Bugger this fur a gemme o sodgies

According to the press office of the Conservatives we must not worry our pretty little heads about the fate of the NHS after Brexit. The “fact” is, they tell us, that the Prime Minister has repeatedly told us that the NHS will be safe in his hands and he won’t allow it to fall prey to US health corporations. So that’s OK then. I am sure that you will join me in feeling totally reassured after being given the word of a man who was sacked from his job, twice, for lying, who said that no Prime Minister would ever accept a regulatory border down the Irish Sea, who lied to the Queen, and who swore that he’d die in a ditch rather than send a letter to the EU asking for an extension to Article 50 before he sent a letter to the EU asking for an extension to Article 50. Boris Johnson has now lied so frequently, and with such readiness, that he’s now become extremely bad at telling the truth, and anyone who believes what he tells them deserves all that they get.

The only “fact” that anyone who isn’t Demonic Cum-mingers can see here is that whatever comes out of the mouth of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson can be relied upon about as much as you can rely on BBC Question Time not to have an audience stuffed full with elderly Brexit supporting Tories with English accents when they’re broadcasting from Dundee. Absolutely nothing that this sorry excuse for a government says or does can be counted upon to last a nanosecond longer than a change in their assessment of whatever they believe to be in their short term interests. Although this does assume that they’re saying the same thing to everyone, and there is every reason to believe that they’re not. It’s a safe bet that Number 10 is not spinning the same yarn to the Brextremists of the ERG as it is to those idiotic Labour MPs from leave voting seats that it’s trying to get on board with this disaster of a deal.

Today, the Government suffered yet another humiliation in the Commons due to the fact – there’s the correct use of that word there for you, Conservative spin office – that nae bugger can trust a single thing that the Government says or does. The Speaker refused to allow the Government another shot at its meaningful vote on the deal, since they had a chance on Saturday but blew it on account of being liars liars pants on fire. Instead the Withdrawal Agreement Bill will be published late on Monday, and put to the vote on Tuesday, giving MPs ample opportunity to make all sorts of amendments to it which, to paraphrase the words of the Japanese Emperor as he announced his Empire’s surrender in WW2, may cause events to not necessarily progress to Boris Johnson’s advantage.

MPs may force a change to the deal obliging the whole UK to remain within the EU customs union, and / or they could make the entire sorry mess subject to a confirmatory referendum. The reason that the Government was so desperate to get its deal passed in a simple meaningful vote on Saturday, and then tried again today, was that it would have prevented MPs doing exactly this. This Government is now facing the consequences that were spelled out by the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, “I’m not upset that you lied to me, I am upset that from now on I can’t believe you.” Incidentally, this is a philosophical aphorism which will likewise bite the bum of Better Together MkII in the next Scottish independence referendum. No wonder they’re so desperate to prevent us having one.

Meanwhile in Scotland, the Court of Session has decided to delay making a ruling in the “nobile officium” case brought by the SNP’s Joanna Cherry, the legal campaigner Jolyon Maugham, and the anti-Brexit businessman Dale Vince. The court’s senior judge, Lord Carloway, said that the court needed to be certain that the Prime Minister hadn’t tried to block or sabotage the letter he was forced to send asking the EU for an extension to Article 50. In a move more typical of a small child having a temper tantrum than the Prime Minister of the UK, the letter to the EU asking for the extension wasn’t signed, and was followed by another letter saying, in effect, “Please ignore that first letter because those mean kids made me send it.” This does seem pretty contemptuous, in all senses of the word. It’s a bit like putting in a request for a mortgage, and then following it up with a letter saying that you’re only going to spend the money on cocaine. Which come to think of it, certain members of this Government have previous for. The Prime Minister’s petulence does look to me like an attempt to block or sabotage the application for an extension, but then I’m not a judge.

I get where the judges are coming from. It’s only reasonable to seek greater certainty than a whole load of Scottish people on Twitter saying “G’wan, send the bastert tae Barlinnie, jist fur the shits and giggles,” when you’re a heid bummer judge at the Court of Session and you’re deciding whether to hold the Prime Minister in contempt. But g’wan, send the bastert tae Barlinnie. It’ll be a laff. Although this is not the opinion of a whole load of very irate Brexity people in the comments section of the BBC’s digital piece on the story, who are not at all happy that a Scottish court is daring to intrude on “their” Brexit. How very dare those uppity Jocks with their own courts and legal system get in the way of England’s Brexit.

I hope that everyone in Scotland is feeling the love following the country’s No vote in 2014. It was JK Rowling who said that if Scotland voted No we’d be in the heady position of a wife who was thinking about leaving but who had then changed her mind. The implication was that we’d be able to get pretty much anything we wanted from the almost spurned but not phew that was a close shave husband of Westminster. But then this is a fantasy writer, so what did we expect really?

Anyway, this is my last blog post until I get back from the USA visiting with my husband for our first wedding anniversary. Fingers crossed he’ll be living over here in the not too distant future. There will be a couple of guest posts while I am away to keep you entertained and edificated, if that’s a word. I’ll be back ranting as usual next week.

