Aspiring to normality

The UK has a government whose model for building a new relationship with Europe is trashing a bar in Benidorm while on a week long drunken bender. In Tory Britain in the 21st century the only boom industry is the search to find new synonyms for screw up. You may be familiar with the cartoon series Rick and Morty, in which mad genius scientist Rick takes his grandson Morty on adventures through bizarre and disturbing parallel dimensions. This is the dimension where things are so messed up that Rick took one peek before deciding that the dimension in which pickled gherkins are sentient made a lot more sense. Pickled gherkins have more of a spine than anyone in the Conservative party, and you can pick them out of your burger and throw them away because they taste boggin. Scotland is stuck with a bad taste in its mouth from the Tories whatever we do.

This Conservative government is quite possibly the most inept and clueless bunch of chancers ever to occupy high office. Even the many faceted disasterama that was the Labour government during the 1970s contained some highly competent and talented individuals, people who knew what they were doing and who were prepared to take responsibility for their decisions. However saying that Theresa May’s government is composed of second rate chancers on the make is insulting to second rate chancers on the make. Second rate chancers on the make can at least be contracted to a fading end of the pier theatre in a dying seaside resort where their pantomine performances are produced on purpose. Theresa May’s cabinet remain unclear on the distinction between pantomime villains and the Home Office, although they’re quite certainly doing that much at least on purpose too.

You would imagine, in a normal functioning country with a healthy and diverse media and an effective opposition party, that the collection of serial incompetents, big mooths and nae troosers, and vacuous airheads filled with the squeaky helium of Empire would be bumping along the bottom of the opinion polls along with the Flat Earth Liberation Front – which like the Conservatives is seeking an entirely fictitious form of freedom. But no. This is Ukania, the country which makes Donald Trump seem like a beacon of statesmanlike reason. In Ukania the official opposition is almost, but not quite, as incompetent, but is up against a barrage of irrelevance from a Brexit supporting media which views any deviation from the true path to red white and blueness as treason. They should be trouncing the Tories in the opinion polls, but instead they’re slightly behind the pickle party.

Meanwhile in Scotland, we have a media which is far more interested in finding things to attack the devolved administration for than it is examining the disaster into which the British government is taking us. A disaster, moreover, which people in Scotland voted against by a very large margin. Who cares about the Tories being clueless on Brexit except for the opportunity it presents them to destroy the devolution settlement when you can criticise the SNP for the fact that a baby box can be put on fire if you use it to stub out your ciggies while the wean is sleeping in it.

Reading the papers in Scotland is like being trapped on a runaway train that’s headed for a catastrophic collision with the buffers while the guys in the seats next to you spend all their time and energy complaining about how the buffet car isn’t fit for purpose because someone could lose an eye if you stand really heavily on a bag of cheese and onion crisps and burst it. That’s something else for Humza Yousaf to resign for. Just be grateful that the crisp packet isn’t bilingual in Gaelic or there would be a four page special in the Daily Mail about how Thatessempee is politicising potato based snacks.

This week, when it hasn’t been trying to deport people who have lived legally in the UK for over fifty years, the British government has been getting itself in a fankle about customs unions. Almost two years after the EU referendum, the British government is no closer to deciding what sort of trading relationship it can realistically attain with the EU. And time is running out. Instead the British government is still mired in the kind of magical thinking that even the Unseen University wouldn’t consider credible.

On Wednesday, during a meeting of the important members of the cabinet – so not Fluffy Mundell then – Theresa May’s favoured option of a bespoke model “customs partnership” was voted down by the rabid eyed mob. Instead the Brexiteers favour a so called Max Fac model, which sounds like someone at the cosmetics counter at Boots who sprays unwanted scents in your face making you sneeze, and is every bit as irritating. Maximum Facilitation would rely on technology to minimise border checks. Only there’s no technology which can do the job so it would have to be developed from scratch, even if the technology did exist it would be ruinously expensive and complex to implement and the UK hasn’t even started the most basic of preparations, and the EU has already ruled the proposal out so it’s not going to happen. But other than that it’s a great idea.

