A question of character

The news today is that the Scottish Tories are hoping that they can use their influence on the Westminster party to delay a General Election until after March next year. The reason that they want to delay is so that the vote is held after the Alex Salmond trial, which is expected to begin early in the New Year. The Scottish Tories hope that they can minimise their losses if they are faced with an SNP which is dealing with the fallout from the trial of their former leader. As opposed to the Scottish Conservatives, who are dealing with the trials of their current leader.

It’s a breath-takingly cynical approach to politics, but exactly the kind of thing we’d expect from the Scottish Conservatives, for whom prinicples are a distant concept somewhere out beyond the furthest fringes of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’s ego. Which at best places it in an adjacent galaxy to the Milky Way. The Tories have certainly heard about principles, but wouldn’t recognise them if they encountered any, and wouldn’t know what to do with them if they did. Once upon a time, the Conservatives prided themselves on being the party of business, the party of pragmatism, the party of moderation. Now they’ve morphed into right wing English nationalist populists for whom Brexit has become a religion, an article of faith which must be sacrificed to no matter what the cost. The Scottish Conservatives seek to distract us from all of this by delaying the election until the focus of media attention is on the Alex Salmond trial and its consequences for the current SNP leadership.

There are however at least two grave problems for the Scottish Tories in pursuing their self-serving strategy. The first is that the Scottish colonial division has about as much influence over the decisions of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson as a vegan cookbook does on the dining habits of a vampire. He is no more going to base his decisions on what is best for the Tories’ house jocks than he’s going to stop dropping distractions in an attempt to avoid the mounting allegations about his personal behaviour.

Johnson is facing allegations that he groped two women, and moreover allegations that he has a history of inappropriate behaviour with women. These are allegations that are being dismissed by the same Tories who eagerly sought to condemn Alex Salmond. On top of that it is now alleged that when he was the Mayor of London, Johnson used his influence so that a woman with whom he was in a relationship received many thousands of pounds of public money for her company even though that company may not have been entitled to it. He may not survive as Prime Minister until May. The question of the fitness for high office of this charlatan, liar, and chancer is now foremost. His character will most certainly be a major topic in the election to come.

Ruth Davidson was until recently the beneficiary of media hype and hailed as the saviour of the union, but even she wasn’t able to extract a small concession from the Prime Minister. The nonentity that is Jackson Carlaw has as much chance of success in getting a much bigger concession from the Prime Minister as Mark Francois does of turning out to be larger in person than his Spitting Image puppet. Downing Street is calculating that it can win a majority by picking up leave voting Labour seats in the north of England. That’s what the recent announcements of lots of spending are all about. They’ve already written off the Scottish Conservative Party as the hopeless case that everyone in Scotland outside the newspapers already knew them to be.

This is a Prime Minister who has already lost seven votes in Parliament in the few short days he’s actually had to face the opposition parties in the Commons. He knows that they could inflict substantially greater damage on him if he agreed to face them across the floor of the chamber for several more months.

The other, far more serious, problem is that a government with no majority which has systematically alienated the opposition parties and a signficant number of its own former MPs is a government which continues to exist solely as long as it is convenient for the opposition parties to turn the screw on the Prime Minister. It won’t be up to Lyin’ Bastert Johnson to decide when the next General Election is held, it will be up the opposition parties. The date of the next General Election will be decided at the convenience of the opposition parties, not the convenience of Johnson. They’re going to pull the plug on this government the moment that the Prime Minister is seen to have broken his promise to leave the EU on 31 October come what may.

