Dugcast – 11 October 2019

In the latest edition of the Dugcast, The National’s Callum Baird and I talk about the indy march and rally in Edinburgh last weekend and my uncle Shug. We also talk about how the event was all but ignored by the UK media – although it was covered in the Scottish media.

We also discuss the weeks’ news about a Brexit deal and whether or not there’s real progress towards a deal or it’s all just more of the stupid blame game. And we also chat about the likely content of Nicola Sturgeon’s speech to the SNP conference over the weekend and how it’s vitally important that we ensure that the SNP gain in seats and vote share in the General Election that’s likely to happen soon.

There won’t be a blog post tomorrow because I am off to Speyside to do a talk for Yes Speyside and Glenlivet in Dufftown and it’s a long drive from Glasgow. The event is in the Memorial Hall in Dufftown at 7pm. If you’re in the area come along and meet the dug!

On Tuesday 15 October I’ll be doing an event for Pensioners for Independence in the St Clair Tavern in Kirkcaldy. It also starts at 7pm.

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20 thoughts on “Dugcast – 11 October 2019

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  2. Well done lads indeed…
    A point Calum raised on the AUOB Edinburgh march is worth highlighting, the increased interest in it from Europe and internationally.
    The Brexit fiasco raised curiosity of the UK, but between the FM’s diplomatic frankness contrasted with the Incredible Sulk bullshit, and Jo Cherry leading the charge in the Court of Session, foreign reporters have come to realise that what MSM were putting in feeds was neither accurate nor satisfied their viewer/listener interests.
    Foreign correspondents turning up in greater numbers bypassing the cartel MSM have enjoyed for decades is to be applauded, the irony that europe and beyond are undoubtedly better informed of Scotland’s condition than the Scottish population is beyond satire…

  3. It has taken the thick end of 100 years, but it looks like, at long last, Ireland will be reunited.
    The absolute farce that the DUP could hold 550 million Europeans to ransom on their sad wee ‘No Surrender’/ No Popery here/ we are British/ and will die for the cause, ticket beggars belief.
    Johnson doesn’t need the 10 Loyalist Sons of William any more.
    He is about to toss Arlene and Sammy under the £350 million a week big red bus.

    There will be no border in Ireland, the North will effectively remain within the EU, and there will be customs and trade controls down the Irish Sea.

    There will be a EU Remain / Reunite Ireland Referendum soon now, and it seems that 20 years of the GFA peace and prosperity have worded their magic.
    There is now a majority in the North to reunite and remain in the EU.

    The Influence of the Kafflicks and the Proddies has waned…Peace and prosperity trumps bombs bullets hatred and mafia style intimidation.

    Turning to Scotland: what’s sauce for the Irish is sauce for the Scots.

    There will be Indyref 2 in 2020, probably as near to the 18th September as possible, and we shall prevail.

    I expect the Scottish Government to fire the starting gun during the SNP Conference.

    Of course, when Johnson presents the revised WA with a backstop and Irish Sea border, it will be rejected by WM.

    Then things get very frothy indeed.
    An extension, a UK GE, a hung Parliament, and 5 more months of torpor and wasted time.

    By then, the Indyref 2 Campaign should be in full swing, Section 30 or no.
    It’s comin’ yet for a’ that.

  4. I enjoy these blogs and respect the bloggers.

    There are a number within the movement demanding the SNP GO NOW! or Sturgeon doesn’t want Independence! The sad thing is that the SNP will lose votes out of this self defeating, paranoid pish and the Independence cause will suffer because of it.

    We won’t get our Independence until the people demand it and its only 50/50 just now so we need to build support because British propaganda will dominate Scottish propaganda in the next referendum just like the last one. We have no option but to go down the section 30 route and only when we are knocked back can we say ÓK, you won’t give us our democratic rights within the union then we will assert them as a sovereign people through a Scottish referendum held and organised.. etc etc’.

    Why people demand to demand to be kept formally notified of every aspect of our governments thinking is beyond me. It is not like we have enemies ready to exploit our weaknesses or undermine our strategies using the MSM as their mouthpiece?

    We will get recognition inside and outwith Scotland if the SG go through the channels they used to get our vote in 2014. if that is knocked back only then is it valid to ask where plan B is.

    Despite the pish from our own side events on the ground will guarantee people come across to the cause.

  5. Excellent dugcast. I was interested in what you said about folk coming over to independence even if Brexit doesn’t happen. An English acquaintance, resident here for years whom I have always thought of as being very much a unionist said to me last week that he was disgusted at the arrogance and disdain with which Scotland, it’s Parliament, Government and people had been treated over the past few years. He felt that no matter what happened with Brexit, things had changed forever.