It’s going to be a relief to leave the craziness of Brexit for a wee while and only have the relative sanity of Donald Trump’s likely impeachment to dominate the news I’ll be seeing. I wish I could say that Brexit will be sorted by the time I get back, but naaaa. So instead I will leave you with this thought – every extra day of confusion, every new incidence of UK Parliamentary mess and delusion, every time Boris Johnson opens his lying gob, more voters in Scotland say to themselves, “Bugger this for a gemme o sodgies” and resolve to vote yes next time. The next time you feel weary and worn down by infighting, by SNPbaddery, by doubts and fears, just remember – we’re winning.

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58 thoughts on “Bugger this fur a gemme o sodgies

  1. The problem with winning over ever more people is that it makes it even less likely No10 will let us have a S30 sanctioned indyref2 since they know they will lose it.

    Since Nicola thinks no country in the world ever became independent without a fully sanctioned referendum approved by Westminster or nobody recognised them this leaves us stymied.

    I suppose she should go and tell the Czechs and Slovaks that since their Velvet Divorce did not involve a referendum they had better get back to being Czechoslovakia again and shame on all capitals and the EU for recognising them.

    I’m a bit surprised she hasn’t latched onto the fact that Norway voted 90% yes in their IndyRef in 1903 (iirc) and decides we need to emulate that int he polls before we can have an indyref.

    • The more people who support another referendum the MORE likely we are to get one . After all , Brexit is about bringing CONTROL back to the UK – so the democratic Tories would never refuse such a request , would they ?
      If Boris says we are a democracy then I believe him . Has he ever lied to us ?

    • Woe woe and thrice woe! More people are supporting independence!

      I don’t think that’s what she thinks at all. But she does know that it’s a path that we have to pursue until both wavering voters in Scotland and the international community see that it’s been utterly exhausted due to Westminster intransigence. (If that is indeed what Westminster does. There comes a point when it’s politically impossible for them to continue to refuse. This isn’t Spain.) It’s only then that we can adopt a different strategy and be sure that we will take that crucial support with us.

    • The problem for Westminster, Muscleguy, is that a refusal of a Section 30 Order can be resolved in Court, here and or abroad. And don’t they know it.

      The problem for Westminster, more so for some wee ordinary English runt (or a Scottish Gove) – worst still a narcissistic, pathological liar, is in telling the Scots that “they can’t have it”, will ensure that support for Independence will rise. That’s all that we require to get us our Independence .. a majority of sovereign Scots demanding Independence and an S30O. So no, we won’t be “stymied”, at all.

      Trying to compare the route taken to achieve Independence by one particular country with another is much more complex than it seems, for example the Czechs and the Slovaks (Czechoslovakia) were united initially in fighting a common enemy which ultimately lead to them separating in a fairly peaceful manner (although there are still protests). Other countries, often forced to, take the guns and bomb route, with Ireland and the US being good examples. The history of individual countries, united with another, is crucial to the trajectory taken. Here in Scotland we have to prove that a majority of Sovereign Scots support Independence, and eh not 99.5% as in the case of Norway, if not we could end up like Ireland with havoc on our streets and Unionist millionaires / billionaires taking the ScotGov to the cleaners via the Courts.

      What I can’t figure out is that the ONLY party that’s going to get us our Independence is the SNP / Nicola Sturgeon. Not Rennie-Libdem, Leonard-Labour or Carlaw-Tory. We require a majority of Scots to support the SNP / Nicola Sturgeon to get us over the line. Undermining that party, and its leader, seems to me to be counterproductive to say the least. You know like putting people off of voting for them. Taking the aforementioned into account why would people, Independence supporters, consider doing that?


  2. Paul thanks for that, in particular your last paragraph.

    I hope that you have a fabulous time in the US. A relaxing break from this Westminster miasma and even more so, imo, from the fallout from the infiltration of so many other so-called Independence sites. What a battle we have on our hands now. Nothing new right enough in having to deal with such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation. This time they won’t win.

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  4. Right on the nail. They could not make a bigger mess. What an absolute shambles. Another day another midden. No one can understand it. Never trust a Tory, especially in Scotland. An absolute scandal.

    At least support for the SNP/Independence rising. Until it is time to have another vote. That will decide it. None of the tomfoolery of Westminster unionists. Folk can only look on in utter disbelief.

    Remember when it was ‘strong and stable’. What has happened since is a catastrophe. Scotland would be better out of it.

    The Tories will have to have an election they can lose. To try and withdraw from it. Westminster unionists will never be able to Brexit. Who wants the poison chalice. Scotland will be away. To prosperity and happiness. Losing the unionists on the way.

    Have a great holiday. Haste ye back with yer mate.

    • “The last couple of weeks have been devastating for the DUP and Unionist politicians.”

      Music to my ears and a long time coming. Chickens coming home to roost and all of that. One step closer to reunification. Good enough for them. The worry now is the OO, et al, backlash at being duped by Westminster.

