The definition of a self-fulfilling prophecy

For the past few days the Scottish media has been telling us that Nicola Sturgeon is standing alone like General Custer in her battle against Westminster’s power grab and we are just waiting for the arrows to cut her down. So I was planning to write a blog article today calling on the Labour party in Scotland to display something approaching moral fibre for once – stop laughing at the back there – and to support the principles of the devolution settlement that a Labour government introduced. Only now it turns out that they and the Lib Dems do in fact support the Scottish Government. Well who knew? Certainly not anyone who relies on the British nationalist media in Scotland for their news.

Speaking to MPs at a meeting in Edinburgh of the House of Commons committee on public administration and constitutional affairs, Richard Leonard took some time out from his charisma classes and Wullie Rennie was on a break from driving the bus to Kelty. Both said that their parties could not give their backing to the current offer from the UK Government. Neither of them are content with the UK Government taking it upon itself to define “consent” from Holyrood as the Scottish Parliament saying yes, saying nothing, or saying no. Both acknowledged that there was no trust between Holyrood and Westminster. How exactly can you trust an institution which tells you that it’s going to take an explicit refusal from you as an indication of your consent?

Naturally that same Scottish media that just last week had been trumpeting from the rooftops that Nicola Sturgeon was lonely and isolated in her obstinate refusal to sign up to Theresa May’s offer is giving the fact that she’s no such thing equal airtime and column acreage. And if you believe that then you probably also believe that the Daily Mail isn’t an odious hate filled rag that stirs up xenophobia.

At the time of writing this blog article, the lead article on BBC Scotland’s news website is a story about the minimum price for alcohol which is being introduced today, with the subheading that your bevvy is about to get more expensive. Also featured on the main page of the news website was a story about a “95 Year Old Winger” which for a brief second I thought was a feature piece about the oldest person in Scotland to back the Wings Over Scotland crowdfunder. But only for a brief second. It was really about the fitba. Which made two fitba stories as leading articles on the BBC Scotland website. Sadly there was no story on the front page about a cute kitten, but no doubt one will be along shortly. To be fair to them, they did have an article about a lost dug. The story that the Labour party and the Lib Dems do not in fact back the Tory power grab and the Scottish Government is not alone in objecting to it was buried away as a minor piece in the politics subsection of the site, filed away under “not that interesting really, you don’t need to bother yourselves”.

However since on the day that it was revealed that the Conservative government in Westminster had taken it upon itself to define consent from the Scottish Parliament as Holyrood saying aye, nuhin, or naw the Corporation managed to decide that the most important story in the country was that Ruth Davidson was going to have a wean, we shouldn’t be very surprised. Some of us were having weans with lesbians over two decades ago, so you know, eye roll and yawn. This isn’t news. Try to keep up Auntie dear.

So after all there is a party leader in Scotland who is isolated and standing alone, and that would be Ruth Davidson. She’s the leader of the only party in Scotland that doesn’t think that the EU Withdrawal Bill is fundamentally flawed, but since the flaw in question would hand devolved powers straight to UK cabinet ministers from her own party, it’s hardly surprising that she’s happy with it. This is the same Ruth Davidson who promised to use the influence of the Scottish Tories in Westminster to alter the Bill in the Commons to prevent such a power grab from happened, and then who did nothing. That spectacular failure and betrayal of a firm promise wasn’t so interesting to the British nationalist media in Scotland. It’s only the SNP that needs to be held to account.

Our media is failing in its job. It’s fine that opponents of independence oppose independence, that’s a perfectly legitimate stance to take. People who oppose independence have every right to see their views reflected in the media. After all they represent about half the population. What’s not fine is that opponents of independence overwhelmingly dominate the media narrative and systematically deprive independence supporters of a platform. What’s not fine is that our so called public service broadcaster is in the service of only part of the public. What’s not fine is that they put opposing independence before standing up for Scotland within the UK.

