The widening chasms

It’s Sunday, and there’s yet more crazy in the ever changing kaleidescope of crap which is British politics. Cabinet Minister Amber Rudd has announced her resignation from the cabinet and from the Conservative party, citing the fact that Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is a lying toad who’s hell bent on turning the Conservative party into a bunch of right wing populist English nationalists. Which the rest of us have already known for quite some time, but thank you for catching up, Amber. Next week Amber will write an anguished column for the Guardian in which she tells us of her shock on discovering that Elvis is dead.

What has prompted her resignation is her disgust at the treatment of her 21 former colleagues who were unceremoniously expelled from the party last week by her erstwhile boss. Never mind Brexit. Never mind people who fear for their medications, putting food on the table, or losing their sole source of income because of a no deal Brexit, 21 Tories have had to resign from the party. That’s the real tragedy here. Will no one think of Nicholas Soames.

But Amber is also concerned that she has seen little evidence that the government is actually working to get a deal. All she has witnessed behind the scenes is a government putting all its efforts into coping with a no-deal Brexit. This confirms what we’ve all known for ages. Lyin’ Bastert Johnson has no intention of getting a new deal from Brussels and is hell bent on a no deal exit in order to mop up the electoral threat from the Brexit party and ensure that he remains Prime Minister after a General Election. This is a revelation which is way up there with the news that Elvis is still dead.

But having been a bit churlish, let’s not be too churlish. Better late than never. Amber Rudd’s resignation is significant because it points to deep divisions running right through the heart of the Conservative party to its very highest levels, divisions which are not fixable. Politicians are used to internal party divisions. The greatest enemy of your average politician is another politician within his or her own party, not the opposition. However the Tory party is no longer capable of containing those divisions.

This is all the more striking because we are still in the early months of a new Prime Minister, one who has only faced the House of Commons for a week, and who in the normal run of things would still be enjoying a honeymoon period. At this stage in Theresa May’s leadership the Tory party were still hailing her as Thatcher 2.0. The meltdown of Lyin’ Bastert Johnson’s leadership within such a short period of time has led to serious questions about the future of the Conservative party. This is party whose leader is allowing speculation to mount that he might break the law because it’s a political inconvenience for him. Citing the will of the people as an excuse to break the law is the first rule in the despot’s playbook. The Johnson government is very quick to accuse Jeremy Corbyn of being like a South American dictator, but they’re the ones who are behaving in a dictatorial manner. The MPs who voted for the law that LBJ is considering breaking were elected by those people in whose will he cites.

On Sunday Dominic Raab, who always looks as though he’s fresh from a steroid rage at the gym during which he bit the head off a chlorinated chicken, took to the TV to inform us all that the Prime Minister is going to obey the letter of the law, but will “test its limits” as far as possible. Along the lines of, “Sorry officer, I wasn’t driving at 75 mph in a 20 mph zone, I was testing the limits.” Or, “No, I didn’t actually take cocaine, it was an inconclusive snorting event.”

His partner in not-a-crime-at-all, Sajid Javid, told Andrew Marr that the Government would of course obey the law, but would not ask for an extension to Article 50. He didn’t reply when asked how the Prime Minister not asking the EU for an extension to Article 50 counts as obeying a law requiring the Prime Minister to ask the EU for an extension to Article 50. Instead he waffled on about trying to get that deal that everyone knows that LBJ is making no serious attempts to get. It’s a bit like being asked whether you will obey the legal obligation to pay your taxes, and reply with an insistence that you are planning to build a spaceship to Mars made entirely out of Mars bars.

But then this is the Andrew Marr Show, expecting incisive political analysis from the Andrew Marr Show is like expecting bacon recipes from Peppa Pig. The same edition of the programme also blessed us with the insight that now that Ruth Davidson has resigned, the SNP can start to expect to win Scottish Conservative seats. No dear, the reason Ruth has resigned is because the SNP will be winning Scottish Conservative seats.

