The dodo government

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has come back from the USA doing his best impression of Catherine Tate’s Lauren character if she’d gone to Eton. Look at my face. Do I look bovvered? Or more exactly bothahd. But just like Lauren, the joke is that we all know he’s extremely bothahd indeed. As bothahd as his new best pal Donal Trump, who discovered yesterday that an impeachment investigation is to be opened up against him. Yesterday was a bad day for wannabe authoritarians.

A normal Prime Minister who had been found to have broken the law in order to abuse his power and silence Parliament unlawfully would resign. A normal Prime Minister would then take early retirement and would never disgrace themselves by appearing on so much as the pages of the local parish newsletter ever again. Hell, never mind a normal Prime Minister, a normal human being with a functioning capacity for moral judgements would do so. Anyone who has ever come as close to an understanding of shame as the distance of the radius of Boris Johnson’s ego – which is a distance measured in thousands of light years – would have resigned immediately. But none of this applies to this Prime Minister or this government. They’re not merely law breakers, but they’re shameless law breakers.

The priority for the Prime Minister is to get through the next few days. In order to do so he’ll probably throw a few of his cabinet colleagues and advisors under his Brexit bus, starting with Attorney General Geoffrey Cox. The Prime Minister was in hiding as Parliament reconvened, so it fell to Geoffrey to boom a semblance of a defence like a failed repertory actor auditioning for King Lear. Which was only right and proper seeing as how this government is a tragedy.  It was as though someone had forced a Brian Blessed impersonator to have a shave.

Geoffrey had given the Government legal advice saying that the prorogation was lawful and that anyone saying otherwise was saying so for political reasons. As he made his statement to the House, the Attorney General notably refused to rule out a further prorogation of Parliament. However Geoffrey was forced to give a humiliating statement to a deeply irked Parliament saying that if he had to resign every time that he lost a legal case then he’d never have had a legal practice. It’s just a pity that he serves under a Prime Minister who won’t resign under any circumstances at all, not even after he’s been found to have broken the law in an attempt to abuse his power and silence Parliament. A Prime Minister who is now hell bent on making Geoffrey the fall guy for a decision made by Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and his advisor Dominic Cummings. Geoffrey’s learning a painful lesson in the truth that if you lie down with the morally incontinent, you end up covered in piss.

Geoffrey isn’t going quietly, and he certainly wasn’t going to be made to feel as though he or his government had done anything remotely wrong, even though the highest court in the land had ruled they’d broken the law. He’s going to subject us to his orotund perorations some time longer. If he has to resign, he orated like a bank manager with a side hobby in Widow Twanky doing Shakespearean recitations, then why don’t all the judges whose findings differed from that the Supreme Court have to resign as well.

Warming to his self-righteous theme, he called the Parliament a disgrace, said that it was cowardly, growing increasingly red faced as he tried to deflect from the essential point of the day, that he’s the fruity voice of a government of liars and cheats. “This Parliament is a DEAD parliament it should no longer sit, ” he pontificated, “It has no moral right to sit on these green benches!” It was like being lectured on the morality of shoplifting by a armed bank robber. Shame is an alien concept to these people. Not even being found to have broken the law can make them admit to being in error. He had all the defiance of a child caught with their hand in the sweetie jar, denying that they were stealing sweeties. All that is happening here is that Geoffrey and his shameless bunch of cabinet colleagues are demonstrating is that the British tradition of honourable gentlemen and women acting honourably is even more dead than Geoffrey thinks this Parliament is. There’s more life in a dodo than there is in the ability of the British political system to hold power to account.

Of course what Geoffrey knows as well as the rest of us is that the reason that the opposition is refusing to move a motion of no confidence in the Government is because no one trusts Lyin’ Bastert Johnson not to try to get around the law requiring him to request an extension to Article 50. This is a government of proven law breakers. The opposition parties have no intention of allowing him to have an election on his own terms. They’re not going to let him go to the country until he’s been seen to have broken his promises not to ask for an extension and to have left the EU on 31 October come what may.

Assuming that the Prime Minister can indeed get through the next few days, which is highly likely since the opposition parties have every interest in keeping him squirming, then what are the options?

