We stood, and we still stand


It’s been five years since Scotland went to the polls in the independence referendum. The poll might have produced a win for no, but the result merely signalled the beginning of the question about Scotland’s place in the world and not the end of it. Five years on and we’re still asking, and the voices calling for Scotland to retake its rightful place amongst the independent nations of the world are louder and more confident than ever. There is a better Scotland, and it is shimmering on the horizon, almost within our grasp. There is a dawn coming.

The Scotland of 2019, the Scotland of these past five years, is not the same Scotland that existed prior to the referendum. We awoke on that morning of bitterness five years ago. We wept. We cried. We railed at the injustice. We nursed our wounds. And then we stood up and said, no. We said that our dreams would not be crushed. We said that we would hold those triumphalist victors of the referendum to account. We said that we would never go back into the shortbread tin. We resolved that the Cringe was dead within us and that we would mock those who tell us that we are not good enough, that we are too small, too weak, to poor, too stupid. Because they are not talking about us, they’re talking about themselves. They’re talking about North Britain, not Scotland. They’re talking about their own inadequacies, not ours.

We stood and we still stand, because we had learned how to hope and that was a lesson that we were never going to forget. The campaign of 2014 taught a nation that it could define itself. That it could be open, accepting, that Scottishness has nothing to do with where you come from, or who your ancestors were. It taught us that Scottishness is a state of mind, a mind that has resolved to make this country a better place for all of us, for the marginalised, for the poor, for the disabled, for the old, for migrants and those who were born here alike. It taught us that if we want to achieve that better Scotland we need to do it for ourselves, because nae other bugger is going to do it for us. We learned that we had a voice, whether we live in Morningside or Easterhouse, our voices count the same. We learned how to stand up. We learned how to sing. We discovered that hope changes everything. That hope still animates us, still flows through our veins. It still burns brightly. And it will guide us to the Scotland of our dreams.

The unleashing of hope has made this a country increasingly at ease with itself, increasingly confident in itself, increasingly impatient with the contortions, confusion, and contempt that issue from that Parliament on the banks of the Thames. This is a country where the issue of independence has not merely been normalised, it has been brought right into the centre of Scottish political debate. It is now the question around which all of Scottish politics revolves.

We did that. You and I. The pensioner from Fife. The lobster fisherman from Skye. The disabled activist from Glasgow. The carer from Aberdeen. We changed Scotland. We changed Scotland with our canvassing, our conversations, our belief, our memes, our blog posts, our local groups, our self-organisation. We did it without the support of any traditional media outlet with the honourable exception of the Sunday Herald and later the National. We did it in the teeth of opposition from the entire broadcast media, the print media, the anti-independence parties and their pals in business, the combined weight of the British establishment. We did it all by ourselves. Because the little people together make a movement, and a people in movement cannot be stopped. We made Scotland a different country, a country no longer prepared to be silent and quiescent as decisions are made for us by politicians in a distant parliament far away, politicians who know little about Scotland and who care even less.

Those who oppose us are still arrogant, still contemptuous, still preaching that this land that their precious Westminster rules over is weak, poor, and incapable. They’re still blind to the truth that if what they themselves say is true then it is no argument for continuing Westminster rule, it’s an indictment of it. But their arrogance is hollow, their contempt a mask for their fear. They know that in 2014 the people of Scotland gave them one more chance, and they know that they have blown it. It’s not the Scottish independence movement which has destroyed confidence in the Westminster Parliament. The Westminster Parliament has done that all by itself. One by one, the British establishment has trashed all their own arguments against independence. Now all they have left are scare stories, fear, and threats.

They know, and we know, that all they can do is to stall the people of Scotland from having their say, because once we do have our say our verdict will condemn them. They can only pray that we will give up and go away, that we will get back into the shortbread tin and close the lid on ourselves. But that’s not going to happen. We have shown them over the course of the past five years that that is not going to happen. We are certainly not going to give up and go away when faced with a British state that has lied to us, deceived us, treated us with contempt, broken every promise it made to us. They can’t hold back the waters forever and we are the rising tide.

We have changed Scotland over the past five years, and we shall propel it yet further on its journey. All of us, on our mission to make this a better place. We hoped and we still hope. We believed and we still believe. We stood and we still stand. The dawn is coming.

