The solidarity of back stabbing

So far, the Labour party conference has been dominated by party infighting and attempted purges. Knifing each other in the back is supposed to be the Conservatives’ USP but the Labour party decided to spend the first couple of days of its conference in a naked attempt by Corbynites to rid themselves of a deputy leader whom they can’t stand. And we’re told that Jeremy knew nothing about it. Aye. Right. Uh huh.

Now with today’s decision to uphold the leader’s fence sitting on Brexit, it’s a conference which is defined by granting even more power to the leader to act in an authoritarian and unchallenged manner. So exactly like the Conservatives then. Equally incompetent, and equally hopeless. They’ve been watching the Tories at War documentary and have decided that they want a piece of that too.

However on Monday the Labour party decided to take its hopeless incompetence to the next level. The party voted to throw away the next General Election. It was never likely to win it anyway, but the decision at the party conference not to take a firm position on Brexit will condemn the party to irrelevance in a General Election which is going to be defined by Brexit. Labour wants people to vote for it, so that it can decide at some unspecified point in the future whether or not it wants to remain in the EU or to leave it. Labour has gazed upon an almighty mess created by the Conservatives, and said “Hold my beer. We’re serving stale fudge.” The only position that the Labour party has on the most important, the only topic, facing the UK at the next election is not to have a position at all. Gods help us.

Now what Labour canvassers will be telling punters on the doorstep in the next General Election campaign is that if they vote Labour, the party will negotiate a good Brexit deal, and then might campaign against it afterwards. Mind you, there’s no more such a thing as a good Brexit deal as there is such a thing as good dysentry. The only Brexit deal which is going to protect jobs and guarantee the full rights of EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU is no Brexit at all. But Saint Jeremy doesn’t like the EU any more than the Tories do. With Lyin’ Bastert Johnson, his opposition to the EU is entirely transactional and pragmatic. For him it’s all about what’s best for his career and his ego. Jeremy on the other hand is a true beLeaver.

Even the way this confused and shambolic decision was taken was itself confused and shambolic. It’s possibly the only way in which the Labour party is a model of consistency and clarity. After a series of speakers, there was a show of hands on what is potentially one of the most important decisions in the party’s recent history, and the motion calling for a clear anti-Brexit stance in the election was defeated. Or at least it was apparently defeated. There were many hands raised in favour of the motion, enough to cast a shadow of uncertainty, yet calls for a card vote to ascertain the numbers for or against with certainty were rejected. Now one half of the Labour party is implacably opposed to the other half. Just like the Conservatives, the main political enemy of most of those in the Labour party are other people in the same party as themselves.

As the official opposition, and the second largest party in the Commons, Labour has a responsibility to provide clear leadership on the most important issue facing the UK. Yet the party has abdicated from that responsibility, preferring instead to hide itself away in the daydreaming politics of socialist goodies that it’s never going to be able to implement because it’s refusing to face up to Brexit. Labour has turned itself into a bar room fantasy football team making up pretendy positions, when it ought to be playing in the Premier League. They’ve had over three years to come up with a stance, yet the only stance they’re able to adopt is the one that involves ramming the party’s collective head up its collective arse. The party’s descent into fantasy was unwittingly summed up by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell when he hailed the Scottish branch office manager Reingold Lardlicker as the next First Minister. Uh, and indeed, huh.

There are many Labour supporters who say that the only reason why the party is not cutting through to the electorate is because Jeremy Corbyn is the subject of a media barrage of stories designed to undermine him. While it’s certainly true that there is heavy media bias against him and his policies, the exact same applies to the SNP yet that party is forecast to do exceptionally well at the next General Election. Despite the media barrage arranged against it, the SNP is getting through to the electorate in a way that Labour could only dream of. Recent opinion polls also suggest that the SNP is well placed to increase its representation in the Scottish Parliament too. Yet the media in Scotland does little else but indulge itself in SNPbaddery, while the party is regularly sidelined and ignored by a state broadcaster that wouldn’t dare no-platform Labour in the same way. So no, Corbyn apologists, it’s not all because of the media. Yer man really is useless.

For Scotland, the descent of Labour into irrelevant madness means that there’s only one realistic choice for this country in the General Election to come. Labour, just like the Tories and the Lib Dems, refuses to acknowledge that Scotland has a right to decide its own fate. The Scottish branch office manager Raymundo Lionsdinner has even gone so far as to deny that pro-independence parties winning a majority in Holyrood would be enough to demonstrate support for another independence referendum. He’s denying the basic principles of parliamentary democracy itself.

