The blawflummer


It’s keeping me awake, trying to remember which one of the Avengers movies it was where the Hulk was confronted by a tiny number of people booing and ran away and hid. I don’t recall the Hulk ever saying, “You won’t see me when I’m angry.” Still at least we all know now how to get rid of him. Just form a crowd of 50 protesters with some very polite placards. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson likes his macho insults, but after spending a week calling Jeremy Corbyn chicken, and referring to David Cameron as a big girl’s blouse, now we see that all his tough talk has less substance than a deflated airbag. He could be defeated in a cage wrestling contest by a girl guide who’s suffering from a bad case of narcolepsy.

He spent years plotting and scheming to get the top job in British politics, and now he’s achieved his lifelong dream the whole world can see how out of his depth he is. He’s only been in office for a few short months and he’s already the worst Prime Minister in British history. He is, to use a guid Scots word, a blawflummer, a self-important empty person who cajoles and deceives as he showboats his way through life. He’s a vacuous vanity who parasitises the body politic, and who tells himself that what he has is due to his immense talents, when it’s really all down to his his accent, his schooling and his connections. If he’d had the misfortune to have been born into a working class family in a council estate in Blackburn, he’d be that blawhard in the pub that everyone avoided, the serial wickdipper with a string of kids, who was always trying to interest everyone in his latest fantasy scheme that will go pear shaped just like all his schemes before. Give him a posh accent and an Eton education and he becomes a character. And that, in a nutshell, is the fundamental disgrace of the English class system.

The Luxembourg Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel, could barely disguise his utter frustration and anger with his British counterpart. He referred to the Brexit … situation. You just know that he wanted to say “shit”. It was obvious that he felt that the entire occasion was a waste of time, an attempt by LBJ to shift the blame for the failure of the talks to progress onto the EU. But for talks to progress, for talks even to take place, there has to be something to talk about. The UK isn’t proposing anything. There’s nothing to discuss, and the EU and the Luxembourg government have no intention of being bit players in LBJ’s games.

There are still those in the British government and media who are pretending both to themselves and to the rest of us that Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is serious about trying to get a Brexit deal negotiated with the EU. He can’t even negotiate a press conference with Luxembourg. You’d think that even the most resolutely BBC-balanced reporter would by this time be screaming that the government hasn’t got the slightest intention of getting a deal. It is blindingly obvious. But no. LBJ still gets away with his lies and deceit, and it takes a bunch of demonstrators in Luxembourg to show him up for the mendacious burst bag of wind that he is. He even makes the Lib Dems look consistent and principled.

There’s still nothing remotely approaching a serious proposal from Whitehall about how to deal with the Irish backstop. There’s still no details from the Government about how this alternative to the backstop could work in the real world that we actually live in, as opposed to the world in which Lyin’ Bastert Johnson thinks he’s channelling the Hulk. There’s still nothing about how exactly, in the vanishingly unlikely event that a deal was struck, that all the necessary legislation could get through Parliament within the extremely tight timetable created by Lyin’ Bastert Johnson’s decision to prorogue Parliament.

The Prime Minister is still insisting that he’s not going to ask for an extension to Article 50 as he is obliged to do by law. He’s still insisting that he’s not going to break the law. At least one of those things cannot be true. Both those things could be untrue. What is a logical impossibility is that both of those things can be true, except if LBJ has managed to get a hold of an entire set of Infinity Stones. And that’s about as likely as the British Prime Minister getting through a day without lying about something. The Government might as well tell us that it’s official British policy to build one of those brain melting structures from an Escher print. Which to be honest, isn’t actually that different from what LBJ is proposing with that bridge from Scotland to Ireland.

It is arrant nonsense to suggest that the Prime Minister can produce a square circle out of his Brexit hat, but that’s what we’re being led to believe. There is no wizzard wheeze which can achieve the mutually contradictory aims of not asking for an extension to Article 50, and not breaking the law. If there were we’d have heard it by now, the same as if there were a solution to the Irish backstop issue we’d have heard that by now. We have instead a Government which is treating us all like mugs.