It ought to be clear by now to just about anyone who has been paying attention that this government is making no serious attempts to reach a deal with the EU. The leaked proposals for a deal which have come to light today have turned out to be a plan for customs checks in Ireland away from the border. This is a plan which the EU has already rejected. Today the Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar reiterated that Ireland and the EU expect the UK to honour its promises to avoid any border checks. The Prime Minister has been forced to distance himself from the proposal like a puppy looking at a pile of crap on the carpet with an innocent look on its face, hoping that the cat will be blamed for it. There’s only 30 days to go, and still no sign of a deal. There has to be a border, or there has to be a backstop. The UK government can’t insist that there should be no backstop but at the same time fulfil its commitment for there not to be a border. The Tories are still waffling on about technical solutions that don’t exist in the real world. Rather like their chances of electoral success in Scotland, come to think of it. Since he has no chance of getting a deal, the Prime Minister will not be able to avoid crashing into the law that requires him to ask the EU for an extension to Article 50. That’s not going to do his electoral prospects any favours at all. The Tories are on borrowed time.

It is a painful truth for the independence movement that the trial of Alex Salmond has no positive outcome for the SNP. We must not prejudge the outcome of the trial, but there will be difficult questions to be answered whatever the verdict. The anti-independence parties know that too. This knowledge has a lot to do with why they are currently insisting that Westminster should refuse to concede a Section 30 order until at the very earliest after the next Scottish elections.

However irrespective of what happens in the Alex Salmond trial, and irrespective of any fall out for senior figures in the Scottish Government in the aftermath of the trial, none of it changes the underlying dynamic driving the demand for independence. It will not magic away Brexit and Scotland being dragged out of the EU against its will. It will not magic away the contempt with which the Westminster government has treated Scotland’s concerns. It will not magic away the way in which the anti-independence parties failed to live up to the promises and commitments that they made to the people of Scotland in 2014. It will not magic away the chaos and uncertainty which is set to define British politics for years to come. None of this changes whatever happens during and after Alex Salmond’s trial, whatever the revelations that may come out. The dynamic driving demand for independence will not be affected, because that dynamic is powered by the failures of the British state in its treatment of Scotland and has nothing to do with Alex Salmond or the SNP.

The trial of Alex Salmond may harm the most important electoral vehicle for Scottish independence, but it does nothing to alter the need for the journey, it does not change the need to reach the destination. Vehicles can be repaired or rebuilt. Despite their unseemly glee, all that the British nationalists can realistically expect is for there to be damage to the SNP which in turn might pause the growth in demand for independence – but it will only do so for a short while. The underlying drivers of the rise in support for independence will soon reassert themselves because they are independent of the SNP. It’s a sign of their desperation that this is the British nationalists’ only hope.

The real issue here is a question of character. However it’s not about the character of Alex Salmond. It’s not even about the character of Boris Johnson. It’s about the character of the UK and of British politics as a whole.

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41 thoughts on “A question of character

  1. This needs to be repeated ad nauseam.

    Independence is far bigger than one person. Independence is far bigger than one political Party. Independence belongs to all of us – those of us from any political Party and those who do not..

    Independence will be won because the majority of Scots want it. They want it democratically and they want it fairly.

    We are all for independence. We all have our rightful methods of obtaining it. We all have the duty to win it. It is our togetherness and inclusivity which enjoins us to pursue our noble goal. No one can tell us to shut up or return to our boxes.

    Let us roll up our sleeves and get to work. We have a country to build.

    Dros Gymru/For Scotland.

  2. I find it tremendously reassuring to hear that the Scottish Tories are looking for a delay in a GE. It ties in with information disclosed that the brexit job losses will hit in mid December and the Tories favour a GE just before then.

    BUT, the tories do not need a GE – they are in power. The opposition parties in England – are in no position to oust them (Labour will lose and lose big, LibDems might gain a bit, but not the whole hog – Boris is likely to get a 100 seat majority if he teams up with the Brexit Party) and all are united in a desire to keep the voters in Scotland away from the ballot box and stop the SNP getting over 50 seats – which they would then ignore.

    We were blind sided by Terrible May’s snap election which no-one expected. I fear we are now blind sided by leaked info about a forthcoming GE – when it makes no sense.

    All our SNP eggs appear to be in this soon to be called GE.

    What does make sense is the only thing between us and a No Deal Brexit on 31/10/19 is Boris (as there is no more time for a GE or PV Ref). And Boris isn’t capable of negotiating in good faith.