  5. You’re a real down-to-,eath tonic on a night when I couldn’t sleep. Have a wonderful trip to the US of A & enjoy your wedding anniversary. So looking forward to you being able to bring your hubby home to Scotland.

  6. >>the heady position of a wife who was thinking about leaving but who had then changed her mind

    This is one thing I never ever understood. JK Rowling herself left an abusive relationship. I never got how she expected Scotland to do the opposite.

    • Me neither Craig. Strange one.

      I also wonder if she’s changed her mind now or has the ”wife” to put with potentially being murdered before she’ll support her walking away?

    • My take on abusive relationships – 9 months before indy ref 1 (deliberate timing on my part, of course). You may need to change a few names, otherwise the message is still valid.

      Incidentally, I never saw it coming that Jack Union would exile himself from the Europa Arms and not let Bea Russell do it for him …)

      43. (of 60.)

      Angela Alba’s having a baby

      Angela Alba lives in a small town, not so far away and she’s having a baby. Of that, there’s no doubt. All the tests in her white paper checklist have proved positive, and now, nine months down the line, she knows she’s going to give birth to a new life form. It’s all so very exciting, and Angela’s feeling pretty excited too. It will be a momentous day in her life and she knows it will change her perspectives and her ways of thinking forever. She also knows that after so many years of domestic abuse, she will finally be very happy. Angela has made a vow to herself and her unborn baby that she will do everything in her power to love him (or her) with as much mother’s love as she can. The baby will want for nothing and Angela will ensure that it gets all that it needs in support to ensure that it stands proud on its own two feet and look the world straight in the eye.

      These last few years have been a trial for Angela. Her husband, Jack Union (Angela had at least kept her dignity and her maiden name on marrying – but little else) is an abusive, boorish, uncaring man. He has often left Angela in the lurch by going on various boozy fuelled trips with his mates, in particular Sam Washington. Many is the time that Angela has heard that they’ve been involved in fights at various pubs – the latest one being a fracas in the Baghdad Arms. It came as no surprise to Angela that both Jack and Sam were no longer welcome at the Baghdad Arms – they’ve been banned from so many other pubs in town. Even the patience of the landlady of the European pub, Bea Russell, was wearing a bit thin, and she was on the verge of issuing a final warning to Jack Union, before excluding him entirely from her hostelry.

      Invariably too, Jack Union is an aggressive, selfish man. He keeps most of the money that he earns from Angela in order to maintain his boozy, self-centred lifestyle. He rarely gives anything to her. Indeed, so uncaring is he towards his partner, that Jack Union is not averse to taking her money too, leaving Angela poor and upset at home. Far too often, Angela is also the victim of domestic violence at the hands of Jack Union.

      Angela has thought of leaving her abusive husband on many occasions. In 1979, she had attempted to break free of him, but through a cunning ruse and frightening her into thinking that she couldn’t live without him, Jack Union had ‘persuaded’ Angela to stay. Then, in 1997, after years of neglect, Jack bought Angela a new kitchen. Doubtless, he thought he was being very magnanimous towards his wife. But Angela saw things differently. Yes, the kitchen was a boon, it was a place of her own where she could do her own thing and think her own thoughts, but in reality it only served as a place where she continued cooking and slaving for her husband. She was not truly free of his influence even then, not independent, and invariably if Angela did something wrong in the kitchen – burning Jack’s toast, for example – Jack would bawl at her for being ‘too weak, too poor, too stupid.’ She couldn’t even get such basic things right, he’d shout. He would then storm out of the house and join Sam Washington in a local bar and get drunk, all the while decrying Angela.

      Angela is by now convinced that her relationship with Jack Union has broken down irretrievably. Their partnership is no longer one of two equals – if it ever was. She wants a divorce and she wants one quickly. But she’s also sensible enough to realise that she has to insist on her fair share of the assets of their marriage. She has consulted her good friend, Nicola, a specialist in family law, and she has advised Angela how best to go about it. Although she’s now pregnant, Angela can’t see that the baby will change anything or bring both her and Jack Union together. It’s gone too far for that, and indeed, knowing her husband’s behaviour, Angela’s aware that he didn’t want this baby.

      Jack Union is associating with Beattie, who has made a name for herself as ‘the village bike.’ She takes on all-comers, though it seems that Jack Union is her favourite ‘client.’ She’s a crabby, embittered woman (not unlike her sisters, Johann and Margaret) and is jealous of the fact that Angela Alba’s pregnant. Her own son, George London, has gone south and made a name for himself as a banker someplace in the City, where he has retained many of his mother’s egotistical characteristics. He has never given the town a second thought since as he has pursued his own selfish goals – but he has retained the affections of and for his mother, Beattie. This is only to be expected, but Beattie and her son still seem to be linked by an invisible umbilical chord, years after the latter’s birth.

      Beattie will have strong words with Jack Union about Angela’s forthcoming delivery. There are those in the little town who whisper darkly that Beattie and Jack are already conspiring to ensure that Angela abort the foetus before the end of her term or that they are trying to induce her to miscarry. There must be some truth in this, as both Jack Union and Beattie are often seen leaping out of the shadows, projecting fear onto poor Angela.

