Mendax, mendax, bracae in igne


The fact that the Prime Minister of the UK was found by a Scottish court to have lied to the Queen has failed to make it to the front page of most British newspapers. Which is fair enough, it’s not the first time he’s lied to a woman, and it probably won’t be the last. More likely it’s not front page news because it was only a Scottish court that found that he’d lied, and not a really important proper English court. Strictly speaking of course, he didn’t lie to the Queen, and even if he had done that wouldn’t have been the most egregious outcome of his decision to press ahead with an illegal prorogation.

The Prime Minister didn’t go to the monarch to ask for a prorogation. That was Jacob Rees Mogg. However Jacob was acting as an agent of the Prime Minister, and so when it’s said that the Prime Minister didn’t lie to the head of state, it’s only because he got someone else to do the lying for him. He’s still responsible for the lie. And lying to Liz isn’t any worse in the cosmic scheme of things than lying to anyone else. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson lies all the time. He has a giveaway, a tell, which allows all of us to know exactly when he’s lying. You know he’s lying because his lips are moving.

The real thing that ought to be getting a suspiciously quiescent media up in arms is that the Prime Minister, the leader of the British Government, was prepared to lie in order to escape the scrutiny of the Commons on a policy which he knows he doesn’t have majority support for. He is only supposed to exercise the Royal Prerogative in the first place because he is meant to command a majority in the Commons. Yet he’s prorogued Parliament precisely because he doesn’t have such a majority. That’s the real outrage against democracy, not lying to the Queen – who in any case was probably relieved that it distracted from Prince Andrew’s dubious choice in friends. But lying to the Queen is a convenient shorthand for all that, because by making the request the way he did, in the manner in which he did, for the reasons he had, he was effectively lying to the Queen, as well as to everyone else.

The real scandal here is that he was able to do so. We can thank the Scottish courts for holding him to account, but should their ruling be overturned in the UK Supreme Court on Tuesday, British democracy will be in a very dark place. It would represent a very dangerous turn of events indeed. It would mean that any Prime Minister will be able to close down Parliament at any time, and for as long as he or she pleases, in order to escape the democratic scrutiny of the elected representatives of that people LBJ claims to be acting for. The Supreme Court would have given its assent to the transformation of the Prime Minister into a dictator.

Three judges in the highest Scottish court unanimously found that he had lied. It is a point of fact, a proven case, that he had lied even though the Government’s business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng is trying to impugn the Scotttish judiciary by saying that many people think judges are biased. Meanwhile on Channel 4 news the Brextremist MP Andrew Bridgen also attempted to impugn the neutrality of Scots law, complaining about the “liberal elite” and saying that there was a suspicion that political pressure had been put on the Scottish judges. He openly wondered why it was a Scottish court which had come to this decision, not an English one.

The Government’s spokesapologists, and Court Certified Lyin Bastert Johnson himself, are also saying that the High Court in England found in his favour and agreed with him. He’s even lying about that. The High Court in London didn’t find that he hadn’t lied. The High Court in London ruled that the matter was one that was not justiciable, which is a great word for a crossword meaning an issue which is within the remit of the court and one it is competent to make a ruling on. The High Court decided that the subject was a matter for the Commons, not the courts, and so didn’t engage with any of the evidence. What this means is that according to English law, the suspension of parliament by an overweening government is a matter that can only be dealt with by the parliament that the government has suspended. If the Supreme Court upholds that interpretation, then the UK doesn’t have a constitution, it has a Joseph Heller novel.

The High Court specifically didn’t voice any opinion on the truth or otherwise of the accusation that the Government had lied to the Head of State, the Commons, and the public. The only courts which engaged with the evidence were the Scottishs Courts and the highest court in Scotland, the Court of Session, ruled mendax mendax bracae in igne. That’s how you say liar liar pants on fire when you’re a judge, especially when you’re a judge making a ruling on a liar who fancies himself as a scholar of the Classics.

The lies took another twist today when it came to light that the Scottish Government’s copy of the Yellowhammer report that the British Goverrnment reluctantly published last night says that the warnings represent a “base scenario”, whereas the version released by Whitehall claims they are a worse case scenario. This contradicts what the British Government has told Parliament. Michael Gove is one of those who has told Parliament that Yellowhammer is a “worst case scenario”. Knowingly telling a lie to Parliament is holding Parliament in contempt. No wonder the Government doesn’t want the Commons to be in session.

There are reports that the true worst case scenario documents, believed to be called by the code name Black Swan, are not being released by the Government.  Former Tory MP Anna Soubry tweeted on Wednesday night that she had seen detailed documents.  In August Michael Gove mocked the existence of any such documents, claiming that Black Swan was a movie about a ballet dancer.

