Mission accomplished

Remember when we said that Donald Trump would start WW3 on Twitter and we thought it was a joke? There he was the other day boasting about how smart his missiles are, which made everyone wonder if the missiles wouldn’t be a more intelligent American president, and now along with Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron he’s gone and blown up Syria. Or more accurately has blown up Syria a bit more than it has already been blown up.

At least I managed to get back home from my holidays before it broke out. Yay! I live just 25 miles away from the biggest nuclear arms dump on the planet and it is totally not a target for the Russians in the event of Armageddon. Thanks Jackie Baillie! I feel so safe now. In the seconds before the whole Clyde Valley is blown to pieces in the blast the people of the West of Scotland can console ourselves with the thought that your determined defence of Trident guaranteed the existence of a medium sized Tesco Express in the greater Helensburgh area whereas people in the rest of the country get on with the important business of wondering which of Tesco’s sandwiches best resist radioactive contamination.

We’re being told that the UK, the US, and France had no choice but to unilaterally bomb Syria because the only way to demonstrate your disapproval of the Syrian government running roughshod over international law is to run roughshod over international law. It’s a bit like expressing your disapproval of people leaving dog crap on the grass in the park by smearing it all over the pavement. Nevertheless, the military action was entirely legal, because Theresa May and the right wing press said so. This is the only standard of legality that matters in the UK. International law might have a different opinion, but international law doesn’t right the editorial column in the Daily Mail so it doesn’t count.

Still, it’s silly of us to worry about provoking WW3, because it worked out so well the last time that the UK got involved in bombing the crap out of some Middle Eastern country. Iraq and Libya are now glowing examples of peace and stability, in much the same way that Richard Leonard is an outstanding representative of the power of charisma and charm and Ruth Davidson has never been known to obsess about opposing independence referendums.

There is certainly no doubt that the Assad regime is comprised of some deeply nasty and unpleasant people. It is alleged that there was a chemical warfare attack in the rebel controlled city of Douma, carried out by the Syrian government. I have no idea what happened in Douma. The point is that neither does anyone else. The UN chemical warfare investigating team was due to visit the area this coming week in order to ascertain what really happened. There’s no pressing reason for the rush into military action this weekend.

Neither was there a pressing reason for the UK to rush into military action before Parliament comes back after the Easter break, giving our representatives the opportunity to debate the matter. Remember how we were told before the EU referendum that it was vital to restore the sovereignty of the British Parliament? That’s working out as well as the promise that Scotland was going to be an equal and much loved partner in the UK and would be secure in its membership of the EU if only it voted against independence.

There’s nothing like a spot of military porn to get the media frothing. What bombing the crap out of some Middle Eastern country really is best for is diverting attention from other more pressing political difficulties. There is a real and serious need for urgency when it comes to taking action in Syria, and that would be Donald Trump’s need for urgency in changing the news agenda in order to distract attention from the criminal investigation that the FBI is carrying out into Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen, and the alleged payment of $130,000 in hush money to the porn star Stormy Daniels. According to reports, Stormy Daniels was paid the money during the US presidential election in order to keep her quiet about having sex with Donald while his wife was pregnant. Trump denies that he had sex with her, which means that she was paid the money to keep quiet about not having had sex with Donald Trump. I’ve never had sex with Donald Trump either, and there’s a donate button at the bottom of this blog in the unlikely event that the American president is reading.

What I do certainly have in common with Stormy Daniels is that she denied that she was ever sexually attracted to Trump, who says that claims he has a fake tan are fake news. I’m not sexually attracted to Trump either, but I’ll admit that in my case this is due to an aversion to consorting with orange people. That’s more a Scottish Tory thing.