      But Angela is a resilient character. And aided and counselled by her good friend and lawyer, Nicola, who along with other members of the latter’s legal partnership of Jenkins, Canavan and Salmond LLP, is helping her maintain her dignity through it all. Angela Alba will stand tall, look the bullies in the eye, give birth in nine months time to a bonny, wee baby, divorce her husband and make a new life for herself and her offspring. The rest of the little town will be so happy for her – she will truly be an independent woman, and be free of the machinations of her soon to be ex-husband, Jack Union. Both he and Beattie will be run out of town.

      Parables for the New Politics

  7. 300 racist, misogynist, bigots in NI who do not believe in equality are trying to ruin the world economy. They want to be part of the UK but do not want to follow the Law. The are a Law unto themselves. They make the Law and break the Law but just get away with it. Even inciting violence.

    It was the fact that Eastern European bloc countries had more democracy than Scotland in the Union, The principles of self determination and self governance upheld. That achieved the (limited) powers of Devolution 2000. That has transformed the Scottish economy with better governance. It will bring full Independence. People have to vote for it. Demographics are changing just as expected to full Independence in Europe.

    Wonder what al the doomsayers will say when Nicola and the SNP deliver it. ‘I told you so’ A few red faced vacant coupons of embarrassment. Scotland has never been better run.

    More medical students to be trained and maintained in Scotland. The medical examiners taking less students from elsewhere. About time too. Totally oversubscribed. Make sure courses include modules on drink/drug awareness. A dilemma now being tackled in Scotland.

    Young people are getting the message. Choosing the health club and mixed changing rooms instead of the night club. Drink poisoning the body. Choosing a healthier lifestyle and physic. They are not ashamed of their bodies and less inhibited than the older generation. Brought up differently with many more advantages of medical science.

    MUP to improve the health and welling of the people. Without proper total abstinence rehab counselling. On the SNHS. Instead of it having to be funded privately. It saves people’s lives. Addiction can ruin the community and society. It affects everyone.

    ‘One chance’ is often enough for awareness of where to go to get help. A total necessity. AA or NA can be the first step to get help. Use it do not abuse it. Total abstinence is the only way for addicted personalities. A healthy happy life. Kind, caring and compassionate society. In stead of hopelessness and poverty. Transforming Scotland in to a better community and society.

    The Westminster Tories cut the NHS and welfare budget. Killing people. They are now trying to push through the Brexit no one wants. So many people have changed their minds and do not want it.

    Brexit a total and utter shambles. People are totally sick of it. An utter daily mess. Just unbelievable. The Tory losers into oblivion. London S/E voted Remain.

  8. Good heavens ! Is it really a year already? Congratulations to you both and may it not be too long before you can be together permanently.

    P.S How was Dufftown?

  9. Thank you WGD for your clear,concise and comic in parts description of the shambles that is Westminster. The Mother of Democracy has fled the scene leaving a bunch of folk whose psyches do not reach above gutter nihilistic thinking.

    Have a great holiday….your husband looks a lovely guy…

  10. ‘Brexit is a form of secession – Scotland and Northern Ireland might soon follow.’

    .”Article 50 allows a Member State ‘to withdraw from the Union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements’. In legal terms, Brexit bears a significant resemblance to secession, argues Nikos Skoutaris (UEA). This process marks the rupture with the old constitutional order and the creation of a new one. Brexit, therefore, might also become the catalyst for the secession of the two UK constituent nations that voted to remain: Scotland and Northern Ireland.”..


  11. Oh well, it looks as though the MSM has done a great job and that their propaganda could backfire on them. No wonder increasing numbers south of the border want rid of us. Right up our street.

    ‘Majority of English voters believe they subsidise Scotland, new poll finds.’



    ‘Scottish and Welsh first ministers ask EU to stop Westminster power grab.’


  12. With continual reassertion, which is what it takes, of the sovereignty of Scots the only permission Holyrood need to implement the results of an independence referendum within Scotland is that of the people of Scotland.

    Yes it would be handy to have a binding agreement from Westminster for Holyrood to implement the result of a successful referendum not only in Scotland but also in the rUK so as to head of legal wrangling and the tedious expectation that just as they were forced to change their territorial extent and name so as to exclude the Republic of Ireland then the same would hold with Scotland. Notably the UK tolerated the RoI laying claim to NI for long enough.

    And S30 is an agreement to the transfer of powers between two governments. It last only as long as both do and might also potentially be revoked. Any agreement Holyrood reaches is volatile and any independence referendum could be potentially derailed with Westminster in it’s present flux.

    The only authority that can secure a transfer of power from Westminster to Holyrood is the people of Scotland. Push comes to shove we have mandated the SNP at all levels to ask the question. It’s time they got on with the job.

  13. Off topic, there has been some suggestion that there might be room in the Indysphere for a threaded forum rather than just BTL discussions on blogs, giving us all the chance to be the author as well as the commentator.