Tomorrow the UK Supreme Court is due to start its hearing, and by the end of the week it will rule on whether it was the Scottish Court of Session or the English High Court which was correct in its judgement on the illegality or otherwise of LBJ’s prorogation of Parliament. This is British democracy itself which is on trial. If they find that the Scottish Court of Session was correct to rule that he’d broken the law, then we will be in the middle of possibly the greatest constitutional crisis since the UK was established in 1707. But if the judges find that the matter is political, that the law was not broken as the English High Court ruled, they will be giving LBJ or whatever unprincipled charlatans who succeed him carte blanche to ride roughshod over Parliament. British democracy will be dead. The only remedy for Scotland is to escape.

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43 thoughts on “The blawflummer

  1. Everyday the evidence builds that UK has fully transitioned to a State broadcaster – just feeding of the last vestiges of a belief that there is a Public broadcaster that lingers in the minds of the public.

  2. UK parliamentary democracy became a zombie once the Henry VIII powers passed.

    How did the Scottish government not take action when Westminster sought to resurrect an English precedent from before the Union that is totally foreign to Scotland’s traditions?

    • Because the only effective action required of the Scottish government in these circumstances is to hold a Scottish independence referendum and they cannot do that until Scotland has actually been taken out of the EU, not before it’s taken out of the EU , not if it’s threatened to be taken out of the EU not in the lead up to it being taken out of the EU.

      Only the British unionists said that we will never get back into the EU or it would take a very long time to get back in but in reality all it will take is a meeting between the EU and Scotland then a meeting of the EU members and a vote then a signing of agreements by Scotland and the EU and that does not take long at all.

      • @Terry callachan
        INDY REF is not the only remedy.

        If Scotland’s parliament (and SNP) believe in their law and constitutional position, then they should find every measure to fight for it. Even if they lose in the courts, its then about how to twist the new paradigm in ways Westminster did not see coming. The Govt executive has used Brexit to rewrite the rules in its favour. Time for SNP to add that weapon to its arsenal.

        Heck Joanna Cherry has been putting the wind up them for well over a year. Time for Scot Govt to step it up and fight with all its wiles and cunning.

        • And do you think Ms Cherry took part in those cases without the tacit support of the SG?
          Lord Woolff QC, the Lord Advocate, was also took part in the case at the Court of Session on the prorogation of Parliament. He advises the Scottish Government on legal matters.

          You choose your legal battles carefully and make sure they are in areas that are easily understood by the public.

        • Hi Tol,
          I see what you are saying, I agree but to be honest I don’t think it would be right to just declare independence , we must remember that a sizeable proportion of people in Scotland want unionism, a vote is the only way to change things and that vote has to be a specific vote which says do you or do you not want Scottish independence.

  3. …”The only remedy for Scotland is to escape”…

    Is this WGD moving towards another path to INDY? Section 30 route is not an “escape” as Westminster holds all the power in that option .

  4. I’ve heard an opinion Johnson may get around the law by putting the Withdrawal Agreement before Parliament again, because there needs to be another law to allow him to go back to the EU. If that second law doesn’t get passed (and he’ll make sure it doesn’t) then we could reach Oct 31st with the Withdrawal agreement accepted, but with no agreement in place, and thus no deal.

    • Colonial mentality is cultivated by the colonisers , the BBC , the radio stations the newspapers all limited to very narrow points of view , hardly any world news, no ferries direct from Scotland to Europe no direct flights to most countries around the world it’s all made so difficult ,we have to go through London it also means it’s difficult for people other than the rich to make their way to Scotland so people in Scotland are deprived from seeing that people elsewhere in countries they are misleadingly told are less well off are not in fact less well off .
      All part of the propaganda to keep Scotland under the control of England .

      • While I agree there are no direct flights to most places in the world from Scotland there is absolutely no need to go through London. I travel extensively following the Scottish football team to some great places, recently Georgia, Peru, Mexico. Kazakhstan and avoid London airports like the plague. Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam are all easily accessible from Scottish airports and offer worldwide destinations. Usually cheaper too.