He can try and get a deal. There’s about as much chance of that happening as there is of Geoffrey Cox addressing Parliament in the voice of Karen from Will n Grace, which would at least be appropriate as she’s possibly the only person who could rival this Government for shamelessness. So far he’s still not put forward any proposals that meet with the EU’s objections, and nothing remotely realistic that can substitute for the Northern Irish backstop. Even if he could get a deal, the only deal that would be acceptable to the EU is a deal that neither the DUP nor the ERG is going to accept, and he’s now facing a Parliament which isn’t disposed to do him any favours at all. A deal before 31 October isn’t going to happen. We know it’s not going to happen because the Prime Minister is insisting that it’s what he’s going to do.

He can ask the EU for an extension. Despite certain noises from parts of the EU, it’s highly probable that it would be granted. The EU is no more disposed to look kindly upon Lyin’ Bastert Johnson’s career ambitions than most of the House of Commons is, and they know that if he has to ask for an extension he’ll go into the next General Election with a very much reduced chance of winning it. Brextremists will be calling the Prime Minister all the same names that the rest of us have been calling him for months.

Alternatively he could of course ignore the law and refuse to ask for an extension. The Supreme Court has shown that it is perfectly prepared to challenge him. He could be found in contempt of court and face fines or even prison. But even that wouldn’t prevent an extension being requested. Parliament could authorise someone else, such as the Speaker, to do so instead. Alternatively the Scottish courts could order that a court official could step in under the power of officium nobile and do so in the Prime Minister’s place.

It’s quite likely that the Prime Minister will try to prorogue Parliament again. Geoffrey Cox and the Prime Minister himself refused to rule it out. However it’s also likely that Parliament will take steps over the next few days to ensure that option is not available. They could do so by passing a bill saying that Parliament could only be prorogued if Parliament voted in favour of it. The numbers are not on the side of the Government. The next few days are going to be characterised by all sort of machinations, manoeuvres and counter manoeuvres.

There is of course always the option for the Prime Minister to resign, to admit his guilt, and to leave public life. That would be nice, but it’s not going to happen. This Prime Minister is certainly the worst and the most completely useless in history. He even makes Theresa May seem competent, but he’s going to have to be prised out of office. Resignation is about as likely to happen as Gordie Broon’s federalism fairy is to fly over the chamber of the Commons and wave her sparkly wand, delivering a jobs first Brexit and full fat federalism for all.

Finally, there is always the option that Boris Johnson could go and die in a ditch. This is certainly the option which most of Scotland would look most favourably on. We’d even volunteer for digging duties, although there’s no need. This is a government which is good for one thing only, and that’s digging its own grave.

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69 thoughts on “The dodo government

  1. I have no idea what Johnson will do but I suspect it will be even more dangerous than what has gone before. This government seems the sort that when it is trapped in a corner it will take extreme measures.

  2. Cowards, and I would add hypocrites, more or less sums the remainers up. They’re feart of a GE, not for any noble reasons but because they know a lot of them are in for the bum’s rush.

    I’ve said it before if the result in 2014 had been 52/48 for YES then we would have been outraged if Westminster had used every trick in the book to reverse that result – and here we are cheering that along.

    The SNP have no right now to expect a YES vote in a referendum to be respected, they have made a strategic mistake of enormous proportions.

    • Westminster used every dirty trick in the book to ensure that they won in 2014, so no need for them to reverse the result, including warning the Scots that if they voted Yes for Independence they’d be bombed out of the EU. Now we’re being dragged out against the will of at least 62% of Scots who voted to remain and yes, they are outraged. And we’d have been even more outraged if Nicola Sturgeon / the SNP had just sat back on their laurels and let Westminster trample all over us, more so than they have done already.

      • What’s the greater goal here – our Independence or fighting to keep England in the EU.

        If after Independence the majority of people in Scotland want to rejoin, then fair enough, I’m sure they’ll have us back.