    Will the EU accept a Nob Off signed on his behalf? They stated they would accept full revocation of A50 by the lawful parliament rep/PM (or words to that affect). I would respectfully suggest a Nob Off would not legally constitute the same with regards negotiating an extension. And any one of the 27 members of the EU might well agree.

    Once we are out of the EU – what is to stop Westminster shutting down Holyrood?

    Circumstances AT PRESENT do not meet the criterion for the Civil Contingencies Act to be implemented. But they will do, within days of a No Deal Brexit. Once that is in place – they shut down Holyrood.

    • There is nothing to prevent the Tories shutting down Holyrood right now. They don’t need to wait until the UK leaves the EU in order to do so. But they won’t close down Holyrood because it would be politically explosive. The Tories are venal, self-serving, and nasty, but they are not stupid. Closing down Holyrood would create outrage in Scotland that would only translate into increased support for independence. The Tories are far more likely to attempt to hollow out Holyrood from within.

      • Actually there is something to stop the UK Government shutting down Holyrood although emasculating it and reducing it to a talking shop is another matter.

        The Scottish Parliament can only be closed by the people of Scotland voting specifically for closure, or not, in a referendum. This was stated in the judgement of the UK Supreme Court in the Gina Millar Appeal on the triggering of Article 50.

        Paragraph 149 states:
        “”In the Scotland Act 2016, the recognition of the Sewel Convention occurs alongside the provi sion in section 1 of that Act. That section, by inserting section 63A into the Scotland Act 1998, makes the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish government a permanent part of the United Kingdom’s constitutional arrangements, signifies the commitment of the UK Parliament and government to those devolved institutions, and declares that those institutions are not to be abolished except on the basis o f a decision of the people of Scotland voting in a referendum””

        • ‘and declares that those institutions are not to be abolished except on the basis of a decision of the people of Scotland voting in a referendum’

          The word ‘abolished’ is not the same as ‘shut’.

          Under the Civil Contingencies Act each ‘Region’ of the UK would have place-person imposed in that area to rule. The Crown selects who. The Devolved Governments of Scotland, NI and Wales are specifically mentioned in the act.

          ‘There is nothing to prevent the Tories shutting down Holyrood right now.’

          That’s true, but if we look at the history of how we got Holyrood re-established, it came about through being part of the EU and legal precedent being made with other countries becoming indy. Remember Thatcher losing every one of her MP’s in Scotland, and carrying on ruling anyway. EU membership ‘persuaded’ Tony Blair to hold the devo ref due to a demonstrated democratic deficit – and if he could have got out of it he would have.

          Once we are out of the EU, we lose a degree of international oversight (and I know the EU have been extremely poor in that regard with Catalonia), but it still exists. Remove it and we’re back to the good old Thatcher set up again.

          The alternative of hollowing out Holyrood from within doesn’t fill me with confidence either, but you’re right it would be the smarter, long term move for them to play.

          I’m really sorry to be so pessimistic folks – no disrespect to anyone intended.

    • Because the Tories are trying to make it an issue and we can’t just stick our heads in the sand and pretend it’s not happening. You did see the news today I take it.

      • Paul, it seems that your excellent piece has prompted the Herald to remove Mike Settle’s EXCLUSIVE ‘Sex Pest’ Salmond Cut and Pastry about the Brit Nat Blue Tories urging Johnson to delay the next UKGE until Spring 2020, to coincide with Salmond’s Day In Court.

        Of course Settle knows that the Baker’s Dozen Tory Turnabouts have no influence on anything, and it is a nonsense to suggest that Johnson’s minority administration can survive until Guy Fawkes, never mind Easter 2020.

        Yet Settle does his best for the Party Cause, even if he reveals himself as pretty shallow in attempting yet again to smear Salmond before the man is actually given his day in court.

        The Inference in Settle’s piece is that the details of this alleged affair will be so seismic that the Great Scottish Public will be so morally outraged at Salmond’s behaviour that it will turn its back on the SNP and conclude that Independence is an aberration, the perverted creed of a dodgy smutty cult?

