Scraping beneath the bottom of the Vow barrel

It’s the political corpse that keeps coming back from the dead. Every time you think it’s dead it pops back up again. It’s been battered over the head. It’s been blown apart. It’s been forensically dissected and the pieces packed up and sent into orbit around whatever planet it is that Wullie Rennie comes from. But it keeps on coming back again in a series of increasingly disappointing sequels. It’s come back to life more frequently than Christopher Lee in a Hammer Horror Dracula movie, and it’s every bit as life-blood sucking. It has been repeated more often than people have copied the Monty Python Dead Parrot sketch, only without the originality or the punchline. Yes, proposals for a Federal UK have crawled out of the grave again.

This time it’s Richard Mr Charisma Leonard who is the convert to federalism. Richard clearly believes that he’s the man who’s perfectly placed to scatter some sparkly magic glamour dust on a dry and dusty cadaver and revive it so that it can join him in a song and dance number on Britain’s Got Political Talent. He had previously displayed as much interest in constitutional issues as Theresa May had shown in the welfare of immigrants, so his new found fascination with federalism might just have rather more to do with having something to say to the people of Scotland in order to stave off the second independence referendum that is looming on the horizon than it does with any deeply felt belief in the transfer of power to Scotland.

Federalism isn’t going to happen. It’s not so much that it’s a lost cause as a cause that never had any chance to begin with. Fighting for a lost cause is a noble pursuit, like fervently hoping that the Scotland fitba team might actually qualify for something eventually. There’s nothing noble in this revival of plans for federalism. It’s a cynical exercise in trying to derail the independence movement being touted by a man who never had any interest in the idea before he decided it could save his political skin.

The Tories have absolutely no interest in any proposals for federalism, except as a carrot forever out of reach which they can dangle over the heads of a gullible Scottish press and a considerably less gullible public. We can forget about it as long as the Conservatives are in power. The Conservatives are only interested in destroying the power of the Scottish parliament, not in entrenching and strengthening it. Expecting a Tory to collaborate in increasing the power of Holyrood and giving it a constitutional status where it’s safe from unilateral actions by Westminster is like expecting Donald Trump to be nice to James Comey.

It’s not going to happen when Labour gets back into power again, even if it were certain that Labour would win the next UK General Election. Introducing full-fat federalism is a considerably more complex and comprehensive alteration to the fundamentals of the British constitutional settlement than abolishing the House of Lords, and look how much progress Labour has made in its commitment to abolish the Lords. They’ve only been promising it for 100 years and when they did have the chance to do something about the anti-democratic upper house with its legion of hereditary peers, they replaced that unfair system with the only thing that was even worse, a second chamber filled with unelected appointees there on the grace and favour of the Prime Minister. If Labour were to introduce a bill on federalism, they’d only abstain on it.

Proposals for a federal UK are ever only taken seriously in Scotland, and they have one purpose and one purpose only, which is to create a pretence that real and substantial constitutional change is possible within the UK, and so Scottish independence isn’t necessary. UK federalism isn’t really about changing the UK, it’s really about preventing Scottish independence. It’s just another vow to add to the pile of broken promises.

UK federalism isn’t going to happen, because England doesn’t want it. It really is that simple. If you require any proof of that, then just look at the reception that Richard’s proposals for federalism have received south of the border. It’s not exactly rapturous. It hasn’t even been noticed, and it hasn’t been noticed because no one cares. UK federalism is a distinctly Scottish Unionist hobby horse, and no one in a position of power and influence in England is getting on for the ride. When what they perceive as the English parliament already controls all the power and all the influence, what possible motivation do they have for giving any of it up? What is going to lead English politicians to break with their favourite fetish of the absolute sovereignty of the Westminster parliament and to destroy the constitutional principle which has underpinned English nationalism for centuries? Helping Scottish Unionism get out of a spot of political difficulty isn’t going to cut it.

Proposals for UK federalism propagate the charmless lie that the UK really is a union of nations, which are equal partners in a family. That’s not how the UK is seen by the English nationalism which underpins British nationalism and the British establishment. The UK is a unitary state which is dominated by the interests of the rich and powerful in the south east. They’re not going to allow anything that threatens their stranglehold on the wealth and resources of the UK.