    Here is is if anyone fancies it.


    (Rule no. 1 is be nice to each other, Rule no. 2 is no slagging off other Indy blogs/personalities)

  14. Another day. Another mess.How can the Tories get out of it. They will have to have a GE they can lose. Another EU Ref will come out of that. Back to where they started. Then an IndyRef will be achieved through the Courts. An S30 will be given because Scotland has been treated unequally.

    Scotland voted to stay in the EU but attempts are being made by Westminster fools to take Scotland out of the EU. Deny people in Scotland/UK the right to Remain. A human right enshrined in Devolution. The right to self determination and self governance. Still being upheld by the Scottish/EU Courts. People will have to vote for it.

    ‘Check your insurance’ before you go to Europe ads. Might concentrate a few minds. The economy contracting will also spread alarm. People will have to pay individually the price of the EU contribution. Thatcher had unemployment at 15%. Interest rates at 17%. It was only closer ties with Europe that improved the UK economy. After Thatcher. Deja Vu. The Tories replaced Thatcher to achieve greater ties with EU, Deregulation caused the banking crash. 10 years later. Ten years on the Tories are trying to revoke EU membership. The unionists parties totally split. They are not fit to govern. The total mess of it.

    Brown escalated the banking crisis. He did not even acknowledge what was going on. Despite being warned many times. He ignored it. Brown thought by keeping interest rates at 5%, it abolished boom and bust. When people were over borrowing on inflated, hyped real estate values. Totally out of touch.

    The migrant crisis in Europe was caused by the illegal wars. UK/France carved up the Middle East and blew it to bits, along with the US. They denied people the vote and reneged on promises. The EU has to pick up the pieces of Westminster abuse and pay for it. Westminster runs away from any responsibility and will not make any contribution to re construction.

    The Tories would not even take in 30,000 child refugees who had lost their families. Orphans. The UK/US who caused the mess in the Middle East take in the least refugees. Germany took in 2Million and has one of the best economies in Europe.

    The UK authorities are deporting people. They are depopulating Scotland. The Scottish population has stagnated since 1900. 5million. decreased 1950’s War dead? It has only increased since Devolution 2000. 5.2Million,

    Scottish revenue and resources paying for services and mismanagement in congested London S/E. Monies which could be better spent in Scotland to grow the economy. The North/South divide. The centrist policies of the Westminster unionists, damaging the Scottish economy.

    Scotland raises more revenues (pro rata). £63Billion. UK raises £661Billion. Take £63Billion from £661Billion £598Billion Divide by 11 = £54Billion. That is what the rest of the UK raises pro rata, They then borrow more to make up the difference, Scotland has to pay a share of the loan repayments. Despite the monies not being borrowed or spent in Scotland. Scotland’s budget has been consistently cut. Despite raised revenues going up. Scotland raises higher revenues for essential services,

    Ditto other revenues Scotland has to pay to fund London S/E. HS2, Hinkley Point, Trident, Tilbury Docks, Canary Wharf all take revenues away from Scotland. The revenues should have been invested in Scotland to grow the economy not congested London S/E. Often traffic is at a standstill.

    Migrants help the economy doing vital jobs. Without them the economy contracts bringing recession. Less people equals less revenues raised. Contraction.

    Oil & Gas, farming and fishing industry all mismanaged. Brexit the appalling mess and shambles. The Westminster sycophants trying to destroy the world economy again, Some people never learn.

    Scotland taxed and conscripted for Westminster illegal wars for centuries.

    Iraq, Dunblane, Lockerbie kept secret under the Official Secrets Act for 100 years. What have Westminster unionists got to hide.

  15. Have a lovely time in Trumpland.

    I am shocked to read that your man is still not with you. One of the most unpleasant of the unpleasantnesses things f these times is the extent to which love is thwarted and challenged by borders.

  16. Aye well, after a’ that and where are we now? I’m sure I’d enjoy a pint and a dram with Ian Blackford and we’d have a lot in common, I’m sure, but please change the record, Ian – and fast. Not sure how much more of this embarrassment I can take, but FFS, please grow a pair. What does it take?? Better Together; the Vow; Scotland Act; Brexit; and now Legislative Consent. Every week….”Scotland’s voice is being ignored” …..Aye. So it is.

    How the SNP could do well to remember the old Stuart motto – Nemo Me Impune Lacessit. Let no one treat us with impunity. Dinnae fuck wi’ us.

    Forget Halloween and Brexit. Our day is the last in November. Five weeks of more purgatory and humiliating subservience – or five weeks to regain our sense of pride. Our freedom. Our own direction.

    The game has moved on from this charade. New rules apply.


    • Thank you for posting the clip Mark.

      You find Ian Blackford embarrassing? That’s the only thing you take away from this?

      I find the PM cringeworthy embarrassing, I find his lies abhorrent, I find his lack of decorum and total ignorance disgusting.

      And I like Ian Blackford’s style.

