Two faces aren’t enough for the Lib Dems

There’s hypocrisy, and then there’s Lib Dem hypocrisy. Or rather, in the words of the party leader Jeauw Sweynsen, heypaughrezeey. The party’s hypocrisy is many layered, complex, and internally lacking in anything that might vaguely resemble consistency, even when you try and listen to it from the back of a room full of people yelling at one another. So it’s rather like their party leader’s accent in that regard.

The brand new policy announced by the Lib Dems at their conference is that if they win a majority at the General Election – no laughing at the back there – they’re going to revoke Article 50. Now you might think that was a perfectly consistent stance from them. After all, they’ve been against Brexit since day one. However the option for the UK to unilaterally revoke Article 50 only exists in the first place because Joanna Cherry and Alyn Smith of the SNP, Andy Wightman and Ross Greer of the Greens, and Catherine Stihler and David Martin of Labour, together with lawyer Jolyon Maugham QC the director of the Good Law Project, went to the time and trouble of taking the UK Government to court to prove the point. The case was necessary because the British Government was asserting loudly and insistently that no such right existed. It took a court ruling to prove the contrary.

Who is missing from that list of litigants? That’s right, the Lib Dems fearlessly decided not to take part in the court case. The opportunists of the Lib Dems are just happy benefit from other people’s work without giving them any credit for it.

However flip-flopping is nothing new for Jeauw Sweynsen. She’s fiercely opposed to Brexit nowadays. Brexit is a bad thing that has only created division and upset. Today she’s quoted saying that former Tory PM David Cameron cannot be forgiven for calling the EU referendum. “No, I don’t forgive David Cameron for calling the EU referendum,” she told Lib Dem conference delegates. However she was quite happy to open the whole Brexit can of worms back in 2008 when she supported a motion put to the Commons which if successful would have brought about a referendum on EU membership. Wullie Rennie, who at the time was MP for Dunfermline and West Fife, also supported the motion. Jeauw stood up in the chamber of parliament and told the House of Commons, “In fact, the Lib Dems would like a referendum on the major issue of in or out of Europe.” Presumably she’s managed to forgive herself and Wullie.

The plan now for the Lib Dems is to revoke Article 50 and cancel Brexit outright, without another referendum. There’s no need for another referendum to overturn the result of the first one. There’s no need to implement the result of the first referendum to see whether it delivers what the voters were promised. Just vote Lib Dem, and a majority Lib Dem government will cancel the whole thing even though the First Past the Post voting system of Westminster would theoretically allow them to form a majority government on as little as one third of the popular vote.

But all this hypocrisy, rich and multistoreyed as it is, palls into insignificance when we contrast the Lib Dems’ attitude to the EU referendum with their attitude to the Scottish independence referendum. Unlike the EU referendum the result of the Scottish referendum was actually implemented. Scotland remains a part of the UK. Yet the Lib Dems and the other anti-independence parties have dismally failed to deliver on the promises and commitments that they made to the people of Scotland in 2014 in order to produce their winning result.

However not only do the Lib Dems refuse to concede that there is any need for another independence referendum, they have also stated that they would block one under all circumstances irrespective of whether voters in Scotland express a demand for one at the ballot box or not. The Lib Dems do not want to allow the electorate of Scotland to hold them and their pals in Better Together to account. The decision was made in 2014, and even if you were too young to vote then, you’re not going to be allowed to have a say on whether the UK that Scotland is a part of is really the UK that Scotland was told it was a part of.  That UK that was a member of the EU.  That UK that was a bastion of moderation, tolerance, and respect for minorities.  You’re not going to be allowed to decide whether that really is the same as the Brexit Britain immigrant bashing UK that Scotland has turned out to be a part of.  Not until Wullie Rennie shuffles off this mortal coil.