        • What makes you think that Nicola Sturgeon is fighting to keep England in the EU, JG? Nicola Sturgeon more than anything wants Scotland to be an independent country, however she has in conjunction to fight to keep us in the EU in case she doesn’t get the backing of a majority of Scots to support her re. Independence, as happened in 2014. Can you imagine if she just sat back and let Westminster get on with it and then we lost Indyref2? The Scots would make mincemeat of her. And of course she probably wants England to remain in the EU too as having a financial basketcase as a near neighbour would be / will be detrimental for us between one thing and another.

    • No, you’re wrong. They’re not feart of a GE – they just don’t want Boris Johnson to get one on terms that suit him. And they’re quite right to do so.

      Westminster was always going to use every trick in the book to a) prevent another indyref, and b) overturn a yes result. None of this has been made any more likely because a government which acted unlawfully was taken to court and was found to have been acting unlawfully.

    • Except that in 2014 a much greater percentage of the electorate actually voted than in 2016. it was less than 40% of the elecortate whic happens to have been the criterion set for the which the Scottish Referendum of 1979.

  3. Your scathingly accurate description of Cox’s performance as like that of an over-acting Shakespearean performer of yore was one of your best. I’m sure Johnson, lurking in Downing Street, would consider it a fine, bravura performance as a fitting warm-up to his own bombastic, over-the-top appearance.

    It might have gone down well with some of the more impressionable enthusiasts of puglistic parliamentary oratory but as you indicate it was shameless bluster of the Johnson type. However, more than that, it was feeding the fires of rage in already aggrieved Brexiteers outside Parliament for whom it was intended. Brexit has already caused the death of an MP so inflammatory performances such as this will only make divisions worse.

  4. Johnson’s open contempt for Parliament was clearly shown by his appointment of Dominic Cummings as his chief adviser – Cummings had earlier shown his contempt for Parliament by refusing to come before a Parliamentary committee .
    For a PM to appoint such a person as his chief adviser shows , more than any other action , his lack of respect for the institution he is supposed to serve .

    • Personally speaking, I have nothing but contempt for said parliament (capital ommited by design). In fact, I’d go so far as to say it is beneath contempt. Why is everyone here so outraged by this vile, corrupt establishment being treated with contempt? Is it just the quality or the source of the contempt which matters? Shouldn’t we all be contemptuous of such a monstrous machine?

  5. True, but right now all of Government are like cornered rats, they cannot command a majority, or for that matter any respect, and the Courts have signalled their willingness to intervene, even with CoS still to pronounce on the latest case.
    Aside the usual “Establishment Remainer Conspiracy” nutjob posts, the enormity of what Johnson and his government attempted to do is sinking in across England, support for the SC has skyrocketed, the GE may well not go so well as the Tories predicted.
    Meanwhile Johnson is probably watching Monty Python’s “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition” on loop hoping for inspiration, while waiting on Baldrick (“It’s the second Cummings oh christ”) for the latest cunning plan.
    The schemers are exposed, the government are neutered, all they need do is wait and keep their wits about them.

    • Oops, that was meant to be in response to @David’s post.
      Excellent article Paul, particularly amused by the “It was like being lectured on the morality of shoplifting by a armed bank robber” line, and could not agree more..

  6. This most certainly is NOT a ‘dead parliament’. Despite what so much of the media – mainly LEAVE supporting – says in pretty inflammatory language, a very large number of MPs, from all parties, probably, a majority of MPs, have, for the past 3 years been doing what Parliament is meant to do – question the government of the day, scrutinise it, call it to account, use its powers to delay, amend and scrap bad legislation.

    Because of the sham ‘unwritten’ (i.e. make it up as we go along in the interests of the powerful and wealthy) constitution and the archaic principle of the ‘Crown in Parliament’ and the flummery that goes along with it. The whole Bagehotian tradition of customs and precedents has been kneed in the baws, by a succession of autocratic and arrogant prime ministers, of which Mr Johnson is but the latest in a dismal line.

    If the Bagehot idea had been honoured, Mrs May would have resigned long before she did. The fact that Mr Johnson is still in place shows the sham it is.