Not that Theresa May’s customs partnership is any more of a goer, the EU has already ruled that one out too. The UK is either fully outside the customs union, or it accepts all the EU’s rules. Those are the only options on the table no matter how much the British government screws its eyes and tries to visualise something different. Unfortunately for the rest of us, we are caught between reality and the unshakeable belief in British exceptionalism of the British nationalists in the cabinet. It’s all about to come crashing down on top of us, and when it does the British press will be full of stories about how it’s all the fault of the Germans for beating England on penalties.

Today, Thursday, there are local elections in parts of England. It would be great if the good people of England took advantage of the opportunity to give the Tories the kicking that they so richly deserve, but I won’t go holding my breath. It’s not just members of the cabinet who have an unshakeable belief in British exceptionalism. This is why so many of us here in Scotland want independence, because we’d like to live in a country with a realistic view of itself in the world. A country that aspires to normality.

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0 thoughts on “Aspiring to normality

  1. The sight of that odious twonk Leonard using a grieving family as Bad SNP fodder today at FMQ finally did it for me. The Red Tories are as evil and as uncaring as their Blue Tory Brit Nat Collaborators.
    I will never tire repeating; Brexit will be exposed as an unmitigated disaster by October. We must strike while the iron is hot.
    As for Leonard and his stumbling fumbling performances at FMQ, somebody for pity’s sake stop him exploiting the genuine sorrow pain and suffering of our citizens for political gain.
    Can anyone imagine Leonard as FM and Jackie Baillie as Health Secretary? What an extraordinary thought..
    Shame on you, Leonard, you jumped up failed shop steward.
    As usual, you are bang on the money, Paul.
    Fox, Davis, Johnson, Rees Mogg, May, and Fluffy Mundell.
    It is risible that we should trust this lot to ‘consult’ us about the time of day, never mind post Brexit frameworks.
    It is all about to come crashing down about their heads.
    It’s a long time until the 10 week summer recess when they’ll all eff off to their villas in Tuscany and Provence.
    There is no hiding place. The English Parliament has been rumbled.

    • Jack i haven’t watched FMQs ( blood Pressure ) and a habit of cursing and tossing anything at hand at the screen stops me , as you say the current labour talking head begs the question why is he there or even why is he Here , is this the best labour can offer ” rhetorical ” ,
      Maybe we’ll all wake up in the morning and discover the last 3 years have been a bad dream and all this guff never really happened .

      • That throwback to PG Wodehouse Land miles Briggs made an absolute arse of himself over the Baby Boxes fiasco. What a bloated ruddy faced big Nobody this LisTory Boy continues to be.
        £1200 a week plus expenses. Only talent? Supine lying on the floor at the door as a draught excluder.

        Our Dead Tree Scrollers and BBC Goebbel’s House ran with Brigs’ Box of Death and Leonard’s ‘suicide scandal’.
        They are all in it together.
        Selling Scotland and the citizens of Scotland down the river for money from their English Establishment overlords.
        I fully expect The Scarf to wheel out a cadaver on a gurney at next week’s FMQ and blame Nicola Sturgeon.
        A man hopelessly and morally out of his depth.

          • A plant nursery, obviously.
            Oh just one thing…as someone who has to hide the pickled gherkins at the back of the fridge in case I inadvertently eat the entire jar, please find another vinegar based accompaniment to insult in your next analogy, Paul! Piccalilli or eggs are acceptable. Thanks in advance.

          • My Everlovin’ and I just had a teatime treat at Neelim’s in Scotstoun.
            Curry heaven. I blame Nicola Sturgeon… and Gherkin hating Paulo.

    • Thats how the English do politics they use pain and suffering of others for there own gain they can be dispicable basturds when the opportunity arises like leonard did today Yorkshire folk like him are the worst of the lot.

  2. A perfect description Paul .
    If as you say the worst administration in living memory dont get a severe kicking tonight then the english deserve all this lot have in store for them , it’s bad enough we dont support this lot and are lumbered with them regardless, but to actually go out and vote for them defies description .
    I am lost for words why and how this lot are still in office just exactly how much worse do things have to get before the idiots who put them in office waken up . i am honestly baffled how they manage to cling on .

