The law as a serving suggestion

Sigh. Uggh. Sigh. Where’s a brick wall that I can bang my head off? Eh? What? Oh God. Uggh. Sigh.  Wankers! Sigh. Uggh. … That’s British politics these days. I hope that you’re all enjoying the stability and security of the United Kingdom that Scotland was promised in 2014. There are precarious piles of nuclear waste contaminated with the bacterial contents of the bowels of a dead herd of mad cows which are more stable, and considerably better for your health too.

So, where we are now is that the House of Commons gazed upon Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’s Brexit deal, and went – “Screw you.” Then they spent the day turning parliamentary procedure into a mechanical digger to dig a ditch for the Prime Minister to die in. This happened partly because he had decided to throw the DUP under the Brexit bus, and the DUP called upon some of their paramilitary pals and put a bomb under it. This, by the way, ought to be a lesson to Scotland’s unionists. For the British establishment you are disposable. Your protestations of loyalty, your obsequeousness, your toadying, it all counts for naught. Because the second that your interests stand in the way of what the British government wants, you will be abandoned. Your loyalty is not reciprocated, and one sided loyalty is indistinguishable from being taken for a fool.

This Commons defeat also happened partly because this is a Prime Minister who can’t be trusted not to use his deal to crash out of the EU without a deal anyway. According to this deal, the UK and the EU have a year in which to negotiate a free trade deal, and if that can’t be achieved then the UK crashes out without a deal. This is not a Prime Minister who can be trusted to negotiate in good faith, any more than you could trust Dracula to look after your prize winning collection of garlic plants.

And that, by the way, is one very good reason why it would have been double plus folly for the SNP to have supported it in return for an agreement on an independence referendum. If he’d got his deal through, this Prime Minister would have his early General Election, he’d be posing as the deliverer of Brexit and would win an absolute majority. Then he’d have no brakes on him making unreasonable and unrealistic demands on the EU, and would just take the UK out of the EU without a deal in a year’s time. It was the prospect of that happening which allowed him to get the Brextremists of the ERG on board. Then in the meantime the SNP would have been hammered in the General Election because they facilitated Brexit, which in turn would allow Johnson to say that Scotland didn’t want an indy referendum and go back on his promise to allow one.

Anyway. That’s not where we are, thank all the gods whose names can be remembered and those whose names have been forgotten. The Prime Minister’s untrustworthiness bit him in the arse today when the Commons voted to pass an amendment put forward by the former Conservative MP and one time leaver of government papers in rubbish bins Oliver Letwin to delay approving of the deal until the withdrawal bill implementing Brexit has been approved. This means that the Benn Act comes into play, which compels the Prime Minister to ask for an extension if the Commons hadn’t passed his deal by 11pm today. He’s now legally obligated to request the EU for an extension to Article 50.

For some weeks now, there has been speculation about how the Prime Minister could continue to insist that he wasn’t going to ask for an extension to Article 50 despite the provisions of the Benn Act. Perhaps he had discovered some clever loophole in the law? Perhaps there was an obscure measure hidden away in the bowels of Parliamentary procedure that would allow him to escape. We’ve now discovered that all along the clever plan was to scream like a baby and stamp his foot.

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has reacted to the passage of the Letwin Amendment with all the grace and good nature of a small child who has been told that it’s bedtime. Noooooo! Don’t wannnnnnaaaaa! You can’t make me! If he had an actual dummy he’d have spat it at Oliver Letwin. What passes for statesmanship in the UK these days is the Prime Minister saying that he’s not going to ask the EU for an extension and claiming that the law which compels him to do so does not in fact compel him to do so. Because words mean different things when you’re the World King whose entire life has been a rehearsal for your inevitable ascension to infallability. Possibly this is the real reason why the DUP has fallen out with Johnson, because they’ve only just realised that he doesn’t understand the distinction between being the Prime Minister of the UK and being the Pope.