        I did suggest the other day that the Hacks (whom Iain Macwhirter tweets are a stand up bunch of guys just doing their job..good try, but no cigar,Iain. I know that you read WGD) have their juicy big dossiers on Salmond the Pest at the ready to unleash on the public as they trudge to the Indyref Polling Stations.

        Well, the worm has turned.
        Perhaps we should shine the glare of righteous outrage on the Brit Nat Pervs and drunkards?….
        Their are dozens of sleazy wee ProudScotButters from which to choose.
        The worm has turned.

  3. Horrible truths here: that the closure of Holyrood is very possible as part of a series of decisions as the Brexit chaos continues and – bleakly- what you say too Paul about the anticipated ramifications of the AS trial.
    After today, there are no words handy in my head for how -or in what-Scottish Tories now fester, but I hope you are still wrong about what may happen after Christmas. There could still be unexpected events. Someone with a conscience and some knowledge of deleted emails may yet emerge (I won’t stop hoping); some others- no matter how genetically clever they believe themselves to be – may well have underestimated the audience.
    Wir no daft.

  4. Often it is said that the 13 Tory MP,s representing Scotland in Westminster said they will represent Scotland’s views and fight for Scotland but never do , a prime example being J Carlaw saying at the Tory conference that they will support brexit even though two thirds of votes in Scotland were against brexit.

    These 13 Tory MPs are not letting down the people who voted for them
    they are doing what they were expected to do by the people who voted for them
    The people in Scotland who voted for these 13 Tory MPs are not people who care about Scotland as a country they are not concerned in the least about what sufferance will be felt by many many people in Scotland by a no deal brexit.

    The people in Scotland who voted for these 13 Tory MPs are looking out for their own personal wealth and wellbeing staying in the EU isn’t important to them nor is Scottish independence , these voters vote for Westminster every time they vote in Scotland and that is number one for them.

  5. I am off to indulge in a few hours of the almost sane world of ‘Bilko’.
    That way lies sanity and temporary peace and tranquillity, and laughter, don’t forget laughter.



    Instead of allowing the UK Muppet Stream Media to divert our attention, lets continue to look at Bozo’s utter lack of character. –

    “Philip Hammond, ex-Chancellor, seriously suggests in today’s Times that one reason the Prime Minister may want a hard Brexit is so that his backers in the City don’t lose billions — corruption on a scale I wouldn’t dare put in fiction.”

    – author Robert Harris – shocked, shocked, to find that gambling is going on !


    When are the Scottish people going to get rid of their appalling English spiv and grifter leaders ?


    “This is the BBC Home Service. Would QC David Pannick, presently touring in the west country, please return urgently to Whitehall where he is needed to save the country yet again from a further outrage by a cretinous Bozo.”

    Who will rid us of these turbulent tw*ts ? CLUE – Bar-Lady ‘not going to take it any more’ @ 29.38. –

    Michael Palin – Pannick’s Last Case (ER, Winfrey? Ed.) – Ripping Yarns – Youtube –


  7. Shades of Parnell in Ireland – smearing a man so that a whole country can be kept under colonial rule !
    Whatever the rights and wrongs of the Salmond case ( of course , he is clearly GUILTY say the unionist press even if he isn’t , so why bother with a trial ! ) in my mind it does not affect my desire for Independence .
    I don’t care if every member of the SNP cabinet was guilty of thigh grabbing of the opposite sex , while pole dancing of an evening with an alleged ‘business” associate , coupled with a penchant for publishing lies on the side of a big red bus !

    • I don’t care if they get fall down drunk, and touch up young men and get huckled by the police…wait…..

      If they want to play that grubby little game, there are more outlets than the Compliant Dead Tree Scrolls or Pathetic Quay to smear muck about the Brit Nats.

      I’m sure they’ll shut up now.
      Bilko is magic.


    “Exclusive: Whitehall official who ran scheme that granted Jennifer Arcuri — US businesswoman at centre of conflict of interest row over her friendship with PM — a coveted entrepreneur visa had worked for Boris Johnson when he was mayor.”