    • Robert, in England it does not matter who they vote for there is not a fag paper between any of their parties.Thank Tony Blair and his pals for that, at least we had the SNP to turn to. The only answer for us is independance and the sooner the better, that is when we will stop them dragging us wherever they want.

  3. love reading your articles thank you – clear insightful and cutting analysis. Keep us more or less on the right side of sanity/ normality in these uk self-destruct times. Roll on a Scotland free from this craziness.

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  5. This is not going to end well for them and because of that? It won’t end well for the population in their care.

    Great post Paul.

  6. Paul: “Who would have believed, in the latter part of the 20th century, that on the distant planet of Brexitannia, pitiless creatures were watching Scotland and regarding it’s wealth with envious eyes.”

    “And while the people of the Scottish nation slept in their oblivious innocence, very slowly and silently,those Brexitannian creatures drew their plans against us.”

    Apologies to Jules Verne for nagging the “War of the Worlds” introduction but as you so wittily point out, we are being deceived by the most cretinous ideologues we have ever seen.

    This century is the “Alice in wonderland” era of British Nationalism.

    We are being pulled down a rabbit hole by a mad hatter called Jacob Rees-Mogg and by the Cheshire cat Gove.

    Tweedle Dum is played by Boz Johnson in a shocking oiece of type casting and the queen of hearts hasn’t got one.

    • H.G. Wells IIRC 🙂

      If Nikla were queen there’d be quite of bit of “Off with his head!” when it came to the Tories and their fellow travellers …

  7. I don’t think it’s going to end well for us either. The U.K. Government plans to subjugate Scotland by force if necessary. I don’t mean the clowns in the cabinet, I mean the deep state bastards who actually run things.
    Those of us who actually want independence for Scotland better be ready for the shit that is going to happen. Her Majesty’s government is taking its lessons straight from the Spanish playbook.
    See you in prison guys, because if things go down as I expect that’s where I’ll be.

    • We are already in prison, East Neuker.
      Next April the English Government will erect a barbed wire fence around Scotland. No one will be allowed to leave these shores without ‘letters of transit’ (q v ‘Casablanca’).
      Visas will be needed to holiday/work/ or settle abroad.
      Onkly those and such as those, like the filthy rich, nobility, and royalty will have ‘freedom of movement’.

      The Continent of Europe will be shut off from us by English edict.

      We voted to stay in the EU; the English didn’t, yet we will be hemmed in by force by a ‘foreign’ government to the South, a government whose authority millions of we Scots no longer recognise.
      We have reached breaking point.
      It is time to rise up and drive our colonial oppressors from our land.
      At the ballot box, of course.
      If the MSM believe that Scotland Independent will be such a basket case, they will clog the M74/M6/A1 in their hundreds of thousands as they flee South to the Mother Country and Empire/ Windrush 2.

      Baby Death boxes and suicides, and of course Police fucking Scotland is all the Brit Nat Fifth Column can talk about today. tomorrow, and all the way to All Fools’ Day 2019.
      This time we let them away with nothing.

      • Great article thanks Paul.
        Jack you are absolutely correct, and East Neuker has a point indeed. As it is though Scotland is not Catalonia. As far as I know Scotland is recognised as a country by the UN?
        There are differences and though UKgov will attempt to stop a referendum happening, they are more likely to launch an even bigger, more sinister project fear to get their way, again. They will no doubt use all available levers at their disposal though as you say it’s the deep state that are dangerous. It wouldn’t matter which party of clowns are at the helm in WM.

        Timing is of the essence and don’t the Britnats know it.

        • Hetty, it would appear that the UN recognises Scotland as a ‘country’ — not a region, which is important — within the “United” Kingdom, which is made of several ‘countries’. However, it isn’t recognised (yet or again, depending on your views) as a sovereign nation in its own right. So, the answer appears to be both yes and no.

  8. Apologies for the levity because brilliant article as usual, Paul but
    Whaaaaat??!! I LOVE pickled gherkins!

    • Same here. But that’s nationalism for you. Nationalists start by claiming they just want independence. Then before you know it they’re stirring up hatred against pickled gherkins. From there it’s only a small step to banning them. No thanks!

