To whom it may concern…

A guest post by Samuel Miller

To most folk it must seem that the world has gone a bit on the pure mad mental side out there at the moment. Our political systems? Our government and practice of politics? Y’know, those institutions we look to for the administration and management of our needs and our safety? Seemingly in free fall. Gone off reservation. Absent without leave and apparently dead set on taking a wrecking ball to their own population.

Confusion seems to be the only policy on offer throughout the UK and people are quite rightly concerned that there is nothing and no one they can turn to, or rely on, to make it all stop. By people I don’t just mean the ever increasing numbers of those already engaged, but also the vast majority who aren’t. Those who aren’t party members of any kind and whose general attitude towards politics is either grumpy, ambivalent or outright apathetic. People who pay their taxes, just want shit to happen and generally get on with their lives as best possible under normal circumstances. All they know is that it’s all gone terribly wrong somehow and why the hell is that?

Seems like as good a good time as any to pause, take stock and re-focus. Remind ourselves who we are, why we’re here and where the responsibility for this current crop of epic screw ups should be laid.

So in no particular order… The latter responsibility is, without doubt, currently owned by the party of central government. That is the day job, yes? A job which you’d think includes a duty of care and responsibility for administering to the needs, interests and protection of the populations within said institution’s care. Brexit? Austerity ideology? The rise of intolerance and demonisation of demographics by an ever more extremist media? A fair chunk of this belongs to the party that made naked greed and such intolerance socially acceptable (some might say popular). A party who made the ideology of ‘me masel’ and I’ a national pastime. That would be yer Conservative party.

Next we come to the Labour party, who had more than a little culpability in making this epic galactofuck happen. They are currently still going through that long soul search thingy. They’re not only looking for an identity to call their own, they’re looking for a policy, an ideal and a set of ethics t’boot. ‘Kinder and more honest’ they are NOT. Half of them forgot what they stood for and the other half deliberately ditched their moral compass in favour of just winning for the sake of winning. They embraced wholeheartedly the practice of politics UK style. They embraced the system they were created to fight and reform. Two words… Labour peer. Historically and as a party, they’ve proven time and again that they can mislead, cheat, steal, demonise, patronise and brown nose with the worst of them. A party mired in tribal hatreds, self entitlement and internal strife.

TBF, I do have some sympathy with their current media woes. Yet this does beg a question. A question which highlights their hypocrisy on the issue of being hounded by a biased media narrative. Where were they when half of Scotland’s electorate were on the receiving end? You know? Ordinary people who harmed no one. Their people. Their population. Where were they when the Scottish government were being pounded day after day and week after week by this self same media? Was that media honest one day and then suddenly and for no apparent reason, cruelly biased the next? No. No, they were always the same media and for decades Labour were just peachy with dropping in content, editorials and official party releases to do the dirty on both their opposition du jour and their own population. Maybe they should take some time to think about that these days, though I doubt they will. They are the party that doesn’t do responsibility or apology. They, much like their Tory opponents/partners, do scapegoating followed by extensive historical airbrushing. It’s a thing with UK political practice apparently. Never say you’re sorry. It’s a sign of weakness etc. So not epic twattery and ignorance at all then.

Then we come to the Libdems…. and frankly? I can’t be arsed. They are where they deserve to be these days. They were ever and always perceived by many as enablers, but you always hoped they were also what they claimed to be. A middle way. A calming influence on the other two. As it turned out? Not so much.

Laydeeeez an ginnamin. Hay give yooz, the political establishment of the UK. A trio of parties who have enjoyed decades of your support and personally I doubt you could slide a fag paper between them in terms of ethics and practice. You want to know why we are where we are? Then look no further than those who had total control of the economy, legislation and constitution (unwritten) of the United Kingdom. Look no further than those who have control of the narratives that shape your choices and opinions through a media that has more than just a common stake in keeping things exactly as they are.

When you cut through all the bullshit. All the spin. All the airbrushing of history and the truly massive amounts of myth creation. The buck stops with those who had the power and the responsibility which WE gave them. Their worst crime though? That would be convincing you that you didn’t matter. That you had no opinion and no power to change things.

The following is a comment from below the line on another forum and reposted here by kind permission of the author. It also speaks for me and so far as I’m concerned, it should be sent as a letter to every self entitled, ignorant and arrogant party leader, policy gonk and over opinionated metrocentric media pundit.

To whom it may concern

What do I want for my country?

I want the young to have free education and the freedom to travel the globe learning how others live and how different cultures treat the world.

I want the poor, the vulnerable protected and the old to enjoy the last years of life in safety.

I want the entrepreneurs given the chance to develop ideas and businesses.

I want a country that has a decent infrastructure and takes care of its beauty.

I want a country with friends around the globe .

