Getting pecked to death by a chlorinated chicken

There’s a lot of very serious stuff going on. It’s being alleged that Cambridge Analytica and the Vote Leave campaign stole the EU referendum and it’s entirely possible that the UK is being dragged out of the EU on the basis of a fraud. It’s bad enough that the Conservatives have decided after the event of the vote that it was a vote for the hardest possible Brexit, outside the customs union and outside the EU single market. It’s bad enough that the campaign was characterised by lies and mendacity. But now it seems that the entire leave campaign was fought unfairly and it is being alleged that the leave result was only obtained because electoral law was broken. All of our futures have been negatively affected because of data that was collected by Facebook against our knowledge and which was used by Cambridge Analytica without our consent because the leave campaign threw large amounts of money at them in an alleged breach of electoral law. This is an attack on the very foundations of the democratic process. The EU referendum divided the UK, and now it seems that it was dishonest.

Then, in order to cast aspersions on the credibility of one of the whistle blowers, a policy adviser in Downing Street, a man whom Theresa May counts as one of her closest aides, outed the whistleblower as gay. This is one of the worst things that one gay person can do to another. It’s a sin that is rarely forgiven or forgivable. The right to come out at the time of your own choosing is a precious thing. Outing someone else against their will is quite literally depriving them of the right to self-determination. I knew long before it became public knowledge that Kezia Dugdale and David Mundell were gay, but despite my many and varied political disagreements with them, despite the many and varied ways in which I’ve had a go at them, I would never had dreamed of outing them. There are some things you just don’t do. What makes it even worse is that the whistleblower concerned comes from a conservative Muslim family of Pakistani origin. His life is now at risk if he wants to visit his relatives in Pakistan. Yet Theresa May has refused to condemn her adviser, refused to discipline him, and refused to apologise. Did the Prime Minister’s office collude in a gross act of homophobic abuse? Theresa isn’t saying.

The Prime Minister has likewise shrugged off the links between the Conservative party and Cambridge Analytica. SCL, the parent company of Cambridge Analytica, donated £700,000 to the Conservative party between 2004 and 2017. One of their major shareholders of SCL, Jonathan Marland, served as a trade minister in David Cameron’s government, while the company’s chair Julian Wheatland campaigned alongside Cameron in 2015. Julian Wheatland was chair of the Oxford West and Abingdon Conservative Association until January 2017. Cambridge Analytica was in contact with the Conservatives in December 2016, offering its services to the party. Today The National reported that Cambridge Analytica had also offered its services during the Scottish independence referendum, although it was unclear to whom. Given the company’s close links to the Conservatives, it’s vanishingly unlikely it offered to help the Yes campaign.

Meanwhile Boris Johnson and Michael Gove are doing an impression of Ruth Davidson in a debate about fish. The normally loquacious pair are strangely silent on what they knew about the alleged collusion to break electoral law within the leave campaign of which they were such prominent members. What did Johnson and Gove know about the channelling of funds to AggregateIQ, a company with links to Cambridge Analytica, allegedly in breach of electoral law. You’d be as well asking Ruth Davidson’s party not to betray the Scottish fishing industry.

As if this was not enough, the UK government is continuing to rattle its sabre at Putin’s regime over the Salisbury affair. They’re not showing anything like the same degree of interest in preventing the UK being used as a safe place for Russian kleptocrats to store their ill-gotten gains, and they’re desperate to distract attention from the obvious truth that when the UK makes itself a haven for gangsters from a country where the distinction between gangsters and government is, to put it mildly, blurred, then you’re also making the UK a haven for the methods of the mobsters. Although given the behaviour of the Conservative party, the methods of mobsters were already very much at home in the politics of the UK.

With all this going on, with this sickness at the very heart of the British state, you might think that the Scottish media would be shouting and screaming at the parties of British nationalism, to get their houses in order, to ensure that they keep their promises to Scotland in order to keep Scotland happily esconced within the UK. But then if you thought that you probably also thought that the Scottish Tories really meant it when they said that they’d bring down Theresa May’s government if it doesn’t defend the rights of Scottish fishing communities.