Meanwhile the Herald today has a headline proclaiming that the Scottish Conservatives have revolted over the Prime Minister’s handling of Brexit. Revolt is a strong word here, like describing an almost inaudible sigh as a howl of outrage. What this revolt actually boils down to is Jackson Carlaw asking nicely for the party whip to be restored to the 21 Conservative MPs it was withdrawn from last week. Jackson is more concerned about the careers of Conservative MPs than he is about a no-deal Brexit. There’s the Scottish Conservatives there with their finger on the pulse of what’s really important. His fellow MSP Adam IT’S THE LAW Tomkins has tweeted that laws shouldn’t be broken. But he doesn’t say what he’d do about it if the Prime Minister does just that. Sigh again, probably. This so-called Scottish Tory rebellion is not exactly Spartacus and his army being crucified on the Appian Way, is it. If you’re waiting for the day when the Scottish Tories rebel in Scotland’s interests and lie down in front of LBJ’s car on the A92 as he’s on his way to a photo op with a fishmonger, you’ll die of old age first.

However the truly gobsmacking thing here is that despite the complete meltdown of the Government, despite the fact that it is led by a blatant liar who is manifestly unfit for the job, the Conservatives are still well ahead in opinion polls asking about voting intention in the coming General Election. In Scotland on the other hand, the Tories are facing a potential extinction level event. A poll of Conservative constituencies in Scotland suggests that the Tories are likely to lose every single one of them as the SNP sweeps the board. Never have Scotland and the rest of the UK been so politically estranged from one another. This is not a sustainable situation.

Everywhere you look in British politics the chasms loom ever larger. Something has to give. If Scotland is ripped out of the EU against its will, it will be the end of the UK.

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49 thoughts on “The widening chasms

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  2. Listened to Amber Rudd robustly explaining her decision to leave the government. My jaw moved towards the ground as her level of delusion became apparent. Her deepest concern was for the 21 mps who have been thrown out of her beloved party…..these are good, moderate people she declared…..Er …Amber hen…..these good, moderate people including yourself, voted for austerity and watched silently the vicious attacks on the sick and disabled.

    Methinks you should away and bile yer heid Amber.

  3. Strewth, just as well your keyboard is watercooled, you’re in overdrive…
    Nail, head, perfect…
    Alba woman, completely concur..

  4. Now that Wings over Scotland has gone full Nigel Farage with his attacks on the SNP in order to promote his own as yet nonexistent party and has attracted the far left to his website to help him do so do we think this in any way will work on diminishing the SNP vote

    • It’s sad to see Jim. We’re close to dissolving this Union with a crucial GE in the offing and we’ve now got at least three so-called pro-Independence sites being used to undermine the only person who can actually help us to get our Independence. I no longer know if the main aim relates to promoting another political party at all. It comes across to me that it’s more about scuppering our chances of getting our Independence altogether. If that’s the case what happened, in the last year or so, to bring about such a change of direction?

  5. It is not my first choice when looking for a good laugh that I would turn to the scribblings of that hardy old Dead Tree Scroller Paul ‘Exclusive’ Hutcheon and his purple Cut and Brit Nat Pastry.

    This from today’s Online effort:-

    “BORIS Johnson is under mounting pressure as Prime Minister after senior Scottish Tories questioned key planks of his Brexit strategy.

    Interim party leader Jackson Carlaw told The Herald on Sunday that he wants to find a way to readmit the 21 MPs who had the Tory whip withdrawn for defying Johnson.”

    I doubt that Johnson even knows who ‘senior Scottish Tories’ Jackboot Carpark WATP Tomkins and The Queen’s Eleven 7 times political failure Murdo Fraser are, never mind feel any sense of pressure from them on anything at all, never mind No Deal Brexit.

    Rudd and Javid were on Marr today;

    We are heading for a No Deal Exit, and Rudd gave horse’s mouth accounts of the Upper Class Anarchy of the English Establishment ,very clearly indeed.
    It has been their plan all along; crash out of the EU and plunge these isles into chaos and anarchy.