I want decisions made in Scotland with the option of marching on parliament when they mess up.

I do not want WMDs on my doorstep polluting the beautiful Firth of Clyde.

I do not want the young of my country sent on illegal wars in distant places to kill and be killed – defend Scotland by all means but do not take the word of a third country that war is ever necessary.

I do not want a health service which only services the wealthy.

I do not want the BBBC, STV and so called Scottish newspapers to pretend they are the bringers of truth and cannot be challenged – in fact I do not want them at all. (ends)

The only thing I’d probably have added would be: NOW GET IT SORTED! Yours Love n’ hugs etc. (Maybe not kisses though.)

So why are we here today? Why is public contribution and engagement on the issue of self determination for Scotland’s population so very necessary?

Because you do matter. Your opinion matters and you do have the power to change things for the better. Because if we focus our collective will on the real source of our problems. If we drop the small differences, the rosettes and the politics which others would turn into ideological chasms, then we can make that change happen. Because you do have the option of determining the kind of country you want to live in.

That’s why.

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  1. How did we get to this?
    Malnourished pupils with grey skin are “filling their pockets” with food from school canteens in poor areas due to poverty, head teachers say.
    News item state funded newscaster website.

  2. Rivetting interview on RT news within the last 1hr or so it was about the machinations the criminal machinations about RBS right off the scale multi multi billion fraud and no reponse from HMG/Theresa May,the guy who has exposed/exposing it is Neil Mitchell it is a must to watch.

  3. Truly brilliant article Sam. Your description of the parties is spot on. Rest content tonight with wee dram as you await the rain and snow.

  4. I’ve always thought that countries with no written Constitution are never protected by their government. They are at the mercy of their government. In that respect the current Westminster government is no different to any of their predecessors right back to 1707. They make it up as they go along and the present disaster that is Brexit is only the most recent example of this. We need out of this dismal United Kingdom and we need out now. The first thing we need after independence is a written Constitution, that must be a priority.

  5. The nucleus forming there of a (written) Constitution.

    The policy of the established parties, was well illustrated recently ……to continue the fishy theme! ……by the calculated way that our Fishing Industry was again used as bargaining chip in EU negotiations, is simply the age old one of ‘divide and conger’… Yes, what we need in the campaign ahead, is a turbot charged response.

  6. Perfect post Sam, if we let this Westminster Gov (aguably the worst ever in my lifetime) away with the mess they are making, we deserve all the scraps they give us.Would any other Country let this bunch of half-wits run their businness.

  7. Shooting fae the hip – nice one Macart!

    And love the quote from the other source in the middle. A right good dose of plain speaking and common sense – hope we can make it so.

  8. Austerity.
    Who came up with that idea?
    “Yes, let’s put the squeeze on the people; that’ll sort them out!”
    “Jolly good idea!”
    Meanwhile, your billionaires and multi millionaires enjoy their place in the sun.
    Or do they?
    I wonder if any of these people have a conscience that nags at them now and then?
    Do they feel bad that people lost their lives in the Grenfell tower block?
    Do hungry children upset them?
    Are they totally ok with selling arms and perpetuating war?
    All the time lining their own pockets with the proceeds.

    I have given up on the UK. It’s too big a problem to fix.
    No matter what Scottish MP’s vote for, say the removal of nuclear weapons, it is defeated.
    Time for Scotland to go from the union.
    It is like a marriage that’s gone wrong
    Let’s get a divorce, before it gets worse.
    It’s for the best.

    • For Scotland yes it is England will die hence why Westminster does everything to make sure we never gain independence at any cost but honestly England can go screw itself its treatment of Scotland and others is disgraceful and sick brexit has exposed what i knew was there all along bigotry and xenophobia driven by hate of diversity because it cant accept the muiti culture of different people that live there.

  9. To be a great leader Nicola has to lead. T May has as about as many ideas as her genetic kin Von Paulus had at the gates of Stalingrad as he destroyed the 6th Armee trying to free Western democracy from Russia…. I know. We’ve been there before. But what inspirational talk and ideas does Nicola Have? A sitzkreig?

  10. Great article Sam. I was looking through some photos today, that I took a couple of years ago, at an exhibition at St.Andrews Square, about Scotland in the 1970s. A photographic exhib, I had wanted to remind myself what I had seen. I looked up the exhib online today, it was by Shelter, it’s all there, title, ‘Make Life Worth Living’ with photo’s by Nick Hedges.