      He IS representing Scotland, in Westminster, it’s how politics works in the uk.

      • Well said Contrary, I agree with you.
        I’m baffled by people in Scotland who criticise Ian Blackford they often complain that he says the same thing over and over , their remarks are often quite rude .

        Ian Blackford is brave he’s strong very strong and clever, what he does is extremely difficult ,the atrocious behaviour we see in Westminster when he gets up to speak is not acceptable but the speaker allows it because he’s English and in agreement with his colleagues on the Tory Labour Lib Dems benches.
        Ian Blackford sating the same thing over and over works and it works very well indeed the whole point is that the repeated message he gives over and over is that Scotland is being taken out of the EU against its will and that Scotland and Scotland’s parliament had been ignored time and time again, this message is etched on every persons brain , what Ian Blackford has done is nothing short of magnificent.

  17. Mark, like you, I have had more than enough of this nonsense.

    We are getting £200m for our farmers, apparently, doubtless to pay for the cattle and sheep which they will incinerate when our land is flooded with Texas beef and NZ frozen lamb, and Johnson booms from the Despatch Box that we are the most taxed part of the UK (lie) and our health service is deteriorating (lie) and the Scottish Government has no part in the Brexit negotiations (lie); if only David Davis had told the Scottish Government this in 2016, it would have saved Mike Russell a lot of trouble traipsing back and forward to London for the past 3 and a 1/2 years.
    Johnson doesn’t give a feck what he says about Scotland.
    He was actually smirking like the odious little public schoolboy berk he is.

    Reporting Scotland excelled itself in portraying Scotland to be a pretty terrible place to live right enough.

    Well done, Donalda MacKinnon.
    This is clearly why you were given the job.
    Paint Scotland as a black little backwater that couldn’t survive without English money.
    How do you lot sleep at night.

    Suicides among young men highlighted in Motherwell; drug deaths in Dundee. Mental health cases rising, and a self harming lass interviewed just to ram it home..

    BBC Scotland is broadcasting a special on suicide deaths later this evening.
    What a bunch of miserable twisted Ministry of Truth Winstons..

    A Council is appealing against the decision in 2017 that a foster couple won the right to be treated and receive the status and rights of full time workers.

    Racism in Unis and in football, and a wee breezy piece from Porto on Rangers chances against Porto at the footie.

    There’ll be no racist or sectarian chants among the Gers fans of course…

    Nicola Sturgeon and the Welsh FM made a joint statement opposing Brexit.

    Meanwhile Scotland’s economy has already taken a £3 billion hit because of the ‘uncertainty’ of Brexit and will suffer adversely when Brexit bites and NI remains within the EU.
    And this bastard Johnson gleefully slaps down Blackford to hulloos of laughter at WM today.

    There was Glenn Campbell on College Green, Union Jacks and England flags fluttering behind him, talking the usual pointless merry go round of nonsense about ‘Boris’ and his Brexit.

    BBCF PlantationQuay Ministry of Truth on the Clyde has completely lost it now.
    And the lass who anchored this choreographed half hour of Scotland is Shite, had the cheek to smile at the end.

    It is time to rise up now and fight back.

    May this be the last time Ian Blackford gets to his feet to repeat his mantra…

    I demand that we announce Indyref 2, now.
    If Professor WATP List MSP Tweeter Tomkins and this bunch of evil Blue Tory ProudScotsBut want to walk out, let them.
    I demand my country back, now, before English politicians’ engineered poverty and despair kills any more of our fellow citizens.
    Suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, foster carers unable to cope with deeply duisturbed children, mental health cases rocketing…, I know why, and I know who is to blame.

    I have reached tipping point. Please, Mr Blackford, no more setting yourself, and us, up to be laughed at by the English.

  18. Check out the typos.
    It is time for action. No more playing the WM ‘my right honourable friend’ debating farce.
    I demand freedom from this evil union now.
    Those who are not with us, are agin us, and they are no ‘friends’, or in my eyes ‘honourable’ in any shape or form.
    It is reaching boiling point. Johnson’s slap down of my nation today confirms that independence has to be ‘taken’, not ‘given’ by a foreign land.
    BTW Labour MPs and MSPs in Scotland. Time to get a grip and free yourselves from London/ Corbyn/ Momentum Son Of Militant and the Marxist Union ‘leaders’.
    I am fair ragin’, and shall remain so until we walk this land as free citizens, which we certainly aren’t as Johnson confirmed today.

  19. Yes, Jack, I’m sure you are. I’ve watched most of the parliamentary debates over the last four or five years – all that pertain to Scotland. As an ex pat, there’s always a sense of identity and pride when another Scot makes a contribution – sometimes embarrassingly so, but at the start – with Robertson & Salmond at the helm, there was a reassuring and promising counterbalance. Since Blackford became leader, it’s been cringeworthy. I’m only speaking from my own perspective – as said previously, I’m sure he is a nice chap and I’d enjoy spending time with him, much like Charlie Kennedy – but wheeesch. The archetypal whinging Scot.