    She revealed that 90% of Johnson’s War Cabinet effort is going in to preparing to plunge us all into instant poverty, shortages and tens of thousands of job losses.

    Javid is just a babbling idiot of course.

    But he’s a wealthy businessman, who’ll make a bundle backing the destruction of the UK.

    We don’t need a Plan B.

    We demand the right to hold a Referendum on the Union.
    We are having one, whether they like it or not.

    The UK Government didn’t seek the EU’s ‘permission’ to leave; neither do we need any English politician’s permission to smash this fetid Union to irreparable pieces once and for all.

    Hutch, dear scribe, read today’s key sentence back to yourself again:

    ‘mounting pressure’, my erse.

    There are no ‘Senior Tories’ Up Here.

    And Andrew Marr, Davidson has not left Scottish politics.

    She’s still trousering a nice little earner of £1200 a week plus exes as a back bencher, and full time Mom, (Aw, the nice.) the corollary of which appears to be that it is money for old jam and no work on the Opposition back benches

    • Well stated Jack. A nice little perspective in yesterday’s editorial in the Grauniad, with a wonderfully succinct take on the US role in all this…
      For all that Brexit dominates our affairs, it is exposure of these “movers and shakers” (and fakers) to the glare of scrutiny and ridicule which is increasing sympathy and support for scottish independence outside our wee country.
      As the UK continues it’s death spiral, international support to save the sensible ones may yet provide the impetus to get this indy rolling.
      As to the Tory leeches clinging to Britannia, they are welcome to it, their days are numbered…

      • There have been a good number of editorial articles about the U.K. decline over the last wee while. It is a pity not one MP has a strategy to stop the rot and build the economy. The words ‘planning’ and ‘economy’ are never it seems seen in the same Hansard sentence. Regrettably for over 60 years we have been mismanaged ending now in the Brexit swan song.

        I will not feel sad when we leave the U.K., perhaps in time two neighbouring States can lift each other. May due to Brexit take some time.

        Freedom, what a dream, soon to be reality

        • Someone will make the movie, Andy.
          ‘Dr. Britlove: how I stopped worrying and learned to love the Boris’.

          We are now in the darkest despair of England’s collective madness.

          We have an escape clause.
          Johnson will sell Arlene and the religious zealots down the river.
          There will be a border down the Irish sea.
          Hence the wee trip to see the Irish PM today.

          It doesn’t alter the SNP mandate and absolute necessity for our very own Referendum and ultimate Self Determination.
          None of us Jock frogs are stepping in to the Brits’ simmering pot with them.
          We’ve done everything we can to save our neighbours to the South from self harm.
          Time to take to the escape pod before we are sucked into the Black Hole that is Little England Lost in Space and Time.

        • I often wonder whether the UDP actually objected to the original proposal of the Irish Sea border under May’s negotiations or whether it was an ERG manipulation in their quest for maximal damage and steer it all toward “No Deal”.
          The Empire’s games which brought suffering to Ireland are not yet at an end, those in Ulster are now the human shield behind which they take pot-shots at the EU project. But you are right about the fate of UDP, critical for now for Johnson’s Parliamentary arithmetic, but will be sold down the Lagan at the first marginal advantage..
          Chuckled at Johnson attempting to “share” blame with Varadkar this morning over “No Deal”, made in Britain and the Irish too polite to tell him so.

          • Bob, check Leo’s face when Bumbling Boris declares ‘for which we are ”all’ responsible.’.

            I don’t recall 27 countries in the EU voting Leave or Remain, do you?
            In fact I seem to recall that they brokered a WA with the WM PM, including a backstop, which Rees Mogg, and Northern Irish Religious Zealots rejected.
            Butr there’s Johnson shifting the blame on to Johnny Furriner.

            Arlene is following Ruth and heading for the Exit before Brexit.

            There will be hell to pay in the North of Ireland when England packs up their tents and leaves yet another of their colonies in the lurch.