    It’s shocking. I hail from NE Eng, a poor area, very working class, but in the 70’s, it did not resemble the 1930’s. Scotland looked so destitute and just like the 1930’s in those photos taken in the 1970s.
    I was shocked. Labour kept Scotland poor, as did the tories of course, with Glasgow called then, ‘the poor man of Europe’ was it not? I guess not many really thought why that might be. Just that Scotland was a basket case, probably their own fault attitude. The housing they did eventually build was shocking as well. I know friends say some areas in England had terrible housing built for the working class, but I still think that the general state of the ghetto type of ‘schemes’ built in Scotland were like nothing else, south of the border.

    If you look at Shelter Scotland now and their articles, of course focus on housing and how terrible it is in Scotland, but it’s historic and I doubt they say why. But we know, it’s due to British rule and due to even the Labour party content to keep Scotland poor and begging. They would do so again.

    The SNP gov have a heck of a hill to climb to repair the years, if not centuries of damage, and lack of adequate infrastructure etc. The legacy of the British state.

    If Labour continue to work against Scotland’s best interests, and people have seen through them now, they will not survive in Scotland. They oppose the wrong side, and it’s why devolution is not adequate and not working for Scotland. They work for the London, UKgov only. It just doesn’t make sense. With more cuts to the crumbs that the UKgov send back to Scotland having taken pretty much all revenues from Scotland, it’s going to be a mammoth task to build and repair in Scotland, while mitigating horrendous cuts to out poorest, imposed by WM, UKgov.

    As an aside, all,if you can, take time to watch Indycar Gordon’s latest online vid. Can’t find a link to work, but it’s on youtube and is the one from 1st April. Very interesting and with a few good ideas, imo, poss needs must in fact.

  11. Just took a look at Nick Hedges’ website, amazing documentary photographs, have to say, as well, some shocking pics of bad housing in parts of England then as well. I guess the late 60’s, early 70’s were dreadful for many. It’s not so long ago either. Looks like UK needed the EU, looking at those images. I wonder what would have happened had the UK not joined as it was in pretty bad shape and in real economic decline.

  12. Ruth Davidson is a wee cunctator.
    So is Mundo the Michty.
    So is That Dick, ‘The Scarf’ Leonard, as is Wee Wullie Winkle.

    They are a right bunch of cunctators.

    So are their merrie band of ProudScotsBut Brit Nat Brexiteers; cunctators to a man and woman.

    Perhaps Boris The Classicist is dictating their tactics Up Here.

    Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus, surnamed Cunctator, was the Roman General who realising who couldn’t beat Hannibal’s vastly superior army, attacked his enemy’s supply lines, engaged in smaller skirmishes on favourable ground, and delayed Hannibal’s march on Rome until the garrison was strengthened.

    Fabius was well aware of the Carthaginian military superiority, and so refused to meet Hannibal in a pitched battle.
    Instead, he kept his troops close to Hannibal, hoping to exhaust him in a long war of attrition.

    Fabius was able to harass the Carthaginian foraging parties, limiting Hannibal’s ability to wreak destruction, while conserving his own military force. The delaying tactics involved not directly engaging Hannibal, while also exercising a “scorched earth” practice to prevent Hannibal’s forces from obtaining grain and other resources.

    And so Quintus Fabius was nick named ‘cunctator, ‘the delayer’.

    And this dear reader, in the origin of ‘Fabian tactics’.

    Delay your enemies’ advance, slow them down,torch their food supplies, draw back, then repeat.

    The Brit Nat ProudScotsBut Better Together gang of Red Blue and Yellow Tories embedded in Holy rood are there for one reason, and one reason only; to destroy Scottish Democracy; to gum up the works;to ensure that the devolved parliament doesn’t work.

    Each week at FMQ they sing in three part SNP Bad harmony, be it lying about bed blocking, literacy and numeracy, or the hoary old chestnut Police Scotland.

    Small skirmishes, then retreat.

    Countless FOI’s, press releases, TV interviews, SNP Bad, set fire to any progress on everything from Education, to Health, to The Law.
    Destroy, decry, disparage, but above all do not agree, or collaborate, or take part in government. Oppose, do not help solve,

    SNP must always be BAD. Tthe ‘precious Union’ binds Internationalist Red Socialist Neil Findlay to Jackson Carlaw who is starving a million poor kids and demanding that a rape victim prove it before she gets any more money.
    They are Better Together while millions suffer for their ‘precious fucking Union’.
    The only goal is Stop Scottish Self Determination.

    Fuck opposing Trident, fuck attacking Tory cuts to benefits allowances, fuck the creeping privatisation of the English and ultimately Scottish Health Service.

    The Brit Nat ProudScotsBut must preserve the status quo; Scotland must be a colony and governed by 500 odd English MPs.

    Johann ‘sdomething for nothing ‘ Lamont, Iain Gray, Kezia Dugdale, and now the Shop Steward from Hovis Land…They are not, and never have been for the Many, not the Few.
    They are Brit Nat Red Tories.

