth).
    Surely one of the greatest propaganda coups of all time by the BBC? Getting even the MEMBERS of Holyrood house to mispronounce the name of the house. The STV colludes in this as well as they have been told of this and simply ignore it.

  11. Sooo looking forward to this. In addition to The National, I believe Independence Live will be covering the event. Wish we had some foreign media there though to show the world what is happening in Scotland.

  12. My late Grandma was once head housekeeper at The Palace – Holyrood Palace – and it was never pronounced holy. Always holly.

  13. My sister and I will be through from Perth, and my son hopes to get down there after his work…looking forward to seeing a big crowd and the sun out πŸ™‚

    • Ditto, Sam.
      To all those with knees to march, lungs to shout, thank you.
      The day is coming when the Establishment can no longer deny that Brexit is a done deal and that we are resigned to it.
      Yesterday is gone, now’s the day.
      May the sun shine warm on your backs, a gentle breeze kiss your cheeks, and the Edinburgh chippies don’t run out of brown sauce. Well, in Rome…
      I know that it is going to be a great day.
      Paul, give it your barnstormin’ best!

  14. All the best folks! Have a successful and enjoyable day, hopefully one to be remembered. There are many of us far and wide who’ll be there with you in spirit at least πŸ™‚

  15. incredible scenes around the parliament from independencelive – can’t find anything on bbc or stv website. They are deliberately ignoring this significant historic event so far. Maybe it will be reported on the evening news!

  16. Lou Nisbet
    If you grew up or worked in that district you would be agreeing with serendipity that the common name for the Street, Park and Palace was pronounced β€œholly”. Don’t ask me why.!
    If the type of person who lives in that area now or writes
    about it and would call it β€œholy”, that’s up to them, but they are wrong.

    • Holy Rood gets its name from an ancient artefact that was in the ruined church now beside the palace. In the past pilgrims used to visit to see the ‘holy rood’ the rood it was said was from Christ’s cross. So it’s name is Holy and not holly. However decades of convention does make it Hollyrood. Technically and historically the current naming is incorrect but accepted

      • Same with Holywood near Dumfries. Nearly everyone pronounces it as in the film studio area but it should be Holy not Holly – because of the same etymological reason as Holyrood. I think folk actually think Holly sounds “posher” and that’s why they took to using it.

  17. Isn’t holy and holly from the same word root so to speak – holly symbolising “holy” crown of thorns, blood red berries, jabby leaves, Christmas holly and ivy etc?
    So same meaning to split hairs over.

  18. A bit quiet on livestream come of folks pile in – Independence Live- google will direct you or if some technical buffs can possibly post a link .

      • I was there from 11am till 4pm and didn’t see one BBC camera in site the national was there though so was Paul and Tommy Shepperd of the snp spoke today before his meeting inside holyrood which was great of him to do.

  19. Strange if you google search Hoops or hands off our parliament, it no longer features on the list (unlike earlier today). Very strange.

  20. Paul asks in the National where were our Media on Friday , Well I suppose doing their job as they have been doing since 2013 , its just they have changed tactics ,

    They now are wilfully burying and distorting whats happening in this country , most independence supporters are wise to their tactics because a lot of supporters pass on information as to how this propaganda works .

    The worrying and getting more sinister is the change of approach where a whole lot of Scots are living in La La land manufactured by the British state , Brexit is doing great ! And everything is sunshine ,

    Doesn’t the failure of so many previously successful business raise questions , or important EU agencies moving from Britain , and many financial Institutions making plans to relocate to the continent , this dosent make sense all the evidence of imminent catastrophe is being ignored .

    I used to have a subscription to the National but cancelled it because the letters section has been allowed to be hijacked by Unionist nutters ,every single day its overrun by the same nutters not making valid counter arguments but just to have a go , its the Scotsman on Steroids some days , hasn’t anyone at the National heard of “Scotland in Union” who appear to have pitched their tents on the Nationals front lawn ,get a grip ! unionists have the backing of 99.99% of the media do they really need help in attaining 100% . Waken up .

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