  9. I guess it’s about perspective. It was St George’s Day last week down here on the Lancashire coast – Lytham and Blackpool were busy, enjoying the first warm days of the year. there were celebrations on Lytham green – traditional music and clog dancers were on display through the weekend. A highlight was the usual fly-past from Warton – the Battle of Britain stuff and the Typhoons. Lots of prosecco and Union Jacks and God Save the Queen.

    Sometimes I hate being enlightened. I wish I could join in and feel their happiness. But I can’t. I just walk past with my wee dug and think about what the people in Yemen must feel like when the Typhoons roar overhead. No flag waving there. Especially at weddings.

    I don’t know what’s normal anymore other than the things I do myself. I’m fortunate. I can look after myself – to a point. I can play a musical instrument to my satisfaction and enjoyment and I’ve a wee dug that wakes up on the right side of the bed each morning and is a delight. That keeps me on the straight and narrow.

    I played a gig at the St George’s Day festival and afterwards, an enthusiastic young lass and her dad came over to say hello. We got talking about cosmetics – strangely enough. She tells me that she budgets around £650 p/m for her eyes/lips/nails/hair/creams & potions and wants to be a rock star. The innocence of youth. Dad is a lead engineer at British Aerospace on the drones. He seemed a nice bloke too.

    What is normality these days, Paul? I don’t like the feelings I had when I left them. I don’t like being in a country where these situations arise. But what can I do and where can I go? Back to Scotland – which has its own share of nutters as it always had, still dressed in red, white and blue?

    Many years ago, I was lucky enough to spend some time with one of the evacuees from St Kilda – a young girl at the time (1930) – who lived most of her adult life near Acharacle in Ardnamurchan. Anyone familiar with the history of St Kilda will appreciate what kind of childhood she had.
    Compared with today, it seems almost sublime. If only we could change the focus or perspective – before it is forced upon us.

    Thank fuck for wee dugs.

    • Why the Union Flag on St George’s Day?? I know – they are ashamed of the English flag -too many negative connotations

      • Middle England still has the romanticised notion of Britishness, as propagated by the BBC and the establishment generally. The Union Jack is central to that image and supersedes all else, including St George’s Cross – and the Saltire, obviously. It’s safe, reassuring, warm & fuzzy and just what you need on a Friday night when all you’re consumed by your next coke-fuelled fucked-faced orgasm bought on the back of another massacre engineered by your technical expertise at the local international arms-dealer. Patriots all with a sort code and don’t fuck with me.

    • “Pickled gherkins have more of a spine than anyone in the” Scottish National party. Blackford has his Scotland majority sufficient to end the UK union the same way it began. Time for the SNP to walk the walk.

  10. When is a political disaster not a political disaster? Answer, when you have 95% of the MSM on your side and they ignore the story completely. I won’t go through the complete list of incompetences and disasters this Government has been responsible for. My time is limited. Suffice to say, that any one of these Tory political catastrophes, would have been more than enough to just about finished off the Scottish Government.
    Take for instance Windrush. I don’t mean the viscous, racist policy itself. Or the lying twists and turns of Amber Rudd, trying to avoid blame,. Or, the architect of the policyTheresa May, sitting back watching her successor squirm and die. Or, a couple of days after her resignation Amber Rudd is cheered to the rafters in the House of Commons by her Tory colleagues.
    No, I’m talking about the fact, not opinion fact, that Theresa May used a 3 line whip, to ensure that every Tory MP would vote down a Labour motion to release crucial information on the Windrush Scandal. Now, a 3 line whip is equivalent to the nuclear option for a Prime Minister. It means that if an MP votes against it, they will be ostracised by their party. Their political career will be virtually ended.
    This cover up of the truth on Windrush, has to be instigated by the new Home Secretary Sajid Javid on Theresa May’s instructions. This is the same Home Secretary who said the day before, that he would leave no stone unturned in his search for the truth on Windrush.
    So let’s just get this straight. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland has used £1billion of taxpayers money to bribe a political party to vote along with her party. This is to stop the release of documents to the British public, that would highly likely, prove her responsibility for the apprehension and deportation of British citizens who are living in Britain legally.
    What just happened yesterday? The English voters went to polling stations in their droves, to vote for the Party which this woman leads.
    However, this is all good for Scottish Independence. If the rotten Labour Party is so weak that they can’t even win under these circumstances, then even the most gullible Labour voter in Scotland might just register, that the only certain way of being rid of these Tory psychopaths forever, is through Independence.