  6. I recall Leo Varadkar, Taoiseach, coincidentally the MP representing some of my in-laws, making a very astute observation on the now inevitable Reunification of Ireland.

    He argued that when the 6 counties return to the fold (who but a Brit Nat Imperialist doesn’t think that this is long overdue?) it would not be a simple matter of Ulster sucking it up, and submitting to the political will of the majority in the South. There will be no ‘Paddyfication’ of the North, begad and bejaisus.)

    A ‘new state’ would be born, and all Irish citizens North and South included in formulating the shape of the new United Ireland.

    Still in his thirties, Varadkar, although not the youngest Taoiseach, Eamon De Valera was 36, Michael Collins 31, is certainly the most colourful, radical, and ‘modern’ of politicians in Ireland’s tortured and clerically dominated history.

    He is leader of Fine Gael, Ireland’s conservative/liberal party, which is historically opposed to any form of violent armed ‘takeover’ of the North.
    He’s a Tory, so he wouldn’t be getting my vote. But no matter.

    I’d imagine that Varadkar may have looked across the Irish Sea at the Brexit mess and mused that when the Island is reunited, it will not succeed by forcing a minority to ‘give up’ their beliefs and values, and that includes in some their passionate sense of ‘Britishness’, to accommodate the ‘majority’ in the South.

    That’s not how democracy works.

    The much heralded 17.4 million who voted Leave are not the card carrying Ultra Right Blue Tory xenophobic hate children of Jacob Rees Mogg.

    Equally, they are not ‘the British people’ who, as we are brainwashed constantly by politicians and the Marrs, Neils, and Brewers of the State Ministry of Truth, who ‘democratically’ voted to Leave the EU on any old terms a Far Right Junta concocts to line their filthy rich pockets.

    Nobody voted for Boris Johnson to lead the UK into the Wilderness.

    A mechanic in Sunderland who voted Labour all his life has not morphed into a Free Trade Capitalist overnight.

    Yet he will live in Blue Tory penury with no HR or employment rights to speak of.

    We Scots will not bow down to the will of an Iron Heel English Oligarchy and give in.

    We have an option.

    There shall be Indyref 2 in 2020, probably the late summer, early autumn.

    I have no doubt now that Yes will win.

    However, like Varadkar, I argue that it would be naïve to conclude that from Day One we all live in an SNP Heaven.

    Never has my thought been so perished.

    There will be much work to do.

    It may take a five year Transition to set up a New Country.

    Trident, Armed Forces, continuing membership of the EU, splitting the CD’s and so on, will take some time.

    The first Scottish GE will be crucial.

    It won’t be an SNP landslide, I’d imagine.

    But it will be conducted in Free Scotland, and willl decide a government, by, for, and serving the people of Scotland.

    It’s time, folks.

    • As a member of the SNP, on independence, it will be a SCOTTISH government. Not any party, it will depend on who the voters elect. They will all have to come to an agreement as nobody will be voting for the UNION.

    • NI is an artifact of the colonisation of Ireland by the English over 400 years ago, without it north AND south Ireland would not have suffered as they have, particularly after partition.
      The NI face of British history as King Billy, so separating from the EU Dutch under Brexit is a touch ironic, but lost in the political rhetoric of emphasising Britishness rather than criticising Irish-Republicanism which is fruitless. They will get there not through strife but but being forced to face their commonalities beyond the prejudices, from which a renewed Ireland will most certainly arise.
      Whilst I agree Jack that Scotland’s equivalent separation from “normal” will have a few bumps and clatters, I would dispute the need for five year transition. There is undoubtedly a well oiled machine in the English civil service, but Scots have the advantage of creating a machinery fit for the 21st century. Contrast Holyrood with Westminster.
      Being able to ignore the lobbyists, not having an Etonian charlatan lobbing bricks over the wall listening for the sound of breaking glass, probably 3 months would be sufficient 😉

      • Bob, I mislead somewhat.
        We shall be independent from Day One.
        The ‘transition’ to which I refer includes a fairly robust initial return to Scottish democracy, including a SGE>
        Trident may take some time to shift, but shift it will.
        Our ‘share’ of the British Estate, embassies and so on, will take a mite longer and be more complex than a ‘one for you, nine for me’ game of moans.
        Setting up Scotland’s Defence forces will take time, as will setting up 30 or so Scottish Government Departments and IT handovers.
        Overarching all this transitional work there will still be the unshakeable belief that as an Independent nation, we shall no longer be asking an English Parliament’s ‘permission’ for anything.
        Hopefully we shall have the strength of the EU behind us as we negotiate with England too.
        The MacMouse will roar.