            England, and I blame ‘England’, because for 300 years the other nations on these isles have been outvoted by our noisy neighbour repeatedly by sheer force of numbers and, even more sinisterly, their military might, is to blame for the mess in which they currently wallow.

            Even at the TUC Conference this morning Frances O’Grady tried to blame Glasgow SNP Council for the Equal Pay dispute which dragged on for over a decade, and cost ME, a Glasgow Ratepayer, half a billion pounds, because Purcell, Matheson, and the Pieman staunch Labour Men,and the bullying GMB, fought tooth and nail to deny council workers their rights, aided and abetted by the TUC.

            England is corrupt to the core.

            We have no option but to leave them to their own devices.
            We’ve done all we can.

          • Indeed Jack, having spent 6 years in Ireland, it is a cruel irony that they are visited again by London initiated mayhem and elitist clowns, but Johnson’s theatrics and verbal gymnastics will impress none but Daily Mail readers…. The game is up, worldwide…

  6. Aye WGD’s recent posts whilst still hilarious and witty. do seem to have a more serious tone than usual. A sure thing that we are entering dangerous constitutional waters. I think WGD is preparing us for the big battle about to commence. Things are unravelling so fast we must be ready to roll at short notice. Lick and load folks.

  7. Regarding the chances of success of a third list party recipient of SNP votes.

    It is fairly straightforward, although laborious, matter to find out exactly what would have happened for various imagined transfers of SNP list votes to third parties on the list.

    I did so myself for the 2011 result.

    What I found was that even if 30% of the the SNP list votes were at that time transferred to third party recipients it would only have resulted in a net gain to total pro-indy MSps of 2

    If 50% were transferred, you start to get a significant effect. At that time it would have increased the indy MSP total by 11.

    If 100% of SNP list votes were transferred to other* pro-indy parties then you would have got something like 96 pro-indy MSPs that is about +25.

    So the process is potentially very successful but ONLY if a large percentage of SNP list voters can be persuaded to do so.

    In 2016 I didn’t have the time to do a full analysis, so instead I just did the reverse scenario, i.e. calculating what would have happened if all the list Green voters had instead listened to the vocal consensus at the time and voted SNP on the list instead. It showed that the total pro indy MSP total would have been reduced to dangerous levels although the SNP would then have scraped an outright majority. That was lucky since at that low percentage it could easily have gone the other way depending on marginal vote splits.

    * The target party(s) does not really matter. In 2011 it was the Greens and SSP, but the number of parties does. 2 is better than 1, 3 not so sure 4 and above and you are splitting the vote adversarily.

    • The idea that Stu Campbell could cobble together a ‘party’, and recruit 60 plus capable souls to stand in Regional seats, and produce a manifesto setting out his, and it is ‘his’ vision at this stage in the fanciful inner workings of his complicated if somewhat febrile mind, with a stance on Health, Education, Law and Order, the Defence of the Scottish ‘Realm’, (‘cos we’d still have Lizzie and her bunch of Freeloading children and grandchildren) Scotland’s Fiscal Policy, Foreign policy, and so on, in a matter of 24 months, to which we, the great Scottish Public would ‘lend’ our Regional vote, is arrant nonsense, and does nothing to further the Road to Self Deteremination.

      There will be Melt Down over the coming months.

      There will be no Holyrood for which to campaign or vote, if the Ultras of the Brit Oligarchy get their way; that is the reality.
      D’Honte is a disgrace, that allows any old carpetbagger on to the Gravy Train, as long as they are connected.
      That must go as a matter of urgency come Independence.

      The fight is now, not in 2021.
      The English Parliament closes for 5 weeks from tonight.
      There is no Government.
      The Posh Boys have engineered a coup d’état.
      Stop navel gazing, Rev.
      Get back in the fight.

      I’m fed up of smug smarmy self satisfied smirking English male MPs in grey suits and blue ties on my TV screen telling me what’s good for me.

      Surely we are within days of not hours of firing the starting gun.