The real failure of the media in Scotland isn’t so much that it is overwhelmingly opposed to independence. Even on its own terms it is failing, because it is not representing Scotland as a part of the UK. The real failing is that it is so terrified of stoking up pro-independence sentiment that it will not hold the British government to account for the harm that it does to Scotland, or for the way that it seeks to undermine the devolution settlement. They are silent about the fact that the devolution settlement was introduced after the people of Scotland voted for it in a referendum, and yet the British government is using a referendum result which Scotland rejected in order to overturn a referendum result which Scotland overwhelmingly voted for. And now they tell us that no one in Scotland is getting exercised about the attack on devolution that they are not publicising. It’s the very definition of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The reluctance of the media to act as a strong voice for Scotland within the UK is one of the reasons why this country needs independence. It’s a lesson that it’s up to us, the grassroots independence movement, to act as this country’s voice and conscience. We’re not going away, we’re not going to shut up. We’re getting more organised, we’re getting more confident.  And we are going to make this a better country.

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0 thoughts on “The definition of a self-fulfilling prophecy

  1. That’s a keeper Paul.

    Our media really isn’t fit for purpose. They aren’t just failing to represent or protect. They’ve failed to represent or protect their own readership, their own population. They’ve played an active and willing part in putting people, human beings, in harms way. In favour of what?

    A government and system of government that is venal, self serving, inept, racist and dishonest (those are their good points).

    The fourth estate. Public watchdogs. Holding power to account…, but only when it suits.

  2. All that biased news in favour of the British State from just about every media outlet and yet our cause is slowly but surely growing…and we haven’t even started campaigning yet!.Can it be that the Scots are finally waking up to the fact that there is an alternative…there is another way.

  3. 100% agree with every word and sentiment you write Paul. That includes your last paragraph.

    The media frustrates the hell out of me. It seems to me that when they do report a story they do not put it in perspective. For example the BMA have been talking about the drop in EU medical staff numbers for two years. Today the media report May not budging on a fixed immigration limit for medical staff wishing to come here. The link is not highlighted namely the government is assisting in giving a poorer NHS service by its actions.

  4. Great article Paul, expressing so well exactly what most of us believe about the media in Scotland, and in particular the BBC.
    Keep up the good work, we need you and like minded writers, journalists and bloggers to keep us sane with articles we can share with those that still need a little bit of convincing.

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  6. The British nationalist media are a disgrace. There are journalists who are murdered across the globe for exposing corruption, etc. and for just basically doing their job, honestly and truthfully. Britnat journalists who lie, and who only follow orders from their masters, are a disgrace to the profession imo.

    I still do not trust Labour, or the Libdems. They want votes. Let’s still keep a close eye and ear, and keep exposing their scheming against Scotland. I guess they also want their jobs, and if the UKgov dismantled Holyrood, they too would be vicitims of the horrendous UKGov’s so called Universal credit system. Did most of them not vote for it?! Shame they cannot support the Scottish gov, ie the SNP in trying to keep Scotland afloat economically, socially, and environmentally as well.

    UK Labour and UK Libdems in Scotland, cannot be trusted.

    Credit, where credit’s due, but taking em with a pinch of salt at the same time.

    • Absolutely. Leonard and Rennie having a damascene coversion isn’t to be believed. They are British Unionists working under instruction from their masters at Westminster, and will soon revert to type.

      • Exactly. When Sir Richard and Baron Kelty get fitted for their ermine and get handed their expenses forms, they’ll behave as trained.

  7. Oh for the love of…

    (just add http://)

    Did anyone see that? If ever there was a Q.E.D. moment?

    “A government and system of government that is venal, self serving, inept, racist and dishonest (those are their good points).”

  8. Sadly, Paul, I suspect Rennie and Richard Who? will fall into line later and will say that the continued resistance from the SG after some trivial concession from WM is unreasonable grievance-mongering.

    E.G “But they say we can have our powers back in six years, not seven. What’s the problem?” they will wail.

    We can’t trust the Unionists in our parliament an inch, and I’m pretty sure the SG doesn’t either. After all, they see these venal, shifty, hypocritical, talentless sock-puppets every day at close quarters.

    Thank God we don’t have to.

  9. Funny enough, I wonder if labour and the libdems have had some results from a couple of internal polls, which have told them their earses are on the slippery slope if they back the tories against Scotland, again.

    A better country for all, not the few.