  11. We’re looking at the most despicable Tory government in living memory. A government that is the culmination of Thatcher’s dream. One that can and has pushed through the most contemptible legislation on every front from foreign policy to benefits. Literally enacted racist, bigoted, exclusionist and punitive policy against the weakest in our own society. Made popular the cult of self.

    Unlike the faux crisismageddon pushed down our necks on a daily basis in Scotland by the meeja, England really does have problems with its institutions and services. They really do have an NHS on the brink. An economy (which also happens to be our economy) on the very edge of truly massive contraction and reports daily of serious services problems across the board from the NE to the home counties.

    And Labour barely put a dent in the them last night. What does that tell you about narrative and society within the UK folks? What does that tell you about how the political class and media have changed the very nature of the electorate over the years? When you feel you are literally compelled to vote for the very thing that is tearing your world apart. The very thing that is making life a misery for millions and putting entire populations in harms way. What does that tell you about politics and the media in today’s UK?

    When you reach the obvious conclusion to those questions, then the answer will become equally obvious.

    Scotland’s electorate have an out which has the potential to reset the defaults on this broken machinery. Return power and accountability to where it belongs. More than that however, it has the potential to do the same for ALL the partner nations on these islands. Just the potential mind? But the alternative outcome from standing still and hoping for the best really doesn’t bear thinking about.

    Scotland’s government are gatekeepers and they can only hold that gate open for so long on their own in this current climate. I’d say they’re going to need help pushing that gate wide open all the way. Mind you, once it’s open you can get an awfy lot of people through it and Scotland could use some help rebuilding from friendly like minded types. 🙂

  12. Agree with everything Macart says , Any hope of the nation to the south of us grasping the opportunity of giving the Vile tory party a good kicking despite gains by the other parties has disappeared , we are a totally different country , not great yet despite the obstacles but if enough of us waken up to the threat facing us we will leave them to their own fate , a fate of their own making.

    lets hope for a good turn out on Saturday , i am sure our media will give it fair promotion and reasonable coverage , just as the bike whatever was covered even with the inflated numbers .

  13. Sorry Paul this is of topic:

    Many of us have been saying for years that ‘His Fluffiness’ is not behaving as he should and being the voice of Scotland in the WM cabinet. Well the lie has now been clarified.

    The ‘Scotland Office’ in Edinburgh has officially been renamed ‘UK Government, Scotland’. The National reports this in todays paper. I suppose they are now being open and have turned the purpose of this old office through 180 degrees to a totally different meaning. Backs up the attack on our parliament.

    • Andy agreed this was flagged months ago with the ongoing parallel government in waiting build in Edinburgh , I really hope the SNP management are paying close attention to what fluffy and the English administration of their Scottish outpost are intending for us once they get the chance .

      Fluffy chose his words carefully when he said the powers returning from the EU will be returned to Edinburgh , what he omitted was yes Edinburgh but not the holyrood Parliament , thats why this snake spends hours over documents to change the intended meaning with the insertion of little changes , Like the Scotland Act with the insertion of ” not normally ” so ambiguous as to change the whole intended meaning of the Act .

      Once this episode in our history is resolved with independence that b/rd should be dragged before our Parliament and made to answer for his actions against the Scottish people .

  14. Miles Briggs and his risible Baby Death Box farce is off the hook.
    Tomorrow’s Herald Britland and the Daily Ragged will have 24 page pull outs covering the Life and Times of Steven Gerrard,The Ranjurs latest Great White Hope.
    That’ll keep them going until Ruth Davidson’s first ultrasound.
    Meanwhile London burns.
    Marshmallow anyone?

