Oh, and one more thing!

A guest post by Samuel Miller

Righto then. One more time with feeling. This is going to be short and sweet, but I think it’s an important issue. So listen up!

In my post Mushroom farming the population, I stressed the need to support Scotland’s emerging new and traditional media sources. iScot, Independence Live, Phantom Power, The National, Truly Scottish TV and of course, your fav indy sites/blogs. They’re going to be needed and needed soon I’d say. So giving what you can will, I’m sure, be greatly appreciated.

Why will they be needed soon? I’m guessing because, (one way or another), political actions taken over this summer and autumn will define and determine a LOT about the Scottish population’s future and future choices. People will need to hear the opposing and alternative view to the mainstream diet of Westminster narrative and the ever more frantic and reactionary bumtrumpetry of the metrocentric opinion shapers.

Scottish news IS NOT made in London. It’s made in Scotland by you the people(s) of Scotland. It’s time we viewed the world through a lens of our own making. ‘Course it’s not just about Scotland’s population talking about Scottish news and events. It’s also time we discussed and listened to our own views on world events. It’s time we read our own views on world events.

If we want to ‘stop the world because we want to get on’? If we want the world to listen to us and to what we have to say? If we want to join in? Then as a population we’d better start having our own opinions to put forward. Mmmm… Probably also an idea not to have other people offer an opinion on our behalf, write cheques on our behalf and sign us up to… stuff… on our behalf.

It’s a big ask given hardships going on around us right now. Money is tight and it’s going to get a LOT tighter. But if ever there was a year in which those outlets for our voices and opinion were needed? Well, you can fill in the rest for yourself.


This is my last post before our host comes back from his well earned break. As ever, I’d like to thank the readers for bearing with my ramblings and for contributing below the line. Also? Make sure you tidy up the mess and get rid of the bottles before Paul gets back, or I’ll be in bother.


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  2. Enjoyed your spiel whilst the dug was away, keep up the good work, talking about the media, why not a second Scottish Pirate Radio Station, speaking truth unto the nation?

  3. We’ve had our fun. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and tidy up.

    WGD and his pet Cocker Maniel Paul are due back any second now.

    The place is a mess. The site is a sight.

    Sam Miller tried his best.
    But as soon as we cybernuts sniffed an ‘empty’, it was always going to be ‘party time’!

    WGD’s living room carpet is ruined, stained beyond redemption with trodden in grammatical spillage, split infinitives, littered with ‘it’s’ instead of ‘its’, and ’its’ instead of ‘it’s’ in the abbreviated version of ‘it is’ or ‘it has’, prepositions used to end sentences with, past participles of verbs without an auxiliary verb, I seen that a few times, and a kitchen cluttered with bags of literal garbage, especially the long winded ‘esoteric gibberish’ churned out by Collatin, to be taken out to the bins.

    Pet Wishart is out of it in the bedroom buried under a multi coloured pile of YES Partygoers dreamcoats, muttering ‘now is not the time’ every time Sam asks him to shift it.

    There have been a few Brit Nat bots who have tried to gate-crash, attempting to swipe a few cans from the fridge, trying to argue that they are not cans, but too wee, too poor, too stupid ‘can’ts.’

    Unlike we diehards, they have not lasted the pace.

    So let’s get the Hoover out, spray the Pledge everywhere, blow away the cobwebs of inertia.

    The game’s afoot, Watson, and it’s not 12 inches!

    Let’s do this now!

    Sam, a warm thanks, yet again, for the best party West of the Pecos.

  4. Thanks Samuel. Have enjoyed your ramblings. As for donating – that I do, where I can to whom I can. My rule is – if they’ve reached their target they don’t need my money and I give it to someone who still needs it. Maybe not the best rule but you can’t give to everyone (well, I can’t)

    • I agree with your comment about donating, but have an additional filter! After being stung once on my credit card I wont donate unless I can use Paypal (no I don’t have shares!). What I do have is limit on the credit card it is tied to of £100, so if it gets hacked that is the maximum I’ll possibly lose. I’ll also donate if details are given for a bonk to bank transfer.

      Unfortunately most donate screens will only accept card details, so no donation.

    • I’ve already commented over on WoS.
      I cannot agree to wait and see.
      We have a 12 month opportunity now. Post April 2019, they will crush us as they did other colonies throughout the life of their Empire.

      • Pretty much. I’ve made a similar post myself.

        When should we have a referendum? When there is need and when you have the mandate.

      • Totally agree with you, Jack.
        Fluffy and co are well on the way to extinguishing Scotland.
        Scots need to rouse themselves from their slumber. Winter is over.
        Feel the warmth of the sun. Grasp the thistle, the nettle, or whatever it takes.
        Get on with it, for christ’s sake… For the sake of your children, at least…Freedom.

  5. Thank you for holding the fort in your usual stalwart fashion, Sam. As the world we live in becomes scarier by the day, your common sense approach to our difficulties helps to keep us all grounded. Roll on the mandate … we already have the urgent need.