  10. I’m deliberately staying out of this, chaps.
    More important things on my mind at the moment; will I have a bacon butty or link sausages burnt black for breakfast tomorrow morning f’rinstance?
    BBC Goebbels House on the Quay trundles along with the dead eyed anchor woman reading the Brit Nat autocue written by the back room team.
    News for the knuckle draggers gets big licks.
    Ranjurs are in crisis/euphoria about something or other.

    The Brit Nat Propaganda State Controllled TV Churnel plods along avoiding any of the real issues affecting Scotland, like the future of our health, wealth, and statehood.

    The Dead Tree Scrolls are having a field day churning out unbelievable shite about Sellic and Ranjurs, and telling us all that denims with the arse hingin’ oot them are the latest style, and lots of luriod sex and violent prose, There’s Been A Murder dross from the Police Gazette.

    The British Establishment has a North Korea tight grip on mass communications in Scotland.
    Ruth is going to be the next Prime Minister and alkies are complaining because they’ll have to stump up eleven quid for a laboratory concocted bottle of apple flavoured Gut Rot.

    To our broadcasters and hacks I say:- how low can you sink before you recall why you took up the profession in the first place?

    What do you tell your kids at night?

    Today I lied to the people of Scotland with the sole purpose of destroying our country yet again?

    The sooner the Indyref 2 campaign gets underway the better.
    No more Mr and Mrs Nice Guy.

    Be warned , ye traitor mouthpieces of the English Establishment Up Here.

    We will challenge your every word, every lie. point out the omissions which you hide from public gaze.

    Tomorrow has arrived.
    Today is the New Dawn.
    There is no hiding place.

    • Well said & I’m with you on being Mrs nice, when my country & parliament are under threat the gloves are off. I now refer to them as English nationalists because they choose to try to keep Scotland chained to this corrupt WM tory government & constantly run Scotland down, while claiming to be proud Scots. I’ve yet to get a answer to what are the pros for Scotland in a rw tory run brexshit UK? It’s tumbleweeds or insults. Why can’t we just dissolve the union?

      • Nicola,
        many of our hacks are now so bereft of a moral conscience that they would sell dirty post cards to acne faced teens on Blackpoll promenade to make money.
        Your question was rhetorical, I know.
        Some would argue that there is no ‘Union’ to dissolve.
        We are one of England’s last colonies, a militarily occupied and suppressed state, held in subservience by a network of ProudScotBut Fifth Columnists in power across all organisations of influence in Government, Law, Higher Education, Health, The Church, Finance, Commerce, Food and Drink, and the Armed Forces.
        It would take a helluva lot of sulphuric acid to ‘dissolve’ this 300 year old corrupt Scottish Branch of the London Establishment.
        We do it at the ballot box.
        Indyref 2 will sweep this Union away, like a fresh spring tide.
        We Yes folk do not destroy, we revive.
        Keep the faith, Nicola.
        We shall overcome.
        I’ve opted for scrambled egg on wholemeal toast btw.
        Have a good one.

  11. It does seem the media has got more strident against anything indy. To me it highlights the weakness of their position.

    At the start of the union when it was threatened by Jacobites, Scottishness was a threat – kilts were banned after Culloden… Alexander MacDonald’s book ‘Ais-eiridh na Sean Chanain Albannaich’ (‘Revival of the Old Scottish Tongue’) was burned by the hangman in Edinburgh in 1752… Enlightenment Scots published books of ‘Scotticisms’ to purge from their language, books full of words & phrases like ‘slogan’, ‘glamour’, ‘giggle’, ‘outwith’… it was only in Walter Scott’s time that it became safe to be proud of your Scottishness and your past. The Victorians even built the Wallace Monument.

    Can you imagine a 67m high monument to William Wallace being built today? No – because Scottishness is a threat once again to the UK state and so the establishment cannot stand it.

    I actually think the threat to unionism is much greater than the fight to define our own past. Because the indy movement is forward looking, green, anti-racist and intended to lift up the ordinary person. It is unionism that is now mired in the past – empire, WWII, orangeism – but what does it offer us for the future? More of our resources and finances in ever fewer hands, more Middle-Eastern wars? Haud me back.

    • I agree Craig that for many of us the Union is a ‘dead duck’.