A promise to Scotland from British nationalist parties that they’re serious about introducing federalism isn’t credible, so it even fails as propaganda. It’s scraping beneath the bottom of the Vow barrel. We’ve been down this road far too many times in the past to give Richard’s idea any credence. What the revival in proposals for UK federalism do tell us is that the British nationalist parties are very worried indeed about the Scottish independence movement. They know we’re not going away, they know we’re getting ready for a revived and refreshed campaign. They know that they have absolutely nothing left in their armoury because a new independence referendum means that all their lies and deceit from the last time round are going to stand exposed. When you hear a British politician talk about federalism, you know that they’re getting desperate and they know they’re going to lose.

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0 thoughts on “Scraping beneath the bottom of the Vow barrel

  1. “When you hear a British politician talk about federalism, you know that they’re getting desperate and they know they’re going to lose”

    Ain’t that the truth!!
    Brilliant as usual – keep em coming – your blog keeps my thoughts positive and brightens my day!

  2. Just got back tonight… might go away again. Probably some self harm may be involved.

    FFS! I’m sorry. I don’t normally do ad hominem, but the man’s an idiot.

    I mean, let’s go through it step by step one more fucking time. You’d require the agreement of your entire party. You’d require the agreement of the house of commons and the mandate of all parties. You’d require the agreement of the HoL. You’d require the agreement and mandate of the supporters (electorate) of those parties across all of the home nations in order to redraw the constitution of the UK into a federal system. Above all, you’d require the tacit agreement of the establishment above and beyond the political class to make all of the above work.

    I repeat. He’s an idiot.

    It’s independence or status qu… carnage.

    Mr Leonard is soooooo out of his depth it’s not even funny anymore.

    • Nothing wrong with a bit of ad hom now and again even if it means the dug biting your ankle. The dug indulges in some ad hom every so often so go for it. Some people deserve no less eg Davidson Thomson Mundell.

      • What truly offends me about this latest gubbins from Leonard, is that it is a direct insult to the population.

        So basically, he’s just called Gordon Brown a liar and denounced the VOW as an undelivered fabrication, yes? Fair enough you’d think. He is and it wasn’t. I mean, THAT is pretty much the the inescapable and logical conclusion to draw from what he’s just mooted?

        How and ever, in order to propose the same federalist horse shit without explaining to the public why it wasn’t and couldn’t be delivered in the first place? That takes some neck. But honest guv, he can deliver it. Trust us just one more time. This time, I’ll honestly, honestly, do what no one could do, or wanted to do, for the past three hundred years. This time it’ll be different. Even though EXACTLY the same legal, constitutional and logistical barriers which mean federalism in the UK is undeliverable are still there in place.

        He’s treating people like idiots and for fairly obvious and disingenuous reasons. Righto then! I reckon that means turn about is fair play.

        • If someone keeps lying to you over your whole life why should you feel the need to be nice to them. I would never advocate violence but why be pleasant and not speak the truth about how you feel. Tell it as it is.

          The Britnats are just messing about – delay delay obfuscate. They hope the wind will go out the sails of the independence movement.

          The EU nationals must get a vote in the next referendum. Therefore we need to get on with it.

    • Sam, the break has obviously worked.
      Your Edge is back.
      You may have (nearly) coined a new and surely soon to be used a lot, phrase: ‘the status quarnage’.
      If we opt for the status quo, we are dragged out of the CU and the Single Market, and plunged into Eurmageddon.
      Ireland exports £800 million in beef to England. Rees Mugg wants to call their bluff. Let them erect a hard border at Newry. England will slap 70% tariff on their exports, so there. That’s sort the Thick Micks out.
      Unfortunately since England imports over 50% of its food and drink, what will replace all that meat priced out of the English market?
      The man is an idiot , a dangerous fool.
      Some of us remember wee Douglas Alexander, now Bono’s kit man, proposing a Constitutional Convention at the time when they were ‘vowing’ their socks off during Indyref 1, which he proposed should be held in the dim and distant of 2025.
      Today on Brewer’s Droop, fast becoming the most pointless broadcast from Goebbels Towers Pacific Quay, Pete Wishart was reduced to tears of laughter as one of the New Blue Tories, Stephen Kerr, announced that the Darling Duds of May were negotiating to stay in ‘a’ Single Market, with no tariffs, much like ‘the’ Single Market, but definitely not that.
      The Brit Nats just open their mouths and let garbage sludge forth.
      And Brewer lets them ramble on, well aware of the four EU red lines, CU,SM, ECJ, and Freedom of Movement.
      Willie Rennie got a wee spot from Dundee, seemingly unaware of the Scottish Government’s Scotland in Europe proposals which have been on the table, and rejected out of hand by Dave Davis since December 2016.
      Wee Wullie huffed that the BadEssEnnPee had not agreed to join the Famous Five LDs in demanding a second EU Referendum.