        • The alternatives you speak of to avoid going through London still require you to fly from England.
          So I think you are missing the point ,why should people in Scotland have to go to England to fly to Georgia Peru Mexico Kazakhstan
          Why should we have to go to Brussels Paris Frankfurt Amsterdam to go to the places we wish to visit.
          Edinburgh has an international standing and could easily have an airport with flights to all the countries you mention I would say that it’s highly likely it will do once Scotland is independent.
          It’s no accident or lack of demand that we don’t have flights direct to all the places you mention or ferries to Europe ,we don’t have them because our airports have been sold off by hi government to companies that own English airports and part f that deal is that Scottish people are expected to use English airports and ferry services from English ports

          • Nope we flew to Peru via Paris, Georgia via Amsterdam, and Kazakhstan via Frankfurt all from Edinburgh. And while it would be very useful to have far more international flights, very few countries of Scotland’s size have better connections than we have

          • Yes but what I’m saying is you should be able to fly to Peru from Scotland not via Paris
            Georgia from Scotland not via Amsterdam
            Kazakhstan from Scotland not via Frankfurt
            God we can fly anywhere in the world via somewhere else of course
            But the point is Edinburgh is an international city and we should be able to fly direct from Edinburgh to all of these countries you mention

          • While that would be great there are very few countries of 5 million people who have an airport which is an international hub ….there’s just not the population or airport capacity

          • Dublin offers more destinations than Edinburgh, but even it doesn’t offer direct flights to anywhere in Latin America except one flight to Cancun. There are direct flights from Glasgow and Edinburgh to Cancun too. The only direct flight to east Asia is one flight to Beijing. The only direct flights from Dublin to Africa fly to Agadir in Morocco and Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. As Diane said, a country of 5 million just isn’t big enough for airlines to use as a major international long distance hub.

          • Friends of ours flew direct to Glasgow from the USA, I think from New York. After two weeks here, they flew back again from Glasgow.

            We flew direct from Glasgow to Amsterdam. Returned the same way.

            Neither trip involved England at all.

  5. I think the supreme court case is a win win whichever way the decision goes, if Scots law is upheld it makes the establishment more likely to want rid of the “troublesome scots”.

    If the decision goes against then it will bring more people to support independence highlighting that we are not equal where it come to scots law being sacrosanct.

    Who knows it may even break the treaty of union.

  6. Aye, you never know. Bumbing Boris could be the one, the last PM that finally breaks the union. We are in the final stages of break up. Things may be unravelling quickly now, but this process, the dying of the empire, and then the union itself, has been ongoing for decades. Britains finest hour was fllowed by a series of humiliating events: Suez 1956, Devaluation c.1967, Thatcher’s death of society, 1980, Scottish parliament 1999, SNP landslides 2011, 2015, 45% yes in 2014. Aye, the union has been slowly disitegrating for decades. We are near the end. Not long now. 🙂

  7. Shutting down parliament is part of a familiar behaviour pattern from BoJo.
    He seems to have a great fear of hostile crowds
    Bute House,the Commons and now Luxembourg.
    Probably goes back to something in his childhood days.
    Eton has that effect on some people.
    As with the Westminster system itself,he is not fit for purpose and has to go.

  8. Very well put.
    Went looking to see what the press made of it all, and apart from a few “Podiumgate” articles, this charlatan’s behaviour was largely skimmed over in favour of featuring the Supreme Court hearing and a Johnson’s smokescreen video presentation.
    Katya Adler summed up best how the pro and anti tribes would interpret it, and John Crace’s column ripped the episode to shreds in usual form but highlighted it was day 26 of the 30 day period which Johnson said was more than adequate to present a fully viable and workable solution to the Irish Backstop.
    So where is the public outrage ? The smoke and mirrors have all eyes on the Supreme Court to put the Scots in their place, I hope the plaintiffs have an ace to pull and there more to this case than simply prorogation..
    The UK has become so normalised to lies and deception from this elite London clique, honesty and truth were deported long before Windrush, Scotland’s deportation is essential..

  9. Top class piece WGD….you are spot on re what Boris would be like if he had been born in a different bed.

    His very privileged education really was an exercise in sheer ignorance and crass bad manners.

    The young folk I meet today are in the main, pleasant, honourable and ambitious both for themselves and Scottish society.

    The Hulk is really a very large toad.

  10. Think in the cause of accuracy, boris called cameron a Girly Swot, from memory doris called corbyn a big girl’s blouse.
    Great article on the Invisible Green Hulk, we may have a way to burst his ego on his next trip to Scotland, a wee spell in the Big Hoose in Glasgow for Contempt of Court would be a hoot but super non stick blairitium is the order of the day I suspect.
    A bawheed for PM.