    Had it not been for the SNP, Caroline Lucas, a number of Conservatives like, Mrs Soubry, Mrs Wollaston, Mr Grieve, Mr Clark, and a number of Labour MPs like Mr Kier Starmer, Mr Hilary Benn, and – holding my nose – the LibDems then we would already be out with no deal and all the rights and protections acquired via the ECJ already trashed.

    There should be a vote of no confidence in the government and there should be a General Election, but the GE should come only once ‘no deal’ is quashed and there is another extension, which can be as long as is needed to come to a consensus.

    There is a case for another consultatory referendum before a GE to try to clarify what the ‘people’s view’ now is, because we are certainly better informed than we were in 2016.

    If, and it is a big IF, it does settle things then we can have a GE which can face up to the big issues of constitutional reform. poverty, the environment, health, welfare, education. etc.

    • Had it not been for the SNP, Caroline Lucas, a number of Conservatives like, Mrs Soubry, Mrs Wollaston, Mr Grieve, Mr Clark, and a number of Labour MPs like Mr Kier Starmer, Mr Hilary Benn, and – holding my nose – the LibDems then we would already be out with no deal and all the rights and protections acquired via the ECJ already trashed.


      Don’t forget us in Plaid Cymru (4 MPs) amongst your list. Adam Price AM (National Leader) and Liz Saville-Roberts MP (Westminster Leader) are leading the charge to impeach LBJ. Can we count on your help, Scotland?

  7. Brilliant as usual, but I wouldn’t waste too much energy on LBJ, Cox and the rest of the XXXXseverywhere party, Paul – they are a mere unwitting vehicle of much needed change in these islands. England needs its own parliament, Scotland needs independence, Ireland needs reunification and Wales needs to discover its own destiny. That will only happen if Brexit concludes. It will be chaotic, there will be suffering and hardship – mostly as we are woefully underprepared. But it must be done. Keep focussed on the destination – and shoulders to the mill.


    Meanwhile, at a Tory cabinet dinner somewhere in Mayfair –

    “Away you go” – Bozo, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Dominic Cummings and oh-so-many other ‘morally-challenged’ Reich-wing nutcases.

    If there was any honour in the Conservative party they’d do the decent thing. Or ‘we’ could ‘help them out’ @ 27.11.

    “I want to set up a socialist republic in this land.” John le Mesurier @ 11.56. Fancy that. ; ) –

    – Michael Palin, Pass the Port – ‘Roger of the Raj’ – Ripping Yarns – Youtube –

  9. Did Cox really say, ‘the time is coming when even these turkeys won’t be able to prevent Christmas’?

    Really? I mean that’s absurd. Why on earth would the turkeys not do everything they could to prevent Christmas. Perhaps he’s channelling his inner Boris, like when Boris promised a Titanic Brexit? Is that it? Must be.

    He seemed to have a problem with opposition MP’s sitting on the green benches… more used to tory MP’s lying on them I suppose.

    Hey ho. It’s the good fight, and well done to Cherry and co, but the clock is still ticking down, and Westminster is past master at keeping everyone entertained with its theatrics.

  10. But there is still a majority in the Conservative Party that want brexit and Corbyn the leader of the Labour Party still wants brexit.
    I reckon overall there is still a majority in Westminster that will vote for brexit.

    Who and how will they get brexit over the line that is the question

  11. Well, I think you are being far too kind to Cox, I watched a couple of clips of his hyperbole, and the lying fantasist is a complete charlatan and a menace, a disgusting excuse for a human being, stoking the fires of extremism.

    But worse, yes worse, I just watched this clip on The Independent Twitter post of LBJ, ‘addressing’ the UN while galavanting in the US, and I’m still in shock, I can’t even find the words, I mean WTF, the Conservative party have voted a clinically insane person to lead them? It is so cringingly embarrassing, I suspect most people won’t be able to watch it all – I think he’s saying he hates science, but who knows. That man is no right in the head. Speaking in the UN to world leaders,,,

    It’s a little boys prank to them isn’t it. I mean, I hate the whole system of government and the U.K. Constitutional nonsense, but if it all descends into anarchy, as the leading brexiteers seem to want, then we have got very little chance of negotiating our way to independence. And we really need to distance ourselves from this farce soon.