      Brewer just lets this lot spout absolute rubbish unchallenged of course.
      ‘Sevvie’ was on again, think of the appearance money you are missing, Paul, and a Lib Dem wummin whose name I don’t even care to store in my LTM, a Nobody, to give us the Brit Nat view of life to summarise this waste of electricity, EssEnnPeeBad being the only opinion that will be allowed now in the English Broadcaster’s Stockade on the banks of the Clyde.
      Nobody, including most of the No’s would even consider a federal Britain. Is Dick Leonard for real?
      Paul, they know it’s coming. They know that this time we are ready and shall triumph.

      • Just catching up on reading Jack, so sorry for the delay in reply.

        Let’s just opt for ‘status carnage’. It’s a pretty apt description of where the UK is at. The trigger (mandate) for a referendum is being taken out of the EU against our express wishes. Unless May can reverse the Brexit result, there should another indyref along just as soon as she signs off on a final exit deal with the EU, but before it is ratified and concluded.

        That’s the window and that is the specific mandate. A tight one, but doable. Of course an indyref in and of itself is no guarantee of independence from those maniacs in Westminster. It is merely a mechanism where that can be achieved.

        What we need to get across to people is that:

        a. It IS achievable and within their power to show these monsters the door
        b. It IS in EVERYONE’S very best interests to do so (basically that it’ll be soooo worth it)


        • Sam, a universal pattern has developed among the Brit Nat hacks and hackesses..
          The strategy is to say anything to get us through this week’s sticky hurdle. Airbrush the latest bunglefuck out of history.
          Windrush, school children in England rummaging in bins for food, gnawing on apple stumps because Ruth Davidson’s austerity cuts have impoverished millions of families, in and out of work.
          Bomb Syria, but block it from the airwaves, because it was ‘fire and forget’ strikes. Nobody died. Aye, right.
          I observed before that I have nothing in common with English citizens as portrayed by the Broadcasters and in the letters pages of English blahs.
          QT, Voces Pop pieces, selling nothing but constant English Nationalist Bloody Furriners, we voted to leave so sod them,are the only views allowed any platform, especially on BBC and the Billionaire owned Dead Tree Scrolls.

          BBC were as one last week mumbling that they fully expect WM and Holyrood to agree a deal this week on ‘consent’ or ‘consult’ on the repatriated 111 powers. Brewer has shut the fuck up about the ‘shedload of powers’ he promised that the most devolved parliament in the Galactic universe Confederation has ever know you’ll notice.
          There is no sign of any compromise; that’s why Ruth Davidson’s Party is taking us to court.

          So nothing to see here, and more importantly, no need to feature in any broadcast or news item.

          ‘It will all sort itself out’, next week. Tomorrow never comes in the World of Yoonster.
          Well, it will not be long before they have to face the inevitable.
          They are running out of ‘next weeks’ when everything will be fine.

    • Spot on, Sam. When they trot out ‘Federalism’ they should be required to explain how all these barriers will be overcome before any questions are even asked on how their Federal system would work. Of course that won’t happen to Mr Leonard and it doesn’t happen to Henry McLeish whenever he gets on this hobby horse. As the Dug points out above, Federalism will never happen because England isn’t interested, so the Federal fantasists should really get their bubble burst at every opportunity.

  3. Just as a matter of interest and slightly rhetorical, where the heck did Dick Leonard materialise from? Like that guy who led the YES movement an ex bbc guy, and then what’s his name Murphy, with his actual incredibly embarassing soap boxes, in the streets of Scotland, these people are wheeled out, from god knows where, to attempt to con the people of Scotland, it’s 24/7, wall to wall.

    Soap box politics, it’s what the pretendy lefty Britnats are best at. It’s dirty though, that soap box, and they play dirty when they are really desperate.

    Keeping ahead of their scheming, lying games is key.

    • It was said of John Major that ‘he rose without trace’ to take over as PM following Thatcher.
      Thus is was with this Dick Leonard’s elevation. Leonard’s previous experience is in negotiating the length of tea breaks. He is, and Lord knows comes across as, a bog standard Fred Kite Shop Steward.
      This is how low the Red Labour Branch in Scotland has sunk.

      Gray/ Lamont/ Dugdale/ Sarwar live on, pocketing £1200 a week for doing, well, nothing.

      And starving English kids are eating food scraps from bins because bunch of failures I list above refuse to consider that perhaps we are not ‘Better Together’.