  6. Sam, thank you for filling in for the wee ginger dug. You did an admirable job. I also believe we all need to dig deep in our pockets to support our Scottish media sources. I do when I can.


    • Remember people used to say the same about devolution and the Scottish Parliament. Things do change and they can change in a positive direction. Positive thinking is always a positive approach.

      Well done Macart for presenting a number of excellent posts.

    • It’s usually best not to write continuous text in capital letters because research has shown (US Association of Psychiatry, 1996) that people find it hard to read and tend not to take it seriously regardless if content or subject.

  8. “Money is tight and it’s going to get a LOT tighter. But if ever there was a year in which those outlets for our voices and opinion were needed?”

    Very true and its now time for all that are pro-Indy – and even those that proclaim (just) to be ‘Proud Scots’ – to realise that Scotland’s very existence other than as region of a greater England is under imminent threat. The constitutional status quo will now not continue. Its time is here for stark choices.

    A couple of observations on making financial contributions, something that may be easy for some, something that is difficult for others.

    The recent Wings’ crowdfunder by any financial measure was very successful – thank goodness! Around £150k from donations by c.3,100 supporters, averaging around £50 each. But, but … there are apparently 300,000 unique visitors to the Wings site in a month. I know you can’t organise for this, but for perspective, £1 each from just half of these users gets you to the same total. (Giving a £1 would certainly have left me with scope to fund other pro-Yes activities.)

    Leaving the sensitive issue of financial status aside, what about participation in key, high profile events – notably marches? We know that we will struggle to get media coverage – but if 45% of the electorate in Scotland support independence then for a well-promoted march at an absolutely critical time for Scotland (i.e. now) should we be happy even with 20,000 people turning up? I respectfully suggest not.

    What will the next event in Glasgow attract? I’ve looked too often at scenes in Catalonia not to wish for much bigger and better than last time in Glasgow, good (for Scotland) as that was.

    Folk make lots of different, valuable contributions to the Yes movement – way beyond money, way beyond attendance at marches, and undoubtedly many, many do much more and have done so for much longer than me. Don’t misunderstand me, I do not intend to minimise these contributions: my comments are directed towards those still tentative about a deeper, tangible engagement.

    Anyone who is sympathetic to independence but at present not engaged in ‘something’ to further the cause should be aware of the ‘free rider’ concept – a problem (in economics) which occurs when those who wish to benefit from resources, goods, or services do not contribute towards them, which results in an underprovision of those goods or services. And there is no – nor will there be – any ‘under provision’ in what opposes us!

    • I take your point about attendance at marches Stewartb, but you must remember that Catalonia has around 2.5 million more population than Scotland. I believe that the organisers are expecting about double the attendance next month and have had to change the final venue from George Square to Glasgow Green to accommodate them.

      • Remember too that Catalonia has (or perhaps had ?) their own broadcasting agencies which were sending out the messages from the Independence supporting sides – unlike here where we have one daily newspaper against 30+. Then we’ve got the jolly old BBC, you could hardly see them saying to the nation “Now remember you Yes supporters, bright and early on 5th May for the Independence rally in Glasgow, don’t forget your Saltires” eh ?

        In Catalonia the media represented the views of the people, and a lot of those people want Independence. When did the Indy warriors here get a fair chance ? Aye, never. Most of the BBC/STV Scottish news is taken up by murder, folk getting assaulted, somethin’ awfy bad the SNP have done/are going to do/have stopped doing followed by the football, probably Rangers. There is no representation of 50% of the population in the Scottish news, and there is no representation of Scotland in the UK news.

        I teach sociology to students & despair sometimes at their lack of knowledge, and lack of interest, about what goes on outside their own life bubbles. Some of them have no clue about politics, they don’t vote, they don’t know where their tax goes or what it pays for. But I do know one subject that gets them talking and that’s the 2014 Referendum – we just need to get folk talking about it again, but it will be us that does it, just like before.

        Let’s give it our best shot peeps – like Sisyphus, let’s push this rock up the hill one more time, but unlike him oor rock will reach the top and finally we will be free 😁

  9. Top of the morning to all you paraskevidekatriaphobians out there; or at least those of you have not stayed in bed today hiding under the duvet.

    It is Friday 13th, and it is estimated that the US economy loses $800-$900 million dollars on this day because some fearties even refuse to go to work.

    On the plus side apparently car accidents in Holland drop on the 13th as motorists are extra vigilant.

    It is argued that ‘paraskevidekatriaphobia’, the fear of Friday 13th, has its origins in the number dining at the Last Supper and Christ’s crucifixion on Good Friday, or alternately Friday, 13 October 1307, the date Philip IV of France arrested and put to the sword hundreds of the Knights Templar.

    Nobody really knows.

    I’m not really superstitious.

    Broken mirrors, shoes on the table, putting an umbrella up indoors, walking under a ladder, a black cat crossing your path, seem harmless enough but irrational to me.