There’s an equally real and serious need for distraction in the UK, anything but anything to take attention away from the galactostrophe that is Brexit. If it takes dropping a few bombs at £800,000 a bang on some random Middle Easterners then that’s a price well worth paying. After all it comes along with the opportunity to condemn anyone who’s opposed to rushing into war as betraying our troops and being a stooge of the Kremlin and the one thing that the British media really needs is another excuse to beat up on pacifists and people who think that it’s a national humiliation for the UK to sook up to Donald Trump. Condemning Jeremy Corbyn for calling for consultation in parliament is just a bargain bonus. The only way it could be any better would be if the British nationalist media in Scotland could find some way of blaming the SNP for the gas attack in Syria. That will probably be the lead story in the Hootsmon next week.

Theresa May is on the telly claiming “mission accomplished”. The mission has been accomplished. The mission is the derailment and distraction of the news agenda away from the surrounding stench of sleaze that envelops Donald Trump. The mission is the further debilitation of what passes for democracy in the UK and the conversion of the UK into an adjunct to Trump’s vanity. How’s that safety, security, and stability of the UK working out for Scotland? It’s high time we accomplished a mission of our own, the mission to get Scotland out of this failing state.

And finally, a big thanks to Macart for his excellent posts in my absence. That’s a mission that he accomplishes with style and panache. It’s hugely appreciated.


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0 thoughts on “Mission accomplished

  1. The Mission was indeed Accomplished. the Missionof showing that Theresa May can do whatever she wants, including commissioning an act of war, without asking Parliament.

    It could be that the evidence is overwheliming that last weekend’s cheical weapons attack was the work of the Syrian Government, that the response was appropriate and proportinate, that not many civilians were killed, and that it’s a good idea to drop bombs on a chemical weapons storage facility. I just don’t know. Let’s hope that Monday’s Commons debate gives me the chance to find out, though if it’s dominated by speeches like Hillary Benn’s before we went to war in Iraq, I doubt if I’ll find out anything.

    • I wonder if part of the mission was to cover up the truth behind the chemical attack. Have they somehow destroyed evidence that the UN might have found that could prove it was a false flag?

      • It is said that up to 100 died so to cover that up would be difficult and anyway, the OPCW are experts. The fact that Douma was on the verge of being liberated makes the using of CW seem strange, after all, the Syrian and Russian soldiers were in the vicinity and could have been affected.

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  3. Glad you’re home safe and sound. Hope you had a good break.

    Couldn’t believe the news of the last 24hrs Paul. Depressing, shocking and frustrating to say the least. This is wrong on so many levels and as I said last thread, we never seem to learn.

    I’ve always been a gradualist by nature. I prefer to persuade folk to walk with me, rather than shout at them and drag them along. How and ever, after recent events? The sooner we get started on readying that lifeboat the better.

    • It’s not us that need to learn Macart – it’s our eejit lords and masters who need edumacating! But you know what they say – “There’s none so blind as those who will not see.” 🙁

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  5. It is depressing what they are trying, doing and getting away with.

    Democracy, the Parliamentary side of my erse it is.

    • Agreed, there is no balanced democracy in Westminster, only a dictatorship caused by a useless opposition and a deal with DUP knuckle draggers.

  6. It’s at times like this I regret that I’ m one of the world’s atheists – there has to be some comfort in thinking a higher power will sort out the mess if you pray hard enough.

    Welcome home – hope you had a wonderful time .

    Someone should persuade that chap who takes over when you abscond to write his own blog – c’mon Macart!

    • I would raise the old question to counter these thoughts. What sort of god would allow Syria, Iraq etc. Unanswered prayers – there seem to be a lot them.

    • Appreciated Dorothy, but I’m no writer and even if I were? Personal commitments mean that life’s a bit complicated for the foreseeable future.

    • I’ve been poking Sam for years to write a blog. Ach well, we can enjoy while Paul’s away. And welcome back Paul. Just in time to help keep us all sane in this world gone nuts.