    That’s the last time I try and watch LBJ speak! It’s far too disturbing.

  12. I had to give up watching LBJ’s return to the Commons. He doesn’t give a sh*t about anyone or anything. It’s all a big joke to him standing there with his hair on end. He’ll abide by the SC ruling but doesn’t agree with it and listed a number of QC’s etc that agree with him. It was so bad that I felt like smashing my TV. And then I ask myself why he angered me so much when he behaved exactly as I (we) expected him to. The Tories stood up one after another and supported him to the hilt. What a bunch of shameless morons.

    He also constantly used language to totally inflame the situation, no doubt beyond the Commons, such as Surrender Act, betrayal, traitors and so on. This short video just sums it all up. Note LBJ’s response to Paula Sherriff.

  13. Like all of you I have been following events.

    There was a letter in the National today saying Scotgov should get out legal justices to look at current events and put the Treaty of Union under scrutiny to see if we can indeed use it to say Goodbye.

    Then ask gor a clause 30 and it will be refused. Let the legal work underway now to allow legally binding referendum under Scots law. They will appeal. If we loose we go ahead anyway and then say the people wish to leave and end the Union.

    World opinion will see this as fair due legal process.

    I am getting frustrated with all this guff.

    • It’s one thing to leave the union but another thing completely different to leave the union without agreement on both sides about how the separation will take place, how assets are divided etc
      Leaving with an agreed plan of action is what is best
      That is what SNP hope to achieve
      They are right to do so

  14. We all knew it would happen – the SNP would get the blame for the prorogation and here it is – I think – Mr Johnson giving his reasons for asking for prorogation was because he needed the Queen’s Speech to sort out the mess the SNP had made of Scotland and to give us better broadband and more police.

    At least I think that is what he was saying. See what you think he was saying:

    He really seems demented. A person whose first recourse in any situation is to lie.

  15. I heard him come out with that Legerwood and that’s how it came across to me. He knows that many English people are extremely angry at what they see as the Scots sticking their (CoS) neb into their business. He’s compounding that now by making out that this, proroguing, was all about him having to help out benefit scrounging Scotland. He’s one dangerous, nazi maniac.

    C’mon Scots waken up, support the SNP and get us out of this.

  16. Sneaky Jo Swinson’s rebuke to LBJ backfires.


    ‘MPs’ fury at Boris Johnson’s ‘dangerous language.’

    Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson said the prime minister was an “utter disgrace” for his response to the questions on his language. She told MPs: “I today have reported to the police a threat against my child. That has been dismissed as ‘humbug’.

  17. I came across this on the Wings site and know that Cubby won’t mind me reposting it on here.

    ”Cubby says:-

    Gove has now played the sectarian card twice in the H of Commons. What an odious character – a typical Scot Britnat.

    1. He calls the SNP the sectarian secessionist nationalist party.

    2. Then later he equates the SNP MPs to the noise the crowd at Parkhead would make when Celtic score a goal.

    It is clear that they are ramping up the old divide and conquer strategy around sectarianism.”

    • Petra, I almost feel that there is no need for BTL comments on Paul’s Dodo piece; if you watched Cox, who screamed that the opposition, well, Labour, were cowards, totally oblivious to the fact that the Government Front Bench was stuffed with a bunch of Nobodies, because Patel Javid, Barclay, Leadsom, and the rest of the Cabinet were afraid to show their faces.

      Gove’s two hour smirking Oxford Debating tissue of lies and denial, and down right schoolboy ‘jokes’ and insults said it all for me.

      Seven times he refused to inform the house when and who retitled the Yellowhammer document, he lied when he declared that UK citizens would not need visas in the event of a No Deal, that the EU had agreed arrangements to cover the health cost of the risibly titled ‘ex pats’, waffled about the doubts over food supplies, purred that some prices would go up, some would come down, he shook his Money Tree and lied that NI farmers would be financially compensated by his Government when tariffs shot through the roof, he shrugged his shoulders when it was pointed out that zero tariffs on imported EU oil would shut two refineries and cost 2000 jobs, assured an MP that the government would give the poor loans when they couldn’t buy basic food stuffs…and on and on and on…in that tortuous smarmy patronising false posh English accent of his.