      I have lived 7 decades, and it saddens me to say this, but Scotland has never had such a useless bunch of Brit Nats chancers as those we have now lolling in their seats at Holyrood, giggling, laughing, heckling, and lying, paid idiots whose sole purpose is to destroy local democracy for their English Masters Pay.

      Just access FMQ this week and watch Ruth and Jackson laugh their fucking heads off.

      120,000 dead because of Willie Rennie’s and Professor WATP TWO Jobs ‘I used to be a Socialist’ Tomkins Parties cuts, naked theft of the wealth of the UK ‘redistributed’ among the Rich Establishment.
      Rant over.
      Richard Leonard is a joke; a bench filler.
      Who would take the job? Tea in China comes to mind.

  4. The argument that the UK was ever a partnership of equals was always just meaningless words.

    It would be normal for any union between sovereign countries to have at least one chamber of government where the Sovereign bodies are equally weighted. However, Westminster’s upper chamber only has one fundamental purpose…to remain as an oversight of the populace by the predominantly English establishment.

    “The Vow” was never intended to offer equality and should have been called out for the myth it always was. Scotland should have demanded a the abolition of the House of Lords for a true federated second chamber that equated the sovereign bodies prior to the 2014 vote. Yes needs to be much more aggressive and start from the facts to cut down Westminster and their colonisers’ misdirections and meaningless token appeasements.


    This is not the same independence referendum as 2014.

    Once Scotland showed it wasn’t going back in the box, Westminser has not stood still and is now gunning for Scotland. While people have been distracted Westminster has been marshalling a frightening legislative framework of almost unfettered power. If you thought Bre-Brexit UK was bad for Scotland….just wait until those Henry Viii powers kick in

    Scotland: Beware the Death Star.

    It just looked like a small moon…. until the empire turned it on and became the most dangers weapon in the universe.

    This is no longer the 2014 question of self-determination …I suspect this is now a question of self-preservation for Scotland and its Sovereignty.

    The real risk for Scotland in any arrangement is that there is no Westminster body where Scotland is able to protect any risks to its sovereignty. Once Westminster has sufficient power, do you trust Westminster to treat your sovereignty rights with respect? Does Westminster have a history of that behaviour….

    This time the circumstances are totally different, the threat is pressing and Scotland now has a different and compelling case for protecting its sovereignty that has nothing to do with Westmister parties—good, bad (or terrible).

  5. The British establishment has hardcover 300 years to create a federal Britain and a written constitution. How much more time will we give them?

  6. The fear of the ruling establishment, for want of a better description of them, is palpable. Just observing the level of distraction and outright lies currently being published by the “popular press,” north and south of Gretna Green, has been astonishing.

    The Conservative Party developed and continue to use SCL and Cambridge Analytica’ services.

    Here in Scotland, our press decides the real story is a pitch made to an SNP consultant who told them no thanks. Distraction compounded with lies and duplicity.

    In the rUK, the Conservative Party turned the entire civil service, the business community and the general public into immigration officials with orders to make life difficult for their fellow citizens. This has lead to the persecution of tens of thousands of our neighbors.

    But the press thinks Jeremy Corbyn and the Labor Party are responsible for this persecution because, in 2009, the UKBG decided to sell a building and move the landing cards of the Windrush community to another building. Distraction, seasoned with lies and character assassination.

    The fact that May’s Home Office ordered the shredding of these cards, further stripped these folks of their human rights with her Immigration act in 2014, and then coopted the people into torturing them for years now is neither here nor there, apparently.

    To add insult to injury, we had the spectre of Niall Ferguson expounding the “virtues” of Ruth Davidson in Time magazine. I’m really disappointed in this guy. He spends a lifetime as a serious economic critic and then turns into a raving loon, rejecting all his own conclusions. Must be a pre-requisite for becoming a Tory.

    I can only conclude that this level of degradation of the press is the last desperate gasp of a collapsing Ancien Régime. The mendacity, distraction, outright lies and corruption are inescapable.

    The “popular press” is a service brought to you by SCL and Cambridge Analytica. Recognize that and you are on the road to freedom.

  7. Fantastic analysis as usual. Total non runner designed to distract peeps from stuff debated for centuries and never going to happen but to get us saps to give unionist parties another chance to lie and keep control of scotland

  8. Spot on Paul. The Scottish electorate have been fedso many promises and fed so many lies about federalism that they are well and truly fed up with it.