The Mail on Sunday was getting itself in a lather because the SNP has spent money on adverts on Facebook. The Mail on Sunday didn’t see fit to mention that the amount that the SNP has spent on adverts on Facebook is less than the amount that the Scottish branch office of Labour party spent, and quite a lot less than Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Conservatives™ has spent, but you know. SNPbad. The Mail was outraged at the nerve of Thatessempee spending its money on adverts targetted at people who voted Tory or Labour last time, because apparently a political party should never ever try to persuade people who haven’t already voted for it to vote for it. Who knew? Next week, the Mail on Sunday will have a searing expose about the SNP’s office having an internet connection, a telephone, and a dog eared copy of the Yellow Pages.

The real issue today for the British nationalist media in Scotland is that a guy with links to the SNP has registered a domain name that could be used in a future independence referendum campaign. Oh. My. God. Someone has planned ahead. That’s just not British. If people thought ahead there might actually be a plan for Brexit. We should at least be grateful that the domain name wasn’t registered to Alex Salmond’s telly show, or we’d never hear the end of it. Reading the British nationalist press in Scotland is like a beakless chlorinated chicken trying to peck you to death. It’s trivial, pointless, and poisonous. Luckily for us, it will poison itself before we consume enough of it to kill us.

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0 thoughts on “Getting pecked to death by a chlorinated chicken

  1. Not a cheep about their influence on the Scottish Election and Referendum. They have been given shredder notice abut a search warrant. How silly is that?

  2. Absolute power corrupts. It is all through your message Paul. Almost rotten to the core at WM and MSN.

    We must be a laughing stock abroad. Awful bloody awful.

    Now where’s the whisky!!

  3. I’m not sure if the SNP will allow me to be extradited to England (probably) for my cynicism prior to onward transition to the Spanish authorities for my sedition against Spain; but is this article also relevant to the 2014 vote

    (NB: According to my gran my dark looks come from the Armada sailors washed up on Jura hence Spanish jurisdiction).

    PS Can someone send me the National when I’m in

  4. O/T
    Just to say do listen to trulyscottishtv, radio section, ‘the Sunday interview’. An absolute must for anyone wanting independence for Scotland.
    No doubt the britnats will be following these sites etc avidly, to pick up on what they have to attempt to lie about again.

    We need to stay ahead of the game, and not give ‘no’ or ‘project fear’ a voice next time.

  5. Channel 4 did an in-depth report on Tory overspending at an election and despite all the evidence handed to the police involving 12 MP, they kept their seats at Westminster. The whole system is corrupt from top to bottom, and will never change, for it keeps the two main parties in power, and anyone that threatens this good old boys club such as UKIP or the SNP will simply not be tolerated.

    • Ukip don’t get the levels of shit thrown at them like the media do at the snp get real our snp government get more shit thrown at them by the press like the BBC more than corbyn his Labour Party the lib dems farage and the last of Ukip combined ffs.

      • Indeed, absolutely, nevermind that the two just don’t compare. The SNP are a successful, functioning political party, in government. The Ukip are nothing of the sort, and in fact are best pals with the other britnat parties. They just helped them along, still do. Farage was and still is given a voice on the BBC!

        UKgov is worryingly corrupt, it’s depressing that Scotland is shackled to such a negative greedy regime, now, in 2018. Better get out quick, it will only get worse.

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  7. There is a wonderful line from Robert Graves’ book I Claudius that defines these times – “Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud, hatch out!”

    The stench of corruption in this diseased “United Kingdom” is now overpowering. Everywhere you turn, the rot is visible and visceral.

    The judiciary in this benighted realm is just as compromised. They will never allow the active undermining of democracy to be punished, or even see the light of day. They will connive to cover up and suppress the criminal acts of the Tories and their factors. For the judiciary itself is Tory.

    We saw this demonstrated with the last election scandal when twelve of the Tory MP’s elected by fraudulent means in 2015, all kept their seats. In the not too distant future, we will likely see it respond to our own independence efforts just as the Spanish judiciary has allowed itself to be ruined by factionalism.

    The UK is broken and incapable of self repair. All of its democratic institutions have decayed to ruin.

