A grown up parliament for a grown up country

They’re clearly rattled. There have been a number of articles in the British nationalist press about Saturday’s march and rally. None of which, you won’t be surprised to hear, are remotely positive. A mass demonstration of a minimum of 35,000 people in the streets of Glasgow, the largest pro-independence demo this country has ever seen, puts a lie to the comforting myth so beloved of opponents of independence that no one wants another referendum. Last Saturday, Glasgow wasn’t just full of people who do want another referendum, it was full of people who are going to be actively campaigning in it.

There are many thousands more who are equally committed to independence who didn’t attend, but even if we discount those, and even if we accept the police estimate of 35,000 and not the organisers’ estimate of upwards of 80,000, that’s still a massive body of Yes campaigners who vastly outnumber the number of door chappers, poster makers, and canvassers that British nationalists can put on the ground. No wonder they’re afraid of us. A people in motion is an awesome sight.

Ever since, we’ve had nothing but sniffery and snidery from the usual British nationalist suspects who are desperate to discredit the event. Much of their harrumphage is couched in supposed advice to the independence movement that if we want to win next time then we shouldn’t be holding events with mass participation. Because obviously the real way to win a campaign is to base your strategy on what people who don’t want you to win it tell you to do.

No really, they assure us, all these people who fill the pages of the press with paeans to Britainry and new ways of blaming the SNP for things, they really are persuadable about the merits of Scottish independence. They’re just trying to be helpful. I was musing on the democratic deficit, they tell us, and how Scotland doesn’t get what it votes for. There I was witnessing the contempt with which this Conservative government treats Scotland and silences us and refuses even to consult Scotland. I’m disgusted by the way in which Theresa May is using a referendum result which Scotland voted against in order to undermine a referendum result which Scotland voted for. I was struck by the recent paper from the Fraser of Allander Institute which explains how Scotland’s income flows out of the country, and now realise that independence is the only way to ensure that Scotland’s wealth is used to benefit Scotland.  I’m appalled by the way in which we’re being ripped out of the EU into an inward looking right wing nostalgia where xenophobia is official policy. I was struck by the paradox that the only way to preserve the values of tolerance and openness that I once associated with the British state is through Scotland leaving that state. So I was totally teetering on the verge of considering a yes vote next time round. But then someone on social media mentioned that they were sitting on a number 61 bus stuck behind someone pushing a big model unicorn down Renfield Street, and that was me put right off.

They’re not lying. All those people who spend their time and energy looking for myriad ways to tell us how bad the SNP is, and how much of a disaster Scotland would be without those nice people in Westminster to look after us, and how great it is to be British, they really are persuadable about the merits of independence. Honest. It’s churlish to doubt them. In the exact same way Nicholas Witchell is persuadable about the merits of republicanism, and Jacob Rees Mogg is secretly considering coming out as a supporter of radical lesbian feminists. Only in Scotland do we get concern trolls plastered all over the pages of our newspapers.

It must be terrifying to a staunch supporter of all that is red white and blue. There you are, telling yourself that we’ve passed peak Nat, that Ruth Davidson and her cheeky photo ops are saviours of the Union, that the window of opportunity for the independence movement is narrow and is closing fast, and then all of a sudden tens of thousands of people appear in the streets of Glasgow and put a big stick in it, wedging that windae wide open. Worst of all, you didn’t see it coming, because the press you rely on didn’t prepare you for it.

When you’re doing something that has provoked such a strong reaction in opponents who usually do their best to ignore and marginalise you, that’s an argument for doing more of it. What we’ve learned from the British nationalist response to a massive manifestion of faith in Scottish self-determination is that when enough of us take to a public place, in a peaceful and open display of our belief in ourselves and belief in our country, that we cannot and will not be ignored.

This year, Scotland sees a significant anniversary. On 11 September this year, it will be 21 years to the day since the referendum of 1997 when Scotland voted by a very large margin to introduce the devolution settlement that we have today, a settlement which is under threat by a Conservative government hypocritically preaching about the importance of respecting referendum results. Devolution is 21, but Scotland is being infantilised by a British state that has taken it upon itself to decide which of Scotland’s powers it will take back to itelf. We need to tell them that we’re fed up being treated like Westminster’s rebellious children and we will stand in defence of the rights of self-government that Scotland campaigned so long and hard to achieve.