The British nationalist parties are only demonstrating that they are a danger to democracy. On top of that, we now know that Labour – like the Tories – will not respect the decision of Scotland to remain a part of the EU, or failing that a part of the single market and the common customs area. It is imperative that at the next election Scotland demonstrates to Rodney Lavalamper that this country has no time for him or his party.

Tomorrow we find out whether the Prime Minister broke the law in order to silence Parliament, but the malaise in British politics goes much deeper than a single rogue proroguer. The entire British party system is irredeemably broken. British politics can’t be fixed, and any solutions offered by Scotland would not be listened to even if it could be. Labour’s selfish self-implosion means that the chances are that the next election is only going to return a victory for a Prime Minister with authoritarian tendencies who will take the UK out of the EU without a deal, if he hasn’t already done so by then. Labour’s self-inflicted contorsions on Brexit only make the choice of independence for Scotland an even simpler one to make. For the Labour party, solidarity means that everyone gets stabbed in the back.

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35 thoughts on “The solidarity of back stabbing

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  2. What a bleeding shambles right enough. LBJ is still avoiding giving a straight answer when asked if he’ll prorogue parliament again, the Libdems are stating that if they’re elected (ho, ho,ho, ha, ha) they’ll just boot everyone up the backside by going ahead on their undemocratic, illiberal ownio to Revoke Article 50 (enabled by Scottish politicians none of whom were Libdems) and now the Labour party expects people to vote for them without knowing what their position is in relation to Brexit. The ultimate sitting on the fencers, lol. You know like one of those rotten, rickety old fences that’s ready to collapse.

    This saga from beginning to (nearly) end would do your head in to the point that I’m beginning to envy those who don’t have a clue about and / or detest the subject of politics.

    As to flip-flop, follow my master, Leonard he may adopt Davidson’s stance of focusing on, ”No to Independence” to save himself the hassle of just thinking at all.

    ”The entire British party system is irredeemably broken.” Never has a truer word been spoken. Bale out time


    Meanwhile we’ve got he other Labour loony Murray tweeting:- ”I’ll be ferociously campaigning for remain as will @scottishlabour. Corbyn staying neutral may help the remain cause.”

    Followed by btl comments telling him that he and the Labour Party are finished. What’s new?

  3. Tell me weegingerdug, what do you disagree with Corbyns policies and plans if he gets power.
    Now I believe that you like me support independence so weegingerdug I have no tiome for pathetic lets naw gee everybody gthe real facts political scum shite.
    You got baws and inteligence to start a debate wae me on the present politics of Scotland and the Uk under oor present set up wae the EU.
    I will say it agane I want independence, because the English are oot and oot right wing anti socila;ism so wit are yee

  4. I was listening to Shelagh Fogarty on LBC this afternoon, interviewing Barbara Keeley about Labour’s shiny new policy of free personal care for over 65’s. Not once was it mentioned that this is a long standing policy in Scotland, nor that it is extended to under 65’s with degenerative illnesses (Frank’s Law). People also receive free nursing care if they require it in Scotland.

    While this had me pure ragin’ as you might expect and shouting at the car radio, it does also raise the question – how is First Minister in waiting, Mr Leonard going to sell this excellent policy in Scotland, come the General Election ?

    Or free prescriptions in England ?

    Or the “mebbes, mebbes no'” Brexit policy in staunchly Remain Scotland ?

    They have nothing. Nothing.

    Can we go now please ?

    • Mollys mum, I listened to that too, Mrs Foggerty tried several times to get Mrs Keeley to explain the difference in banning all private schools and banning all private personal care homes, she was trying to get Mrs Keeley to explain why people would continue to be able to employ private personal care but not private education.
      Labour have announced that they intend to abolish all private schools.
      Over and over Mrs Keeley avoided the question by talking continuously about how unfair the discrepancies in private care standards are.

      I don’t think labour will abolish private schools the law won’t allow it but they might try and tinker with tax relief given to wealthy parents and to the private schools and universities but even then they won’t stop it completely too many of their staff benefit from it.
      Promises promises as usual from labour

      • And while Labour push this little wheeze the state school system in England becomes ever more fractured, dysfunctional and unfit for purpose. Academies, trust schools, free schools, zombie schools etc. but hey
        let’s ban private schools that will sort it…not.