  7. I cannot believe how for decades now, some people have been conned into thinking the UK’s WM gov. is a democracy. Welcome back Paul hope you enjoyed your break

  8. If Theresa can declare unilateral bombing of Syria without consulting Parliament then why can’t we declare UDI on Independence. Seems fair to me

      • Marco, I used to joke about Rear Admiral Boris leading a flotilla of gunboats up the Clyde to suppress the Jock Uprising.
        Now we have Faslane expanded to berth all of England’s fleet of nuclear subs, not just the four Death Star tubs we used to house. They are expanding to accommodate the 17 nuclear powered subs from Devonport.
        That makes quite a target for our ‘enemies’.
        We are de facto an occupied colony now. They don’t need to bomb us; they are here already.
        Fast forward to Independence Day. Do we really believe that Empire 2 will meekly sail off into the sunset?
        They’re using bases in Cyprus to bomb Syria, a former ‘colony’ which they spit in two between Greece and Turkey before shutting up Imperial shop.
        We shall elect for Self Determination. Then the hard work will really start.
        There is an ingrained 300 year old Scottish Branch of the London Establishment who, and I recall Ian Davidson’s ‘.bayonet the wounded’ evil triumphalism, will actively resist our return to full nationhood.
        The English Armed Forces will prove an immensely difficult obstacle to overcome as we rebuild our nation.
        Paul is not far off the mark with his barbed aside to Jackie Baillie about the ‘ripple effect’, sorry should that be ‘cripple effect’, a wee 24 hour Tesco metro in Helensburgh.
        The Faslane base is self contained, and is of no benefit to the community.
        The personnel based there, live there and are mainly from the South, are part of an Occupation Force in my view.
        Scotland is the US’s ‘unsinkable battleship’.
        We are expendable. We are nothing. We do not matter.
        Andrew Marr and Boris on the BBC Propaganda wing this morning assured us that the evidence of chemical weapons in Syria was irrefutable because the inspectors smelled chlorine.
        Bang goes my visit to Scotstoun Baths.
        We are in very Dark Times indeed.
        They can and do broadcast and print anything they like.
        WE are no longer from standing in slowly boiling water.
        You may note that Mundell and Davidson have disappeared off the face of the Earth in the last few days.
        I wonder why?

  9. Am I being naive here, but does bombing a chemical factory not release chemicals into the air which everyone in the vicinity will breathe in?

    • The boffins say that the heat generated by a missile strike burns up the chemicals so they are not discharged into the air, Anne. I only know this because Hubby and I were wondering the same thing, so I looked it up.

      • the catch 22 problem is that you are assuming that Kenetic Energy Attacks are 100% efficient. They are not.
        Look at one building they have shown, the building is still standing, a large part of the damage is to the car park.
        What if the facilities are underground?
        In WW2 bombed areas with machinery were back in action fairly quickly, hence the reason for area bombing of housing , people don’t repair quickly.
        Do you think if Porton Down was attacked on a Sunday that the UK’s anti missile defence would stop the Russian version of a cruise missile.
        Hell the country isn’t defended very well at weekends, the military are mostly at home, no military flying at the weekend, we can’t afford it.
        Poor lizzie the last must shed tears at the small number of aircraft in the flypasts over buck house, after WW2 there were hundreds, now a dozen.
        Does the UK have an anti missile system like Patriot? doubt it.
        As George Orwell said, “During times of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth is a revolutionary act”.

  10. “I’m not sexually attracted to Trump either, but I’ll admit that in my case this is due to an aversion to consorting with orange people. That’s more a Scottish Tory thing.”


    Paul, I actually cried laughing at that. It’s glorious. Welcome back, Queen of Shade. I hope you had a great holiday ❤️

  11. The sad thing is ,other than deaths of innocent Syrian children , our Westminster Prime minister will take great delight at the strength this action has given her. She will ignore the harm and devastation she has caused because Now is not the Time to be weak a wobbly ,she will delude and kid herself that this had to be done thinking this will have an effect on Assad and he will toe the line ????