      I think that a few of us are swithering whether to change from No to Yes as they see a crap media bleating untruths to them daily. I am dismayed though at the number of Scots still buying the Mail, Express, Scotsman and Herald. I have two friends who are strong NO people. Lately they have been saying things which shows that they are reconsidering.

      I see you like history. Like you I see that Scottishness is a bad think now and even haggis has to have the union flag on it.

  12. Lots of chat and headlines today on split houses in parliament, split cabinet, split parties and split politics. That’s a lot of splitting. It still doesn’t come anywhere near addressing the greatest split of all right enough.

    A split society.

    Just wondering like, but just how do the establishment parties of the UK intend to unify what they have broken? I mean, we’re talking about some pretty fundamental and profound differences here. Differences those parties and their strategists created, quite deliberately, in order to alienate and demonise for personal and party political advantage.

    As an example? Those who voted remain and leave. It’s their world views, self definition. It’s what makes you… you. Votes based on your ethical and moral compass as influenced by… well… the world and politics that surrounds you. The media narrative. The system and practice of politics, the media allegiances to party politics and their willingness to create and sell narratives to influence voting intention. Pretty much the very things which bring us to where we are today.

    What happens when those political practices and the media narratives go too far though? What happens when their acts of division and marginalisation, their undermining of trust and commonality have been successful beyond their wildest dreams? Is there enough political will in Westminster, not only to accept responsibility for this societal division, but to repair those manufactured fractures? I’d say ‘doubtful’ would be a wildly optimistic word at this point.

    Just to be clear though, it appears for all the world that they are more worried about the state of confusion and division in their place of work and their careers than they are about the epic state of confusion, division and societal harm they deliberately and needlessly visited upon their own electorates.

    Who knew?

    • You are correct Sam. Politicians have their heads up their arses most of the time and are not tuned into those that vote them in. The use me first, party second, and me next. My constituents, what are they.

      I agree all is split. Let’s hope the superficial Solis in the Yes movements stays just that.

  13. Anyone think we should let the scottish media know it aint working or just let them carry on making a arse of themselves .
    The many folk who say they have no interest in politics are in for a big bloody surprise shortly whether they like it or not they better waken up and very quickly .
    People who support leaving this rotton union have not been listened to so far listen up folks we haven’t went away it’s entirely up to you if you heed the warnings or not .Before it’s too late .

  14. One of the UK Government’s top priorities is ensuring that Scotland’s economy, infrastructure and confidence does not improve. Holding power over the devolved Scottish Government means that they are always in a position to make certain, for the vast majority of Scots, that their future must be a bleak one. Heavens Above, if Scots thought that they could run their own affairs successfully, then then the UK would be finished. Therefore, no matter what, it must be shown that Scots, especially the SNP, make a mess, a disaster of everything. Because of the media, many Scots still do not recognize or understand this fact. This number is dropping significantly however, even with this rotten and corrupt BBC.
    We must be the only democratic country in the world, where our Government actively works against us. Can someone offer another one? Where do you find a Government who so obviously hates and despises their “own” people. See UK Culture Secretary Matt Hancock on Parliament TV, in front of the Scottish Affairs Committee on BroadBand for the latest jaw-dropping example.
    From now on, in TV interviews and Party Political broadcast, the SNP should concentrate the minds of the Scottish people on the consent required for the UK Government. If handled correctly, this could be another game changer. No matter the question from the Brit Nat snakes Brewer, Campbell, Smith, Bird, Taylor etc. turn the answer back to the consent clause. When the Brit Nat interviewers interrupt with OK, OK, OK, just keep hammering it.
    The SNP must have their own agenda and not follow the BBC one. For months past inside Pacific Quay, the BBC have been using Scotland’s BBC Brit Nat propaganda tax of £330 million against us, in planning and preparing how to tackle Indyref2. They have their agenda already. They have their questions prepared. They already have their plants, with their fake sob stories, for insertion into the audiences of the debate programs. We must be equally or better prepared this time. This is life or death, literally.

    • Agreed every interview must be made a minefield and a total Christ keep the cut button close at hand event , these BBC talking heads must be made to believe oh dear what are they going to say next are you ready to pull the plug studio ? .

