You get what you give

A guest post by Samuel Miller

You know, I still can’t get my head round it. So many questions and so few answers. Especially given the headlines of the past few weeks. Questions are good though. For instance, just what makes some people put others in harms way? Why mislead to manipulate opinion, when you know others will suffer? When the political class sit down for their triangulation sessions, debate their tactics and strategies over tea and biscuits and such, (or is it latte and biscotti these days? *shrugs*). Do they even for an instant consider the impact of their actions? Is winning the argument, the power, the advantage, so important that they forget the why of ‘government of the people, by the people for the people’?

When did it become a competition, a sport? When did win at all costs include laying waste to the prize? Make no mistake, the population IS the prize. The population is the nation and a nation… is only as good the sum of its parts.

The point of government is to care for your ALL of your population without fear or favour. To put bread on the table. If you’re a civilized, even progressive, society? It’s about how you care surely? How you care for your elderly and your infirm. Keep safe and free from harm those in your charge. To legislate and create laws that don’t cater for the advantage of demographics, but protect, nurture and provide freedom of choice for ALL. It’s a covenant, a contract between the people and their choice of legislation. THIS is what generates confidence, pride, community, empathy and … unity. As a concept, it doesn’t appear to be rocket science. You get what you give.

Does any of that resemble today’s UK? Is today’s politics really what the Conservatives, Labour and the Libdems consider the traditional and acceptable rough and tumble of the adversarial system? Are their actions toward the populations of the UK, in any way, the actions of responsible government? I mean, these parties have formed the backbone of the system of UK government for generations. Their practice of politics, their management of the responsibilities and powers of government, ARE what shaped the UK we see today.

So what happens when what you give is mired in self interest, greed, demographic exclusion and a less than considerate approach to mass manipulation? In our own experience here in Scotland. When the political establishment or their more committed chums in Meejaland assault the Scottish government and essential services with questionable figures, or out of context claims. Y’know, their version of what they laughably term ‘holding to account’. Is that what we want them to do? Is that how we feel politics should be practised? What does that do to us, d’you think? What does that say about us?

When you misrepresent, mislead, break trusts and undermine. When your tactic du jour is to inspire fear, mistrust, even hatred of others amongst your population. When you place the rights and democracy of your population at risk. When you treat others with arrogance, ignorance and disdain. Well? You WILL get what you give.

As we’ve pointed out previously. Maybe it’s about time they stopped for a second and took a look around themselves. Take a look at their precioussss, precioussss, political union. REALLY look and marvel at their works. How much societal unity is there to be had out there about now d’you reckon? Seems to me their practice of the dark science of politics has done a bang up job of fracturing any hope of uniting the populations of the UK. Maybe they should ask themselves one or two more questions. What is more important, the political union or the social union of these islands? In their drive to secure the one, for their own selfish reasons, are they truly willing to sacrifice the other?

It really doesn’t have to be that way. Scotland’s population have already seen that there are other ways to govern. Only a taste so far to be honest, but it’s a glimpse of something yet to be fully realised. Something with the potential to revitalise and repurpose the politics of all the nationalities of these islands. Redraw the nature of our national political relationships, our system of politics and secure the future of a social union. In my view, the only one that truly matters. Personally, I’ve never required any politician’s permission to care for friends or family wherever they are on the globe.

About that potential though.

Asking questions of those who have held power over our lives for so very long is a good first step. Reminding them that eventually you get what you give is another.

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  1. Indeed. It seems that some in that government are even willing to foment and provoke war to achieve an obscure end that is as yet unclear. In their desperation to please the warmongers in the USA they risk catastrophe, and Scotland would be in the front line.

  2. When you bore into it all, politicians (unionist all) are careetists. Come out of Uni or TU movements and think ‘where’is the money, and they follow it

    Their three priorities are me,myself and I.

    Factor in their guns for hire to get them to theirs chosen objective, power and money.