It doesn’t matter what the voters of Scotland actually want. Even if the voters of Scotland were to return 56 SNP MPs at the General Election to come. Even if the voters of Scotland were to elect an overwhelming majority of pro-independence MSPs in the next Holyrood elections, the Lib Dems say that they would still block any attempts to hold another independence referendum, indefinitely. They will do so even though they have but a fraction of the electoral support that pro-independence parties receive, and feel that they are perfectly justified in blocking the democratic will of the people of Scotland on the back of MPs from elsewhere in the UK. Yet this is a party which signed up to the Scottish Claim of Right, a document which states that the people of Scotland have the absolute right to determine the form of government best suited to their needs. Apparently there was a caveat to that document in invisible ink which said “as long as that’s OK with Wullie Rennie and Jeauw Sweynson.”

Meanwhile there are reports that the Lib Dems in Scotland are in talks with the Tories about ensuring that the SNP don’t get a “clean sweep” of Commons seats at the next General Election. Just like they did in 2010, the Lib Dems are quite happy to preach opposition to the Tories, and then collaborate with them.

Voters are allowed to change their mind on the decision to leave the EU, because that’s a decision that the Lib Dems don’t agree with. Voters aren’t allowed to change their minds on Scotland’s decision not to become independent, because that’s a decision that the Lib Dems do agree with. The only referendum results that need to be respected are those that the Lib Dems support.

“It’s about giving people a choice,” said Jeauw during an interview on Sky News on Monday. But only if that choice is one that the Lib Dems agree with. Two faces aren’t enough for them, the Lib Dems are neither liberal nor democratic.

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79 thoughts on “Two faces aren’t enough for the Lib Dems

  1. I can’t stop laughing. Splattered tea all over the keyboard yet again.
    I hope that you’re happy with yourself, PK.
    My Everlovin’ will wonder why she’s running out of specs wipes.

  2. Never mind two-faced, I genuinely believe Jo Swinson is mentally unbalanced. There is a crazed vacancy behind her eyes. Truly a shell of a human being, a zero sum game, a hollow political cipher. Anybody believing a word that comes out of her lying mouth is as weird as she is.

    If only she could have been made head prefect in sixth year at high school, with the pretty white piping for the lapels of her blazer tp underline her unchallenged authority, all of this mendacious nastiness could have been avoided. I have rarely seen more of a vacuous nonentity in my life.

  3. “It’s about giving people a choice.”, says Swinson, that is unless you’re one of the 5 million plus people who happen to live in the colony known as Scotland.

  4. Excellent piece, unlike Jack I was in sipping white wine on the terrace, but the resident stray cat ducked out of range when I gagged and turned while reading it, so no damage done..
    The Marr interview on Sunday (sorry but I browse) had her suddenly correct the trajectory of speech about Her v Liberal/country ambition, and that appears to be the current appetite for politicians darn saff, shallow ambitious individuals with a team of media trainers and script writers but with an ego greater than Trump….
    Unlike RL whose name variations have become as much a tradition as the mess he lands himself in, “Jeauw Sweynsen” simply oozes the essence of this stalwart of “heypaughrezeey”.
    When I consult Wikipedia for “British” PMs, they are listed from Walpole to Johnson, despite Walloper seeming more appropriate despite exceeding 1st Duke of Wellington’s second stint, but Janus Jeauw Sweynsen will never make the league table other than in her own fevered ambitious mind. There are eminently more convincing Snake Oil Salesmen around (eg Doris, Mirage), but this itinerant English resident is a travesty of anything approximating to democracy, and an insult to Scots everywhere..

  5. I’m not sure that making fun of the person concerned on the grounds of their accent helps the independence cause and actually undermines the otherwise very good points made in your article. There are plenty of sound reasons to be critical of Jo Swinson (e.g. voting with the Tories countless times, denying the Scottish people’s right of self-determination, etc), including the hypocrisy your rightly censure in this piece, so please stick to these rather than this kind of personal vitriol- which only serves the unionist cause.

      • I can’t comment on the authenticity of her accent, as I’m not qualified in such matters. I would imagine, though, it is very hard to prove either way and it certainly wouldn’t be possible to evidence your view in the article. However, to open your article with this ad hominem mockery simply plays into unionists’ hands who might wish to cite this as an example of the independence movement being ‘anti-English’, or the ‘nasty nationalism’ they’re very keen to pin on what, by contrast, I experience as a largely civic nationalism with a welcoming and inclusive attitude to peoples from all parts of the UK and beyond. What I’m saying is don’t needlessly give them any ammunition to misrepresent us. I am a pro-independence Yorkshireman living in Scotland, by the way.