The Scottish Parliament will be 21, but Scotland’s legislature is still being treated like a child by Westminster. Perhaps this year, on Saturday 15 September, the Saturday that falls between the anniversaries of Scotland’s two referendums, we should organise a massive march and rally demanding that it’s time that Scotland’s 21 year old self-government becomes a grown up, fully capable and able to make all the decisions about the direction Scotland takes. The time for childish things is past. We’re adults, and we want a grown up parliament in our country.



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0 thoughts on “A grown up parliament for a grown up country

  1. Not before the peasants gather around the carriage of lord fluffy and start throwing clumps of mud at the provost; not before there is a truck blocking the road over both lanes at the border crossing; not before the government has issued a strong wordes missive to the court, and not before the fat lady sings will anything change here.

    • If you come to the march in Dumfries you are welcome to gather round the carriage of Lord Fluffy but please don’t through clumps of mud at our wonderful lady Provost, the lovely Tracey Little of the SNP:-)

  2. The march received international coverage too, so folk in Europe are probably better informed about Scottish independence than many in rUK, and even perhaps Scotland. International coverage means more international support and an understanding of why we want to leave the UK and remain in the EU. That can only help in the long run.

  3. Brill, Paul.
    By the autumn we’ll know in detail Eurmageddon.
    Mundell has reinforced the Edinburgh Stockade.
    They better install a Helipad for a quick getaway.

  4. THAT is what really has the press shocked Paul. That their narrative of the past several years was called out and unequivocally rubbished in such a public and peaceful fashion. Saturday was a joy in so many respects, but mainly because it was an example of how public engagement should be.

    The Yoon zoomer press narrative was left in ragged pieces and their own diminutive support en route were graphically shown to be the true face of intolerance and hatred.

    We’re here to stay and we’re getting ready.

    Tick tock.

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  6. I am confident more and more folk in Scotland are seeing the British nationalist media as it truly is: a rancid conglomeration of rabid liars.

    Keep boycotting the britnat media.

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  8. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the march on Saturday and was so disappointed until today when Wings Over Scotland showed a piece of film about the protesters in Union Street waving their flegs and wearing their team colours. Among their chants about fenians and faggots one was heard to sing “There’s only one Steven Gerrard” That was when I realised that he was in fact correct there is only one Steven Gerrard and at that point the utter futility of our quest for independence was made clear to me. How could I and tens of thousands of others have been so stupid? What were we thinking? I now realise that had I been on the march when this moment of enlightenment had dawned, I and those within earshot of these words of wisdom would have had to slope away shamefacedly dragging our Saltires along the ground. Thank you lads for showing us the error of our ways.

  9. Perhaps we can crowdfund, and hire space on big public TV Screens in our city centres and broadcast this on a Saturday afternoon?
    It is after all not Offensive Behaviour at Football matches; thank god Jim Kelly got that scrapped, otherwise these young innocent men might have ended up in the Sheriff Court guilty of nothing more than light hearted banter,
    Groups of shoppers, women with young children, scuttled by behind these mammoth morons, anxiety drawn across their faces.

    No tweet from Davidson, WATP Failure Tomkins, or Murdo The Queen’s Eleven congratulating ‘our boys’ for repelling the Saltire waving hordes?
    Vote Labour get Tory Midlothian style.
    They are Better Together, better out of Scotland and back to the Mother Country.
    It will take a monumental effort, but this time….

    • As much as i dont trust or respect England and its people i wouldn’t wish those morons on them they have enough down there already under both may and corbyn.

  10. “Worst of all, you didn’t see it coming, because the press you rely on didn’t prepare you for it.”
    i’m sure thats why we hear the proudscotsbuts/britnats cry “we just want our country back”
    believing all the shitty headlines
    denied the actuality
    blindfolded and/or duped
    effin media
    keep on, paul

  11. The 6th May Sunday Herald was a disgrace, and why? Well just two pages of 52 were of interest to me – Mcwhirter, and the Letters page with contributions, guess, by arch Unionists, Redfern and Howell. The Sunday Herald is no longer value for money.

    And why hire Ms Haggarty? Is she on secondment from the BBC sponsored farming out of journalists to local news outlets? Cannot see her engagement being on merit.

    Don’t falter folks, make your way to the AUOB march on 2nd June.

    • Please make the Dumfries march another biggie. That would be one in the eye for Fluffy and his, ‘There is no appetite for independence’!

      I used to live in Dumfries and sadly they are extremely apathetic people, but maybe thousands of Scots streaming into their toon will open their eyes to reality.