    Thus the political mantra of the day is win otherwise someone will dine at the table of the electorate’s largesse.

    Egoism writ large with more than a soupcon of sociopathy.

    Only the SNP, Greens. Plaid fall outside that description because they are motivated to change the existing system.

    As the say, Guy Fawkes was the only person to enter Parliament with honorable intentions.

  3. This is a keeper Sam. I especially love, “Scotland’s population have already seen that there are other ways to govern”.

    • Agreed, Cubby. We all know there’s a mint to be made by those selling war. Hence the importance of Scottish independence NOW.

  4. Thanks Macart good post.

    When I read the first paragraph of this it reminded me of something a friend in NE Eng said about Scotland’s need for independence. They said, ‘you’s just want a utopia’. In other words to want a country that is fairer, more equal and with a government that works for the people and in the interests of their own country, is reaching out for the impossible. You can’t have it in other words!

    We need to make sure we ask the questions next indy ref, and we say to the Britnat unionists, ‘too many unanswered questions!’. That is what they used last time and it fooled many people into thinking it was preferable to hang onto their nannys’ coat tails ( UK) rather than run off and play, taking a wee risk, but learning, growing and then thriving.

    Something is very wrong right now, and as my son just said, what will it take mum for people to come to their senses, and stop killing each other and fighting? He said, when people get power they do these crazy dreadful things! It’s really sad for our young people and even more depressing than the fear caused by the cold war when I was growing up.

    Apparently the queen is getting a nobel peace prize, if anyone can name anything she has done in the name of real peace it would be good to hear it!

    It’s as if the world has gone mad, with the innocent being locked up or killed, the poor being blamed for poverty, the rich getting away with horrendous crimes, and at the same time some are intent on fracking and mining the earth, tearing down forests, torturing animals to death, it’s truly horrendous.

    Who really will inherit the earth if there is one to inherit? Sorry so gloomy, off to do some artwork, it always helps!

    • Wonderful contribution, hetty.
      ‘Night is as dark as you think it ought to be’. The Kinks.

      You inspire with your posts, with not a hint of gloom.

      Through the Dark Days Coming there is light at the other end.

      It is not grasping for Utopia to want Self determination, to live in a nation which has a government of the people, for the people, and accountable to the people.

      A government that doesn’t kill 120,000 of its citizens by poverty under the guise of bringing down the deficit while funnelling billions to the Rich Establishment of which many of our politicians are leading members.

      It is not Utopia to Reform and the most heartless evil Social Security system in history, a sinister process that punishes rape victims, proposes selling a dementia victim’s house from under them to pay for care that should be part of a 100% publicly owned Health Service.

      It is not Utopia to demand that a ‘foreign’ power, England, removes its Weapons of Mass Destruction from our shores when we declare Independence.

      It is not Utopia to hold an English dominated UK Parliament to account for bombing and droning Iraq and Syria reportedly killing thousands of Innocents without out knowledge or approval.

      It is not Utopia to expect our Fourth Estate to at least reflect 50% of the time the views of at least 50% of their readers/listeners/ viewers.

      It is not Utopia to fight against 1000 disabled UK citizens losing their disability vehicle so that Willie Rennie can boast that Austerity works.I’m sure he loved it rubbing shoulders with JK Rowling and Lord Darling of Flipper at the £250 a plate Brit Nat Fundraiser.

      I could go on, but my dander is getting up.

      England and Wales have made their choice. So have we and Northern Ireland.

      The EU Referendum rends the UK asunder.

      I refuse to be hemmed into the confines of my own country behind barbed wire erected by Fifth Columnists and an English Homeland Security. I refuse to allow my movements and thoughts to be determined by English Establishment diktat.

      I vote that we go early; between October 2018 and March 2019, when the horror of Brexit will be laid bare for all to see.

      I had intended to write:- ‘Wonderful contribution, hetty’. and leave it there.

      Then the red mist formed in front of my eyes.

      We shall be free soon; I have no doubt about that.