    “New questions for Johnson over how Arcuri got her visa.” via John Crace @ Guardian – Twitter –


    “Tories reveal themselves as party of lawlessness and disorder,” by John Crace, 1st October 2019 – Guardian –


    • “New questions for Johnson over how Arcuri got her visa.” – Owen Gibson @ Guardian – Twitter –


      “Exclusive: Whitehall official who ran scheme that granted Jennifer Arcuri — US businesswoman at centre of conflict of interest row over her friendship with PM — a coveted entrepreneur visa had worked for Boris Johnson when he was mayor.” – Simon Murphy @ Guardian – Twitter –


      Each with link to “Revealed: Jennifer Arcuri got visa from scheme run by former Johnson official,” by Simon Murphy and Mathew Weaver, 1st October 2019 – Guardian –

      No change there, then…

  9. We now know, courtesy of the Guardian, that a wee DUP Wummin, who is not even a WM MP, has dictated the terms of the Loyal sons Of William Not The Backstop to Boris Johnson, and fully expects 27 EU countries, and the Remain voting citizens of the North of Ireland, and, lest we forget, us Scots, to bow down to her Loyalist will, and breach the EU Border with a load of nonsense involving three border customs checks, but with a light touch’, with a reconstituted Norn Irn Assembly dictating to the EU in four or five years what sort of Border to erect then….

    Nobody mention the International GFA Treaty.
    Are these people truly mad?

    I doubt that anybody in the EU even knows who Foster is.
    It has been clear from the get go that Johnson’s instructions from the beginning was to crash out of the EU with No Deal making billions for his and Rees Mogg’s chums.

    A VONC must follow during the penultimate week of October, and kick this grinning buffoon out before Hallowe’en.
    We don’t need Jaw Swansong’s Beige Tories to vote Johnson out.
    Even the Guardian is half suggesting that this nonsense might get Brexit over the line.

    How deep does English exceptionalism run?

    Don’t they realise how BIG the EU really is?

  10. Well summarised but nothing new really, all parties try to make use of circumstances which reduce opposition support.
    Smearing and personalisation is the London mob’s MO, and whilst they have succeeded in ensnaring Corbyn in antisemitic rumour, such tactics have failed to dent support for SNP because it is an electoral vehicle rather than a traditional UK political grouping. Sturgeon’s pragmatism and maturity has come to be viewed in England as the political leader they wish they had, much to the chagrin of the establishment.
    If anything, the exposed nastiness of London has done more to bolster support for the Indy movement north and south, so irrespective of what befalls Salmond, it will be but a blip compared to the slow car crash of London under Johnson & Co.
    Indy supporters have multiple political leanings and come from a variety of backgrounds, but with one common cause, independence.

  11. A small point for people to consider, but probably worth their while.

    We’re over three years into this shambles and there is still no viable solution offered by UK gov to the RoI/NI border issue. THAT really should be a heads up moment for anyone with two neurons to rub together. A glimpse into the mindset of both the Westminster political class and the Tory brexiter right there.

    There was no consideration for outcomes going into that vote. No care for the effects on the populations of these islands. No consideration for the effects on standing national and international agreements. No planning or provision at all for any ‘winning’ stance apparently. Why was that d’you think? I mean, just why weren’t probable winning outcomes clearly outlined for the populations of the UK? Curious?… At all?

    A fairly reasonable conclusion to reach would be that they simply didn’t care about those effects, those agreements or about those populations.

    Worth a thought.

    • Sam, you may recall that Stanley, the man whom we can blame and console in equal measures for foisting Boris Johnson upon aqn unprepared world, famously murmured in October 2018 on ITV’s Good Morning Britain that irrespective of the solution for the Border on the island of Ireland after Brexit “if the Irish people want to shoot each other, they will shoot each other”.

      He has since ‘profusely apologised’. Aye, right, far right even.
      Once out, there is no putting the toothpaste back in the tube.
      The ‘English’ apparently don’t care about Norn Irn, know little or anything of the GRA, and just want to get it done, even if it means losing Scotland and NI.

      Fine by me.