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79 thoughts on “We stood, and we still stand

  1. Just out of interest, I am wondering whether you think that Westminster still has confidence behind it in England (or, for that matter, in Wales)? Because I am far from convinced of that at the moment.

        • And it isn’t just the 17.4 million who voted to Leave (allegedly with “No Deal”) in 2016, there are 48.6 million others whose patience is finally run out, and vengeance from those of the “17.4 million” who realised too late it was all a con…
          For Scotland it’s Independence after 5 years of broken promises even at the risk of the breakaway Republic of Swinsonland amalgamating Orkney and Shetland, for Ireland re-unification seems certain, and Wales is coming up to steam for it’s own Independence, all over a small greedy clique in London.
          For we smaller countries the rally point is clear enough, but for England? There will be no tanks on the streets of Edinburgh or Glasgow, Belfast or Cardiff, but I would not bet on that for any of the English cities as this business/political coup disintegrates.
          “London Falling” was a far fetched film, reality is nowhere near so well stage managed even if the cast are far-fetched..

    • Strewth, that was a rallying cry and a half, bravo…
      The establishment know they are on the ropes out of their own contempt and arrogance. Hell mend them, they had 5 years of chances to put things right and failed from day 1…

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  3. We could see something better in 2014. We knew that the exact future we dreamed of might not happen, but the possibilities excited us. If no voters could be accused of anything, it was of a lack of imagination, of not being able to see beyond their existing circumstances. Of thinking that change, which by its nature is constant, would somehow stop.

    We could see something better in 2014. But it needed no voters to experience something worse, as a result of their own choices, for yes to be in the lead.

    Personally I reckon we haven’t seen anything yet with Brexit. No voters need lived proof, not possibilities, to change their minds. Let it hit us and then ask the question again.

  4. On the eve of the next Independence Referendum these words should be on the front page of the National and pasted on billboards all across Scotland.

  5. Paul that must rank as one of your best ever articles. A rallying cry as Bob says. Full of hope and optimism as others try to drag us all down.

    I was totally catatonic for three days following the Indyref1 result but then bucked myself up and was even more determined not to return to that old, stifling box. Not to let them win, as you say like hundreds of thousands of others right across the country. We, with others gone before us, have waited for over 300 years for this and we don’t have long to go now. Have patience folks because we will unshackle ourselves from this “Union”. Will win this time around. Nothing surer, hence the smell of fear and signs of desperation emanating from the Unionist camp.

  6. Yes, before 2014 many people were unwilling to voice their opinion. Now Scottish Independence is a normal subject for discussion whether in the street or in the dentist’s waiting room!

  7. Wings Over Scotland has a rather negative post today titled Song for 18 September 2019 of the Bruce Springsteen song State Trooper. These lines from the song are at the top of the post :

    “The radio’s jammed up
    With talk show stations
    It’s just talk, talk, talk, talk
    ‘Til you lose your patience”

    I much prefer a more uplifting Springsteen song. Land of Hope and Dreams.

    “You’ll need a good companion
    For this part of the ride
    Leave behind your sorrows
    Let this day be the last
    Tomorrow there’ll be sunshine
    And all this darkness past
    Big wheels roll through fields
    Where sunlight streams
    Meet me in a land of Hope and dreams
    I said this train dreams will not be thwarted
    This train faith will be rewarded
    This train hear the steel wheels singin’
    This train bells of freedom ringin'”

    All aboard the Indy Train!

  8. Paul, there have been many great reads on your blog….but THIS? This is the Best Ever.
    A rallying cry from the heart.

    Thank you for this great start to my day!

  9. Who mentioned trains? 🙂

    53. (of 60)

    Passenger announcement for those travelling by Free Caledonia Rail

    “Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome aboard this Free Caledonia Rail express service to Independence, which is the end of the line and where this service will terminate.

    My name is Nicola and I am your chief guard on this train today.

    We started out from Essennpee at 19:34 and we will be calling at the following stations: Ewing Central, Devolution Halt, Parliament, Referendum Junction, Forty-five Central, New-vote and Independence.

    Please note that owing to outside engineering work on the line, this could slightly delay our journey to our final destination.

    Additionally, work in replacing the track by outside contractors in the Devolution Halt area will mean that we will be shunted off the main track and find ourselves in the sidings for some time.