Now a new court case has been brought by Joanna Cherry, Jo Maugham, and the businessman Dale Vince who is funding the case. They have applied directly to the Court of Session to request it to make use of a power of the court called nobile officium, a power which is unique to Scots law. This is the power of the court to intervene directly in order to ensure that the law is fulfilled. The case will, if it is successful, mean that the clerk of a Scottish court could sign a letter to the EU requesting an extension to Article 50 if the Prime Minister refuses to obey the law and do so himself. Unlike the previous case, which was against the British Government, this latest case is against LBJ personally. It’s not clear what sanctions would be taken against the Prime Minister, we can but hope it’s to be strung up by his nobile officiums.

According to The Journal of the Law Society of Scotland (see ) there are four conditions which must be met before the court will exercise the power of nobile officium. Firstly there should be some exceptional or unforeseen circumstances. Secondly, “there should be a sense of urgency, injustice or need justifying an extraordinary response from the court.” Thirdly, the petition must not contravene statutory intention, or be used in such a way as to extend the scope of a statutory provision, or to require a person to act contrary to their statutory duties. And fourthly, there should be no other remedy available to the petitioner. It remains to be seen whether the Court of Session believes all four of these conditions to have been met.

Whatever happens, whether in this latest court case by Joanna Cherry, or what happens in the UK Supreme Court on Tuesday, we’re in for a bumpy ride. And there we were thinking that once the House of Commons was suspended for five weeks that not much would be happening.

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71 thoughts on “Mendax, mendax, bracae in igne

  1. Brilliant Paul. It looks as though Joanna Cherry has just pinched Nicola Sturgeon’s most prestigious title of being the most dangerous woman in Britain. Then again they’ve no met the rest of us, lol.

  2. Almost died laughing at this bravo…
    “..we can but hope it’s to be strung up by his nobile officiums”.. In truth I’d expect three adam’s apples raised against one nobile officium…

  3. Salve, Paul.

    Jo Swinson, or as she introduces herself, Jawaah Swoision, lied on Sally Magnusson’s Distorting Scotlan tonight.
    Uncheched in a wee cosy Beige Tory promo ahead of their up coming beano in the South coast of England, their natural heartland, she declared that the Lib Dems were the only party thatcampaigned for remaining in the EU, which was bad enough, but she the proceeded to come up with Big Lie, that it was only through Lib Dem pressure that the SNP adopted a Remain policy last year.
    Of course the faceless facilitator who just sat back and give her a free PPB on my licence money, did not challenge this lying little Brit Nat.
    She declared that she is against Indyref2 opf course.
    Willie Rennie got a wee soundbite on Yellowhammer, Willie the champion of mentally handicapped youngsters in Scotland, but not to the extent that he would condemn Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander (where are they now/) in their collaboration in the mass killing of citizens by Willie Rennie’s party’s political cave-in to get Ministerial Cars and post political cushy jobs when they hightailed it before the Breshit hit the fan.
    Distorting Scotland is well named.
    The distorted report on Babcock’s winning the type 31 frigate order inferred that they would be ‘built’ in Rosyth.
    No they won’t.

    They’ll be ‘built’ in Liverpool, and put together Lego style in Rosyth.

    Remind me to check out the Liverpool Echo.
    Where was Paul Sweeney tonight screaming blue murder at the betrayal of Govan and Scotstoun?

    Nowhere to be seen.
    I take great comfort from the knowledge that Swinson and Sweeney may be toast in a few short weeks.
    BBC Pathetic Quay is an absolute disgrace now.

    • Reading your post just makes my blood boil, Jack. What is it with this bunch of liars and their BBC enablers? When I embarked on fighting the bit out for Independence Trident, fracking and poverty were the key issues that drove me to fight for my country. They’ve been overtaken to some extent for the need to get control of broadcasting and rid ourselves of this gang of lying, self-serving, manipulative charlatans. So yes I take great comfort too in knowing that their days are numbered, to be replaced by people like Paul hopefully … if that’s how he sees his future unfold.

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  5. I do not think the Scottish court will introduce nobile officium ,simply because they know that the Supreme Court will be dealing with the case next week, there is no way that they are going to accept there is urgency that requires the Scottish court to intervene before next week.

    The thing is it is the government that closes down parliament and not parliament itself that does it so I do not see how the Supreme Court will intervene in what has been done , I think they will follow the same route as the English court did last week which is that they will say it is a political matter and not a legal matter, how can anyone contradict that ? we know that the rules of Westminster allow this closing down of parliament to happen and when it comes down to it , it’s a political decision .

