Johnson’s hot air

The one man political pollutant that is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson doesn’t want the Scottish First Minister anywhere near the climate summit planned for Glasgow next year. It’s a British summit for British people. Scottish people will only be allowed anywhere near it if they adopt an accent like Jeauw Sweynson’s or Michael Gove’s and produce photographic evidence that they attended last night at the proms wearing a union jack bowtie or frock.

The last thing that Lyin’ Bastert Johnson wants is the Scottish Government to get any credit for the steps it has taken to tackle climate change. I’d say that was because he’d be embarrassed by the fact that Scotland is miles ahead of the rest of the UK, thanks to Scottish Government policies, but that would be silly. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson was born without the genes for shame or guilt. He just wants to take the credit for Scottish efforts himself. That would be those efforts which his predecessor David Cameron promised during the independence referendum would benefit from millions of pounds of UK investment if Scotland voted No, and then after the 2015 General Election he cancelled the Renewable Obligation subsidy scheme. That move cost Scotland 5500 jobs in the renewable energy sector and an estimated loss of £3 billion in investment.

“Faugh faugh waffaugh waugh!” Lyin’ Bastert Johnson told an audience of adoring fan boys and girls at the Scottish Tory fringe meeting during the Conservative party conference. If we could only harness the powers of self-delusion contained in that room we could save ourselves a fortune in energy production. His speech contained some old gags that weren’t especially funny when he trotted them out in the House of Commons. At least we should be grateful that he didn’t promise us 40 new hospitals that turned out to be some building repairs on a half dozen existing ones.

Then he went on, “Lots of union flags faugh waugh fafaugh!” The way for this Prime Minister to ingratiate himself into the hearts of the Scottish populace isn’t to change tack so he’s not actually taking the UK into an authoritarian nightmare where the rule of law is merely a serving suggestion for a Prime Minister. It’s certainly not to take Scottish concerns about Brexit into account. It’s to stick loads of British flags on things. His audience of Scottish Tories all cheered, the same people who scoff at independence rallies and marches saying that seeing Scottish flags won’t change anyone’s mind about independence. So now we know how the Tories propose to fend off their impending electoral disaster in Scotland. Voters in Scotland will be happy to accept a box of crap, as long as it’s presented in union flag themed wrapping paper.

And there you were thinking that the problem with Westminster rule was the democratic deficit, which means that Scotland more often than not doesn’t get a British government that it voted for. Oh no. It’s not that. It’s not Brexit and Scotland being taken out of the EU by the very same people who told us in 2014 that the only way to ensure Scotland remained in the EU was to vote against independence. It’s not even the way that the Vow was trashed and Scotland has been lied to and treated with contempt. No. It’s nothing that can’t be solved by sticking more Union flags on things than you’ll see at an Orange Walk. When they said they were going to bang the drum for Britishness, we didn’t realise they meant a Lambeg. But it’s the SNP which is sectarian, according to that oil stain on politics that goes by the name Michael Gove.

Anyway, the way that Lyin’ Bastert Johnson’s career is going, it’s quite likely that he won’t be at the summit either. This is the worst Prime Minister in British history since the last one. At the rate at which he’s currently haemorrhaging supporters, by the time of the summit he’ll be left solely with the backing of Jackson Carlaw. Jackson would still be telling Gordon Brewer that Boris is doing a marvellous job, even if video evidence were to come to light showing the Prime Minister decapitating a kitten and making a deal with Donald Trump to sell the NHS to Macdonalds in return for a lifetime’s supply of chicken nuggets for the cabinet. You won’t be able to afford a hip operation, but you will be able to get a Happy Meal with a plastic model of a nurse.

Naturally even this would be just fine and dandy with the Scottish Conservatives, whose sole reaction to being told to bend over and make ready to be shafted by the British government would be to inquire just how far up their rectums would Westminster like them to shove whatever it is that passes for their self-respect. Although, to be fair, the Scottish Conservative definition of self-respect is what a normal human being would interpret as the submissive role in a kinky sex-scene. Scottish Conservative patriotism means wearing a union flag themed gimp mask and ball gag.

Johnson doesn’t want Scotland anywhere near the summit because it will only show up the gulf between the achievements of the Scottish government and the British government when it comes to tackling climate change. The British government talks about tackling climate change. The Scottish government does something about it.