    Almost time for parking arses on Princess Street and setting fire to the Scottish Office. Is that the 5th November or nearer independence day?

  20. Well it won’t be long now folks. A GE in December (vote for the SNP), followed by a request for a Section 30 Order (accepted or not), if not the case will be heard in Court (National and or International) where we’ll win. Then a date for Indyref2 announced (vote for the SNP).

    And Mark I don’t think that Ian Blackford should change the record at all. Even although the MSM is doing their utmost to suppress how Scotland / our representatives are being treated abysmally, video footage such as you’ve posted on here is getting out there. Ian Blackford et al will no doubt continue to highlight how we’re being vilified, by the sneering galoots, until the day that they walk out of the Commons and slam the door behind them. To my mind he’s setting Boris up, not the other way around.

    • Not on BBC Ministry of Truth Clydeside, Petra.
      Tonight’s bulletin was a disgrace.
      For example, they talk over Blackford speaking and summarise what they consider the gist of his words, then broadcast Johnson’s reply, carefully edited to deliver Donalda’s message:
      Scotland you do not matter, you have no input on Brexit, back in your box.
      I grow tired of the UKGE, ‘request’ a Section 30, then the courts when ‘refused’ Plan Z from Mars.
      It is the language and mindset of an occupied colony.
      Why do I need any English citizen’s ‘permission’ to decide the fate of my nation, country, state, Scotland?
      On the 1st of Novemebr Priti Patel, who as far as I can see lives and plies her trade in England, is barring me from travelling freely through my continent.
      And I’m just supposed to suck it up and wait and see?
      No more.

      I ask no one’s permission from now on in.
      I draw the line at setting fire to the Scottish Office, but just how long must we put up with the Iron Heel English Oligarchy and their more than willing collaborators Up Here?

      • I’m truly scunnered with it all too Jack and can’t stand that crowd of erses south of the border calling the shots for us. The all powerful head of the Home Office, Priti Patel, sits sniggering seemingly forgetting that her parents were “taken in” when they fled from Uganda. She’s now loving the fact that she has the power to decide who leaves and who stays. I often envisage them, on a regular basis in an attempt to hang onto my sanity, with the smirks wiped right off of their faces and their gobs hanging wide open, when we dissolve their bl**dy Union.

        I’m well aware of the propaganda strategies utilised by the MSM, in particular the BBC followed closely by STV, Jack, (Scotland Tonight showed the Blackford / Johnston altercation tonight and edited out the crucial comments), however as I’ve said already their treatment of us and our representatives is not being totally suppressed. More and more Scots can see what’s going on. And even more will become enlightened in relation to the lies they’ve been told when the SNP prospectus, WBB etc etc get distributed. We started around 27% prior to Indyref1. We’re now at around 50%. Take heart that this won’t go on for much longer and that we’ll win Indyref2.

        You say that you’re not keen on the GE, Section 30, Courts if necessary (which can be dealt with expeditiously). I’m just wondering what course of action you would recommend?

        • I am in a corner, staring across the painted floor at the door, waiting ’til the paint dries, Petra, to be honest.

          It is unthinkable that we meekly exit Europe, in November, or January 2020, or whenever, without firing the Indyref starting pistol.
          Once ou of the EUt, and the modern day Henry VIII Johnson The Fool takes back control, then we will be politically castrated, with B Lister ‘Union’ Jack wielding the knife.
          What then? Apply for political asylum in France, Germany?
          It is reported that so far this year 84,000 UK citizens have done just that; ’emigrated’ to Europe.
          This is our country; no one is going to chuck me out or hold me within its borders under ‘house arrest’

  21. Jack, I tend to think of all of this as a performance, if Ian Blackford’s droning irritates us and dismissal is wearing thin, do you think it is only us and this may perhaps be a strategy?
    I’m not making excuses for IB or SNP but perhaps we’re ignoring it’s purpose beyond ourselves?
    What Westword doesn’t expect is unpredictability/change, so for now the more monotonous the better. Repetition works, “Brexit means Brexit” etc 😉

    • See my post above to Petra, Bob.
      The Tory Luke Graham (Well done Ochil and Perth btw) actually argued that NI was getting special treatment because of the violence; the corollary being that placid Scotland can be slapped down, and laughed at.
      Evil little toe jam of a man.

  22. And while we mugs sit on her hand Davidson, who quit to spend more time with her wean, joins Dugdale on the gravy train.
    She joins PR Company Tulchan to ‘advise’ them of any political pitfalls they may not have foreseen, or some such risible toss.

    “She will be paid £50,000 for 24 days’ work a year. The connection here is Andrew Feldman, the Tory fundraiser and Tulchan’s managing partner.”
    Over £2000 a day on top of her £1200 a week MSP bung.
    £2000 A DAY!
    Hardly worth putting your big toe on the bedroom carpet for, is it?

    I repeat, enough is enough.
    No wonder they are laughing in our faces.
    I look forward to Scoop Hutcheon of the Labour Record tackling this disgrace; not.