          • I’m not saying anything about your qualifications, or asking for some kind of phonological analysis. I’m just querying whether lampooning her accent is necessary, or advisable, given how desperate some unionists are to paint us as a nasty bunch…Anyway, point made

          • All my life much of it spent living in England talking with an English accent so well that people always thought I was English I found that many many English people made fun of Scotland and Scottish people , their accent their national dress their national anthem most anything Scottish they made fun of it including me once they found out I was Scottish.
            English people even made fun of Scotland and Scottish people on tv and radio regularly in the sixties and seventies.

            If you are a Yorkshireman you know all this already.

            So are you recommending that we make special arrangements for Swinson because she speaks with an English accent

            Let’s face it English people make fun of Scottish people and Scottish people make fun of English people

            all this nonsense about oh don’t make fun of anything English because English people will think all Scottish people are anti English is just nonsense

            We dont hear so often people saying oh don’t make fun of anything Scottish because Scottish people will think all English people are anti Scottish

            The fact is many many Scottish people are now anti English
            And many many English people are now anti Scottish

            Wonder why ?
            Actually it might just be something to do with Brexit

            Anyway all I’ve said is bye the bye because this article is written without any antienglishness in it at all
            It’s an anti Swinson article

          • To be honest I can’t quite pick up half the words she says, the odd word here and there sounds a bit Scottish but I actually thought she was English until she became more prominent on getting the Lib Den leadership.
            She sounds more English than Scottish to me.
            My ears are old and hairy so that might well be the problem

          • Exactly, Paul. How can we believe someone who lacks confidence in their own accent? It’s absolute torture not only for herself but also for those listening……..which is why I switch off immediately.

    • The woman is a con artist, her pretensions over accent are fake, her residence in Dunbarton is fake, forger niceties when her ambition relies upon her fakery. This wart is a living and breathing meme, third in line to Doris and Mirage ToryMk2PLC in the lying sunnofabitch handicap at the next Cheltenham Cup…
      Perhaps unfair, maybe the horse’s arse will make a good run, more likely she will shit all over the paddock hoping a competitor slips…

      • Indeed – and if her motivation is to gain acceptance from Middle England she can forget it. Just like us, English listeners will interpret this as just another self-loathng jock trying to get above her station, and they wont take kindly to it. She is of some use to the Establishment at the moment, but as with the Buffalo Rider, that wonlt last. And when she is no longer of any use, the BritNats will not hesitate to throw her under the next bus back to Glasgow.

        • ‘Just like us, English listeners will interpret this as just another self-loathing jock trying to get above her station, and they wont take kindly to it.’

          Just as John Cleese haughtily and insultingly dismissed Fraser Nelson – he of the strangely strangulated vowels like Swinson’s. Cleese’s sneering comment about ‘ tenement Scots’ obviously stung Fraser Nelson but it was very revealing of the ingrained class attitudes of the English public school types. It was a lesson in how being obsequious to the upper class twits means in the end they will simply despise you.

  6. Joanne Swinson – you’re nae my jo

    Joanne Swinson – you’re nae my jo.
    When we were first acquent,
    You were ain young Liberal,
    Wi’ aw’ your principles spent.
    An’ now you’re aulder, Jo,
    Wi’ ither principles, mich like the snaw;
    Whan comes yon sun o’ spring, doth thaw.
    Aye, Joanne Swinson – you’re nae my jo.

    Joanne Swinson – you’re nae my jo.
    We’d never work thegither;
    And manys a cantie day, Jo,
    We had wi’oot ane anither:
    Now I maun to gae my way, Jo;
    Free o’ you – to indy, I maun go,
    An’ be rid o’ ye – aye, better wi’oot ye.
    Aye, Joanne Swinson – you’re nae my jo.

    [With acknowledgements]

  7. I don’t know if this is allowed but here is a comment posted on Scot Goes Pop in response to an excellent article on the LibDem mental processes.

