Big Enough, Smart Enough, Rich Enough

We are a not for profit group aiming to promote Scotland and her resources to the people of Scotland. Our aim is to challenge the idea that we’re too small or too poor to be independent.

Our first campaign involved putting motion graphic adverts on televisions in pubs and clubs across the central belt, but we want to do more. We want to raise enough money to advertise on billboards, and we want to help other groups to advertise in their local areas.renewables

We want to raise funds with half to be used for a billboard campaign using Colin Dunn’s (Indy Poster Boy) designs such as the ones on this page. The rest will be used to match funding with groups across Scotland. Local people know best how to advertise in their area and we will help them do that, but we need your help.



The Crowdfunder has reached its initial target. With more money we can do even more, so we’ve booked 4 weeks of “socialite” advertising in pubs and restaurants across Glasgow and Edinburgh and 2 weeks of Colin Dunn’s billboards. That’s from half the money raised so far. The other half of what is raised will be spent to fund other Yes groups in their own area so they can do what they think would work there. We’re looking to fund 12 groups at £500 matched funding so that could really go quite far. For example in Yes Aberdeen they’re looking to buy an advertising trailer that we can then loan out to others in the area and print different banners for. In the Borders they’re looking at maybe doing bus stop adverts if they can get approval. The idea is to get one campaign in each area so that we cover more of Scotland. The more we raise, the more we’ll be able to do.

Please give what you can, all revenue will be put into advertising across the country and persuading our fellow citizens that we’re Big Enough, Rich Enough and Smart Enough to be independent. Just click on the link below to go to the fundraising page. Please give generously. Every pound raised will go to showing people in this country that Scotland is big enough, smart enough, and rich enough to be a prosperous and stable independent country.

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  2. As a further means to get out from under the SMSM domination it has considerable merit, it is harder to strangle grass roots stuff…
    With Johnson now trying to press the SNP’s “high taxation and mismanaged health and education systems” line, some in your face exposure of these lies and BBCS etc facilitating it is long overdue, so perhaps consider some public debunking as well as the graphics. It worked well for Led by Donkeys, and goodness knows the Indy crowd has considerably more material to work with over the last decade. LBD pop-up displays have had a massive impact, no permissions sought, but by the time the authorities react it has been seen by thousands or indeed millions… Think of it as literal terrorism, is that not what we are fighting against anyway of late…
    Will donate come the next pension… Very best of luck…

    • I understand and agree with the proposal for a poster campaign being some very telling economic graphics to highlight statistics that the wider public may not be aware of. However I also agree with Bob’s suggestion of publicly debunking the fake info put out by the Unionist side. Where better to start on that tactic than the infamous Vow and the volte-face made by the UK Gov once they’d got their desired outcome? Everyone knows about The Vow so that would make a very persuasive case on high profile bill-boards etc.

  3. What‘s the data source for these graphics? It would be important to know and important to show, otherwise someone is going to be accused of fake news.

  4. My Pensioners4Indy group in Edinburgh and Lothians use a selection of these on our twice/thrice weekly stalls. They are so useful. Looking forward to seeing the ads.

  5. Thanks for posting this crowdfunder – I lost the original link and happy I’ve now been able to donate. I’d love to see one showing the many pics of our over 80 / over 90 Indy supporting pensioners….

  6. Many thanks for this breath of fresh air. It’s high time we concentrated more on the positive case for independence, painting a picture of a better future for all funded by Scotland’s wealth of natural and human resources.

  7. I will donate but can anyone tell me why the SNP are not doing this and paying for it.
    Surely a huge campaign on billboards and buses across Scotland would be more effective than sending the stuff to every house in Scotland like they usually do.
    Bigger , more in your face and most importantly not ignoreable you can’t just look at the envelope ,see it’s from SNP and chuck it in the bin without reading it .
    A billboard will soak into your mind before you can ignore it.

    • “but can anyone tell me why the SNP are not doing this and paying for it” ?
      Sorry Terry, the first question nobody would ask of a SNP trying to play by the UQ rules, the second is a peculiarly English phenomenon questioning the basis of financial wherewithal, but let’s throw the question back eh ?
      Which Party policy supports “Led By Donkeys”, and which party funds it? Eh ?

      • So why ask the question “but can anyone tell me why the SNP are not doing this and paying for it” ?
        To answer the question I posed you, NO party I’m aware of officially supports LBD politically or by way of financial assistance.
        You appear to believe this initiative should be politically initiated and financed by SNP, my question remains why ?
        Let me put this in more general terms. Are AUOB connected with SNP? Nope. Thereby what makes the case or ItsTime being different, hence your question?

        • For a start, chances are, the SNP just do not have the money for such campaigns.

          Notice the Britnats post 4 page leaflets through our doors, recently Jo Swindle and Wullie winkle, Libdem ‘newspaper’ (!) spouting the utter lies about how popular they are, ( snigger) and the leaflet also stated, ‘this newspaper is not printed nor delivered at the expense of the tax payer’. ‘The Scottish Gazette’ I thought it was a spoof! Lol.

          To print and deliver 1000’s or millions even of leaflets can’t be cheap, so with everything that the SNP are having to do to mitigate UKgov in England’s terrible austerity cuts on our poorest and the massive cuts to the ‘block grant’ so called, ( ie, pocket money Westminster condescends to send back to Scotland once they have taken our massive resources and revenues ) to fund leaflets is going to be kept until the independence campaign is up and running fully.