      • Not all of us thankfully – but I know what you mean. There is a “let’s wait to see what everyone else is doing first” attitude. So I’d love this to be a biggie to show that those of us seeking the normality of independence aren’t the weird ones:-) Hope to see you all there.

  12. Every word you wrote is true.

    I cannot manage the Dumfries walk due to a family wedding that day but I will be at the next one after that. I will check AOUB website to get info.

  13. Good point Paul ‘re actively campaigning for it. I ‘remember a paper I did for Chris Whatley who disappointingly turned out for No,, where I argued that the Jacobite cause was measurable by the size of those who were prepared actively to fight to win or lose it all in comparison to the British component who only had limited active popular support and a professional army which suffered defeat after defeat then chanced upon a solitary victory which British historiography has extolled.


  14. >>I was struck by the recent paper from the Fraser of Allander Institute which explains how Scotland’s income flows out of the country

    Ooh do you have a link to that?

      • Thanks! This ties in with some of the work that Business for Scotland has done around money flows within the UK. The most striking graphics I’ve seen on the subject are the two on this page:


        *First, look at which UK regions generate wealth.
        *Second, look at which UK regions have the wealthiest households.
        They don’t match! The money generated by other regions flows to the SE.

        When people talk about Scotland being poor, they are comparing pay packets, *not* wealth generation.

      • I urge all on here to read:-

        A short history of privatisation in the UK: 1979-2012

        Richard Seymour in the The Guardian.Thu 29 Mar 2012

        Starts….. ‘From the first experiments with British Aerospace through British Telecom, water and electricity to the NHS and Royal Mail ‘

        The Tories set out to destroy society and reduce the citizens of the UK to wage slaves, one up the food chain from workers in Third world sweat shops.
        They have sold off everything they can to their relatives and pals in the City.
        Blair and Brown joyously joined in and are wealthy men now.

        I make no bones about detesting the vile philosophy and sinister evil of Ruth Davidson, and her grubby wee coven of LisTory acolytes.

        If there is a hell, Thatcher is roasting in agony in eternal damnation.

        I know you read this excellent blog, Willie Rennie.

        You and Rumble Bumble Grumble and Stumble will also face fire and brimstone in the hereafter.
        You collaborated with the Blue Tories in killing 120,000 citizens in 7 years.

        As for New Labour? You are simply traitors to the working class.

        You too will rot in whichever version of Hades you believe in.

        Sainsbury’s, Asda, M&S and all the ‘English’ companies provide no stats or figures to inform GERS. They refuse to calculate their Scottish Income.

        There will never be accurate accounts because they would show that Scotland is too big, too rich, too clever to be let go as a cash cow colony of England.

        We have until the end of March 2019 to get out of this corrupt Union.

        • @Jack collatin

          The real danger for Scotland happens well before March 2019.

          Scotland needs to move before the destructive legislative instruments that Westminster has been marshalling as part of Brexit come into force. It may be the case that there is less than 6 months for Scotland to act…less if Westminster crashes out of the EU.

          • Tol, couldn’t agree more.
            Indyref 2 plebiscite in late autumn this year after ‘final’ Brexit deal revealed, Oct ’18. Independence day 28th March 2019.
            Hence my ‘we have until the end of March ’19 ‘comment.

  15. A bit of a confusing time for people who cling on to this rotting Union , their media tells them it’s all going Swimmingly and brexit will be fine , while over the page of their newspaper day after day week after week reports of closures of well known companies shutting up shop all around.

    Oh who to believe ? .

    I guess it’s really difficult for these people to admit they were wrong ,pride plays a big part and daily the comfort blanket with Union flag is starting to look a bit threadbare ,all the guarantees and promises are fading from view ,however much gloss is applied by the BBC something is not right .

    Then these bloody NATS having a march and inviting all to join them Folk who really look Hopeful and full of pride for their country , its ok the Herald have photos of the nice pleasant people defending the union their faces full of joy , aye thats my kind of folk , but again it dosent look right .

    Waken up yah dozy fools you know this is not right however much you want it to be it still stinks .

    • @Robert Graham

      Its only a mistake if you think Westminster is really interested in a logical Brexit process…. Does it really look like that?…Does the evidence show that?

      If you can’t see evidence of Westminster undertaking a “real” Brexit process….then re-evaluate to determine what they are really up to.

      Westminster appears to be on a campaign of misdirection of massive proportions. While everyone has been looking at Westminster through the lens of an organized Brexit and only seeing incompetence. Westminster has been careful to silo its actions regarding transfer of power to the Cabinet executive and transitioning Westminster to a totally dominant centre.