    • What countless others are thinking and saying Hetty! It’s as if they realise that their time is short but by god they are going out in a blaze of no-so-much-glory-more-destruction! Well, they ‘aint taking us with them.

      I’m itching to go, got all I need to set up a stall now just waiting for better, or any weather atm!!

    • ‘you’s just want a utopia’

      Any politician that isn’t trying to make their country a utopia is doing something wrong.

  5. Another excellent post Sam.

    The conditions in this country are deteriorating rapidly, with an English government that hasn’t a clue what it is doing and is determined to undermine the economic situation at any cost.

    To make matters worse, the English government in power at the moment is determined to follow the example of the war criminal Tony Bliar and act like puppets for their American masters. That mad bitch May-Hem follows her American masters in blaming Russia for everything, without a scintilla of proof, and is on the verge of involving us in the beginning of a Third World War. Not in my bloody name May-Hem.

    To make matters even worse, the English government insists on keeping its nuclear submarines and nuclear missiles parked in Scotland. In a world war, that would become a target for any Russian retaliatory attack, and lay waste to the whole central belt of Scotland and destroy the majority of Scotland’s population.

    We will never be free of the economic destruction of Scotland, or the threat of the nuclear destruction of our central belt, till we can free ourselves of the shackles of these foreigners.

    In the meantime, these same foreigners are plotting the destruction of the devolved administrations to ensure that they can continue to steal Scotland’s money and resources to prop up the failed English state.

    I consider myself lucky in many ways as, at my age, I will probably not be alive to see Scotland going from being a third rate English colony to becoming a fourth rate one; one which is laid waste by these foreigners.

    Saor Alba.

    • At the moment, I trust the Russian state to do the right thing more than I’d trust that lot at westminster. The Russians don’t want any conflict which is why Putin warned them last month! Let us hope the usual suspects heed that warning.

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  7. In my years on this planet I have seen various different governments and I have to say at present Westminster is as bad as it has ever been. For a government to willingly make the economy worse for its population just to meet some political dogma or dream is criminal in my mind. We are where we are because of the me, me , me attitude to politics. Party before people. Hitler had that idea.

    You post is spot on Sam.

    I see no prospect of harmony or stability.

    I look forward to reading the soon to be published SG report on the economy and also the report called Clarity from the Business for Scotland group. This is mentioned in todays National. I see a future of work and effort to make us all free, prosperous and safe.

    If this takes a Trump wall between Berwick and Carlisle so be it. I do not wish this as that would be economically daft but I mean it metaphorically, what ever it takes. Even strife, peaceful strife.

      • Anne, perhaps an enterprising housebuilder will build ‘New Towns’ just north of Berwick and Carlisle on the Scottish side to house the tens of thousands of those unfortunate to be living South of the border who want the ‘best of both worlds’ after independence.
        There’ll be plenty of work Up Here as global companies relocate ‘back’ into the EU in Scotland.

        • Tell me about it, my husband was born in Berwick. It has changed hands many times, but at the moment it is in Northumberland.

          • Was there not an Anglo Scottish border commission appointed in the 17th Century to determine the boundaries of the debatable lands but this was closed down when James VI succeeded Elizabeth as King of England ? Another post indy conundrum to be solved!

      • I am sure you know Anne that there are no Scottish towns on the border not even a hamlet and that the town’s I chose are near enough. I was born in Berwick also.

  8. Thank you for very thoughtful piece….I was thinking about why a goodly proportion of the folk in England vote Tory….they know well what they are voting for….cruelty and psychopathy.

    Why do folk want this style of politics and government? What attracts them to these politicians and their ideologies?

    It is so much easier to hate than love….are they not prepared to steer their thoughts away from hating and denigrating folk they share this planet with.?

    Is it almost impossible now for these people who vote Tory to use their emotional intelligence to consider the real outcomes of ideologies of hate fully operated by their politicians.?