    At least we know where we are with Cunctator Davidson.
    She is the enemy of the Scots.

    Surely to God any Labour supporters left are now considering Self Determination as an alternative to WM rule?
    A wonderful opening salvo, Sam.

  13. Great stuff Jack and Sam

    I used to be a supporter of the voting system for our parliament, now in the process of trying to resolve my position.

    The top up system is corrupting the parliament, in my view.

    Who actually came top in the last Holyrood election? Here is the underlying fact.
    The SNP won 59 constituancy seats
    The Tories won SEVEN constituancy seats
    The Slab won Three constituancy seats.

    Now explain why we have an SNP minority trying to govern?
    The repeal of the anti hooliganism legislation!!!!!

    The Media constantly on about SNP bad.
    On SUnday, Radio 4 broadcast 30 minutes of a profile of some American person called Stormy something, why?
    I heard it on my way to work at 7am, and it was repeated at 5pm, a recording.
    Radio 4 broadcasts for 20 hours a day, one fortieth of its output was this profile.
    This morning Nik the lie, was interviewing a Russian civil servant on the withdrawal of people from the embassies, he likened it to the 30’s and the run up to ww2. Nik cuts him off as they’ve run out of time, for what, to run through that PAPERS. Hell here’s a man concerned we are about to run over a cliff and the EBC representative cuts him off and hands over to chat about tthe newspapers and the god slot, subject, condemnation of Corbyn.
    What’s this world coming to, I can’t work it out.
    The USA in the 30’s cut off trade with Japan.
    This century the USA is cutting off trade with China.
    By the way the russian said this is like the opening shots of the last war that humans will have on the planet,, over the top or a sane man.

    • OOps, my apologies to all.

      Just worked out that there was a major celebration over the weekend, we were to be rejoicing that a middle east country being controlled by the Roman Empire, sent a 30 year old man to be crucified for telling us all that we should be kind to one another.
      The Radio thing is obviously the children were left in charge because the big wigs were all off on their holidays, to be corrected later.
      The next big celebration is to remember the only person to have entered Westminster with a good plan, Guy Fox, to use his other name.
      Then we have Arch Duke Ferdies assassination party.
      In between 2 royal births and a wedding.
      Parliament will be on holidays for Ninety One days between here and the new year, so no hurry about Brexit when we’ve all got Circus’, but some won’t get bread.
      Apologies for having to work over the holiday but life has to be lived
      may your god go with you

  14. Excellent. You have nailed it. The 3 mabes 2 Britnat parties just want us Al to shut up and let them make the decisions as they no best. And in Scotland the RedTory BritNats are the worst.

  15. A bit o/t
    The last three weeks we have had wall to wall coverage of Russia being up to no good and beyond all reasonable doubt they were the perpetrators of the poisoning in a English town , not just implicated , but according to Boris guilty beyond doubt .

    When you go to the BBC website on the I/Pad you have the top story of a teenage girl being shot in London- Prince Philip have a opp – And flights delayed .

    What Happened to the biggest story of the year has it disappeared went away , or is it because the British weapons establishment has been unable to pin the blame on Russia as being the instigator of this foul act ,

    So is that it then ? nothing to see move on , Aye that will be f/n right this stinking mess won’t go away .Johnston & Mayhem stood up in parliament and said it was beyond doubt , not just possibly , but definitely it was Russia .

    Will both now do a Ruth Davidson and disappear until it calms down , f/n Liars.

  16. Sam a great article and explainerises the way i feel about these TWATS , Jack a wonderful history lesson and IMO this is what is being carried out on our SG , I would ask if anyone has the personal email address of our FM to copy Jack’s comment on to her and if she reads it she will understand ( not that she doesn’t ) what collectively these barstewards are doing against democracy in Scotland . I would dearly love Nicola to expose the bias perpetrated daily by the Brutish Bullshitting Corporation at FMQ’s and watch wee tooraloo the noo shit himself in front of his CHUMS

  17. the words of James Maxton

    “Give us our parliament in Scotland. We will start with no traditions. We will start with ideals. We will start with purpose, with courage. We will start with the aim and the object that there will be 134 men and women pledged to 134 Scottish constituencies, to spend their whole brain power, their whole courage and their whole soul in making Scotland into a country in which we can take people from all the nations of the earth and say : this is our land, this is our Scotland ,these are our men, our works, our women and children: can you beat it?”

    Copied from a post by Dave Hill

    What is there in this that I object to, not a piece of it, add in Sam’s constitution and we would have a civilised nation

    • It took these imposters(tories, British nationalists if you want to call them by their real name) all this time never wasting a day to completely turn the original Indy Labour party into the red tories they are today, the job being completed by the Blair tories, the party has been joined by these tories since the early 1900’s.

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