    As far as B Johnston lying to the queen goes again I have to say that it would be the government lying to the queen and not BJ or JR Mogg and again I am doubtful that the Westminster lying to the queen will be seen as anything other than political if it can actually be proven and if it can be proven , is it a crime. .?
    I doubt it.

    • The full judgements by the three judges explains that new evidence presented to them which had not been available to Lord Doherty had been a significant factor in them deciding that the prorogation was for reasons other than those given at the time when the Government decided on prorogation. Since this is now available to the Supreme Court, i hope that they will, indeed, take it into account. Interviews, prior to today’s publication, with former Supreme Court Justice, Lord Sumption indicate that he thinks similarly. So, perhaps the idea being peddled by the media, including Channel 4 News and the various ‘progressive’ publications like the Guardian that the Supreme Court will just endorse the decision of the London High Court. There was a tacit condescension that Scottish justice is just, to paraphrase the royalist sycophant, ‘Sir’ Billy Connolly, ‘a wee pretendy justice’.

    • One of the salient points put to the court was that to prorogue Parliament the Government must actually be in charge of business- i.e. have a working majority . This is NOT the case with LBJ’s confused cabinet cabal .
      Therefore the court can , as the Scottish one did , decide that he ( LBJ ) has really closed down Parliament ”to avoid scrutiny ”.

  6. A Scottish independence referendum is needed so that we can escape this madness , three years of our lives have been taken up with this nonsense if there’s a crime then that is it , three years of daily crap filling every tv and radio station and every newspaper brainwashing the populous into believing that we are about to gain a great freedom “taking back control” when in reality we are being crushed even further into nothingness more and more of us having incomes reduced our health education housing services deprived of funds in preparation for another big sell off similar to what thatcher did.
    All we get on tv and radio and in the newspapers are scare stories ,over and over again, even the weather forecasts are at it with their constant warnings of storms that never appear and floods that never happen, it’s all very unsettling but that is part of their plan I’m sure .

    • Well done, this explains exactly what we are up against.
      The queen B Johnston etc etc all have large groups of expert advisers
      None of them are kept in the dark

    • Indeed, Her Majesty knew exactly what she was sanctioning. Royal complicency.

      To doff the cap and blame it all on the Blond Bufoon reeks of sycophancy and undeserved loyalty to a hideous establishment that neither cares for us nor respresents us.

  7. The two major issues that have become evident through the Brexit fiasco are that the Westminster system of governance is no longer fit for purpose and that it no longer serves the interests of Scotland.
    This will have long term consequences for the British establishment no matter the outcome of Brexit.

  8. Just going to show “the future is not linear”

    I had agreed with Wings projection that the Cherry case had been an issue for YES. I had not predicted that the court ruling would enrage the English Isolationists soooooo much that they would be clamouring to expel Scotland.

    Westminster’s carefully cultivated fiction for English audiences “UK is England” has come home to bite them. It may be that YES get indy through the SNP but via an English own goal.

    • I think it was always obvious that English nationalists would react with vitriol to their plans being stymied by Scotland. TBH, I have always thought that the most likely route to independence for Scotland would be when Scotland is seen to be a roadblock to English nationalists’ ambitions. Then it becomes in their interests to be rid of us.

    • “It may be that YES get indy through the SNP but via an English own goal.”

      “Then it becomes in their interests to be rid of us.”

      How depressingly shameful.

        • WGD
          You are so correct here. The beauty of English rejection is the breakup becomes push + pull – it lessens YES’s load.

          It is such an unlikely gift from Westminster and something the SNP could never have achieved by itself.

  9. Then when it becomes in their interest (They,England) to be rid of us.

    “They, England” have the voting/parliament power to be rid of us, but we, Scotland, have the resources to prosper, and so the next colonisation battle with “They” will be engaged over our resources.

    • Thats why they want to impose direct rule on us instead of letting us go we have what they need but theyve duped the englanders into thinking we are the drain on them.

  10. At the end of the day we’ll come to thank the biased media for their help, thank you, thank you, thank you shortsighted numpties, in convincing the around 50 million residents of England that the Scottish judiciary is corrupt and that the Scots are a bunch of thuggish, drunken, illiterate, ignorant, subsidy junckies (and worse) who can do so much more than them, in all areas of life, due to robbing the poor English people blind. Keep it up, I say. Knock together your own coffin and cover it with the Union Flag.

    In conjunction with that, all we have to do now is to convince the Scots that they are a bunch of liars (not too difficult) and counter their propaganda cr*p by highlighting how rich we are as a country: resources and assets such as the Scottish people themselves who are highly educated, talented and innovative.