    Scotland can choose ‘Love conquers all’. It’s the way to real freedom!

    • Good question that. I can only imagine that for a certain strata of society the Tories represent stability, in their imagination at least. Remember such attitudes are often deep-seated and based on long-term experience. Then can be quite impervious to whatever eejot is currently in power. Such people will shy away from Labour, and with Corbyn at the helm, who knows? Can you blame them for what appears a very uncertain and ‘shaky’ alternative?

      Thankfully Scotland has the Sensible Party to vote for 🙂

  9. Very well said Sam, and Hetty, and Jack, and all the other people that contribute to this page.
    We’re just decent people, trying to do the decent thing, in a world gone mad.

    • Och, i think i missed a comma there… Very well said, Sam. etc
      We’re not illiterate altogether.
      But we are all together.
      Ach, don’t mind me. Just muttering into ma porridge.
      Bring on the independence vote. Please!

  10. A very inspiring piece of writing.
    As a young soldier in the British Army I was committed and idealistic about what I was doing. Now, I do not want to attend reunions in the south of England. At the same time I do not want to offend my English fellow soldiers, but I think that I might write a wee note to them why I will no longer be there.
    I am continually surprised and offended at how a government can control its population.
    We can do better than that
    Victor Moncrieff.

  11. Utter nonsense when the SNP parrot the establishment line re Russia, Syria etc. There in bed with the establishment parties.

    • I get your reference to the Salisbury poisoning, by only up to a point. More recent garbage from Boris has not been supported. However, I’m not aware of any statements that suggest that the Scottish government is following the UK government line on Syria. Please provide references and evidence for that.

        • What politicians in Scotland are you suggesting have taken a line on Syria or the anti Russian frenzy? Dick Leonard, tRuth Davidson? Some Lib dem I’ve never heard of? I’m trying to figure out your agenda here. Is it just more SNP BAD, or do you have a point? Silence is considerably better than uninformed blathering.
          Guilt by Omission Eh? I think you therefore need to be more transparent about your own agenda, or be guilty yourself.
          Let’s start by exactly what you mean by “the unpardonable folly episode.”

          • Simple. I mean Salmond spoke the truth as regards the war in Kosovo and was excoriated by the Unionist press at the time and now Nicola is now too feart to step out of line. Mind you the secession of Kosovo from Serbia sets a helpful international law precedence for us.

  12. They fool themselves into thinking once they are ‘through all this’ there is a sunny place where they can go back to being what they believe they are. There isn’t because what they are is what they are now.

  13. As the brexit bourach continues things are are about to get extremely chaotic because of Westminster’s incompetence in foreign and domestic matters. Scotland must add to the chaos by declaring it will hold indyref2 regardless of Westminster’s opinion. As individuals we must add to the chaos in our own way – however minor.

    Out of the coming chaos will come Scotland’s liberation.

  14. I have been joining the ‘ what is society coming to, when we do this to each other’ discussion with my nearest and dearest, so I hear and agree with what Sam is saying. One comment stood out in this family discussion and it was this- ‘ society is not important to some and others have no concept of it ‘.
    It is true. Individuality and sense of self has become dominant. Not that this is all bad, but it may have pushed aside a sense of society perhaps even by accident.

    • Well said, Laura! I think the cult of individuality has much to answer for. I’m no advocate of the “hive mentality” but when “what’s best for me” supercedes “what’s best for all of us” we create the kind of ghastly dystopia in which so many of us are now living.

    • Laura, there has always been ‘Me-ism’, the dog eat dog, the rat race, de’il tak the hindmost, it’s a jungle out there, carpet baggers, snake oil salesmen, flim flam merchants, suckers, there’s one born every minute, the poor will always be with us, pass by on the other side of the road, self centred con men in our society, and there always will be.

      It’s oft quoted and sometimes misquoted; Margaret Thatcher’s ‘No such thing as society’ line.