      • That’d be the PM’s faither? Huh!

        Some folk wonder how a bod can pick up bad habits. Clearly his idea of what constitutes the ‘English’ is somewhat at odds with mine, though his lack of empathy does fit a familiar profile.

        Something I said to a chum elsewhere today –

        “So, yeah. Worth thinking about when considering the actions of most of the Westminster political class and in particular the current Conservative government.

        They really couldn’t give a wossiname about populations in their care (merely demographics within those populations). The rule of law and the principle of democracy is what they say it is, (or what they require it to be), at any given time and only so long as it suits their purpose.

        THAT is the reality of politics as it is practised.

        Trusting the Westminster political class and system is a lottery at the best of times. Trusting a Tory? Well. How’s that bestofbothworldsbitternothegitherness working out about now for people?”

  12. I dont believe that Westminster will shut holyrood down for several reasons.

    1. In the words of obi wan kenob, ‘strike me down and I’ll grow more powerful than you can possibly imagine’ this would put support for independence on steroids and make England an occupying power with the need for soldiers on streets like NI had.just at the time that NI needs a renewed military presence because of brexit no deal.

    2. What’s to stop Msp’s holding parliament in another building, like mps threatened to do in westminster? Should they forcibly remove or arrest, see 1 for soldiers required on streets.

    3. Scotland will be least of their worries in hard brexit scenario. England will be in uproar and police will be required all other, it will be worse than riots under thatcher all over England.

    4. It would cause a mass civil disobedience in Scotland, think block streets , strikes,

    5. All at a time when the uk needs trade deals with eu an other major economies of the world, nze chance oh a deal with the EU if soldiers on the streets.

    6. It may be that the Tories would rather be rid of Scotland than have 2 areas with troubles that they have to deal with.

    It may be they try to remove powers from holyrood, but that’s a gradual thing and we have time to leave before then.

    • David Bowie you say ? I thought he was deceased
      Oh Andrew Bowie , who’s he ? never heard of him , has he left school yet

      • Terry, Andrew Bowie is a product of the NE Tory conveyer belt.
        His Wiki, obviously self penned, skips over ‘milestones’ in this 32 year old life to date telling us precious hee haw about this lad.

        He went to school, played the fiddle in the Scottish Yoof orchestra, then Dartmouth Naval College, where the Chosen cadets are brainwashed into becoming ‘leaders’, then 2 or 3 years in the Navy, doing Lord knows what, left with the rank ‘ sub-lieutenant’, surely meteoric sprint down the ranks, then Aberdeen Uni to ‘study’ that well worn easy-peasy path to Yoon Politics, ‘History and Politics’, and magically he was installed as Chairman of the Students’ Conservative and Unionist Group, then a wee sinecure with a subsidiary of James Fisher Marine, something to do with diving equipment, then bag man for various Blue Tory MEPs and MSPs, then magically, candidate in 2017, winning with a 15,000 majority in 2017.

        He has a partner…and that’s about it.

        I bought my desert boots in Doncaster Market in 1982..still got them.
        I’d argue that my old boots have had more experience of life, and have more intellect, than this Blue Tory clone.

        To get his name in the papers,sorry, the Herald Press and Journal and Scotsman will put any Brit Nat’s face and name in headlines regardless, this idiot demands that Edinburgh Castle is handed back to England.

        In the midst of the greatest crisis in Scotland since the outbreak of WW II, this dundernut wants to turn our capital into an English Military Base, which, arguably, it probably is, right now.

        I know a man down the Barras who has the deeds to the Castle, and will sell it to Bowie the Fiddler for 200 quid.
        I have his stall number if the Sub-Lieutenant wants to get in touch; I can only imagine that this cardboard cut out of a man got in on the back of the Brit Armed Forces occupying the NE of Scotland vote.

        Nice but dim..
        The Scottish Blue Tories have gone full on Full English No Deal Brexit.

        Not long now, Scotland.

        • From The RN’s own site:-


          “After starting as a Midshipman automatically a Naval Cadet will be promoted to the rank of Sub-Lieutenant usually while still in training. This happens at around the 12 month point.”