    “Stop mocking the afflicted! However, even I enjoyed Willie Rennie’s explanation yesterday of how the LibDems would ignore a majority of SNP MPs and MSPs elected by the Scottish electorate and block a second Independence Referendum. Is there any chance of someone getting a brain scan of Ms Swinson or Mr Rennie while they are giving their views on this subject so we can see if there is a previously undiscovered area of the brain that the LibDems have that no one else has?”

  8. Ms Swinson… Huh! More faces than a town clock.

    And yes. Yes she did just tell everyone in Scotland that they are effectively second class citizens. Apparently folks, you’re not entitled to change your mind on anything. Mmmkay? (Cannot do that strangled irritable vowel thing. Even on a bet!)

    So no. No they are not liberal and most certainly not democratic..

    • She’s aiming at the posh end of Bearsden in Milngavie, with her Remain No Second Indyref pitch, that’s bout the limit to her ambition saving her own miserable Right Wing Blue Tory in Beige clothing ass.
      There is the very real possibility that she’ll be turfed out on her ear in Dunbartonshire East in a matter of weeks.
      Perhaps the grey suits of the Lib Dem in the back office know she is toast, and will put up with this ‘when I’m PM’ nonsense for a few weeks.
      Willie Rennie is a giggling fool who boasted pressing the Scottish Government for more cash for mental health.
      This little bar steward boasted in the Chamber that Austerity had been a success. 130,000 dead, 4 million kids in poverty, and if you have a third child, Willie Rennie solution is, ‘starve’ because Lord Flipper of Darling must get another big fat juicy tax break.

      The Lib Dems have descended into the same hellish rat pack of liars and moneygrubbers as the Blue and Red Tories.
      They are evil, in anybody’s sense of the word.
      They are hell bent on destroying Scotland for their masters’ cash.

      If Jaw Swansong (see what I did there?) genuinely believes that she can become PM and win 300 plus seats at a GE weeks away, while telling the 17.4 million Leavers, and the 45% who voted YES to eff off, then she is as mad as a hatter.

      I couldn’t vouch for myself if any of these tossers declared in my presence that they forbid me to have a plebiscite, on anything, never mind my country’s freedom.

      It is getting very nasty indeed.

  9. Lib Dem’s don’t want a Scottish independence referendum because they are presenting themselves as the leading bettertogether party

    First of all Westminster tried using the Labour Party in Scotland to win people over to bettertogether G Brown and A Darling and the famous VOW all lies presented by the Labour Party in Scotland as the reasons to stay under England’s control they used the Labour Party first because it was known to have a stronghold in Scotland.
    Scottish people trusted the Labour Party and voted NO to Scottish independence.
    Very quickly Scottish people realised they had been lied to and betrayed by their own , Brown & Darling so they rejected Labour at the next general election.
    Labour will never recover in Scotland.

    Next it was the Conservative Party in Scotland that was used by Westminster to win people over to bettertogether but once again Scottish people were betrayed when they found that after telling Scottish people that the 13 Conservative MPs from Scotland elected to Westminster would work hard for Scotlands interests first and foremost what actually happened was that two thirds of people in Scotland voted to reject brexit but every single one of the 13 conservative MPs from Scotland voted in Westminster in favour of brexit.
    Another betrayal , the Conservative Party in Scotland will be rejected in the next election because of that .
    Ruth Davidson already knows this so she has gone into hiding.
    Conservatives will never recover in Scotland.

    Next it is the Liberal Democrats that Westminster are trying to use in Scotland to win the people over to bettertogether, already the BBC ,radio stations and the newspapers are presenting Swinson as the next prime minister and the next First Minister of Scotland neither will happen but it’s all an effort to gather the unionist vote in Scotland under one umbrella that’s why she is never off the tv and radio.
    The thing is people in Scotland have seen it all before with Dugdale then Davidson now Swinson being presented as much much more capable than they actually are.
    You only have to listen to any of the three of them to see how inadequate they are.