      Here’s it in full:

      “I think we’ve been through a period where too many people have been given to understand that if they have a problem, it’s the government’s job to cope with it. ‘I have a problem, I’ll get a grant.’ ‘I’m homeless, the government must house me.’ They’re casting their problem on society. And, you know, there is no such thing as society. There are individual men and women, and there are families. And no government can do anything except through people, and people must look to themselves first. It’s our duty to look after ourselves and then, also to look after our neighbour. People have got the entitlements too much in mind, without the obligations. There’s no such thing as entitlement, unless someone has first met an obligation.”

      It was pusillanimous sophistry then, and it is in hindsight a bitter summary of the cold conniving philosophy of a woman who was determined to destroy civic society and replace it with laissez faire capitalism.
      If you can’t pay for it, do without, or beg from the parish house or visit a food bank.

      The ‘deserving’ and ‘undeserving’ poor.

      The Great Unwashed, the Riff Raff, the benefits junkies, the skivers as opposed to the strivers, the Just About Managing, the ‘Less Well Off’…the language permeates the history of the Conservative party since the end of WWII and was readily adopted by Blair, Brown and Mandelson under the banner of ‘New’ Labour, or as history has taught us, the neo liberal neo conservative Red Tory warmongers.

      Expanding Major’s PFI Fraud, Brown took schools, hospitals, and prisons out of public ownership and handed them ultimately to Off Shore Magic Money Trees. We are paying out billions each year for nothing. Schools in Edinburgh are falling down yet nobody goes to jail.
      We in Scotland have had enough.

      Mundell, Davidson and Tomkins would privatise our NHS, introduce Tuition Fees, and set toll booths on our bridges, tunnels, and motorways without batting an eyelid.

      They are in the business of protecting the wealth of the Few, the 10%, and would perpetuate the status quo through the usual Establishment routes, controlling the media, placing the right people at the top of the Law, Education, Land, and Finance organisations.

      I doubt that there are any Independence minded people running any public or commercial organisation in Scotland right now. They are Maggie’s and Tony’s spawn. Good eggs to a man and woman.

      The Union Reps Up here seem to be throwbacks to the Blair and Brown era, neo cons to a man(sic) and the odd woman.

      The Brit Nats have no problem with half a million Scots living below the poverty line, 260,000 of our children in poverty and penury, and food banks as a growth industry.

      Thatcher was wrong.

      There is society.
      By me writing this and you reading my efforts we are functioning in society.

      I have lived at my present address for 26 years now. I know all of my neighbours, many of them are my friends, drinkin’ buddies, and we have shared weddings, births, sadly deaths as a ‘society’ within a greater civic society.
      Two lads, one Ranjurs, one Sellick, have been fishing buddies for decades, and both wouldn’t hesitate if I called on them for help, from lifting an old fridge into the back of a van, to lending me the ‘communal’ chain saw.

      I do not recognise the hypothesis: ‘There is no such thing as society’

      It is a sinister phrase designed to excuse greed, avarice, and promote cold hearted indifference to the state engineered suffering and despair imposed on so many of our fellow citizens.

      If you live with the constant threat of ruin because of low paid, zero hour, ephemeral work, with your Employment and Human rights steadily eroded by the state, and there is no Safety Net when times are tough, it is tempting to believe that there is no such thing as society any more.
      If you live in constant fear and dread, the Establishment politicians can do what they like to you.
      But we in Scotland have had our fill of London and their Fifth Column Up Here.
      Self Determination is within touching distance.

  15. When Independence happens, all those politicians who opposed it will suddenly be ‘all for Scotland’ – including Ruth Davidson who so readily abandoned her belief that membership of the EU was crucial to the future of the UK – and MsM will fall into line with gusto. Welcome the day

  16. Off topic why are those promoting conflict with Russia/Iran pos China never ever asked as to where will they be where will their families/close relatives be in the event of War.