          “After a naval officer has finished training and moved to an operational ship or shore based establishment they will be promoted to a Lieutenant, as with all ranks they will need to have shown the right attitude and have performed to a high standard.”

          Lieutenant Commander

          ” Lieutenant Commander is normally in charge of a department on a large ship or on a shore base. Lieutenant Commander’s may be Executive Officers and also they may find themselves Commanding Officers of some of the Royal Navy’s smaller units.”
          So after 3 years (2007-2010) Bowie was still a ‘sub-lieutenant’.

          An outstanding candidate to mould into a Dim but Nice Blue Tory Benchfiller.

          If his name crops up again, I shall do him the courtesy of addressing him by his exalted naval rank: Sub lieutenant Bowie.
          Still I’m sure he’s great on the fiddle.

        • I see, one of them, yes I’ve come across others in Scotland , they have no experience of ,well , anything , but join the forces and the Tory party and then proceed to tell us all here in Scotland that we are useless and should shut up about Scottish independence because without England we would wither and die.
          They recommend no demand that we give everything over to England and do everything they tell us to do .
          I just tell them to F…off.
          Ruth Davidson was one of them.
          I met a lot of the, when I was in the TA highland division.
          Bowie and Davidson a couple of loud mouth little squirts .

          We will sort them out once Scotland becomes independent.

  13. Looks like the core of BoJo’s top secret plans for Brexit are a time limited NI backstop.
    It didn’t fly with the EU last time they proposed this,so No Deal it is then.

    • So many young people and when I say young people I mean anyone under forty, have been put off voting all of their life they complain that all the party’s are the same and I have to say I do get their point.
      This is why they do not vote.
      This is why they do not even bother to register to vote or keep their registration details up to date.
      I think that if someone registers to vote and then changes their address the number of people who simply get removed from the register in these circumstances will be huge especially amongst young people voting age who tend to move more often.
      The electoral commission in my humble opinion cannot be trusted with the responsibility of ensuring enough is done to get people to vote, I’m sure they have known about this problem you mention in your post for a long time but are only just mentioning it now so they can say they’ve done so, there were changes to the electoral roll collection method that have muddled things too.

      I’m my opinion local authorities should be given extra money to take the action necessary to get voters registered to vote and they should have a responsibility as well as the voter , to ensure that the register of those electively to vote is kept up to date .

      The days of doing it all by post are gone, too much fraud takes place to trust something so important to postal checks.
      There needs to be home visits or workplace enquiries and other enquiries to ensure that up to date records show where people are actually living.

      Some people will say it’s like big brother
      But there many many valid reasons why the government need to know where people are actually living
      The idea that people should be able to have all the benefits that organised and subsidised society brings but also hide themselves away so they cannot be readily contacted is just not justifiable anymore.

  14. Just watche Boris’ ‘Have I Got Boos For You’ Jokefest in Manchester.
    Had them rolling in the aisle.

    I’ll leave it to you to fill your boots, Paul.
    We are expecting house guests; cowering over the keyboard while My Everlovin’ polishes everything including my wizened old dome is not going down well.

    ‘The Second Industrial Revolution’, ‘Capitalism’ R Us, and war on crime and the cocaine snorting Bourgeois Class.

    Brexit Scotland got a mention; Scotland has Frigates, Fish, pun on Sturgeon, Salmond, Turbo charge, charge for turbot, and, and, and. no that’s it.

    The Backstop…Must dash.

  15. Tar Baby tactics perhaps.

    The tacit, and if they ever said it outright illegal implication, is claiming Salmond is guilty. The rumours about Sturgeon leaving office by March implies she Is in it up to her eyebrows.

    Neither of which is a given. It’s a tactic to bring the accusations against Salmond back into the public eye and smear Sturgeon and the SNP in time for a GE without risking a defamation case. Michelle Thomas’s hounding and the digs still being made about it shows how it goes.

    They don’t really want to delay the GE until next year. Too much chance of justice actually being done if it is.

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