    I shudder to think what she has in store for Scotland when we announce Indy ref or dissolving our rancid Union . I believe that there is now no barriers for her Cabinet in keeping Scotland. England and Scotland want totally different political and social paths.

    Please help us dissolve this rancid decaying Union.

    • She must think herself to be the New Iron Lady. The question is will history repeat itself as tragedy or as farce. I sincerely hope it’s the second. Then Scotland must be ready and willing to seize the moment when chaos erupts south of the Border.

  12. Like everyone else thanks to Macart for standing in and welcome back Paul , dont you just love American Immigration and the welcoming TSA or “Robots R us” , i bet you miss them already .

    We have three leaders up to their necks in shit so what better way of averting people’s attention , in the early hours of the day Inspectors were due to arrive these psychopaths start firing anything that came to hand clever eh ,

    Our media continue to push the Assad was the culprit line , totally missing the important bit that NO verifiable proof or investigation has been carried out yet , why the rush ? or do they have to destroy any evidence to give credence to oh it was him he has done it before ! eh again evidence free .

  13. Welcome home, Paul.
    We are entering the Dark Days.
    They are even betraying their own Party and riding roughsghod over the sham sovereignty of Westminster.
    Maggie got her war, Blair managed several. Now Treeza has joined the Warmongers.
    At eight hundred grand a pop the Military and Industrial Complex must rub their hands with glee, and we the people can only look on helplessly as God knows what is unleashed in our name in the Middle East.
    I take it that the UK has now officially declared war on Syria?
    They’d never dream of bombing Russia or China or even N Korea; they might bomb us back.
    Iran is pissed off too, and I have no doubt that this idiot woman and her Eton Rifles have raised the likelihood of retaliatory terrorist attacks to max because of their barbarity.
    What would be the world’s response if a Syrian jet strafed Trafalgar Square?
    It is clear now that the Ruth Davidson Party is capable of any barbarity, from evicting disabled citizens from their ‘spare’ bedroom home, to stigmatising rape victims in order to divert public funds to their rich pals, to unleashing hell from the heavens on a foreign land without consulting Parliament.
    We have always known thatt Mundell and Company are prepared to do anything to defy the democratic will of the people of Scotland.
    The Brit Nat Blue Tories are growing more alarmingly vicious and irrational by the hour.
    We must get out of this terrible Union now.

    Macart was a wonderful host in your absence, Paul.
    Great to see you home safe and in good fettle, if this wonderful piece is anything to go by.

  14. Welcome home Paul. For sure, refreshed, rejuvenated and raring to go.
    ‘I’m not sexually attracted to Trump either, but I’ll admit that in my case this is due to an aversion to consorting with orange people. That’s more a Scottish Tory thing.’
    Brilliant! 😂 Thanks for keeping the mirth in the depths of the mire.

  15. Sam played a blinder while you were away but it is good to have you back in the saddle, Paul, in spite of the ghastly circumstances to which you have returned. I hope you had a great break and have come back full of you-know-what and vinegar … if we ever needed your combination of political nous and excoriating wit, we need it now!

  16. England’s NHS is on its knees, (Scotland’s NHS rescued by the SG), many people in the UK are homeless, a large proportion of the population cannot earn enough to adequately support their families, yet TM still finds the cash to bomb Syria. Not only that, she and her friends call themselves Christians! There is no place for these dishonest people in our society. There is only one answer. Independence for Scotland.

  17. Didn’t George W Bush stand on the deck of an aircraft carrier in front of a poster saying “Job Done” or “Mission Accomplished” about a fortnight after Shock ‘n’ Awe in Baghdad?

  18. Am I right in saying the area that was allegedly act by the Syrians was to be handed over to the government the next day anyway?

  19. Why is Macron involved in this? I thought he was an intelligent chap. I can only think he wants in on the the loop, to try and keep some sort of influence on Trump. Possibly regretting, that France didn’t do the same with Bush in Iraq?