  11. I do not think the uk Supreme Court will issue a quick decision they will take their time although I have a suspicion that their answer is already prepared.

    We are often told that because the Supreme Court is an appeal court it is the end of the line for getting a decision but it is not.
    An appeal can be taken to the ECHR the EU court for human rights and I think it will.

    The UK of course has a bit of history in ignoring the human rights courts decisions.

    Still, it would be worthwhile to force the UK to do exactly that through a court action in these brexit circumstances.

    • Terry I wondered if the case, if lost at the SC, could be appealed at the ECJ, however Chic explained on here previously why that can’t happen now.

      • Hi Petra ,
        I think the ECJ is a different court to the ECHR .

        I believe that the European Court Human Rights was actually set up because it was felt that the European Court Justice did not consider Human Rights widely enough in terms of how all the member states of the EU had each developed their individual law on human rights.

  12. We have been taken back in time by some Right Wing Brit Nat ‘pressure group’ who are petitioning Holyrood to legislate that in any future Indyref the YES vote would have to have a 2/3rds majority to succeed.
    What happened to :-
    ‘One man(sic) one vote’.

    Democracy for the few, not the many.

    It is 1966 in (London)Derry.
    The Unionists gerrymandered the town so that the Unionists, in the minority, would still return a majority of Unionists.
    That went well didn’t it?0.

    Who are these people?
    In what corner of their Fascist brains do Rennie Swansong Leotard and Carlot harbour the notion that they can deny their fellow Scots citizens the god given right to decide their own destiny because they can threaten us with the might of 560 English MPs and the failed UK state’s Imperial might?

    It is all designed to egg us on into more dramatic and violent Revolt.
    Won’t work of course.

    I’m sorry, but I cannot understand why Scots citizens would lie, cheat, and threaten, their fellow Scots so that we would still be under the yolk of England and our vast wealth and resources sent South to London to make the Rich richer, and the journey time of the train from Birmingham to London take ten minutes less.

    I struggle to find an alternative description of the Red Blue and Beige Brit Nat Proudscotsbutters than Fifth Columnist/ collaborators.
    This is not hyperbole.
    The are agents provocateurs working for the English Establishment.
    They are quite deliberately trying to destroy Scotland.

    • Jack
      These people you refer to are able to sell out their own country Scotland and their own people because once they have made it their career to be a politician for the British government they would have to admit they were wrong in order to go against the British government.
      They are the kind of people who will not admit they were wrong.
      Even when provided with more and more evidence even overwhelming evidence that they backed the wrong side they will persevere,it’s human nature for certain kind of people,

      Many many good people backed despicable murderous regimes in the past history shows that and usually it’s only after defeat that they repent and look for forgiveness ,they usually blame their choice on being forced by circumstances beyond their control, greed is often one of them.

      • Eichmann’s defence: ‘I was only obeying orders’.

        Were Swansong and Rennie only obeying orders when they back £32 billion cuts in Welfare and Public Services and tax cuts to the rich and the bedroom tax, Universal Credit and a fee of £1200 for a sacked worker to take their bosses to an Industrial Tribunal?

        Food banks, mental health crisis, zero hour contracts, Trident, HS2 and 130,000 dead by their political ‘difficult decisions’ since 2010.

        They are directly responsible for all of this evil manipulation and poverty.
        They don’t give a damn.
        Our children’s children will ask, if we don’t stop these mercenaries now, why did we let it happen?
        Well I’m done being measured and polite.
        They are out to destroy Scotland as agents of their paymasters in another country.

        I’m reading Brain Bilston’s superb collection ‘You took the last bus home’ at the moment.
        His ‘Thirty Rules for Midlife Rebellion has a few tips for us ‘Passive Resisters’.

        – Do not take part in ‘dress down Fridays’.

        – Do not use the tongs provided.

        – Dive bomb into swimming pools.

        These and 27 other gems that will shake the Brit Nat World to its foundations.
        Or maybe not.
        It is time to go on the attack and expose these charlatans and carpetbaggers for what they are.

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