Dugcast – 18 October 2019

Welcome to this week’s dugcast. This week The National’s editor Callum Baird and I discuss the SNP conference and Nicola Sturgeon’s speech. We also chat about the long jail sentences imposed on former members of the Catalan government and Catalan independence activists. And finally we of course talk about Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, the chances of it getting through the Commons on Saturday, and why it was right for the SNP to refuse to back it.

There won’t be a dugcast next week as I am off to the USA for a week to celebrate my first wedding anniversary with my husband.  He’s unable to travel here just now as his passport is with the UK visa office while we wait for a decision on his visa to come and live here in Scotland.  The next dugcast will be on 1 November.


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15 thoughts on “Dugcast – 18 October 2019

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  2. Great podcast. Food for thought, The voice of reason and rational. When all around seems to be losing it.

    The absolute shambles of the Tory unionists Brexit. The do not have a clue. Totally clueless and disruptive. Beyond belief. They could not make a bigger mess. An International laughing stock. They are a complete and utter disgrace.

    The Westminster unionists have been destroying the Scottish/EU/world economy for years. An appalling mess time after time, after time. From crisis to crisis. Telling complete lies. Now the Courts have to step in to ensure democracy.

    The Westminster unionist cabel breaking the Law. Breaking the Laws that they make. They think they are about the Law. They are not. Most of them should be in jail. If there was any justice.

    Scotland would be so much better out of it. Just vote for it. Vote SNP/SNP. Get another to vote as well. Vote for Independence. Nearly over the line. People must vote for it. Scotland is so much better run with an SNP Gov. It would be so much better off Independent. Not having revenues taken to fund total Westminster mismanagement. A farce.

    An S30 can be given by the Courts when the time is right. The legislation through Holyrood. The best time to have an IndyRef is when it can be done. More powers being devolved. There would have to be negotiations.

    Scotland is going it’s own way. On the way to Independence. Make the world a better place. Vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence,

    If the Westminster cabel vote out of the EU. They soon be voting back in it. A four year transition period, Everything changes but remains the same. A bunch of chancers. A bunch of ignorant arrogant losers. Into oblivion they will go.

    Any politician who opposes Independence is soon voted out. Blair, Brown, Cameron, Clegg. Davidson, Dugdale and May gone.The lying Vow. Liars always get found out. Who wants the poisoned chalice. Another ignoramus.

    The SNP keep winning. Support for the SNP/Independence keep rising. No wonder.

    Enjoy your break. Haste ye back. The words of wisdom and justice. Keeping the heid when all around people seem to be losing it. Thanks again.

  3. And still we go around in ever decreasing circles, until October the 31st, when we at last disappear down the plug hole into the sewers of Free Trade / Singapore on Thames 51st US State Brit Nat hell.

    Your pleas for calm are beginning to wear a bit thin.

    The Softlee Softlee analogies are there.

    ‘ Gold Standard’, Ghandi-esque passive resistance, Martin Luther King ‘I have a dream’ inspired million people marches, eventually WM will ‘give in’, presumably through embarrassment, and ‘grant’ Scotland the plebiscite, which is not in their gift to ‘allow’, anyways; and so on.

    Was it Donald Tusk who asked ‘Quo vadis, Boris?’ the other day.

    I recall the ’50s epic ‘Quo Vadis’ which was a fictionalised account of Nero’s persecution of the Christians.

    Our very own Finlay Currie played Peter, whom God asked; ‘quo vadis’, as he fled Rome, prompting him to U turn, to use modern parlance, and head back to Rome, and certain death along with fellow Christians, crucified upside down in mockery, a passive martyr for his beliefs.

    Peter Ustinov was a deliciously evil Nero, the Boris Johnson of his day, who famously burnt Rome to the ground, and then blamed the Christians.

    You lads discuss this during your excellent podcast.

    Who will Johnson blame if as I fervently hope, WM rejects this terrible WA, which Brian Taylor congratulates the Great Silver Back for brokering, twice, in his BBC rambling blog.
    Taylor, who now openly refers to Scotland as a ‘territory’ of England/Britain/ the UK.

    All hail our divine emperor!

    What a feast this corpulent wee man would make for the lions.

    Last night we gathered at out local watering hole, plotting insurrection, and the Hallowe’en Do.

    On the big screen above the spirits gantry SKY Sports was featuring Get Ready Brexit messages.
    Apparently, even before the vote, the Ministry of Truth warns that on 31st of October, Priti Patel’s edict becomes law.

    No more Freedom of Movement.
    Scotland will be held under house arrest by Patel’s Homeland Security.

    The sound was down but not needed.
    It was a powerpoint presentation of Big Brother bullet points.

    If you are travelling to Europe, and driving, check that you have a permit to drive, have taken out health insurance, and your passport has more than 6 months to run.

    Brian Taylor’s ‘It’ is already happening; Nero is absolute Ruler. He is going to burn London and blame the Christians, or Scots, or the ‘Opposition’ if he doesn’t get his way.

    In the podcast you discuss getting into bed with the Blue Tories,Paul, and rightly balk at the notion that an SNP Party would even contemplate such an immoral sell out.

    There are crowds gathering in London today to protest Brexit.

    Hong Kong, Barcelona, Lebanon…people are rising and rejecting the Iron Heel New World Order.

    I refuse to be a Good Christian martyr and walk meekly into the coliseum to be ravaged by England’s three lions.

    I equally reject Calum’s suggestion that we keep our powder dry until after the 2021 Scottish GE.