    • Wants to be Napoleon 6th? Or let’s remember Syria was a French colony. Post Imperial flourish- with hints of the Sykes-Picot agreement. The first world war was truly catastrophic for the middle east. I’m now starting to think a German victory may have been more beneficial for the world. Their main goal was to transplant the Zollverein Europe wide and incorporate Ukraine with Germany at the helm.. come to think of it…who is wagging the tail?

  20. What hasn’t been mentioned so far is the fact that May’s government is a minority one dependent on the NI knucledraggers for its continued powe.r

    Given that none of the knucledraggers serve in her cabinet is it not a fact that the decision to bomb was taken by the representatives of a minority which flies in the face of any notion that we live in a democracy.

  21. Locked & Loaded : This diplomatic statement from the worlds biggest Looney farm that has been taken over by Psychopaths I am sure will allow everyone to sleep soundly tonight .
    Silly me used to believe our media and the BBC might at least try and border on the truth , I watched the Andrew Marr program this morning and he allowed speaker after speaker to openly tell half truths and in many cases downright lies , and to allow Boris to waffle total pish without any comment or challenge is unforgivable and totally disgusting .

    Before the usual suspects comment ” still paying the license Tax ” well someone has to keep an eye on them, try reading the comment instead of focusing on the bleeding obvious . Thanks very much .

    • Assad must have invaded Scotstoun Baths, Robert. According to Boris the mere whiff of chlorine was evidence enough of a chemical attack. God or whatever belief system or none you invoke when railing at the moon, save us from these psychos.

  22. No matter that we are led by war criminals unionists still wont be swayed so hard to understand.Will Nicola ask why the nerve agent used to poison the Russian father and daughter is manufactured in the USA/UK/Nato countries?Apparently no chemical attack in Dhouma either what a bunch of criminals and I include those on the sidelines urging them on,not times to be proud of the SNP.

  23. welcome home, paul
    your amusing literal wordplay helps us lots with this diabolical situation.
    have a word wi oor Nic, por favor
    desperate for indy

  24. Welcome hame and thanks to your Dunblane freens for bringing the dug to the Arbroath rally.

    Time for e new referendum to include peace and the removal of Trident, which can only be done through Independence.

  25. Welcome home Paul. Reading your latest blog. I think we’re all suffering from de ja vue.IRAQ Isn’t so far away, every detail imprinted in the memory. WGD will be pleased to have you back

  26. England might as well take down there flag raise raise americas stars and stripes and play hail to the cheif instead of god save the queen because what is an English man these days as England seems to be ruled by the usas man child president

  27. Welcome back Paul.

    Welcome to trigger happy Toryland. Disgrace that not only are UK and US STILL engaged in nefarious who-knows-what in a country to which they were not invited. But the facility they attacked was inspected in November last year and is a centre for cancer medications.

    Illegal attack on a country which didn’t attack you is the stuff of nightmares as this gives any despot carte blanche to destroy anything anywhere and say they are covered by ‘legal’ opinion.

    You cannot make this stuff up…

    (Isn’t Teresa May looking tired and unwelll)

  28. I won’t link to it for obvious reasons, but the Herald is carrying an article on the timescale for Westminster’s legal challenge of the Welsh Senedd and Scottish parliament’s continuity bills.

    Oh, and according to Ms May, it’s not a power grab… Uh huh!

    • The evil bicth would say that yet theyve still no evidence to prove it davis has refused 6 to explain himself about Scotlands place in all this brexit mess but the way they act shows me that the English dont rule the uk at all its always been the usa that special relationship seems like usa rule to me.

  29. Well that was some grilling Mrs Mayhem got in the house of illrepute eh blink and you would have missed the fireworks , What a bunch of gutless b/rds .

    Ian Blackford really tore into her , the last time I saw the like was when a Tory MPs reply was described by a labour MP as like being savaged by a dead sheep . I think the Tory mp was Geoffrey Howe , the one who in the end summoned up the courage to do Thatcher and on that occasion he didn’t miss .

