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iScot magazine is doing a subscription and fundraiser drive. There are over a million and a half supporters of independence in Scotland, yet collectively we spend vastly more supporting a media which actively campaigns against independence than we do supporting those few media outlets which do support independence or at least give it a fair shake of the stick.

iScot magazine is precisely the kind of publication that we need in order to reach out to soft No voters and undecideds. It’s a glossy features magazine, professionally produced and well-presented, which talks about Scotland in a positive way. It is well worth your support, and it’s definitely worth a subscription. You can find out more about iScot’s Spring 2018 subscription offer by clicking in this link. www.iscot.scot/offer

An annual subscription costs just £71.88 and will deliver a print copy of the magazine through your letterbox every month. As a special FREE offer, you’ll also receive a Scottish Passport Holder.

If you would like to make a donation to help support iScot, just type www.paypal.me/iScot/ followed by the amount in pounds that you’d like to donate, into the address bar of your Internet brower. So for example if you’d like to donate £25, type www.paypal.me/iScot/25 or if you’d like to donate £10 then type www.paypal.me/iScot/10 – or just click on the links just given.

We don’t know exactly when Scotland will have another independence referendum, but we do know that Scotland will have one. It’s imperative that we nuture and nourish or pro-independence media in the meantime, so that it’s fit and healthy and ready to make our case during the campaign ahead.

Wee Ginger Quotes

As you know, I’m planning to produce some Wee Ginger merchandise this year. I’d like your help. I’m the world’s worst judge of what’s good and what’s memorable in this blog, so please help me out by putting your favourite Wee Ginger Dug quotes in the comments section below. I intend to put them on T-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise.

Dug watching

And finally. I’ve not visited Spain since my late partner Andy passed away in 2014. I am seriously overdue a visit but don’t have anyone to look after Ginger while I am away. I hope to get away between June 3 and June 11, so if you’re interested in looking after the dug, please get in touch at weegingerbook@yahoo.com. Ginger needs to stay with a dog lover who doesn’t have any other dogs. He’s very loving and affectionate with humans, but he’s not good at all with other dogs.


The Wee Ginger Dug has got a new domain name, thanks to Indy Poster Boy, Colin Dunn @Zarkwan. http://www.indyposterboy.scot/ You can now access this blog simply by typing www.weegingerdug.scot into the address bar of your browser, the old address continues to function, the new one redirects to the blog. The advantage of the new address is that it’s a lot easier to remember if you want to include a link to the blog in leaflets, posters, or simply to tell a friend about it. Many thanks to Colin.

gingercartoonWee Ginger Donations & Speaking engagements

You can help to support this blog with a Paypal donation. Just click the donate button.
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Or you can donate by making a payment directly into a special bank account, or by sending a cheque or postal order. If you’d like to donate by one of these methods, please email me at weegingerbook@yahoo.com and I will send the necessary information. Please also use this email address if you would like the dug and me to come along to your local group for a talk.

Many thanks.