      It won’t be a 10 second delay they will need it will be 10 minute one time for the flustered interviewer to recover their composure ,

      Go for the throats of the interviewers , make it personal they are not our friends some in the SNP believe being nice and pleasant works best Aye that’s worked well eh ? , Waken up for heavens sake they are walking all over you .

      Every interview must be started by not answering the question , but highlighting the current BBC load of tripe , any interruption should be followed by well if you want to interview yourself carry on because Iam off .

      • Exactly Robert. This is one of the SNP’s very few opportunities, to highlight to the Scottish public, the BBC and media’s lies and bias. It’s a mystery to me, why the SNP don’t accuse the BBC of being bias in favour of the Union and Unionists parties, against Independence and the SNP? Then Brewer, or whomever, denies the allegation and asks the SNP politician or Yessir campaigner for evidence. This is when, one reaches into one’s briefcase taking out a very large folder. Every SNP politician should have one. The folder is packed with evidence of every type and kind of BBC lie, type of bias, every SNP bad story. Every BBC negative story about Scotland, every exclusion of positive stories about Scottish Government policies, exclusion of positive stories about Scotland. This very large folder has dates, times of each of these lies and biased reports and quotes from reputable neutral sources repudiating the lies. This huge folder would be collated by date and time. Not only that, but evidence of how these attacked SNP policies turned out in the end. This is when the SNP politician says, “How much time have you got”?
        Example 1. 3.00pm 12th January 2018, BBC’s Sarah Smith reports that 100,000 Scots spent over 4 hours in A&E last week. True figure, less than 6,000.
        Put these BBC chumps on the back foot. Have them scared to ask any question, because they are frightened of what’s to come. Do not under any circumstances follow their agenda, their line of questioning. If they object, accuse them of bias and go for the folder.
        I’m sick to the back teeth, with being sick to the back teeth, about BBC lies and bias. Especially when I’m funding it. £330 million per year, Scotland is paying to the BBC for being fed propaganda Josef Goebbels would be proud of. £330 million per year, the BBC is going to lose through Scottish Independence and we wonder why they are against it? For anyone who says, don’t pay the BBC tax. I have to say, I’m not going to break the law because of British Nationalists. I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction.
        Does anyone know why the SNP thinks it’s a good idea to appease the Brit Nat media. It may have worked up to a point in the past, but it’s certainly not working now. We only have to look at the General Election results to see that. No, it’s time to take the gloves off, it’s time to attack.

  15. Many people are opposed to independence because they hear only NO propaganda. How do we combat this and get our message across? There is no TV station supporting YES and only one newspaper which is only read by independence supporters. The answer is the oldest printed political messenger, THE LEAFLET. Prof. Robertson,s TALKING UP SCOTLAND provides pithy refutations of unionists lies and could be used as a source for short punchy messages put regularly through letterboxes by the army of yes supporters.

    • I don’t think even the hardline British Nationalists believe the guff they are being fed, deep down. However, what the media does do is provide a convenient comfort blanket to those who just don’t want to face the truth about their precious union – it is just is too painful for them to face, so they choose to believe the guff (at a superficial level). When all else fails, the eyes close and the fingers get jammed tightly in the ears.

  16. How long will it take to convince the no voters they are being conned by this British MSM on a 24hr daily bases. That in itself tells me that the British nationalists are desperate to hold on to Scotland’s assets for themselves, while we the Scottish people can go and **** ourselves.When you have been kidding the arse off a country as long as WM has with Scotland it becomes a habbit. The worm is turning.

    • Yep, but turning slowly. Far too slowly for the committed indepenenistas. We have to be patient, cos every day small numbers of soft NOs are changing tac. People can’t be rushed – they can and will change eventually, but many need quite a bit of time to accommodate an alternative world view. We just keep plodding away until the tipping point is reached.

      There have been setbacks and there will be a few more. If we don’t give up. If we keep at it, we win – it’s that simple. 🙂

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  18. Mundell, Davidson, Carlaw, Fraser, Tomkins expect the Scottish Parliament to roll over and take what WM dish out. Their ‘consult’ means nothing less than usurping the authority of our Scottish Parliament, and imposing an English Assembly EVEL will on the people of Scotland.
    Unionists who stand by and watch this happen, and worse still promote this ‘invasion’ by an English Establishment and enemies of the Scottish people are beneath contempt.