    We must get out of it before it destroys us too.

  8. It is getting so depressing .

    The sabre rattling as a diversion is more than worrying particularly as so many countries are quite happy to take the UK Governments word for ‘Russia Bad’ .

    Have they all forgotten Iraq’s WMDs with 45 mins capability? Have they all forgotten we’ll be out of Afghanistan by Christmas without a bullet fired?

    Have they bothered to look at the Middle East recently?

    • There’s plenty to be worried about Dorothy, but there’s also a way of bringing our own choices back into our own hands. 🙂

      Great post yesterday morning over on WoS and its a good list to focus on. We do that and then it’s one problem at a time.

      Also? I may have to steal it. 😀

      With your permission of course. (cough)

  9. With all the furore being whipped up by the Tories over the Salisbury attempted murders may I raise some points completely ignored by the MSM and government. First off, the Russians are not fools so why on earth would they use a substance akin to novichok which could be immediately be credited to them. In Putin’s place if I had wanted to get rid of these people the answer is simple. First off have them killed with a knife, easily got rid of and untraceable. Secondly, steal wallets or purses.This would indicate a robbery gone too far and possibly perpetrated by junkies to feed their habit. After all there were in excess of 500 murders in the UK last year so two more involving minor Russian citizens would hardly be headline national news.Ergo no great pretended outrage by May and crew to create an international incident and divert attention from the total mess of Brexit. The whole affair smells worse than the fish thrown into the Thames. I would put it on a par with Blair’s WMD.

  10. o/t – SKY News outside Holyrood presenter (unionist) Guest one and two (unionists) , Jackson the car man (unionist) whos party command the dizzy heights of 20% support of the electorate , thats your fair and balanced media this morning , it was on in the background but even then i had to switch channels to the Disney Channel much more entertaining .

    • I forgot to add one of the first guests was a current SKY presenter the other guy i haven’t a clue and the discussion was indeed about scotland you know that bit of northern england whos people are constantly complaining .
      Jackson the Car Man as usual deviated from the truth .He quoted a woman he met in a bakery who told him she was sick of being asked to vote and either 5 or 7 times she had to vote the implication being we have had 5 or 7 referendum votes since 2014 , oh i give up .
      A whole nation being held hostage by psychopathic unionists and their media .

  11. I wouldn’t worry too much about the chlorinated chicken. If Ian Murray MP’s on the case, he or Two-Jobs Tompkins will have it denouced to the police for breaking a law. Any law. Anywhere. Any time.

  12. Why aren’t our elected SNP members not shouting from the rooftops why are they silent on the Russiagate issue,something anybody with one iota of intelligence can see it is a fcuking “Ealing Comedy”,well you have just been poisoned with deadly nerve gas just go and give yourself a good wash down with carbolic soap,Theresa said there “could” have been hundreds affected there were only 3,it could have came from Russia or maybe even Porton Down just up the road,yet people still but into the governments of this country,what about the WMD,s has everyone forgot about them,SNP are a bunch of tossers like the rest.

  13. I have been asking for days where Mundo the Michty and Davidson have been hiding.

    We’re in Holy Week for all you Non and Lapsed Christians out there, and Jesus Christ Superstar is about to be betrayed by Judas Iscariot in the Garden of Gethsemane

    I write on Maundy Thursday, which commemorates the Last Supper, and Judas’ betrayal of The Christian Saviour.

    David Mundell, in many eyes a modern Judas, was accused of making ‘bizarre and unhelpful’ comments this week as Caroline Nokes, UK Immigration Minister, appearing before the WM Scottish Select Committee, rejected a call for the Scottish Government to have as seat on an independent expert committee advising on Immigration.

    Get this; Nokes likened the Scottish Government’s role on the panel to ‘any county council’ in England having a role.

    In other words Scotland’s Parliament has the same authority and power as Lincoln Town Council.

    To back her up, David Mundell, apparently no longer SoS for Scotland defending the interests of the People of Scotland, morphed into Mundell Lord Lieutenant of Lincolnshire. He is more concerned about farmers seasonal workers’ crisis in Lincolnshire than Scotland, because it is a bigger problem for an English County than his nation of birth,Scotland. ..and Jesus wept.