      While people are mockingly deriding the Tories for lack of planning at ports, the Tory Cabinet has been building the foundations of a new and very dangerous legislative framework. Think of it like a join-the-dots picture….at the moment we the public only see random dots…The full impact will only become obvious once they link them at the end.

      Don’t fall for the Selective Attention trick Westminster is playing.

  16. I love your phrase ‘sniffery and snider’ – describes them to a t.

    The yoons were all under one brolly;)

    Yes we can and now we must.

  17. I think these marches are the way to go. They send out a clear message to the gangsters in London that Scotland will seek a new path to its freedom away from their criminal behaviour. The message they send comes directly from the people of Scotland and not from the establishment’s corrupt lying MSM who have a monopoly of control regarding what is read and broadcast in Scotland. I would like to see all pro independence parties give this movement a much more visible profile on their websites with an up-front heading space given over to when and where these events will be taking place. (is there one being organised for Bannockburn ?) To be visible and heard outwith our bubble of internet and merely talking to the converted these marches can be the foundation of a growing confidence in Scotland and give a sense that we the people can be united and become a free nation once more.

    • @grafter

      YES has to give people something to join. Its hard to take on the constant barrage of media on your own. You need others..marches are part of this.

      I am amazed that the narrative that ‘marches are divisive’ that appear to have taken hold in Scotland. The most powerful element of the Glasgow march was the normality of the people. This was a cross section of the community out for a group stroll.

      To win probably requires more than just convincing people of YES. Unless there is something physical/tangible, it leaves people who may be considering independence susceptible to the never-ending union gaslighting.

  18. I think that a Devolution 21st Birthday party is a great idea! Imagine tens of thousands singing happy birthday to the parliament – each individual could have a cupcake with a candle. Could be very powerful.

  19. o/t but probably relevant .

    Silly me thought the Panto Season finished in January .Oh No It Isn’t Oh yes it is , No is .

    The Comedy show known as PMQs is presently in full swing , the weekly Punch & Judy show with one old Lefty unable to extract a single answer from a well known Liar .

    Three questions allowed from the SNP in quick succession must be some kind of record ,ok whats going on ? Oh a deputy speaker in the chair i wonder if someone has slipped up somewhere .

    HOLD it – Hold it -a Labour MP asking for more funding for a known terrorist supporting organisation the White Helmets , christ even that nutter Trump has sussed that lot out and has immediately cut off funding , for a Labour MP to press for yet more money gives an insight into the whole party .Useless – Pointless and beyond any help they have more faces than a town hall clock .

  20. 40,000 (a neat number representing the marchers) divided by 4,000,000 (another neat number representing the Scottish electorate) gives us 0.01, or 1%. Yes, there were potentially 1% of the Scottish electorate on the streets of Glasgow. While that is an astonishing number, the ratio of people unable, but wishing, to attend to attendees is maybe in the region of 20:1 (a figure I saw whizzing past me on the Internet) or 20% of the electorate. You can quibble with the exact figures, you can quibble with their scope, but you cannot quibble, cannot evade, cannot dismiss their impact.

    Though the unionist media will try its damndest. Then express surprise when their sales / viewing figure do down the tubes. The unionist media seems to live within in a closed feedback loop believing, or unquestioningly regurgitating, any tosh served up by their unionist masters, and it probably comes as a bit of a surprise when, out in the real world, the peasants are found to be revolting. And in quite large numbers.

    More revolting peasants will be found in Dumfries on June 2, Stirling on June 23 and in Inverness on July 28. Details on https://www.facebook.com/AllUnderOneBanner/

  21. Delighted with the plans for more marches. Hope whenever the next one is called in Glasgow it heads down Pacific Quay way to make life inconvenient for the vile BBC for a few hours. The next one in Edinburgh should head down to Leith to make life difficult for Mundell’s tawdry office for a few hours.

      • Yeh would be upsetting if their water supply suffered disruption, and their power, Telephone etc , the stunts Trump used to pull when construction of his Golf course was even slightly held up because of his pesky neighbours .
        I wonder if anyone has ever asked Fluffy who he actually represents , is he Scotlands representative in Westminster or Westminsters high commissioner in Scotland, never actually seen or heard him defending Scotland or have I missed that bit , I am sure I would have noticed it .
        A strange wee man to observe always stuttering and twitching.

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