    Well we know that the Unionist controlled media ain’t going to do that for us, but the SNP pamphlet, Wings WBB and Paul’s Ginger book (plus the rest) should do the trick. Take heart folks it won’t be too long now before we get our Independence. Pull together. Don’t let them win by dividing us now.

    • Hear hear, Petra.
      One question: why didn’t BBC prorogue QT for five weeks?
      The usual Brexit nonsense again tonight, with a Norfolk audience of predominantly gammons all seemingly resigned to leaving the EU.
      On Boycot’s the wife beater’s knighthood, someone pointed out that is was a ‘foreign’ court that convicted him of punching a woman in the face 24 times, and suggested that legal standards are different in a foreign country, to which Fiona If I Were Chocolate I’d Eat Myself Bruce added in agreement ‘like the Scottish courts’ regarding Johnson lying.

      In their eyes, and the masses of tweets telling us to eff off and stop taking their money from our noisy Southern Neighbours, our judges preside over a foreign court, and that they anticipate that the Supreme Court, the English one, will overturn the Jocky Furriner’s verdict.

      • I watched QT last night too Jack. Fiona Bruce should have stuck to fronting programmes where she continued to portray her nicey, nicey, wee cutie benign side instead of showing herself up as just being another BBC Tory supporting bigot. Jo Coburn is another. Andrew Neil, Marr etc …. Propaganda money talks.

        The audience came across, in the main, as being unenlightened but let’s not forget that they are the BBC’s “chosen ones.” I get the feeling in my heart of hearts that MANY English people see us as being the last bastion of truthfulness and morality in these Isles (note they were shouting liar, liar loudly at the DUP politician) and I reckon that we are too. Sometimes I actually wonder if I’m going off of my head with all of this because I start from the premise that I wouldn’t employ a known liar for the lowliest of jobs and yet we now have a known out and out liar being put in place to run the country.

        QT and Politics Live etc continue. Continue to try to undermine Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP, our successes, Scottish Independence and in fact anything that the news about Scotland throws up. Jo Coburn made a meal of the Scottish judges bias story yesterday by pretending that she disagreed with the premise. She’s one real manipulative scunner that we can all see right through. I could go on and on forever about this crowd of charlatans but suffice to say that I can’t wait to see the back of the whole kit and caboodle and spend my time, FAR less time, keeping an eye on an Independent Holyrood. I for one won’t give Jack sh*t what they do down south henceforth especially if we have a hard border to keep their low lives out. Hard border? Tariffs? It’ll be worth every penny, IMO, … if need be.

        Oops off to bed now. Up at 8:00pm (long lie). Rolling eyes. In saying that off to bed to have sweet dreams as things are progressing so well for us now.

        • Ha ha ha. Up at 8pm would be brilliant. That’s what I’ll be doing after celebrating our Independence following a week or more of partying. I may even lie in my bed for 48 hours or more. What a thought. Roll on.

        • ‘I get the feeling in my heart of hearts that MANY English people see us as being the last bastion of truthfulness and morality in these Isles’

          I fell out with an English person in 2014 – before the vote – when I asked for her opinion. Her reply, ” I think its really really selfish of you to take all your labour voters out of the UK”. No amount of evidence or reasoning could reach her.

          We are I think, especially for English socialists – Briton’s voting conscious.

          The fact that if England doesn’t want Tory Governments, then England – not Scotland – needs to stop voting for them just doesn’t get through to them.

          Hey ho. Onwards.

          Kind thoughts to all.

  11. Paul – your Joseph Heller/Catch 22 comparison for the English High Court judgement on suspension of parliament is absolutely brilliant. Hope it goes viral.

  12. Reading the published extract from CoS it is clear the evidence presented was pivotal to compelling their unanimous judgement. Doherty may have concluded similarly were that evidence incorporated in the prior case, but as it would have been appealed, higher court referral was inevitable. Further action by CoS depends on what the SC conclude, but it is important to note the SC can not now ignore that evidence on principle of political latitude, they may only examine the judgement AND the evidence to ascertain whether that judgement was sound.
    I don’t hold to the notion Lizzie was duped or had no latitude over prorogation, she has an exceedingly well informed organisation advising her, and is undoubtedly well connected to the wealthy underwriters of this EU fire-exit farce.
    The initial reaction from No10 (denied) and Kwasi Kwarteng’s dog-whistle “public distrust in impartiality..” was followed by DM’s attempted denigration (again) of the judges by inferring jazz or french connections were suspicious. Truly pathetic but roundly ridiculed on social media, yet it was DM’s readers who were the target, and the frenzied comments duly followed replete with ignorance and bigotry.
    Whereas the anti-EU campaign of Dacre and Co has won them Brexit and they currently influence the mob, the diverging path England is taking ends any pretence of Union.