        • The timing of such a Scottish General Election will be interesting given that Labour, Tories and LibDems will have to re-invent/re-form/re-register themselves as truly Scottish parties of the left, right and dunno with policies specifically for an independent Scotland. Otherwise it is likely to be in the main a General Election between the SNP and the Scottish Green Party.

          • I have a sense that Dugdale and Davidson will come in out of the cold once the dust settles, Legerwood.

            None of the List Better Together MSPs will survive. They are on life support systems as it is.
            Imagine B-Lister Jack at the hustings during what will be the last UK GE ever in November or December setting out Johnson’s Manifesto.
            More police, for England (I see that 100 of our boys in blue have been detached to London to corral the school kids and retired Librarians protesting Global Warming; not ‘climate change’.)
            More money for schools, English schools, that is; and more money for the NHS in England, which is of course not ‘more money’ but less cuts.

            Like Jackboot Carport, who came across as a total wuss last week as he exhorted Holyrood to support Boris’ Brexit, B-Lister ‘Union’ Jack will be on a hiding to nothing if he attempts to front the New Conservative Party of Scotland.

            The Red Tories? Richmal Leopold as the vanguard of New Jock Labour?

            And Wee Willie Winkie and Jo Swansong fighting the good beige Tory fight?
            Most of them are fighting for their lives and their big fat expenses laden pay packets.

            There will be a blood bath in the back rooms of the Branch Offices, that’s for sure.

            Politely there will be a difficult ‘transition’ period for the former Brit Nat Better Together card carriers.

            Also the Dead Tree Scrolls will struggle.

      • Understood, more a case of problems of relocation for the dicorcee rather than an issue for the petitioner..
        Of one thing you can be sure is the unrelenting support of the EU and latterly the rest of the world, the Tory cabal have destroyed their credibility and the media have come to be regarded as untrustworthy, the omens are good..
        As for MacGrand Fenwick ? Nah, a nip at the heels will be quite sufficient… 😉

  7. “A deal will be good for Scottish independence”. Indeed, as would a no deal. The bald fact is that every local authority in Scotland voted to remain in the EU. No small feat here in East Renfrewshire (you can feel sorry for me now). Whether a deal or no deal, the reality of the threat to upward of 80,000 Scottish jobs remains (no pun intended); this alone will focus many minds.

    The material fact that “Scotland will be ripped out of the EU” is the material change in circumstances spoken about very early in the post 2016 rhetoric from Nicola Sturgeon.

    The reference to “Lord” Carloway made me gag a wee bit. Roll on the day when ordinary citizens of Scotland can hold these lofty posts, and we no longer have any need of “Lords”.

    • Hear hear, Neil.
      I’ve had my fill of powdered wigs lording it over us.
      Powdered wigs and cross gaitered socks in 21st Century Scotland.
      You are having a laugh.
      The Union is finished.

  8. The best time to have an IndyRef is when it can be won. The argument for a IndyRef 2020 because in 2021 Holyrood there will a vote against it. Why have one if a year later voters are agin it. It is just ridiculous. Independence is not just for Christmas. Independence is for life.

    Scotland has waited nearly 100 years for Independence. 1928 to 2019. Waiting another couple years to have a decisive victory. Especially with a GE or EURef coming soon. One campaign at a time.

    Independence support rising. Demographically. The elderly anti keeling over. The young ones coming on board.

    The best time to have an IndyRef is when it can be won. The SNP leadership will know when to go for it. When it can be won.

    Great SNP Conference. Anyone can join and come. Interesting events and discussions between like minded people.

  9. UK debt £1.8Trillion Assets £8.7Trillion.

    Scotland 1/12 of revenues Pop.

    Scotland will be leaving with a nice wee nest egg.

    The ECB will help out. They funded German reunification and the self determination, self governance of the Eastern bloc countries.

    A Scottish Central bank will soon raise money and funding. With Scotland wealth, resources and assets. One of the wealthiest countries on the planet. £Billions of natural assets being mismanaged by Westminster.

    One of the best countries in the world for wind, solar wave renewables. The highest wind speed ever recorded on the Isle of Lewis.

    £Billions have gone from Scotland to fund London S/E. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Hinkley Point, HS2, Trident etc. A total waste of money. Draining Scotland of monies which could be better spent in Scotland.

  10. Some appointed Lords come from lowly backgrounds. Not enough for diversity. Times are changing, slowly? More diversity. Improving.

    Scottish Education. 50% have uni education. With colleges, apprenticeships and skills. Tradespeople can earn a comfortable living.

    Scotland has the most universities per population in the world. 15 uni. 5.2million pop. A great commitment to education, equality and diversity.

    A healthy educated population that benefits from travel. Leads to a more prosperous, equal happy consensus community. The countries with the least wealth gap are the happiest. That is a fact.

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