Dugcast with Philippa Whitford – 20 September 2019

Welcome to the 20 September edition of the Dugcast. This week Callum Baird and I are joined by a very special guest, Philippa Whitford MP. We chat about the developments in Westminster, the prospects for another indyref, the General Election that’s coming soon, Philippa tells us how independence is the only way to protect Scotland’s NHS from creeping privatisation. And I get told off for always interrupting Callum.

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10 thoughts on “Dugcast with Philippa Whitford – 20 September 2019

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  2. Excellent podcast, Philippa kept you lads under control wonderfully, a highly informative contribution but worrying impressions from her NHS perspective. The exampled posters advertising operation costs is truly horrifying…

  3. Philippa Whitford is an alternative natural leader for the SNP .
    Come the election ( and referendum , hopefully ) should be put front and centre . She is an entertaining and utterly convincing speaker !

  4. I feel like I’ve learned more here in the last 45 minutes about the SNP’s positions and views and strategies and reactions to previous events than I have in the previous year or so.

    Which is brilliant for the Dugcast, but I think it says a lot why there’s currently such grumbling and discontent in the wider Yes camp.

  5. You may also be interested in this. We have an insurance based health system, so for two adults we pay $300per month plus 2% Medicare levy on your taxable income, plus there is a considerable gap between charges for treatment and claims from the insurer. The Scottish Hhealth Service must be close to World Gold Standard in health care.

    No link sorry so look up youtube “four corners health hazard” an expose on issues within the Australian Health system. Aired on 9 Sept 19.

  6. Must get some of those posters Phillips was on about from the english health service. Very useful stuff for indyref2. Even photos would be useful for reprinting, scare the crap out of the undecideds.

  7. Great podcast with Phillipa. She is such a voice for reason. Thanks for keeping the dates going. Look foward to your appearance on BiasedBC this week. You would be a great guest on Broadcasting Scotland at 7 too. Thanks for all you do for the cause Lynn.

  8. Philippa’s message about the NHS needs to be made more widely, as a lot of people will be totally unaware of what is actually going on. The Scottish Government should be putting leaflets through every letterbox in the country to highlight the dangers to our NHS from both Westminster and BREXIT.

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