    Whilst doing Westminster’s bettertogether campaign in Scotland the Lib Dem’s can at the same time protect the seats they have in Scotland which will all be boosted by having their leader on tv and radio every day but sooner or later once again just like before people will see the shortcomings of what is being touted.
    The hypocrisy of their actions is never ending people still remember how the Lib Dem’s campaigned in the general election with a policy against the introduction of university tuition fees but then were bribed with an offer from the Conservative Party to go into coalition with them and no sooner had the Lib Dem’s agreed to do so they introduced university tuition fees.

    You can’t trust a Lib Dem
    You can’t really determine where they stand on anything either because they blow with the wind and change their policies at a whim especially if it moves them closer to power.

  10. Westminster want the brexiters in Scotland to vote Lib Dem’s
    Westminster want the NO to Scottish independence voters to vote Lib Dem’s

    Westminster hope that joining the two together will give them boost to the bettertogether campaign in a general election in Scotland

    Westminster hope that they will be able to use that general election boost to win a majority in a Scottish independence referendum

    Always remember that Westminster is behind people like Dugdale Davidson Swinson

    • Agreed on the last, but they cannot manipulate it with multiple parties competing, none are going to give up the chance of a seat unless a rank outsider… For sure it is WM’s intent to stall momentum for SNP and thereby Indy2, but it is more likely the script will be agreed between them all rather than a single party promoted in isolation.
      As to Swinson’s ambitions and delusions of power, with her seat far from safe, the cringe factor from her annunciations and attitude on parade on media may well prove a pretence too far…

  11. Delusions of adequacy, the false belief that she is doing a competent job when she’s actually incompetent, or delusions of grandeur, an over-inflated sense of worth, power, knowledge, or identity?

    The Lib-dems hold 5 of 129 seats in the Scottish Parliament and 18 out of 650 at Westminster. How she thinks that she’s going to become the next Prime Minister is beyond me.

    The party is said to be positioned in the centre-left ground of British politics and draw upon the ideologies of liberalism and social democracy, EH!, however happy to stuff the party full of Tories now. That’s beyond me too.

    It also looks as though she’s taking a leaf out of Davidson’s book. ‘Liberal Democrats: I’m with (big eg) Jo.’

    And take a look at her baby being subjected to her mother bellowing through a loudspeaker. Forget about her politics. That says it all for me.

    • Should read ”big ego”, not ”big eg”, although I’d be satisfied with the latter term if I thought she was akin to humpty-dumpty.

      • … who sat on the wall/
        And had a great fall.

        ‘When I use a word (such as “second referendum”),’ [the big eg] said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’

        – Perfect analogy, Petra! 🙂

    • Being pedantic here but the actual LibDems won 12 seats I think at the 2017 GE. Their current total of 18 is made up of defectors many of whom will probably lose their seats at the next GE.

      The Phillipa Whitford video you link to below is well worth a watch. No notes, fluent, well argued. Excellent. Also worth noting the number of grey heads in the audience and pointing this out to people who still go on about that age group and their supposed No tendency.

      • They’ll soon be overtaken, and taken over, by the Tory newcomers Legerwood.

        And who’ll vote for Swinson in Scotland? Not the Brexiteers or Independence supporters. Nor anyone who kens what she’s been up to and stands for. Kind of narrows it down for her don’t you think?

        • There are already rumblings in the party about the new additions to the ranks not least the amount of money that would have to be put into their campaigns to keep their seats at the next GE.

          I watched some of Jo Swinson’s interviews on the news tonight. The one on CH4 news was something else.

          What a shower.

  12. Taken from the Libdems ‘Constitution.’ What a bunch of hypocritical liars.

    ..”We believe that sovereignty rests with the people and that authority in a democracy derives from the people. We therefore acknowledge their right to determine the form of government best suited to their needs”…

  13. And if Swinson hadn’t said enough today, asked in response to Johnson tagging himself “The Hulk”, Swinson adopts the tag ‘WonderWoman” for herself.

    Buffalo Ruthie, Jungle Woman Dugdale, and now WonderWoman Swinson. Has she had her invite to the John Smith “think tank” yet?