          • I reckon SNP have a lot more money and can put these posters up in more places for a longer period of time.
            That’s why I think SNP should do it.

            Bob, why do you think SNP should not do it ?

          • Lack of political party ties affords greater freedom of expression and behaviour beyond those which constrain parties. Even where the message may align with a party viewpoint, the party itself is absolved of responsibility for it and political/legal challenge on it.
            SMSM provide a monopoly channel for Scottish Indy opposition, debunking their lies via this initiative must be politically agnostic to succeed, and no further SNPbad to exploit.

    • As I understand it SNP could use billboard advertising as part of an election campaign (so presumably also for a referendum), but it is constrained by UK rules from doing this outside of an election campaign. I’ve already raised with my SNP MSP the idea of billboard advertising exposing the fake info put out by Unionist parties and organisations (e.g. The Vow) and that was the answer I got.

  8. When you say nobody would ask of a SNP playing by UQ rules

    Are you saying that it’s not allowed within the rules

    I’m not really understanding your response to my question

    • I explained my puzzlement above Terry. Political parties are constrained by rules, BloJo epitomises stretching those rules to breaking, as found unlawful by the courts.
      What the grassroots do such as AUOB or in this case ItsTime, is to act with greater latitude than political parties can which you suggestion would enhance rather than throttle it.

  9. I would like to see a really clear illustrated leaflet about what devolution is, ie which powers are devolved to Scotland and which powers are reserved to England.

    I have friends in England who were slagging the SNP last year for their ‘terrible immigration policy throwing people out of Scotland’. Guardian readers, BBC and CH4 watchers. I only say that because it’s so common, they can think what they like, but too many people in Scotland also believe immigration and other crucially important matters, are within the Scottish governments powers and the Britnat unionists rely on those myths. Job done.

    I was at my local shop earlier, a big chain, and the guy behind the counter, from the US, nice man been there for years as a part timer, quietly said, ‘ I see you have an SNP badge, I was a resident, hoping to be a citizen but…’ worried look. I said immigration is a reserved power to Westminster, he looked very surprised indeed. He obviously had absolutely no idea that any problems he is having with immigration are outwith the powers of the SNP. I told him to contact them anyway for advice and to have a look at the Scotgov/SNP website.

    So there’s a guy been living and working in Scotland for years, and by what he could say in a couple of minutes, seemingly very worried about his status in the UK, in Scotland, yet did not know that any problems for him lie solely with the UK gov in England.

    Also recall a UK wide activist charity, not so long ago demanding that the ‘Scottish MOD’ stop persecuting Whales ie killing them off the west coast of Scotland! They had NO idea that Scotland does not have a freaking MOD until I emailed them, by which time 1000’s had signed their petition, so false story about that nasty Scottish MOD and SNP bad already had been disseminated throughout the UK.

    • Indeed the level of ignorance is frightening, not helped by lying politicians and a media complicit in enabling it’s dispersal. eg – I saw no MSM article debunking Johnson’s SNP assertions last week over taxation/health/education.
      That politicians and the media in England have over at least the last 30 years refashioned popular perspective to the point where the Daily Smell purport to echo it is nothing short of horrifying. The Brexit campaign opened a massive can of worms down south, John Harris’s videos on “Anywhere but Westminster” revealing opinions of ordinary people far removed from reality, on occasion with a venom which is truly frightening.
      Scotland is not immune from such manipulation and propaganda spreading ignorance, but we seem powerless to prevent it until it is within our power to dismantle the machinery.

      • Bob, I disagree with you.
        There is no high level of ignorance
        Your point of view is only a point a view
        People know the MOD is UK but they also know there is a Scotland arm to that MOD perhaps you need to rethink your views of the general populous who are not as ignorant as you think

        Back to my original question

        The fact is the SNP could find a campaign on billboards and posters
        The fact is some people as s you said could accuse them of being biased but if what they are printing on the billboards is factual and not just an opinion there is nothing can be done to the SNP

        FACTS and opinion are intermingled by some people including yourself I see, I would not normally say that to you but you appear to have a very high opinion of yourself and allow opinion of much of the people in Scotland and so far from what I’ve seen you say, it’s not justified.

        • We are all entitled to a point of view Terry, perhaps ignorance was too strong a descriptor, but how else might one describe willingness to swallow the Daily Smell or Express bunkum without validating the assertions elsewhere ?
          From straight bananas and unelected bureaucrats to failing scottish health and education services, all are left unchallenged by media who purport to disseminate news and inform the public debate. Only in Ireland is good old fashioned journalism rather than propaganda still practised, prepared to challenge the bunkum front and centre, as Nigel Mirage discovered recently with RTE.
          I described the level of ignorance as frightening, not high, nor across the entirety of the population, nor related to the MOD, that was ArtyHetty. Yet curiously you dismissed her central point that an English based UK-wide charity should have realised it was an erroneous reference without need for an email pointing it out. There is only one MOD.
          Yes, SNP could fund billboard advertising and probably will do so come Indy2, but why do you promote shackling ItsTime’s initiative to SNP at this time in the knowledge parties are constrained from such activities outwith official campaigns? Are you a 77 Brigade employee?
          As to the last, undoubtedly at 65 I’ve become impossibly opinionated, but I look forward to the Scots prevailing before I shuffle off this mortal earth..

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