      He genuinely believes that he is one of the Entitled and can stand up and lie for two hours with impunity.
      I talk posh, therefore you are conditioned to believe everything I say, because we are the 1%, and you, most definitely, are not.
      The absolute twaddle he came out with regarding ports, customs, Business Readiness and the Backstop beggared belief.
      He is an arrogant little man, on any level, who clearly didn’t have a clue about anything relating to Brexit.

      Johnson is plainly insane, a psychopath in rumpled shirt and crumpled suit.
      I repeat, England has gone mad.

      The SNP are correct to keep their powder dry.
      WE are within weeks, if not days, of the balloon going up.

      Johnson will sell the DUP out, and offer the EU May’s Deal, which will of course be rejected by his Right Wing agitators, and precipitate a VONC, and the inevitable request for an extension.
      Then a GE and a formal notification to whoever is left standing in WM that Scotland is holding and Independence Referendum, the JFDI.
      We shall be asking no one’s ‘permission’.

      They really have gone completely bonkers.

    • Agreed on all Jack, the con is still in full swing, with MPs and the public nurtured as mushrooms.
      Sat through most of yesterday’s session, but Johnson’s use of language for effect was as astonishing as it was appalling. The “Surrender” or “Capitulation” Act diminishing his chances of a “Deal” the EU have no proposals on long after he undertook to provide them, death threats to MPs dismissed as “humbug”, Westminster has truly entered the Twilight Zone.

  18. Totally agree Jack. They’re arrogant, dangerous and downright evil. They remind me of Hitler’s cabinet some of whom came across, initially, as just being rigid in their way of thinking that is until they got full control of power. God only knows what they will do if that ever comes to pass for them.

    On the otherhand Amber Rudd has gone right up in my estimation. Did you see her on Peston last night? She was absolutely scathing of LBJ behaviour using terms like dangerous, totalitarianism and so on. I reckon that she can see right through him and what’s going on now. Grieve was on the show too and he also expressed his horror. I just wish that all Scots knew as much as we do and we probably don’t know the half of it. As you say Nicola Sturgeon has done the right thing by keeping her powder dry and it won’t be too long now before we get out of this hellhole, thank God.

    Short clips from the Peston show. The full programme included an interview with LBJ which was also an eyeopener.

  19. There are no “good deals” to be achieved from BREXIT, despite all this pathetic posturing from MPs. As I see it, there only three realistic options, either;

    1) Hard BREXIT.

    2) Crappy, awful deal.

    3) Revoke Article 50.

    Now te big problem seems to be a serious lack of courage in REMAINER MPs – if they really want to cancel BREXIT, then they have to revoke Article 50. All this kicking the can down the road, applying for extension after extension is only going to make matters worse. C’mon, remainers, find a spine and grasp the nettle. Time to put your country first before your career.

    IMHO, perhaps the SNP should put forwrd a bill to revoke Article 50 now, and force those cowards off the fence.. No ore extensions no more can-kicking. It’s time to end this, one way or the other.

  20. Thursday morning. Dear Paul, I would appreciate it if you could write an article about the increasing use of a language of violence and war within UK politics. So often, you have the capacity to powerfully articulate what the rest of us are thinking and feeling.

    • Seconded.
      England’s politics has been degenerating in actions and words for decades, Powell’s “Rivers of Blood” speech was no less explosive for it’s time, Frantzen’s provocative “Not-English/Christian” demonstrations, DM/Sun propaganda, it is all feeds into and on the same “anti” environment with which England seems obsessed.
      Yesterday evening’s deplorable WM session deployed the exact type of language you describe, while Mirage stirs the mob outside with much the same invective.
      Words have consequences..

  21. The MPs are certainly talking the talk, but do they have the guts to walk? They can carp all they like but if they think they can shame LBJ into resigning they are lining themselves up for disappointment. LBJ will only resign if there is an advantage to be had by doing so.