  9. Oivay! Richard Leonard … ‘Dick’ by name and dick by nature! Federalism indeed. Speaking as someone who now lives in a Federal Country I can safely say that even if it WERE a genuine offer we shouldn’t touch it with a bargee’s barge-pole! AstyTaylor will tell you how much fun it is living in a Province which is at odds with the Federal Government …. No dice, Mr Leonard!

    • Thanks for thinking of me, Wendy. It is indeed a bit of a shit show regarding Ottawa and Alberta versus BC. Short term greed and profit versus the bigger picture. I’m away to hug a tree. Then I might chain myself to the railings or lie in front of a bulldozer…
      Where is the wisdom in the world?

      • Heaven only knows, Asty! Wisdom no longer seems to be a desirable asset – in politicians or their supporters. Federalism just adds extra layers of bureaucracy and red tape to EVERYTHING.

  10. good god, how much longer do we have to endure this blatant nonsense
    get these daft britnats oot of our parliament
    they’re takin the piss
    its so humiliating

  11. Niall Ferguson doesn’t even hide his empire loyalist agenda, tied to his republican sympathies when it suits him to be in America. He is an aspiring member of the illuminati, Davos and all that.

  12. I’m ecstatic that Labour have weighed in behind federalism. We should see it in their next term of government at Westminster, like they did with the abolition of the House of Lords.

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  14. That was an excellent and comprehensive filleting of the Great Fraud that is UK federalism, Paul. Difficult to think of what more need be said on this desperate bunkum, although I’m sure the likes of Henry McLeish will spin it all into a shining, gossamer city on a hill quite soon.

    As for Niall Ferguson, in my book he’s always been a typical Glasgow Academy Tory who despises the land of his birth, while aping his English “betters”. Anyone who can refer to Scotland as “Jockistan” blows their claim to academic “impartiality” and “balance” out of the water.

  15. Aw Naw no again , No federalism .
    Please wake me up if the Vow is ever actually delivered , they said it was on its way , is it here yet ? , i mean broon promised it hand on heart faithfully , was he no telln the truth maybe . surely not .

  16. The labour party in its early days when it was a socialist party supported federalism. As paul points out England never allowed it to happen and never will, and what England wants it gets, for example it wants out of the EU and although NI & Scotland voted to remain, we are being dragged out because what Enland wants England gets. There is only one country in this UK independant and it is England.

    • English dont want brexit now its looking bad but mayhems still going for it

      Its all what the conservatives want they get yet we and welsh branch of Labour have thrown a spanner in there works hence they are using tax payer money to sue both our nations yet the bbc seem silent on this big story.

  17. Forget the ‘F’ word. Didn’t Bonaparte say something along the lines of ” Never engage the enemy when they’re in the process of destroying themselves”
    Windrush is now uncontrollable, and finally showed up the dark and nasty black soul of these people.
    The Customs Union fiasco will explode the party into pieces.
    Just send them a text saying, bye we’re off now…They’re so f****d up, probably wouldn’t notice that you had left. Go on. Grab it!

      • The YES movement and the SNP Scottish Government have been accused of xenophobia and blood and soil nationalism many times. Its not only wicked demonisation, but tiresome. The difference for all to see these days, given the increasing regularity of headlines of systemic racism present within both the Labour party and the Conservative government, is that unionists at the very highest level actually practice it with near impunity. Policy and legislation enacted to the detriment ethnic and religious minorities, mainly because they can.

        And people? Today, Scots (which includes all the peoples of Scotland) and those supportive of self determination ARE one of those ethnic minorities in the UK. You need only check out the headlines of the usual suspects in the run up to any ballot to see how Scots are regarded and used by the UK media and their chain tuggers. Used to affect the opinion of England’s electorate. Used as the bogeyman under the bed to terrify the weans. Who could forget Tartan Terrors, The most dangerous woman in Britain or the Thames running red editorials. Those who run the Westminster system in that cosy wee closed shop have discriminated for years along countless demographic lines. They live for the exclusionist strategy of the day. The worst offenders aren’t even true racists. They own allegiance to no flag or nationality. They use people like that to do their dirty work and take the headlines should it all go terribly wrong. No. Their motivation is power and wealth, pretty much end of. That’s just how callous these bods are. They use.

        So when folk are fed up of being used? That’ll be when we can call time on these creatures.

        • We shall be almost unique among former colonies by severing ties with England without violence and bloodshed.

          As England and Wales becomes yet another USA Poodledom, we Scots will reassert Self Determination through the ballot box.

          No bombs, no guns, no violent death on the streets.

          Most of us have relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbours, who are English and proud of it.