    What should have been a one sided contest with the PM on the ropes turned into a sickening display of labour MPs supporting a lying psychopath who never answers a question , and the Tory MPs ridiculing the labour MPs who were trying to at least ask questions what a bloody medieval circus described as a parliament .

    Disappointed in the questions I heard from the SNP , maybe I am being to critical and searching questions were asked , possibly someone could set the record straight I really hope I am wrong .

      • I’m halfway through listening to the WM ‘debate’ and came over here for a brief respite — some luck!

        What is the symbol of the authority and ‘nobility’ of WM — The Mace. What was and is a mace — a blunt instrument for beating people over the head to death with. All the fancy gilded decoration in the world doesn’t change its basic nature one jot. So why all the fuss about chemical weapons from a house that holds every means of death from a lethal club* to a arsenal of nukes? Indeed it might even be argued that it would be more merciful to suffer nuclear incineration than to be clubbed or chocked into oblivion.

        [*Not a bad epithet for the Tory Party now I think of it].

        Is it significant that Britain and France are the only two European nuclear powers? Does that perhaps give the US some covert power over them? Does anyone really know WTF is really going on behind all the layers of disinformation and fake news??

        One thing though is abundantly clear : the sooner Scotland is out of this murderous madhouse the better. To think how we might, with others, light a beacon of hope and sanity in the world.

    • It wouldn’t matter what SNP MPs asked/said in Westmonster, they would be ridiculed and shouted down. It’s a disgrace the way they are treated and high time they were members of our government in an independent Scotland.

    • As usual, That Dick, ‘The Scarf’ Leonard’s Red Tory Masters abstain, meekly bend over and let the Blue Tory ithyphallic English Establishment shaft them up the jacksie.
      England has degenerated into a bellicose rogue state which will soon be a dangerous volatile loose cannon on the fringes of Europe. We won’t be forced to join them, that’s for sure.
      Perhaps we may have to erect border posts in Independent Scotland. They really are losing it Down There.

      9% of English polled consider that it’s ok to send the Windrush children packing. Well, they’re dar5kies aren’t they ?
      Esther McVey appears before the Scottish Parliament and sells the Rape Clause as social work and ‘extra cash’ to howls of protest. Glenn Campbell of BBC Pacific Quay Goebbels House lies by omission by editing out this vile woman’s perverted argument as she attempts to justify piling more Fascist horror and indignity onto UK citizens, and Ruth Davidson has abandoned any attempt at actually doing any sort of ‘day job’ by teaming up with that Cod Face Gove in fronting an ‘ideas factory’ to seduce ‘youngsters’ (under 45s) into voting Blue Tory.
      Well, why not give her a wee nothin’ job to do for the Fourth Reich? She’s toast Down There now.
      Alternatively, give her a colouring book and some crayons and sit her in th corner while the Scottish Government protects the rights and freedom of Scots citizens..

      I’m sure that the 9%( which extrapolates to 6.5 million) who voted to ‘deport’ Caribbean born English citizens legally resident and working in England (they are almost exclusively in England) Brits for fifty or sixty years, voted UKIP or Blue Tory.

      That Immigration Minister wummin, her name escapes me and I can’t be arsed looking it up, you know the lass, the one who declared that she is more concerned about Lincolnshire Farmers getting enough Furrin Fruit pickers than Scotland’s Immigration challenge post Brexit, has said ‘sorry’, so no need for her and Amber Rudd to resign, because they’re ‘sorry’.

      May spends millions bombing a foreign country and declares that it is in ‘the national interest’.
      Which ‘nation’s’ interest?
      Why, the good ol’ US of A of course.

      We are now living through the Dark Days of the Death of the English Empire.
      Can my wife expect a knock at the door soon?
      The British Labour Party died three decades ago.