    However, please bear with us, as we hope to be back on the main track before too long and making up for that lost time. The train will pick up speed again after leaving Forty-five Central.

    We wish you a pleasant onward journey with us and we thank you for travelling with Free Caledonia Rail.”

    Parables for the New Politics

    • Hey Macart

      i’ve always felt that “Still YES” Implies that it’s been a struggle to remain YES …..kind of a negative connotation…..just saying

      I note that the National is keen on ” Still YES”

      • To me Still Yes means the Unionists lied and lied and lied. We saw through the lies and held our purpose showing contempt for the Quislings and Cringers. That wasn’t a struggle.

      • Basically what Grouser said.

        It’s not a struggle, more statement of fact and intent. Whatever they’ve thrown at us and whatever they will throw at us.

        It won’t be enough. 😎

  10. And we stand and we stand and we stand and we stand
    and when they bring guns and batons
    we bring the Pen
    and we stand and stand and stand again
    peace and love

  11. On this the fifth anniversary of the referendum will there be a re-creation of the unionist battle of George Square as they ‘celebrated’ their triumph ?

    Perhaps the Better Together leaders could join them and show us how their promises have transformed Scotland for the better ?

  12. Well said… Ruthie’s in her bunker, Cameroon is in his expensive mobile shed, Broon is international now so possibly jetlagged after Kircaldy to Dunfermline and arguing over the taxi fare, so chances of a reunion are as remote as any explaining the current condition. Except for PFI Broon, the cure for the insomnia you never knew you had…

        • I suspect Johnson will do the same as he did when he was an undergraduate at Oxford. There he was well-known for being late for tutorials and subsequently ‘reading’ the answers (not necessarily the correct ones) from a blank sheet of A4.

          Small wonder he was considered a slacker by academic staff and was in danger of being ‘sent down’ (in the academic sense – the other meaning may apply later when his prime ministerial dream turn to ash). It was Cameron who was ‘the girly swot’ (although his predeliction for ‘chillaxing’ later, probably gives the lie to that, too.)

  13. This made me cry but also smile …I agree this should be printed on the national front page every day for a month up to the Indy referendum…

  14. How profound, Legerwood. Too bad that you can’t post it in full, as it’s so fitting for the situation that we have found ourselves in.

    ..”Did you want to see me broken?
    Bowed head and lowered eyes?
    Shoulders falling down like teardrops,
    Weakened by my soulful cries?”..

    Reminds of so many incidences, such as when over 400 of the almighty Unionist troops, who didn’t even have the decency to listen to the Scotland Bill debates, marched (staggered?) into the Commons, from subsidised bars and restaurants, smirking and sneering to overturn over 100 SNP amendments. Little did they know then that we’d get another shot at this so soon and that we’ll surely turn the tables on them. How hateful, spiteful and more so how shortsighted were they?

    • The second verse is made me smile.

      “”Does my sassiness upset you?
      Why are you beset with gloom?
      ’Cause I walk like I’ve got oil wells
      Pumping in my living room.””

      ‘Still I rise’ by Maya Angelou

  15. Quite a provocatively impolite submission from Aidan O’Neill on behalf of Jo Cherry today. Had several of the Justices bristling through his rambling and at times, angry speech. You’d almost think he was deliberately trying their patience. Could just be one of the most important contributions towards independence, if you think about it. You need strong coffee to get through it though!

  16. You can see why LBJ has done his utmost to go into hiding at every turn and wait it out until October 31st. He seemingly doesn’t have a clue about the basics in relation to cross-border trade and customs.



    Iain Blackford is on BBC Scotland Channel 9 tonight at 10.30pm.

    • Petra, I caught it on I-PLayer.
      Same old Better Together triumvirate, Red Blue and Yellow Tory, plus SNP and a ‘nationalist’ night club owner.
      So no change there.
      This week it was Brexit and the NHS in Scotland with two woman planted front and centre, one whose mother was in hospital with dementia, and another just behind her whose mother is a nurse and comes home exhausted every night both attacking the lack of resources and the SNP, while the Better Together blamed the 12 years of SNP Badness for it all, based on these two women’s stories and the Public Enquiry into the Southern General and the Edinburgh Sick Children’s hospitals’ building defects.
      So everybody had a go at Ian Blackford including Chairman Jardine.
      Will there be the same Better Together bias from now on in?
      Of course there will. It’s the BBC Stockade in Scotland, with its very own channel targeting the colony that gives so much, and gets nothing back.
      Colin Clark reddened with embarrassment and obvious shallowness the longer the night wore on.
      He’ll be toast soon.