    • PS: Steven Gerrard has apparently signed a 4 year contract with Rangers.
      2018-2022. Could be very interesting times in the history of Scotland.
      He was a good, honest player. Always gave his all for Liverpool and England.
      I have the utmost respect for him. All the best of luck to him. A great Scouser.
      (And wouldn’t it be lovely if one day, in some interview, when asked about his views on Scottish independence, he said, “Absolutely. Why not? Go for it, Scotland.”
      That would give the Ibrox faithful something to think about…)

      • I think you should try and take on board that not all Rangers fans are British Nationalist. A good number of them are indeed disgusting nazis.

        Turning independence into a football/sectarian discussion is not in the least helpful.

  15. Evil cybernat Shona Robison should consider asking surgeons to conduct operations on board busy trains, thus causing delays and seat shortages. This would give British nationalist fundamentalists yet another reason to call for her resignation along with that of Humza Yousaf. This would kill two birds with one stone, and the Brit-Jihadis could blame the avian deaths on Alex Salmond, the Kremlin’s Lord Haw-Haw. Vile, frankly.

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  17. If I was very, very cynical I might be able to make the conceptual leap that clause 11 of the EU withdrawal bill was deliberately put into that document for no other reason than to attack the powers of Holyrood.

    It is not needed as we have managed fine dealing with EU trade deals since the 70’s when we joined the EU. Also Scotland has had control of fishing and farming since 1908 and not just since we god a partial parliament back.

    To me this is all part of the plan to attack independence and remove powers from the Scottish Government (meaning the SNP), show Scotland how great London is etc. They are so scared to loose our wealth and geographic location plus a smaller UK would have less clout and power on the international stage.

    They see the USA loosing interest in us in favour of Germany and France, They wonder of they will be kicked off the security council, they wonder where they will relocate Trident. Need I go on. The are scared, very scared.

    It will be interesting to see how this pans out.

    I see that they are already going to veto fishing negotiations no matter what Holyrood says. I am not usually a person that gets into conspiracy theories, but maybe, just maybe. I need freedom so much it hurts to wait, but wait I must.

    • They know that, constitutionally, Scotland can dissolve the joint UK parliament any time Blackford’s Scotland majority finds their backbones.

  18. I cannot make the Rally today; my knees wouldn’t take it, although I am with you all in spirit.

    Meanwhile those venal little men, Miles Briggs and Alex Cole Hamilton, whose parties have collaborated, along with Branch Office Red Tory Abstainers led by Fred Kite soundalike, That Dick, ‘The Scarf’ Leonard, the ambulance chasing shroud waving fuckwit to end all fuckwits, wring their hands and shred crocodile tears when the news emerges that people in the poorest areas of Edinburgh die 21 years earlier than JK Rowling’s and Alistair Darling’s New Town Filthy Rich.

    They ‘pile pressure on’ the Scottish Government to do something about this scandal.

    Yeah, let’s rewind, you sinister insincere little men.

    In 2010, David Cameron and Nick Clegg held hands in the back garden and unleashed the biggest attack on the Just About Managing since the war.

    Cameron boasted about clawing back £29 billion in Welfare benefits, cuts in public services, and Danny Alexander got a knighthood and a Hong Kong sinecure with the Money Men out of sacking half a million public servants.

    Willie Rennie has boasted many a time at FMQ that ‘austerity works’ as evidenced by the UK deficit reducing, while his Party in Union awarded the author of boy wizard stories, snug in her leafy Edinburgh suburb a 5% cut in her income tax, paid for by denying a third child in a household on zero hours or slave wage incomes any state aid at all; the Universal Credit reduces life expectancy, you sinister little men, not the Scottish Government.

    It is reported that Wullie Rennie, surely the most startlingly inept Lib Dem Bench Filler of all time, told an audience of 24 souls in Arbroath at a Scotland in Union meeting last night, not to answer questions from the Bad SNP pests o to which they did not know the answer, or if did know the answer, don’t respond any way.

    This little wonk, who prattles on almost weekly about metal health in Scotland, supports the dying UK, which has killed 120,000 of its citizens because of the Coalition’s billions of pounds in ‘savings’ wrenched from the dinner tables of innocents, forcible Bedroom Tax evictions of the disabled, and literally tens of thousands of disabled people condemned to house arrest and misery by removing their disability vehicles and PIP vital support.