    @ Welsh Sion – topical “lyrics” to John Anderson my Jo, good one. One of my favourites. Fine melody and lyrics.

    Phonology: In my travels, I’ve noticed people adopting the accent of the area/country, unconsciously? – to fit in?

    • Accommodation for understanding is normal, I’ve done this all my professional career over multiple tours, but Swinson’s false projection goes far beyond accommodation, it is projection for personal advantage.
      I’ve taken the mickey out of Tory Mk1-Doris, ToryMk2PLC-Mirage, so ToryMk3-Sweynsen added to the pissing-contest is no big deal, yet the plus-side is it finally makes up the Three HorsesArses of the Apocalypse, what could possibly go wrong ?

  14. O/T

    What a bl**dy embarrassment. Johnson can’t face the Luxembourg protesters so slinks off just as he slipped out of the back door in Bute House. And to think that it’s people like him, absolute cowards, who make decisions that result in our troops being slaughtered. C’mon Scots waken up, support the SNP and get us out of this.

    ‘Luxembourg’s PM lays into Boris Johnson after he skips press conference.’

  15. Reposting this as accidentally posted it to previous topic I am not surprised about Jo Swinsons multiple accents of late. I wouldn’t trust that woman as far as I could throw her. She is nothing but a carpet bagging chancer who used her parents address in Milngavie on the ballot paper in 2017 general election.Unfortunately for me she also my MP and a totally useless one at that She had moved to south of England with hubby when she got booted out in 2015 by John Nicolson. No evidence exists to say she has bought another house in this constituency. Reliable info states she stays with her mother when she blesses the constituency with her presence. Supposedly at one stage she was renting a house here. She has broken numerous promises she made prior to 2017 election. She had opened an office in Kirkintilloch town centre couple doors down from John Nicolsons office and promised it would stay there. Magically after her re-election it shut. the current office she and the Lib Dems have is in an industrial estate in the rear end of Bishopbriggs that anyone would need to use a compass or sat nav to find. She consistently claims credit for accomplishments of local Independent and Green councillors. She has never set foot in this area and relies on support from Tory and Unionist voters who live in big expensive houses in the area. I laughed myself silly about the prospect of her becoming Prime Minister. She is clearly delusional I probably have more chance of getting that job. She is a Tory in sheep’s clothing her ideas to cancel Brexit without a further referendum and not allowing a 2nd Scottish referendum are totally anti democratic. I sincerely hope she gets booted out again at next election otherwise I will have to hope that proposed boundary changes that would put my area in West Dunbartonshire constituency go through then I might get a decent MP. Yes I really would prefer to be separated from rest of my community to ensure I don’t have to suffer her as my MP any longer


    • This lass is either deranged, an absolute fool, or a liar who insults our joint intelligence when she prattles on about being the next PM of England.(deliberate.)

      As for that grinning giggling little toerag Rennie, who the feck is voting for him up there?
      The man is clearly completely out of his depth.
      Hence the nervous giggle and ruddy face when ‘interviewed’ on the telly.
      He is clearly a fool and thoroughly enjoying his all expenses paid holiday in England.

      I am ‘way past the end of my tether for this bunch of freeloading Brit Nats doing their Masters’ bidding, and selling their fellow Scots into yet more colonial serfdom for money.
      We must pack every TV Debate from now on with people who will call them out for their lies and threats.
      I doubt that they’d let old curmudgeons like me near their studios.

  16. I see Luxembourg invited Johnson for a lunch of escargots, Scottish Salmon (d?) and Dutch cheese, and as the Self Proclaimed Hulk waddled to his limo he ignored the Luxemburg PM and the expected Press Statement aand fecked off for a BBC interview with laura K.
    This man does not represent me or Scotland. He virtually spat in Luxemburg’s face.

    England is in the hands of madmen and women now.

    That’s why Swansong can get away with any mad declaration she likes.