      That’s my first and last dip in to BBC Jockland.

      The Great British Better Together Debate should be the title.

      I watched the first episode of The Papers documentary.

      The Herald Britland was described as ‘conservative’, with a small ‘c’.
      Aye richt.

      The editor blamed online news for the plummet of their sales.

      Or perhaps it’s because you are one of the Dead Tree Scrolls, the go-to propaganda outlet, for the Red Blue and Beige Tory Press Officers because you will publish any old handout they send your way, without comment; oh, and write daily SNP Bad garbage on a daily basis.

      Half your potential audience is lost at a stroke.
      Is there Dark Money keeping them afloat?
      Again, I won’t be tuning in to any more of this whitewash.

      • I watched it Jack until they got on to the hospital saga and then turned it off. I can’t stand seeing them all gloating and rubbing their hands when they manage to bring up a subject to make SNP politicians squirm. It just sickens me too when we are all so well aware of the multitude of hellish hospital stories, far worse than ours, across the rest of the UK. Try nursing in England too or having dementia versus similar in Scotland.

        That ”night club owner” on the panel who said that he supported independence in 2014 (plus bein a Brexiteer) was a real embarrassment too. He sounded / looked as though he was extremely drunk, talked in riddles and had to be pulled up for the way that he was talking about politicians (Swinson / Swindles). Iain Blackford looked as though he was cringing every time he opened his mouth. One thing for sure was that he did us no favours. He was probably ”chosen” to counter the Tory, Labour, Libdem .. SNP imbalance. Thanks a lot BBC 9.

        I went on to watch Peston and got scunnered with that too. Joanna Cherry was brilliant (make you proud to be a Scot) and could have made mincemeat of Peston if he hadn’t constantly shut her up. I was pleased to hear her say, when they got on to Swinson / Libdems, that it was she that had been at the forefront of the Revoke A 50 case and that the Libdems had jumped on the bandwagon. And of course he was trying to talk over her to ensure that no one would hear one word that she said.

        Dark money? Someone is forking out to keep them afloat and that includes people that are supposed to be on our side, imo.

        Roll on the day when we have control over our own Broadcasting Corporation. The downside being the number of people who will be positively ill when they get their eyes opened to what’s actually been going on for decades (centuries) now.

        • Petra, I refuse to watch TV the raison d’etre of which is to sell things to the audience.
          Ergo, I wouldn’t watch Peston, or STV.
          As I say, tonight it was Brexit, plus the put up job about SNP Bad NHS Shite.
          Most weeks will feature Independence, that’s nailed on, so the format will be Project Fear Better Together and biased Chair will be the tried and trusted BBC Ministry of Truth Bit Nat Propaganda.
          Future audiences will magically be Leave No-ers.
          They’ll party like it’s 2014 again.
          Over on BBC1 Glenn Campbell and Gordon Brewer will chair similar front loaded debates.

      • No surprises the media will up the SNPbad coverage, but neither they nor the army of keyboard warriors can halt rising calls for Indy2, nor put the cross on the ballot paper.
        For sure, some will swallow the propaganda, but many more have long since seen through it, Scotland is in that respect too tight-knit and wary to be conned a second time.
        The Papers documentary piqued my curiosity because of the period and featuring the National, will see it at some point, but agreed on your Herald observation – Their role in Better-Together is as responsible as modern reading trends for declining sales. A reputation for honesty and impartiality destroyed is impossible to recover from even if you enjoy an effective monopoly, Scottish TV licences have plummeted, newspaper sales continue to struggle.
        The Sun is not forgiven in Liverpool 30 years later, Scottish media in continuing the anti-indy narrative are headed for the same fate.

      • Re the papers documentary and The Herald’s participation therein. Yesterday’s online Herald was full of articles about the upcoming programme. Their hard copy papers also gave it plenty of advance coverage. Clearly dead chuffed at making it onto the TV.

        One note of caution about taking falling newspaper sales as an indication of the Herald’s declining reach and influence. The Herald sales of its digital version of the paper are pretty healthy and its online version even more so and the latter has quite a healthy audience. Therefore life in the brand for a while yet.