    ‘“Scotland has specific issues which need to be dealt with. But these issues apply in other parts of the United Kingdom. There are more seasonal workers in Lincolnshire than there are in Scotland.”
    It is not recorded if he asked the Committee’s Chairperson Pete Wishart to pass the salt as he uttered this treacherous ‘bizarre and unhelpful’ nonsense.
    I’m certain he didn’t plant a Judas Kiss on Ol’ Pete’s cheeks.
    So there we have it.
    This miserable excuse for a Scot believes that Scotland has the same status and Immigration problems as a parish council in England, and as little influence Down There in Mundell’s Spiritual Home.

    I wonder what the farmers in Galloway and Dumfries are thinking as they struggle to recruit enough EU workers to get on with the Early Planting of potatoes, turnips and carrots?

    To quote ‘The Lincolnshire Poacher’:-

    ‘Oh, ’tis my delight on a shiny night in the season of the year.’ to call this JUdas man out.

    He is clearly not in Scotland’s corner, he is not protecting us from Brexit, he has a mental image of Scotland as lower in ‘British’ priority than an English County Council.

    We can no longer stand by and let this pointless wee man betray his country like this.

    Not for 30 pieces of silver, not for ‘English Gold’.

    As most know, Judas was immediately filled with remorse, cast his thirty pieces of silver to the Temple floor, and hung himself, and his body hung there rotting in the Jerusalem sun until his entrails ultimately burst forth and fertilised the land.

    We are more civilised dudes these days.

    I demand that Mundell resign, take his English Gold, and Ermine, and lets the rest of us Scots get on with rebuilding our nation.

    Unlike the Apostles who nodded off in The Garden, our spirit is willing, and our flesh is not weak.

    This time we shall prevail.

    Over by October,
    Roll away the stone.
    No matter your faith, or none, have a peaceful happy week end with those you love dearly.

  14. One of the major problems of attaining our Independence is of course the MSM. Not just the bias of their reporting, but what they don’t report at all. By chance I found out recently that Norway’s fishing boats land their catch in the UK for processing. This is to avoid EU tariffs. However, after Brexit, they will have to land their catch in Denmark or Belgium etc. In fact, the nearest suitable EU port.
    This will be a big hit, for UK jobs relating to fish processing. But, there’s a double whammy here. Because of course Scottish boats, will now have to land their fish in the EU to avoid tariffs as well.
    I can hear the Tories: No, trust us, we’ll get the best possible deal for our fish etc. The Norwegians, have a much closer relationship with the EU, than we will have and even then, their fish couldn’t avoid tariffs. Norway allows free movement FGS. Even free movement, wasn’t enough to avoid tariffs.
    So, Scottish fishing boats will have to sail all the way to a suitable EU port. Denmark? Sweden? Holland? Think of the cost? The time lost. The fuel used. The jobs lost will be in processing, but also in port facility workers, transport workers. Will the boats, actually need to use Scottish ports at all?
    Scotland in fact, will have to import its own fish back from the EU. How much will the fish cost then? After being caught North East of Scotland, then shipped hundreds of miles South, then transported again hundreds of miles North?
    So how can this be avoided? Carry on with the Common Fishing Policy at least? Personally, I would guess, the EU would want more. Quite probably, to still make the UK boats land their catch in the EU. This would avoid any complaints from Norway and bring a lucrative industry to the EU mainland.
    I’m sure in years to come, the fishing communities of the East coast, will be erecting statues to Bertie Armstrong and Ross Thomson for leading them into this wonderful Brexit La-La Land.

  15. I see sections of Labour blaming themessenpee for Clara Ponsati’s current situation. Clearly they didn’t get the meeemo from Ian Murray. Nor did they bother to read Ms Ponsati’s fulsome praise for the support of the FM and Scottish government.

    Not big on paying attention really, are they? 🙄

    • They learn the old England lessons well not bothering to listen is a bad habit the English have and labour being a party of England I’m not surprised they can’t even listen to each other at times.

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