The nature of the debate, well I say ‘debate’, was summed up by an exchange between the SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford and the Prime Minister. The SNP leader remarked that Scotland had been shafted by this deal. Asked how the Prime Minister could justify himself to the people of Scotland in the general election after his government has ignored them and treated them as a second class nation, and whether he would respect the mandate given to the Scottish Parliament for another independence referendum, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson replied, “I hope that you’ll want to join with me in congratulating the English rugby team.” What. The. Actual …

Forget about your democracy Scotland, forget about a mature and grown up consideration of your future. Forget about being treated with respect and consideration by the government of the UK as an equal partner within the UK. England won a rugby match, and it’s simply jockanese anti-English racism of us to want to have a grown up discussion about the constitutional and political future of Scotland instead of congratulating an English sporting team for doing terribly well in a contest that Scotland has already crashed out of.

Still, the entire painful process during the Commons today was almost worth it because it allowed us to see the look on Jacob Rees Mogg’s face. He gave a very good impression of a man who knew he was about to fart very loudly in a very public place, and was equally sure that it was going to be a wet one. This was as he saw the Prime Minister’s chances of surviving the Letwin amendment go much the same way as the squillions of pounds he stands to lose when there isn’t a no deal Brexit at the end of the month.

We are now waiting to see if the Prime Minister of the UK will in fact obey the law and ask the EU for the extension that the Benn Act demands of him. That’s where we are now in this pile of nuclear waste ridden craziness that passes for a United Kingdom. We have a Prime Minister who believes that laws are a species of serving suggestion, and that binding resolutions of the House of Commons do not apply to him. The SNP’s Ian Blackford has warned Johnson that if he doesn’t seek an extension to Article 50, he’ll find himself in court. The Scottish Court of Session plans to review the case brought by Joanna Cherry on Monday if the Prime Minister hasn’t done what the law demands of him. It could very well send the letter on his behalf, and find him in contempt of court for not having done so.

The longer this sorry mess goes on, the more that any residual faith that ordinary voters in Scotland had that Westminster works in their interests shrivels up and dies. Every refusal that the Boorish one makes to obey the law is another knife in the back of the union. The gods alone, named and nameless, know what’s going to happen next week, but one thing we can be sure of is that yet more faith and trust in the UK in Scotland will die. Political sanity means independence.

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33 thoughts on “The law as a serving suggestion

  1. I can’t see how to change my email address so maybe this will work. This email address will stop working in November, my new address is [email address removed by Wee Ginger Dug]

    • Hi Heather – I have removed your email address from this comment as I am sure you wouldn’t want it to be published in a public place. I am assuming that you want your new address to be used for emails of updates to the blog? If that’s the case your new address is already subscribed.

  2. Superbly expressed, but it will get worse. Your quiet voice of reason in recent days will be missed, but enjoy your anniversary and a break away however momentary…
    Had watched the Parliamentary TV proceedings on this and was astounded first at the clearly orchestrated exit of Tory MPs as SNP stood, but horrified when JRM “abused” proceedings by not answering topics then raising an urgent debate for Monday. If ever there was justification for the Letwin amendment it was in JRM’s reactions and distorting “sovereignty”…
    Letwin clearly scored a direct hit on a nerve for “Demonic” Cummings (cartoon earlier today) grand plan, but these duplicitous games must end, none deserve such a duplicitous government, Scotland has the facility to exit it for now, grasped it firmly and run with all speed in the opposite direction to where England is headed,,,.
    Compared to the original parcel of rogues this shower are beneath contempt….

  3. For me the arrogance of this Tory talking shop ( Westminster ) was summed up by

    a ) the disgraceful mass exit ( obviously planned ) by almost the entire Tory contingent when Joanna Cherry got to her feet to make a contribution , and

    b) the behaviour of that English ‘gent’ , Jacob Rees Mogg , walking out of the chamber as questions were being put to him as Leader of the House . An expensive , private education obviously did not cover courtesy as part of its curriculum !

    These two moments personify all that is wrong with this institution . It breeds discourtesy and arrogance into its members – or those who believe that it is THEIR right to show the hoi polloi who is in charge !
    As for The Speaker – he couldn’t keep order in nursery class , when all its members were having their afternoon nap !
    The sooner we are done with this lot the better !

      • Indeed, repeated again this evening, less Cecil B deMille more JRM, equally theatric but completely inadequate and untalented. JRM’s monocled version lacked panache, grace, analgesics, and ooh, Nanny will be SO cross with him…

  4. This is how I understood today’s events, but of course far more eloquently put. Well, except for the wet fart part, which I’m trying not to laugh at. Thank you for another clear and concise analysis.