    • FFS, just caught up with the evening’s news, Johnson well and truly hurled his rattle oot ra pram, and left one furious Lux PM, and doubtless an angry EU, presumably part of the Cummings’ cunning plan, stupid, theatrical, and guaranteed to hit the headlines…
      Swansong and this eejit as the wishful-thinking and current PMs, the EU are well rid of them and so are the Scots…
      Just when you think the UK’s international reputation couldn’t go further down the shitter they go and flush again…

  17. Eiiidh, sit back and enjoy. We’ve had doe-eyed Kezia eating bugs for cash; frumpy Ruthie sitting astride a tank gun turret, and a buffalo; and now Wonderwoman Swinson.

    The male side is pretty boring – Oor Wullie Rennie, ‘buff said; Carlaw – notice every time he stands up at Holyrood to ask a question he buttons his jacket, ‘cos Mummy told him? Bobbin Dick Leonard of waspi women fame.And today, the Hulk sulks and slinks away from a press conference, bulldog spirit eh?.

    Meantime Nicola behaves in a competent professional manner, with a touch of humour.And Ian Blackford fights the good fight with vigour.

    Guess where my votes go.

  18. More loquacious ramblings from the illiberal Liberals today..

    The Scottish Parliament has already voted by significant majority 69 to 59 to seek another Referendum on Independence = a Mandate.

    Certainly the Liberals, Conservatives and Labour Parties have selective amnesia on this point, as have the MSM to large extent;
    I am not sure what role the ‘Liberal Democrats” see for themselves in an Independent Scotland, but certainly it will be one where Democracy is applied.

    I watch with interest the fate of the Liberals peddling these ramblings in Scotland.

    • Yes , Alistair Carmichael , as Chief Whip , has to ”process” all new Libdem wannabes just in case any are NOT of the highest calibre of integrity .

      They wouldn’t want any proven liars in their ranks , would they ?

      • The sheer brass neck of these liars is breathtaking , anyone else would not have the nerve to appear in public again , from Wullie denying owing Police Scotland X pounds for supplying officers at their conference , to as you mention Carmichael branded a liar and a untrustworthy individual in open court .
        A truly disgusting bunch of con artists the lot of them .

  19. Aw naw that’s the sound when wullie stands up in Holyrood , and that’s from his own side Christ ,
    The vision I get when these two clowns are mentioned is wullie in short trousers dressed in a Boy Scout outfit ,and the other one with the strange accent stamping her feet demanding attention , both are subjects of ridicule and they don’t seem to notice .
    Not only did they not take part in the legal cases brought by cross party MPs but they voted against the SNP revoking art 50 , Pete Wishart commented about this yesterday and if I find the details I will post them ,
    I have never seen a more disgusting unscrupulous side show as this one these clowns are presenting , a short list of previous gives the whole flavour of the depths these con artists will stoop to , just mentioning a few names gives you the full picture , Jeremy Thorpe , Cyril Smith , there are many more but it’s late and I can’t be arsed , every single one of them is mired in some kind of controversy .

  20. Dem Lib Dem bones, dem lie bones,
    Dem Lib Dem bones, dem lie bones,
    Dem Lib Dem bones, dem lie bones,
    Now hear the word of the Lords

    The brain bone’s connected to the sleaze bone,
    The sleaze bone’s connected to the heart bone.
    The heart bone’s connected to the wallet bone,
    Now hear the word of the Lords.

    The wallet bone’s connected to the hip bone,
    The hip bone’s connected to the knee bone,
    The knee bone’s connected to the beg bone,
    Now hear the word of the Lords.

    Dem Lib Dem bones, dem lie bones,
    Dem Lib Dem bones, dem lie bones,
    Dem Lib Dem bones, dem lie bones,
    Now hear the word of the Lords

    The beg bone’s connected to the cringe bone,
    The cringe bone’s connected to the jaw bone,
    The jaw bone’s connected to the lie bone,
    Now hear the word of the Lords

    There is, of course, no back bone,
    There is, of course, no back bone,
    There is, of course, no back bone,
    Now hear the word of the Lords

    Dem Lib Dem bones, dem lie bones,
    Dem Lib Dem bones, dem lie bones,
    Dem Lib Dem bones, dem lie bones,
    Now hear the word of the Lords

    Now hear – the word – of the Lords!

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