          I spent the thick end of my working life plying my trade all over the UK, predominantly in England.
          They really aren’t bad people.

          Well, most of them, anyway.

          I have a favourite Italian Restaurant in Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, (not Birmingham, Balti Rules!), Nottingham, and a few other English towns and cities besides.

          I’d never need a Satnav to travel to Bristol, Torquay, Doncaster, or Durham.

          I have lived and worked among them, if you see what I mean.

          However, the EU Referendum is a game changer.

          No one I know living Down There welcomes Empire 2 and Kentucky Fried bleach.

          They balk at the prospect of not being able to travel freely throughout Europe, to holiday, work, or settle there because the Tories botched the threat of UKIP.

          Lord knows, most don’t want Scotland to leave the UK.

          Grudgingly, we are seen as the voice of reason, and whether Ruth Davidson, Wullie Rennie, and that Dick Leonard like it or not, the sense that Scotland is getting it right in terms of protecting the NHS from rampant privatisation, the refusal to implement a Bedroom Tax, no tuition fees, magnificent projects like the New Glasgow Southern General (the only name I give it!) and the New Queensferry crossing, toll free, resonates well with sensible English citizens Down There.

          Many do not buy the ‘subsidy junkies’ lies peddled by the BBC and the English Sun.

          Most know that we are too big, too rich, and too clever, and that England will suffer terminally if they cannot continue to depend on resources, wealth, and talent from Scotland.

          Some are amazed that there has not been violent conflict, with memories of the ‘Troubles’ in Ireland still relatively fresh in their minds.

          Our Independence, and for the most part, continued close cooperation with Europe, is not driven by anti English hatred or jealousy or some sort of Scots cringe/inferiority complex.

          Simply summarised, we have had enough.
          We demand Self Determination.

          Our country is being systematically dismantled by a SE Establishment which sees the loss of Scotland, its wealth, vast territory, and seas, as the last unacceptable imperial straw.

          In a week when it is reported that English school kids are rummaging in the bins for scraps of food, and Food Bank usage is up by 12% in England, 15% in Scotland, directly because of Willie Rennie’s Austerity success story of reducing the English Parliament deficit by cutting 10’s of billions from Welfare, Schools budgets, NHS funding, and LA spending, while rewarding the filthy rich with more tax breaks, the English media are oohing and aahing over the birth of another silver spoon sprogue into the Windsor Firm.
          It now seems all so fake and somehow ‘foreign’.

          Davidson and Carlaw will be laughing their heads off at FMQ again this Thursday; Leonard will be stumbling and stuttering as he reads from his EssEnnPee Bad speech, and Rennie will utter the most pointless garbage about Mental Health, Child Care, or a second Referendum; a EU one, mind, not an Indy one.
          Easy peasy Japanesy.

          Tomorrow, WM will force Clause 11 on us without amendments.
          Shortly the Supreme Court will destroy devolution, and it will be open season.

          We cannot stand idly by and let this happen.

          Indyref within the next 12 months may be the only option.
          Things will move very quickly very soon now.

    • It’s sad that people just keep on voting for these horrible people. Our media are just as much to blame for this.

      It is obvious that there are a range of British citizens:

      1st Class British is the English establishment,

      2nd class British is English British,

      3rd Class British is Scots, Welsh and Irish British,

      4th class British is Commonwealth British.

      Scots who say they are British are deluding themselves that they are all equal.

      • Thats no different than those in England that think everything is fine when all the evidence says England is screwed because of the elite tossers down there called the Westminster government they dont want the truth when the lie is more comfortable.

  18. I had always thought that a federalist UK was a good idea back in the days before I tuned into independence in 2012. Better than the current situation if the management issue were balanced between the various federal governments. No chance.

    I realise it could never work as you clearly state Paul, England does not want it. Why the loonies in the Labour and Lib Dems rant about I shall never understand. It can only be that in Labours case they are trying to get a few more Scottish votes, fat chance.

    • Andy, I was in the same frame of mind as you untill around the same time(2012), when with a lot of thought I had to concede that the only way forward was Independance.Let’s go for it.

  19. Is there any chance we could start a campaign to get Neil Findlay elected as “leader” of the Branch while Annie Wells gets selected as “leader” of the other Branch?

    The laughs would help cover the noise of royal sprogs getting dropped every couple of months.

  20. Well said old chap, Federalism= fraud. Its never going to happen.

    Independence is the only answer to the dire sinking ship that is Britannia.

    I work with some wasp chewers and even some of those lovely folk are slowly accepting the suggestion of independence.

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