Scotland has been leading the way within the UK on climate change. In 2018, renewable sources produced 74.6% of Scotland’s electricity consumption. Scotland’s vast potential for renewable energy production continues to be developed. Last year, this country’s electricity exports almost doubled compared to the previous year, rising from 12,868GWh in 2017 to 24,379GWh in 2018. And Scotland has done this despite, not because of, policy decisions made by Westminster.

By way of comparison, total renewable electricity production for the entire UK in 2018 made up just 33% of total electricity production. This figure includes the Scottish figure, so the proportion of energy produced from renewable sources in the rest of the UK without Scotland is considerably lower.

In 2016 (the last year for which I was able to find statistics comparing the nations of the UK), Scotland produced a total of 42.92% of its electricity from renewable sources. England’s much larger electricity generation capacity only managed to produce 23.15% of its electricity from renewables. The figures for Wales (12.33%), and Northern Ireland (25.33%) were also considerably behind those for Scotland. The British Government has little to boast about when it comes to its commitment to renewable energies. It’s only because of Scottish efforts that the UK isn’t regarded as the polluter of Europe as well as its political basketcase.

Scotland leads the way in the UK on tackling climate change. We could do a lot better. We would do a lot better if we weren’t being held back by a Westminster government whose greatest contribution to renewable energy is the amount of hot hair it produces.

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36 thoughts on “Johnson’s hot air

    • Thanks for those energy figures. Useful for discussions with unionist friends who haven’t been converted yet.

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  2. England don’t want to bother with renewable energy because they are well into the building of the massive nuclear power plant at Hinkley point
    If England gets its way it will force nuclear powered electricity from Hinkley point on Scotland even though it costs more for the user , is more dangerous for all and is not wanted by people in Scotland

    • …..and as we now send England 20% of its electricity they will be beholden to us, for a price. Scotland produces 40% of all electricity in the U.K.

    • Not to mention the huge subsidies given to wind power by Westminster whilst stopping investment in Scotland’s wind power at the same time
      Naturally to because of their Hinkley nuclear
      They’re setting up arrangements for nuclear to be the mainstay and wind when available
      An English requirement you see
      Scotland doesn’t need that but it will get it anyway

  3. Its just jealously with the english rule brigade that Scotland does better than England at anything and they hate it hence the crap like this by the likes of johnson.

  4. Courtesy of the Belfast Telegraph, we now know what is contained in the ‘Non-Papers’ Papers which must be giving the EU side of the Brexit negotiations a right good laugh over their croissants and café.

    Those of us who have travelled extensively on the motorway network will recall the introduction of Average Speed cameras two decades or so ago, usually on a 50 MPH stretch of bendy built up motorway .
    The principle, I believe, but have never delved more deeply, is to identify and clock each car’s time and ‘entry’ into the average Speed Zone, and, further down the line, record and identify each car’s exit from the zone, calculate the ‘average speed’, and penalise those who exceeded and average of 50 MPH, and subsequently automatically issue a Fixed Penalty fine and three penalty points.

    Well, the Brexit new technology, yet to be developed, to track goods and beasts crossing from Ireland to the North, sounds to be something similar to the average speed regime.

    Both Ireland and The North will erect 8(?) Customs Checkpoints on both sides, miles from the actual border, and track cross border movement of goods and vehicles entering and leaving the ‘Demilitarised Zone’ using apps on I-phones or some such wizardry.

    And that’s it.
    3 years and 3 months in the making.

    Meanwhile Paddy, and Mick, and Mohammed, can wander freely throughout Ireland, and catch the Belfast to Cairnryan ferry unhindered, and every cross border road and stream in Ireland will be left unchecked because no one would dream of dodging the DMZ regime.

    These people are genuinely off their heads.

    The GFA means nothing to them I doubt that they even understand it.
    There is No Deal.

    On Newsnight tonight Emily Maitlis chaired a Tory panel which concluded that ‘The People’ are fed up and just want to get Brexit over with.

    No we are not, Emily.
    We are not fed up. We are pent up.
    We shall die in a ditch rather than be reduced to a colony of England.
    We are Europeans, not and adjunct of the English Empire.

    Those days are gone forever.

    • Had been reading the Irish Indo article on this latest phase of the farce which is Johnson’s “do or die” Brexit, there were no compliments…
      When ERG/DUP ensured May’s deal was sunk their desired outcome was clear as day, to assist the “offshore elite” and Press Barons driving this “coup” toward a quick non-binding exit irrespective of who or where was damaged by it.
      Their greatest success has been the numbers cheering it on with jingo on one side, fatigue on the other, the only unforeseen in their strategy, the Benn Act.
      Johnson will continue to do his masters’ bidding, and by all accounts his popularity is increasing in polls because of it, but what assets are left to strip? NHS ?
      All are damaged from this, but recriminations and angry argument will ensnare England for years to come irrespective of how this concludes, best we are off out of it….