    I recall chatting to a wee elderly American lady outside a Roscoff Hotel in the Place De L’Eglise, one warm summer morning as I waited for my Everlovin’ to settle the bill.

    We were on a motoring holiday and at that moment everything in the world was as fine as it was ever going to be.

    As The Light Of My Life joined us, the little old lady picked up a stone from the gravel path and squeezed it into my hand.

    ‘Take this with you and keep it safe. It will remind you of this happy moment.’

    With that she sauntered off in the direction of the Harbour.

    We motored South, spent a sublime week on a farmhouse in the Vendee, then on to Labenne and its impossibly white beaches, then dipped into Spain, dined in San Salvador, before meandering back North to catch the ferry back to Plymouth.

    As I write, my ‘lucky stone’, is tucked away in the cavernous pocket of my favourite old anorak. (Grounds for divorce if I chuck the smelly old rag out. Mrs C.)

    Sometimes as I rummage for a mint, keys, loose change, my fingers will alight on that wee chucky, and I am transported back to that wonderful time, travelling through France and Spain; the food, the sun, wine, terra cotta tiled roofs, white stucco villas, and, did I mention the wine?

    The elderly American tourist was spot on.

    Is it a form of ‘superstition’ to attribute ‘magical powers’ to an inanimate object?

    Yet surely this stone must have ‘magical’ properties when it can conjure up such sublime memories.

    From April 2019 there will be no more travelling freely throughout Europe for us Brits.

    We’ll need visas, European driving permits, £1 will buy 60 Euro cents, private health insurance, a few thousand in cash lest we break a leg or our big end goes, and Lord knows what else, because we shall not be able to cross seamlessly from one EU country to the next on holiday.

    We will be Furriners on our own Continent.

    We Scots cannot allow this to happen.

    Indyref 2 must be our immediate priority.

    The ‘When?’ debate is gathering pace online

    It can’t come too soon for me.

    I’m off to get the morning rolls and the National.

    St Christopher medal? Check.
    Lucky rabbit’s paw? Check.
    Four leaf clover key chain? Check.

    Mind how you go, my dear friends.

  10. Herald Online Poll

    95% opposed to UK involvement in a military strike on Syria

    4785 people took part

    Hidden away in an article on page 7 , 13/4/2018

    • It’s a dying rag, Clydebuilt.
      A London Establishment mouthpiece. The darling of the Glasgow ‘Establishment’ Branch of the Brit Nats.
      That one backfired. Somebody on the editorial team will get a roastin’.
      Tell me is Michelle Mone on the front page?
      What a way to grind out money.

  11. Sorry this is off topic, but I’m sitting here fizzing at the moment. I know that a lot of English people think that Scotland is subsidised, but up until today nobody has actually said it to my face. We were out for lunch with English friends and my husband said, in the course of conversation, “You should move to Scotland and you would get free prescriptions, free elderly care, etc” and the friend replied, “Yes, and you know why that is”.

    I couldn’t resist and waded in with, “No, why is that?”. “Because England pays for it”, says he. I was gobsmacked! “OK” says I, “If that’s true can you tell me why the English government is so anti Scottish independence? Surely they would be glad to let us go if we are costing them so much money?”

    He didn’t have an answer for that! Oh boy, will be know all about it when indy happens!

    • Annie, we have reached breaking point.
      The English parliament is hell bent on reversing devolution, using Brexit and the laughable notion of a UK ‘single market’ as an excuse.
      I do not exaggerate.
      Mundell, Davidson, Leonard and Rennie are Fifth Columnists, ignoring the democratic will of the people of Scotland. This is not hyperbole. They are lying to betray us to their English Establishment paymasters. They don’t give a toss about their fellow citizens.
      They are raping our land and sucking our wealth South to London, and will return us to militarily occupied colony status by April 2019, if we let them.

      We must act now.

    • Annie, sometimes i think a wee bit of the old Englebert helps.
      Y’know, the one that goes, “Please release me, let me go, for ah doan’t love youu any mooarr”
      And so on.
      I’m totally with Jack here. It’s reached a breaking point, a tipping point.
      Sure, there are probably a lot of people in the country comfortably numb, and there might even be more uncomfortably numb. Medicating with alcohol, drugs, TV, video games, fitba’, whatever.
      But, I think that when the whistle blows, and there’s an end in sight (or rather, a beginning in sight), then all bets are off, and go for it.
      The impetus, the potential, the energy, the hope, the reason, the logic, are all with the movement for independence, and that will carry the day.
      If it’s just softly, softly, and don’t rock the boat, then Scotland is sunk. Scotland no more.
      And we’ll get the odd wee crumb thrown our way (maybe a travel show on BBC), on, “oh, look how beautiful and quaint northern Britain is. Some of the Indigenous folks even speak Gaelic, and Scots and Doric”
      Well, that’s ma post-porridge rant for today.
      Get on with it Scotland. Get on with it SNP. (Choose a deputy leader with fire in the belly).
      Independence before it’s too late.
      Release the pent-up energy. Go for it.

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