        • Some figures from an article in the Herald earlier this month:

          “”According to the unaudited internal metrics from August, the group saw a 31 per cent year-on-year rise in editorial article views and a 15% hike in page views. Newsquest’s flagship site heraldscotland.com – growing behind a paywall – also broke through the two million unique users mark for the month.””

          2 million unique users in August. Their paper copy sales may be declining but their online and digital side seems to be in rude health

          Do not write them off just yet.

      • Not writing them off in the business sense, in emulating the DM model they will survive, but their traction and influence in Scotland is waning as is that of Pacific Quay.
        DM influence in England is built on decades of propaganda which however OTT have become the confirmed beliefs of large numbers, everything from straight bananas to subsidy junkie Scots are embedded “realities” from an insular perspective.
        Scots are far from insular, the straight banana and subsidy junkie stories cut no ice, all the Herald et al can do is keep banging away at the SNPbad storyline, but it isn’t over there, it’s on the doorstep, people talk and investigate, then the bias penny drops.
        Paul can possibly chime in with visitor numbers, but it is the rise and reach of blogs such as this which really worry SMSM, their influence is dissolving..

  17. Having experienced ’79, when asked by a young friend on the morning after “what do we do now?”my reply was stand up and conttinue: we have, and the end is in sight… normality for my country.

  18. I remember in the midst of grief after the referendum in 2014, dragging myself to the local shops for essentials. The mood in the air in Edinburgh was incredibly sombre, no one laughing, no celebrations, just an air of resignation perhaps.

    Was it a ‘what have we done?’ Not sure but it wasn’t a positive air that’s for sure, yet with a majority of no voters where were they all? Hiding?

    Maybe quite a few on the A1 driving back to their houses in England, second homers, voting no in Scotland. At least that is what people were saying.

    So many no voters have now changed their minds, and will vote yes next time. As was also pointed out the kids between ages 11-15 back then, can now vote, well, depending on whether the UK Englisg gov try to stop 16 year olds voting in Scotland. Young people don’t want to live in a backward, isolated p, narrow British nationalist right wing UK. They want to be part of the world, not ‘part’ of a nasty corrupt destructive regime that is the UK.

    The Britnats are terrified, for themselves, for their own fat pockets, their own bank accounts. Hell mend em. They should embrace change, without it they’d still be
    living in caves, using old bones to hit each other with. Oh, wait…they’d have eceryone else living in dark dank caves, chewing on bones to survive.

    Scotland is on a life affirming path, a cog in the wheel of a world that needs putting to rights, which is why independence is crucial, to escape the destructive regime intent on taking things backwards.

    We can do it, and with more and more realising it the Britnats would be advised to look forward, to act in a civilised manner for the sake of all, and throw off the last vestiges of empire in their minds.

  19. Fantastic, the tears are running down my face. Move over burns the dug is here.
    What a great gift your words are to us, we truly are lucky to have you Paul.

    Thank you from all of us, our kids and all Scots in the future.

  20. Brilliant, inspiring piece WGD. Just brilliant. You seem to have changed gear recently Paul. Not so much the hilarious BritNat knock-down (fantastic as they were) but more pumped up inspiration. Well timed I say. You have recognised that it’s time to get serious again and look forward. You will take many with you. We’ll done. Keep up the good work.

    • I think mr Kelly scotgoespop is incorrect and have said so on his website.
      He compares the wings party to the likes of the greens and rise and ssp and says that if getting votes was that easy those three would already have done what the wings party is suggesting.

      Where mr Kellys scotgoespop premise falters is that the wings party would be campaigning on one issue only and that is

      Don’t give the snp both your votes
      Give snp your first vote and the wings party your second vote so that all the regional seats that the snp are deprived of as a result of them getting so many local seats , will go to the wings party.

      Rise , SSP , greens campaign on other issues that the electorate may not like

      Wings campaigns for Scottish independence just like the snp and asks only for your second vote
      That makes wings party incomparable with Rise, SSP , greens

      • “”Where mr Kellys scotgoespop premise falters is that the wings party would be campaigning on one issue only and that is

        Don’t give the snp both your votes””

        So in 2021 in a Holyrood General Election to elect a Government for Scotland you think people will vote for a party that offers just one policy? I am sure people will want to know whether this new, one issue party will vote on a range of issues.