    There will be no Scottish Parliament of any note by then
    he English Brit Nats will have been ‘taking back control’ for twenty months by then, and Scotland will be well and truly out of the EU.

    I will not go down gently, lads; nor will any of the grizzled Friday Night Rat Pack.

    Now’s the day, now’s the hour.
    Today, I fear a riot in London.

  4. People in Scotland who support Independence should stop voting Unionist. If the Westminster debacle shows anything. The cabel of unionists will to mismanage Scottish affairs,

    Just keep on voting SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence. The sooner that happens the sooner there will an end to it, The unequal union that holds Scotland back.

    Make the world a better place. Vote SNP/SNP st every opportunity. Hold the line. Until the time. Vote for Independence,

    Keep right on to the end of the road. Keep right on to the end. Put an end to the unequal and unfair Union. For a better place in the world. People in Scotland are sick if it. The injustice and unfairness of Westminster unionist presence in the world. Liars always get found out. Despicable, Scotland can vote out of it. Through the Ballot Box.

    In Catalonia no one won. Just a mess. The figures do not add up. Typical misadministration of the political, legal system. Archaic Laws need reform.

    The unlawfulness of the Westminster Gov, The havoc it creates in the world, Breaking International Law at every turn. Causing death and mayhem to millions. At home and abroad. Brexit just another example of their insidiousness and crimes against humanity. They will get voted out. Especially in Scotland. Into oblivion. Unforgivable,

  5. Just like Thatcher the Tories are signing their own demise. Into oblivion. Deja Vu. No one will forgive them. C’est la vie.

    It will end in conflict. The violence of the Thatcher years in history. It will erupt one again in the rest of the UK. People’s right being taken away. The campaigning conflicts. Human rights abuses. Turning into more violent protests.

    It was only closer ties with the EU that improved the economy after Thatcher devastation, The banking deregulation led to the banking crash.

    The Tory Party funded by bankers. ‘Loads of money bankers’. Took the whole world system down. Thatcher’s tax havens. Now bring down the world economy, Thatcher taken down by her own party. Geoffrey Howe.

    Johnston awaits the same fate.

    Scotland goes it’s own way. People will vote for it.

  6. From other parts of this Disunited Kingdumb:

    Dear friend,

    Today, the House of Commons will be asked to take a decision on Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal. This is a decision that will have serious consequences for the lives of the people of Wales for years to come.

    Sign Wales’ Declaration against the Deal [Link]

    You will know that Plaid Cymru took a stand against the damaging deal negotiated by Theresa May, to protect our country.

    Today, Plaid Cymru will once again vote against this so-called ‘new deal’. The reality is that it is nothing more than a worse version of the old deal with the addition of a hard border in the Irish Sea.

    We cannot in good faith vote for a deal that will devastate our agricultural and manufacturing industries, deny us of our rights to live, study and work across Europe and make our communities poorer.

    Stand with us to make sure that Boris Johnson knows that we oppose his deal by signing our Declaration against the Deal.

    Sign Wales’ Declaration against the Deal [Link]

    This deal is manifestly unfair to the people of Wales. While it provides Northern Ireland with a ‘soft Brexit’ cushion, no such provisions have been made for our country.

    Instead, Wales will face the full brace of challenges associated with a ‘hard Brexit’. This will allow an empowered Tory government to slash environmental protections, strip workers’ rights, and flood the market with cheap, poor quality imports.

    If Northern Ireland can have a special arrangement that provides them with access to the single market, Wales should be given the same option. We should be allowed to decide whether we want a partnership with our European friends and allies, or a weaker trade deal negotiated by the British State.

    My Plaid Cymru colleagues and I are clear in our message to Johnson. If the British Government is so convinced of the merits of this deal, they should put it before the people in a Final Say Referendum.

    There is no doubt in my mind that this deal disadvantages Wales and I assure you that the Plaid Cymru group in Westminster will be resolute in our defence of Wales’ interests. Join us, sign the Declaration.

    Sign Wales’ Declaration against the Deal [Link]

    For Wales,

    Liz Saville Roberts MP

    Leader, Plaid Cymru @ Westminster

    • Wow… JRM just abused process of Parliament he has so assiduously (purportedly) demanded remain sovereign ? Who knew Baldrick was dyslexic and meant “I Have A Cumming Plan”…

    • Thank you for the link Petra, I was just about to go trawling the parliament tv through to find just that point to start watching at, so I’m glad I spotted your comment first!

      Fascinating continued watching, particularly at the very strange behaviour of Rees-Mogg bringing a point of order when he should have brought an emergency business statement for business on Monday, the speaker’s face: puzzled, shocked, very unsure of himself. The speaker eventually recovered, but also indicated he was furious as the points of order went on. The government ministers are a right bunch of weirdos, and seem to be intent on acting dishonourably, and unlawfully, while proclaiming to do the opposite.

      I hope one day to only ever watch that parliament for academic (amusement) interest, when it won’t have any influence in my life. The rest of the world gets to point and laugh at it, it’s about time Scotland got to as well.

  7. Paul mentions bereavement at the almost inevitability of being out of the EU by the end of the month. I know what he means. I renewed my passport last month. I now have one that no longer says European Union on it. As far as I am concerned part of my identity has been stolen by a foreign power. Any sense that I was British disappeared over the past couple years. I and many others will never forgive the removal of our EU citizenship. I look forward to having a Scottish passport one day soon.

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