  17. Had a look around at today’s headlines. So, just wondering like. The past couple of years voting in extremist reactionary world leaders. Folk who are long on intolerant and exclusionist views, but with access to super weapons and a penchant for sabre rattling… How’s that working out for everyone? 😮

    • Ricky – If Gordon is even remotely close to the truth about the proposals of this Group for Constitutional Reform that effectively rewrites the act of union and disregards The Declaration of Arbroath . Well thats a whole different ball game its not if INDY Ref 2 its When .

      If this is happening firstly where are the Alarm Bells , are people who should be looking out for dodgy moves and shady dealings asleep on duty , I started to read this lots proposals but it might have been out of date looks like July 2016 ,

      The Silence is deafening from our MPs & MSPs about Fluffy and the Scotland office setting up shop in Edinburgh and possibly constructing a parallel government to administer powers repatriated from the EU that should be in the hands of Holyrood , as Fluffy says powers will return to Scotland, – [ just not to the Scottish parliament ] – Probably was the bit he intentionally omitted .

      Lets hope the folk who should be on the lookout are not bloody on their holy-bags or sleeping .

      • I think that you all know my views on the timing of the next staging post on the Road to Freedom . October 2018; when the Brexit Deal goes to WM and the Parliaments of EUs for scrutiny. Davis and Co., will have confirmed by then what we all know now. Eurmageddon.
        We shall in effect be offered colony status behind barbed wire in our own Soveregn country.

        Once we no longer have ECJ laws to protect us from the excesses of London, the English Parliament can do what they like with us; or so they think.

        Post April 2019 (forget the notion that the Transition Period from April 2019 until December 2020 will be some sort of ‘cushion’ against a complete and abrupt Brexit ,where nothing will change, the 85% English WM MPs can concoct any sort of power grab they like from next Spring and impose it on the People of Scotland against the democratic wishes of our Sovereign citizens, or so they think.
        Indyref 2 will certainly not be ‘allowed’ when we are out of the ECJ.
        It really is that serious.
        Do we stand by idly and let it happen?
        Do we feck….

    • I watched it this am, Ricky as I ate my porridge. If he is even close with his facts and figures, it certainly puts a whole different slant on things. People worried about getting rid of the warheads etc., after Independence. He spells it out.
      Hope springs eternal an’ aw that!

      • Molly , I watch Gordon a lot , and check as much as I can , so far can’t fault him on almost of what he says .

  18. There is a simple explanation to this, if one understands psychopaths, psychopathic behaviour and the traits of the psychopath. Psychopaths, form a sizeable minority in our communities.
    I have worked alongside a psychopath. It took me years to realise what he was. His behaviour was like no one I had ever met before. I stumbled across the twenty traits of the psychopath online. Reading through these traits, it immediately became apparent that the chap concerned was indeed a psychopath. It was a Eureka moment for me. It explained his behaviour and in fact made his behaviour predictable.
    Many people believe that a psychopath is someone mad, who runs about with a large knife or a chainsaw. This notion, comes from the Psycho movie which had such a traumatic effect on the 1960’s. The Psycho movie, came from studies in America after WW2 of criminals in secure institutions. It was found that these criminals had the same traits of behaviour. These traits were given the name psychopathic behaviour. However, the 1960 Psycho movie gave such a stigma to people labelled with these traits, that the medical community changed the name to sociopathic behaviour.
    You may be wondering where I am going with this. We’ll, due to my past experiences, I now know the 20 traits, off by heart. I can recognise psychopathic behaviour. The Tory Party, is full to bursting with them. As was Ukip before it’s demise. Of course, once one knows the traits, it is easy to pick out psychopathic behaviour and the more traits one has, the more psychopathic, one is.
    There is a common misconception that psychopaths are rare. This is not the case. Politics is a perfect environment for the psychopath. A world where their behaviour can be covered up, excused or just plain ignored.
    When you read the twenty traits below, hopefully this will switch on your understanding of the behaviour of Tories in general.
    In no particular order.