        Will it follow/support the policies set out in the SNP manifesto to the letter?

        Will it diverge from the policies of the SNP and if so which ones?

        People have to know this before they vote otherwise they are voting blind and are likely to end up with a situation where the Scottish Government is hamstrung because it cannot rely on the support of the Wings party. Thus it cannot enact its programme for Government.

        People will not vote for that outcome. They have seen such a scenario in the current Parliament when the Greens do not support the SNP (OBFA), or exact a high price for their support (workplace parking).

        How people vote and the outcome of such a vote cannot be reduced to an algorithm. You can manipulate the numbers all you like but that is mathematics and does not predict actual electoral outcomes.

  21. 5 years ago today 19th September I well remember the awfulness of that day. The loss, almost as bad as a death in the hoose, but also the feeling that wasn’t going to be the end of the matter. Today with the revelation that Cameron asked auld Liz for help, I’m remembering all the events on the campaign trail and the part a certain broadcaster played. Here’s a link to a wee song written 19/9/14 which attempted to document the whole campaign.
    As the other lot are fond of saying “Lest we forget”

  22. Great post Paul. I actually enjoyed the Papers documentary particularly the stuff about the National. I thought Calum the editor of The National and the guy who is editor the Sunday National came across very well and it was good to see Paul and wee ginger in one of the clips. I dont agree with the Herald political focus a huge amount of the time but I do believe printed newspapers such as the Herald are still important otherwise too many people would continue to rely on BBC or Sky News or Facebook for their news which are even more biased against Scottish Independence than The Herald is. Never watched the BBC Scotland channel for longer than 2 minutes so have no interest of watching their version of QT but not surprised their was anti Independence bias

    • Eilidh, I took the Herald for the thick end of 50 years:

      As a young man making my way in the world, I mastered the tricky paper folding exercise of reducing the weighty A1 broad sheet into a manageable A3 size, so that it could be read with relative ease on the crowded brand spanking new electric commuter trains from Yoker to Queen Street.
      I mastered this trick by observing older, wiser heads on the train, as one of the rites of passage if you like, of my entry into the grown up world of work.

      Back in the day, the Glasgow Herald was a mighty Thunderer, a so called ‘quality’ newspaper, with some fabulous writing and features.

      As many Duggers know, I’m a book nut, a bibliophile, to the more erudite among us.

      I have trillions of books (or so my Everlovin’ would have it) stuffed into every nook and cranny of Chez Nous.
      I raged at the heresy that Kindle and I-tablets would replace books.
      No it didn’t.

      I recall buying Dylan’s double album Blonde on Blonde when it came out, holding it close to me as a new father would his new born, as I scurried homeward and played it over and over again on my Dansette, with increasing rage that my parents just did not ‘get’ the genius that was Mr D.

      CD’s and mini-discs passed me by, and I-players?

      Nothing can replace the visual and tactile pleasure of an exotically designed LP sleeve or a faithful old Penguin or Pan edition of some of the greatest literature in the world.

      Like books and vinyl, my passion for News in Print is equally as ‘traditional’, and tactile, despite the irony of me clacking away here on my keyboard, as a humble contribution to Paul’s wonderful on-line Sentinel, or my repeatedly decrying the MSM as, ahem, ‘Dead Tree Scrolls’.

      When I looked up from my desk in the ‘sixties to contemplate a future career path, journalism was a romantic option.
      The heroic images of the frantic Press Room, reporters eating junk food and gurgling urns of coffee just to stay awake, sleeves rolled up, their crumpled shirts clinging to their sweat drenched bodies, fighting to meet their deadlines, were all played out last night, and to be fair, there was no sense of role playing for the cameras.

      It looked the bliddy hard work, a nerve fraying, but ultimately exhilarating, profession, just as I conjured up in my 18 year old head all those decades ago.

      In those days, journalism wasn’t open to all of our brightest, but that is a story for another day.

      I take the National these days, when I can get it.

      I have lost none of the sensuous thrill, and smell, of rifling through a newspaper.

      I gave up on the Herald, and indeed all of our printed media, yes, you’ve guessed it, in late 2013, as the Independence Movement gathered momentum, and in my estimation, the Media morphed overnight into the Right Wing British Nationalist Propaganda Wing of London’s Oligarchy.