  5. The Labour party, just like the Conservative party, is actually two parties – split down the middle between the Englsh nationalists (ie. the Brexiteers) and the British Nationalists (aka unionists, one-nation believers etc).The splits in both parties has been successfully papered over for decades, but two seismic events (2014 Scottish independence referendum and 2016 EU referendum) have torn away the facade, exposing a now gaping chasm that I doubt will ever be healed.Don’t blame it all on Brexit. Remember with EVEL after 2014, English nationalism was woken from its slumber. By having the audacity to vote the SNP to power, then “almost” for independence, scots played their part. Brexit merely finished the job that inadvertedly began in 2007.

    England is now well on the way to separation from the EU (and ultimately the UK). And I wish them all the best in their venture (we are not coming with you though). The great irony is that had Scotland voted YES in 2014, a sudden collapse in confidence in England would have followed, and a realisation that their nation is not so all powerful after all. The humbling experience would have ensured England remained in the EU. England will still have to go through its humiliation, neccesary for a reset. The superiority nonsense still has to be dealt with. However, the humiliation will now occur outside the EU and may be far more painful then just losing Scotand in 2014.

    England will be loved again, but it has to go through some tough stuff before it gets there. 🙂

    • A lot of truth in that, particularly the projected outcome had 2014 resulted in YES, but not so sure it would have been perceived as humbling rather than yet another example of being victimised. That after all underpins Brexit for the majority.
      The media have been stoking the English superiority boiler for decades, and of late with a dose of jingo to keep the pressure up, but with Mirage waiting in the wings, there is little prospect of it being damped down anytime soon.
      I don’t blame the English for swallowing the myth when they’re surrounded by it, but sooner or later reality will begin to dawn. Holyrood has already demonstrated there is a better way to govern under devolution, with fiscal levers of an independent nation those differences will only grow and be amplified in contrast with the corrupt and creaking mess which is London and Westminster.

    • So many English people do actually think that England gives lots of its money to Scotland , Wales and Northern Ireland they also think that S, W, NI , could not survive on their own in or out of the EU.
      These English people do not take kindly to S , W, NI , talking of independence or staying in the EU they believe that England has kept us afloat and that we should be grateful.
      Some of them would love to see us independent but not better and improved they would like to see us poorer so they could scoff and say it’s proof that England kept us afloat.
      Some would like to see the devolved powers abolished and total control of the whole island of GB renamed England “ the country “.
      It’s a sizeable number that have these feelings ,educated into them through their schooling their newspapers tv and radio.
      I don’t describe it as English people thinking they are superior
      I think it’s more English people thinking people from S , W , NI , are inferior

      Brexit won’t change this

      Only independence will change it, england will see that Scotland can be successful as an independent country.
      Wales and NI time will tell.

  6. Yes, they did just do that. But tbh, I’m not entirely shocked. 😎

    Labour is a party at war with itself first and anyone not Labour second. They really took to politics UK like a duck to wossiname (and that’s NOT a compliment). What has happened to them should be a warning to every party out there. Some might listen and some most certainly won’t.

    ‘Stand for something, or lay down for anything’.

    They chose poorly. They chose party before people.

    Hope the policy gonks out there are paying attention.

  7. OT, guys.
    I gather that BBC I Player was ‘taken down’ by hackers but ut is reported to be up and running again.
    Not on my PC. It is still defaulting to ‘London’.
    Any technuts out there? help?

  8. There is no longer a Labour Party, Scottish or UK. The dream fantasies they are punting at their conference just points up how they have lost all contact with reality. I came across the following quote from James Maxton on Wings comments yesterday. If they Labour Party want to regain any kind of credibility they should learn the quote by heart and put it into practice:

    From James Maxton

    “Give us our parliament in Scotland. We will start with no traditions. We will start with ideals. We will start with purpose, with courage. We will start with the aim and the object that there will be 134 men and women pledged to 134 Scottish constituencies, to spend their whole brain power, their whole courage and their whole soul in making Scotland into a country in which we can take people from all the nations of the earth and say : this is our land, this is our Scotland ,these are our men, our works, our women and children: can you beat it?”

    The people calling themselves Labour are not fit to lace his boots.