    There will be another amendment to force the PM to conclude a trade deal to evade the no deal thing no doubt – the Benn Act has worked well in getting him to actually try and negotiate a deal at all, so I’m pretty sure parliament will try for something similar again (how that would go down with the EU is another matter,,,) – and I think it’s possible the brexit thing could start on the 31st after all. Who knows though, really. Note that brexit hasn’t actually started yet, oh no, it has still to start and I’m sure they’ll try and drag it out for another decade or so to scunner the EU. Or the no deal route, that might be another 50 years we have to listen to this shit for. Goody.

    I liked the bit where Rees-Mogg had the Speaker nearly speechless at announcing a change to business on Monday as a point of order – instead of (an obviously planned) emergency business order – the speaker was wrong-footed and looked puzzled for quite a while after. Reckon the Tories were trying to change tack there but not a scooby what to do, so they played for time, with Rees-Mogg not answering any of the question he should have rightfully answered. Ahh the wonderful world of Westminster.

    Anyway, nothing to interfere with the timing of an indyref for next year. In fact, it would be rather handy to have the uk gov’t busy pretending to negotiate trade deals while we get on with campaigning – brexit has effectively started, boosting support, better together struggling with that argument, and the state machinery with only half an eye on Scotland. I’m sure there will be plenty of obstacles thrown in our path though,,,

  5. Seems BoJo may have sent an unsigned request to the EU re extension.
    If this is treated in the same way as an unsigned cheque,i.e. rejected,then there will be legal consequences in the Scottish courts.
    Intention plays a very important part in law.
    Don’t suppose we could expect anything else from a mendacious chancer.

  6. Boris Johnston has sent his letter to the EU asking for an extension.
    Confirmed on BBC news 2230hrs

    No surprise there

    He just won’t communicate further with the EU who will undoubtedly wish to have some form of security for granting of yet another extension and so a crash out lives

  7. Your second paragraph is England in a nutshell they will use you but the moment your a hindrance or no further use to them your tossed aside like yesterday’s trash no matter how loyal you are to them.Yet the British nationalists trolls cant even see it.

  8. Can it get even worse. YES. When people think it can’t get worse, it does. It goes on another tangent again.

    Yessers should stop voting for unionists parties. They do not support Independence. The 25/30% who never vote will decide the IndyRef. Get out and vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence. Get one other to vote too. Get the vote over the line.

  9. That first para… 😀 Bravo!

    His response was pretty much as expected. (As was the actions of the Conservative benches)

    Hope people are paying close attention to how Conservatives treat with… well… anyone really. The nanosecond you are no longer of use, or they deem your support surplus to requirements? They will chuck you under the aforementioned bus. It’s a thing with them you see. They do backstabbery for the laffs and the bantz apparently.

    When people think they’ve had enough of all that strength and stability. Oh and the pooling and sharing? The YES movement could use your help in exiting this omnishambles rapidly.

  10. Rees Mogg wittering on about bringing the same motion back on Monday whicj=h may or may not be allowed by the speaker. Chatter then if not allowed is that the “meaningful vote” will be on Tuesday.

    Unless the EU have already granted an extension before any vote then we can be sure it will not happen. Why should it when all those that voted for the Letwin amendment want to ensure we can’t leave without a deal before the 31sdt Oct and that the Withdrawal Bill must first pass.

    This is getting a bit mental but is to be expected with Johnson and Cummings running the show. I’m just hoping the latest jolly wheeze of not signing the request for an extension and instead signing a letter against an extension backfires.

    Fingers crossed, that Bullingbon boy needs a good bott up the arse before he’ll see sense.

    • Another Scot to be extremely proud of, uno mas. Everywhere you go on this planet they are there making such a positive difference. Shrug of the cringe folks and see the light.

  11. You’ll have had your democracy then.
    The doris says ” Let’s all move forward as Democrats”
    The wee black book comes out and gets consulted, how can we malign this opponent?
    It is not strange that the complaints against the doris re his under the table capers are ignored by the media but.
    Are they so clever with their expensive education that they can’t see the solution to their problem of engexit.
    Just eject the SNP MPs and he gets a majority. send Scotland packing to it’s independence.
    Oh, wee problem, they know they need the milk cow.
    The Onion is dead, long live the new englandland national parties.
    Time for Scotland to move on.