      It comes as no surprise that only now is it revealed that Cameron coaxed old Lizzie to come out on the side of the Establishment by cocking her eyebrow a quarter inch.

      The evidence that our media, comprising thousands of Scots reporters and broadcasters, have mounted and sustained Brit Nat campaign of threats, lies, and downright criminality to defend the indefensible; perpetuating the status quo, and incredibly support Scotland remaining the conquered colony of England and its Territories.

      Last night, they described themselves a ‘conservative’ with a small ‘c’.

      Just like their favourites, Ruth Davidson, Adam Tomkins, or now, Jo Swansong?

      Let’s hope they don’t appoint an Editor who is a ‘Conservative’ with a large ‘C’.

      I’d argue, Eilidh, that their inevitable demise is of their own making.
      They are hoisted by their own petard. It has all blown up in their faces.
      No one with any moral compass can defend the Right Wing coup d’etat of Johnson, Rees Mogg, Farage, and Gove.
      Yet they try to.

      Like vinyl and paperbacks, there will always be a substantial market for great writing in print.

      But to a discerning readership. Not the blatant dog whistle Brit Nat polemics which flood our newspaper stands these days.

      I have no doubt that these redoubtable hacks are working their socks off and feel constantly under the cosh. But to what end?

      • Very well explained Jack.
        I was an avid reader of newspapers until the eighties when the shift began from reporting the news to defining it as permitted by HMG. My scepticism grew as the anti-EU rhetoric began to build until finally leaving the UK in 2000, that reading enjoyment regained with the Irish Indy or Times, rather like finding again those long lost tattered but eminently comfortable slippers. Whether the popular press of the UK was getting more bizarre or I was only becoming increasingly aware of it is difficult to identify, but both could report on the exact same subject, yet the Irish version rang truer to that of the UQ.
        I could blame it all on that Australian reducing journalism to breasts on page 3 and swaying public opinion who deserves government, but when even Jon Snow’s recent response to Joanna Cherry “But the majority of the Supreme Court are indeed English judges, your Scots are outnumbered?” is accepted as impartial reporting, there is a fundamental problem with journalistic integrity and perspective in the UQ.
        PS – Excellent interview on C4 with Mhairi Black if you haven’t seen it, as forthright and honest appraisal of the current fiasco as it gets.

        • We had some grubby titles then, Bob.

          The People, the News of the World, and Tit Bits (sic) to name but a few.

          Classic line:

          “When invited upstairs to Madame Fifi’s sleazy bedsit, for ‘French Lessons’, our reporter revealed himself’.

          They don’t write ’em like that these days.

          Or perhaps Lord Sewell would beg to differ.

  23. Betty now experiencing displeasure at Cameron’s latest comments. Are the Bullingdon Boys having a competition for worst judgement and biggest vandalisation of the UK?
    Monarchy not coming out of events in last 5 years too well.
    1602 it is then…

    • BoJo now boasting about his crack team of Ministers and advisers.
      These will be his public school chums who consumed mind altering substances at Eton etc.
      How else do you explain their behaviour?

  24. O/T

    Craig Murray has lodged this petition at the UK gov Petition Site.

    Official observers from OSCE ODIHR to monitor the next Scottish referendum.

    A Scottish Independence referendum determines the relationship between two potentially separate states. The official body for monitoring democratic procedures within the OSCE is its Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights. Monitoring includes media balance and ballot conduct
    More details

    Only a current state member of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe can request an official observer mission. Competence therefore lies at Westminster not Holyrood.
    This petition witnesses public concern at the fairness of postal ballot conduct of a future Scottish Independence referendum and especially that broadcast media are biased.
    ODIHR send an advance team weeks or months ahead to monitor media balance.
    If there are no problems, why not get ODIHR confirmation?


  25. o/t no apologies .

    Thats the second initiative enacted by the SNP government thats hit the rocks just so Unionists can score a wee scabby point , well done them eh ? , both laws designed to protect people and children .
    Nicola forget the cooperation the long winded answers to questions that are not listened to anyway , treat all opposition parties the way our MPs are treated at westminster , and forget trying to be fair with the makeup of committees load them if possible with like minded people
    These unionist parties are just taking the piss dont assist them .

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