    LBJ is utterly ruthless. He can only be dealt with by being equally decisive and ruthless. He will eat dithering Crbyn forbreakfast. It seems that Labour MPs will take forever to fnd courage to act, so it’s down to the other opposition parties to get the ball roling: Revoke Article 50. Now is the tme to put it to the test.

    • Revoking Art 50 without returning it to the people would inflame an already tribal issue, predominantly in England.
      Whereas even a 2nd referendum might not be conclusive, it is better to go that route to get a democratic mandate. Even if the oft quoted 17.4 million increase their numbers at least it would no longer be a 3 year old opinion.

      • Bob, I think this tribal issue in England is going to further enflamed whatever happens. The Brexiteers would also go apeshit if there is another referendum. Having a EUref rerun will pave the way for rerunning IndyRef 2 if YES wins. The confleict would be neverending. The majority of WM does not believe in Brexit anyway – so just revoke Article 50 and face the consequences. Rather thand estroy the nation completely. Pretending there is a good Brexit deal to be had is downright misleading.

      • Though I empathise with the logic, this is a time of straight bananas and unelected bureaucrats not logic. The tax-dodging underwriters of this farce will fight tooth and nail to escape the EU’s clutches before January 1st, and make no mistake their employee Johnson will move heaven and earth to make his bonus.
        IMHO annulment of Art 50 immediately might give the country time to settle down and take stock, but without tying that to revisiting the question of 2016 it would be milked by Mirage and the DM posse to fan the flames of civil disobedience, the nutters are ready to riot, Brexit
        as ever but the excuse.

  22. What happened to the respect for a vote.
    The maybot’s snap election result post dates the brexit referendum result.
    Cox says the parliament is dead, that’s because it doesn’t give the government side the automatic right to change the LAW. He refers to the one vote he agrees with the other is ignored.
    To save readers the loss of 4 hours of their lives, here is the script for the next round of the fiasco that is doris.
    5 answers, perm any one as necessary.
    1) I agree totally with my honourable/learned friend.
    2) Vote for the maybot’s deal.
    3) We’re leaving on the 31st October.
    4) I’ll look at the judgement and see how to get round it.
    5) I refer you to a previous answer.

    If stuck for an answer just abuse the questioner with a personal snidy remark, but don’t answer the question.

    There you go even you can be a prime minister at the dispatch box in this broken democracy.
    Still think Jack’s correct, doris will dump the DUP and have the border at the existing facilities on the banks of the Irish SEA.
    Then the maybot’s withdrawal deal.
    If you think it’s all over there is still the actual trading agreements to negotiate and that will continue for a great deal of time.

  23. I think John McLeod’s idea at 07.15 for an article on the increasing use of violent and emotive language is a good one. I would love to read your thoughts on it. As he says you always seem to express what so many of us are thinking so eloquently.
    I’ve really enjoyed reading your articles and commentators- sanity and humour in a mad world!

    • Compare this, EB

      “All this was inspired by the principle–which is quite true in itself–that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional
      nature than consciously or voluntarily, and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they are more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying. These people know only too well how to use falsehood for the basest purposes.”

      The ‘Big Lie” Brexit, ‘Take Back Control’, ‘Make Britain Great again’, ‘The Surrender Bill’, ‘Enemies (who should be resisted by force if necessary) of the People’, the belligerent language of the ‘Big Lie’.

      The author of the above expanded on ‘the big lie’, and who was responsible.

      “From time immemorial, however, the Jews have known better than any others how falsehood and calumny can be exploited. Is not their very existence founded on one great lie, namely, that they are a religious community, whereas in reality they are a race? And what a race! One of the greatest thinkers that mankind has produced has branded the Jews for all time with a statement which is profoundly and exactly true. He (Schopenhauer) called the Jew “The Great Master of Lies.” Those who do not realize the truth of that statement, or do not wish to believe it, will never be able to lend a hand in helping Truth to prevail.”

      Mein Kampf 1925

      Hitler quotes Arthur Schopenhauer to back up his maniacal rant.

      The philosopher also said:-

      “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

      The trick is to get at the truth, and defend it tirelessly.

      Language is one of the miracles of evolution.

      We are fast approaching stage three on truth’s journey to fulfilment.