    For any MSP to surrender the authority and devolved powers of our Parliament in this way is shameless dereliction of duty, and a betrayal of the trust of the citizens of Scotland.
    If they do not believe in devolved government and the Scotland Act means nothing to them, they should resign, and let our Parliament get on with the ‘day job’. upholding our constitution, and serving the citizens of Scotland who elected them to Parliament to do just that.
    Tomkins and Co are mere English Establishment poodles, who put the greed and imperial attacks of their SE masters above serving the people of Scotland.
    ‘Consult’ means ‘impose’

    I cannot fathom how any Scottish Branch Labour MSP or Lib Dem fellow traveller can join forces with the Blue Tories to sell Scotland down the river like this.

    Our MSM are an English Establishment North Korean style propaganda mouthhpiece.
    There is no point to BBC Scotland now.
    We have a mighty battle on our hands.

    • Absolutely, Jack.
      Conservative Members of the Scottish Parliament are hypocrites of the highest order.
      A complete waste of space.
      In other news, Nicola Sturgeon does not stand alone.
      (I wrote a wee letter of support to her this week, all the way from BC, Canada.
      Might make all the difference…)
      Little by little, we win the fight, and do what’s right.
      Hang in there, folks.See you down the road a bit.

  19. “Our Media isn’t fit for purpose” . . . . I suppose that depends on what the purpose of Scotlands media is.

  20. The situation with with the relentless put-down from the British state media is making my blood boil. My belief and hope is that there is so much negativity that the opposite reaction will be achieved. Surely the most ardent Britnat must smell the shit or at least wonder if things can be as bad as made out. They only have too look around . Scotland is not on her knees, public services haven’t ground to a halt and cover stories for previous lies must be wearing thin.
    To use a phrase from an old highlander Iknew” it would make ye fart blood!!!”

  21. There should be two half hour phone-in TV programmes at lunch time. One called “Ask The Government” and the other called “Ask The Opposition”. These should have a spokesperson for either side to answer the questions phoned in by members of the public.

    There should also be a host in charge of the cut button for dealing with abusive callers and for clarifying the question if they feel it is necessary.

    The spokesperson should be a Government official or a shadow equivalent.

    It could be run very cheaply using Holyrood TV.

    Why a phone in? Because people are much more interested in hearing the opinions of other members of the public rather than those of MSM pundits, also they like hearing questions on issues of the day from other members of the public like themselves rather than from MSM career journos.
    I guarantee you many more people would tune in to a programme like that than do to the MSM produced propaganda pap. Especially at times when the MSM frenzy is at fever pitch over some issue or other and at General Election times or Referendum times. It is a very popular format.

    Why at lunch time? Because then the spokesperson of the day from either side would be giving up their lunch break and the MSM could not accuse it of wasting elected representative’s time.

    Why two programmes? So the service cannot be accused of party bias.

    Why Holyrood TV? Because this would be public service on behalf of the electorate and one which raised parliamentary transparency to new unprecedented levels, indeed new levels which would be a beacon of transparency for the rest of the democratic World to follow. Incidentally, that rather obvious fact alone makes it virtually impossible for the MSM to object to it, although we all know they would try.

    The rebuttal/clarification on issues raised by the MSM could then be made in real time before the iron has cooled so to speak.

    Yes, agendised callers will phone in as well as genuine enquirers but as I see it, that is all to the good regarding the truth because then their erroneous presumptions and facts, which no doubt already have some currency anyway, can be quickly dealt with by the spokesperson.

    The watching public will make their minds up whether the spokesperson has managed to do that or not.

    The lunchtime programmes would be live but would be made available for future streaming.

    The host would have a slot for stating errata, mistakes of fact subsequently coming to light and for relating answers to questions to which the spokesperson at a previous time did not know the answer. Nobody knows everything.

    The service would, of course, as a trailblazing new standard in government transparency, qualify for a promotional budget to make sure everyone is aware of the existence of this new service.


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