    Food banks and Think Tanks.
    Modern Scotland.
    God give me peace.

      • Indeed, Luigi.
        Of course for the woman who defended the Rape Clause on BBC Ministry of Truth at Plantation Quay, here will never be conflicted when it comes to hoovering up lots of Tory backers’ dosh.

        I expect Paul Hutcheon to take this up ‘Davidson under attack’ Conflict in true Scoop fashion with a fiery diatribe below a snap of supermom Davidson astride a fatted calf laughing heartily at the dozens of snappers and cameramen and women summoned to record her remarkable good fortune.

        Brit Nat Gravy Train politicians don’t do morals or ethics.
        The do Have I got News For You and the Great British Fuck Off for money and fame and more money.
        Show them the money!
        How many surgeries has this women held in her stellar crisis avoiding career as a Holyrood benchfiller?
        It is recorded that it may be a s high as four.
        Her ‘constituents’ are indeed blessed.

      • You might think so, until you realise who wrote the rulebook. The majority of our politicians past and present have their sticky fingers in all sorts of pies, all “within the rules”.
        Additionally as Jack noted, the media cartel are not about to permit scrutiny or criticism of buddies in their propaganda outlets, that is reserved for those who might challenge the symbiosis. An interesting aside on how the traditional official/unofficial “A No10 Spokesman” type “leak” has evolved into a fake-news outlet was featured here, https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/opendemocracyuk/british-journalists-have-become-part-of-johnsons-fake-news-machine/ .
        On top of all the false Think Tanks churning out pseudo-facts, lies and propaganda games are no longer the preserve of the Daily Fail and Slow-Train, it has become official practice, any voices of reason are drowned out by the sheer volume.
        I have given up completely on honest reporting other than in non-UK outlets who have no vested interests, but even those rely heavily on what is generated by the UK propaganda machine.
        Thankfully the Fifth Estate thrives and restores perspective, but it is troubling to note it is also under assault in some quarters of late, we live in dangerous times.

  23. Luigi, if a couple are in receipt of Universal Credit and have 3 children, where the couple can prove to Ruth Davidson’s satisfaction that the youngest child has been born the victim of rape, then the monthly UC under Willie Rennie’s Austerity success story they would receive £1239.31 a month, to pay all their outgoings, food, light, heat, rent, clothes, and little luxuries like bedding, footwear and the like.
    Of course if their third child is not a rape victim, then, the couple get nothing for that third child, and are forced to ‘do without’ and get by on £1007.64, for a month, which is roughly half a day’s fee from her PR Firm Pals for Supermom Davidson.
    And this £50,000 for 24 days’ ‘work’ a year is on top of the £1200 a week plus expenses this wee self promoter is still coining in as a backbencher at Holyrood.

    It is with some wonder that I muse that we have avoided an uprising so far.

    • Aye, and don’t forget that in 2014 a certain person let slip that she saw the postal vote returns before they were released, clearly illegal.

      That’s the big problem though, it’s the way the elites play football.

      They keep moving the goalposts.

      The only way to fight it is to waken up the public, keep pinning them down and let the public see the goalposts being moved all over the place. Not sure if this is the SNP strategy, but it should be. Optics are everything. 🙂

  24. And today’s Reporting Scotland is Sh!te 3 minutes just before 7 this morning from the Ministry of Truth at the BBC Plantation Quay: NHS Scotland facing a £1.8 billion shortfall over the next five years and needs Reform because anong other unspecified things, we old grizzlies are hanging around and need medical attention.
    Johnson’s Queen’s Speech may rely on its ‘DUP Partners’ to get it through the House but B-Lister Jack, the new huntin’ and shootin’ gentleman farmer Grand Vizier of the Northern Colony is quoted that it’s a beezer of a speech, with Ian B of the Bad EssEnnPee citing it as further erosion of devolution, Oh, yes, and sexual assaults on children increased to over 5000 last year.
    And that’s your news from the 700 strong Scottish BBC team.
    Then with a breezy smile from the anchor, over to the weather lady…it’s cauld, miserable and wet, and doubtless it’s that Nikla Sturjin’s fault.

    Imagine the editorial meetings at this vile little Northern outpost of the English Empire.

    Nothing is right with Scotland..we are living in hell according to Donalda MacKinnon.

    If I were running a B&B in Scotland, I wouldn’t dare have BBC Breakfast on in the dining room at breakfast time.
    Imagine the impression tourist must get of our rich wonderful wee country if they rely on our Brit Nat media for news.

    What a poisonous wee coven on the Clyde.

    • Jack, thank you.
      You are brilliant.
      It’s the weekly round up of news; Jack Collatin style. (An honest man.)
      I’m not wasting my time anywhere else.
      The BBC are an absolute disgrace. Worse than a disgrace.
      See you next Spring, i hope.
      All the best.

  25. I can understand the contempt that the British establishment and it’s press pack have for Scotland
    when it’s population voted not to have the right to govern themselves but allow someone else to do it for them.
    They think they can do what they like without any consequences.
    Perhaps they are right.

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