      Scotland shall be an Independent country in my lifetime, which ‘truth’ I declare today, on my 72nd birthday.

      Incidentally, Schopenhauer also quipped:

      “Journalists are like dogs, when ever anything moves they begin to bark.”

      There’s lots of Brit Nat attack dogs on the prowl today.

  24. The thing is , surely we have to accept that brexit should go ahead, I am a remainer , a I’ve said before , I did not give the referendum enough thought at the time , I did not think about deals what kind of deal I simply thought remain would win easily.They didn’t.
    I don’t like any of the deals that have been put forward and I do not like the way the brexit referendum was conducted with all the nonsense on the side of a bus which I knew was untrue at the time but I thought remain would win so I looked and listened.
    I have to say that in my opinion brexit should go ahead because the leave side won the vote .
    Surely the leave side won the right to choose the path of leaving as well and what kind f brexit deal is encapsulated in choosing the path of brexit.
    In my opinion it would be wrong for remainers to choose what path what deal comes with brexit I say this in the same way that I accepted English votes for English laws when the NO side won in the Scottish independence referendum I say this in the same way that I expect the YES side to choose the path and deal that suits them when Scottish independence wins the day.

    • I suppose one way of dealing with it would have been by setting up a separate Assembly of Delegates that Leavers / Remainers / Abstainers could have voted candidates into. Alternatively the activation of A50 could have taken place at the same time as the launch of a referendum to refine the choice between “BRINO”, Customs Union etc.
      All theoretical now.
      Various leading lights in the British political system have worked hard to minimise the chances of a calm and rational solution.

  25. I spent much of yesterday visiting one of the Scottish islands. It was great to get away from politics in that beautiful place. When I cane back I watched Newsnight and was utterly horrified at the behaviour of LBJ in the Commons. Johnson would be as well dyeing his hair dark getting a funny wee moustache and a Nazi swastika on his sleeve because he is nothing but a fascist, and a bully and has absolutely no shame. There is one thing common to bully’s they are all cowards. I sincerely hope for everyone’s sake nothing happens to another Mp but the culture of hate towards anyone who disagrees with this government is palpable and hearing some of the comments from the public on what happenned yesterday on Victoria Derbyshire with people saying there was nothing wrong with Johnson’s behaviour shows how divided the uk is. The sooner Scotland escapes the better

  26. A wee bit O/T ,
    Memo to the first minister
    Dear Nicola stop it , stop giving this rancid party to your left any kind of respect , when they raise a question turn it back on them ridicule them , most of this party don’t recognise the Scottish Parliament but are happy to take the money . as for the Clowns to your right, well give me strength they are beyond any kind of help .

  27. The Brit Nat Dodos at Holyrood continue to amaze at FMQ.

    Dick Lemoncurd demanded that the SNP submit the Referendum question to the Electoral Commission to ensure clarity blah de blah.
    It did not occur to him that if the question in Indyref 1, which btw, was approved by th EC, lacked clarity, or was ambiguous, or whatever, then the 2014 result was invalid and should be set aside.

    This was the Red Tories’ main platform of Opposition today, of all days, when he had the golden opportunity to rip Jackhammer Carboot to shreds following yesterday’s disgrace at WM.

    No, this automaton, ex shop steward, who spent 30 years at a desk settling Union claims, had nothing to do or say about the National Crisis that is engulfing England.
    It took Sturgeon to point out that by demanding that the question to be used for Indyref2 be put to the EC, this Dodo was acknowledging that Indyref 2 was steaming down the line.
    God what a dried up bunch of inconsequential benchfillers the Labour Branch Office is.

    Carpark for the Blue Tories was on a ‘hang ’em and flog ’em’ SNP soft on crime tub thump. Nothing else happening in Blue Toryland after all.

    The Lib Dems want the FM to intervene in Air Traffic Controller strike Up in the Orkneys.
    It’s a parish council to these grubby little Brit Nat apologists.
    They lack the skills, knowledge, intellect, or ambition to be anything other than Brit Nat usurpers, undermining devolution at every turn.
    Not for much longer.

    And the Greens?
    What is the point of them?

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