    The Brit Nat Yoons polluting the halls at Holyrood are members of an evil fascist cult which is hell bent on destroying Scotland, and reducing the population to Victorian penury and privation, and are perfectly at peace with themselves in a Scotland enslaved and oppressed in a colony militarily
    occupied by England in their post Brexit Empire 2.

    You are disgusting maggots feeding on misery and oppression.
    I look forward to the day when we reassert Self Determination, and you lot are consigned to the political shredder.
    Miles Briggs and Cole Hamilton have cut short the lives of our citizens,; there is no other reason. It is state engineered culling of the poor.

    I consider this comment to be righteous indignation, not a rant, not rage, just a demand for social justice for the people of Scotland.
    And while I’m at it, what have the Kirk and The Cardinal got to say about this scandal?

  19. Likewise with you all in spirit. Looks like you’ll be having nice weather at least. Hope a good and productive time is had by all. Accentuate the Positive 🙂

  20. You are quite right Jack. These people are destroying Scotland. They are getting paid to sit in the Scottish Parliament and criticise the Government. Its time this List system was scrapped. Thry dont even get voted in. Its diabolical. I really hope that Nicola calls for the leaving of the Union at the Conference in a few weeks time. Time to end this nonsense

  21. Oh my achin’ feet. What a day and what a gathering.

    Just got home and looking for a (purely medicinal) dram to end the day on a more relaxed note. 🙂

  22. The Heralds front page should be pined to every toilet door , today’s front page sums up the whole stinking editorial staff on this rag , you listening Haggarty supporting independence my arse .

      • And the accompaning pic which manages to show almost as many Union Jacks as saltires is of course totally unbiased! (Though it must have taken a good bit of ingenuity or luck to get it).

        • I believe that there were 20 of them at most, and the only people out of tens of thousands that were ‘confrontational’.

    • I said before that Captain Haggarty is a Tory and I stand by that. Do not buy any of these papers – remember the Sun used to say it supported the SNP. They are all devious bastards who cannot be trusted – ever.

      The media is hard core British Nationalist.

  23. We need a President Duterte type of leader,no messing about simple/straight/honest guy whos on ly aims are the betterment of the Phillipino people,he takes no messing about and goes straight for the bull,he inmo is a very refreshing character,he doesn,t carry any baggage,his pre-election message to his people were you have a choice you can vote for your Cardinals/priests or you can vote for me,they voted for him.As a catholic I agree with him,the church very often sides with the establishment the church politic not to be confused with the church faith.

  24. The stark blatant manipulation of one shot in Union Street that the right wing British nationalist press will relentlessly use is being rightly openly ridiculed with the presentation of the side by side shot of the same scene, a close up manipulated shot & the panorama that shows the whole real version , and thats being widely shown on twitter just now for people to compare true & fake views .

    • I think that we can safely say the Sunday edition of Herald Britland has gone back over to the dark side.

      They seem hell bent on driving themselves out of business.
      Paul Hutcheon features urging ‘Nicola Sturgeon to join the Yoon Dark Side in calling for a second EU Referendum.

      News for you, Mr H, ‘Nicola Sturgeon’, whom we shall hereinafter refer to as the ‘democratically elected Scottish Government’, has already produced two Positional Papers on Scotland’s place in Europe, post Brexit, setting out the arguments that Scotland, we voted 62% Remain after all, should remain in the Single Market/Customs Union, and have distinct devolved immigration powers, given our vital position within the UK, where we need to increase immigration, just to stand still.

      Davis chucked the ‘the democraticaly elected Scottish Government’s’ proposals in his Fuck Off Scotland bin, and is barging through with the Power Grab.

      The Scottish Government has countered by voting through a Continuity Bill.
      We” see them in court, apparently.

      Mr Hutcheon, there is more to Independence than ‘Nicola Sturgeon’.
      There are millions of us now.
      Very few, if any, will continue to buy your Sunday edition now.

      Although judging by your Union Jack filled snapshot of yesterday’s march of the Tens of Thousands, you’d think that the Butcher’s Apron regalia outnumbered the saltire display.
      Half a dozen Union Jack Brownshirts, Ruth’s Union Army,giving the fascist salute.