      • Bob,

        You may note that they sat Johnson between two women at the Manchesterberg Rally yesterday following reports that he was a Groper long before Me Too.
        On one side, Patel, who considers a holiday in Israel includes meetings with the Israeli Cabinet, and would bring back hanging, and on the other , a blonde lass, not dissimilar in type expression and dress sense to the Yank IT ‘entrepreneur’ mired in the London IT Security Bungs.

        Look, woman are happy to sit beside me, grins the Man/Child.

        And still we give the battered old can another tap down the Road To Madness.

        Let’s make sure there are plenty of Saltires on display at the Climate Change(Global Warming) Summit.

  5. Neatly done Paul. 🙂

    I dare say he’ll be happy enough to accept kudos for things he hasn’t done. He won’t be the first, nor the last, politician to do that. What he can’t do is hide his past statements on pretty much anything Scotland.

    That he can also be fairly ignorant and arrogant goes without saying. He is what he is after all. He also happens to be fairly rubbish at hiding contempt for anything that isn’t pro Boris. (*shrugs*)

    Mind you that’s just peachy so far as we should be concerned. Scotland will be more than happy to welcome the world.

    Probably minus Mr Johnson and his hingers oan. 🙂

  6. It’s no surprise that the word ‘despite’ crops up so often when any improvement in Scotland is mentioned. Imagine what could be achieved when not being held back by a dinosaur of a neighbour.


    Falsely claiming credit for Scotland’s admirable renewable energy efforts is, we now know, typical of Bozo’s moral compass.


    As is using £126,000 of public money to provide ‘French lessons’ to Bozo. –

    “I told you what would happen if you failed your French oral.” “You stupid trollop, I’m not a masochist, I’m a sadist.” – B’Stard Johnson’s, ER, Johnson – The New Statesman – Youtube –

    ER, Not that one, this one –

  8. Having done a lot of research and posted often on this subject I would love to do so again but I do not have time at the moment.

    This post is an off topic intimation regarding another subject entirely – eugenics and its origins in England due to Charles Darwin’s cousin Francis Galton and the export of it to Germany and elsewhere by his acolytes like Karl Pearson.

    Most people do not know anything about this because it has never been covered on the MSM but on Thursday evening at 9pm a documentary series on BBC channel 4 is at last ‘unburying’ this matter. It is probably an arse covering exercise pre-empting the possibility, now hopefully a receding one, of an ultra right totalitarian government. Like various recent documentaries on the rise of the Nazis etc.

    • Erm, when we first saw the very late night advert for this series about a month ago, it was entitled Eugenics: Britain’s Greatest Scandal and featured footage about Galton etc. We searched the radio times schedules but couldn’t find it. There was a late night advert, for a eugenics documentary last night but no mention of Galton, but did give the date and time.

      I have just checked the RT schedule and it is listed as Eugenics: Science’s Greatest Scandal with no mention of Galton in the blurb.

      Seems to me there has been rethink somewhere.

  9. Your ‘kinky sex’ analogy is funny but unfortunately doesn’t quite fit the actual political position of the Tories and their unionism. It isn’t actually political masochism, as they don’t see themselves as the ones being shafted. Their self-interest is best served – as they see it – by enabling Scotland to be spreadeagled for the domination of the financial class of the London elite.
    They know exactly who is being shafted here and it ain’t them. (Ouch.)

    I’ve said this before that despite all the UJ branding and seeming Royal obsession, the unionist position is purely about power being exerted by the class to which they feel they belong. By upholding the domination of Westminster they can exercise control vicariously over a restless Scotland.

    Our argument against the inequality of the union, that it delivers governments that Scotland does not vote for because of the overwhelming size of the English population, is exactly the reason they want it to continue. In this way, a minority in Scotland can become a powerful, overwhelming majority by proxy.

    (Your extended analogy is a bit catching, WGD. On a quick re-read I can detect in my comment some double-meaning vocabulary not always consciously intended. Could say I’ve come over a bit “Carry On..” Ooh matron.) Funny, a lot of political commentary is like that.

    • Very good news from Cymru, Sion. Can’t think of any Labour controlled council in Scotland that would do the same. Perhaps Wales could end up leading the way for Scotland again? (Remembering the 70s.)

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