        • Baron Keen of Elie The Big Heid Law High Yin in the Scottish Branch of the English Establishment is fronting this Legal Farce.
          The Scottish Government democratically voted to introduce a Continuity Act, which would not be invoked if our Parliament’s ‘consent’ was sought on aligning repatriated devolved powers with UK wide frameworks.

          However they are trying to sell us the Brit Nat pup that we are to be ‘consulted’, and 25 or so powers retained by the English Parliament, which means the UK will grab back powers on agriculture and fisheries, GM crops, labelling, fracking and so on. We are to be ‘undevolved’.
          The ‘consultation’ as we know from bitter experience will mean we ‘do as you’re telt’, and lump it.
          There are 56 million English so fuck off, Scotland. You are our colony. The oil, apparently is English.

          Surely when this sham court decides in favour of the Unionists, it is the tipping point.

          Fire the starting gun, the race for the UKexit door is on.

          What a Eurmageddon England is facing.

          Of course Brexit has been out of the picture recently; Russian spies, Syrian bombing, and Kenny Milr and Lee Wallace suspended by the Ranjurs. It’s the end of the WATP Professor Two jobs Tomkins’ world as he knows it. Murdo will be texting the queen.
          As an aside, Baron Keen was the brief representing the Gers in 2012 when they tried to beat the Tax Man.
          Small world isn’t it?
          Sam, WGD and others are going to need a bigger boat.

          • That’s about the size of it.

            Basically one parliament taking the other to court because…. reasons. Oh, and it’s not a power grab.

            Westminster has lost before it’s even begun, ‘almost’ regardless of result. Though it’s by no means a slam dunk. The very action Westminster are taking destroys forever their rhetoric on partnership. It’s a circle they can now never square. By seeking to take without agreement. By seeking to silence an opposing POV. By seeking to crush resistance, they’ve pretty much destroyed their own line in unity bullshit. *shrugs* Their choice.

            Westminster will be Westminster. It’s the very nature of the beasty that will bring about the thing it fears most.

        • Can the presiding officer stay in post if his contention is defeated? Stranger things have happened, though perhaps not in Ukonia.

          Oh, and BTW, do you still think the UKSC will not be used to thwart indy, Paul?

          • The UK Supreme Court, as we can gather by the name, is there to have the final say in all things in the British Isles. When we leave Europe, there will be no route of appeal.

            The UKSC works under English Law with, therefore, English lawyers. The Welsh, Northern Irish and Scots have been out-manouvered. The English Parliament can outvote the colonies and, when they object, can hammer down the lid on the rebellious peasants.

            It is going to take some judicious timing, and some very good international lawyers, to achieve independence.

          • Actually the ultimate court on matters of constitutional sovereignty is the UN’s judicial body, the International Court of Justice. At least for the 170 or so states which are signatories of the relevant UN treaties like the ICCPR.

            Canada, Spain and a few other countries like Serbia have constitutions where their highest domestic courts purport to have a remit to have the final say on regional secession.

            That incompatibility with the right to self determination has as yet only been partially tested.

            I’ll need to stop there as the missus has just reminded me we are due at puppy training class in 15 minutes.

          • I had my puppy training decades ago, chicmac. When My Everlovin’ barks ‘heel!’, I respond automatically these days.
            It will not be decided in courts but at the ballot box.

  30. Anyone think of anything Mrs Mayhem has been associated with or in charge of that has turned out well ?
    This PM was Home Secretary in Cameron’s government when protection for EU nationals was discussed , she was the only cabinet member to block any protection being offered ,
    She while PM held up Brexit talks to ensure these rights were used as bargaining chips and she kept denying any knowledge of it.
    Her inability to control immigration while being Home Secretary directly led to the Brexit out vote , it was her departments idea to plaster buses with the message go home immigrants .
    Every single thing she has done has been a total f/k up .

    And she has the bloody cheek to stand up in parliament and say we have the moral right to bomb the shit out of any country we please , her constant mantra is I have been very clear , eh , I can’t remember her ever answering a single question without the usual snide remark directed at the questioner .

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