      The Sunday edition of Herald Britland should be off the list for any committed Independentista now.

      Well done, the tens of thousands All Under One Banner (Get it, Mr Hutcheon? not a ‘Nicola Sturgeon’ in sight) for yesterday’s terrific display solidarity for Scotland’s demand for Self Determination.

      I see Ruth tweeted that this parade was wrong, because the streets were clogged and ‘Bank Holiday Saturday’ (how very English of you, Davidson) was banjaxed for the ordinary Orange Order shopper going about their lawful business.

      This sinister little woman is in bed with Arlene Foster who thinks that Ruth is a pervert and will rot in hell when she goes to meet her maker.

      The Blue Tories; don’t you just love them.

      • We don’t require another EU referendum and that is the simple fact of the matter Jack. There shouldn’t have been a first EU referendum as it flew in the face of Scotland’s indyref result and the pledges made by both representatives of HMG and Better Together.

        Scotland’s electorate were forced against their will and those pledges to participate. Even before ballot one was cast, Scotgov attempted to both warn Cameron of impending constitutional crisis and secure an exception. The first fell on deaf ears and the second was flat refused by Cameron in his arrogance and ignorance. He gambled with the constitutional settlements of Scotland, NI, Wales and England and… lost. Where we are today? That’s on a Conservative government that couldn’t see any further than its own venal needs and power politics.

        Scotland has a second, far more effective, constitutional option and all that is required to trigger it, is the fulfilment of the mandate contained within the last manifesto. An option which will prevent Scotland’s electorate from being forced to do anything against their wishes or interests by Westminster government ever again. The second the UK finalises a Brexit deal, is the second that trigger becomes fully active.

        Tick tock.

        • Hear hear, Sam.
          Yet Tom Gordon, Gordon Brewer, Paul Hutcheon, Glenn Campbell, Toodle oo The Noo Taylor, and the entire print and communications industry refuse to acknowledge this.
          Tick indeed tock.

          • Heh. It’s actually quite the pickle for them Jack. Most folk are quite perplexed at what they perceive as the SG dragging its heels over mandate and seeking and S30.

            Yep. The SG did indeed say they’d ‘seek’ an S30. There’s precedent. Why wouldn’t they? They’ve also said there’s more than one route to independence. Should an S30 be sought and denied, what do you think would happen next? 🙂

            A UK gov breaking their own precedent publicly would instantly result in a Scotgov moving to hold a consultative referendum. Not to mention it wouldn’t look too good. Should they move to block this in the courts? Not only would this action be fought in the courts in the gaze of world media, but the SNP would then probably move to use the very next national ballot as a default indyref.

            More than one route. 😉

            Ideally though, a straight referendum with an S30 acceded to by UK gov on the triggering of the mandate. The mandate will be triggered the second UK gov agree to a Brexit deal with the EU. That agreement ensures that Scotland would effectively be taken out of EU membership against the will of its electorate.

            Why would UK gov accede to such a request? Well, I’d guess that unless they’re feeling up for court battles and a referendum fought in a consultative format? They’ll want direct input into any referendum held. An S30 gives them that input just as last time out. It’s a long odds gamble considering the clusterfudge they’ve made on delivering on their assurances from last time out, but a long shot is better than no shot at all. Not entirely sure they’d enjoy looking in from the outside of a consultative.

            Why a referendum at all? Because the Scottish government aren’t UK gov. They don’t drag people. They don’t tell people. They don’t force people. They ask. They persuade. And they’ll keep on asking and persuading as long as the electorate want them to.

            Forcing stuff on people? Using fear, intimidation, undeserved power? That’s what UK gov does.

            It’s not rocket science. If you want a nation, then most folk have to agree they want it too. 🙂

          • Agreed, Sam.
            However and but, the Spanish treatment of Catalonia and the world and the EU looking the other way, will not have been lost on Boris and Jacob.
            England will never give up its richest colony.
            We are too big, too rich, and too clever. England will plummet into global obscurity without Scotland propping it up.
            And by god, do they know that.
            We may see a flotilla of warships steaming up the Clyde yet.
            But wait, they’re already here.
            It will get nasty.

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