    • Lizzie has more in the tax havens than the others put together – I seriously doubt that any of this Brexit/WM pantomime is being carried out without her direction and interests being to the fore.

      • Spot on Daisy. I don’t agree with Craig Murray on a number of issues, but he’s nailed it with his latest blog … posted by Nigel at 10:49am.

    • Indeed, Boris dod not mislead the Queen. He just suggested he wnated to pull a crafty fast one, and Her Majesty said: “Oh all right then!”. Job done.

      “The dogs in the street” know this, same as they know what Prince Andrew has been up to. However, the sycophantic MPs at WM (or their media chums) don;t have the guts to call it out.

      • Agreed. The one and only time I have believed Boris Johnson, is when he said that he had not misled the Queen. This looks like a reverse palace coup with the Queen not requiring any persuasion at all. As others have said, this a lot to do with protecting rax havens and all that vast wealth, including that of the Queen, which is stored there.

        How on the one hand, can media sycophants praise her wisdom and her experience and at the same time ask us to believe that she could be so easily misdirected? She has had a long reign and presided over many changes of government and prorogations and yet we are to believe that this highly questionable ‘advice’ did not cause her a single qualm.

        Anyway, like Craig Murray, I don’t believe that the Queen rules on her own. She is part of a mutual support network of elite interests who understand her to be the apex of that network. ( In fact, even medieval monarchs did not rule without the tacit support of elite courtiers who understood their interests could be best served by this or that monarch.)

  13. The court case and its varied conclusions, appeals, twists and turns is having an effect on the public consciousness. A good or a bad thing? We’ll find out shortly I’d imagine. But what it is doing, is to make people aware of differences in legal, political, cultural realities and attitudes across these islands.

    Came as quite the shock to some folk that Scotland had a separate legal system at all. Appears from some of the links I’ve seen that they’re none too happy about that. The SC is going to come under a fair bit of pressure on its ruling. I’m also guessing it’s the effect on public perception that’ll be watched most closely by the PTB (Powers That Be or GnG – Greetin’ n’ Grumpy). There will be no good ruling, so far as SC Justiciary, the political establishment and major demographics of populations are concerned (with or against the Scottish court ruling). The damage to societal unity was done by that howf on the Thames and its political practises a long time before the current crisis.

    • Very true and no bad thing, it’s long overdue little England put on it’s distance specs and pulled the window blinds.
      Read on one forum an interesting exchange on why English judges give politicians a free ride and Scots judges hold them to account, none were criticising Scots Law..

    • So happy for you all.

      Any idea how the English settlers vote? You will be getting a English Welsh group soon as we have a campaigning group called English Scots for Indy.

    • Wow. Congrats, that’s quite a jump for a campaign barely into 2nd gear…
      Must be difficult to fathom in the Home Counties – “If we are subsidising them all, why do they want to leave?”

      • Scotland and Wales are somewhere nice for them to go on holiday, and they see the island that makes up the mainland as ‘England’ and therefore theirs. They don’t see us as actual countries.

        • Reply:

          I’ll get back to you on that, Bob. I live (in exile) in South West Bedfordshire where the sitting (if you can ‘sit’ during a prorogation!) has a majority of 14.1 thousand (or 59.2% of the vote). I’ll keep my eyes and ears open.

    • Brilliant news, WS. What a leap in such a short time! Fantastic. I’ve signed up already and just managed to get another individual to do so too.

    • Welsh Sion
      That’s wonderful! The march at Merthyr looked terrific, and I really enjoyed the singing. Glass will be raised this evening, for both countries.

  14. Dear WGD,

    I hope you had a good birthday.

    Mark Russell has asked me to contact him off-site in order to read one of my parables. As you know both our e-mail addresses, I’d be grateful if you could pass on his to me at mine.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Sion, Mark hasn’t mentioned anything to me about it, so I don’t feel I have his permission to pass on his email address. However your comment here does implicitly allow me to pass your email address on to him, which I have done.

      • Thanks, Paul. I think it was under your previous blog (or the one before that) where he introduces his own story about a landlord and his tenants (Uk and its respective countries) and I complimented him on it. No need to search in depth for it – am grateful enough you have taken mine, with no problem.

        Have you had the chance to read any of my parables in the book form I gave you some time ago, by the way? There’s no rush to do so, either, of course – nor even to say you like them. I know you well enough that you speak ‘without a hair on your tongue’ (i.e. call a spade a spade).

        Thanks, again – and also for letting me share Welsh news on here.

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