    As for abolishing private schools! What about putting a real effort into abolishing poverty so that our children can go to school well-clad and nourished with parents who are not stressed out about putting food on the table. Put the effort into improving all state schools to level where people don’t want to send their children to private schools.

  9. 10:35
    Suspension of Parliament is a matter for the court
    The Supreme Court has overturned the ruling from the English High Court and determined that it can rule on whether the suspension was lawful.
    The prime minister has lost the first stage but not necessarily the whole case.

    • Apparently the judgement was unanimous. The prorogation is justiciable which was also the unanimous decision of the Court of Session. High Court in England overruled

  10. 10:42
    Supreme court rules Boris Johnson’s prorogation was ‘unlawful’
    Hale says the court is “bound to conclude that the decision to advise her Majesty to prorogue parliament was unlawful”

  11. 10:45

    Hale says prorogation ‘unlawful, void and of no effect’

    Hale says prorogation is not a proceeding in parliament.

    Although it takes place in parliament, it is not their decision. It is something that has been imposed on them from outside.

    The PM’s advice to Her Majesty was “unlawful, void and of no effect”.

    That means the order in council was also “unlawful, void and of no effect”.

    That means the prorogation had no effect. She says it is as if the royal commission had no effect.

    Parliament has not been prorogued, she says.

    She says it is for the Speaker to decide what happens next.

  12. Supreme Court: Parliament is not prorogued.
    “”The prorogation was void and of no effect,” Lady Hale says. “Parliament has not been prorogued.”

    It is for Parliament to decide what to do next, she says.

    From the BBC news website


    Born and raised in Dundee, the socialist capital of the UK, economist Mark Blyth explains Jeremy Corbyn’s goal, Brexit and Scottish Independence in two minutes:

    “The Conservatives have strapped a bomb to their chests called Brexit.” Jeremy Corbyn is like ‘Can I help you ‘tick’ that down?'”

    Does Jeremy Corbyn want to be prime minister? What does Jeremy Corbyn, a life-long anti-racist, internationalist, socialist and back-bencher, in parliament since Margaret Thatcher, want ??

    Economist Mark Blyth on Jeremy Corbyn, the Conservatives, Brexit _and_ Scottish Independence – All in two minutes. ; ) –

    “The next time you ever hear so much as a murmur from someone accusing Jeremy Corbyn of being anti-semitic, please pop this little trinket their way.”


    Taken from the full version – 2 minutes – @ 59:40:00 – 3. “Global Trumpism and the Future of the Global Economy”, 16th July 2019 – Youtube –

    Last of a series of three lectures by Mark Blyth. All on Youtube.

    Why do we have austerity? US banks too big to fail. Europe’s banks too big to bail. Hence austerity. “£$^&” !!. Does austerity work? _NO_! And why. What are the alternatives?

    1. “Mark Blyth – A Brief History of How We Got Here and Why,” 16th July 2019 – Youtube –

    How much Mark Blyth should I watch / read? Imo, _all_of_it_, until it’s like Brighton Rock and goes all the way through ! Ymmv. ; ) –

  14. The political parties handed the decision to the electorate in calling a referendum. If the result of the referendum is to be overturned, the decision is still for the electorate. Labour seeks to keep the decision open for the electorate (a large number of whom want Brexit). If Labour is not in favour of the EU, why should it advise the electorate to vote Remain? EU membership and progressive policies do not go together. Ask Greece or Catalonia or study the workings of Brussels. The purpose of the EU is to make Europe safe for neoliberalism (or ordoliberalism as the Germans call it). Why should Labour be in favour of the EU? Why, come to that, should the SNP.

  15. “I don’t describe it as English people thinking they are superior
    I think it’s more English people thinking people from S , W , NI , are inferior.”

    If they think that people from S, W and NI are inferior, then, who do they think are their superiors?

  16. Swansong all over the news taking credit for something her dubious bunch of liars had little or no involvement in , a total bandwagon jumper if ever I saw one .
    Sorry if this is a bit O/T .

  17. Great news for us at the very least for boosting the confidence of cringing Scots.

    Joanna Cherry:-

  18. Oops I don’t know what went wrong there. I’ve double checked and it seems to be correct! Oh well Joanna being gagged, lol.

  19. lol totally agree but feel it is more to do with having too many right winged members! Just because they profess to be labour doesn’t mean they are. It seems Labour needs to remember it’s roots, get rid of Blair Right Wing religious beliefs and get back on the right road (so to speak!).

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