      • We’ve gone from a novel ”idea” to target the list vote, an idea that had been proffered by many before him, to a ”plan” that didn’t include him as a candidate to him becoming the unelected leader. Can’t wait to find out what this plan is going to metamorphose into next.

        Meanwhile we’ve got a forthcoming General Election whereby the SNP will need all the support that they can muster as Stu Campbell does his utmost to counteract that and at the other end of the scale, with Westminster imploding, seems to have given up on castigating that cabal.

        The undemocratic ”Westminster way” seems to be contagious.

    • It seems to me that the Rev Stu proposal doesn’t actually expand the SNP vote although it may keep a certain number of mainly female votes from deserting because of the trans issue. Essentially he’s mining / quarrying the same ground as the SNP but with noisier machinery and a spoil-heap of discarded ‘woke’ material.
      It might be better to have a number of “Indy Indies” (and Greens) on the list in different places – a Scotland in EFTA (No EU) in the north-east, a Highland Land League candidate in the north-west, a Loki Approach candidate in Glasgow… These would reach some of the parts that official SNP policy couldn’t.
      The trick would be how to match candidates to seats and how to make sure that they adhered to a certain basic idea of independence. And to tame egos. If candidates of various parties and none were invited to sign an independence pledge would that breach electoral rules?

  8. BREAKING – Looks as though Johnson is set to prorogue parliament as of this evening.

    That’d mean there would be no further votes on GEs until after 14th October. Poop’s about to hit the wossiname.

    So. How’s that ‘strong and stable’ thing working out for folks? 🙁

    • Thank the chief that they’re not on the zero hour contract fiddle which they have imposed on millions of the people whom they are supposed to serve, Sam
      Five weeks without wages?
      That would kill many of the money grubbing wee parasites.
      This is a rerun of Hitler 1933.

      • This is how it happens Jack. Deceit, intolerance and lack of accountability made popular.

        Now folks get to see it up close and personal.

  9. Even as someone who has long warned of the presence of an ultra right wing cabal, inside and outside parliament, I hoped they would never get this close to establishing a totalitarian ultra right wing dictatorship.

    If the judiciary backs Boris when they bring whatever concoction they come up with to the Supreme Court to challenge the clear instruction of parliament, then parliamentary democracy is finished in the UK, at least, this side of a revolution.

    That existential threat to democracy and BTW to Scottish independence, must take precedence over everything else until the threat is removed.

    Regarding indy, if Boris & co do become ensconced even Paddy Power wouldn’t lay you odds on the suspension of Holyrood, the banning of an indyref2, withdrawal from the ECHR and ICCPR replaced by an English Bill of Rights which would make Scottish independence ‘illegal’ and allow them to do whatever they want including bringing back the death penalty.

    I don’t think that lot are in the least bothered about the UK becoming a pariah state or at least not until that threatened the ‘special relationship’ with the USA and/or the money laundering service in London.

    Sorry, went off on one there.

    • Ace, lovely photos WS, looks like it was well attended and crucially, good spirited.. Did BBC mention it by any chance as there was an excellent article by Lesley Riddoch on BBCS’s deliberate blind spot to AUOB withh X thousand in Perth v a NI Sectarian march of 1,000 but featured due to the trouble caused..

  10. I’m pro-Indy, always have been. I’ve despaired at times over the years at the seeming futility of being an SNP member, but yet soldiered on. Now I despair at the compliance mode of the SNP towards Westminster. We are dealing with a rogue in Johnston. Recognise it and act to protect Scotland.

    This suspension of the UK parliament surely is the final wake-up call? There is no government sitting, and it will not re-convene until two weeks before the scheduled exit from the EU.

    There is a Scottish government sitting in Holyrood and this is the opportunity to fill the political vacuum created at Westminster. Assume the legislative powers necessary for Scotland, set the Indyref date. Who, what, is to stop the Scottish government?

    Rules – for the guidance of the wise (and bold?), and the obedience of fools.

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