    1). Pathological lying
    2). Lack of remorse or guilt
    3). Callousness and lack of empathy.
    4). Failure to accept responsibility for own actions.
    5). Poor behavioural controls.
    6). Lack of long term goals.
    7). Glib and superficial charm.
    8) Highly exaggerated, self esteem.
    9). Superficial emotional responsiveness.
    10) Cunning and manipulative.
    11). Arrogant and malevolent.
    12). Parisitic lifestyle.
    13). Fails to take responsibility for actions.
    14). Sexual promiscuity.
    15). Selfish and unfeeling.
    16). Need for stimulation.
    17). Manipulative.
    18). Impulsivity.
    19). Engage in risky or dangerous behaviour.
    20). Narcissism. Extremely sensitive to criticism.

    Each trait, is given a score of 0, 1, or 2. So a prototypical psychopath, would have a score of 40. Someone who has none of the traits, would score zero. A score of 30 and above qualifies one as a psychopath. Someone, with a non criminal background should score 5 or less. Many non psychopathic criminals score around 22.
    Real world psychopaths are the perfect storm of egotism, manipulation and a lack of conscience.
    So this clearly explains the behaviour of many Tories in general and their supporters, including unionists and Brexiters. When did we last see an empathetic Tory?
    Try applying the trait scores to Cabinet ministers. Start with, Theresa May, Boris, Gove, Fox, Williamson etc.
    Happy psychopath hunting.

    • This Psycho list engendered the same panic and hypochondria in me which I used to experience when I thumbed through the old hard copy ‘Family Doctor’.

      In the dim glaur of my bedroom as a teenager I was convinced that I had contracted everything from VD to varicose veins.

      Is my ‘lying’ pathological when I feign interest and nod in the right places when my Everlovin’ recounts that day’s tales of the workplace of an evening over Spag Bog and Red Biddy?

      Am I being glib and superficially charming when I greet a neighbour with ‘Hi, how are you?’
      I am not really enquiring after their well being after all. It’s just something to say, isn’t it?

      No 16. At my age I am in need of constant stimulation, usually in the form of good company and lashings of dark stout, or watching Scotland bravely failing at the footie.

      I’ll stop now. I’m sure that more than 5 of the traits could be identified in my personal psychological profile.

      No 3. ‘Callousness and lack of empathy’.
      May with Strepsils and tumbling graphics at the Tory party bash. I howled with laughter. Schadenfreude or psycho callousness?

      Perhaps I am merely a shallow Scaramouche, to be pitied rather than laughed at or avoided.

      Marlon, there are hundreds of them in the ranks of the Blue Red and Yellow ProudScotBut Brit Nat Fifth Columnists Up Here.

      Of that I have no doubt.
      A disturbing but enjoyable piece.

      My real name is Norman Bates, in case you’re interested. You must stay at my place if you’re passing through.
      Cue screeching violins….

      • I’m sorry Jack, but you can’t perform psychoanalysis on yourself. You could ask, your nearest and dearest to give you a score from the 20 traits. However, this is moving into dangerous territory. I would plead with you to avoid this at all costs.
        A psychopath never gets tongue-tied. Is this you Jack? All joking aside Jack, you are not a psychopath. It would be obvious in your writing. There is no arrogance. Although, psychopaths can put on an act, it would still show through.
        Because they severely lack the ability to feel, they can often fool a lie-detector test, as they have no physiological responses to lying. You have very deep feelings, as I do, against Tories. The good news is, this fact immediately eliminates you, from the psychopathic ranks

  19. A good read, I think though that we are arriving at the realisation that the notion of a social contract is obsolete as is evidenced in the prose. The biggest challenge is answering the question of: how do the amy hold the few to account? This isn’t easy through the existing debacle of divide and conquer ably aided and abetted by MSM.

  20. We might not have to bother too much if Trump/Theresa get their way,there will be fcuk all left of Scotland,how in Gods name do voters still return them year in year out?must have a death wish.

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