  12. Could it get even worse? Then. It does. A complete and utter shambles. Everyone is sick of it. They just can’t Brexit and they know it. There will have to be a GE the Tories can lose. The usual Westminster unionist solution. They are not fooling anyone.

    Get together to sent Paul on a much deserved holiday break. Get crowd funding. A wee treat is well deserved. Doing so much with rational reason for the Independence cause. Travelling over the country. Now having to travel to the US because of visa wait and stress.

    Scotland needs people After being depopulated by Westminster sycophants for years. Lying and cheating, milking Scotland’s revenues and resources. Total mismanagement.

    For centuries Scotland taxed and conscripted for Westminster illegal wars. With no mandate.

  13. Scotland dark and mysterious today, Amazing sky and colours. One of the most beautiful countries in the world. Lots of visitors. People out on the courses or enjoying the scenery.

  14. I’ve taken this from the WOS site and can’t begin to tell you how disappointed I feel. Nana Smith (and her husband) has been working her butt off for the Independence cause for years now. The links that she posted on Wings were a (the) main attraction to the site, IMO. The content of the links was absolutely invaluable. At one point in time, I pointed out that Mr Campbell (not so now), Nana Smith and Robert Peffers were a real threat to the Establishment. When I realised what was happening on that site I could see that her input on there would be coming to an end, as was the case. Robert Peffers has been scunnered off too and rarely posts now.

    I’m asking everyone to get onto her site and ask her to reconsider her decision to shut her site down and if she agrees please, please continue to support her and the site. Thank you.

    Oh and Mr Campbell of course could also contact Nana offering to post her links once again. What about it?

    • Nooo , Nana must not shut down her site. Please no. I know it is a lot of work so maybe cut back to every second day. But not complete shut down

    • You are misrepresenting what happened on WOS re Nana’s links. When her links did not appear immediately she would post them again even though that is one of the things posters are asked not to do. Nana went off in a huff and found a new site which is fair enough. She is not banned from posting on WOS so why should Mr Campbell make an offer. You are though.

  15. “This, by the way, ought to be a lesson to Scotland’s unionists. For the British establishment you are disposable.”

    This is very true but perhaps should also be a lesson for the Scottish Government if they think there’s any brownie points available for stopping England making an idiot of itself over Brexit. Will it help us win independence? I don’t think so.

    • Oh right, I thought that the SG was fighting for the 62% of Scots who voted to remain in the EU, like myself: In conjunction with preparing for Indyref2.

      “Will it help us win Independence?” Of course it will. It’s shone a light on the Westminster debacle and its treatment of Scotland. The latter being cause alone for Indyref2. It’s also highlighted that Nicola Sturgeon is head and shoulders above all other UK political leaders. Admired Worldwide, that is other than by Scottish and English Unionists.

      • I understand that an amendment is going to be presented at Westminster on Monday to insist that a second EU referendum is held. If it wins, and it well might, if the SNP support it, what then? With the current polls showing a majority for remain, remain could win a second referendum. What then would happen to the SNP argument for IndyRef2 as they have consistently presented Brexit as the only reason for independence.

        • Do you seriously think that all those dodgy interests pushing and pushing for brexit to the point of using psyops, a shower of millions of pounds, dark money, breaking electoral law, getting away with banning the vote to the 3 sections of the electorate that would vote in higher proportions to remain etc, etc, etc are going to let that happen? Not even a chance, particularly after the “powers that be” appear to have turned a blind eye to all those “irregularities” and brushed them under the carpet because the referendum was “only advisory” so there are no rules.Take a look at the current situation: Dominic Cummings, and individual found in contempt of parliament and who happened to be the director of the Leave Campaign is now the senior adviser to the PM. You could not make it up.

          If the English establishment wasn’t desperate for brexit it could have stopped brexit the day after the referendum right on its tracks. It had the perfect excuse: lack of consensus between the 4 nations of the UK. In addition, it was only and advisory referendum. What did it do instead? to use the excuse of being an advisory referendum to run a cart and horses through electoral law and every other democratic rule to force brexit over the UK and in particular over 2 entire nations that voted remain.

          there is not a chance in hell that the VIP taxdodgers,the tax havens, the foreign interests and hedge funds so desperate to escape EU regulations and tax avoidance laws are going to let their hard earned “pro-brexit vote” go to waste.

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